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[Knock on door]

Tad: I'm sorry. I, uh -- the maid let me in. I hope that's ok with you.

J.R.: Of course. You're always welcome here.

Tad: I spent most of the day over at the courthouse watching Jackson defend Greenlee.

J.R.: Yeah. How's it going?

Tad: It's a fight. He's fighting for his little girl with everything he's got. And then it occurred to me that's exactly what I should be doing -- is fighting for you.

J.R.: You made it real clear that you don't want to help me.

Tad: Not with Caleb. I won't. I can't. I think what you're doing is wrong. But I understand why you're doing it. Because you're afraid.

J.R.: I'm not afraid of Caleb.

Tad: That's not what I mean. You're afraid of losing your family, and I can't say as I blame you. Look around you, J.R. Your life is a mess. Adam's gone. Scott's in prison. And now, on top of everything, Marissa wants to walk away and take A.J. with her. I can't do anything about what happened between you and your father, the decisions that Scott made, but I can sure as hell help you hang onto your little boy.

[Sound of ocean waves]

Annie: No! No!

Liza: You sure that it was Jack's star witness?

Damon: Yes. He was bragging about testifying.

Liza: I don't get it. Pearson was all about laying low. He had to be dug out of nowhere. Now he's off partying?

Damon: And he seemed real happy about the fact that Ryan was getting nailed.

Liza: I say we go crash this little party. We'll be back.

Greenlee: Do you realize what you've done?

Jack: Yes, I do.

Greenlee: Ryan sat up there and told a story.

Jack: It was no story, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Like he never stopped loving me, like Madison -- like I'm his whole world.

Jack: He meant every word he said.

Greenlee: Yeah, he said too much. If they let me go, Liza will charge him.

Jack: Ryan chose to do this, because he believes you're not guilty. You heard him up there.

Ryan: What I said on that stand, I didn't expect to go there.

Madison: But you did. Everyone heard it. Everyone saw it. You never stopped loving her. Which doesn't leave a lot of room for us.

Ryan: I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: None of this matters. How I feel about Ryan, how he feels about me, if one of us ends up imprisoned.

Jack: None of this matters? Really?

Greenlee: I want you to stop pushing this. Whatever Ryan said on the stand, it was all an act. He doesn't love me. He loves Madison.

Jack: How can you say that after what he risked for you?

Greenlee: Because he owes me. He's with her, and I don't blame him. Because whenever we're together, bad things happen. This time around, one of us might just end up in prison.

Madison: I have to go.

Ryan: I swear to you, I did not expect that to happen.

Madison: Maybe you got on that stand playing a role, spinning a love story as part of your strategy, anything to help Greenlee. But at some point, it became real. Everyone in that courtroom heard a man who is in love with the woman that he was talking about.

Ryan: I don't know what is going on here. I don't know how this happened. The last thing in the world that I would want to do is to hurt you, and I've done that, and I'm sorry. I kept telling myself that what Greenlee and I had was in the past, but I guess it's not. It's not.

Pearson: My next drink would taste even better if you joined me.

Damon: How do you want to play this?

Liza: I'm gonna do this one alone, but would you stick close in case I need you?

Damon: Aye-aye.

Pearson: Well, if it isn't the hottest D.A. in town. Can I buy you a drink?

Liza: Well, I'm the only D.A. in town, and I'm only drinking if you're drinking.

Pearson: Line 'em up.

Liza: All right. Excuse me. Can I get a dirty martini, please? And he's having --

Pearson: More of the same.

Liza: I got to say, I'm a little surprised to see you here.

Pearson: You're not gonna tell Montgomery and Lavery, are you? Or that Martin guy? They'll be ticked.

Liza: Ha! No, you can trust me.

Marissa: I have to be completely prepared for anything and everything J.R. and his attorney could throw at us during the custody trial.

Krystal: Yeah, you've got that right. I've been sitting in on Greenlee's trial and it is hard to take. Lives are laid open -- personal matters, private things used as ammunition. It's crazy.

Marissa: Yeah, Greenlee's fighting for her life, I'm fighting for my son. As much as I hate it, it gets ugly.

Krystal: Is this what you really want?

Marissa: Of course not. You think I want to go to war with the man who was my husband? Who I nursed through cancer, who I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with?

Krystal: No. I know you don't.

Marissa: I dream about Babe. Did I ever tell you that? I never met her. I never heard her voice, and yet there she is.

Krystal: Maybe it's the twin thing.

Marissa: Yeah, maybe it is. She has this light, this warm energy.

Krystal: Yeah. That was Babe.

Marissa: A.J. has it, too.

[Krystal sighs]

Marissa: But he could lose it. He could lose that light with all the fighting and the anger.

Krystal: So in other words, he -- he could lose Babe.

Marissa: I can't let that happen. I know that J.R. loves A.J., but Adam loved J.R., too.

Krystal: Yeah. When Dixie was alive, he had his mother. So you and I are the keepers of that light.

Marissa: I guess we are. Hi! You getting all ready for Halloween?

A.J.: Yep.

Krystal: You got your costume. You got your bag for the candy. Oh, good. What are you missing?

A.J.: Daddy.

J.R.: With you on my side, I will win full custody of A.J.

Tad: Wait a minute. Just a second. I'm thinking more along the lines of helping you now, before you go parading into a courtroom with half the people you know and turn it over to somebody in a black robe to make the decision for you.

J.R.: How you gonna do that?

Tad: Well, for starters, instead of filing papers and injunctions, why can't you just simply prove to Marissa that you're a responsible parent that's willing to do anything he has to for his son?

J.R.: I don't have to prove anything, especially to Marissa.

Tad: You see? There you go right there. That's exactly what I'm talking about. That look in your eye, that anger. It's your father's anger. The thing you were born with. It's in your blood. It tells you the minute anything goes wrong, the first thing you should do is go for somebody's throat.

J.R.: He's my son.

Tad: Yeah, he is. You're his father and as his father, you've made some serious mistakes. So you gotta prove to people that you won't make them again. Instead of pounding on your chest and screaming about being a good father, prove it. Demonstrate to Marissa that you'll do anything you have to to give A.J. the kind of home that he needs, that he wants.

J.R.: You know that I can do that.

Tad: Of course, I do, but I don't want you to tell me, I want you to show me. I want you to show Marissa. What about Annie? Is she still living here?

J.R.: No.

Tad: All right, good. That's my boy. That's what I'm talking about. That's a step forward. And I think another good step forward would be for you to just back off temporarily on this private war you've got brewing with Caleb Cortlandt.

J.R.: No. Not a chance.

Tad: J.R., I've loved you from the day I could hold you in the palms of my hands. And as such, I think I've got the right to ask you one question that you'd never ask your father. Don't you get sick and tired of fighting everybody for everything?

J.R.: If I back off, I lose Chandler, and that's not happening.

Tad: Son, you gotta get your priorities straight.

J.R.: My priorities? A.J. is my priority. I'm fighting because it's his legacy.

Tad: No. No, it's not. That's Adam talking.

J.R.: No, that's me talking.

Tad: J.R., think about it. Your entire life, your father did the same thing to you. He held Chandler Enterprises over your head as a stick, as a carrot, to get you to do what he wanted, when he wanted you to do it. What kind of legacy is that?

J.R.: I'm not my father. My father dangled Chandler over my head. And when the time was right, what did he do? He gave it to Scott just to screw me over. I would never do that to A.J. I will give him this company proudly, because I will know his abilities. What bigger gift could I give him?

Tad: Oh, son. You've got so much more to give that boy than a ridiculous company.

J.R.: No, I don't. I don't. But you're right. I have made mistakes. I've failed many, many times, but I will not fail again. I will save Chandler. I will save it for A.J.

Tad: I have an even better idea. For his sake, instead of trying to conquer the world, prove to him that no matter what happens in it, that you'll always be there for him, that you'll be happy, be grounded, that you'll always love him every bit as much as I've always loved you.

Annie: No.

Annie's voice: I love Scott. Scott knows all the bad things about me, and he loves me anyway.

[Annie and Scott laughing]

Annie's voice: I'm so happy, and then one stupid moment, and it's gone! The life that I wanted to give Emma, it's over. I have ruined my daughter's life. So you tell me how I'm gonna live with that. [Panting]

Liza: Excuse me. Can we get two more, please?

Pearson: You are a lot of fun for a stuffed-shirt D.A., and may I say, your shirt is stuffed very well.

Liza: Ha! The hotel industry -- it just sounds so glamorous.

Pearson: It was when I worked for a classy establishment. Then I started working for this chain, and ever since I got canned from the big leagues --

Liza: Oh. Wow, you got fired?

Pearson: I was the best, the best. Then I got stupid.

Liza: I just can't imagine that.

Pearson: It all went to hell.

Liza: Here. Sometimes it really helps to just get it all out.

Madison: Part of me was hoping that you would talk me out of breaking up.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? I don't have that right, not after everything that I did. You are an unbelievable woman.

Madison: Look, Greenlee is right in that room. Just go. Why are you still here?

Ryan: I'm not gonna leave you like this. I'm not gonna do that. I don't know how this trial will play out, Madison, for me, for Greenlee.

Madison: She'll have you, no matter what. She's lucky.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? I am so lucky to have gotten to know you --

Madison: Stop. Don't.

Ryan: I'm serious. Madison, I am so serious. You are so beautiful and smart, and you're funny, and -- and the cooking. And that smile.

Madison: You helped me find it again. You know -- I was kind of a wreck, and you were there.

Ryan: I'll be there again in a heartbeat whenever you need me.

Madison: Like you're always there for Greenlee? But not 'cause she's the one you love.

Ryan: I should have been honest with myself.

Madison: With a lot of people. Sorry. Am I supposed to be polite and civilized about all this? Because I just can't.

Ryan: I don't want you to be polite and civilized about this. I want you to be honest with the way you feel. I guess part of me just -- I just want this all to be ok, that's all.

Madison: Just worry about you. 'Cause you might be about to take the fall for murder.

Ryan: Forget about me, ok? I'll take care of me. Whatever happens, I will take care of it. Is there anything I can do for you?

Madison: Stop. Stop. Don't. Just -- I have to go.

Greenlee: Do you get how awful this is, watching Ryan say those things, talk about loving me when it's all an act?

Jack: Why? It's not an act.

Greenlee: In case you haven't noticed, my relationships don't just end. They crash and burn. Ryan and I burst into flames more than once. Leo's gone, David's gone, and now I have to relive it all over.

Jack: Greenlee, you don't --

Greenlee: If I'm acquitted, and Ryan is convicted for David's murder, I'll never be able to live with that.

Liza: Hey, you did the right thing telling me all that.

Damon: What did you do to him?

Liza: I don't have time to explain. I gotta get to the courthouse, but get coffee in him right away and sober him up.

Damon: Got it.

Liza: Yeah.

Pearson: Hey, what's going on?

Liza: You're gonna help me with the case.

Pearson: No, I'm not. You can't make me do that.

Liza: No, you're right, I can't. But if you don't, I'm gonna hunt you down and throw you in jail for perjury. It's your choice.

Pearson: You'd do that?

Liza: Try me. Coffee. A lot of it.

A.J.: I wanna trick or treat with Daddy. We always go together.

Tad: Hey, handsome! Looks like you're all ready for your big night, huh?

Tad: Something I said?

Marissa: I'll be right back.

Krystal: No, give him some time. A.J. wants to go trick or treating with his daddy.

Tad: Really? That's interesting. I just came from the mansion, and J.R.'s got the same look on his face A.J. does.

Marissa: If you're gonna tell me I'm wrong to keep A.J. from J.R. --

Tad: All I'm telling you is that J.R. desperately misses his son.

Marissa: That house is not suitable for --

Tad: I know. It's a disaster, ok? It's a train wreck waiting to happen. I understand. You're preaching to the choir. But if it means anything to you, Annie is gone. She's moved out. So, from now on, it's just J.R. and Colby.

Krystal: That is an improvement. And A.J. does love his aunt.

Marissa: You guys working together to get me to drop the custody case?

Krystal: Honey, I am on your side.

Tad: If you want to pursue custody, it's your choice. It's your privilege. But do you really have to work so hard to keep them apart, to keep him from his father, to deny them any chance of spending time together?

Marissa: The judge supported this.

Tad: What about A.J.? What about what he wants? He's hurting. He's homesick. Would it really be so terrible to let him spend a couple of hours with his father? They've been trick or treating together ever since he had to be carried from door to door. They do it every year. It's tradition.

Marissa: But if I hand A.J. over, J.R. might never hand him back.

Tad: Well, then why not go with him? Huh? There's an idea. What do you say, pal? Why don't you go over and show your father your outfit?

A.J.: Please, Mommy? Please?

[Door opens]

Frankie: You gonna stare at that all night?

Madison: Thank you for coming.

Frankie: Sounded serious. What happened?

Madison: Ryan.

Frankie: Did something happen at Greenlee's trial?

Madison: We're done.

Frankie: What?

Madison: I called it off. I guess he kind of started it.

Frankie: I thought he just gave you a key to his place.

Madison: Keys don't mean anything when he's in love with someone else.

Frankie: Greenlee. He actually said that?

Madison: Yeah, under oath in front of a courtroom full of people.

Frankie: That son of a  -- I'm sorry.

Madison: No, you tried to warn me. So did Kendall. Even Annie. I didn't want to hear it. I was so sure that it was real. The way that Ryan looked at me, the things he said. I thought I'd finally found a man to love who would love me back. How could I be so stupid?

Liza: Oh, lovely day.

Jack: That can't be good.

Bailiff: All rise! The Honorable Judge Miriam Cressman presiding.

Judge: Be seated. Miss Colby, are you ready for your cross-examination?

Liza: I am, your honor. I have plenty of questions for Mr. Lavery.

Judge: Mr. Lavery, please take the stand. And I'll remind you that you're still under oath.

Liza: Mr. Lavery, do you know Tony the Traveler? Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Um -- yeah, he's a very well known travel blogger.

Liza: Hmm. But you're not this blogger, correct?

Ryan: No.

Liza: And yet, you borrowed his name.

Ryan: Yes, I did. It was a very long time ago. Greenlee and I were on the road.

Liza: Can you please share with us the circumstances surrounding this identity borrowing?

Ryan: Sure. I was just trying to show Greenlee what I did for a living, like a lifetime ago.

Liza: Mm-hmm. And what was that?

Ryan: I was a con man.

Annie: What are you doing here?

J.R.: I should have called.

Annie: Yeah, you should have. But you're here now, so why are you here?

J.R.: I just was checking on you and Emma. Do you need anything?

Annie: We're fine.

J.R.: Is Emma here? She forgot this at the house.

Annie: She's at a friend's. I'll be sure to give it to her.

J.R.: I can't believe you went swimming. It's gotta be ice cold.

Annie: I like cold water.

J.R.: You're freezing.

Annie: No, I'm not. I'm fine. It felt good, really. I just needed to clear my head.

J.R.: Are you ok?

Annie: Ok, you're right. I am freezing. I don't know what I was thinking. I had all these memories come crashing back, and I thought zero degrees might snap me out of it.

J.R.: You have hopes of saving your marriage?

Annie: No, I'm just cold. Thanks for bringing over the doll. You can go now.

J.R.: Maybe I should go for a swim.

Annie: What terrible thing are you trying to forget?

J.R.: Halloween.

Annie: Why? Scared of vampires?

J.R.: No. A.J. and I, it's our favorite holiday. We like dressing up and trick or treating. Actually, we're pros at tricks.

Annie: Hmm. Yeah, I can imagine.

J.R.: Marissa still won't let me see him. What if I lose custody of my son? What if I lose him for good? I just can't deal with that.

Annie: You won't lose him.

J.R.: And if I do?

Annie: I really hope that doesn't happen. Because telling your child's life as you know it is over, and the family you wanted to be, it's not gonna happen -- it literally rips your heart out.

Marissa: Hey, Alberta. How are you?

Alberta: Happy to see you, Mrs. Chandler. And the little one.

Marissa: Is J.R. here?

Alberta: He went to the beach cottage.

A.J.: Can we go, Mommy? Can we go see Daddy?

J.R.: Marissa has gone to war for A.J. It's like no matter what I say or the promises I make, I just make things worse. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. I shouldn't be here.

Annie: Stay. Talk to me. Maybe we could help each other.

Liza: So, you actually have experience getting people to believe what you want them to believe.

Jack: Objection.

Liza: Withdrawn. Withdrawn. So, was this con a solo act?

Ryan: No. Greenlee was with me.

Liza: Oh. Would you share with us just the highlights of that, Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: Sure. Um -- Greenlee and I -- were traveling, and we ended up at a very nice hotel.

Greenlee's voice: Ryan, 100 bucks won't cover a broom closet in this hotel.

Ryan: Oh, Greenlee, we're gonna have a 2-bedroom suite deluxe, and we're not gonna pay a penny for it.

Greenlee: We're gonna run a con?

Ryan: I require a 2-bedroom suite deluxe with a view of the park.

Clerk: Yes, sir.

Greenlee: Do you know who my boss is?

Clerk: Mr. Smith?

Greenlee's voice: Tony the Traveler. Did you see us? We were so on fire. What a total rush.

Ryan's voice: Down, girl. You'll get yourself all hooked.

Liza: So your con worked. Were you aware that the manager was fired because of this con?

Jack: Relevance?

Liza: The relevance is gonna become clear very soon, your honor.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Liza: Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: No, I was not aware that the manager lost his job. I'm sorry to hear that.

Liza: Hmm. Would you please do me a favor and read this letter?

Ryan: You want me to read this letter?

Liza: Yes, I do. And if you note that it is on the hotel stationery.

Ryan: Um -- "This is to inform you of your immediate termination. The paycheck you receive today will be your last. As of now, management is terminating your benefit package. No legal action will be taken against you if you leave without incident."

Liza: Wow. That's pretty harsh. Apparently, they thought that the manager was in on the con.

Ryan: He wasn't.

Liza: Would you please peel away that tape there and read out loud the name of the manager in question?

Ryan: "Nick Pearson."

Liza: Nick Pearson. That was the witness that was up here earlier, the witness that made you look really bad.

Ryan: I didn't recognize him.

Liza: No, but he recognized you. I had the hotel fax me a letter that he sent them after he was terminated. Mr. Lavery, will you please read the highlighted portion?

Ryan: "I was victimized by a man calling himself "Tony the Traveler." I have learned -- the man was, in fact, Ryan Lavery. I deserve my job back, and. Mr. Lavery, he deserves to burn in hell for costing an honest man his livelihood."

Liza: Hmm. Wow, what a grudge. And the fact -- it's quite a coincidence that he happened to come forward.

Ryan: Can I see the rest of that letter?

Liza: No, actually, Mr. Lavery, you can step down. Thank you.

Frankie: You and that drink aren't exactly on friendly terms.

Madison: You drink it before I do and then drink a dozen more like I did after Henry died.

Frankie: Come on, you are not that woman.

Madison: It took me so long to get here. Proud of myself, knowing who I am. Ryan loving me was a big part of that.

Frankie: But you're still smart and hot. You have a solid career and friends. Don't forget about the friend part.

Madison: Yeah, I'm pretty lucky there. Doesn't mean there's not gonna be a lot of moping and wallowing, a lot of eating ice cream, at least for a little while.

Frankie: Yeah, have as many scoops as you want.

Madison: I just really thought --

Frankie: Hey, how about that ice cream? Fudge, whipped cream, nuts. It's the perfect cure for a broken heart.

Madison: So are good friends.

Frankie: And I'm gonna be here as long as you need me.

J.R.: Caleb's coming at me on two fronts -- Chandler and for the custody case. I'm fighting him, I'm fighting Marissa, I'm fighting for my company, for my son, my family. Sometimes I want it to stop, but the only way to make the pain go away is the booze.

Annie: No.

J.R.: I think about it in the morning. I want one. Before I go to bed, I want one. Hell, I dream about it, how it feels going down my throat. I can even hear the ice cubes in the glass.

Annie: Are you going to meetings?

J.R.: Yeah, but even with all those people, I still feel alone.

Annie: You're not alone.

[Marissa gasps]

J.R.: Marissa. What are you doing?

A.J.: Is Daddy here?

Marissa: Daddy's not here, sweetie.

A.J.: But his car is here.

Marissa: Yeah, he must have gone for a walk. Why don't you go wait in my car, ok?

A.J.: I want to show him my costume.

Marissa: Honey, get in the car, please.

[Car door shuts]

J.R.: Where's A.J.?

Marissa: You stay inside.

J.R.: No, I want to see my son!

Marissa: Not a chance in hell!

J.R.: Then why did you drive him all the way out here?

Marissa: Because he missed you, and I'm stupid enough to think that you deserved a chance. And it was breaking my heart, but I should have known better. Do you realize what he almost walked in on? I don't want you anywhere near him!

J.R.: But you can't -- you're not gonna keep me from my son.

Marissa: You're out of control, J.R.

Annie: You are the one standing between a devoted father and his son.

Marissa: Oh, the only thing J.R. is devoted to is getting you in bed.

J.R.: Marissa --

Marissa: No, this is it. Don't call. Don't visit. Don't even ask. If you do show up, I will call the police.

J.R.: Marissa! Marissa, come back here!

[Liza chuckles]

Damon: Man, that rocked. You completely tore up their defense.

Liza: Yeah, well, I couldn't have done it without you.

Damon: No, I just told you what I saw.

Liza: No, it was your instincts. They were dead on. I think you could give your father a run for his money with this whole P.I. thing.

Ryan: Hey, I need to talk to you.

Liza: Ok. Run this back to my office, and you're off the clock. Great job.

Ryan: How did you find this out about Pearson?

Liza: Oh, come on, it wasn't hard. He went to ConFusion to go celebrate his victory, drank too much, and talked too much.

Ryan: Does it make any sense to you at all that a guy would commit perjury and risk jail time over a lost job?

Liza: You've gone out of your way to look guilty over a murder for a lost love. Yeah, it makes total sense. People really do crazy things in court.

Ryan: Jack, what just happened?

Jack: I wish to hell I knew, Ryan.

Ryan: How bad is this?

Jack: It's not good. We had all our reasonable doubt eggs in Pearson's basket. Now we just look desperate.

Ryan: Tad and I thought we had this guy vetted.

Jack: I wish to hell you had.

Ryan: Hey, I'm really sorry.

Greenlee: I'm not sorry at all.

Marissa: Why don't you go get your stuff from the office, ok? We'll go home and try on your whole costume? Ok.

Tad: What happened?

Krystal: Did you see J.R.?

Marissa: Oh, yeah, I saw him, all right -- on top of Annie. Thank God I shut the door before A.J. saw anything.

Tad: I don't understand. Annie's gone. She moved out. J.R. told me himself.

Marissa: Yeah, I guess he forgot to mention that she's staying at his beach cottage. I am so done with J.R. and his lies. The next time he sees me, it will be in court.

Krystal: What the hell is wrong with J.R.? Is he even capable of telling the truth?

Tad: Hang on. We don't know all the details. We don't know what happened.

Krystal: What do you mean you don't know the details? What more do you need to know? He can't be trusted. He does not deserve his son.

Annie: Where have you been?

J.R.: I took a walk on the beach.

Annie: Did you catch up to Marissa?

J.R.: No. But as Marissa took off, I saw A.J. in the back window -- looking at me confused and sad. I couldn't stop Marissa. I can't take back what she saw. I'm so tired of being judged as a father.

Annie: I'm sorry.

J.R.: No, you know what -- I'm gonna get A.J. back, and she's not gonna be able to stop me.

Frankie: Are you sure you don't want the sundae?

Madison: Oh, I'm not hungry.

Frankie: Well, let's go for a walk, get some fresh air. Big moon out. Look, I know you feel bad, but you did the right thing. You were strong. You broke it off.

Madison: How do I stop loving him?

Ryan: Now we're right back to the beginning, Jack.

Greenlee: As long as it means you're not next on trial for David's murder, I'm thrilled.

Ryan: Do you even think this Pearson guy was telling the truth?

Jack: What, you think he was lying?

Ryan: I don't know. It doesn't make sense. A middle management guy commits perjury over a lost job? Really? The whole setup was too elaborate.

Greenlee: What else could it be?

Ryan: I don't know, but there's something off about this guy. It definitely just doesn't fit together. Liza thinks she's got the whole story. I'm telling you right now, she doesn't.

Greenlee: So was he lying when he identified you, or was he lying when he said he lied?

Ryan: I'm gonna figure that out. That's what I want to find out.

Jack: Ryan, this is really a long shot. You realize that.

Ryan: That's all we got. I promise you, this is not over.

Greenlee: You think he's chasing a dead end?

Jack: I think I better find another way to establish reasonable doubt.

Greenlee: I've got one. Put me on the stand. I got myself into this. It's time I get myself out.

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