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Episode #10466

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Amanda: Thank you again for watching Trevor.

Opal: Oh, no problem. Don't the two of you look slick tonight.

Amanda: Jake, come here.

Jake: No, no. I'm going for a certain look. I like it to be down and casual.

Amanda: We're gonna be late.

Jake: Can you tell me why we're doing this again? We're not even friends with Annie and whatever his name is.

Amanda: I keep running into her at the playground and she keeps asking us to dinner. I couldn't think of a reason to say no.

Jake: Tell her that your husband's not into ties or monkey suits or yachts without seasickness tablets. I can't --

Amanda: No, I felt bad. You know, she's lonely and she's reaching out for friends.

Opal: Well, if you ask me, you don't want Annie for a gal pal. I'd steer clear if I was you. Keep your man away from her, too.

Annie: Hi. Champagne, please. I'm a newlywed. Ahh.

J.R.: Did you get that information on the kid that I hired? I'm not paying you to work on it. You get me that information, and you get it to me quickly.

[Annie walks into J.R.'s path and spills her drink on herself]

Singer: The chaos she does her dirty deeds --

Annie: J.R. -- ohh! Look what you did!

J.R.: I didn't do it. You're the one who started it.

Annie: Get --

Miranda: Asher!

Asher: Hey, Miranda. I brought you something for today's lesson.

Miranda: Yay! Thanks. I'll go put it by my computer.

Asher: I'll be right up. I just got to check something on the machine down here. Your mom wants me to rewire a whole new hub.

Caleb: Kids should be outdoors playing, not inside with machines.

Asher: Because you know all about kids.

Marissa: I can't believe I'm asking for recommendations on divorce lawyers. Working out settlements? Custody arrangements for my son?

Caleb: The law and fishing -- that I can advise you on. Not family.

Bianca: Kendall?

Kendall: Yeah.

Bianca: You might want to take this.

Kendall: Oh, thank you. I guess I'm nervous about meeting Zach.

Bianca: It's gonna be ok. Everything is out in the open now. He knows you got arrested. You can't leave Pine Valley until you finish your community service.

Kendall: Right. He didn't really say much on the phone. But then again, he never does. I'm sure things will be much easier, and I'll be able to explain things better to him in person.

Bianca: Oh, definitely.

Kendall: Maybe he'll even forgive me.

Bianca: He always says when you look at him with those diamond eyes, he goes to mush.

Kendall: My husband never turns to mush. Trust me. I just hope that he'll want to put everything behind him as much as I do, and then we can finally move on.

Jesse: Greenlee, we got to get to the station now.

Ryan: Hold on. Hold it, ok? Greenlee is not going anywhere.

Jesse: If we find traces of the same poison that killed David, I'm gonna have to arrest her, Ryan.

Ryan: What? This doesn't prove anything, Jesse.

Ryan: Ok, here's what we have. We've got Greenlee trying to convince everybody that David committed suicide. We've got letters, suicide letters, with forged signatures. We've got an empty digitalis vial found in your car, and we've got a witness.

Greenlee: A witness? To what?

Jesse: Yeah, the bellman said he saw you reentering your apartment before the police tape was taken down.

Greenlee: Well, I live there. I had to get my things.

Jesse: Greenlee, could you have been sneaking back into that room to plant these letters?

Greenlee: Jesse, you have some kind of imagination.

Jesse: You guided me right to those letters, you crafty little minx. David's secret drawer -- you put those letters there. Now, should I ask you the next part, or should you call your lawyer? 

Greenlee: I know what you're doing. I did not kill David and try and make it look like he killed himself.

Jesse: Explain the letters.

Greenlee: Are you gonna share your suspicions with Amanda and Marissa, too? Ruin the peace of mind that they got from those last words?

Jesse: Whose words were those, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Will you stop interrogating me?

Jesse: A man is dead.

Greenlee: I know that. Yes, I live with that every second of every day.

Ryan: Ok, Jesse, Greenlee just lost her husband. Ok? She's in shock. Sometimes people go to extremes when they're in that situation.

Jesse: I know this, Ryan, but I still need answers.

Ryan: For who, Jesse? For the mayor? For Liza? For who?

Jesse: Well, how about for me? This is my job, to find out what actually happened. Now, Greenlee, how did you actually end up with this vial?

Greenlee: I found it.

Jesse: You found it? Where?

Greenlee: In our hotel room. I was sure it was David's. He carried all kinds of medications in his doctor's bag.

Jesse: Number one, Forensics swept your room thoroughly. No vial. Two, David was no longer practicing medicine. If I have this tested, am I gonna find traces of the same poison that killed him?

Greenlee: I'm going to call that lawyer now.

Marissa: I can't believe someone tried to rob Caleb right outside of the house.

Asher: Crazy, huh?

Marissa: Yeah. I mean, if you hadn't come in when you did, he could've been -- sorry. I just lost my father.

Asher: Oh. Miranda's waiting for me upstairs, so --

Miranda: She really likes you. She's talked you up so much to my son A.J., I think he wants to take computer lessons from you, too.

Asher: Oh. I really like Miranda, but teaching kids isn't really my thing.

Miranda: You're so good with them. Do you have any younger brothers or sisters?

Asher: Me? No. I always thought I'd be cool to have a brother, though.

Caleb: Here you go.

Asher: Did you get checked out by the doctor?

Caleb: No, I didn't. I hate doctors.

Marissa: Oh. Well, I'll add doctors to the list.

Caleb: I'm fine.

Marissa: Aren't you going to thank Asher for helping you?

Caleb: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Asher: I forgot a tool at the office. Be right back.

Singer: She loves it when you check her out you'd stop if you could

J.R.: I'm making you nervous?

Annie: Why would I be nervous? My husband's gonna be here any minute, and we're gonna have a great night.

J.R.: A special occasion?

Annie: No. We don't really need a special occasion to go out. We just love being together. Married life really could not be any better.

J.R.: If you say so. 

Ryan: Look, I called Kendall. Ok? She knows everything that's going on.

Jesse: Ryan, you're gonna have to leave now.

Ryan: Can I just get one minute alone with Greenlee? Please, Jesse. Just one minute, please.

Greenlee: They really should hire an interior decorator. People must confess just to get out of here.

Ryan: Hey, you know how serious this is, right?

Greenlee: And the colors are so blah.

Ryan: Look at me for a second. I know up till now the case has been really focused on me, but I got to ask you this, ok? Did you snap? Did you do it? Did you -- did you kill David? Whatever you say stays between us. I promise.

Kendall: Hi, Zach. It's me. I'm at the park. I can't wait to see you. I love you.

Annie: Thank you.

Amanda: Would you just leave it?

Jake: I'm uncomfortable. I am not comfortable in this setting. I should've gotten a haircut.

Amanda: Listen. It's one dinner, ok, and it'll make Annie happy.

Jake: This is why I love you, because you care about other people's feelings.

Amanda: So you'll behave?

Jake: Sure, until tonight.

Amanda: Hmm. All right. You know, we hardly ever go out with friends, so let's enjoy it.

Jake: Are these our friends, because I don't even know these people. Who is that guy? I know him a little bit, and Annie's a nut, all right?

Amanda: Would you please not use words like that, words they use to describe my mother?

Jake: Ooh. Yeah. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Amanda: Look, I know that we are not that close, but it's like Annie's really trying to get her life together. She's got a good job. She's married to the nicest guy in the world.

Jake: Wait. Whoa. Who's the nicest guy? I thought --

Amanda: Honey, you are the sexiest guy in the world.

Jake: Ok, that's much better. I like it. Let's do this. Let's get it over with.

Annie: Hey! Hi. Yay! I'm so glad we're all doing this.

Scott: Good. Good to see you.

Jake: Same here. Yes.

Annie: So -- ahem -- so I thought this would be so fun, because we're all newlyweds, you know?

Jake: Well, Amanda and I aren't really newlyweds.

Amanda: Oh, you know what she means.

Scott: Yeah, and you guys had a second wedding recently.

Annie: And it was here, right? I heard it was absolutely beautiful.

Amanda: Right. I feel terrible about not inviting you, but --

Scott: You can't invite the whole town.

Jake: Amanda practically did. She had her colorist there and the babysitter and that person who tints the hair, you know? But they're all very good friends of ours now. It's funny.

Amanda: So how was your wedding?

Annie: So small.

Scott: So special.

Annie: Oh. Oh! Well, it was small compared to your wedding. It was just us and Emma, but it was so special.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: I'm a lucky girl.

Jake: Drinks?

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Asher: Jerk didn't even thank me for helping him after he hit his head.

J.R.: Caleb? I thought you knocked him out.

Asher: He doesn't know that.

J.R.: Just tell me you didn't attack someone else.

Asher: No. But you should.

J.R.: All right. Chill out. I don't have to worry about you, do I?

Asher: You're not being aggressive enough with Cooney -- Cortlandt -- whatever he's calling himself now.

J.R.: Ok, so you want me to knock him out just like you did? I told you I don't operate like that.

Asher: I'm not saying take him out. But me snooping around? It's not enough.

J.R.: You're over there going through the computers with Bianca. You're giving Miranda computer lessons. You have access to everything that Caleb is doing. Asher, we are in a great spot right now.

Asher: You want to beat Caleb? You have to find his soft spot and use it, like Bianca and the kids. I mean, he's all protective over there, so --

J.R.: Don't touch Bianca or those girls. You got it? You keep your mouth shut and do what I say.

Asher: Sure thing, boss.

Marissa: "Boss"? Asher's working for you? Oh, my God. You paid him to attack Caleb.

Amanda: Mmm. The wine is really delicious.

Annie: Isn't it? Yes, you have impeccable taste.

Scott: Thank you. I have a secret strategy. I pick a third one from the top. It seems to work.

Jake: Cold beer from the bottle -- that's a good one. You know, if you like -- well, you could like wine.

Amanda: Jake and I love Mexican food, so our refrigerator is always packed full of cerveza.

Annie: Oh, I love Mexican. We should all go get Mexican sometime!

Jake: Amanda and I actually have a little routine that we have going.

Amanda: Once a week, taco night. I shop --

Jake: And I chop.

Amanda: And we put Trevor to bed.

Jake: Yeah, we put him to bed, and then we chow down.

Amanda: We always have dessert.

Jake: Oh, yes, we do. And then --

Amanda: No, you better not. Stop.

Jake: I'm telling them.

Amanda: No.

Jake: I'm not telling.

Amanda: Sorry. Anyway -- um, so how's work?

Annie: It's good. It's great. I'm working in the PR department for Chandler now.

Scott: She's a natural.

Annie: Yeah. It's hard mixing motherhood with work and everything. And, of course, being Mrs. Scott Chandler is a job in and of itself -- no -- but I love it. It's just -- you know, I miss having friends, you know, real friends -- like you guys.

Jake: Why don't we call and check on Trevor.

Amanda: Oh, Opal just texted me, and he's fine.

Jake: Oh.

Annie: By the way, Trevor is so cute, so adorable.

Amanda: Thank you. Thank you. So, hey, are you guys thinking of making any additions to your family?

Annie: We haven't really had time to discuss it lately. But we will soon discuss it.

Greenlee: I would never lie to you about this.

Ryan: So you didn't?

Greenlee: No. I could never kill David. He did mean something to me. And now -- now I've dragged you into this mess, my mess. I'm sorry, Ryan. It was over. You were free. And now I --

Ryan: Stop. This is not your fault, ok, but you still haven't explained to me how you got your hands on that vial.

Greenlee: I found it on the floor in my hotel room. I didn't realize what it was at the time, and when I figured it out, I needed to get rid of it, and I couldn't figure out the best way, so I just threw it in my glove compartment.

Ryan: You should've brought it to the police.

Greenlee: I didn't want anyone getting in trouble.

Ryan: Now you're in trouble.

Greenlee: I'm fine. I'm fine. I've hired a kick-ass lawyer. He will make this all go away.

Ryan: You hired a lawyer? What about Jackson?

Greenlee: I'm not bringing my father into this. He's off in Europe living it up with Erica.

Ryan: He's gonna want to know, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, if I call him, he'll get on the next plane back -- if for no other reason than to say, "I told you so" -- and Erica will hate me that much more, and it'll make it that much harder.

Ryan: Liza is gonna be all over this. She wants a conviction here.

Greenlee: I'm not afraid of Liza.

Ryan: When she finds out that Jesse thinks you wrote those letters, and you signed -- you forged them, she's gonna be all over you.

Greenlee: I'll fight it.

Ryan: She already knows that David was blackmailing you to stay in the marriage, so she's got your motive, Greenlee, just like she did with me.

Greenlee: All the more reason to thank Kendall for destroying David's fake evidence.

Ryan: Look, I know what you're doing here. Ok? I know what you're doing. You're trying to pretend like this isn't a big deal.

Greenlee: Liza can try all she wants to pin me for David's murder, but she won't get anywhere, because I'm innocent.

Kendall: Bianca?

Bianca: I just spoke to Zach. He called Fusion.

Kendall: Why? He knows that he's supposed to meet me here.

Bianca: He wanted me to give you a message. It seems ever since you told him about helping Greenlee and Ryan and getting arrested, he's been doing a lot of thinking.

Kendall: About what?

Bianca: Why it took you so long to come clean and why you weren't straight with him in the first place. He thinks you didn't trust him enough to be truthful.

Kendall: Lack of trust -- that's always been the problem. Zach can't forgive me, can he?

Bianca: Maybe he just needs more time.

Kendall: We left. We got on the boat, we sailed away, and I promised him that I would stop -- no more drama, nothing ever again that could hurt our family -- and what do I do? I risk it all again.

Bianca: Spike's father had a brain aneurysm. Zach knew you had to come back here.

Kendall: Yeah, but as soon as we knew that Ryan was ok, that should've been the end of it, but it wasn't. I did what I always do, and I got sucked back into it. Why do I keep doing this?

Bianca: Because you're a good friend.

Kendall: Oh, that's not how my husband sees it.

Bianca: Zach promised he'd be in touch when he's less angry.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, I'm pretty angry myself.

J.R.: I don't order attacks on people. I'm not with the mafia.

Marissa: Oh, my God. Asher actually pretended to help Caleb. He acted like he was the one who had scared the bad guy away, but clearly the bad guy was you.

J.R.: I didn't have anything to do with that.

Marissa: Did your spy tell you that A.J. was the first person to see Caleb lying on the ground? Our son was traumatized!

J.R.: Is A.J. all right?

Marissa: You know what? Maybe you should've thought about our child's well-being before you had someone smash Caleb in the head.

J.R.: All right, Marissa --

Marissa: A.J. was a wreck, and for what?! A business war? God, I have seen you get ruthless with your father and your cousin. What would happen if A.J. ever crossed you?

J.R.: I would never hurt A.J.

Marissa: You already have, J.R. God, he ran away from home. He's acting out in school. What he needs right now is attention and understanding, but the only thing that you think about is yourself.

J.R.: No, A.J. is everything to me.

Marissa: I am so sick of hearing that -- how much you love your family. It's a lie, and it always has been.

J.R.: All right, just calm down. Calm down, Marissa. We can talk about this.

Marissa: No. I am done talking. I am done listening. I am done, period. You will have the divorce papers in the next few days.

J.R.: It doesn't have to be like this.

Marissa: I'm divorcing you and suing for custody of A.J.

J.R.: I thought we agreed that we were gonna be civil about this. We were gonna find a way to make this work for everyone.

Marissa: Yeah. Well, I tried, but clearly it's not possible.

J.R.: Full joint custody, full financial support -- what else do you want?

Marissa: All your promises, J.R. -- they mean nothing.

J.R.: You have no idea what's going on right now.

Marissa: I just lost my father, my marriage is over, my whole world has been falling apart, and yet I never, ever neglected A.J.

J.R.: I have?!

Marissa: Oh, your priorities are completely screwed up! You are so obsessed with winning that you didn't even notice A.J. walk right out of the door!

J.R.: He was upset about David, about hearing us fight.

Marissa: Yeah. And where were you? You were with Annie.

J.R.: Annie lives here. I work with the woman.

Marissa: Yes, exactly! Huh. You still want Annie, you're out to destroy Scott, and now you send your attack dog to get Caleb, terrifying our son.

J.R.: I had nothing to do with that.

Marissa: No, it's never your fault, is it, J.R.? A.J. is in pain, pain that you caused, and you don't really care.

J.R.: I may not be a perfect person -- in fact, I'm far from it -- but you must be out of your mind to think that I don't care about my son. He means everything to me.

Marissa: Yeah. Well, he means everything to me, too, and I care enough about him to make sure that he has a good life, a better life than he would ever have here.

J.R.: This is his home!

Marissa: Yeah, it's horrible! All the lies and dysfunction? The best thing that I can do is to get him the hell out of here!

J.R.: You know that's never gonna happen. You're not even his biological mother.

Marissa: Oh, don't even try to play that card with me, J.R. The only thing that the courts care about is the best interest of the child, and in this case, it is to be with his mother, biological or not.

J.R.: You think I'm not gonna fight you on this? I will blow you right out of the water!

Marissa: Go for it.

J.R.: I will, and I'll bring up that skeevy massage parlor that you used to work for. Oh, yeah. God knows what you were doing to strange men in there. How about your outstanding DNA you inherited? Or how about when you were having sex with my cousin? Was A.J. here when that happened?

Marissa: You're disgusting.

J.R.: I'll do what it takes to win.

Marissa: I'm ready. I know the way you fight, and I know what I have to do to fight back.

Amanda: There you are. I was looking for you.

Annie: Hey. [Sniffles]

Amanda: Hey, what's wrong?

Annie: Uh, nothing. I think I have makeup in my eye or something.

Amanda: Oh. Here. Here you go.

Annie: Thanks. How do you and Jake do it? How do you have the perfect marriage?

Amanda: Huh. Nobody has the perfect marriage.

Annie: Sure looks like you do. Gosh, it's so obvious that you two belong together, you know?

Amanda: Well, trust me, it took a million mistakes and a lot of time to figure that out.

Annie: Yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong. Scott and I are really happy. He's the most amazing man I've ever known, and we're really in love.

Amanda: So what's the problem?

Annie: J.R. He just refuses to go away, you know? And he and Scott have this stupid competition.

Amanda: At work?

Annie: At everything. You know J.R. -- he always has to win. It's not like Scott has anything to worry about. It's just J.R. is always doing things to upset him.

Amanda: Well, it seems like another life when I was with J.R. -- not a good one -- but I definitely remember how intense he can be. He would do anything to get what he wants.

Annie: Tell me about it. Whew.

Amanda: So is what J.R. doing coming in-between your marriage?

Annie: I'm trying not to let it. I'm trying to just be the best wife possible to Scott and not let J.R. upset him, but it is hard. Ohh. I guess that's why I was wondering if, you know, you and Jake had any secrets.

Amanda: If you really truly love Scott and if you want to spend the rest of your life with him, then that's all you need.

Annie: I've been married four times.

Amanda: Ohh.

Annie: Yeah. But, you know, truth is Scott is the only real husband I have had. So in my heart, he's the first, and he's definitely the last.

Jake: So, uh, you were pretty close to Palmer at the end, weren't you?

Scott: We spent some time together.

Jake: Yeah. I was his doctor. I took over for my father.

Scott: Right.

Jake: And even at the end, he was a serious power player.

Scott: Yes, he was.

Jake: Yeah. It's just weird -- all this attention to his company lately. You know, and then the nephew shows up out of nowhere. I wonder if Palmer's watching us all right now.

Scott: What do you think of the nephew, Jake, this Caleb guy?

Jake: I don't know. From what I hear, he's kind of a trip. He -- big-time lawyer, gives it all up to live in the woods.

Scott: Not anymore. He's back in a big way. He just made a substantial investment to Chandler Enterprises.

Jake: But he's a Cortlandt. Isn't that kind of like dogs and cats trying to mate?

Scott: It's a new day.

Jake: Hmm. What's J.R. say?

Scott: J.R. -- he -- you know what? To hell with J.R.

Annie: Is Scott talking trash about J.R. again? They do this all the time. It's usually not in public. Um, cousin rivalry -- all in good fun.

Jake: Ok. Well, why don't we just get the check?

Bianca: That looks bad.

Caleb: You should see the other guy.

Bianca: Are you all right?

Caleb: I'm fine.

Bianca: Sometimes those things can sneak up on you. You think they're just a bump, and then -- I don't know.

Caleb: Thank you.

Bianca: For what?

Caleb: For caring.

Bianca: Yeah.

Caleb: Yeah.

Miranda: Mommy? You just got a tweet.

Bianca: Oh. Don't even start. Oh, it's from my mother.

Miranda: Want to know what it says?

Caleb: Nope.

Miranda: Want to know where she is?

Caleb: Nope.

Miranda: Want to know when she's coming home?

Caleb: Nope.

Miranda: Soon!

Caleb: Well, I better alert air traffic control.

Bianca: Oh, I'll tell her you said hi.

Caleb: I didn't say hi.

Kendall: Why didn't you tell me you wrote those letters?

Greenlee: You were in enough trouble with Zach. I didn't want you getting into any more.

Kendall: You lied to my face.

Greenlee: I thought if I handled this situation on my own, it would be easier for everyone. I had no idea it would go this far.

Ryan: Ok, just don't answer any questions until your lawyer gets here. I'm gonna go check to see what's taking him so long.

Kendall: You found the drug vial in Ryan's pocket. You haven't said anything?

Greenlee: No. And I never will. Ryan protected me, now it's my turn.

Kendall: Ok, it's great that you want to help Ryan, but, Greenlee, you're not facing reality. You could go to prison.

Greenlee: I have a fantastic lawyer.

Kendall: All right, look at all the evidence against you. There's the drug vial that they found in your car, there's the letters that they're gonna prove that you forged, and there's this new witness.

Greenlee: I'm not worried. I did not kill David.

Kendall: Ok, well, I didn't kill Stuart Chandler, and the only reason why I'm not facing a life sentence was because Adam happened to get his memory back.

Greenlee: I promise you I'm going to beat this. And you promise me you won't say anything that implicates Ryan.

Kendall: Ok. But you're kidding yourself if you think you're gonna get off easy.

Greenlee: I have to do this, Kendall. Ryan said he still loves me.

Ryan: No, she hasn't answered any questions yet, and she's not going to until you get here. Ok? Thank you.

Jesse: Hey, I'm sorry I have to do this to Greenlee.

Ryan: You don't actually have to do anything, Jesse.

Jesse: Ryan --

Ryan: You know how many people David has hurt and gotten away with it.

Jesse: You don't have to remind me of that.

Ryan: There's no reason that you couldn't have just dropped the investigation once you found out about the suicide letters.

Jesse: Actually, there were two reasons, and they both put Greenlee in the prison cell, Ryan.

Bianca: You can admit it.

Caleb: Admit what?

Bianca: My mom has tons of followers last I checked. She's always been the type of person people are curious about.

Caleb: Lucky her.

Bianca: While the rest of the world wants to know what she's eating, who she's wearing, when she's gonna plan her wedding.

Caleb: Hmm. What's to plan? She's done it a hundred times.

Bianca: There's a lot to plan. She wants to do it here, surrounded by family. After all this craziness, it'll actually be really nice to have a happy occasion to look forward to. And she seems ridiculously happy.

Caleb: I'm glad to hear it.

Bianca: You really mean that?

Caleb: Yeah. I'm not the ogre that she makes me out to be.

Bianca: That is not how she sees you.

Caleb: She must've been very amused when she heard that you were all living with the wild man from the mountain.

Bianca: Actually, she was pretty grateful you're letting us stay with you -- and of course, for saving Miranda's life.

Caleb: That was Dr. Hubbard.

Bianca: You can be as modest as you want. But as for the whole ogre thing, have you looked in the mirror lately? You're not exactly the same man my mother met in West Virginia.

[Caleb remembers]

Erica's voice: Oh, you came back. Oh, oh, thank you! Oh, no, that's ok. I'm fine.

Caleb: You want me to carry your bags?

Erica: They're lighter than they look. Hey! What are you doing?

Caleb: Put that stuff down.

Erica: I never popped a shoulder.

Caleb: It doesn't matter. Agh!

Erica: You want me to chop wood? Ha ha ha ha! Oh, hey, I'm good at this! All I have to do is imagine your big, thick head! Thank you.

Caleb: Did I hear "thank you"?

Opal: Back so soon?

Jake: Yeah. I think we'll just grab Trevor and head on home.

Opal: He's in dreamland, sugarplum. Let him sleep here tonight. You guys go on out, finish your evening. That was the quickest dinner in history.

Jake: Really? It felt like forever to me.

Amanda: Oh, it wasn't that bad.

Jake: It wasn't bad? Look, I got nothing against Scott. He's all right. I just -- what Opal said earlier, I'm hoping you're not becoming Annie's BFF or anything.

Opal: Those are wise words. She stuck a knife into mine.

Amanda: Jake, we talked about this. Don't be mean.

Jake: I'm not being mean. I don't -- I'm praying we don't get roped into doing couples' things with them, ok?

Amanda: Well, she did mention having us over for dinner.

Jake: What? When?

Amanda: I don't know yet.

Jake: Ok. Whatever night that is, I'm busy. I'm doing a double at the hospital. I'd rather do a hemorrhoidectomy than hang out with those two. That would be more fun to me.

Amanda: All right, all right, you two. Don't encourage him. Listen, I know Annie doesn't have the best track record, but neither do I. So if I deserve a second chance, then so does she.

Jake: I'm just saying be careful. That's all I'm saying -- be careful.

Amanda: She's not dangerous. She's insecure. She's got a lot invested in this marriage.

Opal: Well, I give it about three months, tops.

Annie: I have to get this dry-cleaned. Luckily, nobody noticed the drink stain from when J.R. crashed into me.

Scott: Why didn't you mention that before?

Annie: I was hoping nobody would notice it. Luckily, they didn't.

Scott: I wasn't talking about the stain.

Annie: J.R. isn't worth mentioning.

Kendall: You eavesdropped on Ryan's hypnotherapy?

Greenlee: Just to make sure he didn't say anything incriminating. I had no idea he was going to admit he still loves me.

Kendall: Well, why haven't you told him that you overheard?

Greenlee: If the police find out that Ryan and I are together, it's gonna make me look even more guilty. And it's gonna make us look like that we wanted to get rid of David, not to mention the fact he's with Madison.

Kendall: Ok. No, you have a good point. So has Ryan said anything to you?

Greenlee: No. Why? Did he say anything to you?

Kendall: Not really?

Greenlee: Kendall? What did he say?

Kendall: Why am I in the middle of this? My marriage is a wreck right now, and I'm stuck dealing with the two of you?

Greenlee: What did he say?

Kendall: Ok. He said that no matter what he feels for you, things can never be like they were, that you were right when you said your time together has passed.

Greenlee: He said that, huh?

Kendall: Why are you even worried about this? You could be charged with murder.

Greenlee: You're right. None of this matters until it's over.

Jesse: Got the test results back from the vial we found in Greenlee's car.

Ryan: And?

Jesse: Positive -- same digitalis that killed David.

Ryan: Well, that doesn't mean that Greenlee is the one that gave it to him.

Jesse: I went back through the security tapes from the club the night of the party, looked at it this time with new eyes.

Ryan: What does that mean?

Jesse: That's Greenlee handing David a drink. Glass has a chip in it, so we know David drank from it. It's the drink that killed David, Ryan.

Annie: You are the only man that matters to me. You are the only man who will ever matter to me. You have given me the life that I've always dreamed of, and I'm going to spend that life showing you how happy you make me and showing you how happy we can be together.

Scott: All right. I didn't mean to overreact. I'm sorry.

Annie: But J.R. still gets to you.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: You can't let him. If you let him, he wins. You know that, and that's not what either of us wants.

Scott: So what do we do?

Annie: Come here. Sit down. When we got married, I swore to you that I would always be by your side, loving you and supporting you and building this amazing life together. Focus on that. We can have it all, we will have it all, and if you truly believe that, people like J.R. or anybody else -- they can't shake us.

J.R.: Did you finally get some information on Asher Pike?

Man: Didn't take all that much to find this.

J.R.: You got to be kidding me. Are you sure?

Man: 100%.

J.R.: This could either be really good or really bad.

Marissa: Caleb, it's Marissa. I really need to talk to you. Call me as soon as you get this.

Caleb: Did you get that tool you needed?

Asher: Yeah. Got it right here.

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