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Episode #10464

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[Doorbell rings]

[Caleb opens the door, but when he bends down to pick up a package, Asher hits him over the head with his laptop and knocks him down]

Caleb: Ohh!

[Asher takes a document out of Caleb's briefcase but is not able to get away without being seen]

A.J.: Mommy, Mommy!

Krystal: Lord!

Marissa: It's gonna be all right, sweetie. Everything's gonna be ok.

Krystal: Caleb? Can you hear me? What happened?

J.R.: I'm just saying you're in college. Ok? Damon is a high school dropout. You work part-time at Chandler Enterprises. He works part-time busing tables.

Colby: I used to bus tables, too, J.R., and I probably still would if I didn't have the money to do whatever I wanted.

J.R.: Sure. You're a Chandler. You have advantages that most don't. But with those advantages comes responsibility, big things to live up to, much bigger than just some guy who might think your money is part of the attraction.

Colby: No. No, Damon is not with me because of my money. J.R., he works his ass off so he can pay for our dates.

J.R.: That's sweet, really, but you can do better.

Colby: Damon is not some random guy, J.R. He's Tad's son, which actually almost makes you two brothers.

J.R.: I've got enough extra relatives to be worrying about. I'll give you Tad in Damon's life is the best thing that Damon could have going for him right now. But Damon in your life? Don't limit yourself.

Tad: Since when do you care about Colby's money?

Damon: J.R. made it pretty clear I am not quality enough to hang out with his sister.

Tad: Oh, has he? Well, I'm just gonna have to have that little conversation with J.R.

Damon: No, don't, don't, don't. It's cool.

Tad: No, it's not. You know, J.R. -- I don't know. Sometimes he lets his last name get the better part of him.

Damon: Well, I get it, you know? He loves Colby. He just wants what's best for her.

Tad: Who says that's not you? Huh? Nobody. Not in my book, and it shouldn't be in yours either. Hey, man, look at everything you've accomplished since you've hit Pine Valley. It's a lot. I'm not gonna stand by and let anybody run down Damon Martin in front of me, and you shouldn't either. Deal?

Damon: All I have to do is just figure out what I want, and then I'm just gonna go for it.

Bianca: So the murder charges were dropped? You're cleared?

Ryan: Yeah. That's what they tell me.

Bianca: Well, I'm sorry that David was desperate enough to kill himself, but at least the letters that he left prove it was a suicide. Case closed.

Ryan: Yeah. Case closed, all nice and neat and tidy. The only problem is there isn't a chance in hell that David actually killed himself.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, David.

Kendall: I've heard of taking your work home, but bringing your home to work?

Greenlee: I'm just storing in here until I find a place to live. I've had more than enough of the club, so --

Kendall: Are you sure you don't want to stay at Wildwind? Right. Ok. That's a bad idea -- too many memories. When I walked out here, I heard you were saying you were sorry. For what?

Greenlee: Just sorry for everything that's happened.

Kendall: Is that one of David's letters?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Kendall: You know, some people don't believe that they're real, that David really wanted to die.

Greenlee: Then you have to help me convince them they are.

Asher: I'm glad you guys are here. I was just gonna call the police.

Krystal: Uh, look, help us get him to the sofa.

Caleb: I'm fine.

Krystal: No, you're not fine. Now, come on. Careful.

Caleb: Whoa.

Krystal: Over to the sofa. Asher, did you see what happened?

Asher: I think someone tried to rob him. As soon as I showed up, the guy got scared off.

Krystal: Here. Sit down. What about you? Did you see who hit you?

Caleb: Nope. I didn't see anything.

Marissa: You see? Caleb's gonna be fine.

Caleb: A.J., it takes more than a bump on the head to keep me down. Right, buddy?

A.J.: What if that bad man's still here?

Marissa: Oh, no, no, no. I'm sure he's long gone, sweetie. Come on. Let's go upstairs, ok?

Krystal: Ohh. You are gonna have a nasty bump.

Caleb: I'm ok.

Krystal: No, you're not ok.

Asher: You should go to the hospital. It could be a concussion.

Krystal: At least we have to call the police.

Caleb: No. No. No police.

Krystal: You have been attacked in your own home.

Asher: If you're sure Mr. Cooney's fine, I think I'm just gonna head off.

Caleb: You do that. It's "Cortlandt," kid. "Cortlandt."

Asher: Yeah. Right.

Bianca: David died from an overdose of a drug he had access to. He left letters to people he loved.

Ryan: Except he was definitely not suicidal that night.

Bianca: I thought you don't remember what happened.

Ryan: I remember that he was very angry, and he was not hopeless. Definitely not giving up on anything -- not Greenlee, and not life.

Bianca: Well, maybe he changed after you left.

Ryan: It just doesn't fit, Bianca.

Bianca: At least he can't hurt anyone anymore.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah.

Bianca: You are not gonna give this up, are you?

Ryan: What do you think?

Kendall: You found the drug that killed David in Ryan's jacket pocket. I found a list of searches on Ryan's phone for death by digitalis. And now all of a sudden, suicide notes?

Greenlee: So?

Kendall: So it doesn't make any sense.

Greenlee: None of this has made any sense. It hasn't made any sense since I ran off that road. But I read the letter that David wrote to me. He was so sad, this man who had so much potential, who loved with such fierce passion, but he had so many demons.

Kendall: Yeah. Ok. I understand all of that, but I'm just trying to be logical here.

Greenlee: I can't explain every detail, but I understand David's state of mind. He wanted to be feared, but I lived with him. He wanted happiness, but he could never have it for very long. He wanted a love and to be loved, but he didn't know how. Our marriage was his last chance, and when he realized that wasn't gonna work --

Kendall: He blackmailed you. He didn't give up.

Greenlee: Until now. He'd already lost so much. He lost his father, Leo, Leora, Babe, all his wives left him. The only thing he ever had in his life was medicine, and then he lost his license. I was leaving him. I guess it just -- it was too much.

Kendall: He wrote that?

Greenlee: He left letters for me, Marissa, and Amanda -- people he wanted to remember him fondly. I hate the thought of it, even after the blackmail, to imagine him in so much pain, pain that I helped cause.

Kendall: Well, if that's true, then Ryan's off the hook.

Greenlee: These letters were a final loving act from a man who was never very good at showing it when he was alive.

Kendall: Never thought I'd say this, but poor David. Ok, uh, I better get to Liza's office and sign my plea deal. Somehow Tad convinced her to go easy on me.

Greenlee: I owe you for destroying those papers.

Kendall: Well, maybe you can run interference with my husband when I try to explain to him that I got arrested for helping you and Ryan.

Greenlee: I promise I'll make it up to you.

Kendall: I just want this whole thing to be over, so I can get back to my life with Zach.

Asher: Is J.R. here?

Colby: Oh, I am great, Asher. Thank you. How are you?

Asher: Oh. Sorry.

Colby: I just don't get ignored too often.

Asher: I'm sure you don't. I just wanted to run something by your brother

J.R.: Did I call you here?

Asher: No. But I have something I thought you might be interested in.

J.R.: What's this?

Asher: Some research you were looking for.

J.R.: Where did you get this?

Asher: I'm good with computers.

Krystal: I'm sorry. You've got to go to the hospital.

Caleb: No. I'm gonna be fine.

Krystal: How you doing, A.J.?

Marissa: It might take more than a cookie, but we'll be ok. Won't we? Yeah. Seeing a doctor isn't such a terrible idea.

Krystal: I know. That's what I said, but he doesn't want to go to the doctor.

Marissa: He's so stubborn.

Krystal: I know. He doesn't want to call the police. I don't know.

Marissa: I don't know. Hey, you know what, though? Caleb will be just fine. Want to watch, like, a super cool movie? You want to watch one of your videos? Yeah? Ok. You don't have to worry. I promise.

Krystal: Where are you going?

Caleb: To get some air.

Colby: So you're doing research for J.R.?

J.R.: He's just helping me with a project that I'm working on.

Colby: But I thought I was a part of the team.

J.R.: You are, and you're doing great. It just happens to be on a need-to-know basis.

Colby: Well, if I'm gonna be spokesperson of the company, shouldn't I know everything that's going on?

J.R.: All right, Colby, how about you take Damon out for a nice steak dinner, hmm?

Colby: Are you paying me to go away?

J.R.: Isn't that what big brothers are supposed to do, spoil their little sisters?

Colby: I have plenty of my own money.

J.R.: Come on. A free meal is a free meal.

Colby: Asher, would you like to go get Damon with me?

Asher: Why not?

Colby: Ooh.

J.R.: Asher? Good job.

Asher: Thanks, boss. Anytime.

Liza: All right, Kendall, I'm gonna make this brief. You cop to misdemeanor theft, and I will drop the obstruction and the tampering evidence charges. You'll get time served, you'll have a hefty fine, and you will have 250 hours of community service to begin immediately.

Kendall: 250 hours? No, I can't do that. I'm supposed to meet Zach in New York.

Liza: Yeah, well, maybe you should've thought of that before you broke into my car.

Kendall: You're making this personal.

Liza: Am I? Listen, I can certainly put back in the obstruction --

Lawyer: My client is very happy with the deal.

Kendall: No, no, I'm not!

Liza: Kendall, if you would rather spend your time in jail, trust me, that can be arranged.

Kendall: I have somewhere I need to be.

Liza: Yes, you do. You have to be at Memorial Park at 6:30 a.m., and I would wear something shiny.

Ryan: What? Did you find something, something to fill in the blanks the night that David was killed?

Tad: What are you talking about? Didn't the police just do that?

Ryan: The suicide?

Tad: It works for me.

Ryan: You don't think that's just too neat?

Tad: Listen, I talked to Jesse. The police investigation was very thorough.

Ryan: Except I didn't hire Jesse. I hired you, Tad.

Tad: I haven't found anything the police didn't.

Ryan: You don't want to find anything. You don't want to because I know if you dig too deep, you think that you're gonna find something that's gonna hang me. That's what you think.

Tad: Maybe. Or maybe I think the guy did us a favor and, you know --

Ryan: You know what, Tad? You have known David longer than you've known me. Have you ever known him to give up on anything? His life -- come on.

Tad: I stopped trying to second-guess what that son of a bitch was capable of years ago. What amazes me is you haven't. Ryan, he's dead, gone, no more, cold, morte, and he's still pressing your buttons. You're free. You're in the clear. It's time to let it go.

Ryan: You gonna keep working for me or not?

[Greenlee remembers]

Greenlee's voice: What is it? What kind of stone? Come on.

Ryan's voice: You know, diamonds, they've been done so many times, you know? I just -- I don't know. It's a moonstone.

Greenlee's voice: It's perfect.

Ryan's voice: You're perfect. [Kiss]

Kendall: You expect me to pick up trash with a stick when I'm supposed to be somewhere with my husband?

Liza: You stole evidence from a D.A.'s car, and then you destroyed it, not to mention my brand-new briefcase? You're lucky I'm feeling generous.

Kendall: You're loving this, aren't you?

Liza: No, actually, I'm not. I have a lot more important things to do than to coddle you.

Kendall: Liza, David killed himself. Ok? There wasn't even a murder. So what I took doesn't even matter anymore. Why not just drop the charges altogether?

Liza: Wow. I really do love the whole "law according to Kendall," but this is the real world, and you're getting off easy.

Kendall: Would you do something, please?

Lawyer: It's a very fair deal.

Kendall: Fine.

Liza: Mm-hmm. You know what, Kendall? Why don't you just not look at this as a punishment? Think about it as spending hundreds of hours beautifying this town that you love, a community that's forgiven you again and again and again. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other things to do. Would you please keep an eye on her? And, Kendall, as a matter of fact, I am enjoying this just a little.

Lawyer: You're very lucky, Mrs. Slater.

Kendall: Don't expect me to thank you.

Bianca: The meeting's over? What happened?

Kendall: Oh. Well, I'm not going to prison.

Bianca: That's great!

Kendall: Yeah, it's good. It's great. Let's have a party. Want to have a party? Let's invite my divorce attorney. That'll be fun.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Ryan: I have an appointment.

Greenlee: Are you ok? What kind of appointment?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. No, it's with Dr. Frankel.

Greenlee: But why? Ryan, it's over. David took his own life.

Ryan: Because I have questions about that night. I still have questions.

Greenlee: Well, you know all you need to know. You didn't kill him. There's no reason for you to be hypnotized again.

Ryan: Why are you so against me trying to find out what happened that night?

Greenlee: Because I want all of us to forget about that night. I don't want to spend every minute thinking about David's death anymore. I don't want it to haunt us forever.

Ryan: I'm doing this for me, ok? I lost some time, and I really want to know what happened.

Greenlee: Because you don't think David killed himself.

Ryan: No, I don't. The man that I was trading punches with was not ready to die. He certainly wasn't about to take a swig of digitalis.

Greenlee: I'm his wife. I cared about him. I've accepted it. Why can't you? You could spend the rest of your life looking for answers. I get that. I'm looking for answers, too -- about how this happened, about how I let it happen. I'll always have questions. But those questions aren't gonna bring him back, and neither will the answers. So we have to just live. We have to keep moving forward and look at what's right in front of us.

Colby: Ha ha!

Damon: What are you doing here?

Colby: Taking you out to eat after your shift.

Damon: Ok. I could use a burger.

Colby: No, no, no, no. I was thinking more like lobster.

Damon: I don't need lobster.

Colby: Nobody needs lobster, but J.R. is paying. Hmm? Hmm?

Damon: I have a lot of studying to do. I don't know.

Asher: Come on, D. Free bibs. What's better than wearing a picture of what you're eating?

Colby: Yes, yes. And dinner for three by the water -- come on. You're gonna love it. Ok. I'll be right back.

Asher: Not every day a free lobster dinner shows up, huh?

Damon: You know how I feel about Colby paying for everything.

Asher: You heard her. It's on big brother, man. I say we order some steaks, too. Maybe they can draw us, like, a cow on our bib or something. Dude, you've been working your ass off all day. You deserve to go out. You're crazy to turn it down.

Damon: Hey, look, not long ago, I would've jumped at that, but I'm not that guy anymore.

Krystal: That poor kid, walking in here to find Caleb like that.

Marissa: I know. As if A.J. hasn't been through enough already. He still has nightmares about J.R. being in the hospital, and I'm not sure that he's even processed David's death, and the divorce.

Krystal: Well, we have to make sure that he knows that he is safe and he's loved.

Marissa: Yeah, so he doesn't try to run away again or start another fight at school.

Krystal: Honey, we're doing the best we can.

Marissa: I know. It's just sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try to protect him --

Krystal: I know -- the world intrudes.

Marissa: I just want to keep him safe.

Krystal: Well, that's one thing you and J.R. agree on.

Marissa: Yeah. I'm just not sure that it's his top priority.

Caleb: Boy, oh, boy, is this town getting dangerous. Your doorbell rings, you open the door, you look down, there's a package for you. Bam -- somebody knocks you over the head.

J.R.: Someone attacked you.

Caleb: You think? At first, I thought maybe it was a robbery. And then I look around and I realized that the only thing that's missing is a letter, a personal letter between me and Scott regarding my Chandler investment, a letter that wouldn't mean anything to anybody -- except you.

J.R.: Are you accusing me of something? Because I've been here all day.

Caleb: I didn't think you'd stoop this low.

J.R.: I didn't attack you. I'm a businessman. I'm not a thug.

Caleb: You're a Chandler. I'm very glad we had this discussion.

Asher: I get it. You don't want to feel like you're being bought. But J.R. is drowning in cash. We're doing him a favor taking a few bills off his hands.

Damon: Maybe I would rather have his respect. He already thinks I'm not good enough for Colby. At least if I pay my own way, he can't accuse me of just wanting her for her money.

Asher: Dude, you're way over-thinking this. Come on. I mean, respect is great, but if someone offers you something you want? You better grab it, man.

Bianca: At least you don't have to tell Zach in a prison visiting room.

Kendall: Yeah, that's true. I don't know how this conversation is gonna go. It's gonna be hard enough. I've made Zach so many promises and pretty much broken every single one. I don't even know where to start.

Bianca: Maybe you should tell him to sit down.

Kendall: We're supposed to be on a romantic yacht right now, Binks, having three wonderful weeks alone, away from everybody, before we come back to Pine Valley for good -- and he was doing that for me, by the way. And what do I do? How do I thank him? I get criminal charges. Why didn't I just listen to him?

Bianca: Because Ryan and Greenlee needed you.

Kendall: Right. I'll focus on that as I scrape gum off the park benches. Oh -- oh, yeah. Ok. So if you think it's so funny, why don't you break it to Zach?

Bianca: Oh. No. Nice try.

Ryan: Look, what I want is I want you to get on with your life. That's what I want. And I want you to stop blaming yourself for David's death.

Greenlee: But you won't? How's Emma?

Ryan: She's fine.

Greenlee: Hmm. When was the last time you spent the day with her?

Ryan: She's been with Annie a lot lately, so --

Greenlee: Because you keep trying to relive the night that David died.

Ryan: Murder, suicide, death -- not the kind of things I want to talk about in front of my daughter.

Greenlee: Well, how's Spike?

Ryan: I know what you're doing, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I'm trying to make a point. You have amazing kids. You just got so close to spending the rest of your life in prison, but now you have your life. You have your children. Instead, you're looking for answers that you may or may not ever get.

Ryan: I'm just gonna have to take what I can get, that's all.

Greenlee: Please, Ryan. David's life is over. It's not easy, but I'm trying to find a way to deal with it. And if you don't let this go, you're gonna lose yourself, too.

A.J.: I want my mommy.

Marissa: Oh, come here, sweetie. It's ok. Everything's gonna be all right.

Krystal: Yeah, nothing like some hugs and kisses to scare all the clouds away. Hey. Did you get some fresh air?

Caleb: Yeah.

Krystal: Did you find anything out?

Caleb: Mm-hmm. Hey. A.J., how you doing, buddy? I promise that nothing like that is ever gonna happen again. Ok?

Marissa: See? It's gonna be ok.

Damon: So you're totally cool with this whole free-ride concept?

Asher: Yeah, pretty much.

Damon: Is that some rich kid thing you picked up in boarding school?

Asher: I did go to school with filthy-rich kids, and I watched them with their filthy-rich families. And you know what? They took it all for granted. Not just the money, but, you know, their parents, their brothers and sisters. So I figured whatever's offered, I'm taking it. And if I can help myself to a little extra, score.

Damon: Were you the only kid there with no parents?

Asher: I learned how to get along just fine.

Damon: That's how I was with my mom and Paul. But since Tad's adopted me, it's like I get that it's kind of cool to have people bug you about where you are and when you're gonna be home.

Asher: Not everyone gets a new-and-improved dad popping out of the middle of nowhere.

Colby: Do you remember your dad?

Asher: Nope.

Colby: You don't have, like, a picture of him or anything?

[Phone rings]

Asher: I got to get this. What's up, boss?

J.R.: Don't call me "boss." And you get your ass over here right now.

Kendall: Call me when you get this. I love you.

Bianca: No Zach?

Kendall: Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me.

Bianca: Oh, he loves you. Ok? He'll understand.

Kendall: Yeah, but at some point -- I mean, what if I've gone too far? What if it's just too much?

Bianca: He's pretty aware you're the kind of woman who steals a briefcase every now and then.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Fusion. I will. It's your husband.

Ryan: Hey, this is Ryan Lavery. Um, I'd like to cancel my appointment with Dr. Frankel, please.

Marissa: A.J., why don't you go push Miranda on the swing?

Greenlee: Hey. How are you?

Marissa: I have a different answer for that every five minutes.

Greenlee: I know what you mean.

Marissa: David's father killed himself. Did you know that? Now David. What kind of a legacy is that?

Greenlee: They were both unhappy men who saw no way out. But the pain and tragedy ends with you. David's gone, but you're still here. A.J. is still here. You're gonna live a happy life. You're gonna live the life that David always wanted you to live.

Marissa: You got a letter, too? David wrote wonderful things, kind, loving words. I mean, on that piece of paper, he was the father that I've always wanted him to be. But yet he almost never showed that side of himself. I mean, if he had, maybe he would still be alive.

Greenlee: Hey. Hey. You can't blame yourself for this.

Marissa: But I pushed him away. I mean, in the end, he tried to connect with me, but I wouldn't return his phone calls. I erased his last message. In his own way, he was trying to be a father to me, but I rejected him.

Greenlee: None of this is your fault, Marissa.

Marissa: But that letter -- I mean, if I had known that man, things could've just been so different. And now that chance is gone --

Greenlee: Listen, David wrote that letter, because he wanted you to know how much he loved you, not to make you feel guilty. Do you understand that? He wanted you to know that he loved you, father to daughter. You did nothing wrong. None of this was your fault. None of it.

Marissa: I should go. I promised that I'd get the kids some ice cream. I'm really sorry for just dumping all this grief on you.

Greenlee: Don't be. I really think David wrote that letter to give you peace.

Marissa: Yeah, well, hopefully one of us will get it.

Krystal: You know, the cops go after criminals for a living, Caleb.

Caleb: I don't need the cops for this.

Krystal: Right. You don't need the cops, you don't need a doctor, and I'll bet you're the kind of guy who doesn't stop and ask for directions either.

Caleb: Huh. I made you a promise that I wouldn't let your daughter get in the middle of this war between me and Junior.

Krystal: You think J.R. hit you?

Caleb: No. No, he doesn't have the guts. He hired somebody.

Krystal: You're sure?

Caleb: Oh, yeah. I'm sure.

J.R.: I didn't tell you to attack Caleb Cortlandt.

Asher: I didn't plan to. I was just sort of in the moment.

J.R.: That is exactly the kind of stupidity that will land you in jail, Asher.

Asher: I got you the deal sheet, didn't I?

J.R.: What is your deal?

Asher: Me? I'm just a good employee.

J.R.: Most of my employees don't go hitting people.

Asher: Yeah, well, maybe you're hiring the wrong people.

J.R.: What do you want?

Asher: I just want to be useful.

J.R.: From now on, don't do anything that I don't tell you to do. Got it?

Asher: Got it.

J.R.: This meeting's over. You can go.

Asher: Oh. Hey, boss? The old man went down hard. You would've liked it.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Hey, Lenny? I've got a job for you. Find out everything you can on a kid named Asher Pike -- if that's even his real name.

Damon: Ok, I will let you take me and Asher out on one condition.

Colby: What's that?

Damon: You let me take you someplace with four stars really soon.

Colby: Ok. Ok. Deal.

Damon: One more thing.

Colby: Am I gonna like it?

Damon: No. I have to cut out early tonight. I'm pulling a late shift here, but I will make it up to you soon. I promise.

Colby: [Sighs] Ok. But is there anything else that I should know?

Damon: Yes. Next time, just us. Asher is cool, but I want to spend every penny of my money on you. [Kiss]

Singer: In this whole world all I want is you

Kendall: If you could come for just one day. Really? Ok. How about today? I know it's soon, but I cannot wait to see you. Ok. Well, it's so beautiful outside. Why don't we meet at the park, at our favorite spot? What time works for you? Ok. Great. I'll see you then. Love you.

Bianca: That smile says it went well.

Kendall: I told Zach everything, and he was upset, but he --

Bianca: Not exactly surprised?

Kendall: No. Not really. But he's coming. He's on his way, and we are actually gonna talk finally in person. Everything has to be ok.

Ryan: Just the person that I wanted to see.

Madison: Is everything ok?

Ryan: Everything is better than ok. I'm gonna start living my life, starting right now.

Tad: Beautiful day.

Greenlee: It is.

Tad: So it's almost official -- David's suicide.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Tad: Hmm. Last time you saw him, did he seem despondent to you?

Greenlee: You know David. He was always really good at keeping his emotions under his hat.

Tad: True enough. True enough. I mean, you know, in the couple days leading up to the party, did he ever do or say anything to suggest to you that he was suicidal?

Greenlee: Ryan hired you, didn't he?

Tad: Yeah.

Greenlee: Even though the police are closing the case?

Tad: He wants the truth.

Greenlee: Even if it hurts him.

Tad: You know Ryan. It puts you in a tough place. Anything you want to talk about?

Greenlee: Ryan is so busy saving everyone else that he doesn't give a damn about himself.

Tad: Well, he's a good man. He's a man with a lot of people who care about him, want to help him. You know, I -- I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I was standing over there just a minute ago, and I saw you with Marissa. I was impressed. It really looked like you took her pain to heart.

Greenlee: David's letter was supposed to give her comfort and make her feel better. Instead, she feels guilty like she's part of the reason that he took his own life.

Tad: And that's not the way it was supposed to work, was it? David didn't write the letters. You did.

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