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Episode #10461

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Natalia: "In the throes of losing her eyesight, Dr. Angela Hubbard holds onto her job as chief of staff of Pine Valley Hospital, proving herself to be a woman of great poise, courage, and determination." It's pretty cool.

Angie: One for juice and two for milk, right?

Natalia: Yeah, but you switched them. You don't want to pour O.J. on your cereal. Trust me, I've done it. Um, just let me --

Angie: No, I -- I can do it.

Madison: Whoa. Um, I'll just -- sorry.

Frankie: No worries. It's our bad.

Randi: "Our bad"? Um, hello? We're married. I'm pretty sure that PDAs are completely allowed.

Madison: Totally. Go nuts.

Randi: Thank you for lunch, baby. I'll see you at your parents'?

Frankie: I'll be there.

Randi: Ok.

Frankie: I should probably get to the station.

Madison: Police station? Is everything ok?

Frankie: Yeah. I just got to give a statement about the night Hayward died.

Madison: Oh. You weren't in the party when Hayward collapsed.

Frankie: Still, they need to cover all their bases if they're gonna find out what happened.

Madison: What did happen, Frankie, between you and me?

Kendall: Jesse, please, please don't do this.

Jesse: Kendall, my hands are tied, no pun intended. But you jumped bail. The law is the law.

Kendall: Ok, I know you're under a lot of pressure from the mayor.

Jesse: That is not all this is about. This is also about you destroying evidence in a murder case!

Dr. Frankel: What do you feel?

Ryan: I feel very worried.

Dr. Frankel: Worried about what?

Ryan: About Greenlee.

Dr. Frankel: Why were you worried about Greenlee?

Ryan: Because -- because I love her.

Dr. Frankel: Ok. You're in David Hayward's room. You're confronting him. Are you angry?

Ryan: Yes. Very. I hate him.

Dr. Frankel: Why?

Ryan: Because of what he's doing to Greenlee, because she deserves so much more. I hate that man. The world would be a better place if he were just dead, if someone would just get rid of him.

Dr. Frankel: So you're feeling this tense anger towards David. Do you act on it? What about him? What is he doing?

Ryan: He's just so smug. He's standing there, and he's got a drink, a champagne glass.

Dr. Frankel: Is he drinking from it?

Ryan: I don't know. I can't remember.

Dr. Frankel: It's ok. Just take your time.

Ryan: I'm just watching him. He's standing there with the glass. I don't know. I can see what's happening, but it's just so foggy. I can't --

Greenlee: Ryan?

Dr. Frankel: Excuse me. This is a private session.

Greenlee: Stop it right now. Get him out of this trance or whatever.

Dr. Frankel: Who are you?

Greenlee: I'm a friend of his, and I'm telling you to stop it.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Hi.

Ryan: What is going on? What's happening here? Something wrong?

Greenlee: You just had a brain aneurysm. You had a concussion. Your body has been through a lot. I don't think you can handle this.

Ryan: Handle what? Handle hypnosis?

Dr. Frankel: Ryan is doing extremely well. He's shown no signs of agitation or undue stress.

Ryan: Greenlee, I told you that I need to do this, ok? Please, will you just stay out of this?

Greenlee: I can't. I'm not leaving.

Frankie: Relax. It was a party. We were hanging out.

Madison: Hey.

Randi: Hey. Do you have the press release on the holiday campaign?

Madison: Yeah. It's right over here.

Randi: Great. So we never talked about the party. I didn't know that you were there with Frankie.

Kendall: Hi, Françoise. Is Bianca there? Oh. When did she leave? No, no, it's ok. I don't have to leave a message. Um, can you do me a favor? Are the boys around? Great. Can you put me on speaker? Hi, guys. It's Mommy. You having fun? You having fun with your cousin? Good. Good, because it looks like, um, Mommy may have to have a little sleepover. I don't know how many nights. But I promise you, I promise you I will call you as soon as I can, whenever I can, ok? Ok. I love you so much. You have a good time, ok? Bye.

Jesse: I'll see what I can do.

Angie: I'm sorry I snapped at you. I just really need to learn to do things for myself.

Natalia: I understand. You know, we've been at this for a while, and I don't know about you, but I could use a break.

Angie: You know what? A break sounds good, actually.

Natalia: Good. You want my arm?

Angie: No. I can do it.

Natalia: Angie --

Angie: Ow! Darn it!

Natalia: Are you ok?

Angie: Yes, I'm fine! What the hell is that stool doing there?

Natalia: Isn't it always there?

Angie: I specifically moved it, so that I would have a clear path from the kitchen area to the living room area. Jesse must've sat in it and forgot to push it back.

Natalia: I'm sure that he didn't realize that he had to push --

Angie: Yes, exactly. He didn't realize. Nobody realizes.

[Knock on door]

Natalia: I'll get it. Hey.

Brot: Hey. I thought I'd stop by and see how Angie was doing.

Natalia: Perfect timing. We were just taking a break. She could use a distraction, big time.

Brot: Hey, Angie.

Angie: Hi, Brot. It's nice to see you -- hear you.

Brot: You, too.

Angie: Can I get you something to drink?

Brot: No, no, no. I'm good.

Angie: Come on. I need the practice.

Brot: You know what? In that case, I'll take some orange juice.

Angie: All right. Good. Orange juice coming right up.

Brot: Can't wait. So, Natalia?

Natalia: Yeah?

Brot: You ready for the big game?

Natalia: You guys take this softball thing a little too seriously, I have to tell you.

Brot: We take it seriously? If I remember correctly, you were the one that was about to get in a fight with the umpire.

Natalia: Yeah, because I was safe by, like, a mile.

Brot: You were not safe by a mile.

Natalia: Yes, I was!

Brot: He totally tagged you.

Natalia: No, he tried to come up to tap me with the ball, but you know he didn't even get me.

Angie: Success.

Natalia: Nice!

Brot: Not bad. Not bad.

Angie: Helpless? I don't think so.

Brot: Go, Angie. That's Angie.

[Glass breaks]

Brot: You know what? Don't worry about it, Angie. It's not that big of a deal.

Natalia: Yeah. Learning how to do everything all over again in a new way, it's gonna take some time. You got it all?

Brot: I think so.

Angie: Thank you for cleaning that up. You know, I really could use some time to myself, not that I don't appreciate your being here.

Natalia: Uh, Dad told me to stay with you, Angie.

Angie: Listen, if your dad gives you any flak, just send him to me.

Natalia: I'm not very comfortable with that.

Angie: Natalia! Please? I'll be fine. And if I'm not, I've got you right here.

Natalia: Ok. All right.

Brot: All right, Angie. Take care, ok?

Angie: Yes, you, too.

Natalia: All right.

[No audio]

Angie: I'm blind, not stupid. I know you're both still here.

Natalia: Sorry.

Brot: You know what? You go. I'll just hang out here with Angie.

Angie: Sweetheart, I don't need a babysitter.

Brot: Well, that's a good thing, because I don't do babysitting. What? Trust me.

Natalia: All right.

Angie: So you're just going to ignore my request, huh?

Brot: I'm just saying you don't have to hold back because of me.

Angie: "Hold back"?

Brot: Yeah. Angie, you're frustrated, you're pissed off, and you're on the verge of losing it. So lay into me.

Madison: I went to the party with Ryan.

Randi: But you ended up with Frankie?

Madison: Well, Ryan had to leave to take care of something for Greenlee, and I'm never comfortable at big events -- one of the many things that Henry hated about me. Well, anyway, like a dope, I drank too much, and Frankie came and found me and got me out of there before I could make a complete fool of myself.

Randi: He was supposed to be looking out for his mom.

Madison: He was. He saw that Angie was in good hands, so -- what?

Randi: Nothing. It's weird that Frankie didn't mention any of this.

Madison: That's my fault. I asked him not to.

Randi: Because?

Madison: Because I was embarrassed -- getting so plastered that he had to come to my rescue?

Randi: Ok, Madison. I get it. But maybe you want to find someone else for that job.

Jesse: Thank you, Judge Larter. I really appreciate it. I will get back to you.

Frankie: Huh.

Jesse: Hey. Thank you for coming down.

Frankie: Yeah, and I'm ready to be interrogated.

Jesse: And as much as I would like to sweat you myself, it's not allowed. Detective Johnson will be doing the honors.

Frankie: Just point me in the right direction.

Jesse: Before you do, can you have a seat? I want to talk to you for a second. I was looking over the list of people that were still at the party the night that David Hayward collapsed, and you weren't on it.

Frankie: I left a few minutes before.

Jesse: How come?

Frankie: I was bored, I guess.

Jesse: Did anybody see you leave?

Frankie: What is this? Am I a suspect?

Jesse: Franklin, answer the question, please.

Frankie: Ohh. I wasn't alone when I left.

Jesse: Ok.

Frankie: I was with Madison. She got drunk, got sick, so I helped her out.

Jesse: That it?

Madison's voice: What is it with her? Why can't Greenlee just leave Ryan alone? Why?

Jesse: Franklin! Is that it?!

Frankie: Yeah, that's it. I left to take Madison home. Gosh. Anything else?

Jesse: No. No. Room 27.

Frankie: I'm excused?

Jesse: Yes. You can go now.

Frankie: Thank you.

Greenlee: Can we talk? Alone?

Ryan: Later, ok? Dr. Frankel and I, we're not finished yet.

Dr. Frankel: As a matter of fact, we are.

Ryan: Why? We can't continue?

Dr. Frankel: Not with the frame of mind you're in right now. Just give me a call at your convenience. We'll set up another appointment.

Ryan: Really? Ok. All right. Well, thank you very much for coming.

Greenlee: I'm sorry for barging in like that. I was worried.

Ryan: Yeah, I appreciate that, Greenlee, but you got to stop doing this, ok, because I really need to remember what happened that night. I need to.

Greenlee: Even if --

Ryan: Yes. Yes. Even if I poisoned David, yes. If I killed somebody, I want to know that.

Greenlee: So -- how did it go before I ruined everything?

Ryan: It was going fine, I guess.

Greenlee: Did you remember anything new?

Ryan: Yeah, I did, actually. I remember how I felt: A lot of anger and a lot of rage towards David. Whether or not I acted on that, I don't know. I don't remember that.

Greenlee: And that's all? Nothing else?

Ryan: Should there be something else?

Greenlee: No. No. I was just -- no, no. Ok. I guess I'll go. Bye.

Ryan: Bye. 

Angie: I have no intention of laying into you.

Brot: Why not?

Angie: Because it's not necessary. Is this hard? Yes. Frustrating? Of course. But I have come to terms with my situation. You think I'm full of it.

Brot: No, not at all.

Angie: Then why aren't you saying anything?

Brot: Because this is -- just brings me back, that's it.

Angie: Iraq.

Brot: Germany. VA Hospital recovery. Angie, you're an amazing woman and unbelievably strong. From what I've heard, you've always been that way.

Angie: Not always.

Brot: I used to think that nothing can get me down. I mean, nothing could keep me down. And then out of the blue, this RPG slams into my vehicle and changed my life. And I couldn't get away from it. And I hated every feeling that went through my head, because it made me think that I was weak, so I just decided not to feel anything at all.

Angie: But that didn't work?

Brot: Of course not. In one hot flash, life as I knew it was done.

Angie: Brot, what you went through, the physical torture of it all -- my condition can't even compare to that.

Brot: Yeah, but you don't feel like the old you, do you?

Angie: No.

Brot: And it feels like the old you has died, doesn't it?

Angie: Yeah.

Brot: Instead of me working through my feelings and getting through all that pain, I just decided not to feel anything at all. And a whole year, gone, and the worst part of that was I was right back at where I started -- lost, scared, alone. Angie, don't do what I did. Don't lose out on all that time, because I guarantee you you'll regret it.

Ryan: Hey. You got a second to talk?

Jesse: Yeah.

Ryan: I took a session with the hypnotherapist that you recommended, right?

Jesse: You sure you don't want a lawyer here?

Ryan: No, I didn't remember anything about the night that David was murdered, but I did remember -- wait. What is she doing here?

Jesse: Oh, Kendall? She jumped bail.

Ryan: She what? What --

Kendall: All right, ok. Ok, don't even think about lecturing me, please. I had to get to Zach. I had to explain things to him.

Ryan: And you couldn't pick up the phone and make a phone call?

Jesse: That's what I said.

Kendall: Any luck?

Jesse: Judge owes me. You're back out on bail.

Kendall: Ohh, Jesse, thank you. Thank you so much.

Jesse: Hey, don't get too happy. He wants to double the bail money, and he needs a guarantee that you will stay put. You got a problem with that?

Kendall: No. I mean -- no. We have the money, but it's just if I take it out, Zach will know.

Jesse: What, are you kidding me? What's the matter with you?!

Kendall: I want to explain this my way.

Ryan: Ok, you know what? I'll front the cash.

Kendall: Wait, Ryan. Are you sure?

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: Thank you.

Jesse: Kendall? Kendall?

Kendall: Yes?

Jesse: Do not jump bail. It's illegal.

Kendall: I will not. You have my word.

Jesse: Good. Your word.

Ryan: Look, you know what? Look, I will give you my word. All right? I will be responsible. If you vouch for her, I'll give you my word that she doesn't go.

Jesse: More word.

Ryan: What? I got a vested interest in this as Spike's father. I mean, I don't want them to go anywhere. Right?

Jesse: You know what? You're really lucky to have this guy in your corner.

Kendall: Yes, I'm lucky to have you both. I know. Jesse, I owe you huge.

Jesse: Huge. Yes, you do.

Ryan: Thank you, Jesse.

Kendall: You know what? Remind me to send him a fruit basket.

Ryan: Yeah. Because that's gonna make everything ok, a fruit basket.

Kendall: Are you upset?

Ryan: [Sighs] You know, I just poisoned a man -- or I may have just poisoned a man, so I'm really in no position to judge here.

Kendall: So you didn't remember anything? I mean, you don't know if you killed David or not?

Ryan: No, I don't remember. I mean, some feelings came up. I remember some feelings that were there, like, around David and feelings for Greenlee.

Kendall: Ok. Well, the first one's a no-brainer. What about Greenlee? What kind of feelings came up?

Ryan: It doesn't make a difference.

Kendall: If that were true, Ryan, then you would've said something. So, clearly, the feelings that you have for Greenlee do make a difference.

Jake: I've already been on this one.

Greenlee: Hey, you got a minute?

Jake: Not really.

Greenlee: That wasn't actually a question.

Jake: After you. Hold my calls.

Greenlee: What do you know about hypnosis?

Jake: I know that it makes you really sleepy.

Greenlee: I'm serious. If you don't remember something the first time, what are the chances that you'll remember later on?

Jake: Oh, it depends.

Greenlee: On?

Jake: Lots of things -- the patient, the event, the skills of the hypnotherapist. What are we talking about here?

Greenlee: You have to swear you won't say anything.

Jake: Yes. Ok, I swear.

Greenlee: On something important.

Jake: Uh, ok. I swear on Tom and Jerry.

Greenlee: The cartoon?

Jake: No, not the cartoon. The poker dogs from my painting that I brought to your house when I was moving in. None of our time together actually meant anything to you.

Greenlee: I didn't know that you named them. Whatever. So you're sworn to secrecy?

Jake: Ok.

Greenlee: Ok.

Jake: All right.

Greenlee: Ryan's afraid that he is the one who murdered David, so he decided to go under hypnosis to find out. But it didn't work. Well, he went under and everything, but he didn't remember. And he's determined to keep at it, and he wants to meet this therapist again.

Jake: Ok, can you slow down? First of all, I don't think he has anything to do with any of this. Ok?

Greenlee: It's not just that. I listened in on the session, and he did remember something. He remembered that he loved me. Ryan said he still loves me, Jake. And hearing him say that, I realize I still love him, too.

Jake: I think it's great. You know, with David out of the picture, you and Ryan --

Greenlee: "With David out of the picture"?

Jake: I did not mean it like that.

Greenlee: Yes, you did.

Jake: Ok, look, I don't care that David's gone, personally, ok, and you can feel the same way. I think it's fine.

Greenlee: He was my husband.

Jake: Who did horrible things to you. Look, I know it's complicated, I know you had feelings for him, but I'm just saying he's gone. There's nothing you can do about that. It's ok to have your happiness with Ryan. It's ok.

Greenlee: It's not that simple. After the session, we were alone.

Jake: And?

Greenlee: And he didn't tell me. He just admitted these feelings, and he said nothing.

Jake: Well, it's a little awkward, you know? Your husband just kicked the bucket and --

Greenlee: Nice.

Jake: Sorry. Look, it's not the best time to profess your love to somebody, is all I'm saying.

Greenlee: What if it's more than that? What if he doesn't want to love me?

Jake: Doesn't want to love you? That doesn't make any sense.

Greenlee: Think about it. Everything that I did when I came back -- I pushed him away. I married David to hurt him. And then -- now David dies, and Ryan's a murder suspect because of everything I did. Of course, he doesn't want to love me.

Jake: No. Hold on. Ryan did some pretty crappy things to you, as well.

Greenlee: Yeah, not on purpose, not like I did. Ohh, God, I wish I could just go back.

Jake: To when? When you woke up from the accident?

Greenlee: No. Before. I never should've gotten on that bike.

Jake: You can't start blaming yourself for anything that happened that night.

Greenlee: Maybe not, but I can blame myself for what happened after. I should've listened to Ryan. I should've worked through our issues. Instead, I pushed him away. I broke his heart. How can I ask him to trust me with it now?

Ryan: Greenlee interrupted the hypnotherapy session.

Kendall: What did she interrupt?

Ryan: I was talking about the night that David was murdered. I was talking about the feelings that came up that night.

Kendall: The feelings for Greenlee.

Ryan: Feelings that were there, but yeah. Yeah, feelings for Gree -- look. The feelings for Greenlee -- that's in the past. It's in the past. She said that when she came back, ok? We're not good for each other. And I know what you're up to here, ok? But every time that we think that we're just about to get it right, it's like -- it's like we just kind of go up in flames.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I lit the match a few times myself.

Ryan: Kendall, it was different this time. She came back and she shut me out of her life, ok, and I tried. I tried for as long as I possibly could, but there's only so many times you can bang your head against the wall before you realize that it's over. It's over, ok? It's time to shut that part out of my life. It's out.

Kendall: So you don't love her anymore?

Ryan: I can't love her anymore.

Greenlee: I am such an idiot. I've been telling Ryan to be careful, to protect himself no matter what, and that's what he's been doing this whole time. Getting together with Madison, keeping his feelings from me -- he's protecting himself.

Ryan: You have to really see that Greenlee and I together -- there's collateral damage, all right? People get hurt. People die.

Kendall: All right, first of all, you have to stop doing that.

Ryan: Doing what?

Kendall: Stop acting like you're responsible for David's death.

Ryan: Kendall, there is a very strong chance that I am, ok? That is the point here.

Kendall: No, no, the point is what actually happened, and, Ryan, we don't know what that is.

Ryan: The point is I am not good for Greenlee, ok? And honestly, she's not good for me.

Jake: You can either do to Ryan what he did to you, which is get up, walk away, or you can fight. What's it gonna be?

Angie: Do you believe things happen for a reason?

Brot: I did. And then I didn't. And now -- now I think I do again.

Angie: I do, too. I believe that God has some master plan, that there's a point to my being scared, disoriented, lost. And that when I wake up not knowing if it's still night or a new morning, that there is something to learn from that.

Brot: Maybe there is.

Angie: Maybe. But what I'm having trouble with, though, is how on earth could it benefit me not to be able to see into my husband's eyes, admire the gorgeous smiles on my son and daughter's faces? And this baby? You know, some parents -- they can hardly wait the nine months until they know what their child looks like, and I will never know. I will never, ever see my baby's face.

Brot: But you'll know your baby's laugh. You'll know your baby's skin. Angie, you will know your child.

Angie: It's not the same. Nothing is the same. You know, they say that God never gives you more than you can handle. I've just been lying to everybody. I'm lying to myself, because I can't handle this. And I hate this. I hate it. I hate it, and I don't -- I don't want -- I don't want to handle it. I don't want to.

Jake: So what's your next move?

Greenlee: I'm gonna let Ryan take the lead. You know, I put him through so much pushing him away. I can't just turn around and ask him to forget all that.

Jake: You and Ryan -- boy, you're together and apart. Together and apart. Together and apart. Together and apart. Together -- you see where I'm going with this? Together and always --

Greenlee: I'll always care about Ryan. Always. But I can't dwell on that right now. He's got a murder rap hanging over his head. I have to find a way to convince him he didn't do it.

Jake: See, that is something I can get behind. Sign me up.

Greenlee: No. You know what? You've carried my load enough for one day.

Jake: Look at you. You're light as a feather. Carry your load. You see me? Mah! Get a load.

Greenlee: Right.

Jake: What? You don't see anything? I'm right here to help you. I'm right here.

Greenlee: Well, you got what you want because you already did. Thank you.

Brot: And I'll peel the carrots.

Angie: Yeah. That way, no one loses a finger, right?

Brot: Look at you, cracking a joke.

Angie: Yeah. Just make sure no one hears it -- oh, we're too late, aren't we? Because I know that Natalia just came in, didn't she?

Brot: You got that sense.

Natalia: Oh-ho-ho-ho! It looks like you guys are doing well.

Angie: Yes, we are. This guy right here, he knows how to cut right through it.

Brot: I also know how to cut through carrots, too. Watch out.

Angie: Listen, all jokes aside, you knew just what to say and when to say it.

Brot: You guys are like my family, and that's what family does. And this family member likes to eat at a decent hour, so how about you keep on that spinach?

Angie: Yes, sir.

Brot: Yeah.

Natalia: Need some help?

Brot: How about you working on some potatoes?

Natalia: All right. You know, I just saw my dad at the station. I don't think he's gonna be making it for dinner.

Brot: Aww. Well, that just means there's more food for you. That should be a good thing.

Natalia: Excuse me?

Brot: I'm just saying I've never seen a woman eat as much as you can.

Natalia: Oh! Well, listen, it takes a lot of energy to stay this fierce, ok?

Brot: Yeah. Whatever.

Natalia: That's "Whatever, Detective."

Brot: You know what? You? You? You see this? You are unbelievable.

Natalia: Yes, Officer Monroe, I know. Ohh! Are you serious?!

Brot: Ha ha ha!

Madison: Oh, Randi just left.

Frankie: I know. I came back to see you.

Madison: Oh. I don't think that's such a good idea.

Frankie: Whoa, kemo sabe. I just want to, you know, talk.

Madison: Randi heard us before. She had no idea that you and I had left the party together.

Frankie: What'd you tell her?

Madison: The truth -- or most of it -- that I was drunk, and you looked out for me. But she wasn't happy -- kind of like Natalia the other day. Your sister thinks there's something going on between us.

Kendall: You and Greenlee staying away from each other? Right. Ok. Can we get real for one second here?

Ryan: This is real, Kendall. This is very real.

Kendall: No, Ryan, do you honestly think you can just turn it off, click, just like that?

Ryan: I already moved on.

Kendall: With Madison?

Ryan: Yes, with Madison. I think we can be really good together. I honestly think that I can make her happy.

Kendall: Ok. Well, that's good for her. What about you?

Jesse: Get this. Judge Larter took my word that you are not a flight risk, but he wants more insurance.

Kendall: Ok, please tell me I don't have to wear an ankle monitor.

Jesse: You got a problem with that? It worked for Annie.

Kendall: Yeah, and she's my idol.

Jesse: No house arrest, no monitor, but get this. Larter also wants you to be aware of her location at all times.

Ryan: I got it.

Kendall: That's great. That's great. Thank you. Thank you so much, both of you, really.

Jesse: Don't make me regret this.

Kendall: You won't. I promise. Please, let's go. Thank you.

Jesse: Hey. Let me know how it goes with that therapist. Ok?

Ryan: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Hubbard.

Greenlee: Jesse, it's Greenlee. I need to see you. It's about David's murder.

[Fork drops]

Angie: Now, give that one to Brot.

Brot: Oh. You know, I'm still here. You know that, right?

Angie: I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

Brot: Look at you. You're gonna start charging, you keep that up.

[Knock on door]

Brot: You know what? I'll get that. Don't worry about it.

Angie: He really digs you.

Natalia: Right.

Angie: No. I can hear it in his voice, the way he talks about you, to you. How do you not hear it, too?

Randi: Hey.

Angie: Randi, what are you doing knocking on the door? You know you can just let yourself in.

Randi: Sorry, Angie. Habit, I guess.

Angie: Where's Frankie?

Randi: I don't know. Weird -- I thought for sure he would've beat me here.

Frankie: Natalia is wrong.

Madison: Is she?

Frankie: What is that supposed to mean?

Madison: Yes, I was drunk, and you did help me. But come on, Frankie. There was more than that, and we both know it.

Kendall: Thank you so much, Ryan. I hope Madison doesn't mind that I'm crashing here with you and the boys.

Ryan: No. If she can get through the whole Greenlee drama, this is not gonna bother her, believe me.

Kendall: Yeah, well, she is a better person than I am, that's for sure. I'd have gone nuts by now.

Ryan: She's probably wanted to a couple times, you know, but she's just --I don't know. Madison -- she's different. She's incredible. She's incredibly understanding.

Kendall: Yes, she's the opposite of Greenlee, who is irrational. She's predictable, demanding.

Ryan: Yes, but in a good way.

Kendall: Yeah, I guess, sometimes. You know, you think that you might not need those qualities in your life, Ryan, but what if you do?

Ryan: I had those qualities, ok? I had them. It didn't work. Remember?

Kendall: Greenlee's under your skin, Ryan. She is. Even just the way you say her name, it's obvious. What's not obvious is what you're gonna do about it.

Jesse: So what are we doing here, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I killed David.

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