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Episode #10496

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Zach: Let me make sure I understand. You want to help Greenlee jump bail before the verdict, as in --

Kendall: That was the idea.

Zach: Hiding her and Ryan on the floor of our car using our little boys for cover. Are you out of your mind?

Colby: Well, it sounds like you still have a chance to slam him.

Asher: Yeah. I got my chance. The weird thing, I thought I'd feel different, better. I just feel the same.

Colby: Mm. No. This isn't --

Asher: I'm not listening.

Marissa: You had no idea?

Bianca: That Asher was Caleb's son? I didn't even know he had a son.

Marissa: Yeah. J.R. did. He's had Asher in his pocket all along, just like he had that judge in his pocket.

Bianca: Hey, it's not over, Marissa. You haven't lost A.J. yet, and I'm not just saying that because you gave me extra chili on my fries.

Marissa: Haven't even seen A.J. since Halloween.

Bianca: You know what? Caleb is working on it.

Marissa: Oh, Caleb has got problems of his own now.

Bianca: The son he never knew back in town.

Marissa: Just hope it doesn't cost me mine.

Bianca: You've got friends on your side. You got me.

J.R.: Just came to pick up A.J.'s favorite pot pie.

Marissa: I'm not giving up.

J.R.: A.J. is back home where he belongs. You put a lot of faith in Caleb. I warned you. Take the time to get to know the kind of man he really is.

Marissa: I trust Caleb completely.

J.R.: Good for you, but I just happened to overhear Caleb's son Asher accuse his father of killing his mother. Yeah, and your big hero didn't deny it.

Caleb: What kind of man have I become?

Erica: A man that any son would be proud of.

Caleb: Oh, nice try. Kid doesn't even want to see me.

Erica: Telling him the truth about his mother, that could be a start.

Caleb: What, telling him that his mother cheated on me and that's why I ran away?

Erica: No. That's not the part he cares about.

Caleb: All he cares about is making me see his pain.

Erica: I'm sorry.

Caleb: Well, at least it's out in the open.

Erica: So now what?

Caleb: I'm gonna do everything I can to protect you.

Erica: Protect me?

Caleb: Yep. I made a promise to get the company back. I could lose everything that we've worked for.

Erica: But we're gonna make sure that that doesn't happen.

Greenlee: Kendall was just trying to help.

Zach: She's always trying to help.

Ryan: We would never take her up on it. All right, Kendall. Thank you very much. You've already helped enough as it is. We would never involve the boys.

Greenlee: Well, we should really get going. If Liza is already suspicious, we need every second.

Kendall: Which is why you need our help.

Zach: So you're just gonna run now. You don't know what the verdict is, but you're just gonna run.

Greenlee: I saw their faces, Zach. They want to put me in prison, and I can't do it. I can't go back to jail.

Zach: So then take off. If the verdict is guilty, it's gonna be real complicated to have an appeal.

Ryan: Not if we get the evidence that we're after.

Zach: You know who set you up now?

Ryan: David.

Zach: David "Dead David" Hayward? That David?

Greenlee: Yes. He took the poison himself, and he set Ryan up to make it look like murder.

Ryan: Only Greenlee is the one who got caught in the trap. That's why we got to find this guy, ok, because he paid Pearson a lot of money to frame me.

Greenlee: We have to find him and get him to admit that David did this.

Zach: What if you don't find him?

Greenlee: Then you won't see me for a very long time.

Zach: They're gonna come looking for you.

Greenlee: I know.

Ryan: Look. The longer we wait here, babe, the harder it's gonna be to get out of town.

Kendall: Well, how are you gonna get past Liza and the cops?

Ryan: Look. If I can't get us out of here, then I'm losing my touch, right?

Greenlee: I think that's our cue to leave.

Kendall: Please be careful. Please take care of yourself.

Zach: Bring her back.

Ryan: Yeah. That's the plan.

Greenlee: I know you just got here, and I'm leaving.

Zach: Find what you're looking for.

Greenlee: We have to.

Kendall: Spike is expecting his dad home for Christmas.

Ryan: I will be back in time to set up the train under the tree, ok? I promise you.

Kendall: Ok. If not, I'm gonna go there and drag you back myself.

Ryan: Yeah. I don't doubt that for a second. Give me a hug.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Take this.

Greenlee: What for?

Kendall: Well, it might come in handy if they're tracking your phone.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Ryan: You ready? Come on.

Bianca: There's no way Caleb murdered Asher's mother.

J.R.: Great. Another fan. Do you really want your children hanging around that man?

Bianca: He has proven himself to me.

Marissa: Yeah. I don't believe you. I don't believe any of it.

J.R.: It didn't come from my mouth. It came from Asher. I was as shocked as you were.

Marissa: Shocked or thrilled. There's a bunch more lies you can use to get what you want, even if someone gets hurt.

J.R.: Well, collateral damage, you know, sometimes just can't be helped.

Bianca: If I stand here any longer, I swear to God, I'll hit you.

J.R.: Wow. Those Kane women, they like to hold their grudges, huh?

Marissa: Bianca seems like the least grudge-carrying person I have ever met, but you are selfish and ruthless. That's why I want A.J. out of that house and away from you.

J.R.: No. I want an amicable divorce for A.J., remember? That lawyer of yours does not have your best interests at heart. You can make all the noise you want about how I'm using Asher to do my dirty work. You're the one who's being used. You're just too naive to see it.

Marissa: You know what? I was naive, but marriage to you squeezed every drop of na´vetÚ right out of me.

J.R.: Then get real with this. You drop the custody case, or you and Caleb are gonna regret it.

Erica: You don't think I didn't know you were trouble? I knew you were trouble from the moment we met.

Caleb: Likewise.

Erica: So don't think I'm gonna just abandon our partnership now because now it's just starting to get interesting.

Caleb: Hmm, interesting.

Erica: I like a good scuffle.

Caleb: Me, too.

Erica: Him, too, especially when it came to war with the Chandlers.

Caleb: Yeah. Right about now, he'd be sounding the battle cry, wouldn't he? J.R. better keep his eyes open.

Erica: I've just begun to fight.

Colby: What the hell are you doing?

Asher: I thought we were both doing it.

Colby: No. No, no, no. You shouldn't kiss me.

Asher: It just happened.

Colby: Well, it can't happen again, all right, because I am in love with Damon. Asher, come on. Just because you are sad and you were upset, and I was being a friend doesn't mean you can just kiss me --

Asher: Ok.

Colby: And, Asher, there is this line. You are on one side of it, and I am on the other side of this line, and it's a big line, and you can't cross it, ok? You understand that, right?

[Door closes]

Damon: Hey, guys, what's going on?

Colby: Asher, he had it out with his father.

Damon: Ugh, that's rough. I came to look for you at the hospital. They're kind of freaked out that you took off.

Asher: No big deal. Yeah.

Damon: Is everything ok?

Asher: Yeah.

Colby: No.

Damon: Well, I'm glad you're here, anyway, man. I wanted to say that I'm sorry.

Asher: For what?

Damon: I was kind of slamming you to Colby about how you lied to us about your dad and who you are.

Asher: I did lie.

Damon: Yeah, but your dad, your life, your reasons, you know? Makes sense that you'd want to deal with them before the world knew. I totally get that.

Asher: Thanks.

Damon: Yeah. So whatever goes down, you know that Colby and I got your back, right?

Asher: Yeah.

Damon: She's the best, isn't she? I guess you already know that.

Zach: I'm gonna check on the boys.

Kendall: Zach -- I'm sorry. Wait. I didn't think it through when I offered to drive Ryan and Greenlee out of state using Spike and Ian as cover. That was crazy, but just in that moment, I felt like I had to do something.

Zach: Let me ask you something. If Ryan and Greenlee had agreed to go along with your plan, would you have done it? You'd just, what, take everybody and pile them into the car and take off? And if the police catches up, there'd be sirens, confusion, yelling, guns, and our little boys right in the middle of that.

Kendall: I would never let that happen.

Zach: How would you stop it from happening? You promised over and done, never again. Here we are. I can't believe you'd offer up our boys.

Kendall: Zach, I said I was sorry.

Zach: Sorry for what, for coming up with this plan or wanting to go through with it? There are four people in this house, four people, and you promised. You promised to put us first, and then you turn around and break your promise. I worked very hard to keep this family together for you to just throw it away like this.

Kendall: What do you want me to say, Zach? What do you want from me?

Zach: It's not about what I want. You know what I want. What do you want?

Erica: [Gasps] Oh, you scared me to death.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Can we head inside? Do you mind?

Erica: You're running. Come in.

[Door closes]

Erica: The jury hasn't even come back yet.

Greenlee: They've already hung me.

Erica: You don't know that.

Greenlee: You think I'm guilty. So do they.

Erica: Jack believes in you completely. He's poured his heart and soul into defending you. If you run, he's gonna be devastated.

Greenlee: I don't have a choice.

Erica: Of course, you do. Of course, you do. You can just so easily walk away from your father? Jack has already started on your appeal, and he's gonna win it, too. Running, that's not gonna solve anything.

Ryan: Actually, it is. Tad has done a little digging, and all the pieces put together, it seems like David actually poisoned himself --

Erica: David? Suicide?

Ryan: And framed me to make it look like murder.

Greenlee: Only it backfired because I got blamed instead.

Erica: Are you sure?

Ryan: There's a paper trail. Turns out, the morning before David died, he paid a witness a lot of money to make me look very, very guilty.

Greenlee: And if we can find that witness to confess to his connection to David, all the charges against me will be dropped.

Ryan: We need your help to make that happen.

Erica: You know that you stand a good chance of making things worse.

Greenlee: We know the risk.

Erica: And you understand, Greenlee, what this will do to your father?

Greenlee: He's poured his heart and soul into defending me, and if I'm convicted and sent away, it'll crush him. He will blame himself every day for the rest of his life.

Ryan: She's right. She's right. He will never get over not being able to save his own daughter.

Asher: Thanks for being cool about me keeping the whole dad thing on the down-low.

Damon: Yeah, man. Parents lying to you about who you are, who they are, it sucks, I know, and when you finally do get the truth, I know, it messes with your head, and everything you thought you knew, you didn't know. I hate lying.

Asher: Yeah.

Damon: But if you want to talk about it or if you want to chill, you know, whatever --

Colby: No. No. No. I'm gonna go get the kitchen to bring you some ice, and I'm really hungry. Can we go get some food, please, like, now?

Damon: Sure. Sure.

Colby: Sure. Ok. Great.

Damon: You want to join us, or --

Asher: Hmm -- you guys go ahead.

Damon: Ok. Feel better, man.

Asher: Yeah.

Zach: You need to decide.

Kendall: Decide what, whether I choose between my family or my friends? Well, I'm sorry, but that's not a choice.

Zach: We're here, because I thought we shared a common goal.

Kendall: We do.

Zach: Here in Pine Valley. We're here because you said this is where you were the happiest.

Kendall: Yes, and I told you how much I appreciate you moving home.

Zach: Home. Yes. Our home -- your home, my home, the boys' home, nothing to do with your needy, little friends.

Kendall: All right, Zach. I wasn't thinking rationally, ok, and they're not just my needy, little friends. This is Ryan and Greenlee we're talking about.

Zach: I know it's Ryan and Greenlee. I know who they are. I understand it. I know you love them, but if we're gonna have a life together, if we're gonna make this work, you have to show some restraint.

Kendall: Restraint. I've been restrained, but this is who I am, ok? I'm impulsive, and I'm passionate about my family and my friends. Ok. So sometimes I don't always look before I leap.

Zach: It's just common sense.

Kendall: It was a dumb idea, a really stupid idea, ok, but maybe we probably wouldn't even have gone through with it. Maybe we would have -- I don't know -- but the point is, I had to do something, all right? I couldn't just sit back and do nothing when my friends were in trouble.

Zach: Here's what I think. You make choices, right? Think about how your choices impact this family. If we're gonna make this work, you got to get your priorities straight.

J.R.: Looks like I'm gonna have to beef up security. I'd offer you the kiddy meal, but A.J. is kind of looking forward to it.

Caleb: Make you feel good using an innocent kid against me?

J.R.: Yeah, actually. Makes Asher and me both feel good.

Caleb: This isn't a game.

J.R.: Yeah. You got that right. It's about family, and you should've paid more attention to yours.

Caleb: You have no sense of human decency using the kid's pain as a weapon to get to me.

J.R.: That was all Asher.

Caleb: You pushed him.

J.R.: No. I just simply understood his pain. Would you like a French fry?

Caleb: You know what you can do with your French fry. Where is he?

J.R.: Anywhere you're not, I guess, but here's an idea. How about you convince Marissa to drop this fight with A.J. and I'll stop cheering Asher on? Son for a son. What do you think?

Caleb: I don't make deals with people like you. I get even. Twenty years ago, your old man tried to destroy my life, and I almost burned this house down! Don't you make the same mistake.

J.R.: What do you mean, you tried to burn this house down? What did my father ever do to you? Is that why you're always coming after the Chandlers?

Caleb: You don't know who you're messing with. Stop using my son.

Erica: I have never seen Jack pour himself into anything the way he has your defense. He hasn't slept. He hasn't eaten, and -- you're right -- if you're convicted, he will never forgive himself, and he will hold on to that guilt for the rest of his life.

Ryan: All we got to do is get the evidence, and then everybody will be free to move on.

Erica: I just set up a company to lease a jet. Liza couldn't possibly know anything about this, so I'm gonna give you his number, his name. Here it is. I'm gonna call him and tell him to take you anywhere you want to go.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Erica: I'm doing this for Jack.

Greenlee: I know.

Ryan: You are the best.

Erica: Just be safe.

Ryan: That's the plan.

Erica: Oh, and, Greenlee, I'll make sure that the fuel pump works before you take off.

Ryan: Jack is not gonna be happy when he finds out what you're doing.

Erica: Helping his daughter. He'll understand.

Greenlee: Erica, I owe you.

Kendall: You and the boys, you're my priority.

Zach: Then honor that.

Kendall: I do. I am. I don't know. It's just, you're a man-is-an-island kind of guy, and I'm more of a woman-takes-a-village kind of woman. I don't know.

Zach: Well, technically it's, "No man is an island," but it's good.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, exactly. That's what I'm talking about. That's -- I don't know, Zach. I have no idea why I do the things I do.

Zach: Well, you're gonna have to try to clue me in.

Kendall: I have spent so much of my life feeling like an outsider looking in, always empty, always searching, wondering if I'd ever really fit in anywhere, ever belong anywhere. Then I found my birth mother, my sister, this town, and I knew that I was home. Here I knew that I was home, and then you came along and then Spike and Ian, just the lights of my life. I did not think it was possible to be any happier. We weren't perfect. We had our problems, and that boat became our cocoon, a safe place to find what we lost, and we did it, but I am still me, Zach. I'm me. I will always be in the middle of people's lives when I love them so much, and I could do my damnedest to take your advice. I can step back and think first and don't get involved. I can try, but I can't promise that I won't slip up every once in a while and end up doing something that I shouldn't. It doesn't mean that I'm not trying or that I don't love you and the boys more than life itself. It's just who I am.

Erica: Really, really glad you're home.

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: Jack, you really need to take a break. You know you can't keep driving yourself like this.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I'll catch up on my eating and my sleeping after my daughter is free.

Erica: Jack, do you really think that the jury might find Greenlee guilty?

Jack: Actually, I've got a little more immediate concern right now. Greenlee has gotten it in her head that if she can find this witness and get him back here before the jury comes in that it will solve everything -- everything will be saved -- and now she's not answering her phone, and neither is Ryan, and I just pray that she hasn't jumped bail to look for this guy. I hope to God she's smarter than that.

Erica: Ryan and Greenlee were here.

Jack: When? What did they say?

Erica: You're right. They do feel that if they run and find the witness, they can bring him back fast and before the jury even comes back.

Jack: Damn it.

Erica: Jack, there's more, something else.

Jack: What?

Erica: I helped them.

Jack: What do you mean, you helped them? How did you help them?

Erica: Well, you know that new company I have has leased a jet, and so Ryan and Greenlee are on it.

Jack: Don't you think it might have been a better idea to try to talk them out of doing this?

Erica: Of course, I think it would be a better idea. I tried to. Believe me, I tried, but Greenlee dug her heels in, and Ryan is just as determined.

Jack: So you just gave them your jet and your blessing. You want Greenlee out of my life that badly.

Erica: Is that what you think? You think that's why I did this?

Jack: I don't know what to think. I do know you just put a target on Greenlee's back.

Erica: Ryan and Greenlee were going whether I helped them or not.

Jack: Maybe you want her to be caught.

Erica: Of course not.

Jack: Oh, come on. You think she's guilty.

Erica: You know I would never do anything like that.

Jack: All right. Maybe you wouldn't wish prison on her, but you've given her a hell of a shove in that direction. Tell me, why would you do a thing like this?

Erica: I did it for you.

Jack: For me?

Erica: Because I know you, Jack, because if Greenlee is found guilty and the appeal doesn't work, you will spend the rest of your life holding on to some guilty feelings. I won't let that happen.

Jack: So you put my daughter's life in jeopardy to make me feel better.

Erica: Ryan can find this man, and he can bring him back to Pine Valley, and if they do that before the jury returns, then no one will ever know they were even gone.

Jack: Yeah. Well, that's a big, damned "if."

Erica: It's a gamble, absolutely, but I have complete faith in Ryan.

Jack: Ha! What if they can't find this Pearson guy, huh, and that jury comes back with a guilty verdict? They're never gonna come home ever.

Greenlee: Did you talk to the pilot?

Ryan: Yes. He's gonna text me on Kendall's phone when the plane is all ready to go. Are you having second thoughts?

Greenlee: You know Liza is gonna have the airport checked.

Ryan: She doesn't have the manpower to do a full lockdown, ok? At best, all she could probably do is get commercial manifests, maybe keep an eye on Cambias' jet.

Greenlee: Last chance to bail.

Ryan: Who, me?

Greenlee: Spike and Emma need their dad. If this goes wrong, we'll both end up in prison. I can do this myself.

Ryan: Look. Spike and Emma are gonna be fine because I'm gonna be home really, really soon. I'm sure about that, and until then, I'm only gonna be one place -- with you.

Marissa: We heard what happened with Asher. Are you all right?

Caleb: Yeah. I'm fine. I think you'd be better off getting another attorney.

Damon: So I've been saving up a little from my job with your mom. Got a little stash. I'm thinking you and me, snowboards, weekend after Christmas. I haven't hit the slopes for a while, but they say it's like riding a bike, you know? It comes right back, hmm? We can fall on our face a little, party. Hey, Col. Col.

Colby: [Thinking of kissing Asher] Hi.

Damon: Hi. What do you say?

Colby: Sounds great.

Asher: Back from the office already?

J.R.: I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you. Tell me everything you know about Caleb.

Asher: You know.

J.R.: I mean every last thing, things that you think I might be interested in.

Asher: He killed my mother and dumped me. That's what I know about him.

J.R.: So you never heard anything about arson, for example.

Asher: Can we not talk about Caleb right now?

J.R.: It's important.

Asher: To you.

J.R.: To us.

Asher: What us? Come on, J.R. At least admit that you're using me. Once you're through breaking down Caleb for good, you're just gonna throw me out.

J.R.: You're right. I am using you, just like you're using me.

Damon: I just lost you, and you didn't even leave the table.

Colby: No. No. I was just thinking.

Damon: About who? What?

Colby: Mm, well, I was thinking if life could ever be easy, if it was possible for my family. I don't want a group hug or anything, but I just wish at some point, maybe we could all just --

Damon: Get along?

Colby: Mm-hmm. Get along.

Damon: Well, that will happen.

Colby: Will it?

Damon: Yes, right after you see a unicorn walking down the street. Look. There's not much about your family or your life that's easy. I know that, but that's why we have each other, right? That's what makes the difference. That's why I'm thinking the more time we spend together in the snow out of town, the better. What do you say?

Colby: I think it sounds perfect.

J.R.: See, that's where you're wrong. I'm not just gonna toss you away when I'm done with Caleb. I don't do that, not to people who are loyal to me.

Asher: I am loyal.

J.R.: Look. Parents are supposed to protect their children, supposed to take care of them -- yours, mine.

Asher: Why do you ask me about arson?

J.R.: Caleb was ticked off at me. He slipped. He said he almost set fire to this house 20 years ago.

Asher: Why the hell would he do that?

J.R.: I have no idea. Going head to head with business is one thing, but burning houses down -- Caleb is not gonna walk away this time. We're in this together.

Asher: Yeah. We are.

J.R.: How's the knee?

Asher: Hurts like hell, but, hey, it's a steady reminder.

J.R.: Yes. Yes. It is. I'm gonna get you some more ice.

Asher: J.R., thank you -- for --

J.R.: Caleb and my mother were family. They were cousins. He may not be your family, but you're mine, and that's never gonna change.

Caleb: I'm afraid that right now, I am too much of a liability.

Bianca: What, because of what your son said?

Caleb: Murder is a pretty strong accusation.

Bianca: But there's no way that you did that.

Marissa: Yeah, and there's no way that I want anyone but you representing me.

Caleb: Not a wise decision.

Marissa: Well, it's the right one. You've helped me so much, not just as a lawyer, but as a mentor and a friend. There's no way I would've passed the bar if it weren't for your help.

Caleb: Yes, you would have.

Marissa: It's my turn, ok? I want to help you in any way I can with the case, with Asher.

Caleb: I don't need help.

Bianca: Yes, you do, so you're just gonna have to suck it up. You can play gruff and cranky all you want, but you are stuck with us.

Erica: Not so long ago, you said that all of this feels so far away from when it was just the two of us traveling the world together so close and so in love and so sure that we could get through anything as long as it was together. We can't lose that feeling, Jack. We can't let what happens here in Pine Valley steal that away from us.

Jack: I'm doing the best I can.

Erica: I know. I know you are. I think we both have been just so caught up in other people's lives, in fighting other people's battles. When was the last time that we took a moment just for ourselves just to talk about our future, our wedding? Jack, what we have is so special. It's so amazing. We have to hold on to it. We both have to hold on to it so tight, or we could lose everything.

Zach: I'm not asking you to be somebody else. I'm not. I want you to be you. I just would like for you to consider doing it safely and sensibly.

Kendall: Ok. That's fair enough. I know I drive you crazy.

Zach: Yeah, more than you know, more, and it's frustrating. You infuriate me with this stuff. You get that, right?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: And I look at you, and you do the thing with the eyes, and --

Kendall: The thing?

Zach: I've never loved anyone like this, and I won't. Someone has to keep doing this with you. Just keep talking, all right?

Kendall: I am.

Zach: That's not talking, but it's --

Kendall: No. It's not talking. I'm not talking.

Zach: What do you want to do?

Kendall: What do you think?

Zach: Mm. You don't need this.

Kendall: No. I got something on my neck, though.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Greenlee: I'm scared. If we can't get this guy to tell the truth about what David did, I can never come back.

Ryan: You'll be back. You'll be back, and you'll be free. I'm gonna make sure of that, ok? We just got to be smart, especially now. Did you --

Greenlee: I made a scene with the waitress. I sent the appetizer back, said it was too cold. She'll remember me.

Ryan: Good. Good. I spent some time with the bartender. I made a lot of bad jokes. He's definitely gonna remember me, ok? So we've established that we were in Pine Valley tonight.

[Cell phone beeps]

Ryan: Ok. That's the pilot. The plane is a go. Are you ready? Ok. So what's gonna happen is, I'm gonna head out first. I'm gonna get in a cab. All you got to do is, you're just gonna follow behind, ok?

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: All right. Do you trust me?

Greenlee: With my life.

Singer: My baby let's get away, let's get away go crazy, let's get away let's get away my lover, let's get away let's get away forever forever

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