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Episode #10478

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Jack: You going somewhere?

Greenlee: I just wanted to look at something besides these walls.

Jack: Like this very fascinating hallway.

Greenlee: I thought you were gonna put in an appearance at the charity gala with Erica.

Jack: Your trial starts tomorrow. I have a little work to do.

Greenlee: I don't think you'd make it past the lobby. Reporters are staked out like vultures waiting for a shot of anyone connected to this trial. This is not the way that I wanted to be famous.

Jack: Sweetheart, you just try to relax. I have everything under control.

Greenlee: I thought you were in for the evening.

Jack: I just need to take care of some things down at the office. But I could have Krystal just bring them over if you'd like.

Greenlee: No, that's ok.

Jack: Honey, I don't want to leave you alone unless you're comfortable.

Kendall: Well, then it's a good thing I showed up.

Angie: Do you know as stuffed as I already am, I am now craving one of Krystal's jalapeno cheeseburgers?

Jesse: You serious?

Angie: Yes, I am, even after that delicious meal. And mint chocolate chip just isn't doing it for me anymore.

Jesse: Your doctor calls and says that you are far enough along to have an amnio, and you're talking cheeseburgers and ice cream?

Angie: Is there a problem?

Jesse: I just figured you'd want to jump at the chance to have it done.

Angie: Why would you think that?

Jesse: Because, so far, you've done everything by the book when it comes to this pregnancy.

Angie: Who says getting an amnio is going by the book?

Jesse: From what I've read, it is recommended for high-risk pregnancies.

Angie: Yeah, we are high risk, no doubt about it. An amnio is a valuable tool. It can tell us if our baby might have things like sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, Downs syndrome.

Jesse: So wouldn't you want to know ahead of time if the baby has any of those?

Angie: No. Because I cannot take any more bad news.

Krystal: Well, you look like you could use a caffeine fix. Or forget the coffee. Why not something from behind the bar, huh?

Tad: Now you're talking.

Krystal: Are you ok?

Tad: Yeah. I'm -- I'm fine.

Krystal: Ok. Talk to me.

Tad: That obvious? It's a case I'm working on.

Krystal: Hmm. Personal?

Tad: No, no. It's just a job.

Krystal: Are you sure?

Tad: Yes. Come on, man. Give me a break. You know how I get wrapped up in my work.

Krystal: I know. But don't work too hard, ok?

Singer: Yeah, yeah I ran along like a broken record --

Ryan: Hey. Where are you?

Madison: Right behind you.

Ryan: There you are. Wow. Look at that. Here. Let me take that.

Madison: I just keep coming up with reasons to go out and come back in so I can use my new key.

Ryan: You like it?

Madison: I love it. I think it's the best key I've ever owned in my life.

Ryan: Really? That's high praise. So what are we doing? Making some dessert?

Madison: Well, it's the only way to get any better -- and to take your mind off of things.

Ryan: "Things"? Like the economy and the weather and what we're making for dessert?

Madison: Trying not to bring it up.

Ryan: Hey, look. The important thing right now is that Greenlee beats this, right? She's done with this trial? And after that, it's just you and me. Just you and me.

Madison: And the key.

Ryan: Yes, definitely the key.

Kendall: So shall we grab some glasses or just drink from the bottle?

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Kendall: Your trial's tomorrow, right?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok. So this is sort of like the night before your first day of school. Someone has to help you pick your outfit.

Greenlee: Kendall.

Kendall: Jack, she'll be fine without you. Trust me.

Greenlee: What about the product packaging deadline?

Kendall: That's ok. We'll be fine. I pushed it a day.

Greenlee: We won't make the drop date.

Kendall: It doesn't matter. So we'll be a few days late. Look. My priority right now is you, reminding you that you're gonna get through this. Because, "A," a prison jumpsuit would look terrible with your coloring, and, "B," you're not alone. 

Jack: Well, it seems you're in pretty good hands.

Kendall: She won't even know you're gone.

Jack: Thanks, I guess.

Greenlee: I'll be fine.

Jack: And tomorrow will be over before you know it. Thank you.

Kendall: Bye. Ok. So, drink?

Greenlee: I'm really not in the mood.

Kendall: All right. Ok. I have something else. Check this out. You're gonna love this. Look at this wonderful movie. Jake recommended it -- tons of explosions.

Greenlee: I do like explosions, as long as I'm not in them.

Kendall: Oh, you know what? I don't have any popcorn. Can you check and see?

Greenlee: I'll check. Ow!

Kendall: Ohh -- are you ok?

Greenlee: No! I'm not. I'm sorry.

Kendall: No, don't be. I'm sure it hurt.

Greenlee: No, it's not my leg. It's being on trial for the murder of my husband. It's being stalked by these creepy guys with cameras.

Kendall: All right, Greenlee, come on. Don't let those guys get to you.

Greenlee: That's easy for you to say. You're not staying in the apartment of a woman who hates you. Being here reminds me of what I let David get away with.

Kendall: Well, the man had a way of being very persuasive.

Greenlee: I made my own choices. Here I am, and he could still be alive.

Kendall: Just stop that right now, ok? This is not your fault. You have to let it go.

Greenlee: That's hard to do when there's a horde of reporters circling, calling me "The Green Widow." I'm not even convicted yet, and I couldn't feel more like a criminal if I was back in that cell. And even though I'm in this big apartment, I still feel claustrophobic.

Kendall: Then why don't you just focus on Ryan's calming words?

Greenlee: Because then all I think about is him letting my father hang him out to dry during the trial. So even if I get off, my whole mission to keep him out of jail will have been for nothing.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Look at me right now and listen. You and I are the only two people that know that the vial the cops found in your car was from Ryan's jacket. He doesn't even remember having the drug that killed David. Hopefully, he never will. So as long as nothing else comes out, Ryan is safe. Ok? I didn't come here to spread doom and gloom, ok? Obviously, you need a bigger distraction than a movie with explosions, and you know what? I've got just the thing.

Greenlee: If it involves finishing off that bottle, I'll pass.

Kendall: No. What I'm thinking of is much better than booze. We're going out. We're gonna go somewhere cheerful, and we're inviting a bunch of people who care about you to join us.

Greenlee: We will be lucky if we make it to the sidewalk once those reporters see us.

Kendall: Ok. Then we'll just have to lose them.

Greenlee: I'm not very good at dodging and weaving.

Kendall: Yeah, neither am I. But I think I can call someone who may be able to help us.

Ryan: So what's in the box?

Madison: Very special delivery.

Ryan: Oh, yeah?

Madison: Mm-hmm. Remember when I you told me I should borrow your credit card to do some online shopping for our trip?

Ryan: Yeah. But you could've spent a little more money than this.

Madison: Oh, I spent enough.

Ryan: Really? What, did you buy a tube of sunscreen?

Madison: Smaller, actually. Think Amalfi Coast swimwear.

Ryan: Are you serious?

Madison: See? So smaller isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was thinking maybe I could do a little fashion show tonight.

Ryan: I think that's a great idea -- a fashion show.

Madison: Got to make sure everything fits in all the right places.

Ryan: Yes, you do. Absolutely.

Madison: I'm gonna go try this on.

Ryan: Go try it on.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Don't worry because it's only Kendall, and I'm sure --

Madison: It could be about Spike. It's fine. Get it.

Ryan: Ok. Hey. What's going on?

Kendall: A mutual friend of ours needs your help.

Ryan: Is Greenlee ok?

Kendall: She'll be fine once I break her out of here. Unfortunately, the only way to get out of my mother's penthouse is to go past a whole bunch of reporters.

Ryan: And they're gonna be following her no matter where she goes right now.

Kendall: Yeah. So I was wondering if you could help us figure out some way to just circumvent them all.

Greenlee: Hey, I'm open to any ideas, even Kendall's. That's how desperate I am.

Ryan: You know what? I would love to help, but the thing is --

Madison: They know Greenlee's car. They'll be on her tail as soon as she leaves the building. They don't know my car.

Krystal: Well. Hello, Counselor.

Jack: Hello.

Krystal: Latte or legal work?

Jack: Oh, actually, I have a little paperwork I'd like you to help me with.

Krystal: Ah. And by "paperwork," you're talking about the subpoenas for the other possible suspects for the jury?

Jack: Yeah. I've already got Ryan on board.

Krystal: Wow. Huh. That's really big of him, considering it could turn him into the next prime suspect.

Jack: Seems to be the only thing he's really concerned with, is getting Greenlee off the hook.

Krystal: Yeah. Well, of course.

Jack: Unfortunately, I have, as you can see, a few more people that I have to serve these to.

Krystal: Yeah. You're not gonna be a popular guy tonight.

Jack: Huh. Yeah. To say the very least.

Jesse: I'm falling in love with this child more and more every day. And from the research I've done, when a woman your age is expecting, certain tests are recommended.

Angie: Recommended, not required.

Jesse: Baby, listen. Don't you think it's better to know now about any possible potential problems?

Angie: Oh, Jesse, haven't we had enough challenges already? I'm still learning how to find my way, and I can't deal with one more challenge. Now, by the time the baby comes, I'll be ready to face anything, but I just need more time. Besides, amniocentesis is not without risk.

Jesse: It's only a 1% chance of miscarriage.

Angie: 1% is more than zero.

Jesse: You're a doctor.

Angie: Yes, I am.

Jesse: I suppose we're done talking about this, huh?

Angie: We were done ten minutes ago.

Krystal: You are gonna walk into that courtroom tomorrow and the bailiff is gonna say "All rise," and those butterflies are gonna disappear, and Greenlee is gonna be in the best hands imaginable.

Jack: You see, this is why you run the payroll.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. I know how to butter up the boss.

Jack: You know when he needs it. Thank you.

[Music plays]

Jack: Well, there's two that are gonna save me the trouble of finding them.

Angie: I have it. I have it.

Singer: She's got my mind so messed up

Jack: Hello, you two.

Jesse: Jackson. Welcome back.

Jack: Hi, Angie.

Angie: Hi, Jackson. We didn't think you guys were ever coming back.

Jack: You know Erica and me. We just can't stay away from Pine Valley too long. Jesse, if you've got a moment to talk in private, I'd appreciate it. It won't take but a minute.

Jesse: Sure. I'll be right back.

Angie: I'm fine.

Jack: Thanks, Angie.

Jesse: It looks like a subpoena.

Jack: Yeah. Come on. It can't be a surprise I would want to question the chief of police in a murder investigation, huh?

Jesse: You got one for Angela, too.

Jack: I do.

Jesse: For her professional opinion or because of her grudge against Hayward?

Jack: The latter I'm afraid, Jesse. It's something I have to do.

Jesse: Paint my wife out to be a murder suspect?

Jack: I'm just doing my job.

Jesse: Hmm. Did you call Erica?

Jack: Why would I do that? She wasn't even in town when David died.

Jesse: Says who?

Jack: Jesse, this isn't personal.

Jesse: Putting my wife on the stand, making her look like a murderer -- it doesn't get more personal than that, Jackson.

Reporter: Over there.

Photographer: Nice try ditching us, Mrs. Hayward.

Madison: Can I help you? Would you like a profile shot or a close-up?

Greenlee: Ohh. I can't believe we got past them.

Kendall: Yeah. I thought for sure those reporters would've spotted us.

Greenlee: Did you see the way Madison peeled out of the garage?

Kendall: Yeah. I hope your car's ok.

Ryan: Don't worry about the car, ok? She got you here. You owe her one.

Greenlee: It was a good idea. You ok?

Kendall: It's like nothing has changed, but so much has.

Greenlee: Zach will be home soon.

Kendall: Ok. You know what? We didn't come here so I can take a stroll down memory lane. We came here so we can party.

[Door opens]

Jake: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Look who's just in time!

Amanda: Hi. We have got pepper, pineapple, pepperoni, and sausage.

Jake: Did you say "pineapple"?

Bianca: Yeah, I'm gonna take the pineapple without the pepperoni.

Jake: Then I'll have your pepperoni, and I'll raise you a sausage.

Ryan: That doesn't make any sense.

Kendall: I knew you would want them here.

Jake: You know we're pulling for you. You know that, right? We're all in your corner, and you have a lot of people who love you.

Greenlee: Thank you. And you have every reason to hate me.

Bianca: Nobody wants to see you go to prison.

Greenlee: There's probably a few people.

Jake: We didn't invite those people. They weren't invited.

Greenlee: You guys tried so hard to talk me out of walking into this mess.

Jake: Well, maybe we should've tried a little harder.

Greenlee: Please. Like anyone could convince me of anything.

Jake: That's true. You got a good point there.

Greenlee: Thank you for being here. Only you could pull this off.

Kendall: Well, you know I've always got your back.

Greenlee: Thank you -- for everything.

Ryan: Hey, this is your night.

Krystal: To be honest, with your schedule, I'm kind of surprised you're out on a school night.

Angie: Ahh. Jesse and I needed a change of scenery.

Krystal: Yeah. You know, I sensed a little tension when you two walked through that door. I mean, it's not the baby, is it?

Angie: Actually, the baby is one of the most positive things in my life right now.

Krystal: I'm sure it is for Jesse, too.

Angie: Yeah. He's been amazing. It's just that we don't have the same take on things.

Krystal: You know what, Angela? I'm sure Jesse is just worried about how you're gonna handle the baby now.

Angie: He's pushing me to have an amnio.

Krystal: Hmm. That is standard procedure for a woman over 35.

Angie: Standard or not, it's not a risk I'm willing to take.

Krystal: I had the same debate when I was pregnant with Jenny. When you're not sure if it's gonna be your last time or not, you don't want to take any chances.

Angie: Ok. So another woman in this town over 35 who made the choice not to have an amnio.

Krystal: I had one. It wasn't an easy decision, but I'm glad I did it.

Angie: It's a personal decision.

Krystal: Yes, it is.

Jack: If it makes you feel any better, Ryan is taking the stand. Jake, too. Look, let's cut to the chase here. Let's be honest. You go back a few months in this town, and nobody has locked horns publicly more with David Hayward than Angie.

Jesse: That doesn't make her a murderer.

Jack: Of course, it doesn't. Look, I need one or two jurors who have some reasonable doubt. That's what I'm looking for, Jesse. You know how this works. Come on. You cannot sit there and tell me if our roles were reversed, you wouldn't be doing the same damn thing for Natalia, for Frankie. You would go to the trenches.

Jesse: Of course, I would.

Jack: Of course, you would.

Jesse: I understand that your daughter was locked in a loveless marriage with David Hayward, and you couldn't help her, so you take a trip around the world with Erica. You're guilty, and now you're trying to do everything you can to make up for that, Jackson.

Greenlee: Now, there's no way there will food this good in prison.

Amanda: Would you stop it? You are going to beat this thing.

Greenlee: I'm glad you're so confident.

Amanda: You should be, too. Your father is only the best lawyer on all the East Coast.

Bianca: Weren't we trying to keep Greenlee's mind off the trial?

Greenlee: I'm the one that keeps going there. But that ends now.

Jake: Hey -- all right. So, people, are you ready, because it's time for some karaoke.

Amanda: Oh, yeah.

Greenlee: No. No way.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Everyone's got to at least try it.

Greenlee: You haven't heard me sing.

Ryan: Whoa. Hold on a minute. When have you ever backed down from a challenge?

Bianca: I've heard her sing. I wouldn't push it.

Ryan: Whoa!

Bianca: I'm kidding! Go for it!

Greenlee: All right. All right. Let's see. Let's see.

Ryan: It's working.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Ohh. "Jailhouse Rock"?

Jake: Ha ha ha! No.

Greenlee: I think you should go first, Jake.

Bianca: For somebody who put this whole party together, you seem to be having the least amount of fun.

Kendall: It's just being back here again. I thought that the first time I would walk into this place would be with Zach and the boys, together as a family. But I messed up, and now he's not here, and I have to wonder if he ever will be.

Jake: Why, Ryan? Why do you always get to be Kiki Dee and I have to be Elton John?

Ryan: Ok. That's my cue to leave.

Greenlee: Wait! But you haven't even sung yet!

Ryan: That's sort of the point a little bit, and, plus, Madison and I -- we had plans. So I got to get going.

Greenlee: And I ruined them, didn't I?

Ryan: Ruin them? No, you didn't. No. It was nothing that couldn't wait. We were happy to help you. Don't worry about it. Have fun. Ok?

Greenlee: Before you go, please reconsider letting my dad use you in my case.

Ryan: I'm gonna be fine, Greenlee. You just focus on winning this trial. That's what you need to focus on, and then when it's done, you have your whole life ahead of you. I'll be ok.

Greenlee: Thank Madison for me. She went above and beyond.

Ryan: Yeah, I'll tell her that. You're scared. It's ok to be scared. It is. Even if your name is Greenlee Smythe, it's ok. Everything is gonna be all right. I know it is.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hey. I'm on my way.

Tad: How do you know where I am?

Ryan: Tad. Oh, sorry. I thought you were Madison.

Tad: Listen, I'm at ConFusion. How fast can you get over here?

Ryan: Is it something good?

Tad: It's good for somebody but not for you. 

Krystal: Here you go, sweetie.

Angie: Thank you, darling.

Jesse: Angela lost her sight the night that David Hayward died. She still pushes herself to get up every morning to be the best chief of staff, the best doctor, the best wife, mother that she possibly can be until her head hits that pillow at night. And the fact that she never gives up, Jackson -- it's a huge inspiration to me and everybody that she knows. So if you need to serve somebody, you serve me. I hated Hayward just as much as anybody else did. You put me on that stand. You use me to make the best case you can for Greenlee. You can't do this to Angela. Not now. Not if you are the decent, honorable, ethical man that I know you are.

Krystal: There is nothing scarier than the idea that something could happen to your baby because of a choice you made. But isn't that what being a mother is all about -- total terror that something you do is gonna screw your kids up.

Angie: I guess it is.

Krystal: And if you're me, you screw up plenty, but not because you don't try to do the right thing. You just have to know that you can't make any decisions that are based in fear.

Angie: This baby is so tiny, Krystal, and it has been through so much already. And obviously I'm not the youngest mom. I'm not the healthiest mom. Not by a long shot.

Krystal: But you are the strongest, and you have more than that, Angie. When I had to make that decision, I was sort of alone. The baby was Tad's, but I was married to Adam at the time, and that put me in a kind of limbo that is just really hard to describe except to say that I was probably the loneliest I've ever been in my life. But you're lucky. No matter what you decide, you always have Jesse to lean on.

Angie: You're right. You're right. I am lucky. I am very lucky.

[Music plays]

Amanda: Ooh -- forgot the song. Party tonight yeah! Whoo!

[Music stops]

Greenlee: Much better than I am. Really.

Amanda: Well, I think I was a little flat. Was I flat, babe?

Jake: You speaking to me? You talking to me?

Bianca: You made a mistake, but you stand by what you did.

Kendall: Which is why I'm standing here alone.

Bianca: All I'm saying is you think it's your fault Zach isn't here. Maybe it's not.

[Jake laughs]

Amanda: No. Go back. That one. You have to sing that one.

Jake: "Bedside baby"? Why would I sing that?

Amanda: Because you're a doctor, and you have such a wonderful bedside manner.

Ryan's voice: It's ok to be scared. It is. Even if your name is Greenlee Smythe, it's ok. Everything is gonna be all right. I know it is.

Madison: Sorry.

Greenlee: It's ok. Stay. Please.

Tad: Have a seat, and try to keep your voice down.

Ryan: What? Why?

Tad: What do you think?

Man: He's the one.

Ryan: I'm "the one" what?

Tad: I'm sorry. Listen. Ryan Lavery, this is Nick Pearson. Nick was a guest at the club the night that David died. Why don't you tell him what you told me?

Nick: You almost knocked me over when you were running down the hall.

Ryan: I -- I don't remember.

Nick: You were pretty out of it. You looked a little rough, and you said the strangest thing.

Ryan: What did I say?

Nick: "Someone's gonna die tonight."

Tad: Nick, do me a favor. Would you give us a minute?

Nick: Yeah. No problem.

Tad: I'm sorry, ok? I know how much this complicates things. I couldn't do it any sooner. I had to go through every single guest that was at that club that night. He was the hardest to track down, because he's on the road a lot. He works for some hotel chain, and, unfortunately, he's the only one who had something interesting to say. Last but not least, huh?

Ryan: But why did he keep quiet?

Tad: You heard him, you know? For all he knows, he's walking down the hall. He sees you. You're out of it. You look like hell. He didn't want to get involved, so he just left -- before David collapsed. You ok?

Ryan: This means that Greenlee is innocent. I must've been the one that killed David.

Tad: It doesn't necessarily mean anything, ok? It's not definitive.

Ryan: Why else would I say that? Why else, Tad? We already know that I had a knock-down-drag-out fight with Hayward.

Tad: Exactly. You had a fight with him. For all we know, you got up and left with Hayward still alive when you ran into Nick. You know, you'd been beaten up. You were drugged. You were upset. You probably said what you said, because you were talking about the fight.

Ryan: I probably said what I said, because I just poisoned the man that I hate. It kills me that I can't remember what happened.

Tad: What do you want me to do about this?

Ryan: What do you mean? Do I want you to go to the cops with this?

Tad: Yeah. Let's get one thing straight. I work for you. I don't have to say a word to anybody about this guy. Between you and me, I get the feeling he'd love to slip back into the woodwork.

Ryan: I don't want you to bury it. Not if this is what it's gonna take to save Greenlee.

Tad: Even if it means you're gonna bury yourself?

Ryan: You got to go to Jackson with this, because he's already planned to implicate me as a suspect in the case to help Greenlee. So that's what we got to do, because this'll give him some solid evidence to back that up.

Tad: Ryan, listen to yourself, ok? This isn't a game. It's not about Greenlee. It's about you, and there's only one way this thing is gonna go, and that's you get indicted. So take my advice. Maybe you should give yourself some time to come up with some options.

Ryan: I don't need any time. Mr. Pearson? Look, I'm gonna need you to stay in town and testify everything that you saw and that you heard that night.

Nick: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Ryan: There's an innocent woman on trial for murder.

Nick: I understand that, and I'm sorry. Really, I am. But I can't let anybody know that I was in that hotel that day. My wife would never forgive me.

Tad: This is where it gets interesting.

Nick: And I doubt Claire wants her husband to find out either.

Ryan: Who is Claire?

Nick: The woman I was with in the hotel room.

Tad: Told you.

Ryan: Well, if you don't testify, I will personally see to it that both the women in your life find out about this.

Tad: Don't look at me. I'm not the one that's got everything on the line. I wouldn't cross him.

Nick: All right. Fine.

Ryan: Wise choice.

Jesse: Pretty quiet on the way home.

Angie: I was just thinking. I heard you, you know?

Jesse: I didn't say anything.

Angie: Over at Krystal's when you were talking to Jackson. My hearing is getting sharper and sharper.

Jesse: We were just going at it about Greenlee's trial.

Angie: Yeah, you were going at it even more when you realized he was about to serve me with a subpoena.

Jesse: Oh, come on. Here. If Jackson had thought about it even for half a second, he would know not to put you on that stand. After everything you've been through?

Angie: But I could've handled it.

Jesse: That's not the point, whether you could handle it or not, baby. It's like the amnio. It's just one more challenge you don't need.

Angie: But I can handle it. I have been looking at this all wrong. Nobody needs challenges, but that's what life is. And when it comes to our child, I can take on any challenge. And I want you to know that I have made a decision. I am going to have the amnio.

[Jake bangs the microphone]

Amanda: Don't worry. He'll fix it. He is a genius at anything technical. Right?

Kendall: You -- you can go first.

Jake: Hello?

Kendall: I have a call to make. It's time.

Madison: I thought Ryan would be here. I should go.

Greenlee: You want to stay and have a beer? It's the least I can do after you saved me from those reporters.

Madison: Ryan wanted to help. But --

Ryan: He told me about your night, and I'm sorry that I interrupted that.

Madison: I knew it would bug him all night if he didn't do something. He cares about you, Greenlee. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and help you, too. And, actually, it felt kind of good. Those reporters were pretty pissed. I really think you're gonna beat this.

Greenlee: Do you even want me to?

Madison: Why? Because I told Liza that you wanted David dead? I'm really sorry about that.

Greenlee: You were trying to help Ryan.

Madison: Yeah, but I still shouldn't have said it. I want you cleared. I want you free so that you can move in and live your own life. That's important to Ryan. It's important to me.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: What are you doing back here? Come on in! Join the party. Join the party.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Lavery.

Tad: Well, it's done. I got Nick checked in.

Ryan: All right. Great. And we're cool, right? Just keeping this between you, me, and Jackson.

Tad: What do you mean, I'm cool? You're the one that's got everything on the line.

Ryan: I'm gonna be fine. I just want to make sure we keep this a secret, and Liza doesn't find out about it, all right? The surprise to her is, I think, pretty much all we got going.

Jesse: You never cease to amaze me. I thought you were dead set against having this amnio.

Angie: I was scared, Jesse. Part of me still is, and another part knows that I'm being a little irrational. But you know what? I have you, and I know that we are in this together, and I don't need time. I just need you. I am so lucky.

Jesse: Uh-uh. I'm the lucky one here.

Angie: I want to hear your take on things, you know? I don't want to be the arrogant doctor who always thinks that she knows better, or the blind person who doesn't want anyone to help her. It's gonna take both of us to bring this baby to term.

Jesse: I ain't going nowhere.

Angie: So we'll listen to each other?

Jesse: Don't we always?

Angie: Not always. And when we don't, we run into trouble. We're more than the sum of our parts. So I want you to call a doctor, schedule the test, and then do just one more thing.

Jesse: Anything you need.

Angie: Give me another kiss.

Kendall: I guess I missed you, or not. Maybe you -- maybe you saw it was me, and you didn't want to talk. Um, the thing is, Zach, I'm calling to tell you that I'm so tired of walking on eggshells. I know you got mad, because I got caught up in the whole Ryan and Greenlee drama again. But when it counts, real couples get through stuff like this, and I always thought that we were a real couple. I still do. So that is why I am moving back into the house with our boys, and I really, really want you to come back to Pine Valley to join me. I just think it's time for us to just quit putting our lives on hold and figure this whole thing out. Either way, this is where I'm gonna be. This is where I belong. So, hopefully, we can just get past our mistakes and realize that what we have is too great. It's too great to throw away.

Greenlee: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Do you think Kendall and Zach will work things out?

Ryan: I think that when you have something that good, and you've been through hell and back and you still have that spark, that connection, yeah, I think they still got a good chance.

Greenlee: I'm glad you came back.

Ryan: Yeah. Me, too.

Greenlee: And I meant what I said before about being hopeful.

Ryan: Yeah? You see? That's my girl.

Greenlee: You really think I'll beat this, don't you?

Ryan: I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life.

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