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Erica: What do you think?

Erica: Boo! I said, "Boo!"

Jack: What the hell was that for? What?

Erica: It's Halloween, so I'm gonna ask you one more time. What do you think?

Jack: I think you're so stunning, it's scary.

Erica: And I think you have been sitting in the same position for so many hours that you need a change. Come to Bianca's party with me. The change of scenery's gonna do so much good.

Jack: But Liza discredited our key witness. Now it all comes down to Greenlee's testimony. I have to make sure everything's perfect. I have to anticipate Liza's cross. I have to make sure Greenlee's ready when she gets up there.

Erica: If anyone can save Greenlee, it's you.

Jack: If I don't, I don't know that I'll be able to live with myself.

Erica: Jack, it's not your fault. Not every case is winnable.

Jack: What does that mean?

Erica: I just mean that no matter how much you plan, you don't control everything.

Jack: No, that's not what you meant. You think Greenlee really did kill David.

Krystal: Ooh! Ha ha ha!

Marissa: I don't know if it's my style.

Krystal: Oh, yeah. All right. Maybe not. Heh heh heh! So Tad's got the girls out hunting down candy. Are you gonna go trick-or-treating soon?

Marissa: Yeah. We already went for a little bit, but we're gonna head over to Bianca's. She's having a little thing for the kids.

Krystal: Oh. It's a good thing that Wildwind is the last place that J.R. would show up.

Marissa: Yeah. I know that Halloween has always been a really big father-son deal for J.R. and A.J., but after catching him with Annie again --

Krystal: What is wrong with him?

Marissa: I know. When I think about what it would've done to A.J. if he'd walked in on that --

Krystal: Why don't you head on to that party, huh?

Marissa: Come on, kiddo. Let's go put on your mask, ok? Come on. Bring your coloring book. Let's go. Come on, sweetie.

J.R.: Is that my wife taking my son out the back way right now?

Krystal: You let her go, J.R.

Colby: You are gonna love my costume. It's black, short, and very, very clingy.

Damon: Why don't you put it on now, and we can have our own little trick-or-treat? Hmm? Ding-dong.

Colby: Ding-dong. No! Stop. Not until the party. I'm sorry.

Damon: Come on. You're no fun.

Colby: Don't you want to know what I got you to wear for Halloween?

Damon: I'm the vampire, right, with the glittery skin and the eyes and the brooding demeanor?

Colby: No, no, no. Actually, you got -- a really hairy guy.

Damon: Awesome! [Howls] I'm ready. Let's go. Get your costume on. Let's go.

Colby: I totally thought Asher was gonna tag along tonight. It just seemed like a bad night to leave him alone.

Damon: Why? Is he scared of the ghosts and the goblins?

Colby: No. Damon, stop. His mom died on Halloween.

Damon: Oh. Really? I didn't know that. But I thought he said his mom died giving birth to him. So that would make today --

Asher: My birthday. A whole year older and nothing to show for it.

Colby: Look, I know it's really hard, but you should start to celebrate the day. So come on. Tell us your birthday wish.

Bianca: Oh. It's you.

Caleb: You were expecting Dracula?

Bianca: Well, Kendall is bringing the boys over, and Marissa's coming over with A.J.

Caleb: And kids really love this, huh?

Bianca: They love it.

Caleb: Hmm.

Zach: Hey.

Spike: Trick or treat!

Bianca: Trick or treat!

Kendall: I hope we're not too early.

Bianca: No, no! Not at all! Come in. Ahoy, Captain Hook. Oh, and, Mr. Smee, which way to the mermaid lagoon?

Kendall: How many times have you seen "Peter Pan"?

Bianca: Too many times.

Zach: You went all out, didn't you?

Kendall: This looks amazing. Can we help? Is there any way?

Bianca: Yeah. If you can help me finish hanging these pumpkins, that would be great.

Kendall: Hair, hair, hair.

Bianca: Come here, you. Let's go. Let's go.

Zach: You don't like Halloween, do you?

Caleb: Just ghosts.

Zach: You're a haunted man, Caleb?

Caleb: I just don't like ghosts.

Zach: Me neither. But I'm getting better now. I got this cool family over here.

Caleb: Yeah. Family can change a man.

Zach: More than I could've imagined.

Bianca: Come on. Sometimes this curmudgeon bit is, I don't know, charming, and other times it baffles the hell out of me, especially since I know how sweet you are. Here. People will be here soon. Put these somewhere. Please help.

Woman's voice: Help, Caleb! Please help me!

Zach: I don't think your friend is too thrilled about having visitors.

Bianca: He'll be fine, as soon as he shakes off whatever's got him in such a grumpy mood.

Zach: I'm not sure about that.

Kendall: Then it's up to us to bring him out of his funk.

Zach: Or maybe we could just let it be, Kendall.

Kendall: Maybe, or not. Hi. We actually may need some of your legal advice soon. Zach's liquidating his businesses, so we might need some help.

Spike: Mommy, Gaby and I need help with our costumes.

Kendall: I'll come with you. And you, don't go anywhere.

Bianca: Same goes for you, Caleb.

Caleb: I'm pretty busy these days.

Zach: Yeah. My wife talks without thinking sometimes -- part of her charm. She's just making conversation.

Caleb: So what's this about having to liquidate some of your businesses?

Zach: It's not always easy to untangle yourself from decisions you've made in the past. They come back to haunt you.

Asher: I thought I was pretty clear why I didn't want to celebrate my birthday.

Colby: No, I am not trying to disrespect your mother's memory.

Damon: Then maybe you should let it go.

Colby: No! He should be able to celebrate like other people. He should be able to have a cake and presents and make birthday wishes, don't you think?

Asher: Yeah, I'll pass.

Damon: You heard the man.

Colby: No. I'm sorry, but I think it's wrong that he's never sat in front of a cake full of candles and wished for something that you've really wanted.

Asher: Who said that you need a cake and candles to do that?

Erica: This is not the time to have this discussion.

Jack: Oh, sure it is! So you think Greenlee's guilty?

Erica: I do.

Jack: I guess I should've seen it.

Erica: It wouldn't be the first time that Greenlee lashed out to protect herself, and everyone knows that David backed her into a corner.

Jack: Stop. I don't need you to plead Liza's case for her. Ok?

Erica: I knew I should've kept this to myself.

Jack: This is what you've thought all along? You've been lying to me.

Erica: No, I've been sparing you. Because in the end, it doesn't matter what I think.

Jack: It matters to me. I thought you were in my corner.

Erica: I am in your corner in every way that matters. And I meant what I said, Jack. If anybody can save Greenlee, it's you.

Jack: Thanks for that.

Erica: Come on. Come with me to Wildwind. It'll do you good.

Jack: I have too much to do. I'll take a night off when this trial is over.

J.R.: I didn't come here to cause trouble for Marissa.

Krystal: Then why are you here, J.R.?

J.R.: Krystal, I wish you could remember the guy I was before this whole mess -- when I was with Babe, the best times with Babe.

Krystal: Last time you brought up Babe, you threatened to grab A.J. and walk out of here.

J.R.: You know I wouldn't do that. You know better than anyone how much I love my son. I would never do anything to hurt him.

Krystal: You don't think you would've hurt that little boy if he walked in on you and Annie?

J.R.: Krystal, do you honestly believe that if I'd known that either one of them were gonna show up out there, that I'd be within 100 yards of Annie?

Krystal: It doesn't matter now.

J.R.: No, it doesn't. The only thing that matters now is that my son has a happy Halloween. I was hoping that Marissa would be kind enough to allow me to see him for a half an hour.

Krystal: I would let go of that hope, J.R., and just trust that Marissa is gonna give A.J. what he needs tonight.

J.R.: But if I don't get to go trick-or-treating with him --

Krystal: He's gonna be having too much fun at Miranda's party to even notice.

J.R.: Yeah? I guess I'll just have to take your word for that.

Krystal: I guess so.

J.R.: Or maybe not.

Zach: If you want to escape, I'll take the heat with Bianca.

Caleb: I appreciate that, but there's no place to escape to.

Zach: There's trick-or-treaters all over the place this night.

Caleb: I never had that problem on the mountain.

[Doorbell rings]

Zach: What happened to you guys?

Kendall: Someone had to chase the ghosts and witches away.

Erica: Hi!

Bianca: Come on in.

Erica: Thank you.

Caleb: I thought this was a kids' party.

Bianca: Halloween is for adults, too.

Caleb: Hmm. Have fun.

Bianca: Something about this day gets to him.

Erica: That's ok because now that we're just family, we can talk.

Kendall: Yes, and we're going very light and fun this evening.

Erica: Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I almost hopped on a plane and just dragged you back myself. Ha ha ha! Are you here now? Are you here to stay?

Zach: Yeah. Boat's docked for good.

Kendall: Yep. From now on, we are doing everything together as a team.

Zach: I like that.

Kendall: Me, too. Whatever is eating away at him, Mom, I think it's best to just leave it alone.

Asher: You seriously gonna wear this thing, because --

Damon: Whoa. Make fun of that again when the full moon comes out, buddy.

Colby: Costumes aren't required, and if you don't like the party, you can just leave.

J.R.: You, stick around. I may need you tonight.

Asher: So much for the party, but, hey, don't let me hold you guys up.

Damon: Don't have to tell me twice. Let's go, darling.

Colby: Hey, give me a second?

Damon: Ok.

Marissa: You're sure J.R. won't be back, right?

Krystal: I'm positive.

Opal: You done trick-or-treating already, honey?

Marissa: Yeah. We cut it short this year.

Opal: But it's Halloween. The night's just getting going.

Marissa: Bianca's having a get-together. We're gonna head over there. You should come with us. I think Erica will be there.

Opal: That sounds like a mighty fine invitation. Maybe I'll drop by a little later. But I promised your mama that I would stay here and help her protect the place against getting egged. That's right.

Krystal: I told her I'd hold down the fort.

Opal: Oh, no, no, no. Trust me, you need backup. If any of those little monsters out there gets it in their head to dis our treats, it is Opal at the ready with my own trick. Nothing like a wad of wet dough in the face to teach them who's boss! Ha ha!

Marissa: A.J., are you ready?

Krystal: Honey, you know it's gonna take more than five warnings to get him to start moving at that age.

Marissa: He's hoping his dad will show up.

Opal: Oh, I'm sorry. I know this has been a hard time for you, hasn't it?

Marissa: As long as I keep my focus on this --

Opal: Aah! Aah! It's a werewolf! Oh, my stars!

A.J.: Don't be afraid. It's me, A.J.

Opal: Ohh, it's you! A.J., you had me scared half to death, you know? I was about to call animal control.

Marissa: You sure you don't want to hit some more houses, A.J.?

A.J.: No. I'm tired.

Marissa: We're going to a party. Remember? Wildwind is going to be decorated like a haunted house, and Gaby and Miranda will be there, and Spike and Ian Slater.

A.J.: What about Dad?

Marissa: Daddy won't be able to make it. But I know that he wants this to be your best Halloween yet. We'll have fun.

J.R.: If you don't get my son to me, I'll get another lawyer!

Colby: J.R., what's going on?

J.R.: Everything blew up.

Colby: What do you mean, everything blew up?

J.R.: I went to the cottage to see if Annie was settled in --

Colby: What was Annie doing at the cottage?

J.R.: Colby, her assets were frozen when Scott confessed. Emma and her had nowhere to go.

Colby: Trust me, she would've found a way.

J.R.: That's not the problem. Marissa got it in her head to bring A.J. up to see me.

Colby: Oh, my God.

J.R.: Yeah, she walked in. A.J. didn't see anything, but now she's trying to keep my son away from me till the court rules.

Colby: I'm so sorry, J.R. Look, what can I do to help?

J.R.: No, it's not your problem. Besides, I'm coming up with a few ideas right now to turn this whole thing around.

Colby: What kind of plan are we talking about?

J.R.: You don't know what it's like to have a child, to have one taken away from you. A.J. belongs with me.

Colby: I know he does. I just don't want you to do something that you would take back, something that --

J.R.: Dad would do? No. I will not make that mistake. A.J. will always know that I love him.

Colby: A.J. does know that.

J.R.: Does he? I have no idea what Marissa's telling him. She's probably telling him stories. It's probably not even the truth.

Colby: No, she wouldn't turn A.J. against you.

J.R.: She might, now that she's under the influence of the guy that's trying to crush me. Hell, she's over there celebrating my favorite holiday with A.J. at Caleb's right now.

Colby: Are you sure about that?

J.R.: Yeah, I am. I need to find another lawyer.

Damon: You're not really gonna just stick around here and wait for J.R. to snap his fingers, are you?

Asher: Hey, he's the boss. He tells me to wait, I wait.

Damon: Man. I thought Liza was a hard-ass. Maybe if you tell him you have a party to go to, he'll, like, chill out.

Colby: I can't go to the party either.

Damon: What? Why?

Colby: Things are out of control between Marissa and J.R. and --

Damon: There's nothing new there. They're always --

Colby: I know. I -- but I feel like I can smooth things over between them, but that means I'm skipping out on the party.

Damon: Ok. I guess I can pick up a shift at Krystal's.

Colby: You can still go if you want to go.

Damon: I don't want to go, not without you.

Colby: That's a good boyfriend answer. I'll call you later? I'm sorry. Happy birthday, Asher.

Damon: 40 bucks down the drain. Boo!

Krystal: If you came here to work, I cannot promise that you're gonna be able to concentrate.

Jack: That's ok. I don't think I could concentrate anywhere, to tell you the truth.

Krystal: Is something going on with Greenlee's case?

Jack: We took a pretty good kick in the teeth in court. I just didn't expect to have to take another hit on the home front, that's all.

Krystal: Want to talk about it?

Jack: Sure. I always say that Erica constantly surprises me. Last night was no exception, let me tell you.

Krystal: What'd she do?

Jack: She thinks Greenlee's guilty, has all along. Oh, but on the brighter side, if anybody can get her off the hook, I'm the man.

Krystal: Then she's still in your corner.

Jack: So why doesn't it feel that way, Krystal?

Krystal: Listen, Jackson, having someone's back doesn't mean that you agree with everything they believe.

Jack: Krystal, you know me. I can handle people disagreeing with me.

Krystal: But Erica isn't just anyone, is she?

Jack: No, she's not.

Erica: You're doing such a good job, and look at you, Miranda! You're so tall, you can reach it yourself.

Caleb: Have you seen a file around?

Bianca: No.

Caleb: I'm looking for a file. Have you seen one?

Erica: At least you could try to get into the spirit.

Caleb: I don't have time.

Erica: Caleb, what's wrong with you tonight?

Zach: All right. Time to go trick-or-treating.

Bianca: Do you have to leave already?

Kendall: Yeah. We promised Opal that we would show her the boys' costumes.

Erica: Oh. Ok. She's gonna love to see the boys. But give her my love, ok? Have fun.

Bianca: And be safe.

Kendall: We will.

Zach: Get away from that.

Kendall: See you guys.

Bianca: Bye.

Kendall: Put it in your pocket, Spike. Put it in your pocket.

Caleb: Must be upstairs.

Erica: Did Caleb happen to say what is upsetting him so much tonight?

Bianca: No. No, but it's definitely something, a very deep place. I can see it in his eyes.

Erica: I know. I keep on getting the feeling that he's hiding something -- which, of course, would be his business, except for the fact that we happen to be working together as partners now on this very delicate, delicate transaction trying to get Cortlandt Electronics back.

Bianca: You should try and talk to him, see if you can get him to open up at all.

Erica: No. That's not our style.

Bianca: No. I guess not. Would you mind looking around to see if we need anything else, Mom?

Erica: I don't think we need anything else, Bianca. You've done such an amazing job here.

Bianca: I think I'm gonna get a little bit more candy.

Erica: Oh, yeah. More candy. We need more candy. More cupcakes.

Erica: "There was an explosion at high wind mine. Sonia Reyes was found dead at the site."

Jack: Maybe I should be honest. Maybe I'm not doing a good enough job establishing Greenlee's innocence. If this is what my own fiancée's thinking, who the hell knows what's going on in the jury's heads?

Krystal: I used to work for defense attorneys who used to get stressed out just like this, and they weren't even representing their own daughters. But from where I sit, you're running the best defense I've ever seen. And for what it's worth, I believe in Greenlee's innocence.

Jack: That's worth quite a bit, actually. Thank you, as long as you're not just saying it.

Krystal: I don't just say things, Jackson.

Erica: "Police are still investigating the cause of the explosion, as well as why Ms. Reyes was at the site."

[Doorbell rings]

Bianca: Am I the only one who hears the doorbell?

Erica: Oh, sorry. I --

Bianca: Hi!

Marissa: I hope we're not late.

Bianca: Not at all.

Marissa: Look at this. You see this, A.J.?

Caleb: Hey, Marissa.

Marissa: Hi. Happy Halloween.

Bianca: Zach and Kendall took the boys trick-or-treating, but Miranda and Gaby would love your help decorating the witch's tree.

Marissa: Ooh. Yeah, scary.

Caleb: A werewolf, huh?

Marissa: Yeah. I think he gets it from the Chandler side.

Caleb: How's it going with J.R.?

Marissa: He dropped by to see Krystal and told her he was backing off for now.

Caleb: And you believe that?

[Doorbell rings]

Bianca: I'll get it. Excuse me.

Colby: Hi! Trick or treat.

Bianca: Hi.

A.J.: Aunt Colby!

Colby: Hey, bud! What's up?

Marissa: This is a surprise.

Erica: Caleb, you know, sometimes it's ok to just say why you're upset.

Caleb: This isn't the time or place.

Erica: October 31 -- the anniversary of someone's death.

Caleb: Dorothy, you're way out of line.

Erica: A mine explosion -- were you there?

Miranda: No, Caleb. Don't leave yet.

J.R.: No, Marissa has not loosened the reins. In fact, it's just the opposite. She's got it arranged where I can't even take him trick-or-treating. No, I'm working on something right now. I'll have to call you back. How much did you hear?

Asher: Enough to know you're planning something.

J.R.: Caleb has gone too far.

Asher: What'd he do now?

J.R.: He's got Marissa so fired up, she thinks she has to keep my own son from me. He stole my son, but you would know about that, wouldn't you? He stole your mom from you.

Asher: Yeah. Got away with it.

J.R.: So don't you think it was time he was stopped?

Asher: Past time.

J.R.: So do you want to help me get my son and crush Caleb in the process?

Asher: Tell me what you want me to do.

Krystal: How about some candy?

Kendall: I think he can go for a little more.

Opal: All right, so you got any plans now that you're sticking around?

Zach: I got some irons in the fire, sure.

Kendall: He has big plans to expand the Miranda Center.

Spike: It's not the same candy as last year.

Opal: Ohh! You want the special candy, is that it? You got a good memory, mister. I know where Krystal hides it in the kitchen just for pirates like you. Don't go anywhere, you two.

Kendall: We won't. Ok. Hmm. Thank you.

Zach: For what?

Kendall: For being here.

Zach: There's no place I'd rather be.

Kendall: I know. But when you were gone, I was so afraid that you were furious with me. I was so upset.

Zach: I'm sorry about that.

Kendall: No, don't apologize. It makes me appreciate now how close we are. The fact that you let me help you with those angry investors makes me realize that we are back on track.

Zach: We are.

Kendall: We are!

Opal: Ok, I think we're all set now, aren't we?

Kendall: You said, "Thank you, Opal." That was very good!

Opal: Anytime, mister. You enjoy them.

Kendall: We better get going. We got a lot of houses to cover.

Opal: It's so good to see all of you together again! Don't be strangers, you understand? All right. Bye-bye. Trick or treat!

Kendall: Look at that lollipop. He can't wait to eat that. Ok. Oh, um, are you ok?

Zach: Yeah. I think I left my phone inside. You guys go ahead to the car. I'll be right there.

Kendall: Come on, you guys! Off to Neverland! Let's go!

Kendall: Only one piece of candy, guys. Three houses, and they're good.

Zach: When you were a kid, you probably went to every house in the neighborhood.

Kendall: Yeah, I did, some even twice. I bet you never trick-or-treated, did you?

Zach: Ah. Doing it now. I call dibs on licorice, by the way.

Kendall: Did you just call dibs?

Zach: Yeah. That's what you do. You want to flip for it?

Kendall: Nah. You can have it. You coming?

Zach: Yeah. I'll be right there.

Krystal: Don't hold it against Erica for having an opinion.

Jack: I never want her to feel like she can't speak her mind to me, but sometimes that truth is a little hard to take. That's why it's so nice to have a -- you. So thanks again.

Krystal: Anytime.

Jack: See you.

Krystal: Ok.

Miranda: Come on! Use your scary voice.

Caleb: I don't have a scary voice.

Miranda: Oh, yes, you do.

Caleb: No, I don't. Yes, I do.

Bianca: Did you ever find out what got Caleb so on edge?

Erica: Maybe the full moon.

J.R.: Sounds like everything's set for the custody hearing. No, thank you, Judge Hale. My son and I are gonna have a wonderful Halloween. Yeah. Thanks again.

Colby: Hey, bud. You having a fun Halloween?

A.J.: It's ok.

Colby: Yeah? I know this was always your and Daddy's favorite holiday.

Marissa: Hey, sweetie, Bianca just put out those gummy worms that you like so much in the other room. Why don't you go grab some? We need to talk.

Colby: Ok.

Marissa: In private. What are you doing here?

Colby: Bianca invited me.

Marissa: Ok. I'm sorry. I know that I'm sounding paranoid. I just thought that J.R. sent you here to spy on me.

Colby: Marissa, I'm still A.J.'s aunt.

Marissa: I know, and I know that he loves you.

Colby: Yeah, and I love him, too. And I just thought since I'm here, I could try and make peace between you and J.R.

Marissa: It's not gonna happen.

Colby: Why are you so angry?

Marissa: Because I have a right to be. Listen, Colby, I think it would be best if you just left. Ok?

Colby: You want me to leave?

Marissa: Yeah, I do.

Colby: Marissa, this isn't your house.

Marissa: Just go, Colby. Ok? You're just making it harder on A.J.

Colby: Ok. Fine. But if you ever want to --

Marissa: Good-bye, Colby.

Caleb: It looks squishy.

Miranda: That's the point.

Bianca: Don't make him do that. Let's go upstairs and help your little sister fix her costume. Ok? Come on.

A.J.: Is my daddy coming to the party?

Caleb: I don't think so, buddy. There's your mama.

Marissa: Hey. How's it going?

Erica: Caleb, I'm sorry. I read the article. I -- I didn't know: Sonia's death.

Caleb: Junior planted that article. He wants me to know that he knows.

Erica: It was a long time ago.

Caleb: Was it?

Erica: Maybe not for you. And the way you're acting today, it seems like you're reliving it. Tell me, Caleb.

Caleb: You read the article. 20 years ago a mine blew up. She died, and it was my fault.

Jack: Hey. Happy Halloween.

Marissa: Happy Halloween.

Jack: Hey, you. I'm here to save you from all the ghosties and ghoulies of Halloweens past.

Erica: Jack -- Jack, I can't --

Jack: Sure you can. I just want to start the evening over again. I realize that you were just being honest -- am I interrupting something?

Caleb: See you tomorrow.

Erica: Tomorrow?

Caleb: Yeah. Tomorrow everything will be better.

Erica: Good night, Caleb.

Kendall: That should keep them occupied for a while. They're counting their stash.

Zach: Oh. So we're alone?

Kendall: Are we?

Zach: The boys are upstairs --

Kendall: No, I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about whoever you think is tailing us.

Zach: That obvious, huh?

Kendall: You only checked out every single person we passed.

Zach: Did the kids notice?

Kendall: No, Zach. They're so happy to see you, they couldn't think about anything else. But I noticed from the second we stepped out that door, you were so focused on making sure that we were safe.

Zach: It's my job.

Kendall: But we're ok, right? There's nobody out there, right?

Zach: It's Halloween. Goblins and stuff out there, and then we got lightning. It's like you're in your own horror movie, starring me.

Kendall: You? Ooh.

Zach: We're good. Yes, we're ok.

Kendall: Ok. Mmm.

Erica: I owe you an apology.

Jack: For what?

Erica: I shouldn't have said that I think Greenlee is guilty.

Jack: Does that mean you think she's innocent now?

Erica: I should've kept it to myself.

Jack: No, you shouldn't have. Absolutely not. I never, ever want you to keep something to yourself that you really believe just to make me feel better.

Erica: But, Jack, I don't want my doubts to stop you from helping your daughter.

Jack: I would never let that happen.

Erica: You mean it? You're not angry?

Jack: Not at all. I am, however, a little curious.

Erica: About?

Jack: When I came into Wildwind, you and Caleb -- it seemed like I was interrupting something important.

Erica: The only thing that's important to me is you.

Bianca: Hey, where have you been? And what happened to Colby?

Marissa: She had to leave.

Bianca: She didn't say good-bye.

Marissa: Yeah. We're actually gonna have to leave, too. I just got a message from someone at Krystal's. Apparently the restaurant's a madhouse, and they're out of everything. They need me to pick up supplies.

Bianca: Why don't you go and leave A.J. here? The girls just love having him over.

Marissa: Yeah, he's pretty enamored himself. Are you sure?

Bianca: Positive.

Marissa: Ok. Hey, Mr. Werewolf, I got to head out for a few minutes. Are you ok hanging out with the girls while I'm gone? Ok. See you in a bit.

Bianca: Bye.

Marissa: Bye. Thanks.

Kids: Trick or treat!

Marissa: Trick or treat.

A.J.: Hey, I'm a werewolf, too!

Woman's voice: Caleb! Help me!

Bianca: Here you go. You got it?

Miranda: Mommy?

Bianca: Oh, I will be right back. Ok?

A.J.: Asher!

Asher: Do you want to go see your daddy? Yeah? All right.

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