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Episode #10477

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Scott: A crime was committed and we covered it up.

Caleb: What crime?

Scott: Palmer, and what we stole from him. I think it's time I came clean.

J.R.: Scott -- stop.

Scott: You see, Palmer was my friend. And right before he died, he talked to me about a joint venture -- on his nanotechnology breakthrough.

Annie: Please don't do this.

Scott: But Palmer died before we could go through with it without registering the device.

Caleb: So you put your name on it? Made it Chandler property?

Scott: That's right. I'm not proud of what I did. Hell, I didn't think anybody would get hurt. Huh. I saw a chance to make a name for myself, and I took it.

J.R.: I got a name for you. Damn fool!

Jesse: Hey, babe. I miss you.

Angie: Hi. I miss you, too, baby. Is everything ok?

Jesse: Yeah, everything's fine. Listen, I thought I'd come by and take you to lunch.

Angie: Oh, that is --

Jesse: Angela?

Angie: Yeah, yeah. I'm here, honey. I think someone needs me. Listen, that sounds great. I'll see you later, ok? I love you.

Natalia: Angie, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Angie: Hi.

Natalia: Hey.

Angie: How is your father?

Natalia: I was just wondering when I can question that robbery suspect in 204.

Angie: Well, the floor nurse should have an update.

Natalia: Ok.

Angie: You got anything else on your mind?

Natalia: No. Why?

Angie: Well, I may not be able to see, but I'm getting pretty good at reading voices.

Natalia: All right. Yeah. I guess I am a little upset.

Angie: I'm listening.

Natalia: I mean, you talked to Krystal about Brot and me, like we're in some sort of relationship, but we're not.

Angie: Ok.

Natalia: I -- I -- I'm sorry, but I don't appreciate you talking about us when there's nothing going on. There's nothing.

Angie: Well, from that tone that you're taking, it leads me to believe there is.

Brot: You wouldn't happen to know when the next detective exam is, would you?

Jesse: No, not right offhand.

Brot: Could you find out for me?

Jesse: Sure, I can do that. Brot, you got to be patient. I mean, you haven't been on the force that long.

Brot: I know that, Chief, but I've seen other officers get promoted to detective, and they haven't been around that long, either.

Jesse: "Other officers" -- you wouldn't happen to be talking about Natalia, would you?

Brot: Listen, Natalia's a good cop, and she deserves the promotion.

Jesse: But she's a detective now, and you're not.

Brot: That's not the issue.

Jesse: Hmm? I think maybe it is. I also think maybe you don't like being bossed around by her.

Damon: The files from your car and a fresh cup of coffee, black.

Liza: Yeah. Did you call the courthouse?

Damon: Yeah, they said you can't have the files till tomorrow afternoon.

Liza: Obviously, that doesn't work, because Greenlee's trial starts tomorrow morning.

Damon: Which is why I told them you have to have it today. They'll be ready in a couple hours.

Liza: You could have said that in the beginning. Did you pick up my dry cleaning?

Damon: Already done.

Liza: My shoes?

Damon: In your office. And before you ask, I called the city attorney and cancelled your appointment. Anything else?

Liza: Yeah, I need two copies of this before we leave.

Damon: I'll use Krystal's machine. You're not going to torture me into quitting. I need this job.

Liza: Hi, honey.

Colby: Why did you hire Damon, Mom?

Liza: I told you, I needed an assistant, and he needed a job.

Colby: Come on, Mom. I know you better than that. What's your game plan this time?

Jack: No, no, just give the girls my love, ok? I love you, too. Hi.

Krystal: Hi. Erica?

Jack: Yeah. We're trying to keep things normal for the sake of the kids, but --

Krystal: Well, it's hard, I know.

Jack: Yeah, it is. What do you got there?

Krystal: The latest from Liza.

Jack: [Scoffs] You do know that a large part of my defense hinges on me proving that there were other people in this town who wanted Hayward dead, right?

Krystal: I know. And that's scary -- painting people as possible suspects.

Jack: Yeah. I wish there was another way.

Krystal: But it's the truth. David had enemies. I mean, God forgive me, there were many times I wanted to see that man planted in the ground. And I'll testify to that if you need me to.

Jack: Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but thank you for your kind offer. And thank you for everything else you've done.

Krystal: Well, I just want to help.

Jack: And you've done more than that. You know, it's very difficult for me to talk to Erica about Greenlee, because their relationship is so --

Krystal: Complicated?

Jack: Complicated. That's putting a smile on it.

Krystal: Hmm.

Jack: If I screw this up, my daughter goes to prison for the rest of her life, so what do you say? Maybe I shouldn't screw this up?

Krystal: No, listen. You're not going to screw it up. And you want to know why? This is family. And you fight hardest for that.

Scott: I'm doing what needs to be done.

Caleb: Good for you.

J.R.: Oh, you think this makes you heroic? It makes you a coward.

Scott: It's long overdue.

J.R.: No, what's overdue is you getting the hell out of here. Let the big boys talk.

Caleb: Oh, I'd like to hear what he has to say.

J.R.: He doesn't have anything to say, Caleb. Because he is nothing. He just doesn't realize it yet.

Annie: Shut up, J.R. Don't say anything else. It's not too late. You can still save yourself.

Scott: No, Annie. Huh. It is too late. Because it's over, all of it.

Natalia: Look, it's not what you think between Brot and me.

Angie: Well, why don't you tell me what it is, then?

Natalia: I don't even know. But it -- I mean, we've been out a few times, but even one of them was even considered a date, technically -- I don't know.

Angie: But it's safe to say that you like each other?

Natalia: We argue constantly.

Angie: Well, that's not what I ask.

Natalia: All right. Yeah, I mean, he's an amazing person. But I'm his superior, which makes it tricky.

Angie: Well, you know, actually, from personal experience, and as chief of staff, I do have strong opinions about relationships in the workplace, especially when one person has power over the other.

Natalia: No, no, no. Brot and I were never in a relationship, and it's not going to -- it's not going to become anything like that.

Angie: Well, whatever you're calling this thing, you're keeping it from your boss, who also happens to be your father.

Natalia: He has enough on his plate.

Angie: Look, don't use what's going on between me and your dad to keep you from doing the right thing.

Natalia: Well, I can't confide in him to keep it from the mayor when she's riding him nonstop.

Angie: Then go through proper channels. Follow protocol.

Natalia: Angie, I could be transferred, and so could Brot. I mean, there -- what's the point of that when there's -- it's not that serious.

Angie: And it never would be serious, would it?

Natalia: What does that mean?

Angie: Has there ever been anyone serious, Natalia? Have you ever been in love?

Jesse: Looks like that last surgery went pretty good for you, huh?

Brot: Yes, sir. And the eye is working a lot better now.

Jesse: And that ambition's all pumped up, too, eh?

Brot: Come on, Chief. You know -- you know I can be a good detective.

Jesse: Yeah, I know you can. I also know that Natalia can be -- a little abrasive at times.

Brot: Let's not forget stubborn, as well.

Jesse: Yeah. Well, I guess I can take a little credit for that.

Brot: Well, I wasn't talking about you, Chief.

Jesse: Oh, relax, soldier. It's true. She's tough. That's -- it can be a good thing. Trust me.

Brot: You're talking about Angie?

Jesse: Absolutely.

Brot: Listen, Chief, don't get me wrong. I admire Natalia in everything she's been able to accomplish. I mean, she climbed the ranks, and she did it the right way. It's just the fact that --

Jesse: That you just want to be where she is. I get that, and you will.

Brot: One of these days.

Jesse: I didn't say that, "One of these days." Listen, you need to know that I am on board with you wanting to be all you can be.

Brot: Thank you, Chief.

Jesse: I got one question, though. Say you do get this promotion. What do you think's going to happen to your relationship with Natalia?

Colby: I mean, you could have, like, hired a law school student to be your assistant.

Liza: Yeah, I could have.

Colby: Yeah, and you hired Damon, and I want to know why.

Liza: Honey, I told you why. He needed --

Colby: He needed a job, and you needed an assistant.

Liza: Yeah.

Colby: You told me that. Or maybe it's because you wanted to keep tabs on me and Tad.

Liza: Honey, what do you want me to do, hmm? Do you want me to fire him?

Colby: No, I don't want you to fire him. He's stoked about the job. Don't do that.

Liza: Ok, so --

Colby: Yeah --

Damon: Hey.

Colby: Hi.

Damon: You're not on the D.A.'s schedule.

Colby: No, but can I be on yours?

Damon: Let's grab something to eat -- if I'm finished here. Am I finished here?

Liza: Mm-hmm. Yeah, for now. I just want to know if it's all right if I -- I just ask you how things are going? Have you declared a major? Are you still going to go to the Fashion Institute?

Colby: Just because you hired my boyfriend doesn't mean I'm letting you back into my life.

Liza: Ok.

J.R.: You've said enough. We need an attorney.

Scott: No, I don't need one.

Annie: I want to speak to Scott alone.

J.R.: I don't think that's a good idea.

Annie: He's still my husband. Don't tell me what to do.

J.R.: You need to stay out of this. You must be crazy if you think that you're going to destroy everything that I've worked for.

Scott: Deal with it.

J.R.: We both know you didn't just develop a conscience. You're getting back at me, because I slept with your wife.

Annie: J.R.!

J.R.: I mean, that's what it's really about, Caleb. A weak, jealous man who can't stand the fact that his wife never loved him.

Annie: That is not true.

J.R.: So he just goes around and makes up whatever lie that just pops into his head.

Scott: You just keep on talking. It doesn't change anything, because what I've said here today is the truth -- something the Chandlers aren't very good at facing, mind you, but that's what I'm doing, no matter what the consequences.

Caleb: Boy, you people are really something. You know, frankly, I don't give a damn who slept with who around here, but you pretended to be my uncle's friend and then you screwed him over, and now you're going to pay. And you.

Jesse: You should have seen the look on your face.

Brot: What look?

Jesse: The look when I said "relationship." I meant your professional relationship, knucklehead.

Brot: Of course. That's exactly what I was thinking, too, Chief. Come on.

Jesse: Listen, um, looks like you two are getting along much better these days.

Brot: Yeah, well, we've worked things out.

Jesse: Good to know. Back when you were partners, you were constantly at each other's throats, and I'm glad to hear that that is fixed.

Brot: Yes, sir, it is.

Jesse: Yeah. And when you make detective, you'll be back to being equals.

Brot: You think Natalia will be able to deal with it?

Jesse: Did I mention how competitive she can be?

Brot: Yeah, well, I'll take my chances. Natalia has earned my respect, but -- I think it's time for me to earn hers.

Angie: You know how much I care about you. Natalia, I want you to have a wonderful life.

Natalia: But do you think I could ever have a relationship?

Angie: Well, all I ask is if you ever have.

Natalia: To be honest, I don't even know.

Angie: Then if you don't know, it means you haven't.

Natalia: Well, I've been too busy with my career.

Angie: And before you came here?

Natalia: My mother was my first priority.

Angie: Even before she got sick?

Natalia: When Dad left, she -- she was devastated. I'm not saying that I blame him or you. I'm just -- I mean, when you left, that's when she got sick, really sick.

Angie: Well, are you thinking that the stress of a broken heart escalated her illness?

Natalia: I don't know. It seemed that way.

Angie: Well, let me ask you how this seems. Maybe you're just afraid to give your heart to someone.

Colby: Thank you for saving me from my mother.

Damon: You did kind of slam her.

Colby: She just brings out the worst in me.

Damon: You know, all Liza wanted was for you to open up a little about what's going on in your life. That doesn't seem like so much.

Colby: Are you defending her?

Damon: No, I -- no, well, I mean, she's my boss now.

Colby: Heh. Well, maybe I don't want to tell your boss how messed up my life is right now.

Damon: Hmm, should your boyfriend take that personally?

Colby: No. You're great. You're the best. You're perfect. It's just -- J.R. and Annie -- they did it again.

Damon: Did "it"? Ooh.

Colby: I know. I know. And Marissa and J.R., they're, like, getting a divorce, and they're fighting over A.J. It's a disaster area. There are seriously bombs going off every five minutes.

Damon: That sucks. Is there anything I can do?

Colby: You can, like, ship Annie to Brazil. That'd be really nice.

Damon: For you, I would try.

[Colby chuckles]

Caleb: My uncle trusted you, called you his friend, and you robbed him.

Scott: Yeah. Ahem. He was my friend, Caleb. I regret what I did.

Caleb: You regret it? After you made millions off of his property so that you could buy Cortlandt out from under me.

Scott: It started as one lie and before I knew it --

J.R.: Stop talking.

Caleb: It's too late, Junior. It's already out. And you don't get a pass for being sorry. You know better than your weasel cousin.

Annie: You have no right to talk at him like that.

Caleb: Feigning shock and disgust when your cousin grabbed Cortlandt? Shame on you.

J.R.: I didn't steal anything.

Scott: Really? Your hands are clean?

J.R.: Think about what you're doing, Scott. We may have our issues, but when outsiders attack, we band together.

Caleb: Well, that doesn't sound like the Chandlers I've been observing.

J.R.: All right, that's fine. Scott can just admit to whatever he wants. I had nothing to do with this.

Caleb: Oh, so you didn't know anything about this?

J.R.: That's right. Uncle Palmer didn't choose to share with me, Caleb.

Caleb: When Scott came in here to confess, you knew exactly what he was confessing.

J.R.: Oh, yeah? Prove it.

Caleb: Oh, I will. And after I do, there's not a judge in this world who will grant you custody of your son.

J.R.: You son of a bitch.

Annie: J.R., stop it! Stop it!

J.R.: You come in here, you take away my son --

Man: Quiet down! F.B.I.

J.R.: Oh. Who invited them?

Scott: Oh, I did.

Natalia: I must seem pretty messed up to you, huh?

Angie: No.

Natalia: Oh, God. I'm ready to face a perp with a loaded gun, but a guy with flowers --

Angie: No, you have to let go of the idea that giving your heart to someone will get in the way of your career.

Natalia: Well, that's easy for you to say.

Angie: Easy? For Jesse and me?

Natalia: All right, I take that back.

Angie: You know what? It is never completely easy, honey. But you know what? If you keep yourself, your heart, locked up, you will be missing out on one of the greatest gifts that the universe has ever given us. Being loved and being able to love back. Now, for that to happen, when the right one comes along, you are going to have to throw that lock away and open yourself up. And I can't promise that it won't hurt, but I can promise that the prize is worth it.

Natalia: So -- I'm just supposed to enter a potential shootout with no vest, no weapon?

Angie: You're plenty armed already. You're gorgeous, you're dedicated, you're funny, you're loyal, and shall I go on? I mean, you know, the right one -- he better watch out.

Natalia: Yeah, the right one. The "right" one. How do I know?

Angie: Well, you never will unless you take that first step. Come on. Natalia, take a chance.

Krystal: Wow. You weren't kidding. So this is a list of everybody in Pine Valley who has a motive to kill David? Well, I guess I'm in good company.

Liza: You should probably subpoena yourself. I mean, you did have issues with David.

Jack: You know what I'd really like to do? I'd like to put you on that witness stand, so you could explain to the court how you helped Hayward blackmail Greenlee.

Liza: Well, that would be difficult to prove since Kendall destroyed all the evidence.

Jack: Oh, but it did exist, didn't it? And you know that because you kept it safe, and now you're furthering his crime by trying to pin his murder on Greenlee.

Liza: Jack, this isn't personal.

Jack: It is for me, Liza.

Liza: Which is why I think your daughter would be better off with a different attorney. Excuse me, we've got to go get those records.

Jack: You're not going to make your career on the back of my daughter.

Liza: Jack, you keep acting as if I made up these charges, like they're not real. A friend was murdered, and I'm the only one who wants justice.

Jack: Your "friend" almost killed Erica, and where's the evidence of that? Oh, that's right -- swept under the rug with the rest of the dirt so you can protect Hayward.

Krystal: Listen, Jackson, why don't we just go?

Jack: And I'll find it. I'll look under every rock until I do.

Liza: Well, good luck with that. You are aware that the trial starts tomorrow?

Jack: You bet I am. And after I win, Liza, I'm going after your job.

Scott: Thanks for coming, gentlemen.

Annie: Scott, what are you doing?

Scott: The right thing. Finally.

J.R.: Sorry you guys had to come down here. This is a family misunderstanding.

Man: We were told that a corporate crime was committed. Intellectual theft.

J.R.: No, there was no theft. My cousin has a grudge, and he's using your department to settle it.

Annie: Scott, please don't do this.

J.R.: I'm getting our lawyers on the phone. And unless you guys have a warrant --

Scott: Well, they don't need a warrant, because I invited them in, and I'm prepared to confess.

J.R.: You are so weak.

Scott: I was. I was, but I took a walk in the park, and I ran into an old friend who helped me find the strength.

J.R.: In the park, an old friend? What, are you out of your mind?

Scott: I'm ready now.

Annie: Wait, s -- where are you going?

Scott: Well, to police headquarters to make my confession official.

Annie: Please, please, just think about it. What -- what you still have here, what we could still have --

Scott: I have thought about it, a lot. I'm ready, boys.

Annie: [Sighs] Well -- well, I'm coming with you.

Caleb: You and I are just getting started.

J.R.: Get out of my way.

Caleb: You think your cousin should take the fall for you after what you've done to him and his wife?

J.R.: Whatever Scott tells the cops I'm not going down for, and neither will the company. And by the way, you can't use this in the custody case. Because Scott's the one who admitted to it, not me.

Caleb: At least he's got the guts to own up to it.

J.R.: You have no idea what's in me, but I will show you when I throw that custody order back in your face.

Caleb: Well -- the judge already signed off on it making it permanent -- just a formality.

J.R.: Oh. Well, don't count on it. Marissa still cares about me. You haven't turned her to your side for good.

Caleb: You know what, Junior? Before, I was just thinking about getting Cortlandt back. But now, I'm thinking about maybe something a little more. I mean, now that the Chandler empire is crumbling.

J.R.: [Laughing] No. Chandlers don't crumble.

Caleb: If you had a drop of Cooney blood in your veins, you wouldn't have gone along with robbing your uncle's grave.

J.R.: Whatever Scott robbed, we own, because we own Cortlandt Electronics.

Caleb: Nanotech would have made Pete's company millions. And now, you're going to owe me millions. Or maybe I'll just take controlling interest in your daddy's company.

J.R.: Scott's the one you need to go after.

Caleb: I'll keep my options open. Just don't leave town.

J.R.: Pine Valley's my home. I won't leave.

Natalia: I thought you'd be working through lunch.

Brot: Oh. Thank you.

Natalia: Yeah. I was going to get you a burger, but --

Brot: No, no, no, no. This is -- this is cool. Thank you.

Natalia: Good. Um, well, I've been thinking about some things, and I've also been thinking about how I sometimes act around you.

Brot: I have been thinking about that, too.

Natalia: You have?

Brot: Yeah.

Natalia: Oh. Like what?

Brot: You first.

Natalia: I asked you.

[Phone rings]

Natalia: Saved by the bell. Detective Fowler. Yes, sir.

Jesse: Hey, baby.

Angie: Hi.

Jesse: What you got?

Angie: A baby book.

Jesse: A baby book in Braille, huh?

Angie: Yeah, it takes me about a day to read a page, but I'll get there.

Jesse: I know you will. I'm so proud of you.

Angie: Well, it was time. You know, we're going into our 18th week. I might feel the baby kick soon.

Jesse: I love you more and more each day.

Angie: Well, that's good. Because I'm getting bigger and bigger each day.

Jesse: Sexier by the day.

Angie: Ooh.

Jesse: Ooh. Ready to go eat?

Angie: Uh-huh.

Jesse: I'm going to take you someplace special.

Angie: Oh. Where?

Jesse: Home.

Angie: Oh. A cheap date.

[Jesse laughs]

Natalia: You know, Frankie always said Scott was a stand-up guy.

Brot: Do stand-up guys steal inventions worth millions? I mean, he did lawyer up.

Natalia: But according to the Feds, it sounded like he didn't even want one.

Brot: You know, we should call Jesse.

Natalia: No, no, we can handle this.

Brot: Oh, wait. You mean, you can handle this.

Natalia: No. I meant we. Why do you always have to say that and do that all the time?

Brot: Do what? Question your decision?

Natalia: Yeah. I'm not trying to snag some big case again for myself. Ok, my dad specifically asked for some alone time with Angie, that's all.

Brot: How's she doing?

Natalia: She's good. He's good. They just need some down time, now more than ever.

Brot: That's nice of you.

Natalia: Well, I can be nice.

Brot: Want to share?

Natalia: Yeah, I'd like that.

Annie: I need to see Scott. Where is he?

Natalia: Uh, the interrogation room.

Annie: Could I -- could I please have a moment with my husband?

Man: We'll be right outside.

Scott: [Sighs] Go home, Annie.

Annie: Why are you doing this?

Scott: I said go --

Annie: Is it to get back at me? Is that why you're throwing your life away?

Liza: What do you want from me, Jack. I'm the district attorney, you are the defense attorney. You want to sit down for tea? I'm going to tell you, the bigger problem here is that you're defending your daughter, and you're not thinking clearly.

Jack: I'm thinking clearly, I'm seeing clearly, and I'm seeing you trying to railroad her.

Liza: Railroad? Really?

Jack: Yes.

Liza: Do you think I would be prosecuting your daughter if I didn't believe that she was guilty? And I know as a father, that's hard to hear, but I'm going into that courtroom, and I'm going to prove it.

Damon: Liza, I got your coffee.

Liza: Thank you.

Jack: All right, Cortlandt, you were standing there long enough to hear Liza say that I'm making this too personal, and I'm risking my daughter by defending her. So what's your opinion?

Caleb: You really want to know what I think?

Jack: Sure, what the hell.

Caleb: It's not about the law. If it were about statutes and precedents, we wouldn't need juries and judges.

Jack: Because it's about people.

Caleb: It's about emotions, it's about feelings. Twelve jurors, judge, attorneys, defendant. And every one of them has got feelings, they've got a history, and it doesn't have a damn thing to do with the law.

Jack: I couldn't agree with you more.

Caleb: If I was on trial for murder, I'd want my attorney to be as passionate about my going free as I am.

Jack: Thank you.

Caleb: Mm-hmm. Go get 'em.

J.R.: Where's Marissa? I need to talk to her.

Krystal: She's not here. Why don't you just give her a call?

J.R.: You're covering for her, aren't you? You're trying to hold on to A.J. until the court date.

Krystal: Ok, this is between you and Marissa.

J.R.: You tell her -- you tell her that she's not taking my son away. Can you tell her that?

Krystal: Ok, J.R., you just calm down.

J.R.: No. I'm dealing with something huge right now. As soon as it's settled, I will track her down, and I will track down my son.

Krystal: When you act like this, I am glad that A.J. isn't with you. You're making things worse, J.R.

J.R.: I love my son, Krystal. You know that.

Krystal: Yes, I know that.

J.R.: You just have no idea what I'm dealing with right now. They're not sending me away.

Krystal: What do you mean, sending you away? What are you talking about?

J.R.: Just tell her that I need to see my son. Please? You tell her that.

Annie: I don't want you to hurt yourself, because of what I have done.

Scott: What am I supposed to do, Annie, huh? Am I supposed to keep on lying to save, what, the company? Or J.R.? Which one matters more to you?

Annie: All that matters to me now is that you save yourself. Ok? I know I have lost you. I know I have lost everything that I've ever dreamed of.

Scott: It wasn't a dream, Annie, it was a nightmare. It was a lie, from the very beginning.

Annie: No, that is not true. We were a family, Scott -- you, me, and Emma.

Scott: I know you told yourself that that's what you wanted, and for a while, I even fooled myself into thinking that's what we had.

Annie: We did. You loved Emma.

Scott: I still do. I love that little girl. And that's one of the reasons why I'm doing this. So that when she grows up, she understands that we have to pay for our mistakes.

Annie: I'm sorry.

Scott: [Sighs] God. I really did love you. I'd have done anything for you, Annie. And when you were with Adam, God, how I wanted you. I just -- and when he left -- when he left, I really thought I could have you.

[Annie sniffles]

Scott: How blind was I not to see that you would do the same thing to me that you did to him? In some messed up way, you and J.R. -- you have always belonged to him.

Annie: No. Even if that were true, which it is not, you can't destroy yourself, because of what I have done, because of who I am.

Scott: I'm not trying to destroy myself, Annie, I'm trying to save myself. Huh. I stole Palmer's invention, because I wanted to prove to you that I could be somebody, somebody worthy of you. And from that moment on, little by little, I began losing myself. I lied to everybody. Worst of all, I lied to myself.

[Door opens]

Scott: Get out.

J.R.: I called in a favor. A guy at the company has dealt with this individual at the F.B.I. I told him that you had some kind of nervous breakdown.

Scott: Oh, is that right? Wow. You just can't help yourself, can you? You think another lie is going to make all this go away.

J.R.: No, I don't. I think what you're doing is crazy.

Annie: Just listen to him, Scott.

J.R.: We can still save the company. We can deal with the personal stuff later.

Scott: I have dealt with all of this. This family is out of control. I am doing the right thing. It's what my father would have wanted me to do.

J.R.: Really?

Scott: Yeah.

J.R.: You think Uncle Stuart would want you behind bars?

Scott: He would have said, "You got to listen to your conscience," and that's what I'm doing.

Natalia: Your lawyer just called. He's stuck in court, but he should be here shortly.

Scott: Yeah, forget it. I just want to get this over with.

Natalia: You know, before you make your statement, you are entitled to --

Scott: I know my rights.

Annie: No. No.

Scott: Get rid of them, will you? I'm ready to put it in writing.

Natalia: Let's go. After you.

J.R.: Scott?

Angie: Ah! That was really, really good.

Jesse: Really? Me or the food?

Angie: Both.

Jesse: Come here, you.

Angie: You know, my other senses are starting to get more and more heightened. Music now sounds fuller, sweeter. And food -- food -- definitely tastes better.

Jesse: I remember back when you were expecting Frankie. You said that food was absolutely amazing.

Angie: Yeah. Hamburgers, pizza, and -- oh, and that velvet cake -- that red velvet cake! Oh, boy -- you know what? Everything that was -- everything except the -- that garlic. Ugh. God, I couldn't even stand the smell of it.

Jesse: Bingo. I knew it was garlic. And if you noticed, I prepared you an absolutely garlic-free lunch.

Angie: Uh-huh. Oh, baby, this is nice. Just the two and a half of us.

Jesse: Two and a half -- so what do you think, boy or girl?

Angie: Well, maybe one of each.

Jesse: Huh?

Angie: [Laughs] Don't panic. I'm just teasing.

[Jesse laughs]

[Phone rings]

Jesse: This better not be work. Hubbards' residence. Oh, yeah, yeah, it is. Um -- yeah, sure, I'll tell her. Ok.

Angie: What is it? The hospital needs me back?

Jesse: That was your Ob's office. It's time to set up an amnio.

Jack: You don't have children, do you, Cortlandt?

Caleb: No.

Jack: You know, I met Greenlee when she was already grown up. So I feel a constant pressure to make up for so much.

Caleb: You just have to do your job. You can buy her an ice cream after you win the case.

Jack: Very good. Maybe I will. So what were you filing?

Caleb: Well, it looks like I'm getting Cortlandt Electronics back.

Jack: You telling me the Chandlers just gave up?

Caleb: Hmm. Hardly. But after J.R. and Scott are done with each other, it'll kind of be like fish in a barrel. I've asked Erica to help me run it.

Jack: I think that would make your Uncle Palmer very happy.

Caleb: Are you ok with that?

Jack: Sure. Congratulations on Cortlandt.

Caleb: Well, not quite yet, but thank you. Good luck to you.

Jack: Thanks.

Scott: Don't worry. I didn't implicate you.

[Annie sighs]

Scott: I told them I stole the plans all on my own, and nobody else knew where they came from.

J.R.: Why would you protect us?

Scott: I wasn't protecting you, J.R., I was protecting your kids. I don't think A.J. or Emma should pay the price for your mistakes or mine.

Annie: Thank you.

Scott: But there will be a price. Not just behind bars. Not for you two. Chandler Enterprises will take a huge hit. And you have to live with the guilt of how you destroyed this family. And what a terrible waste you made of something that could have been really pretty amazing.

Brot: Let's go.

Annie: Scott -- I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry.

Scott: So am I.

Natalia: This way.

Annie: Oh, my God.

Annie: [Sniffles] What the hell are we supposed to do now?

J.R.: Well, I'm going to call my lawyer.

Annie: I don't care about your lawyer. My husband was just taken away in handcuffs.

J.R.: Oh, no, your husband made his choice.

Annie: How can you be so cold?

Scott: Scott didn't realize the reality of the situation.

Annie: What's -- the situation?

J.R.: You and me. He knew he was never going to win, so he bailed. But that's not going to stop me. It's not going to hurt me. I'm going to save Chandler, and I'm going to get my son back. And you and I -- hey, Scott's gone, sweetheart. So you don't have any more excuses.

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