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Madison: Well, if anything changes, call me right away.

Randi: Ryan's still unconscious.

Madison: Frankie says to be patient, but I can't.

Bianca: Ryan's in excellent hands, ok? He'll be all right.

Madison: You missed a bunch of calls while you were out, most of them from Reese. She really wants to talk to you.

Bianca: Thanks.

Madison: I could get her on the line for you.

Bianca: No. That's ok.

Madison: Reese said it was really important.

Bianca: I know it's important. I'm handling it.

Jesse: Angela? I am not comfortable leaving you here like this.

Angie: Jesse. Listen, if you keep shadowing me like this, David is going to get suspicious. Now, he's seen you here once already, ok, and I don't want him to know about any of this, not yet.

Jesse: Baby, you are losing more and more of your sight every day, and you're doing nothing to save it.

Angie: I'm saving our baby.

David: You look like hell.

Liza: What a coincidence: So do you. Oh, yes, please.

David: Oh, no, no, no. You're here for work. In case I need to remind you, you're also on retainer, which means anything I tell you, anything I give you --

Liza: Is completely confidential. Ok. What is it?

David: It's evidence that could put Greenlee away for life.

Kendall: How did I get here?

Jake: I think you came by elevator.

Kendall: The whole Ryan and Greenlee drama -- got caught up in all that again.

Jake: Oh. Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Do you think that she did it, that she did what everyone's talking about? She cooked the books at Fusion, sabotaged my mother's plane?

Jake: I think she's married to David, so I think anything is possible.

Kendall: Well, I tried to get her to open up and tell me what sleazy plan David's working on her.

Jake: Did you have any luck?

Kendall: No -- even after I not-so-subtly pointed out the fact that her silence could kill Ryan.

Jake: I think he's doing a great job pretending that he's dying. Hopefully it will have some sort of effect.

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: No one came right out and said it's my fault that you're here, but that's what they think. Maybe it's what I think, too. I'm sorry for putting you through all this, making you worry to the point where you -- God, I hate lying to you, Ryan. You know me so well. It's like you look at me and you just know. You were right. What's going on between me and David, it's bad. It's really bad.

Angie: Look, I know how difficult this is for you.

Jesse: "Difficult." Really? You refuse to take the medication that could keep you from going blind?

Angie: I refuse to take medication that could harm our unborn child, and you refuse to accept that.

Jesse: Angela, you are brave, you are strong, but you also have to be realistic. This sacrifice that you want to make here is just so huge!

Angie: I don't see it that way. Because this infection, this disease may take my vision, but that's it. I will have a healthy baby. I will live my life. I can do this, Jesse.

Jesse: I want to help.

Angie: Then trust me. Trust me to handle what's ahead, ok, because my confidence is growing every day. But, Jesse, if you keep looking over my shoulder all the time, it's gonna undermine that confidence. Now, I know that you are doing this out of love, sweetheart, but what I really need you to do is just --

Frankie: Hey. Everything all right?

Angie: Your father and I are just discussing my competence. Look, if I need help, Frankie is here. Jake is here. So you need to go and do what you need to do, like reschedule that meeting with Mayor Blanco. Convince her to lift this ridiculous suspension so that you can go back to work. Go back to your routine, like I'm doing.

Jesse: If you need anything --

Angie: I will call.

Jesse: All right. You keep your eye on her, all right? Do me a favor?

Angie: I love you, Chief Hubbard.

Jesse: I love you, too, baby.

Angie: I love you, too.

Frankie: I love you, too.

Jesse: I'm serious. I need you to keep your eye on her.

Frankie: Look, you know Mom doesn't like to be watched, and I'm certainly not trying to get strangled by her stethoscope when she catches me doing it.

Jesse: Franklin, your mother is not doing enough to take care of herself right now. I need you to pick up the slack, all right? So what's going on with this looking into alternative treatments? Have you found anything?

Frankie: I helped Mom do some research. We discussed the options with Dr. Beldon this morning.

Jesse: And?

Frankie: And they're not viable while she's pregnant.

Jesse: Keep on it. Find something.

Randi: Wow. Bianca really got tense when you mentioned Reese called.

Madison: Well, they've been apart for weeks. It can't be easy.

Randi: A couple doesn't need to be attached at the hip to have a strong relationship, Madison. Sometimes a little distance is good. Going away and doing something by myself for once actually re-energized me, and Frankie, too.

Madison: We're doing marketing events in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver? Whose schedule is this?

Randi: Mine. After that first photo shoot for Fusion, they asked me to be the spokesmodel.

Madison: I hope after all this jetting around you're gonna hang home for a little bit.

Randi: Yeah, of course.

Madison: Frankie really missed you while you were in Italy, a lot more than he's letting on.

[Phone rings]

Madison: Fusion. Hello? Yes, she is. Hold on just a moment. It's Reese.

Bianca: Hi. I told you last night I'm not ready.

Liza: You're really gonna lock your wife away?

David: No. That evidence is simply an insurance policy.

Liza: Come on. You know it's not. You know this is something to hold over Greenlee's head, to control her so she doesn't, what, escape? I knew you were insecure about Ryan.

David: No, I am not insecure about anything.

Liza: Oh.

David: Greenlee is meant to be with me. She will never be happy with Ryan, because Ryan will never love her or accept her as she really is.

Liza: Ok. Then why do you need this?

David: All right, are you supposed to be my lawyer or my marriage counselor?

Liza: Actually, right now I'm trying to be your friend.

David: And why would you want to do that?

Liza: Because, David, you and I could fit everybody in this town who actually likes us into a phone booth.

David: Hmm. And still have plenty of room for us.

Liza: Ok, so as your lawyer, I'm obliged to keep quiet. But as your friend, as your buddy in the phone booth, my advice to you, just make sure that Greenlee never finds out that you'd actually use that to threaten her.

David: Hmm.

Liza: She already knows.

Kendall: What?

Jake: No, it's cool, but -- how much you seem to care about Ryan and Greenlee still, you know, even after everything that went down.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I don't really have a choice. It's crazy. I mean, the three of us were like some whacked-out arranged marriage. I think we're stuck together whether we like it or not. Ok, you know what? I need a break. Can you just call me if there's any news?

Jake: You got it.

Kendall: Thanks.

Greenlee: I remember walking through the park that day, seeing you lying on the ground, unconscious. David standing over you, doing nothing to help you. I couldn't help thinking that if I hadn't shown up when I did, he would've let you die. I asked David for a separation, and I thought he was ok with it. So when he insisted that I go to dinner with him, I said yes. He pulled out my chair for me, he poured me some wine, and then he threatened to send me to prison. He's blackmailing me to stay with him. I trusted him. I really believed that David would never hurt me. I shouldn't be doing this. You need positive energy to help you heal, not stories of my disturbed husband. Please get better. Oh, my God.

Jesse: Hey, hey.

Natalia: Hey. How's Angie?

[Jesse groans]

Natalia: She still won't even consider taking the meds, even though she knows how you feel? Dad, maybe I can say something. I won't push, but I --

Jesse: She has made her choice.

Natalia: You deserve a choice, too.

Jesse: Angela is the most capable woman I have ever met. But she is a doctor, and the way she does her job is about to change drastically. Now, if she can't see a symptom or when a child winces in pain, that's gonna wreck her world. And she's acting as if it's not gonna be a problem. But I can smell the hurt coming from a mile away.

Natalia: You know, when Mom was sick, Angie was there every step of the way till the very end. If there's anything you need, I am on it.

Jesse: If I could tail her 24/7, I would. But I got to get my job back. If it turns out Angela can't work, I need to be getting paid, you know?

Natalia: It's Mayor Blanco meeting with the substitute chief.

[Jesse groans]

Iris: Ok, so what are you doing here?

Jesse: I am asking for my job back.

Kendall: Excuse me? Who's in charge around here? Get over here. I have missed you so much! [Hugs Bianca] Are you all right?

Bianca: I just missed my sister a lot. How is it that you always know the right time to show up? What are you doing here?

Kendall: Well, I came here to see Ryan.

Bianca: We've been checking in with him. He's still unconscious.

Kendall: I have a feeling he'll be coming out of it very soon -- and I know unconscious, yes. Oh, my God, Binks, I have missed this place so much, and you. All the crazy stuff that happened when I was gone --

Bianca: Yeah. Are you surprised?

Kendall: No. Not really. Have you been checking out Mom's tweets?

Bianca: Oh, yes, yes. The girls and I are frequent followers of "I am Erica Kane."

Kendall: Of course.

Bianca: Hmm. She would be so happy to know you're back. How are the boys?

Kendall: They're amazing. You -- ohh. Spike -- first of all, he's fluent in Spanish, ok? He calls me "Mamita," which I love. And then Ian -- he's wild about trains. So he's got his entire cabin just covered in tracks -- up the wall, in the closet.

Bianca: Oh. And Zach?

Kendall: Zach is great. I thought he would go crazy on the boat, but he's doing good. He gets all of his hockey games by satellite, so he's happy. And how are my girls?

Bianca: Oh, they're having a blast at Wildwind. We moved in there.

Kendall: With David and Greenlee?

Bianca: No, with Caleb Cooney. He's the wilderness guy who saved Mom after the plane crash.

Kendall: Right.

Bianca: Apparently, he's Palmer's nephew.

Kendall: What?

Bianca: I know. It's a long story, but so far, so good.

Kendall: All right. Ok. So how's Reese?

Bianca: She's still in Paris.

Kendall: Ok. Well, you're gonna be here a while, right, so I'm sure she'll be coming soon.

Bianca: No. Reese is the reason I've been kind of stressed out lately. Our marriage is in trouble.

David: Maybe you can use that drink after all.

Liza: Oh, David, do you really think this is so funny? Really, when are you gonna stop playing with people's lives?

David: No. Now, that is funny, coming from the woman who stole her daughter's boyfriend's medication? Give me a break.

Liza: That's exactly what I'm talking about. I screwed up royally. David, I lost everything. Really, is that what you want to happen with Greenlee?

David: No. What I'm doing is whatever is necessary to save my marriage. In the end, Greenlee will thank me.

Liza: No, she won't. She's gonna hate you, just like Tad and Colby hate me.

David: No, Colby is a teenager, and Tad is an imbecile. My wife is a mature, intelligent woman who will come to her senses.

Liza: Yeah, I know. That's exactly what I thought. That's exactly what I thought: "I'm gonna make them come around. Sure, I'm gonna have to lie a little, I'm gonna have to manipulate, but it's ok because I'm protecting them." Not how it works. When you're in it, you lose perspective. You're not seeing clearly.

David: No, I see very clearly, and I see a long, happy future with my wife.

Jake: Hey. Hey, hey, where are you going?

Angie: I'm going to see Ryan.

Jake: Oh. Well, I've already examined him. He's fine.

Angie: Why wasn't I told that Ryan had a setback? Jesse's been treating me like a fragile flower. I don't need it from you, too, ok? I'm not fragile. I'm pregnant.

Jake: Ok.

Angie: And furthermore, I am still chief of staff at this hospital. I can do my job and be here for my friend. Clear?

Jake: Yeah, loud and clear.

Angie: How is he? Never mind.

Jake: No, no, no. Listen, Greenlee is in with him, ok, and this could take a little time.

Angie: What is going on? Why don't you want me to go in and see Ryan?

Jake: Nothing is going on. That's the truth -- nothing's going on. I mean, you have a lot going on, but he's fine. You got to trust me when I tell you he's fine. You got to hear me when I tell you you look kind of tired. You look kind of exhausted.

Angie: Ohh. Look, it's -- I'm having this damn morning sickness, which is really morning, noon, and night sickness. And my vision's gone out more since I stopped taking the meds, a decision my husband is fighting me on every step of the way. So, yes, Jake, I'm exhausted.

Jake: Hmm. Well, you don't have anything to prove to me or anybody else, ok? You just have to take care of yourself, and you got to take care of the baby.

Frankie: Hey, hey, hey. How you doing?

Angie: Hey. I'm fine, and you can tell your father I said so.

Frankie: All right. Don't strangle me.

Jake: I'm gonna strangle you if you don't take her home. She needs a little rest.

Angie: All right, all right, but only because I'd rather be nauseas at home.

Jake: Ok. Well, that's better than being nauseas here -- leave that to the patients.

Greenlee: How do you feel?

Ryan: I feel better. I heard you. I heard what you said about David.

Greenlee: No, we need to make sure you're ok. I'm gonna go get Jake.

Ryan: You're the one who's not ok, Greenlee, and we're gonna put an end to that, ok? We'll stop David together. We will put him in prison, someplace that he can't get out for a very, very long time. I promise you, I promise you you are safe.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. You were faking the whole time.

Ryan: It was worth it, because now I know how I can help you.

Bianca: I don't really want to get into it, but Reese and I, we've been having trouble for a while.

Kendall: Is there anything I can do?

Bianca: Well, we've tried pretty much everything, but nothing seems to work. So I asked for a trial separation. I haven't told anyone, except you.

Kendall: Binks, I'm sorry. Well, I know how you feel. Zach and I have been there, where everything that you say turns into a fight.

Bianca: Yeah.

Kendall: But we're coming back. I mean, not necessarily to the way things used to be, but we're in a good place.

Bianca: Well, I'm glad that someone is.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Zach was willing to work on our problems, just not in Pine Valley. He seems to think that I'm going to lose focus and get wrapped up in all the drama.

Bianca: Kind of hard not to.

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, Zach doesn't understand that I get wrapped up because this is my home. This is not some phase I'm going through. I'm connected to people here forever.

Bianca: How did Zach feel about you coming back for Ryan?

Kendall: Ryan is Spike's dad, and Zach adores Spike.

Bianca: That's not exactly a yes.

Kendall: Was Zach crazy about me coming back here? No. But I needed to be here. Ok, enough of this. Come on. Now, just -- I want to see how my little sister is saving my company. Show me around.

Bianca: Well, right this way. This is the office.

Kendall: I know that. What's going on back there? That's a nice little doodle back there. I like that.

Greenlee: How could you do this to me?

Ryan: I had no choice.

Greenlee: No choice? I thought you were dying!

Ryan: This is the only way that I could get you to tell me what was going on with David, ok?

Greenlee: Do you have any idea how much you scared me? The thoughts that were going through my head -- I am so angry at you, and so glad you're all right.

Ryan: I didn't mean to freak you out.

Greenlee: Yes, you did.

Ryan: Well, I did, but it's only because I know you, Greenlee. I know you, and I could see there was something going on, and you wouldn't confide in me.

Greenlee: How could I ask you to get involved in my mess of a marriage when you were against it from the start? And the way things stand between us --

Ryan: I told you that I would help you no matter what.

Greenlee: I know. I know, and I almost did tell you everything, but I was scared of what David would do to you. And then you were in and out of the hospital.

Ryan: As you can see, I'm fine. Now, tell me. Tell me what David is doing, using to blackmail you with. Just tell me.

Greenlee: I can't tell you.

Ryan: Greenlee, I know the last thing you'd want is for me to ride to the rescue here, but I also know how scared you are. I could hear it when you came to see me. You're looking for somebody to help you. You're looking for somebody to trust. You know that I'm that person.

Greenlee: David told me if I left him, that he'd send me to prison. He manufactured evidence to make it look like I'm the one that brought down Erica's plane. I didn't. I swear. But he's ready to frame me for attempted murder.

Ryan: That bastard.

Greenlee: He's jealous. He's always been jealous. But I had no idea he'd go this far.

Liza: You're desperate, just like I was, and it is that very desperation that's gonna drive Greenlee away.

David: She just needs a little more time, that's all.

Liza: No, no. I waited. I waited for Tad, I waited for Colby to come around. They never did, and they never will. Listen, you can love them with everything that you are, but you can't make them love you back. It's just not the way it works.

David: Oh, yes, it does work that way, Liza. Do you think I enjoy threatening my wife?

Liza: Oh, come on. Is that a trick question?

David: I hate this. I hate that Greenlee forced me to do this, or that Ryan won't let her go, even though he's clearly not right for her. But most of all, I hate myself. But I will not lose my wife.

Liza: You already have. You crossed the line. There's no going back.

David: I found her on the side of a river. She was unconscious, she was freezing, barely alive. I brought her back to life. Have you ever saved a life? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person after you brought them back from the brink of death?

Liza: I'm telling you as a friend you can't build a marriage off of gratitude.

David: It is so much more than that, Liza. So much more. Greenlee knew what she was getting into when she married me. She knew how I loved. It was all made very clear to her, and she signed on for all of it. There's no way in hell she's signing off now.

Jesse: Let's be honest here. The reason I was -- the only reason I was suspended was David Hayward, and you won't let me back on the force unless I agree to stop hounding him.

Iris: You were suspended because you broke rules. You used your position and a great deal of taxpayer money to advance some personal agenda.

Jesse: I made a mistake. It will never happen again.

Iris: Ok. So you admit you abused your power as chief?

Jesse: Yes.

Iris: So if I were to reinstate you, I'd have your word? That this issue won't come up, that from now on, you'll dedicate yourself and the resources of this department to legitimate police work.

Jesse: That's what I do best.

Iris: If you're willing to take that pledge, and you're willing to reform your behavior, I'll think about it. I'll let you know.

Jesse: Thank you, Mayor. Well, that was hard. Oh, what a hypocrite.

Natalia: So, so proud of you. You did it. It took a lot, but you did it, and for damn good reason.

Jesse: The best reason in the world.

Frankie: Right over there.

Angie: What are you doing?

Frankie: I want you to sit down, relax, put your feet up. I'm going to make you a gourmet lunch.

Angie: So when did you learn how to cook?

Frankie: Uh, see, now, that's what this is for.

Angie: Oh, I see. That's sweet, honey, but I'm not hungry. You know, your father is so worried about how this is all going to shake out, but I'm not.

Frankie: And how is that possible?

Angie: You know how. You're a doctor. We see people exceed our expectations every day. Hard work, patience, faith. Faith can take you further than we ever thought possible.

Frankie: You know, when I got back from Iraq and my hands were really messed up, you gave me a hard time. But you were right there. You've always been there for me, so now it's my turn.

Angie: You want to know what you can do for me?

Frankie: Name it.

Angie: You can go back to your own life, do good work, be with Randi. I mean, she's been traveling. You need time together.

Frankie: Mom --

Angie: You asked me what you could do, and that's my answer.

Frankie: All right. I'll go, but don't think I'm not coming back.

Angie: You better come back.

Frankie: Because I learned my persistence from you.

Angie: I love you.

Frankie: I love you, too.

Angie: Oh, famished.

Randi: So if this West Coast swing goes well, I'm hoping that I can convince Bianca into letting me taking another Euro trip. I'm thinking Paris, London, Germany, a whole --

Frankie: There's something we need to discuss. It's important.

Randi: And my career isn't important?

Frankie: My mother's pregnant. She's also sick.

Randi: What do you mean, "sick"?

Frankie: She has an infection in her eye that could cause her to go blind.

Randi: Blind?

Frankie: Yeah. Look, we got to keep this on the down low. No one outside the family can know.

Randi: Yeah. Ok. Whatever Angie wants. What else can we do to help?

Frankie: That's gonna be the hard part -- convincing her that she needs help. But she will.

Randi: Hey.

Jesse: Hey. You're supposed to be at the hospital keeping an eye on your mother.

Frankie: She was nauseas. I took her home.

Jesse: Who's with her?

Frankie: No one. She wouldn't let me stay.

Jesse: Damn it, Frankie.

Frankie: Dad, you just can't --

Jesse: He just did.

Angie: From now on, I'll just keep the crackers in the fridge. How are you doing? Yeah, me, too. We're both in the dark, about to start a whole new life. I tell you what. Since we're in the same boat, how about we make a deal, ok? I will always protect you. Ok, I think we got it. Mm-hmm. We're good. You know, together we can do anything, and much more than stepladders. You know, I know you're not even here yet, but I've got a feeling that you're gonna help me appreciate even more everything that I have. All the gifts that I'm blessed with: Loving husband, beautiful children, wonderful career, and you. Do you have any idea what you have to look forward to? Because the Hubbards are the coolest family there is. That's right. You are one lucky baby. But you know what? You're not as lucky as me, because I get to welcome you into the world. Can't beat that.

Kendall: Wow, wow, wow. I am very impressed, very impressed. First Mom and Greenlee, and now you and Greenlee. This is -- I mean, really, I'm impressed that the three of you are still standing.

Bianca: Well, this company means so much to you, and you mean so much to me. And I will be here as long as you need me.

Kendall: I know you will.

Bianca: Sometimes I look at Greenlee, and I think, "this woman probably tried to kill our mom."

Kendall: I don't know, Binks. I mean, as many times as she has probably dreamed of murdering Mom, do you really think she'd actually go through with it? I think a plane crash is more David's speed.

Bianca: Well, at the very least, she protected him. I'm still trying to figure out why she'd marry him.

Kendall: I don't know. One thing I do know is Greenlee is a very unhappy woman.

Jake: Whoa, whoa.

Madison: Oh. I want to see Ryan.

Jake: Well, it's not a good time right now.

Madison: Why am I still not allowed to see him? Is it really bad?

Jake: No, it's not bad. It's just not a good time. Somebody's in there right now, and maybe later would be a better time.

Madison: This "someone" -- is it Greenlee?

Jake: And there's a perfectly good explanation for that.

Madison: There always is.

Ryan: None of this is your fault.

Greenlee: Are you kidding me? I married David thinking that we had this big trust, that we were allies, that we were partners in every way. And now that I see how far from the truth that is, it's too late.

Ryan: No, it's not, Greenlee. It's not. It's not too late.

Greenlee: My husband has everything he needs to have me convicted of attempted murder. If I don't stay with him, I'll go to prison.

Ryan: That's not gonna happen.

Greenlee: How did I get let myself get trapped like this?

Ryan: You're not gonna stay trapped for long. I promise you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: After everything I've done -- shoving David in your face, pushing you away, putting you in the hospital -- why would you help me?

Jake: Holy -- you're awake? This is a miracle. I'm gonna call --

Greenlee: Really? He told me everything.

Jake: Oh. Well, I'll be leaving.

Greenlee: Not so fast. You played me, too.

Ryan: No, the only person playing anybody around here is David, ok? Jake was just trying to help me out. He's trying to help both of us out.

Greenlee: Thank you. Try anything like that again, though, see what happens to your "Dogs Playing Poker."

Jake: Oh. Well, ok.

Ryan: You've helped enough. The last time you tried to go after Hayward, you almost wrecked your marriage. I won't let that happen. It's just us, us against Hayward.

Jesse: You ok?

Angie: I had a little scare, but I'm fine now.

Jesse: What happened?

Angie: Well, I got hungry, and you know you can't stop a pregnant woman when she's hungry.

Jesse: You didn't try to --

Angie: Yeah, I did. I had an episode while I was up on the stepladder.

Jesse: Frankie. Damn Frankie. He shouldn't have left you alone.

Angie: No, baby, I'm glad he did. Listen, my first instinct was to reach for the phone. But then I took a deep breath, and I said, "I can handle this," and I did.

Jesse: Alone?

Angie: Well, um, not entirely alone.

Liza: That was kind of funny. If I didn't think you were such a disaster, I actually -- I'd kind of admire you.

David: Really?

Liza: Yeah. When you love somebody, you really don't mess around.

David: Thanks for noticing.

Liza: I'm gonna make sure that these are locked away.

David: Complete confidentiality, Liza. I mean it.

Liza: Listen, don't worry about that. You just worry about making sure that you never actually have to use these, because you know Greenlee will never forgive you.

David: It's not gonna get that far. Greenlee will realize that she belongs with me.

Greenlee: You're not getting out of that bed and going after David. I mean, you are still recovering from an aneurysm.

Ryan: I'll get clearance from Jake.

Greenlee: Your accomplice? I don't think so.

Ryan: I'm doing this, Greenlee. We both are.

Greenlee: This is my mess. I got myself in it, I'll get myself out.

Kendall: How's Ryan?

Jake: He's good. He's -- well, Greenlee gave it up, whatever "it" is. He's very pleased.

Kendall: Ok. That's good. I -- I did everything I possibly could. I did everything short of busting out with a violin. I couldn't get a word out of her.

Jake: You're not Ryan. So -- hey, welcome home to the ever-peaceful and pleasant Pine Valley.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Excuse me. I want to take this. Hey, Zach. Yeah, yeah, Ryan's actually better, but I have to stay here just for a little bit longer. Just a few more days.

Ryan: I made the biggest mistake of my life the night of our wedding. I should never have let you get on that motorcycle, but I did, and I will never forgive myself for that. For that, and for everything that you had to go through. I didn't save you that night. Let me save you now.

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