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Angie: Frankie?

Frankie: How'd you know it was me?

Angie: Your scent.

Frankie: So, you ready for the big end of your first trimester appointment?

Angie: Well, Mama's a little nervous, but, yeah, I'm ready.

Frankie: Well, every indication is that the baby is fine.

Angie: Spoken like a doctor with an excellent bedside manner.

Frankie: Hmm. You just bring me back a sonogram picture, because I got to get started on a really embarrassing nickname for that child.

[Angie laughs]

Jesse: I'm gonna need that comparison as soon as possible. I'll be at a doctor's appointment with my wife. You can reach me on my cell. All right. Thank you. Hey, baby. You look beautiful.

Angie: Hey, sweetheart. Listen, are you sure that you have time to do this?

Jesse: You kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Angie: At least you'll get to see how much the baby's grown.

Natalia: Big day for my dad and Angie, huh?

Randi: I know. It kind of gives us all hope.

Natalia: Yeah. You know, is it wrong for me to hope that there might be a little niece or nephew in the not-too-distant future? Free babysitting.

Randi: That is good to know. But Frankie and I, we spoke about it. We're just not ready. With our careers -- I don't know. There's just so much going on.

Natalia: I know. The life of a supermodel.

Randi: It's not just me. Your brother is pulling every single extra shift that he can just so that he can make up hours that he lost when David was in charge.

Natalia: Huh. Well, it's good he's keeping busy. The busier the better -- it keeps that guy out of trouble.

Randi: What kind of trouble are we talking about?

Madison: Are you ok?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm -- I am ok. They're about to close the investigation into David's death. So --

Madison: And rule it a suicide?

Ryan: Yes.

Madison: Are you ok with that?

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, who am I to question authority. Right?

Madison: You were pretty sure that David didn't kill himself.

Ryan: I could spend the rest of my life trying to find answers that I may never get, but there's a lot better things to focus on. There just is -- like this. As soon as the case is officially closed, David's case is officially closed, I officially get my life back and I am free. We are all free.

Madison: Including Greenlee.

Greenlee: David wrote those letters, not me.

Tad: Ryan refuses to believe that a guy like David would take himself out. And as much as I wish he did, I see his point.

Greenlee: I know it's hard. It's an awful thought.

Tad: The David I knew was always concerned about winning, you know, about gloating, victory.

Greenlee: He had a lot of sides to him.

Tad: True enough. True enough. But it's kind of hard to imagine a man like that, in that situation, taking the time to sit down and write not one but three good-bye letters.

Greenlee: I don't know what you want me to say. He was in a lot of pain. I rejected him. Marissa had rejected him. I was just as surprised as Jesse when we found those letters.

Tad: When I was watching you with Marissa just now, how you were doing your best to comfort her, make her feel better, I was watching you very closely.

Greenlee: Well, she's so wrecked by David's death, and she feels so guilty. I --

Tad: It's not her guilt I'm concerned about, it's yours, and it was written all over your face. Guilt because she believes her letter is real, and you know it isn't. You were lying to her. Those letters do a lot of things. They give good people closure. They get Ryan and everybody else off the hook. And on top of it all, they even make David look like a decent guy at the end of things. There's very few people around that would care enough to take care of all of that. There's even fewer who have the courage to do it. I understand why you did it, and I want to help you, but you have to be honest with me. You wrote the letters, didn't you?

Natalia: I'm just jabbering. I really should get back to work.

Randi: No, you meant something by that. Why should Frankie stay busy?

Natalia: Uh, I'm just glad he is -- busy.

Randi: Because?

Natalia: You're not gonna let me out of this one, are you?

Randi: No.

Natalia: Fine. Madison. Whenever I see Frankie, there's a real good chance that she is not too far away.

Randi: They're friends. We're all friends.

Natalia: Yeah. Ok. There's friends, and then there's "friends." Ok, I'm sorry, but I think Madison and Frankie are spending way too much time together, honey.

Randi: You think that there's something going on between them?

Natalia: Oh, no. No, not a chance. Absolutely not.

Randi: Well, there isn't.

Natalia: Look, I'm sorry. Ok? I really am. I'm probably just overreacting -- the whole overprotective sister thing. It's just -- [Sighs] It seems like Madison always needs his help.

Randi: Look, she's been through a lot.

Natalia: And she made your life hell and Frankie's life hell, and now you're all BFFs?

Randi: Agreed, but Madison has changed.

Natalia: People don't change that much, honey.

Randi: I did. And in case you haven't noticed, Madison is absolutely crazy for Ryan. And my husband and I are crazy about each other, so there is nothing for you to worry about.

Natalia: I guess you're right.

Randi: I got to get back to Fusion.

Natalia: Hey, I hope I didn't ruin your day.

Randi: It'll take a lot more than that.

Natalia: Ohh.

Brot: Ahh. Ahem. I can't believe you just did that.

Natalia: Did what?

Brot: You know what? Why don't you just pin a target on Frankie's ass, and then give Randi your weapon?

Frankie: So, big case -- you going with suicide? Shutting it down or what?

Jesse: Well, it looks that way. I mean, it ain't over until everybody signs off. You? How you doing?

Frankie: Good.

Jesse: One syllable. Kind of hoping for more than one syllable.

Frankie: Well, it's hard watching Mom. She hates it when we help her, but I just wish there was more I could do.

Jesse: Yeah, I hear you. But she's a tough lady. All right? Ornery on top of that. But try to lift a hand to help her, you just might draw back a nub.

Angie: I heard that!

[Jesse and Frankie chuckle]

Ryan: Look, I'm so sorry that I made you feel like you've been on the sidelines through a lot of this stuff. No, I am. I never, ever intended that.

Madison: You wanted to make sure that Greenlee was all right. I understand.

Ryan: Look. With David's case about to be closed, we're good. No more Greenlee popping into our lives, popping into the apartment. All right? And Kendall has signed her plea deal, which means her parole is over, so she's good. She's moving back into Wildwind. So other than a little blond girl about this high, you are the only woman in my life from now on. Ok? No distractions, just us.

Madison: What will we do with ourselves?

Ryan: Oh, man. I don't know. I think we should just take our time, see where it takes us.

Madison: I like the sound of that.

Ryan: I think we should start with that trip that you were talking about. The palm trees, the beaches, vineyards -- whatever you want. Whatever you want. From now on, you and the kids, my priority.

Madison: Does Greenlee know that?

Ryan: She will. She will. [Kiss]

Greenlee: I didn't know what else to do.

Tad: And forging suicide letters seemed like a viable option?

Greenlee: David's death has been complicated for a lot of people.

Tad: It's certainly been complicated for you.

Greenlee: And with no concrete evidence, there will always be questions on top of grief. At least this way, the questions go away.

Tad: Yeah, but if David didn't commit suicide, if he was murdered, isn't that a question that you want answered?

Greenlee: Think about the answers. 90% of them involve someone we care about being carted off to prison. I hate that I had to do this. I feel like I'm disrespecting David's memory, but maybe somehow I'm not. Somehow I'm helping David help the people he loved.

Tad: And helping the people you love in the process.

Greenlee: This needs to be over.

Tad: And maybe it will be, with a little help from you. But there is this pesky thing called "obstruction of justice."

Greenlee: Do you want to know what justice is? The way that people can move on. A.J. and Marissa and anyone else that cared about David can mourn him. They can grieve. They can move on without worrying about what happens next.

Tad: But, Greenlee, if I can figure out you forged the letters, then so could Jesse, and Liza.

Greenlee: Jesse has his own reasons for wanting this to go away. David was always out for Angie and Frankie's blood at the hospital, and now she's got her own problems. The last thing Jesse needs is an investigation that puts more stress on his wife.

Tad: True enough.

Greenlee: I didn't kill David, if that's what you're thinking.

Tad: Maybe you know who did.

Greenlee: And maybe I think it's time to give everyone some peace.

Tad: How careful were you when you planted the letters?

Greenlee: Very.

Tad: Fingerprints? Witnesses?

Greenlee: I wore gloves. No witnesses.

Tad: I'm not gonna lie for you. It's your mess.

Greenlee: But you won't expose me?

Tad: No.

Greenlee: Thank you. You're doing the right thing.

David: How could you do this to me? Fake letters? Suicide? Huh. Thank you very much for making me look like a coward.

Greenlee: No, you don't. You look like a man who loved deeply and couldn't handle it when that love wasn't returned.

David: Oh, please. Don't ask me to believe this has anything to do with my image.

Greenlee: I didn't write those letters to hurt you, but it's time that everyone put this behind them.

David: "This"? My death? I'm sorry it's such an inconvenience.

Greenlee: No, I don't mean that. I am sad for you, David, no matter how you died.

David: Even if Ryan killed me?

Greenlee: You provoked him. You provoked everyone, David. Why couldn't you just let go?

David: Ha! "Let go." As in kill myself, right?

Greenlee: I have a lot to make up for. I'm trying.

David: Oh, Greenlee, give me a break. The only thing you're trying to do is save Ryan, and you may very well do that. But before that happens, you look me in the eye right now, and you tell me that you could live with the guilt.

Natalia: All I'm saying is that if somebody was honing in on my man, I'd want to know about it.

Brot: But Randi just told you, she and Frankie are just friends with Madison. I don't understand what the big deal is.

Natalia: Mm-hmm. When Madison gets in trouble or she needs advice, who does she latch onto? Her friend Randi, who she sees every day at work? Uh-uh. She's always running straight to Frankie.

Brot: Did you ever think that maybe it's because she wants a guy's opinion?

Natalia: Did you ever think maybe she just wanted the guy in case things don't work out with Ryan?

Brot: Listen, Natalia, Frankie is beyond in love with Randi.

Natalia: And that's the way it's gonna stay. Give Randi a little heads-up so she can shut it down before anything comes of it.

Brot: Comes of what? A few smiles between Madison and Frankie?

Natalia: I know what I've seen, Brot.

Brot: You know what? And that suspicion makes you a great cop.

Natalia: Thank you.

Brot: But it's not one of your better qualities when you take this badge off.

Natalia: You know, almost all we see in this job is the ugly in relationships. Love and promises turn to anger and hate. What?

Brot: What are you, some cynic?

Natalia: At least I'm not gullible.

Brot: Or maybe I just have a little bit more faith in human nature.

Ob-Gyn: 150 beats a minute.

Angie: Oh, good and strong.

Jesse: Strong like the mother.

Angie: And father. Jesse, tell me what you see -- and don't leave out anything.

Jesse: Ok. Ok, yeah, Doc. You have to help me out here.

Ob-Gyn: You see the heart.

Jesse: Oh, my God, look at the heart. It's beating.

Angie: What else do you see?

Jesse: It's kind of hard to make out, but whatever it is, he or she is alive and kicking. [Chuckles]

Natalia: You saw the worst of the worst in Iraq, and now it's all rainbows and unicorns?

Brot: It's not all rainbows and unicorns, ok? Maybe it's because of everything I saw overseas makes me focus on the positive that much more. Winston Churchill said, when you're going through hell, you keep going.

Natalia: Uh-uh! You throwing Winston at me?

Brot: Hey, the man had a point. That's all I'm saying. And, you know, maybe I came out on the other side of hell realizing people are basically good. Maybe they want to do right.

Natalia: Yeah, uh, except skanky home-wreckers.

Brot: The point is Frankie and Randi are going to stay happy.

Natalia: My mom and dad were pretty happy. You don't automatically stay that way, Brot.

Madison: Damn it.

Frankie: I hope that wasn't directed at me.

Madison: Oh. Um, my mouse -- it's frozen, and I am gonna lose this reservation if I don't click "Reserve now," like, right now.

Frankie: There's nothing like a stubborn mouse, so let me take a look.

Madison: No, that's ok. I'm sure you have more important things to do.

Frankie: Like what? Surprise my wife? She's not even here.

Madison: She'll be back soon.

Frankie: Then I might as well try and revive that mouse.

Madison: Ok.

Frankie: Let the master. Watch out.

Madison: Thank you.

Frankie: So this reservation sounds pretty important.

Madison: We're finally going to really do it, Ryan and I -- vacation. Anywhere I want to go, just the two of us, his treat. So I'm making reservations all over the place. I'm gonna show them all to Ryan and see which one he likes the best.

Frankie: Sounds like a plan, and I think your mouse is ready to play nice.

Madison: Ooh! Yay! "Reserved"!

Frankie: Great. So you're not afraid that you'll be watching some sunset on the French Riviera, about to move in for the big kiss, and bonjour -- Greenlee shows up?

Madison: No, I'm not.

Frankie: She seems to have a way of being a part of Ryan's life.

Madison: Yeah, because she was in trouble. But she's not now, and Ryan made it very clear that he's ready to focus on us.

Frankie: About time he realized how lucky he is.

Jesse: Whether it's a boy or a girl, I swear I already saw those famous dimples.

Angie: Oh, shut up. You're such a crazy man.

Jesse: I'm crazy in love with you, with this new baby, with our family.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Oh, hold that thought, will you? Hubbard. What you got? Are you sure? Ohh. All right. No. Um, let's just sit on this until I decide what to do. Yeah. Thanks.

Angie: Bad news?

Jesse: It's just some work I really wish I had not followed up on.

Angie: Is it about David's case?

Jesse: It's about those letters that he left for Amanda, Greenlee, and Marissa. I had them tested.

Angie: For fingerprints?

Jesse: There were no fingerprints. If David wrote those letters, he was wearing gloves.

Angie: That doesn't make any sense.

Jesse: I know, which is why I had his signature analyzed. Those suicide notes are fake.

David: I saved your life. You sold me out, covered up my murder.

Greenlee: It's not like that. You're gone. Nothing can change that.

David: Oh, Greenlee, you could've fought for me. You could've found justice for me, your husband, the man who brought you back from the brink of death.

Greenlee: And the man who blackmailed me, who caused so much pain to so many people.

David: Oh, yeah? So what is this supposed to be, huh? Payback from my wife, the woman who was supposed to honor my memory?

Greenlee: I'll remember the good parts, David. I'll try. I promise. And I'll make sure that Marissa and A.J. do, too. I did love you as much as I could.

David: But you really just loved Ryan all along, didn't you?

Greenlee: David --

David: Please, Greenlee, just say it. I'm just in your head now, anyway, so why don't you at least admit it?

Greenlee: Yes, I'm in love with Ryan. I've tried to deny it, but I can't. I do love him.

David: The man you believe murdered me. Do you really think that you and Ryan could live happily ever after, knowing what you know?

Greenlee: Forgive me, David. I never wanted to hurt you. [Cries] Ohh! Ohh.

Ryan: Hey. I've been looking for you.

Greenlee: You have?

Ryan: Yeah. You were right. I got to move on with my life. Hey. Are you ok?

Greenlee: I'm fine. Move on how?

Ryan: Well, I mean, when you came back to Pine Valley, obviously I wanted so desperately just to pick up exactly where we left off. But you were obviously so hurt and so angry.

Greenlee: I was a mess. I made mistakes.

Ryan: No, you did what you thought you needed to do.

Greenlee: And you've had enough. I got you into this huge, horrible situation, and you're done with me.

Ryan: No. No, Greenlee. No, I'm not done with you. I'll never be done with you. We're gonna be in each other's lives forever. Ok? That's never gonna change.

Greenlee: It sounds like it is.

Ryan: It's not. Look, we got to a really good place. We got to be, you know, friends. Before David and the blackmail and all that craziness, we got to a really solid place.

Greenlee: And you were always helping me, and I was always screwing up your life.

Ryan: That's so completely not true. You know that's not true. I take full responsibility for the decisions that I've made, for putting everything else on hold the last couple of months -- Emma, Spike, Madison -- taking care of you, making sure that you're safe from David, that you're away from him, that you won't go to prison.

Greenlee: I never intended for you to make such huge sacrifices. I'm sorry.

Ryan: You don't need to be sorry, Greenlee. That's what I'm trying to tell you. I wanted to do that. That's what I wanted to do. But now that things seem like, you know, it's over. Right? It's -- I got to take your advice and focus on my kids --

Greenlee: Madison?

Ryan: Madison. She's been really patient through all this craziness, you know? I've -- I've run out on her --

Greenlee: To help me?

Ryan: Yes, to help you, Greenlee. But you don't need any help anymore. You're free to do whatever you want. So am I.

Greenlee: What are you gonna do with all this freedom?

Ryan: I'm gonna take a trip.

Greenlee: You and Madison? Where are you going?

Ryan: I don't know yet.

Greenlee: Do you love her?

Ryan: Um -- I know that she's a really important part of my life now. Things have been really kind of -- huh -- crazy, and I haven't been able to give us, like, full attention, you know, focus on her. So I -- I don't know. Maybe we have a future together, maybe we don't. I guess I'm just gonna have to figure that out.

Greenlee: Good. You should.

Ryan: I'm not abandoning you, Greenlee. You know that, right? Because I just -- I need to focus on my life and my future, and the only possible way that I can do that is for us to take a step back from each other.

Madison: I'll just be happy if I get to watch pretty sunsets over whatever ocean or sea or lake we end up by.

Frankie: Hmm. Europe, huh? How's your French? Ooh. Your Italian?

Madison: German, high school.

Frankie: Very Oktoberfest.

Madison: Maybe South America?

Frankie: Hmm. Argentina -- gauchos, red meat, and, my darling -- the tango.

Madison: No. Ha ha ha! Are you serious right now? You're doing that? You are definitely doing that right now? [Laughs]

Frankie: Just take a step. It's dip to lean. My pants are too tight, but --

[Randi watches from the sidelines]

Angie: Someone went to a lot of trouble to make it look like David killed himself.

Tad: Wait just a second. With or without the suicide notes, the medical examiner was still prepared to think it was a suicide, right?

Jesse: The medical examiner knows what's in the body but doesn't know how it got there.

Tad: Liza was prepared to sign off on it.

Jesse: Are you suggesting what I think you are?

Tad: The only thing I'm suggesting is that just because somebody forged a couple of letters doesn't mean they killed David, or that anybody else did. Maybe they just wanted this thing to be over, you know? A couple of suicide letters is the quickest way to get there.

Jesse: Well, all these suicide letters have done is blown this case wide open, and I can't just let it go.

Tad: Even if it means putting a friend of ours in prison?

Randi: I didn't know that you could tango.

Frankie: Rip. I am a man of many talents.

Madison: Ryan and I are going on a trip, and I couldn't decide where we should go. Frankie was just giving me some ideas.

Randi: That's great. Look, I got a phone call about a photo shoot, so I'm gonna need you to handle scheduling details. Unless, of course, you're too busy handling travel plans.

Madison: No. No, not at all. I'll get right on that, just as soon as I deliver these papers to the warehouse. Ok?

Randi: Great. Thanks.

Frankie: The tango, Madison. Argentina could change your life.

Angie: Why are you so sure a friend of ours killed David?

Tad: I'm not, Angela. I'm not saying that. All I am saying is whoever forged the letters obviously knew David. So there might be a good chance that we know the forger.

Jesse: We were so close to being done, and now it starts all over again. Unbelievable.

Angie: Sweetheart, I know how hard it is for you to go after someone who may be a friend, you know, when everyone sees David's death as welcome news. But one of the things that I love about you is that you do the right thing no matter how difficult it is. And you know a man has been killed. He was hated. But I'm so proud of you for seeing this through no matter where it leads.

Tad: Well, there's justice, and then there's justice. Anyway, your wife is right, man. You do what you got to do. Oh. Reminds me, baby -- here. This is for you.

Angie: What is this?

Tad: It's a paperweight. What's it feel like, man? It's the baby's first toy.

Angie: You're so stupid. Thank you.

Jesse: It's a little owl.

Tad: So listen, man. You ready to buckle up, so I can take you out to lunch?

Angie: Yeah, yeah, I'm ready.

Tad: Ok. I'm gonna get the car. I'll meet you down there. Ok?

Jesse: Thaddeus, thank you so much for helping us out like this, man.

Tad: Oh, please. It's the least I can do for my namesake.

Jesse: Your name --

Tad: Yeah. Thaddeus Hubbard. Think about it, baby. "Thaddeus Hubbard" has a nice ring to it.

Jesse: I love you, man, but one Thaddeus in my life I think is all I can handle. Heh heh! He leaves in a huff.

Angie: Are you ok?

Jesse: Yeah. Yeah, I'm ok.

Ob-Gyn: I'm glad I caught you. I thought you might want to have this -- your baby's latest picture.

Angie: Oh, thank you, Bonnie.

Bonnie: I'll see you soon.

Jesse: Thank you.

Angie: Ok, ok, ok, is he or she sucking their thumb?

Jesse: I -- well --

Angie: Can you see the chin? The nose? Listen, I know you were just BSing about the dimples.

Jesse: Actually, it's kind of a little blur in a bigger blur.

Angie: Well, that blur is our baby, and it's going into the scrapbook.

Jesse: Scrapbook?

Angie: Yes.

Jesse: What scrapbook?

Angie: The one that I'm going to start when I get home.

Jesse: I love you, Angela.

Angie: I love you, too. And our baby is so lucky to have a daddy who always knows the right thing to do.

Greenlee: So you came here to say good-bye to me?

Ryan: No, Greenlee. I know better than that. Just that when we do see each other, it'll just be less intense. That's all.

Greenlee: I want you to know how much it's meant that you've been there for me.

Ryan: I wish it didn't turn out the way that it did.

Greenlee: Well, you were right. When you and I -- people get hurt.

Ryan: I'm just glad that you didn't get hurt, that's all. I'm sure that it's gonna probably take some time, but I can't wait for you to find happiness, whatever that means for you.

Greenlee: Happiness.

Ryan: You deserve it, Greenlee, more than anybody. So, um, I should probably get going.

Ryan's voice: Because I love her.

Greenlee: Ryan? Wait. I need to tell you something. When you were with that hypnotherapist --

Ryan: Dr. Frankel. Yeah? What about her?

Tad: I'm just gonna put you in the closet for a minute.

Angie: Stop it.

Tad: No, it's right there. It's right there. I'm so sorry, honey. I had so much on my mind lately. I spaced out. I got to find this letter before we hit lunch. We'll be out of here in two seconds. I promise. Hey, listen. Speaking of which, you got any cravings I should know about?

Angie: Pineapple. Hamburgers with lots of cheese and onions.

Tad: Oh, sounds beautiful, baby. I'm not pregnant, and I can handle some of that. I'll take care of it. But while we're on the subject, how's the morning sickness side of the equation, huh? Shall we perhaps get a table a cote the crapper?

Angie: No. We're all good. First trimester is officially over. No morning sickness, just a strong, healthy baby -- and a nursery to decorate.

Tad: You ready?

Angie: I'm excited.

Tad: Kind of overwhelming, isn't it?

Angie: I spent these last few weeks almost completely focused on adjusting to life without my sight -- navigating my home, the hospital, trying to figure out how to do my job and how to live my life as much as possible as if I am not blind. The fact is I am blind, and I never realized until now just how hard it is for my family.

Tad: Of course, it is. It's never easy to see somebody you love so much suffer.

Angie: They try so hard to hide it. I mean, Frankie is always so upbeat and positive, but I can hear the anguish in his voice. And Jesse --

Angie: [Sighs] Well, today when we got the ultrasound -- it kills him that I can't see our child. And so he acted like a picture of the baby was just no big deal, you know, all to spare my feelings. I want him to feel the joy of this baby, you know, and not worry about me.

Tad: Well, you're gonna have to forgive him. There's nothing you can do about Jesse worrying. It's gonna take some time for your family and your friends to be as ok, as accepting, and as brave as you are about it.

Angie: I just don't want them tiptoeing around me or treating me like an invalid, Tad. I can't handle that.

Tad: Well -- ahem -- I give you my word, darling. I'm not about to do either. I'll tell you flat out the only reason I'm taking you to lunch is so I can park in the handicap zone by the door. Come on. Let's go.

Angie: That's why I love you.

Tad: Oh, yeah? Is that right? If you love me so much, why don't you show me the sonogram everybody's talking about?

Angie: All right. Ok, let's see. What do you think?

Tad: It's upside down for one thing.

Angie: [Smacks Tad] What do you think?

Tad: Poor little guy.

Angie: What?

Tad: You look just like Jesse.

Angie: You're so stupid!

Tad: Come here. You do good work, baby. You do good work.

Randi: So what brought you by?

Frankie: Well, I had a late shift, so I figured I'd come by and take my gorgeous, gorgeous, beautiful wife out to an early dinner and movie.

Randi: A date?

Frankie: Something like that.

Randi: We haven't had one of those in a long time.

Frankie: Yeah, and that's just wrong. So what do you say? You and me, bucket of popcorn, in the dark?

Randi: Hmm. How could I say no?

Ryan: What about Dr. Frankel? I told you that I'm not gonna go see her again. If I don't remember, then I don't remember, and that's fine.

Greenlee: That night was a terrible night.

Ryan: Yeah, it was.

Greenlee: And for you to relive it or remember what you were feeling --

Ryan: What was I feeling?

Jesse: Greenlee? We need to talk.

Greenlee: Can it wait?

Jesse: Actually, no.

Ryan: What's going on?

Jesse: In private?

Greenlee: Whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of Ryan.

Jesse: All right. The letters that David left behind? We had them analyzed. They're forgeries.

Greenlee: I don't understand.

Jesse: You need to come to the station with me.

Ryan: Why?

Jesse: For starters, Greenlee actually found those letters herself in David's secret drawer. We need to go over the night he died.

Ryan: Hold on, Jesse. You can't possibly think that Greenlee had anything to do with David's death, do you?

Brot: Chief?

Jesse: I got a search warrant.

Ryan: For what?

Jesse: Found this in your glove compartment. I'm hoping this doesn't test positive for the same poison that killed David.

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