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Episode #10463

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Kendall: Ryan has been so great letting me and the boys stay there, but I just -- I had to get out of there. I had to give him some privacy.

Bianca: Ok, be honest.

Kendall: Yes.

Bianca: Who makes better breakfast -- me or Pine Valley jail?

Kendall: Mm. That's a toss-up. You.

Bianca: And yet you skipped bail to go see Zach in New York even though you promised me you wouldn't.

Kendall: I -- did I promise? I don't really remember.

Bianca: And besides skipping bail, you were going 80 in a 65 zone.

Kendall: All right, ok, you have a good point there. But I thought the faster that I got there, the faster I would get back and then no one would really notice I was gone.

Bianca: And now Zach has another reason to be upset.

Kendall: Are you trying to make me feel worse?

Bianca: I just don't want you to pull something like that again.

Kendall: I think one of these days, you're gonna give up on me.

Bianca: I haven't so far.

Kendall: Well, I have finally learned my lesson.

Bianca: No, you haven't.

Kendall: Ok, well, I'm trying. Right? Don't I get points for that?

Bianca: Yeah. And for helping Ryan.

Kendall: Even dead David is wreaking havoc on us.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Oh, maybe that's his ghost right now.

Bianca: Ah. Could be. I'll get it.

[Door opens]

Bianca: Hi! Hey. Miranda is upstairs with her sister and cousins. Hey, how was the bar exam yesterday?

Marissa: I have a really good feeling about it. Having Caleb as my study guru really helped.

Bianca: I think you both helped each other.

Kendall: That doesn't look like the face of someone who just kicked bar exam butt.

Marissa: It's not the bar. Since Greenlee doesn't want to have to deal with it all, the police decided that I'm the next logical choice to have David's things removed from his room, and they thought that I also might want this.

Bianca: What is it?

Marissa: It's a letter from David to me.

Kendall: What does it say?

Marissa: I don't know. I can't even bring myself to open it.

Bianca: Well, I mean, I could skim it, make sure there's nothing awful.

Marissa: No. Thank you for taking the kids to school.

Kendall: Well, what are you gonna do now?

Marissa: Return this to the sender.

Damon: What did I do to deserve you?

Colby: Mm. Where are you going?

Damon: Shh. Shh. Work.

Colby: No. No, don't go. Don't go.

Damon: You're not making this easier. Mm. Mm. Mm.

Colby: Come on. It can't be that late.

Damon: Yeah. Wanna bet?

Colby: Asher's probably downstairs waiting for me.

Damon: Oh. What are you guys up to today?

Colby: He's gonna show me the new GUI he and the I.T. boys worked up for Chandler. It's a new social networking site.

Damon: "GUI"?

Colby: Ha. Graphic user interface.

Damon: My brain hurts just thinking about what that could possibly mean.

Colby: But work and Asher can wait, like, five more minutes.

Damon: Mm. Mm. I'll be fired if I'm late again. I'm sorry. Save that thought for later. Promise?

[Door opens and closes]

Annie: Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?

Asher: I'm Asher. I'm here to meet Colby.

Annie: Oh. She break up with that Damon guy?

Asher: No, no. She didn't. I'm a friend -- of both of them. Don't I know you?

Annie: I don't think so.

Asher: You look really familiar. Are you an actress or something?

Annie: Right. Yes, because I live in Pine Valley, not sunny Los Angeles.

Asher: Well, you're beautiful enough to be an actress.

Annie: I'm Mrs. Chandler.

Asher: You can't be Colby's mom.

Annie: No. Her cousin-in-law.

Asher: Wait a minute. That's how I know you. I saw your picture in the paper.

Annie: My wedding announcement.

Asher: No, actually, it was something to do with the Chandler business. Guess you're more than just a pretty face.

Annie: Well, I will go let Colby know that you're here.

J.R.: See what we can do at Chandler to make it happen. This acquisition is just the kind my father was famous for, so I will not go down without a fight. All right.

Scott: More coffee?

J.R.: Yes, thanks.

Scott: Good. You should get me a cup while you're refilling yours.

J.R.: Cute.

Scott: Oh, not as cute as your little press release announcing my relocation to Chandler Europe. That was cute.

J.R.: Yeah, well, someone needs to oversee things there. And you bring such great ideas to the company -- even when you steal them.

Scott: I agree that the Chandler European division does need oversight. That's why I've already made my first big change.

J.R.: Really? What are you talking about?

Scott: Our company's new investor.

Caleb: Hey. Well, Junior. Good morning. Looks like you and I are in business together.

Tad: Hello, stranger. Long time no see.

Damon: What's up, Tad? Dad?

Tad: Don't hurt yourself. Thaddeus works just fine. Man cave's been kind of quiet lately.

Damon: Yeah, I've been seeing a lot of Colby.

Tad: "Seeing"? Is that what you're calling it? Seeing? Oh, what a drag. I just got over that "hooked up" thing.

Damon: Hooked up.

Tad: Well, as long as you're -- all right, as long as you're being safe while you're seeing, I think that's just terrific. It's all good?

Damon: Yeah, it's great. I'm late for my shift, but --

Tad: I wouldn't worry about it. Krystal just took the girls out for a mani-pedi, so I think you're in the clear. "Passing key to the GED"?

Damon: Yeah, I'm gonna take the test again.

Tad: Good for you.

Damon: Don't tell anyone, ok, in case I don't pass? I don't want --

Tad: Mum's the word. All right? Just, you know, for what it's worth, I got faith in you.

Damon: Wish I did.

Tad: Come on. You'll be fine. Look at this way -- the first time around when you took it, you were off your medication, right? And ADHD's no walk in the park. Now you're back on your meds, you're gonna ace it.

Damon: We'll see. I should clock in.

Tad: Knock yourself out. Listen. Come here for a second. If you ever need anything, you know? I mean anything, even somebody to help you study. I'm your dad.

Damon: I know. Thanks.

Asher: In a lot of ways, Chandler's social network is going to model the ones before it.

Colby: Like Facebook and MySpace?

Asher: Yeah. I mean, but, you know, this will have the same combo of social and professional connections, except it's gonna be based on singles who are moving to a new area. So you can instantly be hooked up. Like, where's the best place to go for Happy Hour or Taco Tuesday? Or, you know, do you want to carpool to work?

Colby: It sounds really, really cool.

Annie: Fascinating. Sorry. Don't mind me.

Asher: Colby, what do you think about how it looks, though?

Colby: Honestly?

Asher: Don't hold back. I can take it. Come on.

Colby: Um, well, I think that the home page is missing something.

Asher: Like what?

Colby: I think it needs more of a pop. Maybe the layout needs to be a little bit more funky or edgy or --

Asher: Maybe I could splash some color in there and throw in some, like, graphics.

Colby: Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good. Hey, what about a private chat room where two or maybe ten people could hang out -- and maybe each profile could have their, like, own animated avatar.

Asher: Yeah. I mean, I bet we could even add, like, an interactive game that, you know, users can chat to in, like, a more laid-back way.

Annie: Whoops.

Colby: Really? You're just still here?

Annie: I'd watch your attitude, Colby, especially if you're trying to snag a new dude.

Asher: Huh.

Colby: Ha ha ha.

Asher: So what do you think about the web page?

Colby: I love it. It still blows my mind that you did this in such a short time frame, though.

Asher: Well, you have no idea how intense geeks are when it comes to coding.

Colby: Last thing I would call you is a geek. You moved here on your own. You left everyone and everything behind.

Asher: You would have, too, if, you know, you were from where I was from.

Colby: You don't ever get homesick -- for, like, friends, family, girlfriend, maybe?

Asher: No one really worth sticking around for. Plus, I've got way too much work to do before I can consider a serious relationship. Like this web site, you know? All right, how about if I stick a chat icon here for the interactive game?

Marissa: What are you guys doing here?

Bianca: We were worried about you.

Marissa: You don't have to be. I'm fine.

Kendall: Are you?

Marissa: Well, I have to be, don't I?

Scott: Caleb's putting up a substantial amount of money to finance a revamp of Chandler Europe.

J.R.: Out of the kindness of his heart, I bet.

Scott: No, actually, in exchange for stock options and profit participation in the company we eventually spin off there.

J.R.: Is that so?

Caleb: It's a hell of an opportunity. Joint venture with Chandler.

J.R.: We're not taking any new investors at this time, Scott.

Scott: Well, it's a done deal, J.R. I actually did a little press release of my own.

Caleb: Huh. You guys just love your press releases.

J.R.: Why don't you sit down? You and my cousin can explain this little venture to me.

Caleb: Maybe you should take a look at this. It'll answer some of your questions. You might learn something. Then we can talk.

J.R.: Are you trying to destroy this company? Or better yet, how about we all take a family holiday -- in prison. Do you have any idea what you've done?

Scott: I think you need to calm down, J.R.

J.R.: You let the enemy invest in my family company.

Scott: Our family company. Besides, you said yourself that Chandler Europe is in trouble and we need to make a bold move. I think bringing Caleb into the mix does exactly that.

J.R.: Have you forgotten what you've stolen from his uncle and what will happen to you and this company if he finds out?

Scott: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I've made sure all tracks are covered. It's buried.

J.R.: You brought him into our camp. So you might as well have given him a shovel so he could start digging. I'm going over that contract. I am going over every single word of it.

Scott: Some things you don't want in an open contract.

J.R.: Are you telling me you made some kind of side deal with Cortlandt?

Scott: I'm telling you that I can contain him and that I can maybe send him over to Europe for a little while, the same way you tried to send me.

J.R.: That'll never happen.

Scott: But you just thought I'd jump at the chance. Ha ha. When are you gonna stop underestimating me, J.R.?

J.R.: When you stop proving me right, Scott. We both know why you did this, and it has nothing to do with business.

Tad: And I'm proud of you. This is a good thing you're doing for yourself.

Damon: It's not just me. I'm doing it for Colby, you know, and -- my family.

Tad: [Laughs] Ok, well, for what it's worth, your family is still very proud of you.

Damon: Well, I haven't passed it yet, so, you know, slow down.

Tad: Yeah, but you will. I mean it. You need anything, right?

Damon: Give you a call.

Tad: Who's your Da-da?

Damon: You leaving already?

Tad: Yeah. I got an errand to run.

Damon: New case?

Tad: No, not really.

Damon: You don't want to tell me, that's cool.

Tad: No, it's not like that. If you must know, I'm going over to see Liza.

Damon: Wow. I didn't know you guys were even talking.

Tad: We're not. I'm doing it as a favor for a friend.

Damon: Still, you're gonna talk to her. That's more than Colby's doing right now.

Tad: Well, I can't say as I blame her.

Damon: It makes her unhappy, though. I can tell. She misses her mom, you know, even after everything Liza did. Still --

Tad: Yeah, I know. Liza misses her, too. Like crazy.

Damon: Maybe you want to give her a little push?

Tad: Me?

Damon: I still feel kinda responsible, you know?

Tad: You're not. You hear me? Liza's only got Liza to blame for what happened. But if it means that much to you, I'll see what I can do.

Damon: Thanks. And thanks for, you know, offering to help me study.

Tad: Kid, with or without me, you are gonna be just fine.

Colby: Hello. Who rained on your corn flakes this morning?

J.R.: Your cousin is trying to destroy our company.

Colby: Scott is also your cousin.

J.R.: Not according to the DNA.

Colby: Ok. What is going on now?

J.R.: Scott brought Caleb on as an investor for Chandler Europe.

Colby: Palmer's nephew? That Caleb?

J.R.: The one who's after Chandler blood!

Colby: All right. Ok. Do not bite my head off right now.

J.R.: There's gotta be a way to stop this.

Colby: Well, we already have one murder investigation going on around here. We really --

J.R.: No, no, I am not letting Scott bring our company down. He's acting like he's got some sort of side deal with Caleb. Wait a minute. That might be the way to take Caleb out. Some way I get my hands on that deal --

Caleb: Miranda's at school. No computer class today.

Asher: Yeah. I still got some work to do for Bianca.

Caleb: What kind of work?

Asher: New drivers need to be installed. Virus and malware updates need to be run. Should also perform a data scan that detects glitches.

Caleb: Come on in. Get it over with.

Asher: Yes, sir.

[Door closes]

Tad: Does this mean you get all your parking tickets wiped out?

Liza: Listen, if you're here to rain on my parade, would you please go away? These moments of genuine pride, they're really few and far between for me these days.

Tad: I am not here to do anything of the sort. I told you at Caleb's party I think there's hope for you yet, and I meant it.

Liza: Well, I don't see a plant in your hand, so you're not here to welcome me in my new office.

Tad: No, I'm not. I need a favor.

Liza: Of course, you do. I mean, why else would you want to be with me alone?

Marissa: Every morning, I get up and I tell myself to hold it together -- so J.R. won't see me crumble, so A.J. will know that he has at least one stable parent, so I can pass the bar, so Annie won't smell blood and go in for the kill, so my mother will stop feeling sorry for me. And somehow I do. I hold it together. But inside -- inside I feel like -- like I'm coming apart at the seams and that any minute now, everyone's going to see what a complete mess I really am.

Bianca: I think you're being way too hard on yourself.

Marissa: But then I get this letter from David and it's just too much. I mean, he's gone and yet he's not.

Bianca: Well, maybe reading the letter will help.

Marissa: Or maybe he's just still trying to control me. Even after he's gone. I just -- I can't deal with that right now.

Bianca: Well, Kendall and I have both been through things we thought we wouldn't survive, but we did because we weren't alone. Neither are you.

Marissa: As messed up as I knew David was, I did still try to be his daughter. I remember thinking, in the beginning, that if he knew that I was giving him a chance, then he would step up and be the father that he was supposed to be. But he never did. And -- and now that chance for us to both make things right -- to be the family that we could have been -- it's gone.

Annie: What do you want? You shouldn't be in here, J.R.

J.R.: Why not? Me so close to your bed giving you ideas?

Annie: Yeah, an idea maybe to slap you again.

J.R.: I wouldn't take it personally.

Annie: What? What do you want?

J.R.: I was just remembering. When I was a kid, Uncle Stuart used to watch this old black- and-white show, this famous ventriloquist act. Just a guy and his puppet. Uncle Stuart thought it was the funniest thing on the planet. He never laughed harder when he watched that show.

Annie: That's lovely. If you don't mind, I don't really feel --

J.R.: You see, I always tried to figure out why he found it so funny. Just this man and his puppet. I could never get over the fact that I could see the ventriloquist's lips moving.

Annie: Is there a point to this story?

J.R.: Uncle Stuart, he said it didn't matter, though. It was always about the jokes. The guy was pretty funny.

Annie: Good. That's great. If you don't mind --

J.R.: I can see your lips moving, Annie.

Annie: Excuse me?

J.R.: This whole idea to bring Caleb into the fold? That wasn't Scott's idea. That was yours. You see, you're so hell bent on getting back at me, you don't care if you destroy my family's company in the process.

Annie: I don't know what you're talking about. I don't think you even know what you're talking about.

J.R.: My cousin has never been about fighting for power. All he's ever wanted was his place in the Chandler legacy and to be your husband. Come on, Annie. We both know why you married my father and then Scott right after that.

Annie: I married Scott because I love him.

J.R.: He's taking risks to box me in. And I sense your touch on every single one of them. What you also don't realize is by pushing your husband, you're putting him in a position that he's never going to survive from.

Annie: We'll see about that.

J.R.: Come on, Annie. Face it. Scott just doesn't have the killer instincts like we do. And deep down, you know it, too.

Annie: I'd like you to leave.

J.R.: You know, I should thank you.

Annie: For what?

J.R.: For showing me your hand. By pushing Scott the way that you have, I see that I'm starting to get to you.

Kendall: Uhh. Here.

Marissa: What's this?

Kendall: That's a lamp.

Marissa: Yeah. I know that.

Kendall: Ok, well, take it. Now throw it.

Marissa: What?

Kendall: Just throw it. Throw it as hard as you can.

Marissa: No. I don't think I can do that.

Kendall: If you do not get out what's going on inside of you, you are going to explode.

Bianca: Kendall is right. You can't just keep pushing down that pain.

Marissa: Yeah, but I don't -- I don't really think that throwing things is necessary.

Kendall: Oh, come on. For the first time in your life, please stop being a good girl and just let loose.

Bianca: Come on.

Marissa: Aah! Oh!

Kendall: Ha. Well?

Bianca: How do you feel?

Marissa: [Giggling] That felt great.

Kendall: Keep going. Keep going.

Marissa: No, I can't.

Bianca: You can't let all that frustration, all those toxins eat away at you.

Marissa: Aah!

Kendall: Good. Good. Good. Good.

Marissa: Damn you, David! You came into my life and promised me you'd be there for me as the father that you never were. Why did you start something if you couldn't finish it? How could you do that to me? [Breathing heavily] I can't believe I just did that.

Kendall: Now do you know why it's not good to keep things inside of you?

Bianca: Not for you or anyone around you.

Marissa: You're right.

Bianca: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's not go crazy.

Kendall: Yeah, come, come. Ok, you're ok. Ok, ok, breathe. Why don't we go back to Wildwind, all right? You can practice primal scream therapy on the grounds.

Bianca: That's as good.

Marissa: Thanks, guys.

Kendall: All right.

Marissa: It's somewhere --

Bianca: I got it. I got it.

Liza: Wow, you expect me to do you a favor after the way you've been treating me lately.

Tad: You act like I don't have a reason. Things were terrific between you and me and you screwed that up. You lied to me. Right? You set up my son. You told me that he came on to you.

Liza: So that's really the reason that you're here? Because you want to attack me again?

Tad: No. No, it's not. As a matter of fact, if possible, I would appreciate it if we could try to put some of the bad blood behind us.

Liza: Wow, that one almost sounded like you meant it.

Tad: I do.

Liza: Well, then you wouldn't make a very believable witness on the stand. Now, would you please leave?

Tad: Why don't we just try and start the conversation over? Ok?

Annie: You really think that I want you. You cannot be serious.

J.R.: Don't deny it.

Annie: I'm not gonna deny it. Actually, I want to show you something. This is me and my husband on our honeymoon. Look how happy we look. I think they call that newlywed bliss. Oh, so much fun. This one is great. This is where we had dinner. Really great place. They have fabulous steaks, although we weren't really into the food because we were so busy being, like, wrapped up in one another. Oh, so tasty, though. Mm. Mm. This is my favorite. This is us on our terrace at sunset. Emma was with the baby-sitter. We made love out there that night. Mm. That's a good one. No. Ha! This one I can't really show you. This -- I was in the shower and Scott got a little naughty with the camera, so I gotta hide that one. Oh, this is a good one.

J.R.: All right. I've seen enough.

Annie: Are you sure? I mean, there's plenty in here.

J.R.: What's your point, Annie?

Annie: I'm just curious how anyone could look at these pictures and not see how madly, utterly in love Scott and I are. Look at my eyes, J.R. Is that a woman who's thinking about anybody else besides the husband that she adores? So I think you have the roles reversed. If anyone has gotten to someone, I have gotten to you. Because you just cannot get over the fact that Scott has me, and you'll never have me again.

Tad: Come on. I mean, no matter what went down between the two of us, it doesn't mean we aren't two adults capable of a rational conversation.

Liza: Ooh. Rational adults. This must be really some favor you want to ask me.

Tad: David Hayward's death affected everybody in this entire town, and you know better than anybody else how I felt about him.

Liza: Yeah. You hated his guts.

Tad: And I'm willing to offer you my help.

Liza: Help with what?

Tad: Solving his murder.

Liza: You're serious?

Tad: Dead serious. I'm gonna tell Jesse the same thing. Hell, I'm willing to help anybody in Pine Valley who had the potential to be hurt by David -- even after his death. And you and I both know that's a long list. Take Kendall, for instance.

Liza: Ok. Well. There is the favor, right?

Tad: We both realize that she acted a little impulsively, that's true.

Liza: A little impulsive? She stole evidence, then destroyed it, then jumped bail.

Tad: Yeah, maybe we shouldn't get lost in the details just --

Liza: Yeah, well, those "details" are really actually the reason why she was arrested. Twice.

Tad: Like you've never been willing to step over the line of the law to help a friend.

Liza: Only I'm not on the hot seat right now, am I?

Tad: Well, she doesn't have to be, either. Come on, Liza. Have a heart. If you really don't care about what happens to Kendall, then think about what would happen to her kids.

Colby: Ok. I'm guessing this is somebody I know? Really? Really? Really? [Laughs] Oh, no.

Damon: What?

Colby: Please don't say you got fired, because I made you late.

Damon: No, no, calm down. I'm just taking a little break.

Colby: Don't you usually stay at Krystal's, so you can eat for free?

Damon: No, I'd rather stay with you and starve.

Colby: You're very sweet, and you smell just like a cheeseburger.

Damon: Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry.

Colby: No, that's ok. It's just making me really hungry.

Damon: I'm not gonna be bussing tables forever.

Colby: It doesn't matter to me what you do.

Damon: Yeah, I know, but it matters to me. So you don't get it. You already know who you are and what you wanna do. I don't. But man -- I'm gonna figure it out.


Tad: The only reason that Kendall was willing to do any of it was because she was trying to help a friend. Her intentions were pure.

Liza: Ok. Well, that's supposed to make breaking the law and jumping bail somehow ok.

Tad: The only reason she jumped bail was she was trying to make things right with her marriage, you know. It's not like she took off with a passport. Like somebody else I know, who I was willing to help when she was trying to dodge the law.

Liza: Ha. Wow. Yeah, well, that was years ago, so --

Tad: And yet I never called in that favor.

Liza: Ok, I will see about getting her court date moved up.

Tad: That's terrific. So -- great start. I'm sure that, you know, considering your big office, how good you look in that chair, you could do a lot more if you were willing to.

Liza: All right, I'm gonna look into community service, but --

Tad: Thank you. Thank you.

Liza: You know the reason why I'm doing this? Because I'm gonna prove to you and to everybody else in this town I'm not the vindictive monster that everybody thinks I am.

Tad: Just for the record, I never thought you were a monster.

Liza: You know you left out the vindictive part.

Tad: Yeah. It's kind of why I should leave right about now, right?

Liza: Probably a good idea. Yeah.

Tad: Oh --

Liza: No, I cannot get the charges dropped. Don't ask.

Tad: No, no, no. It's not about Kendall. It's about Colby. For your sake, don't give up on her, ok? I know that mending fences is really, really hard sometimes, but -- you hang in there and it'll happen. Because I know for a fact she misses you just as much as you miss her.

[Door closes]

Marissa: Which one am I again?

Bianca: You're the green one.

Miranda: You can't jump ahead. It's not your turn.

A.J.: Is so.

Miranda: Is not.

Bianca: Ok, ok, actually it is my turn. Can I have a card? All right. And now it is Miranda's turn.

Kendall: Yes. My sister the negotiator.

Bianca: I try. All right --

Miranda: Green.

[Indistinct chatter]

Bianca: Well, what color --

Kendall: Green, so did you go?

Bianca: Are you green? No, you're yellow. How did you get all the way up?

A.J.: She's green. I got this.

Kendall: Pull a card for her.

Bianca: I don't like that I'm losing.

[Marissa reads her letter from David]

Kendall: You play for me, ok?

Bianca: Yeah.

Kendall: Well?

Marissa: He loved me. That's what he said.

Bianca: Of course, he did.

Marissa: That's all I need to remember.

Kendall: That's right.

[Group hug]

Asher: I'm gonna go get a program to finish this install.

Bianca: I live in fear of that computer screen going blank and having to have someone run to my rescue.

Caleb: That's why I keep my important things where I can get my hands on them.

J.R.: You would love for me to admit that I still want you.

Annie: You don't have to admit it. I know you do.

J.R.: The truth, Annie. When you were on your honeymoon, and you were making love on that terrace -- there was only one man on your mind, and that man was me.

Tad: You weren't kidding about that studying thing. Watch out, GED. It's a lock.

Damon: That's the plan. But then what? I want to -- I want to do something with my life.

Tad: You will. You are. Be patient. Hey, look. It took me a hell of a lot longer to get my act together than it's taken you. And trust me, if I can do it, anybody can. And in the meantime, like I said, you know where to call.

Damon: You happen to have a job with a future lying around?

Tad: Be patient, ok? One thing at a time.

J.R.: I'm headed up to the office. Why don't you come with me? Get you started on your new gig.

Colby: Um, no thank you. I think I'm gonna pass on hearing you bash Scott anymore.

J.R.: Forget Scott. I've got big plans for that social networking site, and you're in it.

Colby: Ok. Well, I have big plans, also, with Damon.

J.R.: Oh. What are you gonna do? You gonna help him fill up ketchup bottles at Krystal's restaurant?

Colby: I will if he needs me to.

J.R.: Colby, you are too good --

Colby: To what? Be happy? J.R., maybe I don't want to grow up to be as miserable as you are.

[Doorbell rings]

[Caleb opens the door, but when he bends down to pick up a package, someone hits him over the head, and he falls down, groaning]

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