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Liza: Hey, hey --

Damon: Can we get a doctor?

Liza: I shouldn't have let you bring me here.

Damon: Would you stop fighting me?

Liza: You know what? I have way too much work to be doing to be wasting my time here in an E.R.

Damon: You are not going to do anything if you don't chill out.

Frankie: Liza?

Liza: Yes?

Frankie: What happened?

Liza: Nothing. Really nothing.

Damon: I got to the office this morning, and she was totally out of it. Looked like she was going to pass out any second.

Liza: Now you're exaggerating it.

Frankie: You do look exhausted.

Liza: Ok, you know what? You try pulling an all-nighter when you're trying to fight a migraine.

Frankie: How long have you had the migraines?

Damon: A couple days, at least.

Liza: You know what? This whole thing is going to pass, all right? I got a murder trial that resumes this afternoon. I don't have time to be wasting here --

Tad: Tell me something. Why are you so bright-eyed and bushy- tailed? It's annoying, you know? Here you are glowing and my face looks like a bean bag chair.

[Krystal laughs]

Tad: And you were up earlier than I was.

Krystal: I don't know -- I tell you, I think that working with Jackson on this case just gets me all revved up.

Tad: I'm revved up, too, but that doesn't do the trick for me. I guess I'd be more revved up if he hadn't asked to meet us at the crack of dawn.

Krystal: Yeah, well, I think it's because he wants to keep this secret weapon under wraps until he springs it on the court.

Tad: Mm-hmm. Well, one thing's for sure. Greenlee's not going to be too enthusiastic about her little surprise when she figures out she's got to give up her jail cell for Ryan.

Krystal: Yeah. That's another reason why we can't tell anyone that Jackson's going to put this other guy on the stand.

Tad: Well, don't look at me. I'm not going to say anything.

Krystal: All right. Neither will I.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Erica: You're keeping rough hours.

Jack: Yeah. What are you doing up so early?

Erica: Well, I couldn't go back to sleep once I woke up and saw that you were gone.

Jack: Have you seen Greenlee yet this morning?

Erica: No, I -- well, she called, actually, from Fusion. She said that she and Kendall are trying to distract themselves with work until the trial continues this afternoon.

Jack: Nice. Well, at least somebody can take their mind off it. Good for them.

Erica: Well, I would have done my best to keep your mind off it if you hadn't left so early.

Jack: Well, there's a thought for you. Unfortunately, I had to take this meeting. It was the only time I could.

Erica: I assume it was about Greenlee.

Jack: And you would assume correctly.

Erica: Mm-hmm. Well, if she wasn't there, then who was?

Jack: Any more coffee where that came from?

Erica: Oh, here. Take this one.

Jack: You don't mind?

Erica: Uh-uh.

Jack: Thanks.

Erica: So if you can't tell me who it was about, at least tell me what it was about. Did you find something that can prove that Greenlee's innocent?

Jack: I really can't talk to you about this.

Erica: You're not serious. [Sighs] You don't trust me, do you?

J.R.: I'm going to have to call you back. What took you so long?

Asher: I was still asleep when you called.

J.R.: Well, at least you slept.

Asher: What happened?

J.R.: The press -- they've been bombarding me with accusations that I somehow helped Scott steal the nanotech idea.

Asher: But you had nothing to do with it, right?

J.R.: Exactly. That's why I need you and the rest of the Chandler I.T. team to blanket that message all over the Internet. I'm talking R.S.S. feed, social networking sites, blogs. Blast them with posts. You make sure that they know that I was in no way connected to my cousin's criminal activities. I've already set up a few interviews.

Asher: A lot of people would hide under a rock.

J.R.: Well, there's no way that I'm going to let my cousin's overactive conscience bring us down. I will save Chandler Enterprises.

Caleb: I might be able to help you with that. 

Jack: This is not about trust.

Erica: Isn't it?

Jack: No, this is about protecting a trial strategy that relies very heavily on confidentiality -- just that simple.

Erica: Meaning that you have an ace up your sleeve, and you're waiting for just exactly the right moment to show your hand.

Jack: Exactly right.

Erica: Well, can this ace you're keeping to yourself -- can this prove Greenlee's innocence?

Jack: That would be my fondest wish.

Erica: Does it prove that somebody else killed David?

Jack: See? You're asking too many questions already.

Erica: [Sighs] Fine. I won't press you.

Jack: I'd appreciate that.

Erica: Even though I endured being interrogated like a common criminal yesterday for your sake.

Jack: Well, you held up very well under Liza's scrutiny.

Erica: Oh, I can handle Liza.

Jack: Yes, you can. Let me tell you how much I appreciate your support. You know, not everyone believes in my daughter's innocence.

Erica: Well, I certainly want to do everything I can to help you.

Jack: Well, if there's anything else I can think of for you to do, I'll be sure to let you know.

Erica: Actually, Jack, there is something else that we can do.

Jack: Hmm. What a great idea in the middle of the day. Come here.

Erica: No -- I mean, it's about our wedding.

Jack: What about our wedding?

Erica: We have to rethink it.

Krystal: The way Jackson builds a case, the way he pieces together that the facts and the evidence -- I mean, the man is really nothing short of inspiring.

Tad: Yeah. He's Superman. Can we move on?

Krystal: [Chuckles] It's ok, Tad. I get it, trust me. I even admit that I'm jealous.

Tad: Who says I'm jealous?

[Krystal sighs]

Tad: You're jealous?

Krystal: Yeah, I'm jealous.

Tad: Why?

Krystal: I mean, there he is -- he's helping his daughter, and I can't do squat for mine.

Tad: That's not true at all.

[Krystal sighs]

Tad: That's just -- that's ridiculous, man. You're always there for Marissa. I've seen it firsthand. You're always there to -- to give her a shoulder to cry on or a place to stay or something to eat, a hug.

Krystal: I wish I could do more, really. I'm just watching this whole custody nightmare with J.R. spin out of control. The same way it did with Babe. And I feel even more helpless now.

Tad: I know what you mean. I got to admit, I'm more than a little worried about J.R. myself, you know? It's obvious he's on some kind of downward spiral. And I tried talking to him. I did, but I just -- I couldn't get through.

Krystal: Well, I'm not sure anybody can.

Tad: Yeah, it's hard to believe it's the same man that was at death's door not too long ago. You know what's funny? Back then, I was so scared -- I was so powerless, I was -- you know, I felt like all I could do was sit by the bed and hold his hand, and I still felt more connected to him than I do now. It's amazing. There he is, and as bad as the cancer was, he's half out of his mind on painkillers, and yet, he seemed to be more aware back then of the things that are really important.

Krystal: Hmm. I mean, how did he go from that to the bully that he is now?

Tad: Adam. If Dixie's half his soul, then Adam's the other half. And unfortunately, when the chips are down, seems like, just like his father, he tends to push anything else that means anything aside.

Krystal: Adam's not even around anymore.

Tad: Well, his expectations are.

J.R.: How the hell did you get in here?

Caleb: Now, don't go firing the maid. I told her I'm here to restore your father's company to its original glory.

J.R.: Oh. Well, I hope the maid enjoyed your joke. I don't have time for this.

Caleb: Oh, it's not a joke. Kid, why don't you go get your laptop? 'Cause after your boss hears what I have to say, I'm sure he's going to want you to hit me over the head again.

J.R.: Yeah, leave him out of this.

Caleb: Well, you brought him into this. Yet another in a long line of bad decisions.

J.R.: Ok, fine. Say what you need to say, then get out.

Caleb: Junior, your company's in serious trouble. I'm willing to make an offer that'll help repair some of the damage.

J.R.: [Scoffs] You're wasting my time.

Caleb: All right, I'll cut to the chase. We void the sale of Cortlandt to Chandler. You relinquish the nanotech patents and all the profits you've made off of it.

J.R.: Oh. Would you like the gold watch my father gave me, too?

Caleb: Think about it. It'll restore your image and the public's faith in your company.

J.R.: There's no way I'd give all that up. Especially not to you.

Caleb: Well, why don't you just take some time, let it sink in? You'll realize it's the right thing to do.

J.R.: And if I don't?

Caleb: Well, let's see. If you don't, your company's image will be the least of your worries, because you'll be sharing a prison cell with your cousin.

J.R.: I didn't do anything illegal.

Caleb: You knew about the theft. You kept it a secret. And you collected profits. That makes you an accessory after the fact.

J.R.: You can't prove that.

Caleb: Well, I'll remind you that you said that after I win permanent custody of your kid for Marissa.

J.R.: That will never happen.

Caleb: Junior -- if you're willing to go up against me in court, I guarantee you will lose the only two things that you have left. Your company and your freedom.

Damon: How is she?

Liza: I am fine.

Frankie: The dizziness and headaches are a result of moderate dehydration and general exhaustion. You mind telling me what you had to eat and drink in the last 48 hours?

Damon: Nothing but black coffee. I mean, she stopped now and then to down an energy drink, or 6.

Frankie: That's it?

Liza: No, that's not it. Yes, ok. Fine, that's it, but you're going to tell me that is not how you got through medical school?

Frankie: I'm going to start treating the dehydration with I.V. fluids. After you're hydrated, I want you to eat, then rest.

Liza: I can't rest. I have work to do.

Frankie: We're talking about your health, Liza.

Liza: Yes, and I'm talking about a murder trial.

Frankie: I'm sure if I write the judge a note, he'll be more than willing to postpone.

Liza: Ok, this is not a science fair, all right? This is a trial. It's a murder trial. And I will be damned if I take a postponement. I don't want anyone to even know that I've been in here.

Damon: Yeah, God forbid someone finds out that you're human and not a cyborg.

Liza: Ok, you have to honor the confidentiality rule between doctor and patient. You can't let anybody else know -- um -- oh --

Frankie: See? You need to lie back and let me do what I need to do. If you don't, you may never see inside that courtroom ever again. I'll have a nurse come in and start the I.V.

Damon: [Sighs] Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Liza: Would you please stop gloating?

Damon: I told you to watch all that caffeine.

Liza: Yes, and I told you that I'm doing what's necessary to get through this trial.

Damon: Why don't you just listen to the doctors and stop pushing yourself a like a maniac? By the way, you're welcome.

Liza: For what?

Damon: For catching you when you passed out.

Liza: I can't help it. I got the mayor breathing down my neck, telling me I've got to get a conviction, or I'm --

Damon: What?

Liza: Nothing. I cannot mess up this job. That's all I've got.

J.R.: If you think that I'm just going to cave to your bluff, you must be out of your mind.

Caleb: Junior, don't be foolish. Take the deal. If you don't, you're going to be charged with fraud.

Asher: Are you really just going to take that kid away from his father?

Caleb: Ooh, boy, oh, boy. Hmm. As for you, you little pissant, I have security footage of you trying to break into my home. Now, if you are stupid enough to keep bothering me, when I'm done with your boss, I will be coming after you. And you won't want that.

[Door closes]

Jack: Do not tell me that you want to call our wedding off.

Erica: Not at all. I just think that we really need to postpone it.

Jack: Why?

Erica: Jack, Christmas is just a little more than two months away. And heaven knows how long this trial is going to drag on. And when it drags on, I mean, it and Greenlee are both going to need your full attention. And I will be working, too. I mean, God knows how long it's going to take for me to get Cortlandt Electronics back from Chandler. And when that happens, then Caleb and I are going to have to give all of our attention to that.

Jack: And none of this can't be worked around.

Erica: Jack, this isn't our first wedding.

Jack: No.

Erica: And we both know exactly how stressful that big day can be. I mean, all by itself, even without all the other factors -- factoring in.

Jack: I'll tell you what I know. And that's that you wanted a holiday wedding. And by God, if that's what you want, that's what you're going to get.

Erica: You are just so wonderful. All right, all right. You're such a wonderful man. You are my hero.

Jack: I'm here.

Erica: And thank you so much for being so supportive of my partnership with Caleb. I mean, that just really says a lot about the kind of man you are.

Jack: Caleb is very lucky to have you on his side.

Erica: I'm the one who's very lucky to have you on my side.

Jack: Yeah, do us a favor -- come here.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Oh.

Erica: No, I'll go. I'll take care of whoever it is.

Jack: Thank you.

Erica: Ahem.

Krystal: Oh. Hi, Erica.

Erica: Krystal? What an unexpected surprise.

Krystal: I was looking for Jack.

Erica: Of course, you are.

Jack: Don't tell me you've got those notes proofed already.

Krystal: Yeah. I told you it wouldn't take long. But I can come back.

Erica: No -- oh, no, no. It's fine. Don't be silly. I actually was just leaving myself. And I -- I'll be working with Caleb if you need me.

Jack: Mm-hmm. You better get out of here or you're not going to be working with anybody. [Chuckles]

Erica: Oh, Krystal -- try not to spill that on the furniture.

Frankie: Now that your electrolytes are all within normal limits, I'm going to have a tray of food sent here for you.

Liza: Huh. You really think I'm going to eat that green Jell-o, you're out of your mind.

Damon: You won't have to. I stopped at the deli when I went out. I was expecting the green Jell-o excuse.

Frankie: Hmm. Good somebody's looking out for you.

Liza: And you can't tell anybody that I'm here. Remember that.

Frankie: I heard you.

Liza: This is beef jerky?

Damon: Teriyaki flavor -- lots of protein.

Liza: Yeah. All right, I'll get my protein from this.

Damon: Whatever. Ok, I'm going to go. Call me when you're sprung, and I'll pick you up.

Liza: But you can't go anywhere.

Damon: I'm not the one in a hospital gown.

Liza: No, but you have to keep an eye out. Make sure nobody from the media finds out.

Damon: Are you serious?

Liza: Yes, I'm serious. I pay you. You're my assistant. You do what I say.

Damon: Yeah, I noticed. What's the big deal if someone finds out, anyway?

Liza: Oh -- right, that I collapsed? Please. This could make me look weak. I can't let Jack Montgomery use that to his advantage.

Damon: I don't think he's the kind of guy who would do that.

Liza: Believe me, Jack -- he's going to use anything he possibly can to make sure his daughter goes free.

Damon: Fine. I guess we're in this together. I still don't think you're right, though.

Liza: Please, you don't know criminal law. You use every advantage you can.

Damon: I don't mean the trial, I mean about -- this job being the only thing you've got. It's not true. You've got Colby. I'm sure that if I called her right now and told her you were --

Liza: No! No! Do not call Colby. I don't want her to know that I'm in here. I certainly don't want her to come like this. She would probably think I'm making this whole thing up, anyway. I mean, she hates me enough, right?

Damon: Hey -- you've got me, too.

Jack: I was trying to get some reasonable doubt going, not build a case against Ryan, but that's exactly the way this could all end up.

Krystal: Well, I think Ryan is at peace with that.

Jack: Hmm.

Krystal: He doesn't even remember what happened the night David was murdered.

Jack: Yeah, I think Ryan is so concerned with getting Greenlee off the hook, he's not even thinking about saving his own hide. But I will tell you, if she knew about this Pearson thing, she'd fight me tooth and nail.

Krystal: She really cares about Ryan, doesn't she?

Jack: She loves him. It's become clearer to me with every passing day. Whether she will admit it or not, that's a different story. But if he ends up being charged with David's murder because of what I'm doing --

Krystal: You're afraid she'll never forgive you?

Jack: Yeah. So even if I keep my daughter from going to prison, I lose her, anyway.

Caleb: Good morning, Pete. Here's to getting everything back to their rightful owners.

[Quacking sound]

[Doorbell rings]

Caleb: Yes, sir. Well, Dorothy, good morning.

Erica: Are you all right?

Caleb: I'm great. Why?

Erica: Ok. Don't move.

Caleb: What are you doing?

Erica: Stay there.

Caleb: What --

Erica: Just needed to get a picture of -- you with a smile on your face just to prove that Caleb Cortlandt can be happy.

Caleb: Well, I don't think I was really smiling when you took that picture, but I'm happy because I'm finally able to pay Pete back for all that he's done for me.

Erica: Tell me something, Caleb. What exactly has Palmer done for you that you are still feeling so beholden to him?

J.R.: Can you believe that guy?

Asher: Makes me sick.

J.R.: He thinks that I'm just going to cave and hand him Cortlandt?

Asher: Like he controls everything.

J.R.: I got to come up with a way to put him out of commission.

Asher: He needs to go down, and this time, stay down.

J.R.: I have to find a way that he's not going to see it coming.

Asher: Well, I've got something for you that'll cut him off at the knees.

J.R.: Well, the fact that he ditched you as a kid -- that's not going to cut it.

Asher: Oh, yeah? How about this. Caleb killed my mother.

J.R.: Did you just say that Caleb killed your mom?

Asher: Now you know why I hate his guts?

J.R.: How long have you known?

Asher: A while.

J.R.: And it's taken you this long to tell someone about it?

Asher: Believe me, it's been hard sometimes. Huh. I mean, especially when you see how full of himself he is, and how he treats everyone. I mean, he thinks that you're the criminal, the loser.

J.R.: Wait a minute, I don't understand. How did he?

Asher: I don't know all the facts. I just know that my mom is dead. And he walks around like nothing ever happened.

J.R.: I'm sorry. When someone comes after your mom like that -- I know what it's like.

Asher: And he just gave me up as soon as she was gone. Couldn't keep me around as a reminder of what he did.

J.R.: Take a seat. How'd you find out that it happened? Were you there? Did someone tell you?

Asher: I was a baby. The people who raised me, they didn't talk about it. One day I got curious, dug deeper, and started asking questions.

J.R.: And what did you find out?

Asher: My mom and Caleb were together, but things weren't going right for a while. So they split. Caleb was a lawyer at the time still. He got this case representing these wildcatters at this high risk mine. He met up with my mom at the mine one night. No one knows why, but there was an explosion. She ended up dead.

J.R.: Did he cause it?

Asher: Or he knew it was about to happen. Maybe he just thought it was an easy way to get out of a relationship.

J.R.: Are you sure?

Asher: He disappeared right after -- with Palmer Cortlandt's help. I mean, doesn't that look a little suspicious?

J.R.: Yeah. Were there any charges filed?

Asher: No. But there were rumors -- about how the explosion wasn't an accident. It was some kind of cover-up.

J.R.: So Caleb's got some twisted secret.

Asher: And he thought it died with Palmer. It didn't. It never will. I will make sure of that.

Caleb: He willed me his name, his company. At first I rejected it. Then -- now I'm trying to make up for it.

Erica: And if Palmer were here, I'm sure he'd be very proud of you.

Caleb: Maybe. Let's get to work.

Erica: Not so fast. There's something else I'm curious about.

Caleb: What?

Erica: When are you going to stop underestimating me?

Caleb: I don't know what you're talking about.

Erica: I don't believe you. I mean, you can keep it all inside if that's what you choose to do. That's fine. But please just tell me that it's over. It's all over, and it's never coming back again. It's not going to hamper us in any way running Cortlandt Electronics, and then I will happily drop it.

Caleb: If it weren't for Pete, I probably wouldn't be alive tonight.

Krystal: You're not going to lose her.

Jack: You don't know Greenlee as well as I do. If she thinks someone has betrayed her --

Krystal: And so she's got to understand that you're fighting for her life. You can't hold back.

Jack: Even if it ruins Ryan's life?

[Krystal sighs]

Jack: All right -- whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell is that?

Krystal: What happened?

Jack: It's gone. Everything's gone.

Krystal: What? What did you do?

Jack: I didn't do anything. The concluding statement I was working on, and all my notes for the afternoon session, they're complete -- damn!

Krystal: No, now, Jackson, it's ok. It's all right. Listen, we'll -- we'll work together. We'll try to figure out what you wrote.

Jack: Yeah, great, and then I can type it back in. It'll be gone again. This miserable --

Krystal: No, that's why I'm going to write them out in longhand. I'll type them into the office computer, and I'll have you a hard copy ready before you get back to the courtroom, ok?

Jack: Yeah.

Krystal: It's going to be ok.

Jack: Hmm. Hmm, you really are amazing.

Krystal: I'm your friend. And your daughter is in crisis. All right? And when that happens, and you feel like there's nothing you can do to help, it can send you right over the edge. I know. I'm on that same edge with Marissa and this horrible custody battle.

Jack: Oh, I'm so sorry. I haven't even asked you about that. What's going on?

Krystal: Oh, please. With everything going on with you, I didn't expect you to.

Jack: Huh.

Krystal: The bottom line is, I get it. You know? I mean, the truth is, we can't always make things good for our daughters.

Jack: Hmm.

Krystal: Listen, sometimes, the best we can do is just let them know that we love them and pray to God that everything turns out ok on the other end.

Jack: Words of wisdom, indeed.

Liza: Wow. Do I look like a peach to you?

Damon: Oh, I suppose you like it plain?

Liza: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

Damon: Does everything you do have to be so hardcore?

Liza: You know, it didn't always used to be like that.

Damon: Yeah, right.

Liza: No, I'm serious. When I was in high school, I -- hmm. I was a little princess.

[Damon scoffs]

Liza: I was a queen. I was. Go ahead, you can laugh all you want, but I was rich, and I was beautiful, and I was the most popular girl in school. That was, until Jenny came along.

Damon: Jenny?

Liza: Oh, yeah, Jenny. Hmm. It was Tad's sister. She was my competition. I think that's when I started to fight. I've been fighting ever since. I really think this exhaustion and dehydration is getting to me, because here I am telling you of all people this, after everything I've done to try to screw you over.

Damon: Well, you went for the jugular. Now I kind of get why.

Liza: Why are you being so nice to me?

Damon: It's my job. You're my boss. I'm supposed to be nice.

Liza: No, I mean, you -- you've really -- you've gone above and beyond, and you didn't have to. This job is really not that great.

Damon: Beats bussing tables. Plus, I kind of dig the whole trial scene.

Liza: Even if you're working for the enemy?

Damon: [Laughs] Enemy, why, because you're going after David Hayward's killer? That's just your job, right? Go for the conviction.

Liza: Yeah. Yeah, it is. You know, when I saw you and Colby together for the first time, I was so sure that you weren't going to last.

Damon: Well, thanks.

Liza: I was wrong.

Damon: I'm sorry, I think my hearing is going. Could you say that again?

Liza: You're so passionate about Colby. And that's why you made it work. Despite how much I hated you, I really did admire your dedication.

Damon: I think you're right. That dehydration is getting to you.

Liza: No, I actually just meant everything I just said.

J.R.: I'm real sorry about your mom. What Caleb did to her -- I can't even imagine what it's like to not be able to tell anyone about it.

Asher: And it makes it a little bit harder when everyone's always telling you what a great guy he is.

J.R.: You know, you never told me how you found out the explosion wasn't an accident. Why were they so sure it wasn't an accident?

Asher: How lame do you think I am?

J.R.: Excuse me?

Asher: You don't care about me or my mom. You just want the details to use against Caleb.

J.R.: You're the one that brought it up.

Asher: I'm not ready to expose him yet. And until I am, that's all you get.

J.R.: So you're just going to sit on it? You're going to let it fester up?

Asher: I'm waiting until he settles into his new life. And when he's on top of the world, that's when I'm going to tell the world that he killed his own kid's mother. I want him to know what it feels like to lose everything.

Krystal: All right, I'm going to go back to the office and type this up.

Jack: Thanks.

Krystal: Exhale. Breathe.

[Jack exhales]

Krystal: There you go.

[Jack chuckles]

Krystal: Actually, you know what? I have a better idea. You know what you need?

Jack: Hmm?

Krystal: You need to relax and to close your eyes for just a few minutes. Take a little 20-minute breather.

Jack: Yeah, and that sounds great. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do that. Too much to do.

Krystal: You need to relax, Jackson, ok? Seriously. And why don't you call Erica and take her out to lunch?

Jack: I'll consider that notion.

Krystal: Do it.

Jack: Ok.

Krystal: Ok?

Jack: Yeah. Hey, Krystal --

Krystal: Do you remember something else?

Jack: No, I just wanted to thank you again. I mean, this is the most difficult trial of my career. The one with the most at stake and the one I've had the least time to prepare for, so all your help and your support -- are quite invaluable to me. Thank you.

Krystal: Well, you're a good man, Jackson. And I'm proud to work for you.

Caleb: It was a bad time in my life and Pete was there for me.

Erica: I know that Palmer could be a very difficult man, but if he cared about you, you were in trouble, there's no one you'd rather have on your side.

Caleb: Yeah. That's all true.

Erica: Palmer put us together for a reason, Caleb, and not just to run Cortlandt Electronics. I think it's very clear that Palmer was invested in getting you to stop hiding on that mountain.

Caleb: I wasn't hiding.

Erica: He wanted you to have a life. He wanted you to have a future. So I'm sure that's why he put us together in such close proximity. He wanted me to draw you out. But I want to tell you something, Caleb. I have neither the time nor the patience to make you a project. I just want to do what Palmer asked.

Caleb: Well, Pete certainly had a sense of humor, didn't he? You want to ask me a question? Go ahead.

Erica: You told me about Sonia, the woman you loved. Did she die in a fire?

Liza: So, I've drained it dry, I've eaten, I've rested. My dizziness is gone, my headache is gone. Are you happy now?

Frankie: Are you?

Liza: Yes, I am -- as soon as you sign my discharge papers, because now I have to be in court in an hour.

Frankie: You're going to end up right back here if you don't slow down.

Damon: Don't worry. I will object from the gallery if I have to.

Liza: Yeah, you're not going to say anything. I will take my own recess if I need it.

Frankie: Fine. I'll sign your discharge, but if you continue to push yourself --

Damon: She won't.

Liza: I won't.

Frankie: Good luck.

Damon: Thank you. All right, all right, take it easy.

Liza: [Sighs] Ok, you are not going to monitor my every move.

Damon: Someone has to. But it's going to cost you. I want a raise.

Liza: All right, you got it. Now get me my clothes.

Damon: Drink this first.

Liza: No, I'm not drinking any more fluid.

Damon: If you fight me on this, I will drag that I.V. into court with you.

Liza: Ok.

Damon: Very good.

Liza: Ok. Ahem. Thank you. Now, Damon --

Damon: Mm-hmm?

Liza: Thank you.

Damon: You're welcome.

[Caleb sits at Krystal's reading his mother's obituary stating that Sonia Reyes died on October 31, 1990]

Singer: Burn down that town and let it to turn to ashes by the flames

Erica: Bianca told me that you said something in the hospital, after you saved Miranda from the fire here. You said that -- you were afraid you couldn't get to Sonia. Obviously, I know you meant Miranda, but something must have triggered a memory.

Caleb: Ahem. You just have to trust me, it's not something that you need to know. And it won't affect our business.

Erica: Caleb, believe me, I'm not trying to hurt you. I just want to be done with this. I just --

[Doorbell rings]

Caleb: It's open.

Jack: [Closes door] Am I interrupting?

Caleb: No, not at all.

Jack: I just came to take my fiancée to lunch -- if you can tear yourself away.

Erica: Well, of course. Of course, I can. Caleb and I are finished here for today.

Jack: Come on.

Tad: I got the phone call, and it sounded urgent. Is everything ok with A.J.?

J.R.: It will be.

Tad: Well, what do you mean? Have you spoken with him yet today?

J.R.: Marissa is keeping tight custody on him right now, but not for long. If that bastard Caleb Cortlandt thinks he's going to take my son from me, he's got a big surprise coming.

Tad: I don't understand. What does -- what does sharing custody with Marissa have to do with Caleb Cortlandt?

J.R.: He's trying to use the nanotech theft to get Cortlandt back, and destroy Chandler in the process.

Tad: No, I mean what does Caleb Cortlandt have to do with you being a good father to your son?

J.R.: Tad, he's trying to cripple me professionally. Probably to build a case against me in family court.

Tad: Oh, great. So I get a panicked phone call from you, who I love more than anything, I drop everything I'm doing, come running over here like a bat out of hell, so you can fill me in on your private little war with Caleb?

J.R.: Which I'll win -- if we get to him first.

Tad: "We"? Well, get to him how?

J.R.: I need you to dig up everything and anything you can find on Caleb's past. I have reason to believe that he stayed hidden in the woods to avoid troubles with the law. Criminal charges.

Caleb: I'm sorry, Sonia. I'm sorry.

Tad: J.R., you don't want to do this.

J.R.: The hell I don't.

Tad: Listen to me, ok? You're your father's son. You're just as brilliant at running that company as he was. You'll be just as effective at saving it as he would be, but you don't have to resort to his tactics to do it. To mudslinging and blackmail. Forget it.

J.R.: So you just want Caleb to walk all over me?

Tad: No. I want you to seize the situation as a chance to be the kind of man that I know you can be.

J.R.: You have no idea what he's capable of.

Tad: I don't care what he's capable of. I only care about what you're capable of. And it's better than this.

J.R.: That's fine. You don't want to help me get the dirt on Caleb, I'll find someone else who will.

Tad: Ok. I'm sorry to hear that, son. You're on your own.

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