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[Ryan dreams about the fight he had with David]

Ryan's voice: What did you say to Greenlee?

David's voice: Try to sit down, relax, and talk about this.

Ryan's voice: We're gonna end this right now.

David's voice: Get your hands off me!

Ryan's voice: This is just about her getting the hell away from you.

David's voice: You'll never take her away from me. Do you understand that? Greenlee is mine. Greenlee will always be mine.

Ryan's voice: Uhh! We're gonna end this right --

David's voice: Greenlee is mine. You will never take her away from me. What are you doing? Greenlee is mine. Greenlee will always be mine.

Cliff's voice: The fight with Mr. Lavery didn't kill David. He died of an acute overdose of digitalis.

[Elevator door opens]


Bianca: What are you doing here?

Greenlee: I thought I'd get an early start.

Bianca: David's funeral was yesterday. Don't you think you should take another day --

Greenlee: No, I don't want to think. I just want to get some work done.

Bianca: In the same clothes you wore yesterday? You've been here all night.

Greenlee: What do you want me to say, Bianca? My husband is dead. My home is a crime-taped hotel room, my possessions being searched for evidence. I'm grieving in my own way, all right?

Bianca: Ok. You don't have to work, though. I'm here. Kendall's back --

Greenlee: And you both can't stand me. Fusion is my company, too, and it's my responsibility to make sure it doesn't fall apart, especially since David is the one who helped me save it. He's also the one who tried to help me ruin it, too. The story of our life together. What's that?

Bianca: It was just delivered for you downstairs.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Bianca: What is it?

Greenlee: It's from a storage unit that David kept.

[Elevator doors open]

Bianca: Greenlee?

Caleb: Hey.

Krystal: Hello.

Caleb: This is for Marissa. Something to help her bar exam.

Krystal: Ok.

Caleb: It's tomorrow.

Krystal: Yeah, I'm aware of that.

Caleb: I thought maybe you and I could do something to celebrate afterwards.

Krystal: You haven't passed yet.

Caleb: Oh, we will.

Krystal: I'll have to check my calendar. I actually -- I think I have plans tomorrow night. But I'll get Marissa.

Tad: Ouch. Is it just me or is there a little chill in the air?

J.R.: I know that you like staying at Mommy's. You were there last night. A.J., I got you that new video game you wanted. I thought maybe you could come over to the house. We could have some ice cream. Sure, sure. All right, maybe another time. I miss you. I love you. What are you looking at?

Annie: Someone who's in a lot of pain.

Greenlee: Who knew you could be so sentimental, David? Leo. You understand how hard this is for me. What do you think I should do, Leo? Your brother -- is dead, and I found the murder weapon in your best friend's jacket.

Kendall: What's that? 

J.R.: I don't need this right now, Annie.

Annie: What? Compassion? I heard you on the phone with A.J., and I understand how hard it is. Divorce is a terrible thing for -- for kids and for us.

J.R.: A.J. wants to be with Marissa.

Annie: For tonight. But there are gonna be nights that he wants to spend alone with his dad, too. You know how much he loves you.

J.R.: All the pain that I've put him through -- all the losses that he's had --

Annie: He's been through a lot. So has Emma.

J.R.: Yeah, but you two are close.

Annie: It wasn't always like that, though. There were times where she wanted to spend more time with Ryan and it really upset me. But then I had to realize it's not about me. It's about this beautiful, little girl, and how lucky is she that she has all these people surrounding her that love her so much? I mean, you and Marissa, you're doing the right thing. You're putting aside your differences to be good parents to A.J.

J.R.: I don't feel like such a great parent today.

Annie: Because A.J. took off?

J.R.: On my watch.

Annie: It wasn't your fault. Kids do that when they're upset sometimes. And what's important is you got him back.

J.R.: Thanks to you.

Annie: I'm just glad I could help. You know, there was a time when we were on our way to being friends, and I -- I hope we can be friends.

Scott: Never happen. Because J.R. can't stand the fact that he lost you to me.

Tad: I'm just making an observation. Doesn't seem like your date with Krystal went off too well. Which kinda follows, considering the father of her twins died in the middle of it. I'm just saying.

Caleb: Yeah, well, you're always just saying something. Look, if you want to investigate me, why don't you just go to Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia? You'll find out everything you need to know about me.

Tad: You know, in spite of everything, you handled yourself pretty well. The Yacht Club. P.C. would've been proud of you. And Dixie. You've been gone for a while. 20 years is a long time. You might want to think about dealing with things, dealing with people a little differently now that you're here in Pine Valley.

Marissa: Hi.

Caleb: Hi. This is for you. I've got a meeting at the club, but if you want to go over it, you can stop by later.

Marissa: Oh, thanks, Caleb.

Caleb: No problem.

Marissa: I just got so much to catch up on, you know, since everything that's happened with David.

Caleb: Yeah. You'll do great. Now, about that celebration tomorrow night?

Krystal: Um, maybe some other time.

Greenlee: I have to go.

Kendall: Greenlee, wait. Would you stop? Please? Greenlee.

Greenlee: What do you want?

Kendall: Bianca told me how upset you were.

Greenlee: I'm fine.

Kendall: I don't think so.

Greenlee: Please just leave me alone.

Kendall: What was in your hand?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Kendall: Tell me.

Greenlee: No.

Kendall: Why not? Greenlee. Digitalis?

Greenlee: Happy now?

Kendall: This is the drug that was used to kill David. Oh, my God, Greenlee, it was you.

[Knocking on door]

Ryan: Hey. Thank you for coming right over. Emma's at school, so we can talk here.

Tad: Ok. You said you wanted to hire me for a job. Need some more help at the casino?

Ryan: No. No, I need you to investigate somebody who may have killed David Hayward.

Tad: Who's your suspect?

Ryan: Me.

Greenlee: Leave this alone, Kendall.

Kendall: I don't think so.

Greenlee: This is not your problem.

Kendall: I got arrested for helping you, so don't tell me this is not my problem. Tell me what this means.

Greenlee: I don't know.

Kendall: David was blackmailing you. You would've done anything to get out of that marriage, including killing him.

Greenlee: I didn't kill him.

Kendall: Then what are you doing with digitalis? Oh, ok. You found it in his old medical bag, and you used it to spike his drink that night.

Greenlee: No. I did not.

Kendall: I mean, I can understand you wanting David dead, but letting Ryan take the fall for it?

Greenlee: I wouldn't do that to him.

Kendall: Then what are you doing with the murder weapon?

Greenlee: You don't understand.

Kendall: Well, then make me understand.

Greenlee: Just leave this alone.

Kendall: Greenlee, I swear to God I'm not leaving until you tell me. Do I have to take this to the cops right now?

Greenlee: No, you can't. I found it in Ryan's jacket.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: That vial that you're holding? Ryan had it.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: I think he did it. Kendall, I think he poisoned David.

Tad: Not a chance, Ryan.

Ryan: Why? Why won't you take this job?

Tad: Because I don't think you killed him.

Ryan: I -- I fought with him that night.

Tad: So what? Didn't cause his death. He was poisoned.

Ryan: And what makes you think it wasn't me?

Tad: Instinct. Experience. Knowing you. I mean, come on, think about it, really. Can you imagine yourself poisoning someone?

Ryan: No, I can't, Tad, but it doesn't mean it's not possible.

Tad: I suppose.

Ryan: That's what I need you to find out. Please, I need you to find out. I just can't -- I can't remember anything, and it's driving me crazy. I have -- I have flashes of the beginning of the fight. I remember just -- bits and pieces, and then all of it just goes blank.

Tad: And you want me to fill in the blanks.

Ryan: Yeah. Please. I mean, the police are going to be exploring all of the options. What I want you to do is just to treat me like the only suspect. I want you just to focus on what I said, where I went. Everything. Please.

Tad: You're wasting your money. I mean it. My gut tells me it was somebody else.

Ryan: I hope you're right. But I gotta find out, Tad. I have to. I don't care where this investigation goes. I need to know.

Tad: What if it goes somewhere you don't want it to?

J.R.: Scott, you and I -- are probably never gonna trust each other ever again. But the fact of the matter is we need to work together.

Scott: Yeah, you mean like one big, happy family?

J.R.: Yeah, well, something like that.

Scott: Because a few days ago you were declaring war on me, and now all of a sudden it's what, "Go team Chandler"?

J.R.: Things have changed.

Scott: Really?

Annie: I think -- I think J.R. just got a big wake-up call when A.J. went missing. Isn't that right?

J.R.: We all love this family and the company. I mean, it's my son's legacy, so we have to be strong and protect it from outside attack.

Annie: Yeah, and Caleb is still a huge threat.

J.R.: And he'll do anything he can to get Cortlandt back.

Scott: Because you tricked him out of it in the first place.

J.R.: Let's not play this game, Mr. Nanotech. We've all done our share of shady things for the good of Chandler. I shouldn't have to remind you of that. I have a meeting. Thank you again.

Annie: It's all gonna work out. He's -- he's just been having a hard time with A.J.

Scott: Oh, yeah, that I get. What I don't buy is the new and improved J.R. Chandler.

Annie: You know, I really think he means it this time.

Scott: Yeah? You don't know how his mind works, Annie. He'll do anything to come after me, ok, and the only reason that he wants the top spot at Chandler is because he wants --

[Cell phone ringing]

Annie: Wants what?

[Cell phone ringing]

Scott: Excuse me. Yeah, hello? He did what? [Chuckles] Yeah, of course, he did. [Chuckles]

Annie: What? What happened?

Scott: So much for the family working together. J.R.'s already coming after me.

Annie: What? What was that call?

Scott: The first shot.

Marissa: I'm a little early.

Caleb: Don't worry about it. Sit down. I want to ask you something.

Marissa: Ok.

Caleb: When I start my practice here -- it's gonna hit the fan.

Marissa: You mean with J.R.

Caleb: Yeah. When I get my company back from him, it's gonna start to get ugly.

Marissa: I understand.

Caleb: I'm not sure you do.

Marissa: Are you firing me?

Caleb: No. I'm giving you a chance to quit.

Marissa: Because you don't think that I'll be able to stand up to J.R.?

Caleb: Well, because you're going through a divorce, and you've got a kid together.

Marissa: Yeah, and we're working that out.

Caleb: It's not gonna be easy.

Marissa: You think that I don't know that? I'm ready for it. And believe me, after the hell that I've been through, anything will be easier. You had faith in me when not a lot of people did, so if you think that I'm gonna just bail on you now and --

Caleb: Ok. All right. And if you're working for me, why don't you find out where that guy is who's supposed to meet me here?

Marissa: I'm sure he just got stuck in traffic.

Caleb: All right.

Marissa: Be right back.

Caleb: I don't have time for you, Junior.

J.R.: Yeah? Big meeting with one of Chandler's bankers? Nah. It's canceled. So -- I guess you're not so busy after all. Well, you know, there, Caleb, it wasn't so hard. I just threatened to pull all the Chandler business from the bank if they took that meeting with you. I guess they took me seriously. You'll find the same response at the rest of the banks. You see, you can't go against a Chandler in this town. Haven't you learned that yet?

Caleb: Your daddy's name. That's all you've got, J.R.

J.R.: My father's gone. It's my name now. And I call it a damn good start to sending your ass back to the woods. You see, I thought at first you were just a nuisance. Turns out that you're a real threat. So I'm not gonna stand around and wait for you to come after me. I'm coming after you with both barrels blazing.

Marissa: What are you doing?

J.R.: Marissa.

Marissa: My father is dead. Our son was missing, and you still have time to pick fights?

J.R.: That's not what I'm doing.

Marissa: Really? Then what would you call it?

Caleb: Good luck with that one, J.R.

J.R.: This conversation is between me and my wife.

Marissa: Yeah, well, I'm not gonna be your wife for that much longer.

J.R.: Can we talk someplace else?

Marissa: Why?

J.R.: Because I'd like to have an adult conversation without you going off on me.

Marissa: Well, then maybe you should try treating people with respect for a change.

J.R.: Oh, you mean him?

Marissa: No, I mean everyone. Starting with me. I am trying to pass the bar exam right now, and I would really appreciate it if I could focus on that without having to deal with you, too.

[Cell phone ringing]

J.R.: Hello?

Principal Hayes: Mr. Chandler, this is principal Hayes from A.J.'s school.

J.R.: Yes. Hello. What can I do for you?

Principal Hayes: I'm sorry to bother you, but your son's been in a fight. A.J.'s fine, but the other boy's hurt pretty badly. He's been taken to the hospital.

J.R.: I see.

Principal Hayes: Now, apparently this isn't the first time this has happened since school started. Would you and your wife mind coming in so we can discuss this?

J.R.: I'll be right there.

Principal Hayes: Thank you. Good-bye.

J.R.: I have to head to the office.

Marissa: Fine.

J.R.: I'll always be one step ahead of you.

Caleb: You'll be the first one off the cliff.

Scott: Hey, listen to this. "Co-CEO Scott Chandler has announced that he is shifting his day-to-day focus to the company's flagging European division."

Annie: What?

Scott: Oh, no, no, no. It gets better. My favorite part. This is a quote from me. "I am staking my reputation on the performance of this division, and I will begin my new duties immediately."

Annie: How did this happen? I am in charge of the P.R. Department.

Scott: Annie. J.R. obviously issued this to back me into a corner, and if I deny it, it looks like I'm not up to the job. It makes me look weak.

Annie: And if you don't, you'll be across the ocean working in Chandler's weakest division. I am going to kill him!

Scott: No, no, no, no, no, no. No. We gotta be careful about it.

Annie: Ok, then I am going to kill him carefully.

Scott: Annie, Annie, no. No. J.R. still has an ax over my head with the nanotech project.

Annie: No, no, because he wouldn't risk losing the company to nail you for stealing it.

Scott: Are you kidding me? The risks that that man has taken when he's desperate. He would do anything to take me down. We have gotta be smart about this.

Annie: J.R. stood here and said that he really wanted us to be a family, and I bought it. Well, no more. He wants to play rough, I will play rough.

Ryan: If I poisoned Hayward, I just -- I need to know.

Tad: What if it was someone else?

Ryan: Well -- someone else?

Tad: Poison is commonly the -- the weapon of choice for women, and we both know the police usually start with the spouse.

Ryan: Greenlee did not poison David.

Tad: You sure of that?

Ryan: Yes, I'm sure. I don't care what David did to her. She would never murder him.

Tad: Yeah, but you would.

Ryan: That's what I need you to find out.

Tad: What if by some chance I was -- I'm able to link you to what happened?

Ryan: Well, it's better than this. I can't -- I can't not know, and not knowing is just not an option anymore.

Tad: I'm not crazy about keeping Jesse in the dark about this.

Ryan: I understand that. I get that. I just -- I wanted to ask you first. I get if you want me to go someplace else.

Tad: Yeah. I'm just wondering if there's a way I could send my bill over to Hayward's estate.

Kendall: This is crazy. Ryan?

Greenlee: Do you think I'm lying?

Kendall: I don't know what to think. One thing I do know is that Ryan would never do something like this. Come on, Greenlee. How would he even know what the drug would do? Ryan didn't go to David that night intending to kill him. He didn't have time to research digitalis.

Greenlee: Then how do you explain me finding it in his jacket?

Kendall: I can't.

Greenlee: Ryan doesn't remember what happened that night. He was in that room with David. They got into a fight. He had that empty vial in his pocket. God, I hate this. I hate that my husband is dead, and I hate that the man who could've killed him is the guy that I --

Kendall: Love? Is that the word you were looking for?

Greenlee: You know what I mean.

Kendall: You're a mess, ok? That's what I know. You're a complete mess. You're mourning David, you're falling back in love with Ryan, and you're taking everyone you know along for this crazy, ridiculous ride. Well, you know what? I want off.

Greenlee: Do whatever you have to do.

Kendall: Ok, well, right now, that means talking to Ryan.

Greenlee: No. No. You can't.

Kendall: Why? Why not?

Greenlee: Because Ryan doesn't remember what happened that night. If he finds out about that empty vial, he'll go straight to Jesse and end up right back in prison. Away from his kids, away from everything. Please don't do it, Kendall. Please.

Kendall: [Sighs] Ok. Well, you better have some sort of a plan, Greenlee, ok? You can't keep this secret forever.

Annie: You know, we can play at J.R.'s game, too. Um, we can call the press and say that J.R. has been put in charge of, like, waste management or something. No, I have a better idea. Why don't we call the press and say that J.R.'s back on the bottle, and he was wasted when he released that stupid press release.

Scott: Annie.

Annie: What?

Scott: I know you're upset about this, ok? I am, too. But if we overreact to this, we will be playing right into J.R.'s hands. He will be expecting this. This is what he wants.

Annie: Ok. What are we supposed to do, Scott? Are we supposed to just roll over? Let him -- let him get away with this?

Scott: No.

Annie: I can't move to Europe. Emma is happy here. She is settled. I am not gonna do something that is gonna upset her.

Scott: Nobody is moving anywhere. You know what we do? We wait this out. Because in a few days, nobody's gonna even remember this press release.

Annie: Yeah, until J.R. has another press release.

Scott: And we'll be ready that time.

Annie: You're right. I know. I just feel so stupid for believing J.R. when he told us he wanted to just get along.

Scott: I know. And you will never make that mistake again. J.R. will only get to us if we let him. So we won't.


[Annie sighs]

Principal Hayes: As I explained to you on the phone, Mr. Chandler, this is not an isolated incident. Your son has been acting out frequently.

J.R.: Boys fight. Next hour, they're best friends.

Principal Hayes: The other boy needed 11 stitches.

J.R.: I see. I'll speak to A.J. I'll get this straightened out.

Principal Hayes: I appreciate that. But I still think it would be best if you and your wife were to come to school together for a conference.

J.R.: I don't think that's necessary.

Principal Hayes: Mr. Chandler, your son's behavior --

J.R.: Maybe A.J. and the other boys are getting into fights, because there's not enough around here to keep them occupied.

Principal Hayes: What are you suggesting?

J.R.: Boys A.J.'s age, they need new handball courts, new playground equipment, maybe some new turf on the fields. And Chandler has discretionary funds to make that happen.

Principal Hayes: I really don't think --

J.R.: I appreciate your concern. A.J. will be fine. I suggest that you worry about kids who don't have fathers who care so much.

Annie: H-hi. I'm Annie Chandler. You remember I --

Caleb: I know who you are. Sit down. I've got some issues with some of your family members. One in particular. Which one are you married to today?

Tad: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Hi.

Tad: Hi. How are you doing?

Greenlee: I've been better.

Tad: Yeah. I understand. I mean, I -- I know things were complicated between you and David, to say the least, and you know what? Ryan getting accused, it's kinda tough.

Greenlee: I'm managing.

Tad: It's kind of funny, isn't it, him not being able to remember anything?

Greenlee: Right now I'd like to forget, too.

Tad: Just out of curiosity, what do you think happened that night?

Greenlee: Honestly, I don't know. And actually, I really have to go.

Tad: Sure. Ok. Well, listen, if you -- if you need anything, if you think of anything, I'm around.

Kendall: Hi.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Hi. I, um, I just came to see how you were doing.

Ryan: I'm -- I'm, you know, I'm not in jail, so that's a good thing.

Kendall: Yeah. I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to grab a bite to eat with the boys, if you're up for it.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great.

Kendall: Ok. You look tired.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, you know, when a big chunk of your life is missing, kind of tough to get a good, solid 8 hours.

Kendall: So you haven't remembered anything?

Ryan: No, I haven't, and it's really frustrating. Because I feel like the answer is right there. It's so close and yet I can't get to it, you know?

Kendall: I know this year must have been hell for you, Ryan. Greenlee only suffered towards the end of her marriage with David, but you, you knew the pain that was coming from the second he put that ring on her finger.

Ryan: The pain that was coming for her. I mean, it was a lot harder for her.

Kendall: Yeah, maybe, but I mean, you suffered a lot. It was stressful for you and -- and all that stress could -- could easily cause someone to -- you know.

Ryan: To -- what?

Kendall: Snap. It would be completely understandable.

Ryan: Kendall, are you trying to ask me something?

Kendall: I'm not accusing you of anything. I promise.

Ryan: Good, because I have no idea what happened the night David was murdered, ok? No idea, and I'm doing my damnedest to find out.

Kendall: All right. I'm sorry, Ryan. I -- I didn't mean for it to come off like that. I just -- I'm sorry. I just want to help you.

Ryan: I know you do. I know. And I appreciate it.

Kendall: You know I'll always be here for you no matter what. We need to stick together right now.

Ryan: Does that include you sticking by Greenlee?

Kendall: No. Ryan, she knew. She knew that my mother's plane was tampered with and said nothing.

Ryan: Well, you gotta factor Hayward into this, ok, because he is the guy who committed the crime, and he just made Greenlee look like an accessory.

Kendall: Right. Ok. Of course, you're defending her.

Ryan: Well, if I were standing here attacking her, you would defend her, too.

Kendall: Ok, can we just -- can we stop talking about Greenlee? Please?

Ryan: Yes. Sure. I forgot my keys. Be right back.

Kendall: I'll call and make a dinner reservation. Can I use this phone?

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok. I want to try that new place on Harding Avenue. Oh, no.

Greenlee: You're the only one I can talk to about this, Leo. The only one who'd understand. I know I married David for all the wrong reasons, but I really cared about him. I feel guilty, like I let you down. If Ryan killed your brother for me, what would you do about it, Leo? You loved him, too. You would do everything you could to protect him, right? Or maybe that's me trying to convince you. Just like always. If you see David, tell him -- tell him I'm sorry.

[Cell phone ringing]

Greenlee: Hello?

Kendall: Hey. Meet me at Ryan's. Now.

Krystal: How's it going?

Marissa: I'm studying.

Krystal: Yeah, I can see that. I was just asking.

Marissa: Can we not talk about it? I'm fine.

Krystal: Yeah, sure. Fine's written all over your face.

Bianca: Hi.

Marissa: Don't come near me. I'm radioactive. I'm sorry. Bad day.

Bianca: Yeah, Miranda told me what happened at school today. She said A.J. got into a big fight.

Marissa: What?!

Bianca: You didn't know? The other boy was hurt pretty bad. Miranda said it's happened before.

Marissa: Why wasn't I informed? Why didn't somebody call me?

Bianca: Maybe they couldn't reach you.

Marissa: My phone has been on all day. Thank you, Bianca. Principal Hayes, please. Marissa Chandler. Yes, hi. I understand that my son A.J. was in a fight at school today, and I want to know why I wasn't informed. He did? When? No. Definitely not. Damn him!

Krystal: That can only mean one person.

Marissa: God, do you want to know what J.R. did? A.J. got into a fight at school today, and J.R. went in and basically offered the principal a bribe to let it go.

Krystal: And you didn't know anything about this?

Marissa: No, he never said a word to me. And apparently, he's told the school that any calls regarding A.J. should be referred to him personally.

Krystal: [Sighs] What are you gonna do?

Marissa: Well, I know what I'd like to do.

J.R.: So I'm rattling the guy's cage a little bit.

Tad: Caleb?

J.R.: Cortlandt. Cooney. Whatever the hell he's calling himself, and Marissa blasts me right in front of him.

Tad: That's when you got the call from the school?

J.R.: Yeah.

Tad: Well, it's just my advice, but if I were you, I wouldn't underestimate a guy like Caleb. In any case, your primary concern has gotta be A.J.

J.R.: Of course.

Tad: Has he ever been in a fight before?

J.R.: Yeah. The principal said he started this one over nothing, like he was just looking for someone to hit. Sound like someone else you know?

Tad: A long time ago.

J.R.: Maybe not so long ago. I know that I've been wrapped up in work and -- and other things. Hell, I even lost him the other day.

Tad: J.R., you're not the first parent that's happened to.

J.R.: I try to be a good father, you know. I try to spend time with him. I love that boy more than anything else in this world. It's just --

Tad: Hard. I know. Trust me. You'll get through it just fine. And so will he. I swear. He's got a lot of people in his corner. For now, you want me to take him back with me?

J.R.: No, I'd like to try to convince him to stay here. It's important to me.

Tad: Good. I'm glad. You just let me know, ok?

J.R.: Hey, buddy. How you doing?

A.J.: Are you gonna tell Mommy about the fight?

J.R.: I tell you what. How about you stay here with me tonight? That way, by tomorrow, this whole thing will blow over. Mommy will never have to know anything. It'll be just between us guys. Ok? [Chuckles]

Annie: So you're still ticked off about the way J.R. acquired Cortlandt Electronics?

Caleb: Ha! Acquired? Did you say acquired? You mean stole?

Annie: Steal. Lie. Cheat. Manipulate. That's J.R. I'm familiar with his methods. It's just -- it's no secret that there's been some tension in our family lately.

Caleb: Junior on one side. You and your new husband on the other.

Annie: Doesn't seem like a fair fight, does it?

Caleb: You're a smart woman.

Annie: Thank you.

Caleb: Junior took something that belongs to me. My fight's with him, not with you or your husband. Do you get where I'm going with this?

Annie: I think so.

Krystal: This is just wrong. J.R. can't get away with this, pushing you out of A.J.'s life.

Marissa: I just want to go over to that house right now.

Krystal: Ok, look. I'll go with you.

Marissa: No, no, no. Wait, this is -- this is a bad idea. A.J. doesn't need to see us fighting again.

Krystal: Of course, you're right, but what happens when J.R. pulls another stunt like this? And you know he will.

Marissa: I don't know. I'll deal with it then. But I have to protect my son, no matter what J.R. throws my way.

Scott: Where's Annie?

Caleb: I just had a very interesting chat with your wife.

Scott: Yeah, I know. She called me.

Caleb: I asked her to give you and me a little time alone.

Scott: Really?

Caleb: Neither one of us trusts your cousin as far as we can throw him. And I could throw him pretty far.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Ah. Annie.

[Annie slaps J.R.]

Kendall: It's about time.

Greenlee: I got here as fast as I could. What's the big emergency?

Kendall: Ok, let's say I believe you about Ryan poisoning David.

Greenlee: Why? What did you find out?

Kendall: I was looking for something on his phone and a list of his last few searches came up.

Greenlee: Ok.

Kendall: Well, one of them was entered the night of the murder. "Digitalis poisoning death." So what do we do now?

Ryan: What do we do about what?

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