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Beldon: As I told your wife, without strict maintenance, her eyesight most likely will continue to deteriorate. However, as you know, the medication poses a potentially serious risk to the fetus.

Angie: Well, hopefully it hasn't had an effect already.

Jesse: Doctor, if she were to resume taking the meds after she gave birth, could the damage be undone?

Angie: Jesse -- after 8 months, I mean, the chances are the damage will be too extensive to be reversed.

Beldon: That's correct.

Jesse: So if she takes the meds, she might get her sight back. We -- we protect the baby, and she might not get her sight back. That's it? No other choice?

Beldon: Let me know what you decide.

Angie: Thank you, Harold.

[Door opens and closes]

Angie: Jesse?

Jesse: What is it, baby? Is it gone again?

Damon: Uh, the plane doesn't leave for a while. We have a few minutes. Uh, look, I just want to say I'm really sorry about what happened with your mom and what she did and --

Colby: Mmm. Whatever. It's really not the first time she's screwed me over, but it definitely is the last. Hey, when you asked me yesterday if I was sure about going -- was it because you wanted to stay?

Damon: No. No, I want to go.

Colby: But you and Tad, you have this relationship, and you guys are just getting to know one another.

Damon: Hey, hey, hey. Tad doesn't matter, ok? No one matters to me except for you.

Colby: Just me?

Damon: Just you.

Liza: Tad.

Tad: I got nothing to say to you, Liza.

Liza: Look, I've looked everywhere for Colby. Please tell me you have some idea where they're at.

Tad: I don't. The kids made their decision, so why don't you just live with it.

Liza: Look, I don't want to make any trouble. Ok? I just want to make things right. I want to apologize.

Tad: Well, then you got your work cut out for you, don't you? 'Cause you lied to your daughter and you set up my son in the worst way possible, and then to top it all off, you decided it was a good idea to switch my son's ADHD medication with sugar pills.

[Liza sighs]

Tad: You really want to make things right? A nice start would be just staying the hell out of their lives. And mine.

J.R.: Cooney is up to something. And you're right in the middle of it.

Marissa: Well, great. I will be in the perfect position, then, to figure out what his big plan is, won't I?

Annie: Good morning.

Marissa: Morning.

Annie: Someone over-caffeinate this morning?

J.R.: Cooney has offered her a job.

Annie: And you're fighting it?

J.R.: Oh, hell yeah. He wouldn't have hired her if he wasn't trying to get to me!

Annie: Back off, J.R. If Marissa wants to take the job, let her, support her. Better yet, tell her that you're thrilled.

J.R.: Why would I do that?

Annie: Because you need to make this work. For all of us. We are so close. We've been able to live under the same roof without everything blowing up, so just go up there and tell Marissa that this job for Caleb would be great news.

J.R.: He's out to get me.

Annie: And you're letting him succeed. Do you want your marriage to work or not? Controlling Marissa is not gonna make that happen. Come on, J.R., you and I have been such screw-ups in our relationships, and we are lucky enough to have these incredibly forgiving people in our lives. Scott and Marissa love us despite what we did. They are what is keeping us sane and keeping us grounded, so I am going to do whatever it takes to make my relationship work, and I suggest you do the same.

J.R.: I'm as committed to Marissa as you are to Scott.

Annie: Good.

J.R.: Where are you going? Church?

Annie: No. Scott and I are meeting with the minister who's marrying us.

J.R.: That ought to be fun.

[Door opens]

Scott: Annie! This is my fiancée, Annie. My cousin J.R.

J.R.: Hello.

Annie: We are so grateful that you'll be presiding over our ceremony.

Minister: Well, we have quite a bit to discuss. Shall we?

Scott: After you.

Colby: Ha! So I was thinking since we're going to Ohio to pick up your guitar -- I was thinking that you should introduce me to your mother.

Damon: What? What? Where did that come from?

Colby: Well, you guys haven't seen each other in a very long time, and you have a lot to talk about --

Damon: Look, it's not like she's calling me or anything, you know. She knows where I am. She's not interested.

Colby: But that doesn't mean you don't miss her.

Damon: I don't. I don't.

Colby: Well, Ohio is a long ways away to go just to get a guitar.

Damon: What, you think I'm using this as an excuse to see her?

Colby: Well --

Damon: No. I just really like the guitar, ok? Look, look, our relationship is not exactly stellar.

Colby: Huh. Well, at least your mom's not trying to hit on your friends.

Damon: Hey, from now on, I have a great idea.

Colby: What do you have?

Damon: We're gonna live in a parent-free zone, ok?

Colby: A parent-free zone?

Damon: Yeah, until we meet up with your dad in San Fran, parent-free zone.

Colby: Parent-free zone.

[Cell phone rings]

Colby: Ooh!

Damon: Tad again. He just broke the parent-free zone.

Colby: Damon, Tad has called, like, a gazillion times. Pick up.

Damon: Uh, a gazillion and one.

Liza: [Looks around Colby's room and finds a notepad] Dammit, Colby. "Bluebird Hotel. Lithopolis, Ohio."

Colby: All Tad has done is be great to you. He has done nothing wrong, Damon. Call him back. Why not call him back?

Damon: Because he'll try and talk me out of this, ok? And all I've ever done anyway is cause him trouble. It's a parent-free zone, remember? Come on, come on, let's get out of here.

[Colby sighs]

Damon: Come on. Come on.

J.R.: Hey.

Marissa: If you're here to keep pressuring me to not take the job, I really don't want to hear it.

J.R.: No more arguing about the job. You want it, go for it.

Marissa: You mean that?

J.R.: I want you to be happy, Marissa. I know it's gonna be a ways before you fully trust me again, but I also know that we've come a long ways, and I'm really proud of that, proud of us. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want to do anything to jeopardize what we have.

Jesse: Here we go. You're doing fine. Oh. You ok?

Angie: Don't look at me like that.

Jesse: Is your vision back?

Angie: No. I can feel it. I don't want you to pity me.

Jesse: Ah. Hey, it doesn't have to be like this. All you got to do is start your meds again. Chances are you can fight this infection.

Angie: Jesse, the protocol is experimental. There is no guarantee that I will hang on to my sight, and there is no way in hell that I am gonna put this child's well-being at risk! So yes, it has to be this way.

Jesse: So you've really, really thought this through? I mean, about what you're giving up -- you career, your independence? You are a doctor, baby, that's who you are. You're really ready to sacrifice all that?

Angie: You know what? I may not be able to practice medicine as I have in the past, but there are plenty of options, like being a mother.

Jesse: We used to talk about how you could sometimes sense when a patient -- when there was something wrong with a patient by just looking at them, Angela.

Angie: Well, there are other ways to diagnose patients.

Jesse: But not to be able to see that look in a patient's face when you tell them everything's gonna be ok.

Angie: Like other blind people around the world, I can lead a full, happy, productive life. I can see you.

Jesse: Think about this. Think about this some more. Please.

Angie: I don't want to think about it. I want to go home.

Tad: Damon, it's me again. Listen, if you don't call me back, I'm just gonna torture you with more and more messages until you do, because I'm your father. That's my job. It's what I do. Actually what I want to do is call the National Guard, but that's just me.

Minister: Your previous marriage ended in divorce?

Annie: Marriages.

Minister: Excuse me?

Annie: Previous marriages.

Minister: Two?

Annie: Three.

Minister: I see. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Given your extensive matrimonial experience, do you think that you would be able to draw on those life lessons to build a lasting relationship?

Scott: Annie and I, we are as committed to a fresh start as we are to each other. We really prefer not to dwell on the past.

Minister: I think that's admirable. It's important that both of you come into this marriage with absolute commitment forsaking all others.

Annie: We have, we do.

Minister: Marriage is the embodiment of eternal commitment and faithfulness, not only in body, but in thought as well.

Annie: [Flashes to having sex with J.R.] I love Scott. I just mean, all the things that have happened before, it's done, it's over. All that matters is here and now and forever with Scott. No one else.

J.R.: I'm sorry I overreacted. I just thought you'd be interested in working at Chandler, you know, keep it in the family.

Marissa: There's already one lady of the house working at Chandler.

J.R.: Yeah, but this isn't about Annie. I just thought that you'd be interested, that's all.

Marissa: Look, I want to make it on my own. I just don't want to be handed a job because of my last name.

J.R.: But you see, Marissa, you are being handed the job because of your last name.

Marissa: So you think that Caleb couldn't be hiring me for any other reason than to use me to screw you over?

J.R.: You are one of the smartest women that I know --

Marissa: Oh, I'm just naive, right? What -- what, so this whole "I support you thing" was just a lie?

J.R.: What are you talking about? I am trying here.

[Marissa sighs]

J.R.: I'm just making sure that you're looking at all your options.

Marissa: What are you talking about?

J.R.: What about us? What are we trying to build? What if we want to have a baby?

Jesse: So you are looking for alternative treatments?

Angie: As long as it doesn't hurt the baby.

Jesse: And you are researching this?

Angie: Yes.

Jesse: You do realize the longer it takes to find a treatment, the more you're putting your health at risk?

Angie: My eyesight, not my health, and my pregnancy is already at risk because of my age. And I took several doses of the triazole medication before I knew about the baby. Now, I can't add anything more to that risk.

Jesse: Angela, we got pregnant this time. We can do this again.

Angie: What are you asking me, Jesse? I am not terminating this pregnancy.

Scott: Thank you so much.

Minister: Well, it is always my pleasure to guide young people into the joys of marriage. Good day.

Annie: He hated me.

Scott: Now -- now, the -- he didn't hate you. He just -- maybe he's not the right person.

Annie: He was totally judging me, blaming me for all the horrible mistakes I made. And he doesn't even know me.

Scott: Ok, how about we just find somebody else?

Annie: It's all gonna be the same, Scott. It's always the same. When I married Adam, I was in a roomful of people that hated me. It's gonna be the same thing, the same looks, the same judgments. "There she goes down the aisle, sucking the life and the cash of yet another Chandler."

Scott: Nobody thinks that. Not all of them.

Annie: That's why I love you so much. You don't care what they think, you don't care that I made a real mess of my entire life. [Sighs] Scott, I don't -- I don't know if I can do it.

Scott: What do you mean?

Annie: Just a big, lavish public ceremony. This is our day. It's about us and our love and our future. So -- let's elope as soon as we can.

Marissa: A baby? Where did that come from?

J.R.: We've talked about this.

Marissa: Yeah, but that was before --

J.R.: I know. Look, finding our way back to each other, we want this to be better, and what better way to build our future than to build our family?

Marissa: This is, like, way too soon to be talking about this. I --

J.R.: It is? You know, one of the things that kept me alive was thinking about our future: Yours, mine, A.J.'s. I -- remember when we first got married? I mean, you wanted a baby, like, right now.

Marissa: Yeah, because I thought that you were dying. I thought I was gonna lose you.

J.R.: Oh, oh.

Marissa: But you're gonna live, J.R. We have plenty of time.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. So what are you telling me? You telling me that it's no?

Marissa: I'm just saying -- I mean, we have to fix us before we're in a strong enough place to raise another child. I'm sorry, but you can't expect me to just get over what happened so quickly.

Jake: Hey, how you doing? How you doing?

Tad: Mmm, I've been better.

Jake: Really? I've been working out. Can you tell?

Tad: Not now.

Jake: No word from Damon?

Tad: No. Before or after? It's a long story. He made it back from New York for a little bit. We talked and, uh, I mean, briefly anyway.

Jake: What about? Liza dropping her drawers to keep Colby away from him? That's disgusting. Who does that? I can't believe that. Can I just say?

Tad: Anyway, at least I got the chance to tell him that I knew Liza was lying, you know. That I believe him, that I believe in him.

Jake: Hmm. Then what happened? Crap. I forgot. Hold it. You got that thing? I got to -- thank you.

Tad: So anyway, listen. You know, I could have sworn we were making progress, you know. He was looking me in the face. He was starting to open up a little bit, and then boom. Colby shows up, and then Liza shows up.

Jake: Oh, that's bad.

Tad: Oh. No, actually in terms of thermonuclear war, it was pretty decent considering Colby just found out her mother tried to seduce her boyfriend.

Jake: Holy hell.

Tad: Yeah, something like that. Anyway, Colby can -- understandably she gets upset, and she takes off, and she took Damon with her.

Jake: Mm-hmm. Well, they're probably just cooling off.

Tad: No. See, that's what I'm worried about. When we were talking, Damon told me he's been, you know, getting kind of frustrated with Pine Valley. And who can blame him? You know, he's thinking about moving away with Colby. I mean, initially he was -- you know, I felt like he was gonna stick around a little while to think about it, and now this has really lit a fire under him, and the problem is he won't answer his phone, you know?

Jake: The problem is they could be anywhere. That's the problem.

Tad: Oh, it gets better. Listen to this.

Jake: Not possible. Go ahead. Sorry.

Tad: Anyway, after the kids took off, Liza admits to me that she switched out Damon's medication with a placebo.

Jake: No.

Tad: Yes.

Jake: Who does that? Sorry. Go ahead.

Tad: [Sighs] That's -- obviously I don't give a damn about Liza, but I'm worried spitless about Damon. If he's not on the medication, it's not gonna be too long before he starts acting exactly like he did before, before any of this happened. He's gonna be irrational, he's gonna be unfocused, he's gonna be angry, and he's not gonna know why it's happening.

Jake: He's going to get back on his medication, back on protocol, and he will be fine.

Tad: Yeah, if I can find him. But that's a big if, and what happens even after that, you know? Seems this poor kid, ever since he got to Pine Valley, he gets slapped in the face every day. It's like two steps forward, one step back. I just get him to the point where he's starting to trust me, he's starting to trust the family, starting to trust himself, then something like that happens. How is he going to get past it?

Jake: He'll get past it 'cause he's got you as a dad.

Tad: Oh, yeah. There's a real prizewinner. The only thing I can do is, I gotta hunt him down, I got to hog tie him, drag him back and somehow help him to cope with this.

Jake: Want my opinion honestly?

Tad: Do I have a choice?

Jake: Let him go.

Damon: All right, if Paul is home, we're just going to forget about this, all right? He's probably at work, but if he's not --

Colby: We will deal with it.

Damon: Are you sure you want to meet my mom? We could just grab the guitar and go, in and out.

Colby: Well, we are here, and I would hate for you to feel sorry later, and trust me, nothing is worse than dealing with my mother.

Damon: Well, my mom has her own issues.

Colby: Even if her head spins 360, there's nothing you and I can't deal with together. Ooh, except --

Damon: What?

Colby: I totally spaced out. I forgot my makeup. I have to go to the drugstore.

Damon: You scared me.

Colby: I'm gonna go to the drugstore. I'll be right back.

Damon: Ok.

Colby: Ok, ok. Oh. Kisses.

Damon: Mmm.

Colby: Hee hee.

Damon: Mmm.

Colby: Bye.

Damon: Bye. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Damon: Back for more? Ooh. Ahem.

Jesse: Angela, I would never ask you to -- I'm not -- you know how I feel about his baby. I was on top of the world.

Angie: You still can be.

Jesse: While I watch my wife go blind.

Angie: Is that how you see it? I'm choosing to take care of our child. Jesse, this baby is a miracle. It's our miracle.

Jesse: The price is too high.

Angie: Well, it's a price I'm willing to pay.

Jesse: Angela, maybe this just isn't real for you yet -- living in complete darkness, not for just a few minutes or for an hour. Forever!

Angie: You think it's not real for me? I've been dealing with this for months.

Jesse: Without me.

Angie: Jesse --

Jesse: Angela, the thought of you not being able to see -- my eyes and what I feel for you --

Angie: I will always know how you feel for me.

Jesse: I know that you can still be every bit of the woman you are without your sight, but to risk, to sacrifice something so precious, to choose the roughest road, Angela, I cannot wrap my head around that!

Angie: I've made my choice.

Jesse: Your choice. Um, this is our baby. Shouldn't it be our decision?

Angie: As long as I am the one carrying this baby in my body, I will decide the best way to care for it.

Jesse: So you're just going to ignore my opinion?

Angie: I didn't say that.

Jesse: Well, I mean -- you didn't have to. I mean, it's your body. Ultimately it's your choice, right?

Angie: Baby, you don't -- you don't think I know how scary this is? Believe me, I do, but I also know that God has a plan, and there is a reason for this.

Jesse: What the hell kind of plan could this possibly be? People like David Hayward walking around without a care in the world and people like you -- oh. You know what? You know I am with you. Angela, regardless how much we might disagree with each other, I am gonna fight through this with you, you hear me?

Angie: Baby, I love you so much for wanting to protect me from what's ahead, but I have faith that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Jesse: It doesn't have to happen.

Angie: Jesse, I won't endanger this baby!

Jesse: We can try this again once the infection is gone!

Angie: Are you kidding me? Do you know what the chances are of me getting pregnant again?

Jesse: This is not some test you have to pass!

Angie: I don't want you telling me what I'm going through!

Jesse: Well, let me tell you this, ok? This decision that you want to make, no coming back from it!

Angie: I'm having this baby. I am not changing my mind, Jesse, and this is the way it's going to be. Jesse, wait a minute. Jesse.

Jesse: I need some air.

Angie: Jesse, please, don't go.

[Door closes]

Tad: That's your best advice -- let him go? Just like that? Never mind the fact he just showed up in my life. I should wave to him when he takes off on the bus? "Hey, I'm sorry you didn't work out."

Jake: Not what I'm saying. I'm not saying that. I'm saying it's not always easy to be part of the Martin clan that you're pushing him to do.

Tad: Why shouldn't I? Let me tell you something, this family is a miracle. It's the best thing that ever happened to him, it's the best thing that ever happened to me. It saved my life, remember? You were there.

Jake: Greatest family on the planet. Not always easy to live up to.

Tad: What is that supposed to mean? What the hell is so hard about being loved?

Jake: Nothing. Great love. Big love. Huge, unconditional, just not always, you know, simple to be a part of that whole thing.

Tad: And now you're freaking me out. Damon said something exactly like that not too long ago.

Jake: So I'm not crazy, right? Look, our parents did a great job. They built a beautiful foundation for us to build on when we are ready to build on it. When we're ready.

Tad: Are you talking about anybody in particular? I -- oh, we're talking about you!

Jake: I had to find myself. I had to find out who I was before I was ready to accept all this beautiful love, ok?

Tad: Where were you?

Jake: And it's amazing, it was beautiful, and when I was ready, I came on my own. I didn't need to be dragged here by anybody. That's what I'm saying.

Tad: You didn't have to drag -- be dragged -- Dad would never do anything like that. Dad was a better father than I am. Dad would let us find our own way --

Jake: Shh --

Tad: 'Cause he's smarter than I -- don't shush me.

Jake: Yes, he was smarter than you, much smarter than you. Look, Damon will find his way when he's ready on his own time, and when he is ready, we will all be here as a family ready for him.

Damon: You are unbelievable. What part of "Colby wants nothing to do with you" don't you understand?

Liza: Damon, I'm here for you.

Damon: What? Ok, get the hell out before Colby comes back.

Liza: No. I have to give you these.

Damon: What's that?

Liza: They're your meds.

Damon: No. I have my meds.

Liza: No, you don't. You have been taking placebos.

Damon: Wh -- you've lost it.

Liza: I switched them a few weeks ago. This is your medication.

Marissa: I'm sorry if you're hurting, and I'm not saying no. I'm -- I'm -- and I'm not even saying that you were out of line to suggest it. I'm just saying not now. And you know what? When we do start to build our family, I will have a career.

J.R.: Yeah. As long as you're happy -- that's all I care about.

Marissa: So -- no more baby talk?

J.R.: No. Sorry I pressured you. I just -- I thought that we always promised each other that we would tell each other exactly what we were feeling, what we were thinking.

Marissa: I just -- hope you mean that.

Scott: I thought you wanted the whole wedding extravaganza -- the dress, the cake.

Annie: Yeah, people laughing behind our backs, cracking jokes as we walk down the aisle, um, taking bets on how long we'll last.

Scott: We won't invite those people.

Annie: Then there would be, like, 4 people at our wedding, two of which would be us. Scott, it is our day. I just want it to be special.

Scott: With some justice of the peace, bad lighting, and a line of couples behind us waiting their turn? No! Annie, I love you. I mean, I am proud you are going to be my wife, I want to show you off, and I don't give a damn what other people think!

Annie: Well, exactly, exactly. And you and I are the only two people who really know what we have. Why would we give a bunch of haters an opportunity to ruin our special day?

Scott: Where is all this coming from?

Annie: Nowhere. It's just -- I love you. On our one-year anniversary, we could celebrate and have a huge party, have a huge party that would make Jake and Amanda's wedding look like a puppet show. Just for right now, Scott, I don't care about dresses or cake. I just want to be your wife as soon as possible.

Scott: I still want wedding cake.

Annie: Ok. Ok. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You won't regret this. It'll be perfect.

Marissa: Hey.

Scott: Hi.

Marissa: What are you doing here?

Scott: Canceling some catering plans.

Marissa: Oh, you're gonna have the wedding somewhere else?

Scott: No. No, we're not having a wedding at all. Annie and I are eloping.

Marissa: Oh, well, that's great, right?

Scott: Yeah, sure.

Marissa: It's me, isn't it? Be honest.

Scott: It was Annie's idea.

Marissa: Well, what about what you want?

Scott: All I want is Annie.

J.R.: Marissa's taking the job with Caleb.

Annie: Good.

J.R.: I told her as long as she's happy, I support her.

Annie: Well, words every wife loves to hear.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. How did the meeting go with the minister?

Annie: There's not gonna be a wedding.

J.R.: What do you mean no wedding?

Annie: We decided to elope as soon as possible.

J.R.: Oh. That's great. That's good news for all of us.

Liza: I don't expect Colby to forgive me any time soon or you.

Damon: Or Tad?

Liza: Damon, would you just promise me one thing? Whatever should happen with you and Colby, please don't hurt her.

Damon: I love her.

Liza: And one more thing -- don't blame Tad for any of this. He loves you so much.

Damon: All I have ever done is screw up and make his life hell, so --

Liza: You have no idea how happy you make him. He's an unbelievable man, and he is a hell of a father. Just give him a chance to prove it.

Tad: Huh. You look like I feel.

Jesse: So our mechanic, Erica's plane, anything?

Tad: No. I'm sorry, babe. I'm not exactly up to the top of my game right now. I've made a few calls. So far I got nothing. And again, I don't know why I should expect to be able to find a mechanic when I can't even keep track of my boy.

Jesse: Damon took off again?

Tad: Something new and different. At least he's with Colby.

Jesse: Liza have any ideas?

Tad: Liza's so far out of my life she's a distant memory.

Jesse: Huh.

Tad: Your turn.

Jesse: Angela's pregnant.

Tad: Ha ha! That's great!

Jesse: No.

Tad: No, baby, that's terrific! Thought about naming him Thaddeus?

Jesse: Not so terrific, Tad. She's -- she's losing her sight.

Tad: What?

Jesse: She picked up an infection from this kid that she was treating at the hospital, and this infection is attacking her retinal cells. She was on these meds that were slowing down the progress, but it turns out these meds are a risk to the baby, so she refuses to take them.

Tad: And if she doesn't take the meds, she loses her sight. Wow. My God, I -- I -- Jesse, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Jesse: Yeah, so am I.

Angie: Your daddy's going to change his mind. I promise you he will.

Marissa: So why did Annie change her mind?

Scott: Oh. Well, Annie knows she's not exactly popular. She's more comfortable keeping it private. And if we're gonna elope, it's gonna be the best damn elopement ever.

Marissa: You really do love her, don't you?

Scott: Yeah.

Marissa: I'm glad.

Scott: That means a lot coming from you. I know how you feel about Annie.

Marissa: Oh, I mean, how I feel about her is irrelevant. It's how I feel about you. You're one of the most amazing men I have ever met, Scott, and you deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way.

J.R.: So, eloping, that's -- that's the best idea I've heard. I assume it was all you.

Annie: Well, Scott did kind of want the bigger wedding, but I just think this is the best possible solution.

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, well, the whole wedding thing -- would just be too hard.

Annie: What? For me to wear white and play the blushing bride?

J.R.: For me to watch you walk down the aisle to another man.

Tad's voice: I get it if you need your space. I understand, I do. But just so you know, I'm, uh, I'm holding the man cave for you, and why shouldn't I? You know, you painted it, right? It's yours. It's your room. It's always gonna be here, and so am I. I'd do anything for you, you know that, right?

Colby: There wasn't really much of a selection, but whatever. I'll make it work. Oh. Hey, you ok?

Damon: Your mom was here.

Colby: What? Well, what did -- how did she find us? What did she want?

Damon: She wanted to apologize and give me these.

Colby: I don't -- I don't get it.

Damon: She switched my meds. She says I've been taking fake pills instead of my prescription.

Colby: Ah. She tried to hook up with you and now she is messing with your medication. No. No. I am done. I am so done.

Damon: What are you doing?

Colby: I'm calling the police. I'm having her arrested.

Jesse: Tad, it's killing me to have to sit back and watch her lose her sight.

Tad: Well, as much as it sucks, sometimes doing nothing, no matter how much it hurts, is the best choice we got. You know, back before Kathy, Dixie got pregnant, you know, with her heart condition, almost all our doctors told us that if she decided to carry the baby to term, her ticker would explode. And, uh, for months I tried to get her to -- decide against having the baby. I pushed her to make the right decision. But in the end, all I did was push her out of my life.

Singer: You need to remember I need you to remember the way it used to be the way it used to be

[Angie takes her Pine Valley Hospital appreciation plaque off her wall and throws it away]

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