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Episode #10485

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Greenlee: Missed a spot.

Kendall: You're hilarious. Aren't you supposed to be in court?

Greenlee: I'm on my way.

Kendall: Yeah, I'm sorry I can't be there. Right now I have to finish my community service. But I'll be able to join you soon.

Greenlee: No, don't worry about it. But there is something else you could do for me, a favor.

Kendall: Ohh! I can't believe I'm saying this. What do you need?

Greenlee: Talk to Ryan. Tell him to stay away from my trial.

Kendall: You talk to him.

Greenlee: I did. He wouldn't listen. He insists on being in the courtroom every day, and Liza is using it to make it look like I murdered David.

Kendall: Yes, because you're still in love with him.

Greenlee: Would you just explain to him I appreciate his support, but it's hurting my case?

Kendall: And you don't want to risk anyone seeing there's a case against him?

Greenlee: Exactly. That can't happen. So convince him. Use the friendship card, the Spike card -- whatever you have to use.

Kendall: Ok. I'll try, but we both know Ryan. Once he's made up his mind, that's it.

Greenlee: Just try. That's all I ask.

Kendall: You look good. How you feeling?

Greenlee: I go back and forth. One minute I believe my dad, and I believe that Liza doesn't have enough to convict me, and the next I'm picturing myself in the same hideous outfit in a cell for the next 20 years. But I'm all about the positive. It could be worse. I could be wearing those gloves.

Kendall: Or these pants or this shirt. Well, I think Jackson will come through for you. And I'll do my best with Ryan.

Kendall: Bye.

Greenlee: Do you do windows?

Kendall: Shut it! Get out! Be gone.

Jack: So our witness hasn't gotten cold feet?

Ryan: He's good to go.

Jack: We prepped him for hours. Let's just hope he doesn't change his story once he gets on that witness stand.

Ryan: He hasn't changed it yet. He heard me say "someone's gonna die" right before David did.

Jack: Ryan, I have to ask you this again. You are sure you want to go through with this?

Ryan: Absolutely. There's still a big chunk of time where I don't remember what happened, and if a witness can help me out with that -- if it helps Greenlee, then --

Jack: Thank you.

Ryan: I'll see you at the courthouse in a few.

Madison: Greenlee was pretty adamant about you staying away from her trial.

Ryan: Well, it's almost over.

Madison: Maybe she has a point. Liza used my testimony to make it seem like you and Greenlee are -- maybe it might be better if you didn't go.

Ryan: I have to.

Madison: All right. Then I'll go with you. I might've made a lousy witness, but at least I can be there to support you.

Ryan: Thank you, Madison, but I -- I need to do this alone.

Angie: Mmm! Smells good. I can smell all the cinnamon -- just the way I like it.

Jesse: You sure this is ok?

Angie: Yeah. It's perfectly fine to eat before amnio. I could even go jogging if I wanted to.

Jesse: Ha-ha. Please tell me you don't want to.

Angie: With your world-famous French toast in front of me? I ain't goin' nowhere.

Jesse: I'm just glad that you don't have to take the stand at the trial today.

Angie: I was ready if Jackson needed me, especially if the wrong person's on trial.

Jesse: What do you mean?

Angie: I've been thinking about this case, and I'm not so sure Greenlee is guilty.

Jack: Liza, you feeling all right?

Liza: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Jack: I heard you were in the hospital. I just want to make sure everything's ok.

Liza: I'm fine. Thank you.

Jack: Good.

Liza: Looking a little ragged yourself there, Counselor. You get much sleep?

Jack: Not near enough, no. But then I'm trying to prove my daughter's innocence, so --

Liza: Well, Jack, she really didn't make it that easy for you, now, did she? Besides, you and I both know that the jury is looking at her like the murderer that she is. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a case to win.

Leona: Ooh-whoo! Look at that sheen! I can almost see my beautiful face in there. Nice brush strokes!

Kendall: Could you write that up in my community service report? Maybe they'll cut my last few hours.

Leona: I got to tell you, I had some doubts about you. I didn't think you'd make it through the week, but you scrubbed your way through some of the most caked-on gunk I've ever seen. And trust me, I have seen some gunk.

Kendall: Thanks.

Leona: Who would've thought that Erica Kane's daughter would've been able to make a toilet shine? Let me tell you, you want to impress your husband? Show him your new cleaning techniques.

Kendall: Yeah. My husband's not around right now.

Leona: Sometimes that's a good thing.

Kendall: Not this time. I miss him so much. I know this is gonna sound completely ridiculous and silly -- it's like this is straight out of a romance novel -- but I have this fantasy that I'm wearing this long, flowy dress, and I've got a little flower tucked behind my ear, and I'm on a beautiful hillside, and he comes riding back to me on this big white horse. Yeah. Anyway, that's what I think about when I stare into this bucket of muddy water.

[Zach appears]

Kendall: You're back.

Leona: You forgot your horse.

Kendall: Oh, my God, Zach, why didn't you tell me that you were coming? I could've met you at the airport with the boys.

Zach: It was a last-minute decision.

Kendall: Wow. I thought I was the impulsive one in this relationship. So, what, you just hopped on a plane?

Zach: Yeah. Woke up this morning, and I didn't want to be without my family anymore, so here I am.

Kendall: And here I am. Oh, my God, I'm a mess. This is the first time that you've seen me in weeks, and this is what I look like? You probably want to go right back out to sea.

Zach: You look pretty good.

Kendall: Tell me you're here to stay.

Zach: Did she teach you how to give a sponge bath?

Kendall: I could figure it out.

Zach: Then I'm here to stay.

Madison: Is sitting through your ex's murder trial my idea of a good time? No. But I want to be there for you.

Ryan: I know. I know you do, but from this point on, I need to be at that courthouse alone.

Madison: Ryan, what's going on? This have something to do with your conversation with Jack?

Ryan: Just trust me. Ok? It's gonna be better you stay away. It's not gonna be easy to watch.

Madison: Ok. I'll trust you.

Ryan: Thank you.

Jack: Greenlee, what you just heard Liza say in there, that's nothing more than gamesmanship. It's just trash talk.

Greenlee: Lawyers trash-talk?

Jack: Absolutely. You want your opposition to think you're winning at all times.

Greenlee: I keep watching the jury, trying to get a read on them, figure out what they're thinking. The woman in the front keeps staring at me like I drowned her cat.

Jack: But you didn't, did you? See? Smiles, and many more smiles ahead, I promise you. You do trust me, right?

Greenlee: Of course, I do. You keep asking me that. If you've got something up your sleeve --

Jack: Only thing I have up my sleeve is the truth. You didn't murder anyone, and I'm gonna make sure you walk out of that courtroom a free woman. That sounds like a plan, does it not?

Greenlee: Let's put it into action.

Angie: Does it bother you that I think Greenlee might be innocent?

Jesse: No. Not at all. You're entitled to your opinion.

Angie: With all the people who despised David Hayward, are you really sure she killed him?

Jesse: What? You heard all the evidence. It's pretty solid. And he pushed her so far -- I know exactly how she was feeling. He pushed me to the point where I wanted to wrap my hands around his throat and squeeze that bile-ridden life out of him.

Angie: That's exactly what I was afraid of.

Jack: What's wrong?

Greenlee: I'm just checking that Ryan listened to me. I made it very clear I do not want him showing up here again.

Jack: Greenlee, I think maybe you're overestimating the impact that Madison's testimony had.

Greenlee: Liza wants the jury to think I'm still in love with Ryan. Don't look at me like that. I'm not gonna help her case by having him sit behind me every day.

Ryan: Good morning.

Greenlee: What are you doing here? I told you to stay away.

Ryan: And I told you that I couldn't.

Greenlee: Leave now.

Ryan: No.

Judge: [Pounds gavel] Court is back in session. The defense will call its first witness.

Greenlee: I'm warning you.

Jack: Greenlee.

Greenlee: He shouldn't be here.

Judge: Excuse me. Is there a problem, Mr. Montgomery?

Jack: No, your honor.

Greenlee: Yes, your honor, there is. I demand Ryan Lavery be removed from this courtroom immediately. Ryan Lavery does not belong here. I do not want him sitting behind me.

Judge: Sit down, Mrs. Hayward.

Greenlee: Your honor --

Jack: That's enough, Greenlee. Sit, please, now. Approach, your honor?

Judge: Good idea. Get your client under control, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: My apologies, your honor. I had no idea she would do that.

Liza: Oh, a lover's spat?

Judge: Watch it.

Jack: My client seemed to be upset by Mr. Lavery's presence in the courtroom. Just as we were about to get underway, she asked him to leave. He refused.

Judge: One more outburst like that, and she'll be sitting in a separate room with a video feed for the remainder of this trial.

Jack: I am getting a little concerned about his presence here. Do you suppose --

Judge: If it's gonna bring order back to this room, I'd be happy to oblige.

Jack: Thank you, judge.

Judge: Bailiff?

Ryan: Hey, ok! All right! Not cool. All right, I get it.

Greenlee: Did I tick off the judge?

Jack: Just a bit.

Jesse: You actually thought I could've killed David Hayward?

Angie: Uh, we're having a nice breakfast, and I'm trying to relax, so why don't we just talk about something else?

Jesse: Wait a minute. You talking about relaxing? I know something's up.

Angie: It's no secret that you hated David and how much he hurt people. And I'm almost glad that someone got to him before you found out.

Jesse: Angela, what are you not telling me?

Angie: That David is responsible for more damage than you know.

Jesse: What? More damage to who?

Angie: Me. David is responsible for me being blind.

Kendall: Let me just drop all this stuff at the front desk, and then we can leave.

Leona: Where do you think you're going?

Kendall: My husband is back. I thought you understood.

Leona: I understand that there's another floor to clean and that they're serving pudding down there.

Zach: Anything we can do to make this pudding problem go away?

Leona: Save the charm for your wife, handsome. Spick-and-span. Spick-and-span.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? I can't believe this. All I want to do is be with you, and I have to scrub toilets!

Zach: I'll help you. We'll clean, and then we'll play floor hockey.

Kendall: No. Absolutely not, Zach. I can't let you do that.

Zach: The sooner we get done, the sooner we can go home together.

Kendall: The two of us together -- you have no idea how good that sounds. Heck, I wasn't sure if you'd come back. But you did, and you're here. And you want to stay, and maybe you've even forgiven me.

Zach: No "maybe."

Kendall: Really? You warned me a million times. You said if we came back to Pine Valley, I would do what I always do. I would get sucked back into all the drama. And you were right, and I'm sorry.

Zach: It's over.

Kendall: I knew you'd understand why I did it. Greenlee did not kill David. She was trapped in this horrible situation, and I saw the chance to help her, and I took it, and you have every right to be disappointed in me.

Zach: Six years ago, I met this woman, this incredible woman. She's complicated, emotional. She does things without really thinking of what the ramifications might be. She loves her family and her friends, and sometimes she has to pay the price. You know what? I knew all that when I fell in love with her. I'm not gonna change her now.

Ryan: Madison.

Madison: Save it. I know you don't want me here, but I'm here, so let's get past that. Why are you sitting out here?

Ryan: Greenlee had me kicked out, so --

Madison: You don't sound too upset about it.

Ryan: What are you gonna do?

Madison: But you knew she was -- you wanted this to happen? Is that why you insisted on coming here alone today? What are you up to?

Judge: Call your next witness, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: The defense calls Nick Pearson.

Liza: Pearson? Was he at the party?

Assistant D.A.: I'm not sure.

Liza: We deposed him, didn't we? He had nothing relevant to say.

Assistant D.A.: Pearson was at the hotel during the party, checked out that night, didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Liza: At least that's what he told us, right? Your honor, permission to approach? Your honor, according to the deposition that we took from the witness, he has nothing relevant. We have no idea what he could possibly testify about.

Judge: Maybe you would like Mr. Montgomery to give you his questions?

Liza: No, your honor.

Judge: Mr. Pearson was on the witness list. Perhaps you should've been more thorough with your preparations. Now, sit down, Ms. Colby.

Liza: What the hell is going on?

Greenlee: Who is that guy?

Jack: Like I said, trust me.

Kendall: I never thought I'd hear you say that.

Zach: Me neither, but I do. I accept you, all of you.

Kendall: But I drive you insane.

Zach: Yep, you do. But I don't think you do it on purpose, do you?

Kendall: No. I'm sorry I wasn't straight with you. When we left Pine Valley and went on the boat, I did everything I could to picture life away from here -- just you, me, and the boys -- but I couldn't. I love you guys so much, but my heart is still in Pine Valley. And I know you don't feel the same way, and I understand that, but it's been killing me. I thought I had to choose.

Zach: Well, you don't. You don't have to worry anymore. I'm here. We're home -- for good.


Jesse: You lost your sight because of that kid when he came into the E.R. Ramón -- you picked up that infection from him.

Angie: That's only part of the story.

Jesse: Tell me the rest.

Angie: When Ramón was brought in, he needed immediate attention. And thanks to David's cuts, there was no specialist on duty, so I jumped in while they tried to track someone down.

Jesse: Yeah, I remember. I was there.

Angie: When Ramón went into respiratory distress, I looked for a mask and gloves, but there weren't any in the room. So I sent a nurse to go get some, but there wasn't time. If I didn't treat that child, he was going to die. And so I did, unprotected.

Jesse: So this infection -- you lost -- because of David Hayward's cutbacks? Why didn't you say anything to me, Angela?

Angie: I was honestly afraid you would kill him.

Jesse: I'm so sorry, baby.

Angie: I wasn't entirely honest before about being willing to testify at Greenlee's trial, because what I would say -- what I would've said about her husband, what he did -- she's going through enough, so I didn't want to lay this on her, too.

Jesse: Then lay it on me now.

Angie: What?

Jesse: Tell me what you would've said if you had to take the stand. You've been holding this inside for way too long.

Angie: I would've said that David Hayward was single-handedly destroying Pine Valley Hospital; that he cared more about the bottom line than human lives. And I can't entirely blame him for what happened to me, but I can blame him for forcing me to make a terrible choice, a choice that will affect the rest of my life, my family, my career. And thanks to how rotten and cold-hearted he was, I won't be able to see our baby -- his first smile, his first steps. Instead, I'm in the dark! I'm in the dark, and he stole from me! And now there is no way that I can make him pay. And I'm a Christian woman, and I try not to hate, but I swear to God I hate David Hayward. I hate him, Jesse! I hate him! [Crying]

Madison: You weren't upset that Liza twisted my words, were you?

Ryan: Let me explain.

Madison: And that's why Jackson didn't cross-examine me. He wanted the jury to believe that you and Greenlee were still in love.

Ryan: Madison --

Madison: And you're going along with it, acting like you can't stay away from Greenlee. And you'll keep coming back, keep convincing the jury that you want her, even if she claims to not want you? If the jury believes that --

Ryan: Then I become the prime suspect.

Madison: This is insane!

Jack: Mr. Pearson, were you a guest at the Yacht Club the night that David Hayward was murdered?

Nick: Yes. I was staying at the hotel. I was in Pine Valley for business.

Jack: Did you attend the party on the terrace that night?

Nick: Actually, no. I was checking out while the party was still going on.

Jack: Did you see anything unusual as you were leaving the hotel?

Nick: I ran into a man in the hallway outside of my room. He was acting kind of strange.

Jack: Strange? How so?

Nick: He was dazed, disoriented. I thought he was probably drunk.

Jack: Did you say anything to him?

Nick: I asked him if he was ok.

Jack: Did he respond?

Nick: Yes. He said, "Someone was gonna die tonight."

[Zach steps into a bucket with one foot]

Kendall: What, what? What's wrong?

Zach: Have this removed immediately, please. Are you laughing at me?

Kendall: No. No, no.

Zach: These are brand-new shoes. I just had these bought for me.

Kendall: I'm sorry about that! It's not funny. It's not funny! Wait, Zach, I can't breathe. I can't -- I can, actually. Hmm. Ok, how about I convince them to let me go home? We've been apart long enough.

Jesse: I should've taken him out when I had the chance.

Angie: Yeah. And then our baby's father would be in prison.

Jesse: He came after my family!

Angie: He's gone, Jesse. It's done.

Jesse: It's not done.

Angie: So we spend forever wanting revenge we can't have?

Jesse: I could've stopped him. I could've stopped him.

Angie: You know, David is dead. We're alive, and we cannot waste our energy and time on anger. I've been sitting on mine a long time, and I needed to get it out. But the two of us yelling and screaming at each other about how vile he was is not going to do anyone any good, and especially not this baby.

Jesse: I hate that he made you suffer, and you're still suffering.

Angie: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I have a husband I adore, a career, a job that I love. I have Frankie, Cassandra, Natalia, Randi. Baby, let's not look back when we have so many beautiful reasons to look forward.

Jesse: I'm so sorry. I should've done more to protect you!

Angie: Sweetheart, there is nothing, nothing that you could've done. Listen to me, baby. Everything is happening exactly as it should. We're together, all three of us. All three of us -- no regrets, no fear, only love.

Ryan: I wanted to fill you in about all this, but Jack and I wanted to keep it as quiet as possible so Liza wouldn't find out. Greenlee doesn't even know.

Madison: Is this really happening?

Ryan: I know how hard this has all been, ok, and I hated putting you through this.

Madison: Then don't. Stop it right now.

Ryan: This is a really good plan. This is gonna work.

Madison: I can't believe you would throw yourself under the bus, possibly leave Spike and Emma without a father, for Greenlee?

Ryan: That's not what I'm doing. That's not what's happening here. I'm just creating reasonable doubt. That's it.

Madison: What happens when Greenlee gets off, huh? Liza's gonna want a conviction one way or the other. She will have you on trial before you can blink. What happens then, Ryan, huh? Who throws himself under the bus for you? I need some air.

Liza: Your honor, Mr. Pearson revealed none of this when we deposed him. The fact that he's coming forward now, it just smacks of a sneak attack by the defense, and it violates every rule of discovery.

Jack: I assure you Mr. Pearson had a legitimate reason for not coming forward until now.

Liza: Because you wanted to blindside me.

Jack: Actually, Counselor, this was recent news to me, too.

Liza: Yeah, I'm sure it was.

Jack: Your honor just made the point that this witness had been on the list since the very beginning, more than ample time for the prosecution to have interviewed him, so I don't think the defense should be penalized because Ms. Colby here didn't do her due diligence.

Judge: I'm with Mr. Montgomery on this one. Why don't you continue with your witness.

Jack: Thank you, your honor. Mr. Pearson, the man you saw outside your hotel room -- had you ever seen him before the night of the murder?

Nick: No. I haven't seen him since either.

Jack: Really? Take a look around, if you would. Do you see him in this courtroom today?

Nick: No. The man I saw that night is definitely -- that's him. That's the guy who said, "Someone's gonna die tonight." 

Jesse: You ok?

Angie: I've seen these amnios for a lot of years, many times, and I've even helped perform a few.

Jesse: These things are done all the time, right?

Angie: Dozens.

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: And as a physician, I would not have any hesitation about walking into that room, but the scared, hormonal me is about ready to run for the nearest exit.

Jesse: Listen. Whatever you decided to do -- stay or go -- I'm with you all the way. You know that.

Kendall: Zach, I -- I have dreamed of this moment -- you and me coming back to this place together, walking through that front door for the first time.

Zach: You ready?

Kendall: Yeah. [Giggles as Zach carries her inside]

Zach: Ok. I missed this place. This is nice.

Kendall: Yeah. I love this place. I do. I love the nick in the kitchen door that Spike made with his first hockey stick. Come on. I love the chip in the paint from when you and the boys got crazy playing superheroes. Oh, and then the crack in the glass from our champagne cork -- remember that from our anniversary?

Zach: I didn't fix that?

Kendall: No. No, and I'm glad you didn't. I never had this before, physical memories. We did that, you and me and the boys. You built me a house, and we made this house a home.

Zach: We should maybe make some nicks and scratches.

Kendall: I think we should. You know, actually, I think we did a lot more than that right over here.

Zach: What did we do?

Kendall: I'll tell you in a minute. I'll show you what we did right over here.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Oh, no. No. You better not get that. Don't get that.

Zach: I have to. I'm expecting a call. Slater. Got it.

Kendall: Who was that? What's wrong?

Zach: I can't stay here with you. I got to go.

Jack: Let the record show that the witness has identified Ryan Lavery as the man who said "Someone will die tonight" the night that David Hayward was murdered. What time did you see Mr. Lavery in your hotel corridor?

Nick: Around 9:00. My receipt says I checked out at 8:55. I saw him right after that.

Jack: This is the police report from that night. Would you please be so kind as to read the highlighted area to the court? It's the time of death of David Hayward.

Nick: It says "9:10 p.m."

Jack: So 10 minutes after Mr. Lavery said to you "Someone was going to die," David Hayward was murdered. Is that correct?

Nick: Looks that way.

Jack: Ms. Colby made an important point a minute ago, and I'd like to revisit it. This was pretty big news, Mr. Pearson. Why did you wait so long to come forward? You allowed my client here to be charged with murder. But who you saw -- Ryan Lavery -- where you saw him -- the hotel where David Hayward died -- when you saw him -- just minutes before that death -- and most importantly, what he said to you, that someone was going to die tonight. Now, isn't the only logical conclusion that Ryan Lavery killed David Hayward?

Liza: Objection! Your honor, this is outrageous!

Judge: Objection sustained. Watch your step, Counselor.

Jack: Why did you wait so long to come forward, Mr. Pearson? Let me remind you you are under oath.

Nick: I'm a married man. The woman I was with in that hotel that night isn't my wife.

Jack: I see. It must've been difficult, then, for you to give this testimony today. The court thanks you, my client thanks you, and I thank you. I have no further questions.

Judge: You're up, Ms. Colby.

Liza: I'm just finding this whole thing just a little bit too convenient. So you just happen to come back right now, right when the trial's starting, and you change your story, hmm? You just happen to run into a guy who declares that he is going to commit murder to you, a total stranger? Really? You don't find that just a little bit odd?

Nick: That's what happened.

Liza: How wonderful for the defense. How you doing financially, Mr. Pearson?

Jack: Objection. Relevance.

Judge: Ms. Colby?

Liza: Oh, I'm getting there.

Judge: Get there fast.

Liza: So you work for a hotel chain. Did the recession hit you hard?

Nick: It hasn't been our best year.

Liza: If, let's say, someone -- a father whose daughter is on trial for murder -- offered you a very large sum of money --

Jack: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Sustained.

Liza: Did Mr. Montgomery ask you to lie?

Nick: No.

Liza: Did he threaten you?

Nick: No.

Liza: So there's another reason why you are insulting the intelligence of this jury by feeding them this garbage?

Nick: This is the last place that I want to be. But I've got an obligation to tell the truth, and the jury's got a right to hear it.

Liza: No further questions.

Judge: We'll take a brief recess. When we return, the defense will call his next witness.

Bailiff: All rise!

Greenlee: You lied to me.

Jack: Greenlee. Green --

Jesse: I am so proud of you. You did great. And so did you, my little bellybutton.

Angie: Now the hard part. We wait for the results.

Jesse: Let me get you home, have some quality time, huh? Family.

Angie: Baby, I'm gonna bore you to tears. I have to lie on the couch and take it easy for the rest of the day.

Jesse: That's ok. I love our couch. We fit so well together on it.

Kendall: No, no, no, no! I have no idea what just happened here, but there is no way you are going out that door. Ok, Zach, maybe you're a little freaked out, and that's ok. I understand. We'll go slow. But you want to make this work. I know you do. I felt it when you kissed me. You want to stay and fight for what we have, don't you?

Greenlee: You knew about that witness. You planned this whole thing with my father behind my back.

Liza: Liza does not need to hear this, ok, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Coming to court every day, using me to get kicked out -- it was all a setup.

Ryan: Hey, look. You knew I went to Jack to try and get him to point the finger at me.

Greenlee: Yeah, and you knew I hated it. That's why you didn't tell me. You could be charged with murder.

Ryan: You're innocent. Greenlee, that's the bottom line here, ok? After what that guy heard me say, I could be guilty. So, yes, I'm -- I'm doing everything that I can possibly do to make sure that you go free. Yes.

Greenlee: This, you -- it's incredible, but I can't let you do it.

Ryan: It's done.

Greenlee: It won't work anyway. The strategy is all flawed. It all hinges on convincing the jury that you're still in love with me, that you killed David so we could be together, but it's not true. It's all an act. Right?

Ryan: I got to get out of here.

Greenlee: Ryan, you kissed me right here. You're with another woman, but you're willing to give up everything for me. What do you expect me to do with that? What does it mean?

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