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Jake: Huh. A new message.

[E-mail from Cara Finn:  "Doctors Without Borders" is starting a new project in Africa. You'd be perfect for it. Please apply.]

Amanda: Oh, hey, handsome.

Jake: Hey, what's happening? What are you, slumming at the hospital?

Amanda: No. I just came to see if you were free to go to the courthouse.

Jake: Oh, yeah, yeah, because I wanted to check in with Greenlee. I was thinking about that.

Amanda: Who's the message from?

Jake: Nobody.

Amanda: Then why are you hiding it from me?

Jake: I'm not hiding anything.

Jesse: The results of your amnio are in already?

Angie: Yeah. Normally it would take another week.

Jesse: Seeing you're chief of staff --

Angie: Yeah, and the doctor happens to be a friend of mine. Bonnie put a rush on it. Now, she also ran the test to determine the sex of the baby in case we wanted to know. What do you think?

Jesse: What do you think?

Angie: You first.

Jesse: Uh-uh. Come on.

Angie: Ok, on the count of 3, we both say at the same time whether we want to know.

Jesse: All right.

Angie: 1, 2, 3.

Jesse: Ye --

Angie: No -- ok, let's do it all over again. 1 --

Jesse: Ha ha!

Kendall: Good luck today. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Greenlee: No worries. You know you should be home with your husband and your boys.

Kendall: No, I want to be there when you take the stand.

Greenlee: Go shoe shopping. Let me live vicariously.

Kendall: I'm serious.

Greenlee: Kendall, whether you're here or not, I know you're in my corner.

Kendall: Go get 'em. Bye. Well, that's not a happy face.

Zach: Got a text from my partner. Doesn't want to negotiate.

Kendall: So now what? You look worried.

Zach: I'm not worried. I'm gonna sic my lawyer on him. Full-court press. We'll get it done today.

Kendall: Good. Well, how can I help? What can I do?

Zach: Nothing. You're already dressed. Get your coat. We're going to the courthouse.

Kendall: No, no. Shouldn't we wait till we hear back from your attorney?

Zach: No. Greenlee needs you now. We've got to be there.

Ryan: So our flaky witness ended up back in California, huh?

Tad: Yeah, it's all right. We'll find him. In the meantime, I did have a very interesting conversation with my contact in L.A.

Ryan: Something else that doesn't add up, I bet.

Tad: Kinda sorta. When Mola talked to Pearson, it was by cell phone. While he wouldn't tell him where he was, when Mola offered him your cash to come back and straighten things out, he turned him down. He said he didn't need it.

Ryan: He testified under oath that he's been barely making ends meet since I got him fired.

Tad: Exactly. So I called a friend of mine at the airlines. Turns out when Pearson went back to California, he did it first class.

Ryan: Yeah, that doesn't sound like a guy who's having financial trouble, does it?

Tad: No, it doesn't. Now I know why. Officially you didn't see these, ok? Pearson's deposit records. There's several that go to offshore accounts. Check out the amount.

Ryan: A million bucks?

Tad: Yeah. And they were all made the day that Hayward died.

Ryan: So -- where did this come from?

Tad: I don't know, but I'll let you know when I do.

Jackson: How are you feeling?

Greenlee: Like it's a great day to testify. I know you hate that I'm doing this.

Jackson: I know there's nothing I can say to change your mind.

Greenlee: How about, "Wake up, Greenlee. The last two years have been a bad dream. You can have your life back."

Jackson: I wish I could, sweetheart.

Greenlee: Tell me that you've created enough reasonable doubt to get me acquitted, and I'll stop. Yeah.

Jackson: Greenlee, listen --

Greenlee: I'm doing this. Get up there and tell the jury the truth. Make them see I did not kill David.

Jackson: Your honor, the defense calls Greenlee Hayward.

Jesse: Well, now, if it's a girl, what are we gonna do with all those blue baby clothes?

Angie: Girls look just fine in blue.

Jesse: Oh, so if it's a boy, you put him in pink?

Jesse: Well, why not? It's not like I could see it.

Jesse: Oh, that's cold. That's just plain cold.

Angie: Listen, sweetheart, this is where we are, ok? So let's just, you know, focus on what's really important. As long as we have a healthy baby -- boy, girl, twins, triplets, quadruplets --

Jesse: Ooh -- quadruplets?

Angie: Well, you know we're not having no damn quadruplets.

Jesse: Oh, my God.

Jake: It's just an email from somebody from Doctors Without Borders. I guess an opportunity came up, and it's in Africa, and they're just saying I'd be perfect for it.

Amanda: Oh, so why is that a secret?

Jake: It's not a secret.

Amanda: Well, you got a little weird the other day when I brought up your life back then, and you never talk about traveling the world. I know you love the work. Do you miss it?

Jake: No, no. Not at all.

Amanda: So you're not feeling restless, looking for a new adventure?

Jake: How could I be restless when I get to watch our little son build his little towers out of blocks and knock 'em over? And I got my beautiful wife who still makes me weak in the knees? I mean, honestly? That's all the adventure I can handle.

Amanda: Well, it's not always fun.

Jake: Hey, babe, we have our tough times like anybody else. We're not alone. Anytime we get a roadblock, we knock it out of our way, and we get stronger. I love my family. I love my life. That's not gonna change. Come here.

Kendall: So when we get to the courthouse, we will probably be sitting next to Ryan.

Zach: All right.

Kendall: It's been very hard for him, and I know you don't care about that.

Zach: No, it's -- I care. He's Spike's dad, so I do care, yes.

Kendall: I know. But I know he's not your favorite person.

Zach: Mm. No. I should have sold him all the casinos, so he can deal with these jerks.

Kendall: Well, is there something else going on with the casinos that you haven't really told me about?

Zach: No. I've told you everything. I should have told you earlier.

Kendall: Well, you were protecting me. But you know, you actually don't have to do that, Zach. Sometimes I can actually help.

Zach: Just telling you helped.

Kendall: Well, I know how you feel. It was like telling you about the whole mess with Ryan and Greenlee, this huge weight got lifted off of my shoulders. If I had been honest from the beginning, I'm sure things wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. Well, they probably would have, but the point is, we're done with that. No more secrets. We have a deal now. Everything we do, we do together as a team.

Zach: Team --

Zach and Kendall: Slater.

Kendall: Team Slater. We're back. We're back. Do you think it was a bad idea that we didn't tell Ryan about Greenlee, knowing about the vial in Ryan's pocket?

Zach: You mean if Greenlee goes to prison for something that Ryan did, something like that?

Kendall: But it's not gonna happen, Zach. It's not.

Jackson: Please tell us about your relationship with your husband David Hayward.

Greenlee: Well, um, they say when life gets hard, you find out who your true friends are, and life got hard for me about two years ago when I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. If David hadn't found me, I'd be dead. My recovery was very difficult. I was in a coma for months. I was paralyzed. I was angry -- very angry. But David never lost patience. He was that devoted, and I loved him for it -- very much.

Jackson: Why did you decide to marry him?

Greenlee: I wanted to spend my life with a man who would always be there for me, who would be devoted and loyal and would do anything for me, and David was that man.

Jackson: When did you start having problems?

Greenlee: When he realized that I could never love him the same way that he loved me. I tried to, but I couldn't, and, um --

Judge: Do you need a minute, Mrs. Hayward?

Greenlee: No. David and I were not meant to be married. I wanted to end it amicably, but he couldn't accept that.

Jackson: So he blackmailed you to stay with him?

Greenlee: Yes, but you have to understand why. He wasn't doing it to hurt me. Yes, his actions were extreme, but it's because he couldn't imagine his life without me.

Jackson: Mrs. Hayward, did you hate your husband?

Greenlee: He saved my life. I could never hate him.

Jackson: Did you murder your husband?

Greenlee: No. I know you're looking at me up here and wondering if this is the truth, and I came here today to assure you that it is. I was trapped in a terrible situation, and I didn't want to live that way, but I didn't want David dead, and I'm very sorry that he is. More than you could ever know.

Jackson: Do you miss him?

Greenlee: Yes. He wasn't perfect. I mean, he'd be the first to admit that, but no one has ever loved me the way that David did, and I loved him, and after everything he did, I could not and would not ever want him dead.

Liza: So your husband is threatening to put your in prison, but you don't hate him?

Greenlee: No. I was angry at first, but I understood why he was doing it.

Liza: You understood. Understood, and yet you're working intimately with Ryan Lavery, your ex-husband and your ex-fiancÚ, to get out of the marriage.

Greenlee: By getting a divorce.

Liza: Mm-hmm. So -- ha -- David Hayward obviously loved you, but you, you wanted something else, correct?

Greenlee: I wanted to be free.

Liza: You wanted to be free, right, to continue your relationship with Mr. Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee: No.

Liza: No? But you just heard him sit up here and say how he's never stopped loving you.

Greenlee: Those are his feelings.

Liza: Greenlee, are you telling me that you have no romantic feelings for him whatsoever?

Greenlee: If I did, why would I repeatedly ask him to stay away from me? Why would I have him thrown out of the courtroom?

Liza: Mm-hmm. If you want Ryan away from you so badly, then how do you explain the kiss that I witnessed between the two of you out in the hall?

Jackson: Objection, your honor. This is a desperate attempt by Ms. Colby to inflame the jury. She has no evidence of any such kiss.

Judge: Ms. Colby?

Liza: Your honor, I have surveillance footage, and I'd like to enter it in as evidence. I've reviewed it several times, and I'm certain that once the jury sees this, they're gonna be convinced that the feelings are entirely mutual. Shall we cue it up?

Greenlee: No. That's not necessary. Ryan did kiss me. We were arguing, and he kissed me to make me stop talking.

Liza: Make you stop talking with his lips. So then how do you explain you kissing him back?

Bonnie: Ready for the good news?

Angie: Well, maybe we should start with the bad news first.

Bonnie: There isn't any. The results of your amnio indicate you're gonna have a perfectly healthy baby.

Jesse: Oh --

Angie: Oh. Oh, honey, God. Oh.

Jesse: The baby's fine, the baby's fine.

Angie: And nothing -- nothing else matters. Nothing. Oh, Jesse.

Tad: Look at this. Mr. and Mrs. Ferret are at it again. Let me tell you --

Jake: No, don't.

Tad: You're so cute.

Jake: Why aren't you at the courthouse? What happened?

Tad: I was at the courthouse. I'm just running something down for a client. Actually, when I left, Greenlee was on the stand.

Amanda: How was it going?

Tad: Uh, ok for now, but let's not forget that Liza's on deck.

Amanda: Swinging a rat.

Jake: Ah, Greenlee's tough. She can handle it.

Amanda: So -- so are you back in the P.I. business full-time now?

Tad: Oh, no, no. This is just -- you know, it's for Ryan. It's doing something for a friend, that's all.

Amanda: You must love the excitement, the adventure?

Tad: Oh -- I guess that's part of it.

Amanda: Well, do you think Jake misses Doctors Without Borders?

Jake: Honey.

Tad: No. I don't think Jake can spell Doctors Without Borders, but look at him, he's never been happier.

Amanda: All good to know. All right, I have to go check on the baby-sitter. I'll be right back.

Tad: What the hell was that about?

Jake: I got an email from somebody. It's about a job. Apparently it's something that's right in my wheelhouse.

Tad: Oh, come on, Jake, look. You just got your life back together. Tell me you're not gonna take it.

Jake: I'm not doing it. I'm not. No is the answer. No. It's just that she's making sure I don't have the itch back, I guess.

Tad: Huh. Good. 'Cause you know, they got a cream for that.

Jake: Yeah, well, you'd know. Rash you make, scratch a lot.

Tad: So -- if you're not interested in the job, then why are you obviously so stressed?

Jake: It's not the job offer. It's who I got the offer from. Cara.

Tad: Who?

Jake: Cara Finn, my ex-wife.

Liza: So you swear that you loved your husband, and yet it is so obvious to everybody in this courtroom that the man that you actually love is Ryan Lavery.

Jackson: Objection.

Judge: No editorializing, Ms. Colby.

Liza: My apologies, your honor. So -- David Hayward saved your life, correct?

Greenlee: Yes.

Liza: Mm-hmm. Brought you back from a coma, paralysis, put you back in a normal life.

Greenlee: If there is such a thing.

Liza: Mm. So after this tremendous sacrifice from him, you dump him?

Greenlee: It's not that simple.

Liza: Isn't it? I mean, he's no longer of use to you now, right? You want out of the marriage.

Greenlee: I wanted out, because he was blackmailing me.

Liza: Wait a minute. I thought that you said that he was blackmailing you to keep you in the marriage. Doesn't that mean that you wanted out before that?

Greenlee: Yes.

Liza: Yes, because you wanted out. Thank you. That's good enough for me. Did you feel trapped in this marriage?

Greenlee: At the end, yes.

Liza: So you killed him to get out of it.

Jackson: Objection!

Judge: Sustained! Ms. Colby, this is your last warning.

Liza: Were you at the party when you husband died?

Greenlee: You know I was.

Liza: Mm-hmm. How did it feel when you saw his dead body?

Greenlee: I was horrified.

Liza: And yet you couldn't be bothered to go to the hospital right away.

Greenlee: I was in shock.

Liza: Or were you relieved?

Greenlee: I was grieving for David, and I still am.

Liza: Yeah, so much so that you're caught kissing another man in the hallway.

Jackson: Objection.

Liza: Withdrawn. So David Hayward is dead. This is the man that you married, the man that you claim to love, and yet every piece of evidence that we have seen during this trial proves that that is a lie. You were indifferent to it.

Greenlee: No.

Liza: No. And you were desperate to be with Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee: No. That's not true.

Liza: You were so desperate to be with him that you didn't even have the decency to control yourself during your own husband's murder trial. David Hayward is dead, and he deserves justice. How does it feel, Greenlee, to know that your husband was murdered?

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm s -- I'm very sorry.

Liza: I have no further questions.

Jackson: Redirect, your honor. What are you sorry for?

Greenlee: I'm sorry I couldn't love David enough, but I did not kill him.

Bonnie: So, would you like to know the baby's sex?

Jesse and Angie: No.

Bonnie: All right, then.

Jesse: Oh. I got it.

Bonnie: I am so --

Angie: What's wrong?

Tad: After all this time? Are you sure that it was Cara sent you the email?

Jake: Unless somebody broke into her account or -- I don't know, which -- you know, that's not even as strange as her actually sending me an email and offering me a job.

Tad: Well, considering it's the first time you've heard from her, you know, since --

Jake: Since she left me. You can say it.

Tad: No. I wouldn't -- why would I call it that? I'm just saying, it's like a blast from the past, right?

Jake: I just don't -- it's not something you do. You know, I'm not her friend. We're not buddies.

Tad: And it's been a long time.

Jake: Yeah.

Tad: Still hurts, though, doesn't it?

Jake: I don't really think about it.

Tad: Oh, please. Come on. No, no. Stop that. You're thinking about it now. Obviously.

Jake: The only thing I think sometimes to myself is I loved this person. You know, I spent every single day with them. We worked so closely. I was in love with her. This is my wife. We risked our lives together, right? I come out of surgery, I see her in a car. She's got some dude. He's got his arms wrapped around her. She sees me, but they drive off, and that was it. But -- look, I'm sorry. You know the story.

Tad: No, no. I don't know the st -- Jake, this is the first time you've ever really talked about it. Obviously I don't know the whole story.

Jake: Well, there's nothing else to really know. It was a very -- impoverished country, and -- and, you know, we're surrounded by the sick and the wounded, and it's not exactly the perfect place to honeymoon. You know, we're newlyweds at this point. And maybe that was my fault. I -- you know, but nothing is perfect. Nobody -- the point is, I saw her, and she saw me, and she drove away, and I never saw her again.

Tad: No. She did leave you the Dear John letter.

Jake: Please don't call it that.

Tad: I'm sorry, but whatever. The note.

Jake: Yes, and it was written on hotel stationery, probably the same hotel that she was getting it from that dude. I don't know.

Tad: Nice. Now that was it.

Jake: That was it. Until right now.

Tad: Oh, that's back to my original question. Are you sure this email, if it is from her, are you sure the job offer's legit?

Jake: I don't know. You're the private dick.

Tad: Don't call me that. Why do you always have to call me that?

Jake: Sorry. Detective.

Tad: Yeah, ok, fine, and as such, and your brother, I mean, I could find out. I would, you know, I'd have to do a little scratching, obviously. If you wanted me to.

Jake: No. It's the past. Let's just leave it in the past.

Liza: So I told you at the beginning of this trial that Greenlee Hayward is used to getting what she wants. Greenlee takes from people. That's what she does. She uses people. She takes and she takes, and she keeps on taking, and it does not matter from whom. It can be her father or her lover or her best friend or her husband, and it doesn't matter who gets hurt. Or in this case, who ends up dead. This whole thing is really very, very simple. She wanted out of her marriage, so she can return to her true love -- her true love Ryan Lavery. And let's not forget about the most damning evidence of all, and that is the murder weapon: A vial of digitalis that's found in her glove compartment along with the video footage from the party that shows Greenlee handing David the drink in a chipped glass, the very same chipped glass that contains the poison that killed him. Greenlee's husband is dead. But does she stop taking? No. She does not. She's still taking, and now she wants to take from you. She wants to take your sympathy and your understanding and your vote of not guilty. Ladies and gentlemen, do not do it. Do not become the latest in the long line of victims that Greenlee Hayward reels in only to toss out as soon as she's done with them. Don't let her use you to get away with murder.

Jackson: Well, let's talk about that marriage. Was it a perfect marriage? No. Did the Haywards have irreconcilable differences? Yes. Is it that uncommon? Did my client want her freedom? Yes, she did. Did she murder her husband to get it? Absolutely not. You heard her testify that she would never hurt her husband. Those feeling are not shared by many people in this community, several of whom you heard testify under oath that they hated David Hayward, that they wished him dead! Now, did one of them go so far as to poison him? We don't know. You heard Chief Hubbard testify that the only suspect they thoroughly investigated was my client, and that brings us to the crux of this case: Reasonable doubt. After hearing all the evidence presented to you, can you honestly say that you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that my client is guilty? Can you honestly say that you don't have a shred of a question in your mind? Remember, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. Innocent until proven guilty. That's the law of this land. Now, has Ms. Colby proven my client's guilt? No. She has submitted to you a series of circumstantial evidence, wrapped it up as proof! She has no DNA, she has no eyewitnesses, nothing concrete to link my client to the murder of her husband, a man to whom she will be eternally grateful, a man she loved as best she could right up until the day someone else took his life.

Judge: At this time, the bailiff is gonna take you back to the jury room where you're gonna begin your deliberation.

Ryan: You did great up there.

Greenlee: I barely remember anything I said.

Ryan: It's gonna be ok. Tad and I are dealing with this Pearson guy. We -- we got some leads on him.

Greenlee: Do you really think you'll find anything?

Ryan: I'm not gonna stop until I do, Greenlee. You didn't kill Hayward, and maybe it was somebody else. Maybe it was me. I don't know, but there's something going on with this guy. It just feels like a setup.

Kendall: Don't.

Zach: He needs to know.

Ryan: He needs to know what? What are you talking about?

Zach: The truth.

Greenlee: Kendall.

Kendall: Zach's right. Ryan needs to know everything.

Ryan: What are you guys talking about?

Zach: Greenlee didn't find that vial of poison in the hotel room. She found it in your jacket, and she didn't say anything because she wanted to protect you.

Greenlee: I thought I could trust you guys.

Kendall: I'm sorry, Greenlee. It's out now. We couldn't let you go to prison.

Greenlee: Oh, but Ryan can?

Ryan: That's ok, Greenlee, I'm glad they told me. You've been -- you've been sitting on this the entire time?

[Cell phone rings]

Zach: It's my lawyer. I got to go.

Kendall: Now?

Zach: I can handle it. You stay here.

Kendall: No, no, no. Not a chance. I'm going with you. Look, I know you might hate me right now, but I love you. This really is for the best.

Liza: You did a hell of a job.

Jackson: Thanks.

Liza: It really was an honor to be in the same courtroom with you. I mean, you gave it your best, although you and I both know that Greenlee is in a lot of trouble.

Angie: What happened?

Jesse: I got a text about Greenlee's trial. I gotta -- I gotta step out for a minute.

Angie: Oh. Ok.

Jesse: All right.

Angie: On to the next challenge.

Amanda: Hey, you ok?

Jesse: Hey. Um, yeah. More than ok. I just got some really good news. It's incredible. It's complicated. But -- yeah. Really complicated.

Tad: You know, even after you told us about her, Mom and Dad and I were never really convinced Cara was real. We thought she was a myth, out there in the jungle playing fetch with her pet mokele-mbembe.

Jake: What are you talking about?

Tad: It's like the Loch Ness Monster of the Amazon -- mokele-mbembe -- and they're out there.

Jake: You're so smart. You should go on a game show.

Tad: No, no. I'm serious. The point is she's like a myth. You barely ever talked about her. Listen, I got to get back on this investigation thing for Ryan.

Jake: So go. Where?

Tad: The courthouse.

Jake: Right. Tell Greenlee I'm rooting for her, all right?

Tad: Yeah. You know what? I'm rooting for you.

Jake: Thanks, brother. Thank you.

Zach: It was the right thing to do, Kendall.

Kendall: Even though Greenlee may never talk to me again?

Zach: She'll get over it.

Kendall: We broke our promise.

Zach: No. I broke a promise.

Kendall: I thought we were gonna stay out of other people's lives?

Zach: Yeah, this is it. This is us staying out of it.

Kendall: How, Zach? You just dropped a bomb on them and then walked away.

Zach: If there's a secret, I'm involved. Secret's out, I'm out.

Kendall: What about Spike?

Zach: I didn't tell the police. I didn't tell Liza. I told Ryan. It's up to him, not us.

Kendall: Well, was it really our place?

Zach: I don't know. I know what secrets did to us. I just maybe didn't want the same thing to happen to them.

Kendall: Was that really the reason?

Zach: You think I was gonna throw Ryan to the wolves, don't you?

Kendall: No, that's not what I mean.

Zach: Yeah, that is what you mean. And no, I wasn't. He thinks someone's trying to set him up. I just wanted to make sure he had all the facts.

Kendall: Oh, I guess you're right. Being honest really did help us, so maybe the truth will help Ryan and Greenlee, too.

Zach: I've got to talk to my lawyer, so maybe you should go to the park, deal with the boys.

Kendall: No. I'm not leaving. I remember -- how being on the ocean water calmed you down.

Zach: Now, this works, too. Ah.

Kendall: Yeah, this is not the same, and you know it. I just hope you don't regret making this sacrifice, moving back here for me.

Zach: Wait a minute. You think me moving back here was a sacrifice? Being here with you and the boys?

Kendall: Well, I know that you wanted to stay on our boat.

Zach: No. I wanted to stay with you. And I thought that -- sailing the seas and hanging out, that that would work. It's just -- home has always been a strange concept to me. You know that.

Kendall: I know. Yeah.

Zach: I just figured it's us, you know. The boys and the boat, and you know, we'd just travel. That's our home, you know. I mean, we didn't need an atlas or a house or neighbors bringing us sugar and stuff. But I see you here with your family and your friends, I get it. I do. And maybe it's time for the boys to have roots and a foundation.

Kendall: And love.

Zach: Yeah. Hey, I don't want you thinking ever that I would pick a life on the sea over life with you. You're everything to me. You know that, right?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: And I like being here. I love it because I'm here with you and the kids. It doesn't matter where it is. I sound like a little girl.

Kendall: No, you do not.

Zach: But your ring, right? There's an inscription in it. Unless the skinny dipping in the salt water took it off, it's still there.

Kendall: Let me see if the skinny dipping took it off. No. Actually, Zach, it is still there. We are still connected for life.

Zach: Yeah. I'll always love you. Come here.

Jesse: How the hell am I supposed to keep my mouth shut when I know the baby's sex?

Amanda: You're sure Angie doesn't want to know?

Jesse: Yeah. I'm sure. And there's months to go. I'm gonna blow it. I know I'm gonna blow it.

Amanda: Well, you know what? What's important is that your baby is healthy.

Jesse: Mmmm.

Amanda: And the rest of it, you know, you'll have to keep it a secret, but it's a good secret, and if you happen to let it slip --

Jesse: I'm not gonna let it slip. I'm not gonna ruin this for her. It's kinda cool that I know, though. Kinda sucks that I got to keep it a secret. Can't tell anybody. I'm gonna blow it! I know.

Amanda: You could tell me.

Jesse: Of course, I could tell you, so Jake could pull it out of you before you even leave the hospital, and then I got to worry about Jake slipping up to an -- you know what? No. I got this, and I'm gonna keep the secret.

Amanda: All right, well, that's the spirit.

Jesse: Yeah. I just have to remember until the day, I got to call the baby -- the kid.

[Both laugh]

Ryan: The jury, it's just gone back to decide whether or not you go to prison, ok? We got to tell Jack now.

Greenlee: No. You know what? Liza was right. I've been selfish. If I'd made better choices, things would be different. I couldn't let anyone else get hurt, especially you.

Ryan: You should have told me.

Greenlee: You've been protecting me since way before the trial began. Can you blame me for wanting to protect you?

Ryan: Tell me about the jacket.

Greenlee: I'm begging you, Ryan, forget everything that you heard.

Ryan: If this means that I killed David, then I want to hear all of it, ok? The jacket -- when, how, where?

Greenlee: A few days after the party, I was in your apartment. It was hanging on the back of a chair.

Ryan: Wait. The jacket that was in my -- that's not the jacket I wore to the party.

Greenlee: Of course, it was.

Ryan: No, no. The jacket I wore to the party was still in my car.

Greenlee: But --

Ryan: That was out. I mean, it was the same color, it looked the same, but it was out, because I was gonna give it away.

Greenlee: So you didn't have the drug in your pocket that night.

Ryan: And I know that jacket never left the apartment. I sure as hell didn't come back in and put an empty vial of digitalis in it, so --

Greenlee: Which means someone else did.

Ryan: Somebody's trying to set me up, trying to make it look like I killed David.

Angie: This is a really big day for both of us.

Jesse: Hey, for all 3 of us. What's wrong? What's wrong?

Angie: Your hand -- you felt that?

Jesse: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It kicked. It kicked.

Amanda: Congratulations.

Angie: Oh, thank you.

Jesse: Oh, my God, the high school could use a good field goal kicker.

Amanda: Football. We'll see.

Jesse: Come on, baby, let's get you home.

Jake: Take care, guys. Congratulations.

Angie: Thank you.

Jake: Ah, yeah. All right, I did it. All right? I turned down the offer. So let's go.

Amanda: Hey. How do you feel?

Jake: I feel great. I feel great. Everything's great. Ok?

Zach: All right, Roger, that's great. Get her going. We're officially out of the casino business.

Kendall: We're out? We're out?

Zach: We're out.

Kendall: I don't believe it. This is great. Are you having regrets?

Zach: No. It's time. Definitely time.

Kendall: Hey, you keep saying that.

Zach: This is what we should be doing. You know, us, the family here and, um, the Miranda Center, just keep working.

Kendall: Ok, but what's going on with this face that you're making?

Zach: Oh, I don't know. I just think they gave in a little too easily.

Kendall: That's because you're a force to be reckoned with, Zach. Come on! For once, take the good news and let yourself enjoy it.

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Come on. Now we celebrate.

Zach: Celebrate, huh?

Kendall: Yes. Now we celebrate. Can I show you how?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Celebrate like this.

Zach: Oh, I open the gift.

Kendall: Oh, you open the gift and then we celebrate.

Zach: Christmas at the Slaters'.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

[Zach laughs]

Kendall: Oh, yeah. Ooh, yeah!

Zach: All righty.

Liza: I did my best. Now we're just gonna have to wait and see.

Ryan: So?

Tad: So I managed to trace every single cash deposit to Pearson's accounts the morning that David died.

Greenlee: And where did the money come from?

Tad: Get this. A lot of different banks, a lot of different accounts. With that one single exception, they all came from the same source: Your husband, David Hayward.

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