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Zach: This is a nice surprise. Hi.

Kendall: Hi.

Bianca: I am gonna leave you two alone.

Zach: Ok.

Bianca: I have a date at the zoo, and a car full of kids. And Matt, the valet, who's getting a 20 for watching them. I'll see you later. Unless you're making your great escape.

Zach: You'd be the first to know.

Bianca: Ok.

Kendall: Thanks. Hi.

Zach: Come sit. You and Bianca have a nice afternoon?

Kendall: Oh, we did. No Ryan, no Greenlee, just finger-painting and pool time. How about you?

Zach: Just trying to drink coffee out of a square mug.

Kendall: I see.

Zach: Not easy.

Kendall: No.

Zach: What's that face?

Kendall: I took a picture of our house.

[Door closes]

Asher: Hey.

Damon: I am so screwed.

Asher: What's the problem?

Damon: It's nothing.

Asher: Yeah, I can see that.

Damon: I borrowed my dad's car, his new car. Backed into a pole. Never saw the thing.

Asher: Ouch.

Damon: He loves that ride. Man, he's gonna freak.

Asher: Your dad just adopted you, right?

Damon: Yeah. He's been nothing but great, and this is me screwing up again.

Asher: Everyone screws up.

Damon: I totaled a car not too long ago. I put a lady in the hospital.

Asher: This time it's just metal.

Damon: Yeah. I don't think he's gonna see it that way.

[Asher sighs]

[Door closes]

Tad: Hey. New friend? Tad martin.

Asher: The guy who just banged up your car.

Krystal: What happened?

Marissa: It's J.R.

Krystal: Oh, God. What did he do now?

Marissa: No, it's what I did. Something I should have done a long time ago.

Krystal: You told him about--

Marissa: I just couldn't live with all the lies.

Krystal: Oh, honey. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Marissa: [Sighs] I did more than tell him. I ended it for good. J.R. and I are over.

Colby: What? That's crazy.

Marissa: No. No. Crazy was me fooling myself into thinking that we had a chance when he wants someone else.

Annie: You son of a bitch.

Scott: No, no. Annie, Annie, just -- oh! Whoo! Huh! Yeah, I deserved that one. But, Annie, you have to understand, ok, Marissa and I, we thought the two of you were having an affair.

Annie: But we weren't!

Scott: I know that now. If only I knew that then. See, this was all -- it was a huge misunderstanding.

J.R.: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Scott: Well, you stay out of this!

J.R.: Is that why you didn't tell your fiancée? Because it was all a big misunderstanding?

Scott: I am telling her now.

J.R.: Because you don't have a choice.

Annie: Stop it. Stop it, both of you!

J.R.: Are you gonna stand up for him after he cheats on you with my wife?

Scott: Oh, you are one to talk. Annie -- Annie, look at me. This was a huge mistake.

J.R.: No, the mistake was you being found out. Don't listen to him. He'll do anything to keep this wedding on track.

Scott: Because I love you.

J.R.: You know the truth. What else do you need, Annie? You marry him, you're gonna make a huge mistake.

Scott: Oh, yeah, hmm? Yeah, why is that, huh? Because -- because what? Because I don't deserve her and you do?

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. 

Scott: How long has it been, J.R.? How long since Marissa told you about us, a couple hours, less? And here you are, tackling my bride on her way to the altar.

J.R.: I'm trying to keep her from making a mistake.

Scott: We all make mistakes. This isn't one of them.

J.R.: No. This wedding would be the biggest one of all.

Scott: Go home to your wife!

J.R.: We're over! Marissa made that clear to me.

Scott: Ok. Ok, they don't want to work it out? That's fine. I do, and we can.

J.R.: Come on --

Scott: I should have told you this before now.

J.R.: Scott stole Uncle Palmer's invention. He lied about it. He slept with Marissa. He lied about it. How many more times is he gonna lie? Do you really want to marry a man who can lie so easily?

Scott: I will never lie to you again. I only did it to protect you.

J.R.: No, to cover his ass.

Annie: I have let myself trust you because you are honest -- and good and decent. I love you because you make me want to be honest and decent. I need you to be good so that I will be good, too. But if you are not who I think you are --

Colby: I know J.R., he messed around with Annie. But he doesn't love her. He loves you, and you are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Marissa: Colby, I mean, yeah, I think that he even believed that, and I wanted to, but I mean, we just thought that if we worked hard enough to make our marriage work, that everything would be ok, but it isn't ok and it just shouldn't be that hard.

Colby: So what? You're just gonna give up like that?

Krystal: Marissa's given this a lot of thought. We need to respect her decision.

Colby: What about A.J.? Is he just supposed to respect your decision?

Marissa: No. I am -- I'm gonna protect A.J. as much as I can. I mean, I'm gonna spend as much time with him as possible.

Colby: It's not the same. Trust me. Out of all people, I know.

Krystal: Colby, Colby. Marissa's always gonna be a mother to that boy.

Colby: What about me? What about our family? Marissa, you hold us together.

Marissa: Oh, no, I don't.

Colby: Look -- I know my brother has made insane mistakes -- but he loves you, and he cares about you. You can't bail on him because --

Marissa: What? Or he'll end up with Annie? There's nothing that I can do about that.

Asher: I was just parking. Objects in mirror look larger. Or is it smaller? Anyway, next thing I know, bang.

Tad: Oh. I'm sure it's not that bad. Tell me it's not that bad.

Damon: It's not that bad.

Asher: They can fix anything these days, and really, I want to make this right. I'd appreciate it if you let me.

Tad: Guy that steps up -- I like that. Ok. I guess I'll go to a garage, get an estimate, and let you know.

Asher: Great.

Tad: How do you two know each other?

Asher: Well, it wasn't driving school, that's for sure.

Damon: This is the friend who crashed here. Ha ha. Crashed.

Asher: Crashed.

Tad: Let's go look at the damage.

Damon: Hey, man, that was really awesome, but why did you do that?

Asher: This whole father/son thing is still kind of new, right?

Damon: Yeah, yeah, it's really new.

Asher: So no point messing it up on a stupid fender bender.

Damon: Well, I owe you, man, and I'll definitely pay for the repairs.

Asher: Yeah, you will. Ha.

Damon: So do you and your dad get along well or --

Asher: Whatever. Let's go check out the car. Come on.

Kendall: So Binks and I were in the neighborhood, and I realized I don't have any pictures of our house for our scrapbook, and then I figured what kind of an album would it be if I don't have any pictures of the boys' home? Or parents? So come on, let's -- let's snap when ready.

[Zach groans]

Kendall: Ah. Oh, I like it. It's a keeper.

Zach: Yeah, that's good.

Kendall: That's a good one, just like you.

Zach: Do you remember Art Silver?

Kendall: Yeah. He's, uh, kind of charming at first, but a little weird. He had those shifty eyes.

Zach: Yeah, he's a little shifty. Well, he's doing a lot of business in the area, and he's thinking of relocating here, so he made an offer on the house.

Kendall: You want to sell our home?

Zach: We talked about how happy we were away from here with our family, you and me.

Kendall: No, I know. It's just -- selling our house, it's kind of sudden.

Zach: I'm not gonna do anything unless you agree. I know you love it here.

Kendall: Zach, I do -- I do love Pine Valley. I mean, of course, I care about it, and I love the home that you built. But I am crazy in love with you, not some structure with a secret room and a beautiful pond out back.

Zach: So we're ok?

Kendall: Wherever you are, that's where my home is. I love you.

Zach: I love you.

Kendall: Ok, then.

Zach: All right.

Kendall: Oh, you know who's not going to be feeling the love is Opal if I do not get out of here. You want to come?

Zach: No. I'm working.

Kendall: I see that.

Zach: Tell her I said hi.

Kendall: Ok. All right, I will.

Zach: Bye.

[Music playing at the Yacht Club]

Liza: Ok, so not inviting me on your yacht, that's one thing, but not calling when you come into town? Unforgivable.

Zach: There's a very good reason why I didn't call you.

Liza: Oh.

Zach: My marriage.

Marissa: I thought for so long that if I just wanted it badly enough, that J.R. would love me again and everything would be ok. God, you know, it's a lot of work making yourself believe something that isn't true. It's almost a relief not having to do it anymore.

Krystal: And when you told J.R. about Scott, he didn't take it well?

Marissa: Oh, God, no, no. He thought that it was all about Scott trying to get back at him. You know, J. R. slept with Annie, so Scott slept with me.

Krystal: So you and Scott, what -- what does that mean for the two of you?

Marissa: Nothing.

Krystal: You know, when you first came to town, there was a spark there.

Marissa: No. Scott -- Scott loves Annie.

Krystal: Ah, are you sure about that?

Marissa: Yes, I'm sure. He thinks that she's just misunderstood and that underneath all the lies and maneuvering and hate, that she's a good person.

Krystal: Oh, please. If J.R. goes back to Annie, all hell is gonna break loose.

Scott: Annie, you are the only woman that I want to be with.

J.R.: You've certainly got to hand it to him. He knows how to work it: Puppy dog eyes, fake sincerity.

Scott: Why don't you just leave, huh? This is our wedding day.

J.R.: Not the way you planned it, is it, Annie? See, Scott's spent a lifetime trying to prove that he's a decent Chandler. Pathetic thing is, he actually believes it, even when he's stealing from the dead and doing my wife.

Scott: I never said I was better than anybody else.

Annie: No. But I thought that you were.

Scott: Annie, if I could take back that moment, if I could undo the hurt, I would in a heartbeat, but I can't. Please give me another chance. Let me prove to you for the rest of my life that you can trust me.

Annie: I want to talk to J.R. alone.

Scott: I'm not gonna walk away.

Annie: Emma is probably wondering what's happened to us. I don't want her to worry.

J.R.: All right, come on, man, take a hike. You heard her.

Annie: I just -- I'll come find you.

Scott: I love you.

[Annie sighs]

Opal: Oh, my goodness! My beautiful girl!

Kendall: Oh, my goodness! Opal, I have just missed you so much.

Opal: Oh, ditto, ditto, honey. But it sure looks like life on the high seas agrees with you. All that romance, adventure, exotic ports of call.

Kendall: Yes.

Opal: I'll bet that you have just had the time of your life.

Kendall: Well, one thing I have learned is that the ocean pretty much looks the same no matter where you are.

[Opal laughs]

Kendall: That it does.

Opal: I suppose so.

Kendall: So, I, uh, I just wanted to say that, um, well, I'm sorry that I wasn't here for Palmer's memorial.

Opal: Oh.

Kendall: My mom told me about the candlelight ceremony, so I lit a candle at midnight.

Opal: I'm sure he felt your love. You know that old coot had a real soft spot for your mama and for both you girls.

Kendall: Well, you were the love of his life.

Opal: Well, we're not going any further. I'm gonna spill all over everything here. So you're gonna be coming to Mr. Caleb Cooney's big shindig, I imagine?

Kendall: Well, of course. I mean, I wouldn't miss it. He's the man who saved my mother's life.

Opal: That he is. Although I can't believe that your mama may be a no-show, of all people. According to her latest tweet, she said she's visiting those poor, starving kids that she was helping out last year.

Kendall: I mean, you know, you just never know with my mom.

Zach: And as happy as my wife is being back, there are a couple of things about this town that drives her crazy.

Liza: As in me? 50 feet from you?

Zach: Supposed to be 100 feet. You know that.

Liza: Ok, I'm gonna keep my distance. Yeah. It certainly shows all over your face, but how are you and Kendall?

Zach: Really good.

Liza: Hmm.

Zach: The kids are great. Everyone's happy. Every day's an adventure. It's just -- it's really cool. It's amazing.

Liza: So you're not gonna move back here anytime soon?

Zach: No. Why mess with perfection? Now, what about you? I heard you're with Tad.

Liza: Yeah. Huh. It's so good. Oh, it's really good.

Tad: Well, you were right. Not that bad. Certainly it's nothing that a decent garage can't pound out. Where is your car?

Asher: I'm a little obsessed with my ride -- wash it twice a week. So a little tweak to the fender, already at the shop.

Tad: Yeah, I know what you mean. Where are you from?

Asher: I wish there was a 10-second answer for that, but not with my life. And I need to get going, so catch you later?

Damon: Yeah.

Tad: He's got quite a way about him, your friend.

Damon: Yeah, he's a good guy.

Tad: Have you know him long?

Damon: Long enough to know I can count on him.

Tad: Except behind the wheel.

Damon: Sorry about your car.

Tad: That's ok. It's not your fault. I'm just happy to know you got a friend who's got your back.

J.R.: Ok, you're right. Scott doesn't belong in our conversation. This is about us, us finally getting what we want.

Annie: What do you want?

J.R.: Same thing you want. We've been fighting these emotions for so long, trying to do the right thing, trying to honor our commitments to Marissa and Scott, but we don't have to do that anymore.

Annie: Because Marissa told you your marriage is over?

J.R.: Yes.

Annie: Is it?

J.R.: Yes, absolutely. I mean, you don't end a marriage overnight. I have arrangements to make. We share a son. A.J. comes first.

Annie: Of course.

J.R.: The point is, we got nothing holding us back anymore.

Annie: I am in the middle of marrying Scott.

J.R.: Yeah, but you can walk away.

Annie: Just walk away?

J.R.: Yeah.

Annie: Like you did with Marissa?

J.R.: Why are you so focused on Marissa?

Annie: Well, you were just about to rip Scott's head off. If Marissa doesn't matter to you anymore, why are you so pissed that Scott slept with her?

J.R.: You need reasons? He slept with her to get back at me. I slept with you, so he slept with my wife, and he cheated on you to do it. You should be as angry at him as I am. Scott's promises -- they don't mean a thing.

Annie: What about your promises?

J.R.: All right, you know what? This has all happened so fast. We got a lot to figure out.

Annie: Ok. Then let's figure it out right here, right now, because 30 minutes ago, I was getting married in that gazebo through those trees over there, ok? I was gonna hold Scott's hand and pledge my eternal love for him, till death do us part. So I need to know, J.R., what are you pledging?

J.R.: Scott is not the man you think he is. He never was.

Annie: That doesn't answer my question.

J.R.: No, I know how emotional, crazy this is. I know that you need pledges and promises to feel something solid, but you know who I am. You know exactly who I am, and I also know how you feel when we're together, when you're close to me.

Annie: Is that enough?

J.R.: Yes! What we have is alive, it heats up the air in the room when we're together.

Annie: But what is it?

J.R.: I don't know. That's for us to find out. I mean, for the first time, we're both totally free to find out what we have. But we got to go slowly. I'm walking away from my marriage. You're walking away from Scott. It's very complicated.

Annie: No, J.R. For the first time with us, it is very, very simple. So just tell me, why are you here? Scott is offering me marriage. He's offering me a life with me and my daughter and --

J.R.: We can leave right now. We can get in the car, and we can just go.

Annie: Go where?

J.R.: It doesn't matter. We'll be together. We can just go for it.

Annie: Go for it? What, go to some hotel, rip each other's clothes off, and give in to every desire?

J.R.: Yes, yes, whatever. All of it! Right now.

Marissa: Where's the bride?

Scott: Where do you think?

Marissa: Well, that didn't take long. Don't. So are you married?

Scott: Not yet.

Marissa: I can't do this.

Scott: Don't.

Annie: It's you, Scott. Not J.R. I love you.

Asher: Isn't there a law against abusing helpless flowers?

Colby: Do you always appear out of nowhere?

Asher: At least this time you got both feet on the ground.

Colby: Right. Uh, thanks again. If it weren't for you, I would have gone -- splat.

Asher: But you could have answered a question for me: Do angels play acoustic harps or have they finally gone electric?

Colby: Oh, ho ho ho! No, actually, I'm in a more "go to hell" kind of mode.

Asher: Ripping up poor little flowers? And what for?

Colby: Family. Just when I thought that everyone can finally get it right. I bet you have no idea how screwed up a family can be.

Asher: Hmm.

Opal: Is there anything that I can say to convince you two to move back here for good?

Kendall: Well, Zach has his heart set on Santorini in the very near future.

Opal: Hmm. I wonder if maybe you'd like me to have a word or two with him. I've been known to have some influence over him, you know.

Kendall: Are we talking about the same guy here? Zach, kind of tall and broad, he's got this scruff going on.

Opal: We are very simpatico.

Kendall: Ok, well, I have to admit, he is crazy about you, but no one talks Zach out of anything once he has his mind made up.

Opal: No one except you, my dear. You have always had the magic touch with that man.

Tad: Ha ha. I heard you were back in town.

Zach: Hey.

Tad: How are you? You look good.

Zach: Good. It's all good.

Tad: How's Kendall and the kids?

Zach: They're great.

Tad: Terrific, man. I'm glad to hear it.

Zach: Now I understand you're doing well.

Tad: Uh -- I can't complain.

Zach: Come, sit, join us.

Tad: There's no one else here.

Zach: Well, Liza's in the bathroom.

Tad: Uh, yeah, well, listen, I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm gonna take a pass.

Zach: What? I thought you guys were together?

Tad: Yeah. A couple times a week until she blew it straight to hell. Yeah, it's a long story. Listen, do me a favor, ok? Tell Kendall I said hi.

[Music playing]

Liza: Ok, did I miss something?

Zach: Uh, no, but I think I did. Why would you lie to me?

Liza: So my daughter has disowned me. Yeah, and Tad never wants to see me again.

Zach: What did you do?

Liza: Don't ask.

Zach: I am asking. You did something crazy, didn't you?

Liza: Yeah, you know about crazy. You were sailing off into the sunset to save your marriage -- hmm, it's crazy.

Zach: I'm sorry. You don't approve?

Liza: What, you've whisked Kendall and your family off to some fantasy island that really only exists when you're floating on that boat. Me? I screwed up. Huh. Boy, have I screwed up, but I'm still here, and I am slugging it out and I'm trying to make it work right here in the real world.

Zach: Mm-hmm. So you think I ran?

Liza: Look, you think you've fixed it, so, you know, it's you and Kendall forever. Of course, until you hit the shore. I'm sure you've got some amazing pictures of beautiful sunsets and -- with me, I just prefer this real world. Even if it stinks.

Kendall: So, any more news on the party?

Bianca: Oh, it's a fundraiser for the Miranda Center. It's gonna be at the club. Dancing, of course.

Kendall: Of course.

Bianca: And -- with Palmer's name attached, glam is definitely involved.

Kendall: Hosted by Caleb? I'm thinking barbecue bear and grits.

Bianca: Well, luckily for all of us, I'm in charge of the planning. I just wish Mom was gonna be here. She's the mad genius party planner.

Kendall: Yeah, I still don't understand. Why didn't she stick around when this -- Palmer wanted her to co-host this whole thing?

Bianca: Um, Mom and Caleb -- had issues.

Kendall: I'm not surprised. I have missed you. I have missed you so much.

Bianca: Me, too. You.

Kendall: Well, I'm gonna be around a little bit longer. Plus, I'll be back for Mom and Jack's wedding.

Bianca: It'll be more fun if you could be here to help plan the wedding.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I will be at the ceremony. That's what counts.

Bianca: Uh, what counts are the late nights, making sure every little detail is just right, and dealing with it when everything goes wrong.

Kendall: Yes, and we will look at that later and laugh about it.

Bianca: Ha. And finding just the right dresses, just the right music, just the right cake. And when Mom and Uncle Jack walk down the aisle knowing that it wasn't just some event we attended and put our whole hearts into it -- admit it.

Kendall: Admit what?

Bianca: You really, really want to be here for all of it.

Kendall: All right, ok, yes, you're right. I want to be here. I would give anything to be here. Home. Where I belong. I -- don't get me wrong, Binks. I have an amazing husband and beautiful children, and I'm having so much fun, you know, traveling the world. But somehow, I -- I feel like an outsider in my own life.

Colby: So Annie was married to my dad.

Asher: Mm-hmm.

Colby: She slept with my brother, and now she's marrying my cousin.

Asher: Wh -- how does that even happen?

Colby: I don't know. Oh, and before that, she killed her brother, she kidnapped her child, she spent time in a mental hospital. I don't know. My brother and my dad and my cousin, I don't know, they don't care. It's like she has this weird power over men or something.

Asher: So I'm guessing she's hot. Ha. She'll get what's coming to her. People like that usually do.

Colby: Yeah, well, I can only hope.

Damon: Hey, guys.

Asher: Ha ha.

Damon: What's up?

Colby: Hi.

Damon: Hi. What's up?

Colby: We are just talking about family. Well, actually, no. I've been doing all the talking.

Damon: Ha ha! Hey, man, you really saved my ass today.

Asher: Hey, no big deal.

Colby: Wait. What happened? What, did you fall off a roof, too? What is going on?

Damon: No, I did a little damage to Tad's car, and Asher took the heat.

Colby: Why would you do that?

Asher: Your guy and his dad are in a good place. I mean, why let a little dent ruin it, you know? And it's not like you're completely off the hook. I, uh, kind of went overboard and offered to pay for the damages.

Damon: Well, I'm good for the cash. Right?

Colby: Right.

Damon: Right?

Colby: Right.

Damon: What? You don't think --

Colby: No.

Damon: What?

Asher: I'm gonna let you guys have a moment, quality time.

Colby: No, wait. Where are you going?

Asher: Um, I'm heading over to this motel, the Pine Cone. I'm gonna grab a room, crash there for a week or so.

Colby: Well, I --

Asher: Can't take your couch forever, you know?

Colby: Well, I have a better idea. Why don't you stay at the Yacht Club?

Asher: Dude, you didn't tell me to bring my yacht.

Damon: Oh, I'm sorry, man. It's a little -- slipped my mind.

Colby: No, no. It's a hotel. My family, we have a room there. I'll call the manager, and I'll tell him you're coming, and just say my name at the front desk.

Asher: Thanks, but, uh, no. I'd rather --

Colby: No, seriously. I want to do this for you. You saved my life, and you saved Damon's butt. Let me do this for you.

Asher: You sure?

Damon: Dude, something you should know about Colby is she always gets her way. So you should probably just say yes.

Asher: All right, then, sold.

Colby: It's down by the marina. You can't miss it.

Asher: Ok, thanks. Um, oh, and if you guys need to reach me, I'll be over at my yacht this way.

Damon: The room service rocks.

Asher: Nice.

[Damon and Colby kiss as Asher walks away]

Scott: For a minute there, I didn't know if it was gonna be him or me.

Annie: You hurt me, Scott. The one solid thing in my life, you hurt me. And now you have made me question who you are and what we have.

Annie: But if we are ever gonna make this work --

Scott: We can.

Annie: I've screwed up a million times. I've done hurtful, horrible things, so I'm not about to judge you for a mistake if that's what this was.

Scott: You are the only woman I love. You are the only woman that I want. But I also need to know that you want only me, or this means nothing.

Annie: You are the only person in my life that I can count on -- 100% no matter what.

Scott: You still can. Whatever you want, whatever you need -- I will do it if that is your choice.

Scott: What are we doing here, Annie? Are we getting married?

Annie: Yes. We are going to say our vows. But first, we are going to set our ground rules.

Tad: That's Krystal. I've got to go down to the restaurant, and I'll stop by a garage and get that estimate.

Colby: Yeah, I heard about the big fender bender.

Damon: Not so -- not so big.

Tad: Yeah, well, at least your friend's stepping up. Do you know him?

Colby: Asher? Um, uh, a little, a little bit.

Tad: Oh. Well, let's hope he comes through.

Colby: I have a feeling Asher is the kind of guy you can trust.

Bellhop: Thank you, sir. Enjoy your stay.

Asher: I plan to. [Exhales] "One day you will find yourself reunited with the family you lost."

Kendall: What Zach and I have -- it is -- it is so great.

Bianca: Yeah, you said that. A lot.

Kendall: Well, it is. It's just -- it's always just the four of us. Zach, me, and Spike and Ian. That's it. No one drops by unannounced ever. You know, no spur-of-the-moment picnics or barbecues or meeting for drinks.

Bianca: A lot of other unexpected things happen in Pine Valley, too.

Kendall: Yeah, well, the crazy thing is, Binks, I kind of miss that, too. The drama and the craziness.

Bianca: Well, that doesn't surprise me one bit.

Kendall: Well, it's all of it. I mean, I missed out on growing up with you and Mom, so it's kind of hard to feel like one of the fabulous Kane women when I'm the only chick within 100 nautical miles. We're -- I love our life. It's so exciting what we're doing, but I'm just afraid that I'm depriving our boys of something they can only get right here in Pine Valley. I just hope when they grow up, they'll forgive me for dragging them all over the world without a real place to call home.

[Zach walks in]

Annie: I came back to you because I know what I need, and I know who can give it to me. At the top of that list is trust. I need a man that I can trust completely. I trusted Ryan and Adam. I even trusted J.R. With a track record like that, I never thought I would be able to trust a man again. But you were different. You give me your word, and it means something.

Scott: And it should. What happened between Marissa --

Annie: It was a mistake. And it only happened once. I believe you. But you have to promise me from here on out, no more lies. We keep nothing from one another. You have to promise me that I can count on you. You have to promise me that I can count on your love.

Scott: Does this ground rules thing work both ways?

Annie: Yes. Yes, you can trust me, too.

Scott: I know that, but I need your confidence in me. I need your strength and I need your support. When my father died, I was so alone, and then you came into my life. You are so strong and passionate and supportive. I need to know that you will be my full partner, because when you look at me, I know I can do anything.

Annie: I promise. I promise to be by your side, to be your partner and your lover and your best friend. From here on out, whatever we do, we do it together.

Scott: From here on out, whatever we do, we do together. Not just as a couple, but as a family -- from this day forward.

Annie: As long as we both shall live.

Justice of the Peace: I guess all that's left is, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." You may kiss the bride."

Emma: Yay!

Annie: Oh! Ha ha!

Scott: Ha ha! You hear that? You hold on! I said hold on!

[Scott swings Annie around as J.R. watches from a short distance]

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