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Krystal: It's the day of your funeral. It still doesn't feel real that you're gone. I thought about it so many times. I -- I even wished it. But now that you're really dead, I don't know what to feel. I bet most people don't have that problem. Most people are probably rejoicing, celebrating. "Ding dong, the wicked Dr. Hayward is dead," and they have every right to do that after the kind of pain you inflicted in life. Angie lost her sight, and half the town rallied to help her. I wonder if anyone will even show for your funeral. I wish I could just forget the terrible things you did to me. All I can hope is that the people left behind will learn from your mistakes, choose their better nature instead of their worst. Someone poisoned you. I wish I could enjoy the irony of that. But I don't enjoy any of this. Whoever killed you, they'll have to face the consequences. No other good people should suffer for the choices you made. Not even the woman you claimed to love.

[Vial of digitalis drops out of Ryan's jacket]

Krystal's voice: [Hugging Marissa] You left some good in the world, too. Let's hope that's the last legacy. Let's hope. 

Angie: My sensory landmarks suggests that I am in the vicinity of two hotshot doctors who are taking an unscheduled coffee break.

Shelly: You might just be my best student yet. If you have any questions before our next appointment, just give me a call.

Angie: Thank you, Shelly. I will.

Frankie: Well, well, well. Look at you. Aren't you the star?

Angie: I have a lot to learn, but I'm feeling confident. And you.

Jake: Yes?

Angie: Thank you again for everything that you did to keep me here.

Jake: No, no, no, no. You're missing the whole thing. See, it was purely selfish. I need to have my BFF here as my chief of staff. That's what I need to happen. Oh, you see this? Ang, David's on the cover. He stole the whole front-page glory of the newspaper. It says "cause of death poison." That crazy, huh?

Frankie: Wow. Karma crazy.

Jake: Yeah. Well, at least Ryan is cleared of his murder.

Angie: Isn't David's funeral today?

Frankie: Something tells me there won't be a crowd.

Jake: You know, what's weird is he's gone, but he's not really gone.

Angie: David had a huge impact on all our lives, our families. What he did to us just won't go away. He might be dead, but he certainly will not be forgotten.

Jesse: New method of murder, new investigation.

Liza: "A lethal dose of digitalis."

Jesse: Yeah, a drug that David, a cardiologist, would have easy access to.

Liza: "Former cardiologist."

Jesse: Doesn't mean he didn't have access or a stash.

Liza: So you think whoever did this used David's drugs? So if the digitalis came from David's private stash, and the last one to be seen with David was Ryan --

Jesse: No, no, no. David was the one into poisoning people. Not Ryan's style.

Liza: That doesn't mean he didn't do it.

Jesse: This poisoning was premeditated.

Liza: Listen, if he was angry enough, anything is possible. I'm not gonna rule it out just yet. What is that?

Jesse: This is some of the evidence we got from David's room. Two champagne glasses, one broken, one not broken. The one not broken had traces of digitalis.

Liza: Ok, so Ryan could've easily slipped the drug into the glass.

Jesse: The only readable prints on the glass were David's.

Liza: He doesn't have to touch a glass to taint it with the drug.

Jesse: David's drug, David's room, David's prints on the glass -- I don't know. It kind of screams that David might've been thinking of poisoning somebody, possibly Ryan. Ryan could've found out, they fought. Hence, the shattered glass.

Liza: That's a really good theory, only that would mean that David poisoned himself.

Jesse: He could've gotten confused, didn't remember which glass the drug was in. I don't know.

Liza: Not stupid. He just wasn't stupid.

Jesse: You don't have to be stupid to be distracted, Liza.

Liza: Ok, really? Is this really how it's gonna go, Jesse? Are you just gonna argue with me on every single point?

Jesse: I'm just trying to tell you that there is no simple answer here.

Liza: No, how about a little cooperation, ok? You and I, we are on the same team. We are both trying to nail a killer.

Jesse: You and I? There is no "you and I," Liza. [Scoffs]

Liza: Ok. So you don't like me. Fine. Really, fine with that. Only we have to work together on this, and we cannot rule out the possibility that Ryan intentionally went to David's room to poison him.

Jesse: If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you were determined to hang this one on Ryan, huh?

Liza: The last person seen with David was Ryan, and it is no secret the fact the two of them hated each other. Means, motive, opportunity.

Jesse: Yeah, nice formula, and I know you're all, "I'm the new D.A.," and whatnot. But ruin a man's life by pouncing on the obvious?

Madison: I hope you don't mind that I asked your super to let me in again while you were taking Emma to school. I just thought you could use a good meal after everything you've been through. Those little bits of eggshell are edible, right? That was a joke, kind of.

Ryan: Sorry?

Madison: Look, I know you don't remember everything about that night, but there's no way you poisoned David.

Ryan: Yeah, the suspect list would probably be about half of Pine Valley. The question is, who did David push this far?

Madison: Well, in cases like this, don't the police usually start with the person who was closest to the victim? The one who had the most access?

Ryan: You mean Greenlee?

Kendall: Who let you in? I have nothing to say to you.

Greenlee: Please, just hear me out.

Kendall: More lies?

Greenlee: It's about Ryan.

Kendall: The charges have been dropped. He's no longer a suspect, thank God.

Greenlee: Maybe he still is.

Kendall: How can you say that? You think Ryan poisoned David?

Tad: The good news is that A.J. just wolfed down two waffles, a double side of bacon, and a whole half a pitcher of O.J., so I'd say he's recovered.

J.R.: It's my fault that he ran away.

Tad: No, J.R., it's not.

J.R.: I swore to myself that I was not gonna let this divorce hurt A.J., and Marissa and I -- we both agreed. I've already blown it.

Tad: You just didn't want your son to suffer the way you did when your mother and I broke up. Understand not a day goes by I don't regret how much you suffered. We couldn't make things right.

J.R.: I knew that you loved me.

Tad: She's been on my mind a lot lately, all the hell we went through because of David.

J.R.: He's gone now.

Tad: Yeah, maybe. But his legacy -- the people he hurt, the damage he did -- is still very much alive.

J.R.: I don't understand how Mom could've went for someone like David. She loved me, she loved you, but how could she turn her back on us and be with someone like him?

Tad: Well, it's because no matter how strong she was, David chose to come around when she was most vulnerable. It's the way he always worked.

J.R.: I remember when he first started getting to Mom. When he put his hands on her, I vowed that I was never gonna let anything more happen.

Tad: Yeah, and you got yourself in a whole mess of trouble.

J.R.: The drugs. And, yeah, I spun out of control.

Tad: Hey, and you made your way back to us, just like your mother did.

J.R.: We never really got her back because of David.

Tad: No, we didn't. Like you said, he's gone.

J.R.: Instead of feeling glad or feeling some sort of relief, I feel like I'm at another funeral, not David's. A funeral for what we lost: For Mom.

Bianca: Miranda and Trevor are on that little train with Françoise. She looks so happy.

Amanda: How's she doing since the fire?

Bianca: Completely recovered. I think it was harder on me than it was on her.

Amanda: Little ones definitely have a way of bouncing back.

Bianca: Yeah, I guess we could learn a little lesson in resilience. Why is that so hard for adults?

Amanda: No kidding. So you -- you read that David was poisoned?

Bianca: Yeah. Actually, I can't stop thinking about him. I couldn't sleep at all last night.

Amanda: Neither could I.

Jake: How will me miss David? Let me count the ways. I got nothing. Nothing.

Angie: He was a huge part of this hospital.

Jake: He was a huge black hole for people's energy. Anybody who walked past him, Ang, he'd suck the life out of them. I'm talking about everybody.

Angie: Look, I'm not defending him. I'm not. But we can't deny that as a doctor, he saved a lot of lives here.

Frankie: David tried to wreck a lot of lives, too. He spent more time trying to fire me, you, and Jake than he did running the hospital.

Jake: Angie, the man tried to blackmail my father, made him choose between his son or his job.

Frankie: Right. And he acts like this hospital is his own private battlefield.

Angie: But he lost two daughters here -- a baby, Leora, on the operating table, and then Babe. I can't imagine what that does to a person.

Jake: That's what I love about you, always trying to find the decent part of a human being. Trouble is Hayward was not human. Maybe a long time ago he was. You know, he had a heart, but I don't know what happened to it. It probably dried up like a rock. I'm saying I want him washed out of my memory.

Frankie: Hmm. I bet you there's a whole lot of people who would love to do the same thing.

Jake: Do the same thing. Hey, why don't we make that happen?

Marissa: So many people hated David, wanted him gone. Now he is. How many of them are just wishing that they could've been the one to take him out?

Krystal: Marissa, come on. Now, don't think like that.

Marissa: They'd be a hero.

Krystal: That isn't true.

Marissa: Isn't it? I'm his daughter, his flesh and blood, and a part of me believes that he had this coming. Huh. My own father. I'm going to his funeral today with that in my heart. What kind of a daughter am I?

Krystal: You're human. You've been hurt over and over again. You know what David's done, you know the people he's damaged, but you never really got to know him.

Marissa: Would it have made a difference?

Krystal: Did you know that David's mother drove his father to suicide? Opal told me. Now, a woman like that -- God knows what she did to her own child, how deeply she hurt him.

Marissa: That's terrible.

Krystal: Yeah. As much as David wanted love, he just could never completely go there. He just couldn't -- he couldn't trust the feelings.

Marissa: So he just incinerated anyone who wanted to be close to him?

Krystal: I don't think he could help himself.

Marissa: Krystal, you don't have to make excuses for him.

Krystal: I'm not making excuses for him. Trust me, I'm not. No, he did a lot of damage that could not be undone. But maybe the wicked David was just a hurt little boy who thought he could never be loved. Honey, he made more bad choices than good. But the night we met, he was sweet, and he was tender, and he was loving. Maybe it was just for one night, but you and Babe were conceived in that little spark of love.

Singer: Just the way it's gotta be just the way it's gotta be

Krystal: We should probably go to the cemetery. Are you ready?

Ryan: There is no possible way that Greenlee poisoned David.

Madison: I hope she didn't. But if she did, you know what? I can't blame her. I know what it's like to live with a husband who controls your every move. It's like you start to feel like no matter what, you'll never, ever get out of it. Like, the only way that you'll ever truly be free is to --

Ryan: Greenlee did not poison David. Ok?

Madison: I know you believe in her, but I heard Greenlee say that she wanted to kill him.

Ryan: That? That was out of frustration. That wasn't an actual, literal threat.

Madison: You're still protecting her.

Ryan: Well, yeah. I mean, if you're gonna accuse her of premeditated murder, then, yes, I will protect her.

Greenlee: I don't know what to think. As much as Ryan hated David, he wouldn't do this, right? He wouldn't kill David -- not intentionally?

Kendall: Of course not. Why are you even thinking that?

Greenlee: Because someone did. And if it's someone that we're close to --

Kendall: Maybe it was David. Maybe he took it himself, I don't know, by mistake.

Greenlee: Do you really think he would make a mistake like that? Chances are the guilty person is someone that we care about.

Kendall: Ok. Now I get it. I see. You feel guilty because someone could go to jail when, really, this is all your fault. I can't even believe that you're here, that you're even asking for my help. You practically got my mother killed, and you helped David cover. I went to jail for you. I put my life on the line for you.

Greenlee: I made a lot of mistakes.

Kendall: Yeah. Was killing David one of them?

Greenlee: No.

Kendall: You know what, Greenlee? I don't have time for you, ok? A man is dead.

Greenlee: My husband.

Kendall: Spike's father was in jail, I was in jail, so don't come in here crying to me with these crocodile tears.

Greenlee: Hate me all you want, but I'm being sincere. Do we need another tragedy? If someone we care about is going to go to prison, don't you want to help?

Kendall: And what am I supposed to do? Break another law? Go to jail? I've done that already, thank you very much. You're on your own.

Greenlee: Well, I better get to David's funeral.

Kendall: The man was blackmailing you. Are you really gonna cry when they lower him into the ground?

Greenlee: He did some horrible things, but he saved my life. He stood by me. He risked everything to help me.

Kendall: Including my mother's life.

Greenlee: I know. I'm guilty, too, because everything he did, he did because he loved me so much -- more than anyone ever has. So, yes, I'm going to his funeral, and, yes, my tears will be real.

Madison: Hey, I'm sorry for even suggesting that Greenlee had anything to do with David's death. Of course, she didn't. It's just too bad that she didn't get away from him before he died.

Ryan: David is a master at blackmail. It's not so easy to get away.

Madison: I've been there. He tried to force me to seduce you, till you came to my rescue -- not for the first time.

Ryan: Hmm. Well, not everybody is as lucky as you to get away that easily.

Madison: At least he's gone now. David can't hurt you or anybody that you love anymore.

Ryan: Yeah.

Madison: The damage that David's done, it's in the past. We just got hope and happiness for the future.

Ryan: You think?

Madison: I know.

Ryan: You even got a greeting card for me to commemorate the day?

Madison: No. It's not from me.

Ryan: It's from Greenlee.

Jesse: These are the glasses used at Caleb Cortland's party. So our killer could've slipped the poison into the drink at the party, and then made sure they were delivered to David in his room.

Liza: Yeah, ok. It's possible. Just -- would you give me a killer with enough evidence to make a slam-dunk conviction? And investigate everyone that was at that party.

Jesse: Ok. What did you do at the party, Liza Colby?

Liza: Hmm. I'm of interest?

Jesse: You were there.

Liza: David was also a friend and a client.

Jesse: David and friends -- huge gray area. Maybe he had something on you. Maybe he was blackmailing you, Liza. I don't know. Maybe you were regretting the fact that you were connected to him and couldn't get out of a deal.

Liza: Yeah, so I killed him. Hmm. I don't think so. But what about you? I mean, you hated him with a passion, you got all sorts of motive, and you were at that party. How was the champagne?

Jesse: [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Ahh. Angela, everything ok?

Angie: Hi, baby. Listen, I just wanted to let you know that I'm at Krystal's with Frankie and Jake. More people are coming, and I thought you might like to stop by.

Jesse: What, are you celebrating keeping your job as chief of staff?

Angie: No. We're saying good-bye to David.

Jake: Ok, we're good. I got to get the tab going because I'm expecting a crowd. I just said, "I'll pay for it," so -- hi! Look who it is! First to arrive!

Randi: Well, when Frankie called, how could we say no?

Natalia: Yeah, we couldn't miss this for the world.

Angie: Maybe we shouldn't treat this too much like a party.

Frankie: Aw. So does that mean we can't dance on the tables?

Jake: Look who it is, my little table dancer.

Amanda: Hi. Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: I was at the park with Bianca and the kids, and I invited her.

Bianca: And I invited Kendall.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. No, the more the merrier.

Kendall: Yeah, this is kind of weird, you know? I mean, first my mother could've died because of David, and now David is dead.

Bianca: And you're having a party.

Jake: Well, think of it more as a wake.

Amanda: I think it's a great idea. You know, what better way to send him off and out of our lives for good?

Jake: Mm-hmm. Ah. Just in time.

Tad: Yeah. Well, looks like we're all here. What do you say we break out the drinks and toast the man that made our lives a living hell?

Marissa: Can we wait a minute? I'm just -- I'm not quite ready to go down to the gravesite.

Krystal: There's nothing easy about this, even though David wasn't exactly near and dear.

Greenlee: That's why I arranged for a closed service. I thought it would be easier.

Marissa: Thank you.

Krystal: The last thing you need is to be around a bunch of people who hated him when you're trying to say good-bye.

Marissa: Yeah, to a father that I still don't really know how I feel about.

Greenlee: David's with Babe, Leora, and Leo now, the family that he loved. Maybe he'll find the happiness that he never found here.

Krystal: [Sighs] Let's say our good-byes.

Ryan: Greenlee was just saying, you know, she's happy for me now to be out and to call her if I need to talk or whatever. So I guess she just dropped it off when I wasn't home.

Madison: Weird how she just lets herself in and out like she still lived here.

Ryan: Yeah, I will talk to her about that. I will.

Madison: I was thinking, you know, now that you're a free man, maybe you could use a little change of scenery. You, me, Emma, maybe Spike -- a little sun, water, sand, palm trees?

Ryan: Vacation?

Madison: Everything's just been so crazy and tense, so why not just get away for a little while, clear your head, come back, fresh start.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: I -- yeah. Hello?

Jake: Hey. It's Jake. Listen, we're having -- I guess you could call it kind of a wake for David, and I thought maybe you'd like to toast his demise.

Ryan: I'll pass. Thank you for the invite, though.

Jake: Are you sure? This is a once-in-a-lifetime.

Ryan: Passing, but thanks again. Jake. He's throwing a wake for David.

Madison: You don't want to go?

Ryan: No, I don't. The last thing I want to do is celebrate David's death.

Madison: Hmm. You're probably the only person in town.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, I just -- I have a pretty uneasy feeling about it, you know? I just wish that I could remember what happened when I was with him, how it all ended.

Madison: You didn't poison David.

Ryan: But I might've seen who did.

Amanda: I am calling it "the blackmail" in honor of David.

Frankie: Now, why the drink got to be black? See there?

Amanda: [Laughs]

Natalia: I'm so glad you made it.

Jesse: Yeah, well, Angela called, so, hey.

Natalia: Oh. I see.

Jesse: What the hell are you doing here?

Liza: This is why you ran off so quickly, huh? Look. It's a party.

Jesse: You followed me?

Liza: Yeah. I was curious. So what is this for?

Natalia: It's a wake for David Hayward.

Liza: Uh-huh. Huh. Look at that. You've got all of David's enemies right here in one room. It's kind of convenient, don't you think? You gonna celebrate or are you gonna do your job?

Jesse: I'm gonna go say hello to my wife.

Tad: You know, I never thought this day would come. Now that it's here, I'm almost afraid Hayward's gonna jump out from somewhere and yell, "Surprise!"

J.R.: No, he's six feet under where he belongs -- with the worms.

Opal: Now, it isn't right to speak ill of the dead, you know? But maybe in Hayward's case, we can make an exception.

Jake: Hey, remember that libidozone party? Ah?

Tad: Who could forget it?

Jake: Oh, sure. A little flask of some magic juice and -- how many lives was he trying to ruin with that?

Opal: Yeah, and he didn't stop there either. He went and drugged Krystal right out of a happy marriage, just like he did to Dixie. I mean, their lives -- yours, too -- never were the same.

J.R.: Yeah. He tried to use his voodoo drugs on my dad, nearly killed him, too.

Jake: Yeah, and framed me for it. I got thrown out of the hospital for that one. And then there's you, who knew what David was and tried to expose him for being the ass that he purported to be.

J.R.: Yeah, and you went to work for him after that.

Jake: How does that happen, exactly? You know what a person's like -- talking about David here -- yet you go to work for him?

Liza: He's dead. So, what, now you need a bad guy, and so it's just gonna be me?

Opal: You were his lawyer.

Liza: I was his lawyer, not his partner in crime.

Opal: Partner, lawyer -- kind of the same diff, you know? I mean, both up to no good.

Liza: So you want a bad guy? Well, it's not me. It's whoever murdered David.

Krystal: You all right?

Marissa: I will be. Greenlee?

Greenlee: Huh. Watching David's coffin going into the ground -- it's just I can't believe he's gone.

Krystal: The minister did a good job.

Marissa: Yeah, he did. Do you know who poisoned my father?

Greenlee: I have no idea.

Marissa: God, I hope the police find whoever did it. I mean, David did some terrible things, but that doesn't mean that whoever killed him should get away with murder.

Krystal: Jesse and Liza won't stop until they catch David's killer.

Marissa: Yeah, I hope so.

Krystal: Listen, I know a good meal won't make it all better, but it'll help. You're welcome to join us.

Greenlee: I'm good.

David: Well, you said your good-byes, buried me. But it's not over yet, is it? Because you're afraid Ryan went to my room and poured poison down my throat.

[Greenlee takes the vial of digitalis out of her purse]

David: Did he do it or did he not? That is the question. Is it possible your shiny white knight committed cold-blooded, premeditated murder?

[Greenlee puts the vial back and closes her purse]

Liza: There was a crime committed. A man was murdered in cold blood.

Tad: So all of a sudden, you're about truth, justice, and the American way?

Liza: You know what? I really don't care how you feel about David. No one deserves to be murdered.

Tad: Oh, that's right. He was just an innocent victim, huh? The man took out more people in Pine Valley than all the tornadoes combined. He wasn't a martyr, Liza. He was lethal, and there isn't one person in this room that's gonna miss him.

J.R.: Pine valley's a hell of a lot better off without him.

Frankie: I say we let him rot. He made my family's life a living hell. Anybody with the name "Hubbard" had a target on their back.

Jake: Same with my family, the Martins.

Amanda: He tried to claim our son as his.

Jake: Who does that?

Kendall: I don't know. But the way he played with people's lives -- it's messed up. He played with all of us.

Jake: Poison was too easy.

Marissa: Stop it!

Krystal: What the hell is going on?

Jake: We're having an impromptu wake.

Krystal: Marissa just lowered her father in the ground. Show some respect, if not for David, then for my daughter!

J.R.: Marissa, I'm sorry.

Tad: I started it. I apologize. I shouldn't have.

Jake: No, I'm mostly responsible for this. I would never do anything to hurt you, Marissa.

Angie: Marissa? I am so sorry for your loss. I really am, sweetie.

Ryan: I might've seen something, some clue that could help us find David's killer, if I could only remember.

Madison: Hey, you shouldn't stress about this. It's not your job to figure it out.

Ryan: But if I can help, then --

Madison: You've done more than enough. Hey, you did everything you could to protect Greenlee, and now David's gone, and he can't hurt anyone else. You're free from more than just those charges, Ryan. You're free to get your life back. I want to help you do that. [Kisses Ryan]

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Ignore it. They'll go away.

Madison: Hmm. It could be your last dose of recovery meds, and you have to sign for those.

Ryan: I can't. Well, ok.

Greenlee: I'm glad you're home. I -- I didn't mean to interrupt.

Madison: Yeah, you said that last time.

Greenlee: Well, at least this time you have your clothes on.

Ryan: Hey, um, what's going on?

Greenlee: I really am sorry, but I need to talk to you.

Ryan: Ok. Can you call me later?

Greenlee: It's about who poisoned David.

Ryan: You know something about who poisoned him?

Greenlee: Can we talk?

Madison: I'm gonna go for a walk.

Ryan: No, no, you don't have to.

Madison: Greenlee needs you.

Ryan: Listen, whatever she's got to say, she can say in front of you, ok?

Greenlee: Actually, I'd prefer to do it in private.

Ryan: Hey.

Emma: Daddy.

Ryan: Ems. Wow. I know today was a half day, but you're home early. Don't you have a play date with Mellie?

Emma: I wanted to make sure that you were still here.

Ryan: I'm not going anywhere.

Emma: You promise?

Ryan: Cross my heart.

Emma: No more jail, ever?

Ryan: Ever. Ems, I know how scared you were when I got arrested, but that was like a big mistake. It was like a really bad dream. Ok?

Madison: That's right. And no more bad dreams, ok?

Emma: Ok.

Madison: Hey, why don't we go look for cookies so your dad and Greenlee can talk?

Ryan: Thanks.

Greenlee: It can wait. Totally the wrong time.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Greenlee: Have a cookie with Emma and Madison. I'll catch you later.

Ryan: Ok.

[Greenlee closes the door and touches the vial in her purse again]

Amanda: We really are sorry.

Marissa: Can we go home?

Krystal: Yeah. Sure, we can. Come on.

J.R.: The funeral must've been tough for you, and I know nobody wanted to make it harder for you. Are you gonna be ok?

Marissa: I have my mother and my son. I'll be fine.

Jake: Well, that went well.

Frankie: Yeah, looks like the party's over.

Jake: Awkward.

Angie: Before we leave, I'd like to say a prayer for David. And -- if you're not cool with it, trust me, I understand.

Jesse: Well, looks like you got a full house. Ahem.

[Scenes of David from the past replay]

Angie: Father, David wasn't an easy man, and he certainly didn't make life easy for those around him. But for the people that he did save as a doctor, he probably damaged just as many. I mean, he seemed to revel in causing pain, taking revenge. But the man behind that anger was a troubled man who knew tremendous loss, and that kind of grief scorches a man's soul. So we pray for David's soul as he's reunited with the loved ones that he lost. And we ask that you show him the grace and mercy that he gave so few, and bring him the peace that he never did find on this earth. Amen.

Everyone: Amen.

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