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All My Children Transcript Friday 10/1/10


Episode #10470

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[Fire crackling]

Erica's voice: Help! Please, help me!

Caleb's voice: Hold on. Hold on. I'm coming!

Erica's voice: Aaah!

Krystal: Caleb? Is everything ok?

Caleb: Yeah. Yeah, let's get to work. [Clears throat]

J.R.: That sounds perfect. Just make sure that Scott doesn't hear that I'm behind it. Thank you.

Asher: So are you gonna bring a date?

J.R.: To what?

Asher: This party your cousin and his wife are throwing with all the power players at Chandler.

[J.R. sighs]

Asher: What, I'm not invited?

J.R.: Don't worry about the party. I've got it covered.

Annie: I invited the Ramseys, too. I think they'll give our party some more clout.

Scott: Great.

Annie: Uh-oh. What?

Scott: Good news or bad news?

Annie: Uh -- good?

Scott: Overhaul of Chandler Europe is going great.

Annie: Ok, what's the bad news?

Scott: I gotta make a quick trip to Paris to meet our top guy.

Annie: What? But what about our party?

Scott: I know, I know, I know. I will be back in plenty of time, ok? You don't think I'm excited? I'm excited.

Annie: I don't know. You weren't really hell-bent on having it here to begin with.

Scott: I know, but you were right. This is my chance to present you to the board, to the executives, all the key players and their spouses as my better half, director of PR for Chandler Enterprises, and woman at the head of this household.

Annie: Wow. You make me sound so important.

Scott: That's 'cause you are important.

Annie: With Adam I was always just -- arm candy.

Scott: With me, you're gonna be a lot more than that. You deserve to be accepted by the very best of Pine Valley.

Annie: You'll definitely be back in time for the party?

Scott: I'll be back in time to zip up your dress.

Ryan: Is there anything at all about this case that you haven't told me?

Greenlee: Why do you think I'm hiding something?

Ryan: Because I know you, Greenlee. You've been evasive. You've been nervous. I mean -- come on. The story about you finding the vial with the drug in it? That didn't make any sense.

Greenlee: I found the vial on the floor of my hotel room.

Ryan: And you put it in your glove compartment, and why didn't you bring it to the cops?

Greenlee: Stop questioning me. I did not kill my husband. I'm gonna be out of here soon, Ryan, so just please just leave.

Ryan: No, I'm not going anywhere. I want to help you. I don't understand why you won't tell me.

Greenlee: [Remembers finding the vial of digitalis in Ryan's jacket] I can't take this anymore. I just feel so guilty.

Ryan: Guilty about what?

Asher: So what's your deal with Scott? Why do you hate him so much?

J.R.: I don't hate him. We just have a difference of opinions -- a lot like you and Caleb.

Asher: Your fathers were twins, right?

J.R.: So?

Asher: So you live in the same house, run the family business together.

J.R.: Scott's not a real Chandler. He's adopted. In fact, we're more related than Scott and myself.

Asher: Being related by blood doesn't mean a damn thing.

J.R.: Well, not to Caleb, apparently.

Asher: So what are we gonna do to him? How do we hurt him?

J.R.: All right, just take it easy. We'll get him. We don't have to hit him over the head to make it happen. Listen, I have some meetings this week. Why don't you come with me and sit in on them?

Asher: Meetings? Uh -- I'm not really a business guy.

J.R.: Not yet. Just keep your mouth shut and listen. Take it all in.

Asher: These meetings -- does it have something to do with getting rid of my so-called father?

J.R.: Do you have a problem with that?

Asher: Absolutely not.

J.R.: Look, you're great with computers. You could be useful in the boardroom, too, to be sizing up Caleb. Probably see things that I can't.

Asher: But I don't know the first thing about the guy.

J.R.: You know a lot more than you think you do.

Asher: I think you just like the idea of Caleb sitting across from me, hating me, having no clue that you're using his own son against him.

J.R.: Look, I'll e-mail you my schedule. Right now, I have to deal with my divorce lawyer.

Asher: Fighting for your son.

J.R.: Yes. That's what real fathers do, hmm?

Krystal: When I came in here earlier, what were you thinking about?

Caleb: Life.

Krystal: Are you ticked at me?

Caleb: No, no. No, just at myself for letting that kid pull a fast one. Hmm!

Krystal: Yeah. That Asher weaseled his way past all of us, pretending to be a computer repairman. None of us figured out he was working for J.R.

Caleb: I should have trusted my instincts.

Krystal: How's the head?

Caleb: It's good. Do you have that file for me?

Krystal: Oh, yes, I do. Here you go.

Caleb: Thank you. There's another one over there on the table.

Krystal: Yeah, you know, Caleb, I don't know how many more of these I'm gonna be able to handle. Jackson may be wanting me back.

Caleb: You gonna dump me for Captain Marvel?

Krystal: Ha! Well, he did hire me first. And with Greenlee in jail, I'm guessing that he and Erica will be coming back from Europe soon. Did you hear me? Erica will be coming home soon.

Caleb: I heard.

Krystal: Well, I just thought you should know with all the paralegal work and the restaurant, I don't think I'm gonna have a lot of spare time, but I will find you somebody else to help you.

Caleb: Won't be the same. Never find anybody who's as smart and as fun and -- who makes such a good burger.

Krystal: Any time you need a sloppy double cheese, I owe you.

Caleb: For what?

Krystal: Well, for all that you've done to help the people that I care about, especially my daughter.

A.J.: Mommy! A boy over on the train ride teased me.

Marissa: About what?

A.J.: He said that my family gets divorced.

Marissa: Oh. Sweetie, I know this is hard for you and trying to understand why Daddy and I aren't together anymore, but always remember it is not your fault. I love you so much.

A.J.: Why can't you love Daddy?

Marissa: Well, sometimes grownups change. Sometimes their feelings toward each other change. But one thing that will never, ever change is how I feel about you. I'm gonna go talk to that little boy's mother and make sure he leaves you alone. Ok?

A.J.: Why do the mommys always talk and the daddys always fight?

Marissa: I hate the fighting, too, but I'm going to do everything I can to make that stop.

Annie: I wish I could go with you to Paris. It's so romantic this time of year.

Scott: I know, but we'll go, ok? A European honeymoon. No interruptions this time. First class all the way.

Annie: Thank you for everything. You really have given me everything I've always wanted. Sometimes I wake up and feel like it's not even real.

Scott: It's real, and it will only get better.

Annie: Just think about how much has happened, though, how much has changed over the past few months. It wasn't that long ago I was considered a joke, a golddigger, a homewrecker, let's see, that crazy woman who somehow managed to dig her claws into the Chandlers.

Scott: That is not who you are.

Annie: I am so glad you see that. I really used to be mistreated, ignored, dismissed. It just means a lot to have the man that I love know who I really am and appreciate me and believe in me, that's all.

Scott: Pretty soon, everybody will know what a superstar you are.

Annie: That's what I want. I want respect from the people that matter. I want new friends. I want to make connections with the women that I only see on the magazine covers, you know? But now instead of them looking down on me, we'll actually be equals. Hmm!

Scott: Well, you're gonna meet all of them, you know, so be prepared to have your picture taken with lots of women in pearls.

Annie: But this party isn't just about me wanting to see myself on the society pages. This is about me just wanting to see the real me. I want Emma to see the real me. I want Emma to be proud of me.

Scott: She already is.

Annie: Yeah, but I've let her down so much. I just want to make it right, and this is my chance to do that. Oh! I just don't want anything to get messed up.

Scott: What could mess it up? A bad shrimp puff?

Annie: Don't joke. This is very important to me.

Scott: I know!

Annie: It means a lot to me. And you have made it possible. So thank you. You sure you're gonna make it to this party?

Scott: I don't want to leave you and Emma. You know that, right?

Annie: Yeah. Our little family.

Scott: I can't imagine life without you.

Annie: You'll never have to.

[Telephone rings]

Natalia: Hey. I'm gonna get out of here.

Brot: All right, cool. So I'll meet you in the park in about an hour.

Natalia: Cool. Don't forget the root beer.

Brot: All right.

Natalia: See you.

Brot: Hey, I was actually thinking about this picnic we're having. And I figured why hide what it is -- you know, a date.

Natalia: Oh, that's what you figured, huh?

Brot: Yeah. Why dance around it? I asked you out, and you accepted.

Natalia: Oh, no, no! I asked you out, and you pretty much made a federal case out of who asked who until --

Brot: Oh, my God! Whatever. Who cares? My point is, I would feel more comfortable if we were straight up with --

Natalia: Not a chance.

Brot: Chief.

Jesse: There a problem?

Natalia: Yeah, Officer Monroe here needs to brush up on procedure.

Brot: What?

Jesse: Seriously?

Natalia: As a heart attack. I think you need to remind him I'm his superior. And as his superior, he needs to follow my orders.

Jesse: Look, she's right. Can I go now?

Natalia: Yes.

Jesse: Greenlee's bail hearing. Thank you.

Brot: Really. So you're gonna pull rank every single time we disagree on something?

Natalia: You were out of line.

Brot: What's wrong with letting your father know that we're involved?

Natalia: Involved?

Brot: Yes.

Natalia: We're not involved. And if we were, I would say something, but there's nothing to say.

Brot: Did it ever occur to you that Jesse actually might like us as a couple? I mean, he was cool with it before.

Natalia: Before you were a cop. This is a blatant violation of the rules. Really. He would have to hide it from the whole squad room. We'd have to go all formal through official channels.

Brot: Who cares? He would deal with it.

Natalia: He has too much to deal with already, Brot. You know that. I mean, the death of Hayward? The mayor? Angie and the baby? I don't want to pile on and have him keep some secret that's not really a big deal anyway.

Brot: It's a big deal to me.

Greenlee: The other day you said you needed to focus on Madison, that you're planning a trip together. I shouldn't be keeping you from that.

Ryan: It was Madison's idea to put the trip off to begin with, Greenlee, ok? She understands what I need to do. I need to see this through.

Greenlee: You should be with her.

Ryan: I should be with you. I promised you that I would be if you needed me.

Greenlee: I don't. I'm fine. I'm innocent.

[Door opens]

Jesse: Greenlee. Gotta go. Your lawyer's waiting at the courthouse.

Ryan: I'm coming with you.

Greenlee: Ryan.

Ryan: I am going. I will walk in separately. I'll sit two rows behind you so you won't even know I'm there, ok? Except for the fact that you will know I'm there.

Krystal: Oh, Scott.

Scott: Hi.

Caleb: Hey, come on in.

Scott: Hey.

Caleb: How's it going?

Scott: Europe, that's what's going. Gotta make a quick trip over there, make sure all your dollars you invested are being put to good use.

Caleb: Bon voyage.

Scott: Thank you. So I heard what J.R. did to you, having that kid Asher bash you in the head.

Caleb: Oh, I think I can handle your cousin and his sidekick.

Scott: I'm sure you can. Listen, I'll be in marathon meetings while I'm over there, but meanwhile Annie's putting out a press release once she gets that party underway. You're coming, right?

Caleb: Your wife's not going with you?

Scott: It's not a vacation.

Caleb: So you're leaving her alone in that house with Junior.

Scott: I trust my wife.

J.R.: Hey. What are you doing here?

Annie: Finalizing the hors d'oeuvres list for my party. Please, J.R., don't distract me.

J.R.: Relax. I'm just meeting with my divorce lawyer. Marissa pushed, so I'm pushing back.

Annie: Just make sure A.J. doesn't get pushed, too. I know how ugly these things can get.

J.R.: You know, Marissa has to know what happens if she tries to take A.J. away from me.

Annie: I remember going through this with Emma, and I would not wish it on anybody else. I meant what I said before. If you need my support, you have it.

J.R.: Thank you.

Annie: Hey, I know this is kind of inappropriate timing, but can I ask you a favor?

J.R.: Shoot.

Annie: I know Scott invited you to our party, but I was hoping you wouldn't come. I just think it's best for everyone if you stay away from the mansion.

J.R.: Fine.

Annie: Really?

J.R.: Why would I want to be there anyway? Watching Scott trying to impress the board members is not my idea of fun.

Annie: Scott's not doing this for fun. He's doing this for me, because he knows what I need. He keeps me grounded and keeps me from spinning off and getting lost. I can't afford to do that anymore, not when I'm so close to getting everything I've ever wanted, for me and for my daughter.

J.R.: I hope that works out for you.

Annie: What does that mean?

J.R.: Sometimes when you fight so hard for something and you finally get it, you realize it's not what you really wanted after all.

A.J.: Hi, Asher. When can I have another computer lesson?

Marissa: A.J., you know better than to run away from me like that.

A.J.: Sorry, Mommy.

Marissa: It's ok. It's ok. Listen, I need to talk to Asher for a minute. Why don't you go look at the fish, ok? But right where I can see you.

Asher: I didn't mean to upset A.J. that day at Wildwind --

Marissa: When my son found Caleb on the ground, unconscious, bleeding, after you assaulted him? God, you should be in jail.

Asher: Is A.J. ok?

Marissa: He's still having nightmares. Let's make one thing clear. You will not be spending any more time with him.

Asher: I get it.

Marissa: Do you? You lied. You made us all think that you were the hero, pretending to chase the bad guy away when you were the one who hit Caleb.

Asher: You ever think he might have deserved it?

Marissa: How could you even say that? You know, I don't even care. Stay away from my son.

Caleb: Is he bothering you?

Marissa: Not anymore. You ready to go, A.J.? Come on, sweetie. It's time to leave.

A.J.: Can I go over to Wildwind and play computers with Miranda?

Marissa: Sure! Yeah, but why don't we go back to the house and pick up some of your things, first?

A.J.: Why?

Marissa: In case you want to stay with me tonight instead of your dad. Come on.

Caleb: Why don't you go running back to Junior, give him your report?

Asher: Keeping a boy from a father who actually wants him -- you don't have a problem with that?

Caleb: My problem's with you.

Ryan: We can get another hearing. Just because the judge denied --

Greenlee: Liza wants me locked up.

Ryan: I can't believe the judge bought her argument. You had a near-death experience. You were unconscious for a year. It wasn't like you did that by choice. That doesn't make her a flight risk.

Greenlee: Liza sees herself as David's avenger. If I could just talk to that judge again.

Jesse: Sorry, Greenlee. Really gotta go. Rodriguez!

Brot: Chief. I'll take her downstairs.

Jesse: I thought your shift ended an hour ago.

Brot: It did, but I figured I'd stick around just in case.

Jesse: All right, then cuff her.

Ryan: Cuff her? Really, Jesse? Is that necessary? Come on.

Jesse: Gotta do this by the book, Ryan, ok?

Greenlee: It's ok.

Ryan: I'm gonna help you.

Greenlee: You already have. It's enough. You need to live your own life.

Ryan: I'll see you soon.

Greenlee: No, Ryan. Good-bye.

Caleb: What part of "stay away" don't you understand?

Asher: Oh, you mean from your little family over at Wildwind?

Caleb: Junior must make you feel pretty special, huh? Being his lackey, spying for him, hmm? Does he make you feel special? Is that what it is?

Asher: Yeah.

Caleb: Who are you? What kind of man are you, running around for somebody else?

Asher: Who am I?

Caleb: Yeah, who are you?

Asher: That's a good question.

Caleb: Yeah, that's a good question. The fact is, I really don't give a damn about you. You're nothing to me. My business is with Junior. You just stay away from me and everybody I know. You got that? You're nothing.

J.R.: I wouldn't even think of hiring anyone else to represent me. Very few people know that you have a perfect record when it comes to custody cases. You're my secret weapon.

Brent: That's quite the buildup, Mr. Chandler, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to turn you down.

J.R.: What? Why?

Brent: I've already been retained by your wife.

J.R.: How does Marissa know about you?

Brent: I guess she did her homework.

J.R.: My father's the reason you have a career. You'd be nothing without the Chandlers. Where do your loyalties lie?

Brent: Marissa is a Chandler, too, and she called me first.

J.R.: You drop my wife as a client, or you'll never work for the Chandlers again.

[Brent sighs and nods]

J.R.: That's right. You better make sure I win.

Marissa: Honey, run upstairs and get your stuff.

A.J.: Yay! We're going to Wildwind!

Marissa: And don't forget to take your pajamas in case you stay with me tonight.

A.J.: Ok.

Marissa: Ok.

Annie: Does J.R. know you're having a sleepover?

Marissa: Excuse me?

Annie: I was just wondering if you told A.J.'s father about your plans.

Marissa: Are you questioning what I do with my son?

Annie: He's J.R.'s son, too.

Marissa: Not that it's any of your business, but I left J.R. a message on his cell phone. A.J. wants to hang out with Miranda. It was his idea.

Annie: So why don't they just hang out here?

Marissa: If it were up to me, A.J. would spend as little time as possible in this place. It's toxic.

Annie: And Wildwind isn't? The home of the man who's trying to destroy A.J.'s father?

Marissa: It's also Miranda's home, and A.J. wants to see her. If J.R. has a problem with that, you can tell him that I'll see him in court.

Annie: I don't have time to be your messenger. I'm planning a party. The sooner you're out of here, the better.

Jesse: She's gonna be ok.

Ryan: No, she's not. She's claustrophobic, ok? Do you have any idea what that feels like for her to be down in that cell like that?

Jesse: It's not like it's a solitary cell. It's the same one as before. There's plenty of air down there.

Ryan: I realize that, but she knows that she's gonna be trapped there for a while longer. That's gonna hit her on a new level. Would you just let me go down and see her?

Jesse: Ryan --

Ryan: Let me just help her get adjusted.

Jesse: Ryan --

Ryan: I'm the only person that knows how to do that, ok?

Jesse: There's only so much you can do.

[Keys jingling]

Greenlee: How do I order room service?

Brot: A sense of humor. That'll be very helpful while you're in here.

Greenlee: Mmm. A good cabernet wouldn't hurt either.

Brot: Well, it won't be long till your trial. You can count on that.

Greenlee: Mmm.

Brot: Ok, so I'm gonna go. Or I could stay and hang for a while.

Greenlee: That's sweet of you to offer, but you should be off-duty. I gotta get used to this place anyway, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Brot: Ok.

[Metal clangs]

[Greenlee exhales]

[Greenlee exhales]

Ryan: Stay calm. Stay calm. Everything is gonna be ok.

Greenlee: I'm trying to, but I can't. The walls, the bars -- I gotta get out of here.

Ryan: Ok, just breathe.

Greenlee: I can't.

Ryan: You really need to breathe.

Greenlee: I can't.

Ryan: Yes, you can. You can do anything, Greenlee. You can do anything. You are a survivor, ok? Just hold on.

Greenlee: Aah!

Ryan: Hold on. Hold onto me.

Annie: I'm just a little stressed out. This party's kind of a big deal. And so are custody battles. I've been there, and they get mean and they get nasty. And I hated putting Emma through that. I was really hoping A.J. wouldn't have to go through that either. We've gotten close, and he's a sweet little boy. I just think a battle like this could really damage --

Marissa: Did I not make myself clear? I don't need your advice about my child.

Annie: I'm just speaking from experience.

Marissa: Yeah, well, you've had a lot of that, haven't you?

Annie: Why are you like this? I'm just trying to find peace within my home, within my family.

Marissa: Peace for your big, important party?

Annie: Yeah. Is that so much to ask?

Marissa: You don't have the right to ask me for anything.

Annie: J.R. is upset. When he gets upset, he loses control, and that would be bad for everyone.

Marissa: And by everyone, you mean you?

Annie: I mean all of us. Scott and I are trying to start our lives together. We don't need you doing this to J.R., antagonizing him. He's already on edge.

Marissa: Well, if he is, I'm sure you've been consoling him.

Annie: I've shown genuine concern. I've tried to make the situation better. What is wrong with you?

Marissa: I just want to take A.J. and get out of here.

Annie: Do you realize what you are doing by taking A.J., what that does to J.R.? If you get full custody, he will never see his son again. Come on! You could get married again. You could have more children. J.R. might not be able to do that because of the chemo.

Marissa: Don't you dare talk about J.R.'s cancer. I was by his side day and night. You just swooped in and seduced him.

Annie: Really? 'Cause from what I remember, I helped him beat the cancer. Remember? I saved his life.

Marissa: You slept with a married man. You tore apart a family. You cheated on your husband.

Annie: So did you. I am done trying to reason with you. I am just telling you, if you go after J.R., you are going to hurt everybody, especially your son. Clearly, you don't care. So I am getting back to getting my party together.

Marissa: Ha ha! Do you even realize how ridiculous you are? Trying to pass yourself off as some socialite? No one is buying it, Annie. Everyone's laughing at you.

Annie: You're just jealous.

Marissa: Of what? None of it's genuine. You have no class.

Annie: And you do?

Marissa: At least I have a little shame. You teeter around in your high heels, flaunting your cleavage, reminding everyone that you're little Mrs. Fill-in-the-blank Chandler. You're just a bad cliché. You're a pathetic wannabe.

Annie: Get out of my house.

Marissa: Your house? You mean the house that you slept your way into? This whole act didn't work when you were married to Adam, and it's not going to work now. Everyone knows that you're nothing but a golddigging slut.

Annie: And you are invisible! You stand next to me, and -- poof! You disappear! And it kills you, doesn't it?

A.J.: Why are you two fighting?

Marissa: It's ok, sweetie. We were just having a disagreement. I'm really sorry that you saw that.

Annie: So am I.

Marissa: Come on, let's go, ok? Now you know why I want him out of this house.

Brot: Sorry I took so long.

Natalia: Did you remember the root beer?

Brot: I didn't get a chance to get it, because I decided to hang around the station, and I wanted to put Greenlee in her cell. Thought it would be better than some stranger, you know?

Natalia: Oh, well, that was nice of you.

Brot: Well, I am a nice guy. Plus, I'm not so sure she killed her husband.

Natalia: Don't repeat that in front of the mayor or the D.A. Hungry?

Brot: Yeah, I'm starving. What do we got?

Natalia: Let's see.

Brot: What is this? Potato salad. Grilled chicken?

Natalia: Wait, wait.

Brot: Apple pie? Where did you buy all this stuff?

Natalia: I made it.

Brot: Oh.

Natalia: I don't look like the type?

Brot: You said it, not me.

Natalia: It is possible to be a career woman and to be able to throw down in the kitchen. And by the way, I'm a kick-ass cook.

Brot: You kick ass in a lot of things.

J.R.: Do you know where Marissa is? She should have been back here with A.J. by now. Annie?

Annie: I'm busy.

J.R.: Do you know where my son is?

Annie: Marissa took him to Wildwind. She said she left you a message on your cell.

J.R.: She's out of control. Taking my son whenever she wants to? She says that I'm not a fit parent? She even tried to hire a Chandler family attorney out from under me.

Annie: Please calm down.

J.R.: Look, she wants war, she's got war.

Annie: I tried to tell her.

J.R.: Tell her what?

Annie: To be reasonable, to not cause unnecessary tension, and I maybe sort of suggested that dragging A.J. through a custody battle would be a really, really bad idea.

J.R.: Damn it, Annie!

Annie: You think I wanna get in the middle of this? I've been trying to focus on my own stuff all day -- something positive, ok, something that I really care about. Instead, I wasted my entire day dealing with you and Marissa nonsense. Oh, and she's a real bitch, by the way. Wait. We argued, and it wasn't pretty.

J.R.: Tell me A.J. didn't hear you guys arguing. Oh, come on, Annie. You want me to stay out of your life? You stay the hell out of mine!

Brot: So who taught you how to cook? Wait, I'm sorry. You taught yourself, right?

Natalia: Hmm. Ha ha! Actually, no. I learned from my mom. I started out stirring batter and cracking eggs, and eventually I could make a mean apple pie.

Brot: Impressive.

Natalia: How's the eye?

Brot: It's better now that I can close it.

Natalia: I noticed. It looks better.

Brot: So you noticed I couldn't keep my eyes off of you?

Krystal: Well, would you look at that? There's still genuine romance in this world. Ha ha!

Ryan: Just close your eyes.

Greenlee: If I do, it'll start again.

Ryan: You need to go somewhere else in your mind, somewhere that makes you feel relaxed.

Greenlee: Uh! All I see are the walls closing in.

Ryan: All right. You gotta work with me. Can you do that? Yeah? Ok, good. Now, it's October. Imagine it's October. It's perfect, perfect weather outside. You and I are riding in an open-topped jeep down a long road to the beach. The wind is blowing in your hair, and you're wearing a green sundress.

Greenlee: Cape Cod.

Ryan: We kick off our shoes, and we go running through the sand towards the water. And then all of a sudden, you turn around and you just go run all over the sand dunes like crazy everywhere.

Greenlee: I felt so free.

Ryan: Yeah, it was just you and me as far as the eye could see. Just you and me on the beach. And then we turned to leave. It's time to go. On our way back to the car, you break away and you go running into the ocean.

Greenlee: I thought the water would be freezing, but it was so warm.

Ryan: Yeah. It's just you and the waves. You were in there laughing. I could hear you laugh, and you were so happy. Do you remember that?

Greenlee: Yes, I remember.

Annie: Thanks to J.R. and Marissa, I got absolutely nothing done today.

Scott: I can cancel the trip to Europe. I can stay and help.

Annie: That's sweet, but I'm ok. I just feel better talking to you and knowing that you're not mad.

Scott: No, I'm not mad.

Annie: Ok. Then go already. 'Cause the faster you go, the faster you'll come back to me.

Scott: You sure?

Annie: I'm sure you love me. That's all I need.

Scott: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Marissa: I have to get A.J. out of that house now.

Caleb: Until it's official, he's always welcome here.

Marissa: Thank you. And thank you for recommending Brent Majors. He will definitely make sure that J.R. doesn't take A.J.

Caleb: Especially since he's gonna be handling an official practicing attorney.

Marissa: Official? Oh, my God. Today's the day of the bar results.

Caleb: Congratulations.

Marissa: Ha ha!

Caleb: I passed, too.

Marissa: Oh, well, of course, you did. You're the reason I passed. Thank you. Thank you. I'm gonna go tell my son that his mom's a lawyer.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: I wanna see my son.

Caleb: When Majors is done with you, you'll be lucky if you see A.J. at all.

J.R.: I should have known. You're the one that told Marissa about him. Well, too bad. He's working for me now. She'll have to find another lawyer. Good luck finding one who's willing to cross the Chandlers.

Caleb: That won't be too hard.

J.R.: That's what you think.

Caleb: No, that's what I know. I'm gonna handle her case.

J.R.: You? Ha ha! We'll destroy you.

Caleb: Well, good luck with that. You took my company, I'm gonna make sure Marissa takes your son. Have a nice day.

[Door slams]

[Glass clinks]

Scott's voice: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Mrs. Scott Chandler.

Scott: Hey. Where were you just now?

Annie: At our party. I was imagining the moment when the past will finally be erased.

Scott: Yeah?

Annie: Yeah.

Scott: Well, as soon as I get back, that's all going to happen.

Annie: Right.

Natalia: We were just having a picnic. It's not what it looks like. We really were just here --

Brot: Natalia, relax.

Krystal: No, it's ok. Angie told me that you two were getting closer.

Natalia: Oh, no. Angie's wrong. I should go talk to her.

Brot: You're leaving?

Krystal: No, don't go. You're having such a beautiful picnic.

Natalia: Will you please, please not mention this to anyone.

Krystal: Well, ok. Yeah. My lips are sealed. Please, enjoy, enjoy.

Brot: [Sighs] You know what, you're gonna make people a lot more suspicious if you keep freaking out like that.

Natalia: Do you have to question every thing that I do?

Brot: Yes, when you act crazy like that.

Natalia: Well, you know, we're not together. And that's what I was trying to explain to her, that we are not involved.

Brot: [Kisses Natalia] Are we involved now?

[Greenlee sighs]

Ryan: You ok?

Greenlee: I am now, thanks to you.

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