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Episode #10422

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Krystal: This is good-bye, huh?

Caleb: Yep. Heading home.

Krystal: No second thoughts about Palmer? It was his dying wish to see you stay here and run the company.

Caleb: Yeah, well, Uncle Pete picked the wrong guy.

Krystal: Oh, you have the chops -- all those years as a big-time attorney? You're not even interested a bit about maybe jumping back into the rat race?

Caleb: I couldn't have said it better myself. Whoever bought Cortlandt, they'll do right by Uncle Pete's legacy.

Annie: Hey. You have to go get ready.

J.R.: For what?

Annie: I got you a live television interview to announce Chandler's acquisition of Cortlandt. So -- J.R., let's go.

J.R.: I called my father, left him a voice mail about the deal. He never called me back.

Annie: I'm sure Adam just hasn't gotten the message yet. J.R., his son just took over his worst enemy's company. I'm sure it's just gonna take a while for it to sink in.

J.R.: My father never thought I had what it took to run Chandler. If he's too proud to admit that I proved him wrong, then that's his problem.

Scott: You called an emergency board meeting without me?

J.R.: Mm-hmm. I purchased Cortlandt Electronics.

Scott: What? No, Caleb said he'd never sell to a Chandler. How'd you change his mind?

J.R.: He doesn't know. Caleb has no idea the guy he sold to works for me. You gave me the green light, so did the board. I saw my opportunity, and I took it.

Scott: No, we agreed to buy Cortlandt, but not this way.

J.R.: What, the successful way?

Scott: You tricked Caleb, you mortgaged most of our future, you leveraged our company, all without consulting me!

J.R.: There was no time! It was either move or lose!

Annie: And we won. I mean, isn't that what matters?

J.R.: That's right. You have to take a risk. In order to win big, you have to lay it all on the line, and that's what my father did, and that's what I will do!

Scott: In case you forgot, we are equal partners.

J.R.: Yeah, maybe on paper. But I think it's time I start running this company alone, so you stay the hell out of my way.

Scott: Huh. Are you angry that I'm sharing Chandler, or does this have to do with me marrying Annie?

Jake: Last patient of the day.

Angie: Oh. Well, see you tomorrow. Enjoy.

Jake: Actually, Amanda's taking Trevor for a play date, which enables me to stay.

Angie: You're sweet, but I'm fine.

Jake: Hmm. And you won't see --

Angie: Patients? I promised I wouldn't. It's just me and these reports.

Jake: And you can see them all right?

Angie: Yeah. There's been no problem in the last 24 hours. Even my peripheral vision seems to be improving.

Jake: Yeah. It means the meds are working.

Angie: Well, something's happened today. I mean, I know it's experimental, but it's --

Jake: Hope?

Angie: It's hope.

Jesse: Hey.

Natalia: Hey, hey, hey.

Jesse: Welcome home, Detective.

Natalia: Oh, thank you, daddy.

Jesse: How are you doing?

Natalia: I'm good. Whoa! Dang. What exploded?

Jesse: I exploded. Heh heh! I'm keeping busy.

Natalia: I see. Dad, I'm so sorry you got suspended.

Jesse: It is not your fault that the mayor is in Hayward's back pocket, and she's trying to get re-elected by cleaning up the police department.

Natalia: Well, you're the best damn police chief Pine Valley's ever had.

Jesse: Yeah, well, Hayward saved her daughter's life. Guess who wins.

Natalia: Any new info on Hayward since I was out?

Jesse: Just this big old mess.

Natalia: Well, my trip to West Virginia wasn't a complete waste. I made a connection.

Greenlee: What happened?

David: I don't know. He just -- he collapsed.

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan? We need to get him to the hospital.

David: No, no, no, don't touch him. Don't touch him. He might have a spinal injury. Here. Just call 911.

Greenlee: Uh, yes, hi. We need an ambulance in the northwest corner of Memorial Park. A man fell and hit his head. Hurry.

Greenlee: Why isn't he waking up?

David: I can't tell you that until I know why he collapsed.

Greenlee: Hang in there, Ryan. Do it for Emma. Do it for me.

E.M.T.: Ok, what happened?

David: Temporary dysphasia followed by a sudden collapse with L.O.C., head trauma. There's a possible chance of a spinal injury.

E.M.T.: I got the backboard set.

Greenlee: I'm right here, Ryan. Stay with me.

E.M.T.: Let's move.

Natalia: I figured my best shot at more info on Erica's plane crash -- getting to know the lead investigator.

Jesse: Professionally?

Natalia: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's where I was coming from. Don't really know if that's exactly where he was coming from.

Jesse: What does that mean?

Natalia: He asked me out. Look, I was gonna tell him to back off, but I kind of sort of might have given him the idea that I was interested.

Jesse: Well, you're gonna give him the idea that you are not interested. You're also gonna tell him to back off. You hear me?

Natalia: No. We need the NTSB to look at this crash as a crime with Hayward as the prime suspect. Dad, I can plant the seeds.

Jesse: With some idiot planting his hands all over you? Not gonna happen, Natalia!

Natalia: Oh, give me a break. We're gonna go to dinner. I'm gonna bat my lashes at this guy.

Jesse: There will be no batting of the lashes, all right? I will handle Hayward!

Natalia: You just said you have nothing on him.

Jesse: I have Tad Martin working with me. He's working as hard as I am on this case.

Natalia: That's not enough. You know that.

Jesse: I -- I know. I know that. And I hate it. I hate this. I hate feeling --

Natalia: Helpless?

Jesse: I'm feeling like Angela needs me, and I'm letting her down.

Natalia: Hey, no, you're not. You never could.

Jesse: All those years I was gone?

Natalia: Dad, you left for her. You stayed for us, me and Mom. Do you remember when we used to dance in the living room? All three of us -- you, too -- we breaking it down. You remember that?

Jesse: Yeah, I remember.

Natalia: Well, I say this because there would be times where you would just -- you'd drift off, get away from watching us and you'd go someplace far away. Back then, I didn't necessarily know where, but I do now. It was with Frankie. It was with Angie. It was with everything you lost.

Jesse: Yeah, well, I got it all back. And the man that took it from me is behind bars, exactly where Hayward is headed.

J.R.: You see, the difference between you and me, Scott, is I'm clinching the deal of a lifetime and you're planning a wedding. So go choose your centerpieces. You leave the business to me.

Scott: We were running Chandler together long before this acquisition, and that is how it is going to stay.

Annie: You know what? You have to go change. The reporter's gonna be here any minute.

Scott: What reporter?

J.R.: That would be the reporter who wants to talk to me about how I pulled this off.

Scott: Oh. Huge mistake. Gloating in the media -- are you trying to piss off Caleb?

J.R.: I'm not worried about him. He's probably happily whittling soap in the mountains by now.

Scott: You are playing with fire.

J.R.: Yeah, but at least I'm playing.

Scott: Huh. When was the last time you saw Marissa?

J.R.: At Krystal's. Why?

Scott: She freaked in the middle of her bar exam and took off. You worried about that?

J.R.: Why don't you worry about your own relationship, Scott? I'll call Marissa right now and tell her she's got a nice, comfy job sitting at Chandler for her.

Annie: Don't forget about the interview.

J.R.: Yeah.

Annie: Ohh. He called Adam to tell him about Cortlandt. Adam just never called him back.

Scott: Yeah? Well, I forget how much he's lost. Hey, but what do I have to be angry about, huh? I have a beautiful fiancée and nothing but good things to look forward to -- unlike my cousin.

Annie: What do you mean?

Scott: Well, if Caleb finds out how his company was swiped, J.R.'s gonna have his hands full.

[Knock on door]

Caleb: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bianca: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. Uncle jack told me you sold Cortlandt Electronics. You're leaving town.

Caleb: Well, I guess your Uncle Jack has shared the good news with your mother.

Bianca: Yes. So what are you gonna do with this big old house?

Caleb: I'm gonna put this big old house on the market and let the vultures have it.

Bianca: If you're willing, I'd like to rent it.

Caleb: You want to rent it? Why not? If you decide to buy it, I'll give you a good price.

Bianca: Thanks. My mom used to live here with Dimitri.

Caleb: Dimitri? One of the husbands?

Bianca: She actually married him twice.

Caleb: Oh. Of course.

Bianca: But it didn't work out --

Caleb: What a surprise.

Bianca: Because it couldn't. There's only one man my mom belongs with.

Caleb: Captain Marvel.

Bianca: So should I call a realtor to draw up a lease? Unless you're not really sure you want to leave? Are you?

Caleb: What happened between your mother and me was just a couple of bad coincidences. Her plane could've just as easily crashed into the next mountain over.

Bianca: But it didn't. You're the one who rescued her, saved her life.

Caleb: Yep, and it was torture for both of us.

Bianca: Being alone on that mountain with my mother, caring for her all that time? It must've been intense.

Caleb: Heh heh! "Intense"? That's one word for it.

Bianca: You know, there are some people who think that on that mountain between you --

Caleb: Your mother has sailed off into the sunset with Uncle Jack and his perfect hair, and I have sold Cortlandt. I'm going home, exactly where I belong, so everything is just as it should be. Hmm. You have your mother's eyes, and you're looking at me the way she used to look at me.

Bianca: How did she used to look at you?

Caleb: What is it with you Kane women? You always got to talk everything to death.

Bianca: What is it that you don't like about talking?

Caleb: You're exactly like her. See?

Bianca: It's called getting to know somebody.

Caleb: What's the point?

[Phone rings]

Bianca: That's my mother now. She's on the windy Riviera right about now.

Caleb: Hmm. Poor Uncle Jack's hair. So what else can I tell you about this place?

Bianca: I know everything I need to know after staying here with Mom. My girls are gonna love it here. Oh, just wait until they see the grounds.

Caleb: Well, just wait until I'm out of here, if you don't mind.

Bianca: What, you don't like kids?

Caleb: There's just no end to the questions, is there?

Bianca: Well, you insist on playing the mystery man. Of course, everyone's gonna want to know your story.

Caleb: So you're saying I'm asking for it?

Bianca: "Yep."

Caleb: Just like your mother.

J.R.: I called Marissa. Her phone was off. I left a voice mail, but --

Annie: I'm sure Marissa will be fine. Why do you have to keep starting with Scott?

J.R.: He's over his head with Chandler. Look, Annie, he's a nice guy, but running a business is not for him.

Annie: So this is just about business?

J.R.: Yes. And you're getting married. Good for you.

Annie: Thank you. So how do you think Caleb will react when he finds out that you tricked him?

J.R.: Oh, Grizzly Adams is long gone. He won't be a problem.

Annie: You're not scared?

J.R.: "Scared?" I have all the power. What?

Annie: Nothing.

J.R.: No, say it.

Annie: Just all the power -- I was wondering how it feels.

J.R.: It feels amazing.

Annie: This tie is all wrong for you. The color's all wrong.

Scott: Hey.

Annie: Oh. Hi.

Scott: Reporter just pulled up. You ready?

J.R.: Absolutely. I got it.

Natalia: Wow. I can't believe how much you dug up on Hayward.

Jesse: Yep, and I'm gonna keep digging until I put him away for life.

Natalia: This is wrong, the police chief being stuck home like this.

Jesse: Oh, hey, you know, it kind of works for me -- no extra cases, no distractions or Hayward. Hayward, Hayward. What?

Natalia: Nothing. No, it's really great work. Just -- I mean, do you really think you got to dig this deep into his life?

Jesse: I'm being thorough. I don't want to miss anything.

Natalia: It's completely understandable. I'm just saying I'm a little concerned you're letting it get to you.

Jesse: I appreciate your concern, but don't sweat it. I got this, ok?

Natalia: All right. Well, I got to get to the station. My shift's about to start, so give me some love. Ohh, I wish you were coming with me.

Jesse: Hey --

Natalia: Keep me posted.

Jesse: I will.

Natalia: All right.

David: Isolated head injury. Patient's in and out of consciousness.

Angie: Page Dr. Martin.

David: Wait a minute. Wait. We don't need Jake here.

Angie: Page him, and Dr. Young in Neurology.

David: No! Why? You're right here.

Angie: We need a specialist.

David: We don't have time, Dr. Hubbard. Treat the patient!

Angie: Great. Get him into trauma one, and keep paging Dr. Young.

David: We need pressure on that wound.

Angie: Tell Radiology I need a table and C.T. scan.

Greenlee's voice: I'm here, Ryan. I'm not leaving you.

Bianca: Taking that with you, right?

Caleb: This? Hell, no. This stays here in Pine Valley where it can look after your friends -- and your enemies.

Bianca: Is it hard?

Caleb: What?

Bianca: Talking to Palmer?

Caleb: No, so long as he can't answer. Anything else?

Bianca: Just one more question. Do you have the Disney channel? If my girls don't get their daily fix, forget it.

Caleb: I never use the thing. Help yourself.

Bianca: Why is J.R. on television?

J.R.: There couldn't be a bigger acquisition for Chandler, and this is the one. This is the one we've always wanted.

Reporter: There's quite a bit of rivalry between these two companies, isn't there?

J.R.: The rivalry between Chandler and Cortlandt is legendary. It wasn't always about business. It became personal, a battle between two men who considered themselves mortal enemies.

Reporter: And what can you tell us about finally being able to declare victory?

J.R.: Well, it's ironic that I was the one to do it, because I'm connected to both Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler -- Palmer being my uncle on my mother's side, and, of course, as you all know, Adam Chandler is my father. And I will run this company the same way he did: With my own iron fist.

Caleb: I didn't sell this company to that idiot.

J.R.: The battle's over. It's done. Chandler won. This takeover guarantees domination for this family for generations to come.

Caleb: Number's disconnected.

Bianca: Who were you trying to call?

Caleb: The guy I thought I sold the company to!

Bianca: J.R.?

Caleb: Typical! They stole your company, Pete!

David: Are you planning on running that C.T. scan anytime soon?

Angie: Come on, Ryan. Stay with me.

Greenlee: I'm here, Ryan. Hang in there.

Bianca: Hey there. How's it going?

Ryan: Hanging in there.

Bianca: We're worried about you -- me, my mom, Kendall.

Ryan: Well, thank you for the concern.

Bianca: I know what today is.

Ryan: Do you?

Bianca: It's my anniversary, too. It's been a year, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, it has.

Bianca: A whole year since Greenlee died. I know you loved her, but you can't put your life on hold forever. You can't be alone forever. At some point --

Ryan: At some point what, I got to move on with my life? Don't say that, because I have no life without Greenlee.

Greenlee: What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here? It's really me.

Ryan: How? What --

Greenlee: I survived. And I came back to you.

David: Get him into Radiology, stat!

Angie: He'll need replacement fluids and sutures before we send him up. No sign of Dr. Martin or Dr. Young?

Nurse: Not yet.

Angie: Draw some trauma blood and set up two lines with ringers, so I can take care of this bleed.

David: What the hell is going on?!

Angie: I need a specialist down here now!

David: To put in sutures? Are you kidding me?! Are you crazy?! He needs this bleeding stopped now!

Caleb: And when I'm done with you, you're gonna wish you never crawled out of your crib.

David: We need to do this, Doctor, before we lose him. What is going on, damn it?

Jake: Hello, people. I got this.

David: Excuse us. We're in the middle of a procedure here.

Jake: Can you open some 4-0, please?

David: You're not needed, Martin. Dr. Hubbard has it covered.

Jake: She is coming off a double, that is why I was paged. She's exhausted, are you not? Let's not risk any patients' lives here.

David: You need to leave.

Jake: You want to keep arguing about this, or should I just save his life?

Greenlee: Save him.

Jake: Thanks. You shouldn't even be in here. You're not family. That's the rules of the hospital. Bye-bye.

Greenlee: Let's let them do their work, ok? We're just in the way. Please?

Jake: Nice.

Angie: Thank you.

David: Do you get it now why I want those two incompetents out of our hospital?

Greenlee: What happened to Ryan?

David: I already told you. He collapsed.

Greenlee: Why? What did you do to him?

David: Nothing. Greenlee, I swear I didn't touch him. We were talking -- arguing -- and he grabbed for his head. That's when the dysphasia came on.

Greenlee: What were you doing in the park, David? Did you follow me? You spy on me, you pick a fight with Ryan, then I find you watching him bleed, doing nothing to help him.

Jesse: And that's a crime in my book.

Scott: Yes, it's true Chandler has acquired Cortlandt Electronics.

[Call waiting beeps]

Scott: Could you hold on a sec? Thanks. Hi. Scott Chandler. Could you hold on a sec? Thanks.

J.R.: Are any of those calls from my father? Huh.

Scott: Hi. Scott Chandler.

Annie: Adam will be blown away by this, by you.

J.R.: I don't care what he thinks.

Annie: Yes, you do. You care a lot. It's ok.

Caleb: Chandler.

J.R.: Caleb.

Caleb: I caught your performance on TV, slick -- almost as good as the one you put on for me. Continuing your daddy's legacy? Stealing Pete's company out from under me?

J.R.: I didn't steal anything. That deal was completely legit, and I actually worked it that way in order to help you. Oh, no, it's true. It's true. You were desperate to dump Cortlandt, you wouldn't sell to my family, so I arranged for a third-party purchase on my behalf. I get what I want, you get to head back to the woods happy and rich.

Caleb: And you think I'm just gonna walk away, huh? Well, let me tell you something, punk. I'm not going anywhere without Pete's company.

J.R.: You didn't even want it.

Caleb: But I will get it back. And when I'm done with you, you're gonna wish you never crawled out of your crib.

David: You have made it your personal mission to put me behind bars. I am not gonna waste another minute trying to convince you I'm innocent.

Jesse: You could never do that.

David: Believe what you want. All I care about is what you think, and, Greenlee, I swear on my love for you I did nothing to hurt Ryan.

Ryan: I -- I can't believe it. You came back to me.

Greenlee: The only reason I'm alive is because of David. He saved my life, and then he fell in love with me.

Ryan: No.

Greenlee: David wants to marry me, have a life with me.

Ryan: No.

Greenlee: He wants to be with me forever.

Ryan: No.

Jake: All right. We're gonna need more fluids, ok? Put a light dressing on that. I'll do the neuro eval.

[Labored breathing]

Angie: Jake, there's something wrong. Check his breath sounds. I think he's laboring.

Jake: You're right. Get him to Radiology, ok? Add the chest to his C.T. scan, keep him on oxygen, and keep an eye on his vitals. Let's go. Well, well. Since you're having trouble with your vision, I think your hearing's getting better.

Angie: It's coming back.

Jake: That's great. That's good.

Angie: It's good? It's not good. I had a needle pointed at Ryan's head. Jake, I couldn't see a thing.

Jake: Listen, you took care of business till I got here, ok?

Angie: You know what? I had no business near this room, but David was pushing and Ryan was in trouble. This is it, Jake. I need to step down. I need to leave the hospital. Because if something had happened to Ryan because of me --

Jake: Listen, I know you. If something had gone wrong, you would've put him first. I know how you operate.

Angie: Well, I froze, and David saw me.

Jake: You hesitated because you were tired. You didn't want to make a mistake.

Angie: He's not gonna buy that. He's not gonna let this go until he knows the truth. If he finds out that my eyesight has been compromised, he will take over this hospital and crush it!

Jake: Listen to me. Calm down. He's not gonna find out.

Angie: How do you know?

Jake: I will make sure of it. Ok? Hey, Jesse.

Angie: Hey.

Jesse: How's Ryan?

Angie: Well, uh, we still don't know what made him collapse. But after we do the head scan and get the results, maybe we will.

Jesse: Baby, are you ok? You seem a little shaken.

Angie: Yeah. I just want Ryan to be ok.

Jake: Ryan is on his way to Radiology. We're hoping that that scan will pinpoint the problem.

Greenlee: He's going to make it, right?

Jake: We're doing everything we can.

Madison: Hey. I was still in the park with Emma when I saw paramedics loading Ryan into an ambulance. I got Emma out of the park before she realized it was her father, but what happened?

Greenlee: He has a head injury.

Madison: How bad?

Greenlee: They don't know yet. Ryan's a survivor. He's gonna pull through this. He has to.

Scott: I told you going on TV was a bad idea.

J.R.: Stop worrying.

Scott: What are you gonna do about Caleb? He will come after us.

J.R.: There's nothing he can do, Scott. The deal's already done.

Scott: What's that?

J.R.: Oh, this? This is just top-secret files from Cortlandt Electronics: Projects, inventions, patents -- you know, all the stuff that Palmer was working on before he died.

Scott: Sure, sure. I'll tell you what. Why don't you let me wade through that? I'll report back to you. You just stay focused on the big picture, huh?

J.R.: Since I made this deal possible, I think I'll be the one to go through these.

Scott: Ok. All I'm saying is Palmer and I -- we got close at the end. He told me a lot about the company, and I'm already up to speed.

J.R.: Hmm. Now I'll be up to speed -- on everything.

Bianca: You'll never guess what I just found -- my old saddle. All those summers when all I used to do was ride, and now I get to teach you, Miranda. You and your little sister are gonna have so much fun in this place checking out the stables, wandering through the gardens, playing hide-and-go-seek till you drop. Oh, I can't wait to see this place through your eyes. Uh, I'm not -- I'm not sure when Mommy Reese can join us. I'll be home really, really soon.

Caleb: Agh!

Bianca: Bye, sweetie. I guess things didn't go so well with J.R.?

Caleb: I didn't think it was possible, but that punk is even a -- he's worse than his old man! I got to start putting together everything I can about that family.

Bianca: I thought you were leaving town.

Caleb: Well, things have changed. You can't stay here.

Bianca: But you already agreed to rent it to me.

Caleb: Hey, don't start.

Bianca: And I just got off the phone with my daughter Miranda, getting her all excited about moving in here. There's plenty of room for everyone. You take one wing, the girls and I will take another.

Caleb: Oh, great. You're willing to live with me, huh?

Bianca: Sure. Who knows? Maybe the impossible will happen. Maybe you'll actually let me get to know you.

Caleb: Yeah, don't hold your breath. You can stay here, all right?

Bianca: Really?

Caleb: I'll stay in the East Wing, you stay in the West Wing. It's bigger. You have more room so you can lock up the little monsters whenever they get out of control.

Bianca: Hmm. Thank you. But you do realize I don't lock my daughters up in their own house? If they happen to wander into your side --

Caleb: Listen, I'm just warning you. Kids are scared of me.

Bianca: My girls are brave. They're future Kane women, after all.

Caleb: [Whispering] God help us all.

Annie: I don't know if I should go with "subsidiary" or "affiliate." Look, I know you are worried about what J.R. might find in those files.

Scott: Yeah, yeah. Because if there is any paperwork on the nanotech project in there, J.R. will know that I stole the idea from Palmer.

Annie: Ok, but we own it now. We own all of it.

Scott: It doesn't matter. What -- what I did was still a crime, Annie. Can you imagine the price of Cortlandt Electronics if they had known about the nanotech? And J.R.'s looking for any reason to take me down.

Annie: J.R. is not taking either one of us down, ok? He needs you.

Scott: We need to keep a really close eye on him.

Annie: What do you mean?

Scott: I'm counting on your help to keep this situation under control.

Annie: You want me to keep a close eye on J.R.? What, are you testing me?

Scott: Do I need to?

Annie: Because of you, I'm going to have the life that I have always wanted. Ok? I promised you that I would be the woman and the wife who is worthy of that. I will do whatever it takes to prove myself.

Caleb: You knew that Chandler would come after Cortlandt, didn't you? Mm-hmm. And that's why you gave it to me. Oh, Pete. Yeah, what the hell. I got nothing to lose.

Jake: Ryan has had an aneurysm.

Madison: Oh, my God.

Jake: It's in the same spot in his brain that he was shot a few years ago. It ruptured. It's possibly due to increased blood pressure.

Greenlee: But he's gonna be ok?

Jake: He's in excellent hands.

Madison: I need some air.

Natalia: Hey. The guys at the station told me about Ryan. How is he? Is he ok?

Jesse: Hayward strikes again.

David: I hope you believe me now. I wasn't responsible.

Doctor: I think we should go with coiling over clipping -- it's less invasive -- but the size and location make it a tough call.

Ryan's voice: So what are you saying? David saved your life, so you're gonna marry him?

Greenlee: I'll always be grateful to David, but that's as far as it goes. It's you, Ryan. You're the one I love, the one I've always loved. You're the only one I want.

Doctor: Let's get started, see if we can save this guy.

David: Ryan's gonna be in surgery for a while. Why don't we get out of here?

Greenlee: I don't want to go anywhere until I know he's ok.

David: Ok. Then I'll wait with you.

Greenlee: I want to be alone.

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: David, please. Just go.

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