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Episode #10446

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David: Hey. There you are. Busy day?

Greenlee: The usual.

David: Well, I hope your weak schedule isn't so busy that you can't enjoy a night out on the town.

Greenlee: "A fundraiser for the Miranda Center hosted by Caleb Cooney"? You're kidding, right?

David: Could be fun.

Greenlee: Fun?

David: It's not like we've had much of that lately.

Greenlee: Really?

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: Everyone thinks that we cooked the Miranda books. Everyone thinks that we brought down Erica's plane, and Caleb just accused you of destroying Pine Valley Hospital. Which is the fun part?

David: Well, technically, the party's being hosted by Palmer, ok, per his will.

Greenlee: Great! The dead guy's the only one who won't hate us.

David: Several of the hospital board members will be attending. So will most of Pine Valley society.

Greenlee: Even another reason not to go.

David: Greenlee, it's important for us to be there. Besides, I can't wait to show off my gorgeous wife.

Greenlee: I'd rather sit this one out. There's been enough drama without giving everyone another chance to dump on us.

David: All right, so what is it? Is it that you don't want to be seen with me in public?

Greenlee: Maybe I'm tired of all the shellacking you take. I mean, a lot of people in this town owe you, but that doesn't stop them from attacking you every time we show our faces. I mean, I had to defend you at Krystal's and I meant every word of it. But maybe I just want a quiet night at home with my husband. Is that so terrible?

David: No. Not at all. And I do appreciate you jumping to my defense. It gives me the feeling that we might get back to the way things were. It's just -- I was so looking forward to spinning my beautiful wife around the dance floor. Well -- [Hugs Greenlee]

Kendall: You know, he is just like his daddy.

Ryan: I know he gets his block-playing skills from me, that's for sure. That is talent right there.

Kendall: I see it.

Ryan: Ok?

Madison: Let's build it even taller than you are, huh?

Kendall: Whoa, wow. You know, Spike is having so much fun. He is just loving being back here with you.

Ryan: Oh, I'm so happy you brought him over. I can't even tell you. I'm gonna miss him so much.

Kendall: Well, you're not gonna have to.

Ryan: Why, you guys are staying longer?

Kendall: Yeah, just a little bit, like maybe -- forever.

Ryan: Are you serious?

Kendall: Yes.

Ryan: That's like the best news in the wo -- how? What happened? Why? What --

Kendall: Well, let me tell you. We just thought about it and, you know, as great as the boating life has been, we want to give the boys family and roots.

Ryan: Well, this root right here, this guy is very happy about that decision.

Kendall: Good, good, but it's not gonna be right away. I have to go join Zach after the fundraiser just for a few weeks, but then we'll be back for good.

Ryan: That's fine. That's so great, you know. Spike and Madison can get to know each other. Look. Look at them. They're really hitting it off, huh?

Kendall: Yeah, I see that. Uh -- ooh! Is this getting serious?

Madison: It's ok.

Ryan: Well, I mean, just one day at a time, but --

Madison: Ok.

Ryan: I hope so.

Kendall: Wow.

Ryan: Hey, Spike! I just heard the news. You're coming back home! Oh, my goodness! I'm so excited.

Spike: I love you, Daddy.

Ryan: I love you, too. Love you, too, so much. Give me a big hug.

Kendall: I hate to break up this love fest, but we have a play date with Jenny Martin, and we're running late.

Ryan: Jenny Martin? Awesome.

Kendall: Yes.

Ryan: Cool. Ok. We're gonna have fun together, the three of us, I promise.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: You guys have a good time, ok?

Madison: I'll finish what we started, ok?

Liza: Madam Mayor.

Iris: Hello. Liza?

Liza: I was gonna call your office. I heard that Tom Peterson is resigning. Is that true?

Iris: Tom's wife is very sick.

Liza: Oh. Well, I'm assuming that the governor will be assigning a temporary district attorney to serve out the duration of his term.

Iris: You assumed correctly, and he's waiting for my recommendation.

Liza: Well, I would like to be considered for the position.

Iris: Not sure you're qualified. Didn't you make a run at this once before?

Liza: Yes, I did, but I have certainly grown since then. Listen, I may not have logged as many hours as the competitors, but I have had some very impressive wins, and I am 100% devoted to my career and to the law.

Iris: That's not what I've heard, Miss Colby. Don't give up on your day job.

Damon: Oh! Eat that!

Asher: Ah, dude, watch out for the one behind you!

[Video game music playing]

Damon: Whoosh! Oh! Boo ya!

Asher: You said Colby's stopping by?

Damon: Yeah, man, she had something with her family first.

Asher: Colby's family -- what are they like besides rich?

Damon: Aw, they're crazy, man. They're always fighting each other, stirring stuff up.

Asher: She said that her stepmom Annie slept with her brother while she was still married to her dad? The old man dumped her and left town.

Damon: Yep. Like I said, major drama.

Asher: What's the deal with her brother?

Damon: J.R.? You do not want to mess with that guy.

Asher: Why? What's he like?

Damon: He is intense. He does anything he can to get his way. He does not care about body count -- aww! Damn it. Why are you so interested in Colby's family?

Asher: Just curious. The stories are, like, legendary in this town.

Damon: Yeah, well, Colby is not like the rest of them. If she was, she would not be with someone like me.

[Asher chuckles]

[Door opens and closes]

Colby: Hello, hello, hello, hello. Hi.

Asher: Hi back.

Colby: Hi! Miss me?

Damon: Always.

Colby: Mmm!

Damon: Hey. Oh, what's this?

Colby: Ooh. Well, you gotta open it. Open it.

Damon: Wow.

Colby: You weren't getting any of my texts on your very old, crappy phone, so now you have no excuse.

Damon: This is crazy.

Colby: Whatever. I mean, it's just a phone.

Asher: Yeah, a killer one.

Colby: Hey, do you like the color? They have other colors.

Damon: No, it rocks. You rock. [Hugs Colby]

[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Kendall: Hey.

Greenlee: I thought you and Zach were going back to New York.

Kendall: Zach is there now. Actually, I was just looking for you. Do you want to grab a coffee?

Greenlee: I should really get over to Fusion.

Kendall: It won't take long.

Greenlee: Why not? I hear the Greek islands are gorgeous this time of year.

Kendall: Yeah, actually so is Pine Valley, and I'm kind of hoping for a white Christmas. Zach and I are moving back in a few weeks for good.

Greenlee: Big news.

Kendall: But is it good news?

Greenlee: Yeah. It is. So, how soon before you want to come back to Fusion?

Kendall: We have plenty of time to talk about that. Right now, I want to discuss you and --

Greenlee: David? Still playing the devoted little housewife. Thank you, by the way, for the other day, helping me out, making him think that I'm going along with his blackmail.

Kendall: Forget about David. Let's talk about Ryan.

David: Hi. It's me. Again. You're gonna have to talk to me at some point, right? I just want to help. So, why don't you pick up the phone and call? I'm just thinking of you, that's all.

Liza: Hey. Marissa still won't return your call?

David: A daughter's prerogative, right?

Liza: Tell me about it. You know, I still think that I should call your daughter, and you should call mine.

David: Well, that sounds like a good plan.

Liza: Mmm.

David: Have a seat. Share my misery.

Liza: Well, how can I resist that invite? What are these?

David: They're tickets to Caleb Cooney's party. I bought them for Marissa and J.R. before they split up. An olive branch with dancing.

Liza: Oh, look. There's still gonna be some time left. Maybe she'll call.

David: Yeah. Right. How is it that someone I just met a year ago can cut me so deep?

Liza: 'Cause you're the parent. Comes with the territory.

[Cell phone rings]

Damon: What's that sound?

Colby: Oh, it's my phone.

Damon: Oh. She's always getting text messages. It's really obnoxious.

Colby: "It's almost as amazing as you are." Damon.

Damon: What? Who's sending you text messages? You really are the best, you know.


Colby: I'm starving. Can you go to Krystal's, get some bagels? You want?

Damon: Yeah.

Colby: Yeah?

Damon: I'm in.

Colby: You're in?

Damon: Yeah.

Colby: And Asher, do you want anything?

Asher: I'm good.

Colby: Well, no, they're really good. They're actually -- they're the best in Pine Valley.

Asher: You've done enough for me already. I mean, the room in the club rocks.

Colby: And you saved my life, so I will get you a bagel, and we'll call it even.

Damon: Wait. Hold on. I got some cash for you. But I meant to hit up the ATM. I guess I forgot. Yeah.

Colby: No, that's ok. I got my credit card.

Damon: Cool.

Colby: See ya.

Asher: What's wrong?

Damon: Just weird, man. My girlfriend buys me this major gift, and I don't even have cash to buy her breakfast.

Asher: Dude, it sounds like a good deal to me.

Ryan: Oh, man! Spike doesn't go anywhere without Sparky.

Madison: Oh.

Ryan: Hey, thanks for being so good with him. You really were. You were great, showing him such a good time.

Madison: Spike's a blast, just like his daddy. And I thought he was gonna burst with excitement about moving home close to you.

Ryan: I know. I can't believe Spike and me back in -- ooh.

Madison: You ok?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Just -- wow. The antibiotics just kind of get me a little lightheaded, that's all.

Madison: Ok, I think you should lie down.

Ryan: No, I'm good. I'm good.

Madison: Down. Now.

Ryan: Wow. Ok. Going down. There.

Madison: All the way. Come on.

Ryan: Ha ha! Ok.

Madison: That's better.

Ryan: Yeah, thanks. Like that. Is that good?

Madison: You're faking, aren't you?

Ryan: You'll never know.

Madison: How am I supposed to go to work and concentrate when I'm worried about you getting all lightheaded and falling and hitting your head?

Ryan: Ok, I promise you -- I promise you, there will be no more falling or banging my head.

Madison: Well, is there anything else I can do for you to help you feel better?

Ryan: Yeah. There is, actually. This. [Pulls Madison down and kisses her]

Kendall: You do realize that Ryan and Madison are getting closer.

Greenlee: Why is the coffee here always so cold?

Kendall: Why did you push him away when you first came back?

Greenlee: You know the answer to that.

Kendall: Do you regret it?

Greenlee: I'm being blackmailed by my husband, so, yeah, I have some regrets.

Kendall: That's not what I'm asking. Ryan and Madison --

Greenlee: She's almost as bad a cook as I am. Did you know that?

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: Last night, Madison made dinner, invited me to stay.

Kendall: And now she's cooking dinner in his kitchen at -- wow, that's cozy.

Greenlee: Burnt on the outside, raw on the inside. Exactly like my roast chicken always turned out.

Kendall: You're avoiding.

Greenlee: I'm facing facts.

Kendall: Yeah, like that would stop you.

Greenlee: All I can think about right now is getting through this without David knowing that I'm playing him. I just have to hang on until I can prove that David's evidence against me is completely bogus.

Kendall: Yeah, well, if anyone could get the answer to that, it's Ryan. And once he does, you will be rid of David once and for all.

Greenlee: That day can't get here fast enough.

Kendall: Which brings me back to --

Greenlee: Don't say it.

Kendall: Ryan. Do you still love him? Do you want him back?

Greenlee: Ryan has moved on, and so have I.

Kendall: Liar. 

Greenlee: Did you just call me a liar?

Kendall: You got a problem with that?

Greenlee: Were you always this pushy?

Kendall: You know the answer to that.

Greenlee: Unfortunately, I do, but why do you care?

Kendall: I don't know. I came here to visit Ryan in a hospital. Next thing I know, I am smack dab in the middle of Ryan-and-Greenlee-palooza part 863! So I kind of feel like I have a stake in this.

Greenlee: There is no palooza. I let Ryan think that I was dead for a year. And instead of running back into his arms, I got hung up on all kinds of grudges and hate. And I married David just to see the look in his eyes. And it worked. I gutted him.

Kendall: Did it feel good?

Greenlee: No, no. It felt awful, and it still does. And Ryan's made it clear that he's never gonna get hurt like that again.

Kendall: Ok, so you're just going to sit back, just wish him well with Madison?

Greenlee: Well, maybe things are the way they should be.

Kendall: I'd be happy for that if I believed you believe it.

Greenlee: What the hell do you know? You've been off cruising the world on your little love boat with Zach. You didn't like the real world, so you shut it out. At least give me credit for dealing with it my way.

Kendall: I know what I see.

Greenlee: And what you've seen and what you couldn't wait to tell me is that Ryan has moved on with Madison. Open your eyes and deal with it. I have.

Kendall: Until you change your mind and start going after him again and blow everyone's lives sky high. You're right. This coffee's horrible.

Liza: Parents should get a pass, you know, like some sort of "get out of jail free" card.

David: I'm not sure one would be enough.

Liza: I birthed her. I don't know. I think that that should count for something.

David: Yeah, but the problem is, that was a long time ago. I'm pretty confident Colby doesn't remember that.

Liza: Yeah, but I was trying to help her. Really.

David: Sure. I know. I know. You were trying to help her by seducing her boyfriend and switching out his meds.

Liza: Sounds tawdry when you say it.

David: It's a gift.

Liza: Colby. Hi.

David: You really should be nicer to your mother.

Colby: Relationship advice from Dr. Doom. I'll pass.

David: She asked me to pick these up for you.

Colby: What are they?

David: They're tickets to a great party. One for you, one for Damon.

Colby: Yeah, right.

David: Parents make mistakes, Colby. Comes with the territory. Your mother thought this might be a nice, I don't know, peace offering of sorts.

Colby: What's the party?

David: It's a really great party. It's being hosted by Caleb Cooney at the Yacht Club. Great food, great music. Your mother just wants you and Damon to have a really good time.

Colby: Really?

Liza: Well, I mean, listen, I know these aren't any Paramore concert seats, but I thought that you and Damon could enjoy a night on the town.

Colby: You hate Damon.

Liza: But I love you. And if Damon is the one that really makes you happy, I just gotta trust that you're gonna make the right decisions.

Colby: Well, actually, I think I've heard that one before, so --

Liza: Yeah, well, I have certainly learned my lesson. The most important thing here is that you're happy and that I'm in your life.

Colby: This is the first time you've done something for me and Damon as a real couple. It still doesn't make things right.

Liza: I know. I know we got a long way to go.

Colby: Thanks.

Liza: Mmm. [Sighs]

David: Did I just hear the sound of ice thawing? Congratulations.

Liza: Oh, thank you. Thank you. [Hugs David]

Asher: If you want some quick cash, they're hiring over at the Yacht Club this weekend for some big party. I tried to get hired on, but they only want local references. It's a big deal, some kind of fundraiser.

Damon: Yeah. Palmer Cortlandt's party.

Asher: You know the guy?

Damon: He's dead. He's dead, but in his will he wanted to have this big, fancy party. His nephew, this guy Caleb is hosting it. My dad's going 'cause he was married to Caleb's cousin Dixie.

Asher: So you're related.

Damon: Sort of. Yeah. No. Well, we're not re -- mmm -- I don't know. I can't keep it straight, but that job sounds like a really good idea. I'll call the manager and see if I can set something up. Maybe -- who knows -- I'll even make enough to buy Colby, like, a nice dinner or something.

Madison: I feel so safe with you. [Kisses Ryan]

Damon: Yeah, yeah, I have experience. I worked at the Seasons Casino in the hotel end.

[Doorbell rings]

[Snaps fingers]

Damon: And right now, I'm working at Krystal's restaurant. Yeah, you know, bussing, serving, whatever she needs.

[Door closes]

Damon: Great. Thank you. Ok, I'll be there. Thanks.

Asher: Got the gig?

Damon: They're gonna call Krystal for a reference, so it could be a go. I just hope they don't call the casino. I kind of punched a guy out there.

Asher: Ooh. Props on the job. For you.

Damon: My meds. ADHD.

Asher: What are you doing?

Damon: I don't take 'em anymore.

Asher: You can just do that, just not take 'em?

Damon: I stopped taking 'em a while ago, and I just didn't feel like starting again, so --

Asher: Well, don't they work?

Damon: Yeah, man. It just sucks having to take a pill every day, like I'm not good enough the way I am. I have to take some pill to control my mind so I'm normal?

Asher: So let me get this straight. You have a hot girlfriend, a new dad who's totally cool, a great place to live, decent job, friends, and if those little pills got you here, then -- it's your life, right? Why don't -- while we wait for those bagels to get here -- I kick your ass in "Death Star"?

[Game beeps as Damon takes one of his pills]

Damon: You're on.

Asher: You're so going down.

Damon: Mm-mmm.

Liza: She smiled at me. Did you see that?

David: It was a beautiful thing.

Liza: Oh! Ok, all I gotta do now is just not mess it up. I gotta let her live her life, and I just have to be appreciative that she's gonna allow me to be in it at all. And I owe that to you.

David: Oh, come on. I just gave you a few tickets.

Liza: Are you kidding me? You were brilliant! You were brilliant. That whole thing about how I wanted Colby and Damon to have a nice time, that's what put her at ease. That's what made her think that I actually accept them as a real couple.

David: And will you?

Liza: I'm gonna certainly do my damndest. Thank you. Thank you so much. I just wish there was something that I could do for you.

David: Well, at least one of us is making headway with our daughter.

Liza: You know, I was serious about talking to Marissa and convincing her to give you another chance.

David: There's nothing I want more. It's just that when she looks at me, she sees a monster.

Liza: A monster that just saved my relationship with my daughter.

David: Look, I was just trying to help, all right? What?

Liza: I don't know. You better be careful. Somebody might see you actually have a heart.

David: I trust you'll keep that confidential.

Liza: Mmm.

David: Along with everything else between us.

[Kendall spies on David and Liza]

Liza: Nobody is going to know about the evidence that you've given me on the plane crash. Heck, I don't even know what's in the envelope. I was just instructed to lock it away, and I did. And that's where it's gonna stay.

David: Good. Well, add this to your collection.

Liza: What is this, more of the same?

David: It's an affidavit from the plane mechanic stating his relationship with Greenlee, that she paid him off --

Liza: Ok, this is -- I don't want to know. All right? I'm just gonna add this to the collection. Oh, and you should take this, just in case you suddenly need to get into the drawer in my office and I'm not around.

[Kendall takes a picture of Liza handing David a key]

[Ryan and Madison remove each other's clothes while kissing in the condo's living room]

Singer: You might just be the boy I've always known I might be lost in something beautiful we might have found a secret deep inside of ourselves deeper than this moment here tonight in the sun we become one you and I run from the boundaries of time come with me where the melody is alive and waking our hearts and the dawning of new light

Madison: That was -- there are no words to describe how that was.

Ryan: It was definitely worth the wait.

Madison: Definitely.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Ha. I told you Spike couldn't live without Sparky.

Madison: Oh.

Ryan: Yeah.

[Knocking continues]

Ryan: Coming! Oh, ok. I'll deal with Kendall, and then we will pick up right where we left off. Ok.

[Knocking continues]

Ryan: Coming, coming, coming, coming.

[Greenlee stands in the doorway looking shocked]

Colby: So, I was at Krystal's picking up my food, and my mother was there with David Hayward.

Damon: Scary.

Colby: Very. So I was gonna completely ignore her, but then she gave me these. Well, no, David gave them to me, but they're from my mom. She wants us to go on a date, like a real couple.

Damon: Your mom?

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Damon: The same mom who hates me? Liza's head spins around 360 when she sees me. Blaahhh! Just like that. It's weird.

Colby: I know. I know. It's bizarre, but I don't know. At least she's trying. And I checked out the band, and they're really, really good. So what do you say? Will you be my date?

Damon: I can't.

Colby: What?

Damon: I already have --

Colby: That's not the right answer. No, no, no, no, no.

Damon: I got a job working the thing.

Colby: You have a job at Krystal's.

Damon: Yeah, part-time. I'm hoping to make enough to actually, like, take you out for dinner once in my life.

Colby: We have lots of dinners.

Damon: No, I mean, like a dinner dinner with silverware and tablecloths and something on fire for dessert. And who knows, between this gig and Krystal's, we could even go for an overnight somewhere really cool, you know.

Colby: Well, this party is gonna be really cool.

Damon: Well -- take Asher.

Asher: [Coughs] Me?

Colby: Ash-Asher?

Damon: It makes perfect sense. Give Asher the other ticket, and then when the boss is looking the other way, I'll come hang out with you.

Colby: Ah. Well --

Asher: It's black tie. I don't have a black tie, nor the tux to go with it.

Damon: No, that's easy. That's easy. Easy fix. This is perfect, man! We can still kind of have a date, and Ash can scope out Pine Valley's bigwigs. Come on. You in?

Asher: I'm in if --

Damon: Ahh --

Asher: If Colby's in. I guess.

Colby: Ok. We better get you a tux.

Kendall: Don't do it. Don't do it, Kendall. Zach will kill you. Just walk away, please.

Liza: Kendall.

Kendall: Liza. Hi. Hi. I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

Liza: Well, welcome back to town.

Kendall: Thank you. Yeah, Zach mentioned that he ran into you yesterday.

Liza: I heard you guys have had really quite the adventure on the high seas.

Kendall: Well, we love adventure.

Liza: Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around.

Kendall: Ok. Liza. How about I buy you a drink?

Ryan: Uh, this -- this isn't a great time.

Greenlee: Nice dinosaur.

Madison: Sparky.

Ryan: Yeah, this is Spike's.

Madison: We thought you were Kendall.

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Hello? Oh, it was moved up?

Ryan: Madison.

Madison: Oh, I have to take this.

Ryan: Oh. Ok.

Greenlee: I'm so sorry.

Ryan: That's all right. You're here. So what is going on?

Greenlee: It's about David.

Ryan: David? What? What happened? Did he threaten you?

Greenlee: No, no. I overheard him on the phone. George King, the mechanic, still isn't returning his calls. So David hired someone to look for him. If he finds him, he's gonna be on to you.

Ryan: Ok, you gotta get out of this.

Greenlee: No, I have to stay with the plan.

Ryan: No, Greenlee. It's getting too dangerous.

Greenlee: But he's just starting to trust me.

Madison: That was Randi. The client I was supposed to meet with later this afternoon moved it up to lunch, an early lunch, so I've gotta get sandwiches and get to the office.

Ryan: You gotta do it now?

Madison: Well, I mean, you have to figure out what you're gonna do about David.

Ryan: No, no, this can wait.

Madison: Lots of things can wait. I'll see you later?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can count on it, ok? [Kisses Madison]

Greenlee: Sorry, again, for interrupting. And thanks again for dinner last night. It was great.

Madison: It was burnt.

Greenlee: Only on the outside.

Madison: I'm late.

Greenlee: Madison, you -- missed a button.

Ryan: Yeah, right there. Ok. Yeah. So I mean, let me have it.

Greenlee: What do you mean?

Ryan: Well, why didn't you call? It would have been like a 5-minute phone conversation, right? So what's the real reason that you came here in person?

Colby: I'm gonna go get a refill.

Damon: I'll get it.

Colby: No, that's ok. I know where Tad's secret cream soda stash is. Yeah. Ok. Excuse me.

Asher: I'm not so sure about this whole party thing.

Damon: Dude, it'll be fine.

Asher: I don't know. She didn't really sound thrilled about the idea.

Damon: She's still my date, all right? You're just my wingman. And Colby'll get used to it. She's just coming around to the idea.

Asher: I don't know. It's not really my thing.

Damon: Dude, you'll be with Colby, and she will hook you up with one of her hot friends. She has a lot of really crazy hot friends. Dude, please, do me a huge favor. Keep Colby company and make sure nobody hits on her while I'm bussing tables.

Asher: Ok. I'll do it.

Damon: Ha! You won't be sorry, man. I promise, dude. I'm gonna get some coffee. You want anything?

Asher: I'm good.

Damon: You're the man.

[Asher sighs]

Greenlee: There are a million places I'd rather be, especially after what I walked in on.

Ryan: Then why didn't you call?

Greenlee: I did call. Several times, multiple messages. Ha! Kind of hard to have a phone conversation when the phone's turned off.

Ryan: So it is.

Greenlee: I get that you had your hands -- full, but when you didn't pick up, you didn't answer, I got a little concerned. So I thought I'd stop by. I'm sorry. Have I said that enough? I'll say it again.

Ryan: Yeah, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok. I understand.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Ryan: Yes.

Greenlee: Because I thought that we were going to take on David together, but if you're too busy, I'll do it on my own.

Ryan: Hey, stop. I want to help you with David, ok?

Greenlee: That's all I want. Your help. Nothing else.

Ryan: I know.

Greenlee: Really? You didn't sound like it just now. First Kendall, now you.

Ryan: Wait, wait, wait --

Greenlee: What do I have to do to prove that I'm over you?

Damon: Hey, I'm sorry about the party. If I knew that you'd gotten tickets, I never would have gone for the job.

Colby: If you're just working, because you think that's gonna make me happy -- take me to a fancy restaurant -- I don't care about the money angle. I'm just happiest when I'm with you, doing whatever, wherever.

Damon: Well, that's one of the reasons I am so crazy in love with you. Look, I just want to do something for you, ok? Something special and something that is from me, funded by me. Not Tad's money and not your -- credit card.

Colby: You know, most guys wouldn't even give a damn.

Damon: So you're cool with the party?

Colby: You just better make sure that he doesn't show up in jeans and a dirty T-shirt.

Damon: I will do a thorough wardrobe check. And also, I really, really love the phone.

[In his room at the Yacht Club, Asher takes a beautiful suit and shirt out of his closet and lays them out on the bed, smiling at the invitation to the party]

Liza: So? You and me and drinks? You're not gonna slip something in my drink and have me carted off, are you?

Kendall: Zach and I have big news, and I wanted to share it with you. We're moving back.

Liza: I thought there was an offer on the house?

Kendall: There was, but we turned it down. Zach and I have decided that we wanted to raise our boys surrounded by family and friends. So I thought this would be a good chance for the two of us to sort of work through things and come to a new understanding.

Liza: Friends?

Kendall: Well, maybe we could start with at least "not enemies."

Liza: You know what, Kendall, let's just be straight with each other. What do you want from me?

[Music playing]

David: You gonna eat all that by yourself?

Madison: Business meeting.

David: Hmm. And how are things at Fusion?

Madison: They're fine.

David: And how are things going with Ryan?

Ryan: Greenlee, I  -- I know where we stand.

Greenlee: Good.

Ryan: Now, if this mechanic really has taken off and David has cut off his funds, it only works in our favor. Now we just gotta track him down, that's all.

Ryan: [Sighs] What?

Greenlee: No, I'm sorry. No, I shouldn't have suggested you came over for any other reason than to solve this problem. I mean, where's the "I trust you completely, Greenlee"? Where's the "we're at a new place and your friendship means so much to me"?

Ryan: I couldn't have said it better myself. Friends?

Greenlee: Friends.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: [Laughs] And you know -- if I did still have feelings for you, those kind of feelings, I wouldn't make up excuses to see you. You'd know how I feel. I would just tell you. Hell, I'd show you.

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