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Episode #10469

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Greenlee: Would you stop?

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: That marching thing you're doing.

Kendall: I'm a little nervous, ok?

Greenlee: Well, I'm the one who spent the night in jail.

Kendall: Yeah, well, you'd never know it. You're so calm, so cool. You're completely in denial.

Greenlee: Because I didn't kill David. I wouldn't kill David. Now we just need to prove that.

Kendall: How? You're locked up in here with a boatload of evidence against you, including those bogus suicide letters you wrote.

Greenlee: They worked for a while, didn't they?

Kendall: Oh, my God, Greenlee. I don't know whether to scream or smack you silly. Saving Ryan by sacrificing yourself is not being noble. It's reckless, and he'd be the first one to tell you that.

Annie: I know I originally ordered two cases of champagne, but I'm gonna have to double it. Yeah. That's right. Oh, and can you send over a menu? I'm gonna need to make some changes to the appetizers we selected. Great. Yeah. There are gonna be some very important people at this party, so everything has to be perfect. Lovely. I'm glad we understand each other. I'll be in touch.

[Scott whispering]

Annie: Hi! What are you two up to?

Emma: Mmm --

Scott: Go ahead, show her.

Emma: No, you show her.

Scott: How about we both do it?

Annie: Show me what?

Emma: Ok.

Scott: Ok.

Annie: Ah! Oh! Look at this! Emma, this is beautiful! Did you do this?

Emma: Scott helped me. We wanted to surprise you.

Annie: Well, you did surprise me. Well, what's the occasion? It's not my birthday or Mother's Day.

Scott: We don't need a special occasion to show you how much you mean to us.

Emma: I just wanted to let you know that you're the best mommy in the whole entire world.

Annie: Oh, sweetheart.

Scott: Best wife, too.

[J.R. sighs]

[Music playing at the Yacht Club]

J.R.: Hi.

Marissa: Hi. Your office said you'd be here.

J.R.: Yeah. Have a seat. Is everything ok? The divorce papers.

Marissa: I felt that I should do it in person.

J.R.: You didn't have to do it at all, Marissa.

Marissa: Let's not go over that again.

J.R.: All right, fine. Wait a second. You gotta be kidding me. There's no way that I'm giving you primary custody of my son.

Greenlee: Thanks for your advice, but if I started to list all the crazy things you've done to protect the people you love, we'd be here all week.

Kendall: Ok, fine. Make it about me.

Greenlee: I know what I'm doing.

Kendall: No, you don't, but I'm tired of trying to convince you.

Greenlee: Well, if you had another plan, I'd say let's go for it. But right now, I think the only option I have is to go to the police and tell them that I didn't find that digitalis in my hotel room, that I found it in Ryan's jacket. If I do that, he spends the rest of his life in prison. That's not gonna bring David back, and it's not gonna happen. So get on the bus or get out of here.

Ryan: So what do you think about this place right here?

Madison: The Amalfi coast?

Ryan: Yes.

Madison: I could live with that.

Ryan: Seriously?

Madison: Yes.

Ryan: Ok, well, then, this is where we're going.

Madison: Eventually.

Ryan: We -- we are gonna take this vacation, ok?

Madison: I know, I know. And I'm not regretting saying that we should wait until Greenlee's off the hook. I get it.

Ryan: Ok.

Madison: Just want to reserve the right to pout every once in a while.

Ryan: Oh, you look hot when you pout, actually.

Madison: Yeah?

Ryan: Yeah. No, you do. You're really sexy. See? That just kills me. Keep pouting.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Mmm, forget it.

Madison: Go.

Ryan: No, you can't pout and then tell me to get that. It's not even fair. It's like -- uhh. Please, Liza, come on in. Really.

Liza: I have some questions to ask you, Ryan. So frankly, you know this new so-called evidence? The file in Greenlee's car, the forgeries? It's all just a little too convenient for me.

Ryan: I mean, I completely agree. I don't think Greenlee did it either.

Liza: Mmm -- no, I think she did it, except I think she did it with your help. I mean, Greenlee obviously couldn't have done this on her own. And it is a fact that you two were working together to break up her marriage. So it's not that big of a leap for me to connect the dots to the murder.

Madison: You don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan: Madison, really, it's ok.

Liza: No, and everybody knows how far you would go to --

Madison: You're wrong. Ryan didn't do anything. Greenlee's the one who threatened to kill David. 

Liza: So when did you hear Greenlee threatened to kill David?

Madison: I don't, um --

Ryan: Madison, it's ok. Don't say another word, ok? Liza, you're out of here.

Liza: Oh, no, I'm not done yet.

Ryan: Actually, you are done because this is my house, and you're not welcome here anymore, so --

Liza: Well, that's fine, only now I gotta get Jesse to bring Madison down to the station to ask her the exact same question?

Ryan: Ok, Madison, do not let Liza push you around. This is not a big deal, all right. We'll get a lawyer if we have to.

Madison: No, no, that'll just make it seem worse than it is. Look, Greenlee was just upset. It's just something she blurted out. I'm sure she didn't mean it.

Liza: Just tell me when she said it.

Madison: I don't remember.

Liza: You know, obstructing justice is a crime.

Madison: I don't know when. Look, some time before it happened.

Liza: Uh-huh, and who did you overhear her saying this to? Was it you? Was it Ryan?

Madison: I didn't say that.

Liza: Listen, I can call you both as witnesses, so you know all of this is gonna come out --

Ryan: And you know what, you can call me as a witness. Leave Madison out of this.

Liza: She brought herself into this.

Madison: Well, I'm not saying anything else. I don't care what you do to me.

Liza: You know you're protecting the woman that's been in love with Ryan for years.

Ryan: Oh, ok. All right, Liza. What are you trying to prove here, really?

Liza: Motive, for one.

Ryan: Really? Because half the people in Pine Valley have said that they would like to kill David at one point or another.

Liza: Yes, only this time, somebody actually went through with it.

Kendall: Ok, let's try and look at the bright side. Is there one?

Greenlee: Number 1 -- I'm innocent. Number 2 -- I have enough money to hire the best lawyers in the world.

Kendall: Yeah, one of which happens to be your father who's a great lawyer, but you won't call him.

Greenlee: Kendall.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: May I finish?

Kendall: And?

Greenlee: Number 3 -- I'm going up against Liza Colby who's been a lawyer for what, five minutes?

Kendall: I wouldn't underestimate Liza.

Greenlee: I wouldn't underestimate me.

Kendall: I never would.

Greenlee: Finally. A semi-positive word. Thank you.

Kendall: You're welcome.

Greenlee: Can I give you a more sincere thank you now?

Kendall: Ok, you can grovel at my feet if you like.

Greenlee: Don't push it. But I really do owe you. You've stuck your neck out for me, and I know you've put your marriage on the line in the process.

Kendall: God knows, you don't make it easy. But I don't want to see you locked up for the next 20 years.

Greenlee: You still care.

Kendall: I just don't want to run a cosmetics company with a partner sporting hard, grizzled prison skin. That's all.

Greenlee: You still care about my skin, then. I'll settle for that.

Annie: Ok, so where do you want to put it?

Scott: I don't know. What do you think, Emma?

Emma: Right there. Now I have a mommy and two daddys.

Annie: Thank you for making this possible for me and for Emma. I've never been happier.

Marissa: I warned you.

J.R.: I don't give a damn what this piece of paper says. You're not taking my son away from me.

Marissa: Our son. And I'm not trying to stop you from seeing him.

J.R.: Oh, well, thanks a lot. That's really generous of you.

Marissa: He can't live with you full-time, J.R., not in that house. And you don't provide a safe environment.

J.R.: Provide a safe -- don't use lawyer-talk on me.

Marissa: You hired Asher to attack Caleb, and our son walked in on it.

J.R.: I didn't hire Asher to do that.

Marissa: Ok, even if by some small chance you didn't, you set it up so that it could happen.

J.R.: Oh!

Marissa: You did! I mean, in your world there is always some kind of a war going on, J.R., and I will not let our son be subjected to any more bloodshed.

J.R.: You know, my father tried to take A.J. away from me. So did David. They failed, and so will you.

Marissa: You don't scare me.

J.R.: I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just trying to present the facts. You, of all people, know how much A.J. means to me.

Marissa: Yes, I do know that.

J.R.: Then how could you do this? How could you even think of trying to take him away from me?

Marissa: He's my son, my sister's child. I'm just making sure that he's safe.

A.J.: He is.

Marissa: No, he is not!

J.R.: This is not you, Marissa. This is not the sweet, loving woman that I fell in love with.

Marissa: Stop it, J.R.

J.R.: The woman that I believe still has feelings for me, even though that I've put her through so much pain.

Marissa: You drove that woman away, J.R. It's not gonna work, this whole guilt trip thing. I'm not the mousy girl with stars in her eyes anymore.

J.R.: Really? Then who are you? Because I don't know this person.

Marissa: I'm someone who finally got wise to you. You know, I just lost my father, a man who I didn't respect or admire very much. But I did learn one thing from David.

J.R.: What's that? How to make enemies?

Marissa: Do you even realize how much you sound like him?

J.R.: I'm nothing like David Hayward.

Marissa: He lived his life with lies and deceit. It's what defined him and eventually what killed him. And you really don't see any of that in yourself?

J.R.: Oh, please.

Marissa: You know what, I refuse to let my son --

J.R.: You mean your adopted son?

Marissa: No, my son -- grow up thinking that that's how a man should live his life.

J.R.: You have no idea what you're stepping into.

Marissa: Well, there's the real J.R. Chandler.

J.R.: You know, I will do whatever it takes to hold onto my son. Everything, and I mean everything is fair game.

Marissa: Including the fact that I slept with Scott.

J.R.: Mmm.

Marissa: I know fully what you're capable of, J.R. Your problem is you have no idea what I'm capable of.

J.R.: A.J. stays here. You don't take him anywhere from now on, do you understand me?

Marissa: I am still his mother, and you don't get to order me to do anything. We'll coordinate who takes A.J. when and where until the courts decide otherwise. I will start. We're going to the park this afternoon.

Madison: I really messed up. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: No, no, no. It's -- ok. Just kind of complicates things a little bit.

Madison: Liza -- when she started going after you --

Ryan: It's done. It's done. It's done.

Madison: What can we do?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know what we can do because, well, Greenlee didn't help things by forging those letters. And now Liza has got a death threat to go --

[Slams hand on desk]

Ryan: It's just -- I'm sorry. Sorry.

Madison: It's ok.

Ryan: You know, maybe I'll just get in touch with Tad and see if he can kind of drum up something to help us out a little bit, ok?

Madison: Ryan, I need to ask you this, and I don't want you to get upset.

Ryan: Ok.

Madison: What if Greenlee really did kill David?

Charles: Sorry I'm a little late. I need to speak to my client alone, if you don't mind.

Kendall: Yes. No, of course.

Greenlee: No, no, no, wait. She's my friend. I want her to stay.

Charles: Very well. All right, let's begin.

Greenlee: Well, I'm innocent. How about we begin with that?

Charles: Well, that's all well and good, Mrs. Hayward, but our first priority should be to try to neutralize some of the prosecution's stronger points.

Greenlee: Ok.

Charles: They're gonna try to establish that you had strong motive and opportunity to kill Dr. Hayward.

Greenlee: But I didn't. Yes, I wanted out of our marriage, but I didn't want David dead, and I'm very sorry that he is.

Charles: And I understand that. But that vial of digitalis the police found in your car is particularly troublesome. We need to explain how it got there.

Greenlee: Yes, I know.

Charles: Well?

Greenlee: I found it on the floor of my hotel room, and I stuck it in my car, and I forgot about it. I was married to a doctor. There are all kinds of medications around.

Charles: And was Dr. Hayward in the habit of leaving potentially dangerous medications on the floor?

Greenlee: No. I don't know.

Charles: The D.A.'s also gonna try to match your handwriting to the signatures on the suicide letters.

Greenlee: Well, I did type them and sign them.

Charles: Mrs. Hayward, please.

Greenlee: What?

Charles: You just admitted to a crime in front of a potential witness, which is why she shouldn't be here in the first place.

Greenlee: She knows. I already told her that I forged them.

Kendall: Oh, we've done much worse.

Greenlee: Mr. Michaelson, this is why I hired you. You have a reputation for winning tough cases.

Charles: And I will fight this one with everything I have, I can assure you, but I'm an attorney, not a magician. So I'm just gonna say this to you up front. How would you feel about a plea bargain if we could limit the prison time?

Scott: Ok. Hang on, whoa, whoa. Whose turn is it?

A.J.: My turn.

Emma: No, it's mine.

A.J.: Is not.

Emma: Is too.

Scott: Hang on, guys. Hang on. It's -- as you can see, we have a little dispute going here.

Marissa: A.J., I thought we were going to the park this afternoon.

A.J.: But we were playing a game.

Scott: Ah, you know what, it's ok. It's ok. Tell you what, Emma, why don't you go help A.J. find his sneakers for the park. And when we get back, it's my turn. Huh? Go on. Get out of here. Ahh -- ha ha ha. Everything ok?

Marissa: I served J.R. with divorce papers today, and I'll be going for full custody of A.J.

Scott: Oh. Let me guess -- he didn't take it very well.

J.R.: Damn her!

Annie: What happened?

J.R.: Don't worry about it.

Annie: She wants full custody?

J.R.: Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.

Annie: J.R. --

J.R.: The woman that I married, that I loved, the one that got me through cancer, how could she want to take away the most important thing to me in my life?

Marissa: All J.R. can see is me taking away something that belongs to him. I want A.J. out of this house for his own safety.

Scott: I understand that. But now that J.R.'s fuse is officially lit --

Marissa: He's gonna come after me with everything he has? I know that, but I'm gonna throw it right back at him.

J.R.: She doesn't stand a chance.

Annie: Is that what your attorney said?

J.R.: I don't need a lawyer to tell me how to fight for my son.

Annie: J.R., listen to me. I lost custody of Emma for a while. It was horrible and devastating, but eventually Ryan and I figured out a way to work things out. Maybe you and Marissa can, too.

J.R.: No. No, she hates me. She's doing this because she knows this will hurt me the most. But you know what, I can hate, too. In fact, Marissa has no idea. She's never been able to dream up how much hate I can deliver.

Scott: You sure you're up for this?

Marissa: I have to be. A.J.'s future depends on it. I'm just sorry that it's going to affect some other people. J.R. is bound to bring up the fact that you and I slept together to discredit me.

Scott: Ah, yeah. Well, he wouldn't be J.R. if he didn't.

Marissa: I really am sorry, but if I have to bring up Annie and J.R.'s affair --

Scott: I know. I know. I understand. In the meantime, know this. You are a good mother, Marissa, and you're doing the right thing.

J.R.: This is so wrong! I agreed to let Marissa adopt A.J. because he had lost his mother. I was dying, and now I'm being punished for it?

Annie: You know, you don't deserve this. You're a good father, J.R.

J.R.: Well, tell that to her.

Annie: I would. I would tell a judge if it came to that.

J.R.: You would do that for me?

Annie: I would. You're not gonna lose your son.

Ryan: So you think that Greenlee killed David.

Madison: I didn't say that, but I mean, we both know what he was doing to her and how cruel he was. Maybe she just snapped.

Ryan: She didn't. She didn't do it.

Madison: What makes you so sure?

Ryan: Because, like, five seconds ago, they were sure that it was me. I was the one up on a murder charge.

Madison: Right. Greenlee would never let that happen if she were guilty.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I know it's not the best news for you.

Madison: It's ok. I understand. You two have been in each other's lives for a long time. Of course, she wouldn't do that. I'm sure she would protect you just like you would protect her.

Greenlee: No plea deals. I did not kill my husband. That man saved my life. In the end, he hurt me and the trust was gone, but I will never stand up and say that I murdered him. Is that clear enough for you?

Liza: Well, your bail hearing is in an hour.

Charles: I just got here, Miss Colby.

Liza: Well, look at that. You got an entire hour to prepare.

Greenlee: Don't worry. I can afford bail, whatever the amount.

Charles: That is if the judge grants bail.

Kendall: Well, of course, he is gonna grant -- no, you wouldn't. You would not deny bail. Why?

Liza: Flight risk, among other things.

Kendall: Come on. You know that she's not going anywhere.

Liza: Right, like you've never fled the law. And you do remember that your good friend over here did manage to disappear for an entire year while the world, including you, thought she was dead.

Greenlee: Most of the time, I was unconscious.

Kendall: Greenlee, save your breath, ok? Liza's only interested in scoring political points.

Liza: And you're very lucky to still be here and not in jail. Tampering with evidence in a murder case. Now, would you please excuse us? I'd like to talk to Greenlee and her attorney alone, please.

Kendall: What do you think?

Greenlee: Well, I'm stuck here. There's no point in the both of us having to put up with her.

Kendall: Well, at least you're consistent. You're doing what you've done the second you came back to Pine Valley. You're screwing over everyone you meet.

[Liza sighs]

Charles: The evidence you have against my client is completely circumstantial.

Liza: I know, but there's more and more of it every day. So tell me about the threat you made to kill David.

Greenlee: I don't know what you're talking about.

Liza: Oh, but I have a witness that heard you loud and clear.

Greenlee: That's ridiculous. Who would say something like that? Madison.

Charles: I strongly advise you not to comment.

Liza: Well, apparently, it made quite an impression on Miss North. Unless you're denying a death threat.

Greenlee: What difference would it make if I did? You've already got me tried and convicted.

Liza: No, no. That's not me. Greenlee, that's a jury, after they see all this overwhelming evidence against you.

Greenlee: I don't suppose it means anything to you, but I didn't do this.

Liza: Because you said so? No. Because I don't believe you.

Greenlee: Oh, right. Right. As if the truth means anything to you at all. What is it exactly that you get out of this, Liza? Do you just love the attention?

Liza: You know, David's dead, and he was a friend. Believe it or not, I actually cared about him.

Greenlee: Believe it or not, so did I.

Liza: Hmm.

Ryan: Emma's with Annie right now, so why don't we -- why don't we go out, do something?

Madison: Sure. You want to?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, you know what we could do is we could go to the travel agent and check out the Amalfi coast.

Madison: Yeah, well, we can't really make any plans without knowing dates.

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, that's true, but we could just kind of get a lay of the land and get some tentative layouts.

Madison: Tentative's good. Tentative's better than nothing.

Ryan: Better than nothing, huh? We can do better than that. Come here.

Madison: Yeah, we can do better. We could go for a walk by the lake.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Madison: Or relax in the park.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Madison: Or you could take me shopping for a fabulous vacation wardrobe.

Ryan: Ha ha! Yeah, well, that works for me.

Madison: It sounds good. But we both know where our heads would be -- worried about the woman facing prison.

Marissa: I really wish that it didn't have to be like this.

Scott: I know, but J.R.'s gonna fight dirty, and you've gotta do what's best for A.J.

Marissa: I know, but you and Annie --

Scott: Are fine. Ok, we're better than fine. We're great. And you don't have to pretend like you think it's a good idea.

Marissa: It's not my business.

Scott: Annie's made mistakes, but so have I. We are a real family now, and nothing that J.R. can say or do can even touch that. And that feels so good, you know? It just -- sorry.

Marissa: For what?

Scott: Going on about how great my life is, you dealing with all this garbage.

Marissa: No, Scott, I'm glad that you're happy. I really am. Right now, all I wanna do is make a safe home for A.J. He's the only one who matters.

Scott: And you will.

J.R.: You know, it's funny.

Annie: What's funny?

J.R.: Out of all the people, it turns out you know me better than anyone.

Annie: That can't be true.

J.R.: I never thought that I'd be comfortable enough spilling my guts to you.

Annie: I told you, you don't have to worry about me judging you, because I've been there, and I get it.

J.R.: You think knowing what we do it would make a difference. You know, I think about my father sometimes and how he took such pride in being a great father. Look how his kids turned out.

Annie: You turned out ok.

J.R.: Yeah, sure, I did.

Annie: No, I mean it, J.R. You're better than Adam. And I think if anybody can make that call, I can. I'm sure you've got his strength and his cunning business sense, but everyone knows you got your heart from your mom, from Dixie. And that's what sets you two apart. That's the person that A.J. needs in his life full-time.

Scott: I heard about Marissa filing for primary custody.

J.R.: Yeah. You here to pile it on, tell me what an unworthy person I am?

Scott: You did bring this on yourself, but no, I'm not here to do that. I'm here to tell you how you can fix it. 

Madison: You know, if I were in jail, I think I would want my friends to come visit me.

Ryan: I will be back as soon as I have some answers.

Madison: I wish that I could take it back.

Ryan: Hey. I'm not angry. Honestly, I'm not, I'm not. It's just that the walls are really closing in on Greenlee right now, and I gotta figure out a way that I can help.

Madison: Well, tell me what I can do to help. How can I make this better?

Ryan: You help just by being here.

Madison: Call me later and let me know?

J.R.: Stay out of this. It's none of your business.

Annie: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. How do you think he can fix this?

Scott: By convincing Marissa that A.J.'s safe around you.

J.R.: You know, that's brilliant. I'll get right on it.

Scott: You don't think she has a point?

J.R.: I don't need you or Marissa telling me how to take care of my son.

Scott: Then what are you gonna do, J.R.? Are you just gonna keep fighting everybody, gonna keep fighting me and Marissa and Annie and Caleb? Huh? You gonna take on the world? How's that working for you?

J.R.: I'll do what I need to do.

Scott: Yeah? No matter who gets hurt, including your son?

J.R.: Not him.

Scott: Oh, just everybody else. Is that what's gonna make you happy?

J.R.: You're damn right it will.

Scott: Oh, that is crap, and you know it. You are destroying yourself, J.R., and for what? For more power? For more vengeance? Haven't you had enough? Is this who you want to be?

J.R.: I didn't know that you cared, Scotty. Really touching.

Scott: I care about this family.

J.R.: And you cared about Marissa. You cared about her all the way into bed.

Scott: You want to make something ugly out of this, that is your choice. But I think that you can convince Marissa that a more shared custody set-up is the way to go. If you can convince her that you care, that could make all the difference in the world.

J.R.: Lessons from you on how to be a good guy. Hmm.

Scott: Take the first step. Come to the cocktail party.

J.R.: Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

Scott: No. No. That way you can prove to the board and to Marissa that we are not at each other's throats, that you are more than just a human wrecking ball.

J.R.: Hmm. Big night for you guys.

Annie: Biggest night of my new wedded life.

J.R.: So you're on board with this, too.

Annie: I think it's a great idea.

J.R.: Well, what can I say? I accept!

Kendall: Well, someone's having a bad day. What happened?

Madison: I stepped in it big time.

Kendall: What did you do?

Madison: Well, Liza came over to Ryan's and started harassing him with all of these stupid accusations.

Kendall: Well, what kind of accusations?

Madison: That he and Greenlee plotted to kill David together.

Kendall: That's ridiculous.

Madison: I know. I know. But then she wouldn't stop, and I sort of lost it and said something very dumb. I said I heard Greenlee say that she wanted to kill David.

Kendall: You did what?

Madison: I know. It's stupid.

Kendall: Stupid? Beyond stupid. Are you kidding me? That could send Greenlee to prison. What were you thinking?

Madison: Well, I wasn't thinking. I mean, it just kind of came out. I didn't mean to say it.

Kendall: Really?

Madison: What do you mean, really?

Kendall: Well, that would be one way of getting Greenlee out of Ryan's life -- sending her to prison for the rest of hers.

Liza: You know, Greenlee, putting on these acts really doesn't fool anyone. Oh, and if you think that you're gonna try and win over the jury's sympathy by painting David as the bad guy that broke your heart, I'm gonna make sure they're aware of all of all of his flaws, right up front, including that blackmail.

Greenlee: I'm sure you'll do a masterful job.

Liza: Yeah, well, you can count on that. Actually, this one is gonna be really quite a compelling story of a man that was so desperate to hold onto the woman that he loved, he would do just about anything. And the woman was so desperate to be back with her ex that to get out of the marriage, she killed her loving husband. Huh? I mean -- oh, yeah, and you throw that in there with, what, the drug vials and forged notes and a tape of you giving David his last drink, I don't know. I'm pretty sure that the verdict is going to be guilty. What do you think, Counselor?

Charles: I think my client is through answering questions, that is, unless you're offering something.

Liza: What, a plea?

Greenlee: No. I told you, I'm not going to jail for something I didn't do. No plea bargain.

Liza: Good, 'cause I wasn't gonna offer you one.

Greenlee: I did love him. David saved my life. I could never do what you're accusing me of. Never.

Charles: Ok. That's enough. I have a few things to go over with you before the arraignment.

Liza: Mm-hmm. Fine.

Greenlee: I'm innocent, Liza.

[Door closes] 

Annie: You really are incredible, you know that?

Scott: Huh. So you're ok with me inviting J.R. to the party?

Annie: It just shows me how generous and decent you are, even when he pushes you.

Scott: It's not always easy.

Annie: I know.

Scott: Man, J.R., he just -- he just wears you out with all that anger. Everything is a battle with him.

Annie: He's just hurting right now. He thinks he could lose his child, and I know what that feels like. J.R.'s just scared.

Scott: So is Marissa, Annie. She's scared, too. She's scared of what will happen to her son if she leaves him in this house. It freaks me out, too, being here.

Annie: Still?

Scott: Yeah. I can hear my father's voice asking me if it's worth all the fighting, reminding me that there's so much more to life than money and power and business. You remember earlier today when it was just you, me, and Emma, together as a family? Man, he was right there with us. He was saying, "This is what it's about, son. This is what's real. This is what's important." I don't want to lose that feeling, Annie. I don't ever want to lose that feeling.

Annie: I don't want to lose it either. I love you so much.

Annie and Scott: Mmm!

J.R.: Liza.

Liza: J.R.

J.R.: Can I buy you a drink? I still like ordering once in a while, even though I might not be doing the drinking.

Liza: Knock yourself out. Surprise me.

J.R.: Can I get a scotch and soda, please?

Liza: Hmm, can't argue with that. So are you excited about Annie's party?

J.R.: You were invited? I thought it was for board members and their spouses.

Liza: Well, I guess I am the token nonboard member. I think I'm there to raise Annie's stature a notch. I can hear the cocktail chatter already. "She can't still be a crazy criminal if the new district attorney's there," right?

J.R.: Still, I wouldn't go, if I were you.

Liza: I already RSVP'd. You know my social calendar isn't exactly full these days.

J.R.: You set up your daughter's boyfriend, the son of the guy that you're seeing. It's not exactly the kind of entertainment a hostess would want.

Liza: Well, I don't know. I think that might actually be a step up for Annie.

J.R.: Don't go.

Liza: I told her I was going.

J.R.: But you're not going to the party, and you don't need to let Annie know.

Liza: You know, last time I checked, yeah, no, you're not in charge of my social calendar. So --

J.R.: No one's going to show. I'm taking care of the other guests.

Liza: Why?

J.R.: I have my reasons. Trust me, if you show up, it's going to be a big mistake.

Liza: Ah, now I'm hearing threats.

J.R.: No, of course not. I'm just trying to help you out here. Things are still rough between you and Colby, yes?

Liza: And what exactly does that have to do with me raising a glass with Annie?

J.R.: She can't stand the woman. You give Annie one ounce of credibility, Colby will hate you even more.

Liza: Well, tell Annie that I send my regrets.

Madison: I wouldn't gain a thing by deliberately throwing Greenlee under the bus.

Kendall: You would have Ryan all to yourself.

Madison: Ryan and I are in a good place.

Kendall: Ok, but if Greenlee took, I don't know, say a 20-year trip, things would be even better.

Madison: Ok, maybe you think that way, but I don't.

Kendall: Everybody thinks that way.

Madison: I hate to see Ryan hurting, ok? And he is tearing himself up about this. It's killing me that I made it worse.

Kendall: All right, then do something about it.

Madison: Like what?

Kendall: Tell Liza you made a mistake.

Madison: Lie? She would never go for it.

Kendall: She would if you convince her. Just tell her you didn't mean what you said, that you were feeling threatened, because Ryan had been paying so much attention to Greenlee, and you wanted her out of the picture, so you made it all up. Just take the ammunition out of Liza's hands, please. Unless, of course, I was right the first time, and you do want to get rid of Greenlee.

Ryan: Well, Liza sure doesn't mess around, does she?

Greenlee: Well, Madison made quite an impression.

Ryan: Look, I'm sorry about that. She didn't --

Greenlee: Whatever. Whatever. It's the least of my problems.

Ryan: How are you?

Greenlee: Good.

Ryan: How are you?

Greenlee: I'll be ok. I'm innocent. My lawyer says I can beat this and my bail hearing's in an hour, so soon I'll be sipping margaritas on the patio. Do you care to join me?

Ryan: I don't like tequila, and you don't have to pretend like you're not scared.

Greenlee: Takes a lot to scare me.

Ryan: You've been biting your nails. I know you're scared. That gives it away.

Greenlee: Always have to be right, don't you?

Ryan: Well, I happen to know you pretty well, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, and I know you, too. And no matter how many times I tell you to go, you think you can help me, right?

Ryan: You know, that's the plan since this whole mess started, but --

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: I mean, if there's something that you're not telling me, you gotta tell me everything.

Greenlee: I have told you.

Ryan: I don't think you have. Whatever you're not telling me --

Greenlee: There is nothing.

Ryan: There is something, Greenlee. I know you. You gotta trust me, ok? What is it? What is it that you're not telling me?

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