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J.R.: That's right. Scott's gonna be taking some time off for personal reasons. Ha ha ha. You know how honeymoons are. Which means I'll be running the nanotech project for now. Of course, I discussed it with Scott. We're partners.

[Door closes]


J.R.: Send the files. [Hangs up phone] A.J.'s upstairs.

Marissa: No, I came to see you. I'm filing for divorce.

J.R.: So this is really happening.

Marissa: There's no need to put it off, right? And if we do this right, then we can walk away and still be friends. Do you think you can manage that?

Annie: Mm. Morning.

Scott: Good morning.

Annie: How late did I sleep? You should've woken me up.

Scott: I know, but you looked so happy. I didn't want to disturb those dreams.

Annie: Mm. This is my dream. Being Mrs. Scott Chandler. And I've made it come true.

Scott: Eat your breakfast. We have a honeymoon ahead of us.

Annie: Oh. I'm starving. Wedding nights really work up an appetite, huh? So? Are you gonna give me any clues about this fabulous family honeymoon?

Scott: No. I'm not gonna roll over that easily.

Annie: [Chuckles] You could take me around the corner and I'd be happy. As long as I have you.

Kendall: Have you always been this suspicious? Maybe it's a lawyer thing.

Liza: Kendall, you don't like me. And you're buying me a drink. Forgive me if I don't trust it.

Kendall: Well, we have to start somewhere.

Liza: Ok, you know what? I have a very full day and more important things to do than sit around until you come up with the nerve to get to whatever your point is.

Kendall: Ok, all right, fine, fine. What's the deal with you and David Hayward?

Madison: Things with Ryan are just fine. Better than fine, actually, and frankly, none of your business.

David: You just seemed to get upset the moment I mentioned his name.

Madison: I'm not upset. Why would I be upset?

David: You tell me.

Madison: Never. Oh, and did I mention never?

David: I'm sure having a relationship with Ryan must be very complicated, given his history.

Madison: Are we done here?

David: I'm not your enemy, Madison. In fact, I could be your very best friend.

Madison: Oh, really?

David: Yeah. That's right. We both have similar interests, don't we?

Madison: Hardly.

David: We both want Ryan out of Greenlee's life for good. Now, what are you gonna do to make that happen?

Ryan: Well, nobody's ever accused you of not speaking your mind, so -- I gotta get this thing back to Spike.

Greenlee: You see? No one's hung up on anyone. You've got your life, I've got mine. I just came here to tell you that David has ramped up his search for that mechanic, and that's it.

Ryan: I got it. I got it.

Greenlee: I know. I know you've got a lot on your plate with Madison and -- and Spike coming back. You know, I'll call the next time I just pop in. Or -- maybe I won't call at all.

Ryan: Greenlee, I told you that I want to help you with David, ok? I meant that. It hasn't changed.

Greenlee: Maybe it should. Maybe it's time to stop. I got myself into this marriage. I'll get myself out.

Ryan: No. Wait. Wait. Wait. Ok, look, I know how strong you are, and I know you like to think you can take on the world and win, and most cases you could, but this -- this --

Greenlee: I know David better than anyone. I'll figure out a way to get away from him without putting you in the middle of things.

Ryan: I'm already in the middle of things. I'm in the middle, and I'm not going back. I'm not gonna let him hurt you again. I won't.

Greenlee: Even if it chews up your life in the process?

Ryan: My life? You kidding me? This -- this is what I do in my spare time. It's like -- it's like a hobby. Some people collect stamps and --

Greenlee: You save Greenlee after her colossal screw-ups.

Ryan: Yes.

Greenlee: Mm. [Chuckles]

Ryan: Haven't seen one of those in a while.

Greenlee: Yeah. Me neither.

Ryan: Hey, um -- I'm really sorry that I came down so hard on you for coming over here.

Greenlee: It'll never happen again. Especially since Madison's probably buying a bear trap right now to put outside the door.

Ryan: Madison completely understands why I'm helping you.

Greenlee: Yeah, she's great. You're lucky to have her.

Madison: Ryan and I are solid. Rock solid. Solid-rock solid. So why don't you lay off?

David: Ok. What's really going on here, Madison? Have you seen them together recently? Is that why you're upset?

Madison: The last time you were this nice to me, you tried to get me to play the victim and seduce Ryan to try to keep him away from Greenlee.

David: And look -- now you're a couple. Maybe you should be thanking me.

Madison: I really have to get back to Fusion.

David: Getting Ryan was the easy part. Now, keeping him -- that's gonna be the challenge.

Madison: You know, I actually trust Ryan. You might try it.

David: I love Greenlee.

Madison: But you don't trust her. And since you don't, why the hell are you even married to her? Better question -- why is she married to you?

Liza: David is my client. And why do you care?

Kendall: Well, Fusion has some legal matters that need to be handled.

Liza: That's what corporate counsel is for.

Kendall: Well, our in-house legal staff is a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Liza: Mm. Well, I thought that Jack handled all of the company issues.

Kendall: Yes, well, Jack and my mother are out of the country indefinitely. So we need someone here in town.

Liza: And all the other attorneys have contracted some deadly disease?

Kendall: I may not like you, Liza, but you're good at what you do. The only possible drawback is your relationship with David. It could be a conflict of interest.

Liza: David is married to the co-owner of Fusion. I'm not really sure what the conflict is.

Kendall: Well, if it turns out that David has something to do with my mother's plane crash, and you're his lawyer, that's a problem.

Liza: David's never been charged with any crime related to that crash.

Kendall: Yes, I know. He's sworn he's innocent. He's very fond of my mother.

Liza: So there shouldn't be any problem. Kendall, let's just be straight with each other. If I did know something about David's connection to that plane crash, which there isn't any, I sure as hell wouldn't tell you because of a little thing called client-attorney privilege. And as far as working for Fusion? Thanks, no thanks.

Annie: I am so glad we didn't wait to get married. It was so beautiful, Scott, what you did -- the park and that gazebo.

Scott: Yeah, there were some not-so-beautiful parts.

Annie: That's behind us now. All of it.

Scott: Honey, I am so sorry that you had to find out about Marissa that way. On our wedding day. And I know it hurt you. But I'm glad that you found out. I will never, ever keep another secret from you again.

Annie: I believe you.

Scott: I meant every word of my vows. I promised to make you happy and to love you every day. And I will.

[Cell phone ringing]

Scott: Hang on. Ohh. Yeah. Ahh. Scott Chandler. Really? No, no, no, no. Thanks for the heads up. Ha ha ha. I'm out of the office a day, and J.R.'s already making moves at Chandler. Trying to be top dog.

Annie: Oh. Do you want to cancel the honeymoon so you can keep an eye on J.R. at home?

Scott: No. No. Absolutely not.

Annie: I would never forgive myself if you lost ground to J.R. because of me.

Scott: Ok, ok, listen to me. Nothing and nobody, especially J.R., is gonna stop us from having that honeymoon.

Annie: Ok.

J.R.: I want an amicable divorce as much as you do. I don't see any reason to fight. So you'll have full financial support, joint custody. I even thought about getting a mediator instead of a lawyer.

Marissa: Really?

J.R.: I've done so much to mess up this marriage.

Marissa: We both did.

J.R.: I care about you. You're an amazing woman. You're an amazing mother to A.J. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think we can be friends.

Marissa: Yeah, well, for now I'd settle for us just not fighting in front of A.J.

J.R.: Deal. You still staying at your mom's?

Marissa: Yeah, for now. But I'm -- I'm looking for a place and when I move, you know, we can start talking about the details of which nights A.J. will spend with me.

J.R.: Well, there might be another way. If we can really find a way to get along, we can do the Tad and Krystal thing. You could live here.

Marissa: Live here?

J.R.: Separate bedrooms. Separate lives. But we can raise A.J. together.

Marissa: J.R., too much has happened in this house. I mean, as much as I want what's best for A.J., me living here isn't the answer.

J.R.: Things have changed, you know? Scott and Annie are married. They're moving out.

Marissa: They went ahead with the wedding?

J.R.: Yeah, they're heading to their honeymoon right now. So it's just gonna be me and A.J. and Colby.

Marissa: God, I just -- no, I -- I don't want to get tangled up in Chandler family drama, and you know that that's what would happen. I need to be free, you know, to live my life on my own. I'm gonna spend as much time as I can with A.J., but -- I need a clean break from this family.

J.R.: I understand. I guess we should tell A.J.

Marissa: Can we not right now? I just -- I just need, like, some time.

J.R.: Sure. Like I said, whatever you want.

Marissa: I should go, ok?

J.R.: I'm sorry -- for so many things.

Marissa: So am I.

J.R.: I hate that I hurt you.

Marissa: I just -- I just hope that you can find happiness, J.R. I hope that you're capable of it.

Colby: Hi. Are you ok?

Marissa: I will be.

Colby: Hey. Just saw Marissa. What's going on?

J.R.: She's filing for divorce.

Colby: J.R., you could've stopped her. You could --

J.R.: It's too late. I failed my marriage. I failed Marissa. I'm not gonna let this family down. So I'm gonna focus on family and building this company.

Colby: Spoken like a true Chandler.

J.R.: It takes one to know one. What would you say about coming to work with me?

Colby: Today?

J.R.: No, coming to work for the company. We're changing the face of the old, stodgy brand. We're rolling the nanotech off the line. We're looking for a modern, fresh feel at Chandler.

Colby: Ok, but what does this have to do with me?

J.R.: Well, you're the next generation. The face that Chandler could go. You know? Social networking. Media integration. Hardware-free computing.

Colby: J.R., I'm still in school. There's no way --

J.R.: It would be a part-time gig. Press conference here or there, a few meetings, some photo shoots. This would be a great way for you to start with the family business.

Colby: I thought the nanotech -- I thought that was Scott's thing.

J.R.: Scott and Annie are so wrapped up in each other and their marriage. Who knows when he'll be back from his honeymoon? So that means I have to move forward. I have to pick up the ball. And get Scott the hell out of my way once and for all.

Kendall: Come on, Ryan. Please, please pick up.

[Cell phone ringing]

Ryan: Hello?

Kendall: Ryan, it's Kendall.

Ryan: Uh, kind of in the middle of something right now.

Kendall: This -- this won't take long. So Ryan, I was at Krystal's, right? And David was there with Liza. It looked very intense. He passed her an envelope, and she handed him a key.

Ryan: Really? Did you hear anything they said? Did they say anything about Greenlee?

Kendall: No, no, I was too far away. But I sidled up next to Liza, thought maybe I would try to get some information out of her, but she wouldn't talk to me.

Ryan: Is she gone?

Kendall: No. Both still here. We're at the club.

Ryan: I'm on my way. We got a lead. Liza.

Greenlee: What kind of lead? Is it solid?

Ryan: David gave Liza an envelope. She gave him a key.

Greenlee: I'm coming with you.

Ryan: No, you're not. You're staying here. You're staying here.

Greenlee: What am I supposed to do -- just wait around?

Ryan: I don't -- I don't know. Go to work. Act normal.

Greenlee: Normal for me or normal for everyone else?

Ryan: I'd go with normal for everybody else.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: Don't thank me again, ok? This is the right thing to do.

Greenlee: Your fly is down.

Ryan: Really?

Greenlee: Look at that -- two smiles in one day. Is this ever going to be over?

Ryan: It's gonna be over soon, and I'm not gonna stop until you're safe.

Marissa: I thought you were supposed to be on your honeymoon.

Annie: I'm getting some food for Emma for the flight.

Marissa: Well, I guess I'm supposed to say congratulations.

Annie: Well, my groom is back at the hotel if you want to say congratulations yourself and throw yourself at him again.

Marissa: That is not what happened.

Annie: Good, sweet Marissa. The long-suffering, faithful wife. So innocent. But wait -- you're not really that innocent, are you?

Marissa: I'm sorry.

Annie: No, you're not. You hate me. You hate the fact that J.R. has always wanted me more than he's wanted you. So you went to Scott, gave him a few tears, you spit out a bunch of lies, and you got him to sleep with you.

Marissa: It wasn't like that.

Annie: Yes, it was. You seduced the man I love so that you could get back at me.

Marissa: [Laughs] My God. You have torn this family apart. I mean, Adam has practically cut J.R. out of his life because of you, J.R. and Scott cannot even be in the same room now because of you, and you're gonna play the victim.

Annie: Oh, no. I am nobody's victim. Scott told me that what happened between the two of you meant nothing. So your marriage is over and mine's just beginning. Scott and I are gonna live a long, happy life together.

Marissa: Well, good luck with that.

Ryan: Busy?

Liza: Hey. Yeah. Actually, more than I can handle.

Ryan: Yeah, taking David on as a client really helped your career, didn't it?

Liza: It helped.

Ryan: Didn't exactly do much for your popularity, though, did it?

Liza: Well, I'll tell you what. It's been a long time since I've actually run for Miss Junior Pine Valley. And the money is a hell of a lot better.

Ryan: Yeah. I bet. Doesn't bother you to be linked to somebody that almost killed Erica and done many, many, many, many other things?

Liza: Erica's alive and well. What's the point to this, Ryan? I mean, why are you now so suddenly interested in my relationship with David?

Ryan: But you are actually helping him.

Liza: There's no evidence, ok? So if you're digging around, stop. You're only gonna stir up trouble. You know David. You kick a hornet's nest, and you're gonna get stung. If not you, someone close to you. Listen, my advice to you is simple. Just back off.

Kendall: Anything?

Ryan: She knows. About the blackmail. I mean, I don't know for sure, but I would put money on it. She knows.

Kendall: Ok, so the envelope and the key. You say you think she's holding evidence for David?

Ryan: I think -- I think it's very, very likely, yeah, and -- look, you've been a big help up till now. You really have. But I think you should back off. I don't think Zach would be on board with you going any deeper into this, ok?

Kendall: Ryan, I just want this whole thing to end. David is dangerous. I'm worried about Greenlee.

Ryan: And I'll watch out for her.

Kendall: I'm sure you will.

Greenlee: How'd the meeting go?

Madison: Fine.

Greenlee: You know, it's not healthy to keep stuff bottled up.

Madison: What kind of stuff?

Greenlee: Stuff like your boyfriend spending half his life helping his ex. Stuff like his ex popping up at all times of the day.

Madison: I said it was all right and I meant it. If Ryan sees someone in trouble, he doesn't stop until they're ok. He's done the same thing for me. You know, it's who he is. It's why I -- it's what makes him such a great guy.

Greenlee: He's definitely that. Just so you know, the only reason I came over today is because Ryan's cell was off. I couldn't reach him. If I had known that it was off because you and he were --

Madison: Listen, I'll be glad when it's all over. When David's out of your life. And mine.

Greenlee: Yours?

Madison: I ran into him after I left you guys. He tried to turn me against you.

David: A house call. Is there a problem?

Liza: Well, there won't be once I give you back all the evidence on Erica's plane crash.

David: What happened?

Liza: Well, let's just say that this whole thing is really starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

David: Well, you may not have to be uncomfortable for much longer. I'm thinking of destroying the evidence I have on Greenlee.

Liza: You're gonna let her go?

David: I never intended to blackmail her forever. And she's been working really hard to prove to me that she can be trusted. That she's committed to our marriage.

Liza: Really? You really think that she's coming around? She's not gonna run the first chance that she gets?

David: I'm tired of holding this over her head, Liza. I want her to love me. For real. And this seems to be the only way.

Marissa: You know what? Seriously? I really, really want you and Scott to be very happy.

Annie: No, you don't. You want us to crash and burn. But we won't, because we're devoted to one another. We made vows, and we intend to keep them.

Marissa: Yeah, well, J.R. and I said our vows, and I thought that he was devoted to me, but we all know how that turned out.

Annie: At least I know how to keep my husband.

Marissa: You know how to get them, ok? But historically, your marriages don't really last very long.

Annie: Well, Scott is different. This marriage is different.

Marissa: Yeah, but they all still have one thing in common -- you.

Annie: You are just pissed that J.R. still wants me. You broke off your marriage, and he came running straight to me. Did he tell you that? He begged me to be with him. But I chose Scott because I love Scott. And I trust Scott in a way that I would never trust J.R.

Marissa: Well, good for you, but you know what? Something that I learned from experience is you can forgive, you can move on, but you never forget. And as hard as you try and as much as you want to, it is burned in your brain that your husband was naked with the woman you hate. Congratulations again on your wedding.

Colby: Whatever happened to working together for the good of the company? The family?

J.R.: Only one Chandler can run the company.

Colby: You're 50-50 partners.

J.R.: That's right. It's war until he's out. So are you with me?

Colby: No. No, I am not choosing a side.

J.R.: You don't have a choice.

Colby: Scott's been nothing but great to me. Why would I wanna hurt him?

J.R.: So you're on his side.

Colby: No, I am -- J.R., this is crazy.

J.R.: No, this has to be done.

Colby: Ok, like breaking up Dad's marriage, it "had to be done." You drove Dad away. You ruined your marriage. And now you're going after Scott. Come on, J.R. You always hated how Dad had to control everything. He had to win at all costs. But look at you. You are doing the exact same thing. Please, J.R., please. It is not worth it.

J.R.: I'm going after what I want.

Scott: Yeah? What's that? Hmm? I am dying to know exactly what it is that you want.

J.R.: Let's see. What do I want? I want you out of the house. Out of the company and -- out of my life.

Scott: Well, Annie and I, we're moving out as soon as we get back from our honeymoon. But as far as Chandler goes, you're stuck with me.

J.R.: The hell I am.

Colby: Stop arguing.

J.R.: If you don't like it, get out.

[Colby slams a few doors]

Damon: Whoa. Hey. You mentioned a swim. It seemed like a good idea.

Asher: Hope you don't mind if I tag along.

Damon: What's wrong?

Colby: J.R., Scott. They're fighting over Chandler. J.R. offered me a job and actually expects me to go against Scott. Why for once can't we just be a family?

Damon: Hey, come here.

Scott: I know why you're doing this. Because you can't stand to lose. You lost your dad, you lost your wife, you lost half of a company that you thought was your birthright, and you lost Annie, and you lost her to me, and you hate me for it, and I can live with that. But every move you make to take me down, I will push back on it.

J.R.: I am in complete control.

Scott: You're desperate. You tried to wreck my wedding. You're trying to wreck my honeymoon.

J.R.: Did I wreck your wedding night? Mm, because I know how good Annie can be.

Scott: You say -- get off! Aah! Ha ha. Ok. Ok. You're not worth it. My wife is waiting for me.

J.R.: Enjoy your honeymoon.

Colby: Who the hell are you?

J.R.: Exactly who I'm supposed to be. Finally.

Madison: David tried to play this head game on me about you and Ryan still having a connection.

Greenlee: You didn't tell him that I was with Ryan?

Madison: No, of course not.

Greenlee: Thank you, because if he found out --

Madison: I know. So just make sure that he doesn't.

Greenlee: You mean stay away from Ryan?

Madison: I mean do whatever you have to do to end this thing.

Greenlee: That's exactly what I'm doing. But as far as you and Ryan go, whatever happens, happens. It's got nothing to do with me.

Ryan: Part of me will always love Greenlee. You know that. I know that. But it's over. It's over, Kendall, in so many ways, ok? We can't -- we can't go back again. We tried that. We just can't -- I can't do it, ok? I can't have that pain in my life anymore. To lose her and then to watch her marry David -- I'm done. I'm just -- I'm just -- I'm done.

Kendall: Ok. Ryan, Zach and I --

Ryan: Are not me and Greenlee. You're not. I'm serious. We're done.

Kendall: Are you sure about that?

Ryan: As soon as I get her away from David, yes. And that key that you saw Liza give to him may be very instrumental in getting us just a little bit closer to our goal.

Liza: So just for the record, you know, I do think you are crazy to think that Greenlee is gonna forgive you.

David: Well, you'd never be able to understand what I've done to hold on to her.

Liza: Actually, I understand perfectly.

David: Thank you.

Liza: So we'll be in touch? Anything changes?

David: You'll be the first to know. All right. Oh. Hi.

Greenlee: Am I interrupting?

David: No, not at all. We were just finishing. I'm glad you're home. How about lunch?

Greenlee: I don't think so.

David: What's the matter? You seem upset.

Greenlee: You're damn right I am.

Ryan: Maybe I'm not the one who wants things back the way they were. Maybe -- maybe it's you.

Kendall: Me?

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, when Greenlee went over that cliff, you lost your best friend. And then when she came back, you lost her all over again. Why? Because of me.

Kendall: No, Ryan, no.

Ryan: Ok, I'm just saying this -- this whole thing, this has to do with me and Greenlee and what we had together. When we were together, we hurt people. We ruined relationships, ok? It had to stop.

Kendall: Well, it has. Greenlee and I, we're finding a good place now.

Ryan: Good. What about Zach? I mean, he whisked you away on a boat to get you away from Pine Valley. Why? Because me and Greenlee, I mean, we almost ruined what you guys had.

Kendall: No, no. Zach and I are good. We are stronger than we've ever been. That's why we're moving back.

Ryan: I'm just trying to keep it that way, that's all. I get Greenlee away from David and then we all just get a fresh start. You, Zach, me, Madison. And Greenlee.

David: We've been working real hard to make this marriage work. Now, if you're upset and you can't -- won't tell me why you're upset, that's not a very good sign.

Greenlee: This is how you don't pressure me? That is what you promised, right? No pressure?

David: I'm just trying to understand. That's all.

Greenlee: Then maybe you can tell me what the hell you wanted from Madison.

Damon: Is this all about the business?

Colby: No. No, it's all about Annie. I'm sorry about my family. It's crazy, I know, but -- I don't know. There's nothing I can do.

Asher: You can take the job.

Colby: What?

Asher: You want to make peace. Be in the middle of things.

Colby: No. No. I don't know. No.

Asher: You just sit on the sidelines, something happens, you'll never forgive yourself.

Annie: Great. You. Where's Scott?

J.R.: Packing for the big honeymoon, as far as I know. Hope you have a great time.

Annie: You're not gonna try to talk me out of it?

J.R.: I couldn't talk you out of it. And I don't want to.

Ryan: Hey, beautiful.

Madison: What are you doing here?

Ryan: I just -- I wanted to come and I wanted to tell you how -- how sorry I am.

Madison: If I hear the word "sorry" one more time today -- Greenlee was here earlier. Ok. It's fine. I understand. But her timing. Does she show up after our first backgammon game? No. Our first dinner party? No. She comes knocking on the door right after the first time we --

Ryan: I know, I know. Everything was going so perfect and then she showed up.

Madison: It was more than perfect. And you were being a true gentleman -- amazing boyfriend.

Ryan: This whole David and Greenlee thing is going to be over soon and then we can pick up right where we left off, ok? I promise.

Madison: You know, you're one of the good guys. And I understand why Greenlee needs you. So whatever you have to do to help Greenlee get away from David, I'm behind you 100%.

Ryan: You are the best.

Madison: Maybe you'll give me another kiss.

Ryan: Maybe. Ha ha.

Greenlee: Why would you go to Madison? Why would you talk to her about me and Ryan? I mean, you say you want us to be together. You want me to get past this blackmail and make a new start --

David: I do --

Greenlee: But you don't trust me. You say you do, but you don't. How am I supposed to be the wife that you want me to be -- the wife that I want to be -- if I have to worry constantly that you're making these plans and agendas and -- and schemes, doubting everything I do? What do I have to do to convince you that I'm doing everything possible to make this marriage work?

David: I don't know whether I should duck or kiss you.

Greenlee: How about you trust me? Because until you do, I can't give you what you want.

David: I haven't felt this close to you in a long time.

Greenlee: You have a funny way of showing it.

David: What if I destroyed the evidence?

Greenlee: Really?

David: Really. I don't want to blackmail you. I never did. I just want to be with you. The way it used to be. There's nothing more I want than for us to put all of this behind us and get on with our lives. Together. So you prove to me that you love me, Greenlee, and I'll get rid of all of it.

Greenlee: I can do that.

Colby: Thank you. I -- I should take the job to save my family. Thank you, really, but I don't need any advice on career choices or family counseling.

Asher: Hey, it was just an idea. I mean, with everything that's happened to your brother, his wife, your dad --

Colby: Why are you so interested in my family?

Asher: You hooked me up with a sweet hotel room. No one's ever done anything like that for me before. Guess I'm just curious about you and your clan.

Colby: What about you and your clan? Your family?

Damon: Yeah, man. You never talk about them.

Asher: Not much to talk about. My mom died when I was born. My dad -- gone pretty soon later.

Colby: Gone. Gone?

Asher: Car accident. Later, a relative took me in but shipped me right off to boarding school as soon as I was old enough. After that, you know, holidays with friends and no real family.

Colby: Hmm. Sorry.

Asher: For what? I'm still here, aren't I?

Damon: Well, I get how you feel, man. I had a family before the Martins, and I never felt like I was a part of it.

Colby: Yeah. I guess as screwed up as my family is, I guess I should be grateful, right?

Asher: Hey, all that screaming and yelling? That just means somebody cares.

Colby: Yeah.

Asher: If you don't want the job, I'll take it.

Colby: No. I'm sorry. I don't think you're what J.R. had in mind.

Damon: Do you want it?

Colby: Well, I've actually never told anyone this, but I've always wanted to work for Chandler. I just -- I've never felt good enough. And nobody's ever asked me.

Damon: Until now.

Colby: Yeah. I think I'm gonna take it. You may have saved my life twice.

Annie: Thank you. I'm glad that you're a big enough man to admit that I love Scott. That he made the right choice and so did I.

J.R.: [Laughs] Oh, hell, no. Marrying Scott was the biggest mistake of your life. But you're only gonna realize that when you have to wake up every single morning with his face on a pillow next to you.

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