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Episode #10433

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David: You seem awfully quiet.

Greenlee: I've got a lot on my mind.

David: All right, here's a suggestion. Why don't we both take the rest of the day off and head down to the lake?

Greenlee: I really can't.

David: Ok. Then maybe we could stay closer to home, enjoy a nice bottle of wine and watch the sunset.

Greenlee: Sounds nice. Maybe some other time.

David: Yeah. I guess it would difficult for you to enjoy something like that when all you can think about is Ryan.

Jake: Wow. His tests look pretty good.

Madison: Yeah? So does he.

Ryan: See? So I can get out of here, then, right? I'm ready to go?

Jake: Eventually.

Ryan: Well, I was kind of hoping for, like, right now.

Madison: "Now" seems to be the only word in his vocabulary.

Ryan: Well, you heard the doc. He said I'm doing great. I'm, like, cured, right?

Jake: How's your memory?

Ryan: It's great, Steve. How's yours?

Jake: And dates and times -- do you have little issues?

Madison: You did forget the night shift nurse's name.

Ryan: You'd forget her name, too, if she came at you with a 10-inch needle ready to put it in --

Jake: Ok. All right. All right. Probably tomorrow, then. Ok?

Ryan: Come on, man. Tomorrow?

Jake: You had an aneurysm. We don't mess around with that. Your body took a big blow. You got to give it a rest.

Ryan: Yeah.

Madison: What's one more day?

Jake: What's one more day? Listen to the lady.

Ryan: One more day.

Jake: Whatever you had to do today, it can wait till tomorrow.

Scott: Just what did Krystal say to you?

Marissa: I know that she's just being protective, but --

Scott: Well, she's your mother. It's part of the job description.

Marissa: Huh. J.R. wants me to have a baby.

Scott: A baby? Wow.

Marissa: Yeah. And Krystal basically said that it was the worst idea that she had ever heard, that J.R. was just gonna keep hurting me, and that having a baby would only make it harder to leave.

Scott: Are you thinking about leaving?

Marissa: Huh. I've just -- I've worked so hard to save this marriage, you know? And I've been hurt and humiliated, but I stayed, because I thought that it would be worth it, that our love was worth it. But now? I don't know. I'm just -- I'm just wondering if it was all for nothing.

Annie: What's that?

J.R.: It's all my Uncle Palmer's notes and diagrams about Scott's brilliant nanotech project. Here's the prototype -- I mean, if you want to take a closer look.

Annie: Uh, it looks complicated.

J.R.: There's nothing complicated about it. He stole the project, Annie.

Annie: Wait. Hold on. You don't know that. You don't have any proof of that.

J.R.: What are you talking about? This is the exact same specs dated months before Scott ever brought it to Chandler. It makes so much more sense why he was spending time with Uncle Palmer before he died. Your fiancÚ ripped him off, and now the entire future of this company is riding on stolen property!

Annie: Ok, um, we can figure this out.

J.R.: There's nothing to figure. It's a fraud, just like Scott.

Greenlee: I don't sit around thinking about Ryan.

David: I'm so happy to hear that.

Greenlee: You walked in on me telling him to stay out of my life.

David: Yeah, I heard the words.

Greenlee: But you don't believe me?

David: I think I put you in a difficult position. You have no choice but to try and make things work between us.

Greenlee: Or you'll send me to prison for the rest of my life. Those were your terms and I accepted them. What else do you want me to say?

David: I want you to be honest. Be honest when you hate me. Be honest when I make you happy. Be honest when you're worried about Ryan.

Greenlee: Yes, I'm concerned about Ryan. He's not in the hospital to get his tonsils out. It's serious. I want him to get better.

David: Thank you.

Greenlee: That's all it is. I told you I'd live with our arrangement, but you need to start letting it happen. I really have to go.

David: To work?

Greenlee: Where else would I be going?

J.R.: Here's to your hero carrying the mantle of Uncle Stuart. You know, when I think about all the times he's rubbed his moral superiority in my face, criticizing me for how I took over Cortlandt -- what a joke.

Annie: I am sure there's an explanation.

J.R.: I found it right here! You know, maybe you guys are gonna be standing in front of the minister when the Feds show up to slap handcuffs on Scott.

Annie: That can't happen.

J.R.: I'd be the first to visit him, though, because I just want to see his face behind bars.

Annie: Oh, come on, J.R. Nobody else needs to know about this.

J.R.: Oh, what? Just our little secret, huh? Just the three of us?

Annie: Uh, we'll destroy the evidence.

J.R.: You mean the evidence that we know about.

Annie: You think there's more?

J.R.: Lies have a way of catching up. We both know that, and this one happens to be huge. We could lose everything. I mean, for God sakes, Annie, we mortgaged half the company on this project! So here's to Scott! He was able to do what Uncle Palmer was trying to do for decades -- tear down Chandler.

Annie: Please, J.R., you can't go after Scott for this. It's not his fault.

J.R.: Why? Whose is it?

Annie: Mine. Stealing it was my idea.

Marissa: Maybe I did get together with J.R. for all the wrong reasons. Maybe because I -- I just found out that Krystal and David were my parents, because I didn't know where I stood, and I needed to feel like I belonged somewhere. And, plus, he was sick and needed someone to take care of him. But, I mean, that's not enough for a marriage -- not a real one, anyway.

Scott: It was so much more than that. Otherwise, you wouldn't be fighting so hard for all of this, and neither would J.R.

Marissa: Is he really fighting that hard?

Scott: He wants you to come to the beach with him for a romantic weekend. That doesn't sound like a guy who's given up on his family.

Marissa: Is that what you think I'm doing, giving up?

Scott: You have had everything yanked out from under you, and even after all of that, you are still standing.

Marissa: Barely.

Scott: You know something? You are so much tougher than you give yourself credit for, and I'm a pretty good judge of character most of the time. Hmm. Look, Marissa, J.R. and I, we have our problems. But he seems to want this thing to work, but it sounds like you're not so sure. So you have to ask yourself, do you still love him?

Marissa: Yeah. I do. That's why it hurts. I love him so much!

Madison: Can I trust you here alone for a few minutes?

Ryan: Probably not.

Madison: Be right back.

Ryan: All right.

Madison: You be good.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Nurse: Can I help you?

Greenlee: Oh. Ha. Oops. Uh, yeah. I'm a friend of Ryan Lavery's. I just, you know, wanted to see how he's doing.

Nurse: We're not allowed to give out that information.

Greenlee: No, of course not.

Nurse: But you can see for yourself. I'm bringing in his lunch. Come on. Hi.

Ryan: Hi.

Nurse: Here you go.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. I -- I was in the neighborhood. How you feeling?

Ryan: I'm ok.

Greenlee: You know, I couldn't help but look at your chart. It seems like you're doing much better than that. Just listen to the doctor this time, ok, and --

Ryan: Stop, Greenlee.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: You're not here because I'm sick. You're here because David is hanging an ax over your head, and you know that I can help you.

David: Greenlee, please. It's her husband. No. No messages. [Dials phone] I have a job for you.

Greenlee: You need a bigger room, Ryan, for that massive ego of yours.

Ryan: You know that I'm not wrong, Greenlee. That little show you put on yesterday insisting that you and David are still in love -- was that also for him, or was that just for me?

Greenlee: That was two days ago, not yesterday.

Ryan: Ok. So what difference does that make?

Greenlee: How often does this happen?

Ryan: Don't try to change the subject, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Your memory, Ryan -- this isn't the first time that I've seen you make a mistake like that.

Ryan: The doctors are tracking it. I'm fine.

Greenlee: No, you're not fine. Look at what this is doing to you. Wanting to take on David is making you sick, and you won't stop and take care of yourself. I came here because I was worried about you, Ryan. I would never forgive myself if you -- just please leave this alone. Please?

Ryan: How long have we known each other?

Greenlee: Ha! I don't know. A few hundred lifetimes?

Ryan: So then you know I'm not just gonna leave this alone.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: I'm not. I'm gonna get out of here, and I'm gonna find out what David is doing to you.

Greenlee: Even if it kills you?

Jake: Hey.

Greenlee: Hi. I need to ask you something, and I need you to tell me the truth.

Jake: Ok.

Greenlee: How's Ryan doing? I mean, how is he really? He says that he's getting better, but he forgets things. And then he gets so wound up about everything and I can't make him stop. I'm just -- I'm scared, Jake. Ryan has no idea what I would do if he -- just don't let him out until he's ready, ok? Please.

Jake: Yeah. Sure.

Greenlee: Ok.

Jake: Ok.

Scott: It doesn't get any more real than sticking by somebody who's dying and marrying them with no hope of any future at all.

Marissa: I didn't even care how much time we had.

Scott: Yeah. And then suddenly he got better, and then there was a future.

Marissa: Yeah, thanks to Annie -- gave him her bone marrow and obviously so much more.

Scott: I know it still hurts.

Marissa: How do you deal with it?

Scott: J.R. and Annie sleeping together?

Marissa: Yeah. I mean, I know that you weren't together then, but you have to at least think about it.

Scott: Oh, yeah. I look at it this way. If we didn't love them so much, it wouldn't be as painful when they --

Marissa: Betray us?

Scott: No. No, when we feel like they could. That's the tradeoff for being in love, I guess, for committing yourself to someone without holding anything back.

Marissa: Is it worth it?

Scott: I am not unaware that there was an attraction between Annie and J.R.

Marissa: Krystal seems to think it's still going on.

Scott: Well, Krystal is entitled to her opinion. But whatever the J.R./Annie connection was, it was nothing. Nothing compared to what I have with her and what you have with him, and if I didn't believe that with all of my heart, I wouldn't be marrying her. And if you didn't believe it somewhere deep down, you'd have been long gone by now.

Marissa: I guess the beach is pretty nice this time of year.

Scott: Yeah. We could probably still get a swim in before the sun sets.

Marissa: Thank you, Scott. Thank you so much.

Scott: Go on.

J.R.: So you found out about Palmer's invention?

Annie: That's right.

J.R.: When was that?

Annie: I don't have the dates in front of me.

J.R.: So you stole Palmer's notes?

Annie: And I convinced Scott to go along with me.

J.R.: Yeah. Dragging and kicking and screaming, I bet.

Annie: From the very beginning Scott did not want to be involved in this. Come on, J.R. Who does this sound like, me or Scott? You know what I'm capable of.

J.R.: Yeah, I do.

Annie: What are you doing?

J.R.: I'm calling Scott to make sure that his story matches up with yours. And what do you want to bet that he breaks down and confesses in 30 seconds? What, you think he'll cave less than that?

Annie: No. I think Scott will want to do the right thing.

J.R.: You need to stop lying to save his sorry ass! Did you think you could just hand me yours, this whole mess would go away?

Annie: It has to go away.

J.R.: You don't think I know that? If it came out that we bought Cortlandt vastly undervalued for an invention that Chandler stole, you can kiss our family company good-bye.

Annie: Ok, so that means you won't say anything? You won't sell Scott out?

J.R.: As much as I would love to, no. I have to keep this thing from getting out, getting in the wrong hands. Someone who could destroy us, someone like Caleb Cooney. So let me hear the real story, Annie.

Annie: [Sighs] Scott wasn't just spending time with Palmer before he died. He wanted to work with him. And Palmer told him about this new nanotech invention, and nobody else knew about it.

J.R.: So when Uncle Palmer died, Scott just snatched it?

Annie: This was not easy for Scott. It ate at his conscience every single day. I am the one who convinced him to say that it was his idea.

J.R.: Yeah, I can only imagine how you did that.

Annie: I thought I was doing something that was gonna benefit the whole family.

J.R.: You're so selfless.

Annie: It's true.

J.R.: No, you wanted a Chandler with power! And because you couldn't have me, you made Scott a major player.

Annie: Damn it, J.R., you always do this! Anything happens, you make it about us! You always make it about us!

Greenlee: Oh. You're here.

David: Yeah, yeah. I figured that since you decided to go to the office, I'd get a little work done around here.

Greenlee: Ok.

David: So did you get done with everything you needed to finish at Fusion?

Greenlee: Yeah, some.

David: Great. Anything interesting?

Greenlee: Hmm, just some paperwork. So how are you?

David: Just curious, wondering if there's anything going on at the hospital I should know about.

Greenlee: The hospital?

David: Yeah, since you went to visit Ryan.

Greenlee: I told you I wouldn't lie to you anymore.

David: And yet you sneak out to see the one person who has always stood between us. So did he offer to help you again, Greenlee? Did you take him up on it this time?

Greenlee: Tell me something, David. How can someone so smart be so completely wrong?

Ryan: So?

Jake: It looks pretty good. You actually might be able to get out of here tomorrow.

Ryan: Great.

Jake: What is that, "great"? A couple of hours ago, you were begging me to leave tomorrow.

Ryan: No. Look --

Jake: I'm saying that it's looking pretty good --

Ryan: Madison, will you do me a favor, please? Will you just go see Emma and just give her a little bit of update, let her know how I'm doing?

Madison: Of course.

Ryan: Would you? All right. Just because I don't want her to be scared, and it's better to do that face to face than over the phone.

Madison: Yeah. I'll tell her her daddy's coming home tomorrow.

Ryan: No. I mean, just let her know that I'll see her soon, ok?

Madison: Ok.

Ryan: All right. Ok.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: What?

Jake: That face.

Ryan: What face?

Jake: That face right there. I know that face. That's the face that happens right before crap hits the fan. That face.

Ryan: Greenlee was just here.

Jake: I know. I saw her. And she's upset because of you.

Ryan: That's good.

Jake: That's good?

Ryan: I can work with that.

Jake: Really? What -- I'm lost.

Ryan: David has got something over her, and she's not talking.

Jake: Yeah?

Ryan: So maybe if she thinks I'm knocking on death's door, maybe she'll open up a little bit. All of a sudden, I think I feel a relapse coming on.

[Phone rings]

Scott: This is Scott Chandler. Oh, hi. I wasn't expecting to hear from you today. No, no, no! Nanotech project: It's our top priority. Let me hear those beautiful numbers.

J.R.: I don't give a damn about us. I'm just so pissed off at you and Scott for risking everything that we own!

Annie: Oh, please. Like you haven't taken bigger chances. You're probably just mad that you didn't think of it first. It's like you said about Cortlandt -- it doesn't matter how the deal was made. The point is this nanotech thing could be worth billions of dollars.

J.R.: Only if we own it, and right now, Annie, legally, we don't.

Annie: I know, but nobody knows that but us.

J.R.: For now! Why can't you understand that?

Annie: Ok, ok. If you could just stop being paranoid for a second and stop worrying about who's gonna find out about this, you could see the big picture. It's done. So you could either rub our noses in it and tell us what a terrible mistake we made, or we can work together and try to put a lid on this.

J.R.: If I lose this company --

Annie: I know. I know how important this company is to you. It's like another member of the family. I know because it's part of my family now, too. But we can either choose to be at war with one another or we can stick together and fight for it. Listen, we could have it all, J.R. We could have Cortlandt. We could have Chandler. We could have this nanotech invention, and it could bring bigger and better things for all of us, but we have to have a united front. We have to work as a team, please. Please. I can't do this without you.

[Marissa looks in the window and sees Annie holding J.R.'s face]

Annie: You called me here for a reason. You could've gone straight after Scott, but you didn't. You wanted me here instead, and that is because for some twisted reason you trust me. We understand each other, and you know I am right. And you know the only way to save Chandler is not focusing on what could happen but focusing on how to bury this secret once and for all.

[Marissa bumps into a chair on the porch]

J.R.: What was that?

Annie: I didn't hear anything.

J.R.: Outside.

Annie: J.R., you're being paranoid. There's nothing out there.

J.R.: Hold on a second. I think I heard something. I'm gonna check it out.

Annie: J.R.!

Jake: You're crazy.

Ryan: I know what I'm doing.

Jake: You do? Well, that makes one of us. Exactly how do you plan to pull something like this off?

Ryan: What do you mean, how? It's gonna be easy. We just make it seem like a little setback, and you come up with something to call it.

Jake: Is that right? I know what to call it, "we, we."

Ryan: We can -- you, we -- can do this. Just make it seem like I took a turn for the worse.

Jake: Mm-hmm. How much worse, exactly? Because she was very upset.

Ryan: Well, she's also in trouble, Jake, all right? It's not like this is gonna last forever, ok?

Jake: You want to pretend that your condition is worsening?

Ryan: Yes. Yes. That's right. So Greenlee gets concerned. She gets concerned. She gets vulnerable.

Jake: And you think that she's gonna start opening up about her life and telling you everything that's going on?

Ryan: Yes. It's a long shot, but I don't know what else to do, Jake.

Jake: You could let her be herself, and she wants to work through this stuff the way she wants to work through it. Of course, that's an adult thing to do, so that's not an option. We're not gonna do that.

Ryan: What would you do?

Jake: Well, it's not about me. But I think there's something else you're not really taking into consideration here.

Ryan: What?

Jake: David Hayward owns this hospital. He's got spies on every single floor, including the nurse with the 10-inch needle.

Ryan: Ok. Well, that's why I need you as my doctor. You'd be my main doctor, and you'd be able to monitor who comes in and out of my room.

Jake: So I'm the doctor who changes the test results to -- actually, that could work. Because if we could have all of David's little spies running around with that information, it would get to him quicker that way, because that's what they would be saying to him.

Ryan: See? I knew you'd be into this.

Jake: Oh, I'm so into this. I love this -- risking my license, maybe getting suspended, never working again. But you know what? Do it for friends, right?

Ryan: Thank you, Jake.

Jake: And for Greenlee, as well, of course.

Ryan: Of course. I know.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: So how do we get started?

Jake: Oh, we've already started. I'm looking at a very, very sick man.

Ryan: Heh heh.

David: Wow. You have an interesting way of turning your lies into someone else's problem.

Greenlee: I won't deny that I went to see Ryan.

David: Well, good. There's a start.

Greenlee: And I knew you would think I went to him to ask for help.

David: Yeah. That is one of the things I might think. Yes.

Greenlee: But he tried to get out of the hospital again. He won't stop. I had to go there to convince him to back off.

David: Why? You've already told him to back off.

Greenlee: Yeah, and he wouldn't listen. You know why? Because he senses this. He senses there's something going on between us. So I had to go there to convince him that I'm still in love with you.

David: And he bought it?

Greenlee: Of course, he bought it. For the record, I'm furious at you, but I can't hate you.

David: I so want to believe you, Greenlee. I desperately want to be able to trust you again.

Greenlee: Ha ha ha! Trust me? I'm sorry, I thought I was the one being blackmailed here. You want to know the God's honest truth? Even if I were to go behind your back to find my way out of our agreement, Ryan would be the last one I would go to for help.

David: Why?

Greenlee: Now you want to know why I'm not asking him?

David: Yeah. Why not? I mean, Ryan is motivated. He's clearly on your side. The man can't hate me any more than he does. Oh, Greenlee.

Greenlee: What?

David: I see it now. If you go to Ryan, you're afraid of what I might do to him.

Jake: And this all will make it look a little more scary. [Puts oxygen on Ryan]

Ryan: All right.

Jake: You ready?

Ryan: Let's do this.

Jake: All right. Good. I'm not doing this indefinitely, though. All right? Unless Greenlee starts yapping, I'm just gonna cancel the show.

Ryan: I know. I got it.

Jake: You got it?

Ryan: Yes.

Jake: Hey, uh, Mr. Lavery's had a bit of a setback. I've stabilized him. I don't want anybody visiting him unless you clear it with me first. You got it?

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Jake: Thank you.

Nurse: Excuse me, Miss? You can't go in there.

Madison: Oh, no, it's ok. I'm a friend. I was in there with Ryan before.

Nurse: I'm sorry. He's not allowed any more visitors. Doctor's orders.

Madison: What? Why? Oh, my God. What happened? I have to see him.

David: That's the truth, isn't it? You won't go to Ryan for help, because you're afraid of what I might do to him. Huh. Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but --

Greenlee: I have seen what you're capable of.

David: So you think I'll hurt Ryan?

Greenlee: I wouldn't want to chance it.

David: Greenlee, you have to hear this and know it to be true. I could never hurt Ryan. Because if I did, I know that I would lose your heart forever. Do you honestly think that this is easy for me? Seeing the fear and distrust in your eyes, even the hatred when you look at me?

Greenlee: You put that look in my eyes when you decided to blackmail me.

David: I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I have much of a choice.

Greenlee: You do have a choice. You can let this go.

David: No, I can't. Because then I would lose you, and I'm not gonna let that happen. I have told you this before, but I don't know if you're really hearing it. I have never loved anyone the way that I love you. Think hard, Greenlee, about how you once felt about me. I know it isn't easy right now. I know you feel trapped, but try to remember what it was like when it was just you and me, before this town and all your so-called friends chipped away at us. We were strong, Greenlee. We relied on each other. We even saved each other's lives.

Greenlee: I haven't forgotten that.

David: You see? Well, there's the difference. I can't think of anything else. I go to sleep every night hoping that tomorrow will be the day where I can finally burn all the evidence I have against you, because that would mean that our love survived even this.

Greenlee: Do you honestly think that day will come?

David: I have to believe that, yes. I have done some things in my life that I am not proud of. I have grabbed for what I wanted and pushed people away to get at it. I don't want to be that man anymore.

Greenlee: Then don't be.

David: I've been different with you, Greenlee. Because when you loved me, when you believed in me, I was the man I always wanted to be. And I can be that man again, if you would just trust in the love that we really do share.

Scott's voice: This is Scott Chandler. Leave your name and telephone number, and I'll get right back to you.

[Voice mail beeps]

Annie: Damn it, Scott, where are you? It's me. We have a huge problem. J.R. found out that you stole Palmer's nanotech project. I'm at the beach house now trying to make sure that you're safe, but I --

J.R.: You warning the troops?

Annie: He needs to know.

J.R.: For the future, don't be leaving phone messages like that.

Annie: It's Scott's cell phone. No one else is gonna listen to it.

J.R.: If you want to keep it secret, you have to be a lot more careful.

Annie: So you're on board?

J.R.: All of Uncle Palmer's notes and all the rest of it doesn't exist.

Annie: Ok. Are you all right?

J.R.: I'm still mad as hell about Scott doing this, how it could hurt us. But I wouldn't hurt you. And if I went after Scott, that's exactly what I'd be doing.

Annie: Thank you. Well, uh, when you went outside, did you see anybody there?

J.R.: I didn't think there really was someone there.

Annie: Then why'd you go out there?

J.R.: Because of you.

Annie: Me?

J.R.: Oh, come on, Annie. Even when we're fighting, even when I'm saying the most horrible things to you --

Annie: I know. I know. Something's there.

J.R.: Sometimes I just physically have to get away from it.

Annie: Good. I'm glad. Because we have to stay strong, now more than ever, J.R. Too much depends on it.

J.R.: Everything depends on it.

[Door slams]

Scott: Hey! Marissa?

[Knock on door]

Scott: Hey. Hey, Marissa, talk to me. What happened, huh? What's wrong?

Marissa: Please, just leave me alone, ok?

Scott: Was it J.R.? What did he do to you?

Marissa: It's nothing. Really, I just need some time to think.

Scott: By moving out of the house?

Marissa: Please, just don't --

Scott: Hey, did you go to the cottage?

Marissa: Yeah, I went. Yeah.

Scott: Obviously J.R. must've said something or did something to make you this upset.

Marissa: I have to go.

Scott: Hey, Marissa, come on.

Marissa: I can't talk to you about this, ok? I just can't.

Scott: You can say anything to me. You know that.

Marissa: Not this. Oh, God, you deserve so much better, Scott! We both do.

Scott: Please tell me what happened.

Marissa: They were there at the cottage. J.R. and Annie -- I saw them together.

Annie: Whew. You know, I'm -- I'm glad this happened.

J.R.: What's that? Me finding out that Scott stole Palmer's invention? I doubt it.

Annie: No. I mean how we handled it. It made me believe maybe we could actually be something I never thought possible.

J.R.: Yeah?

Annie: Friends. Real friends.

J.R.: You think that's in the cards for us?

Annie: It can be.

J.R.: Friends.

Annie: We want the same things, remember? Our future and our families. And you were able to look past what Scott and I did and see how we can all benefit, and I thank you for that.

David: I'm sorry. I don't usually get so mushy.

Greenlee: You were being honest. It's refreshing.

David: Good. Well, hopefully some of what I said made a difference. So now you might be able to realize what it's been like for me to be so deeply in love with someone, I can't let go without a fight.

Greenlee: Yes, David, that I do understand.

[Phone rings]

David: Yes? What is it? No, it's ok. It's all right. Thank you for calling me.

Greenlee: What is it?

David: That was the hospital. I asked them to keep me up to date on Ryan's condition. There's been a change.

Madison: Why can't I see him?

Jake: Because he needs his rest.

Madison: I don't understand. An hour ago, he was fine, and now he's not? Was it another aneurysm?

Jake: I can't get into this with you at the moment. He's being monitored, ok, and he's in really good hands. I promise.

Nurse: Miss, you can't go in there.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Ryan, you have to be ok. You have to.

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