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Episode #10418

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Liza: Ok, it's the big day. Are you excited?

Tad: Yeah. I mean, I know it's a formality. It's kind of silly and everything. Damon's not a kid, legally or otherwise, but finalizing the adoption? It's --

Liza: You're excited.

Tad: It's a big deal.

Liza: Yeah, I know.

Tad: As a matter fact, all this anticipation is making me thirsty. What would you say to another in a long line of sodas?

Liza: Soda. Yes.

Singer: I can be set free

[Phone rings]

Singer: Please help me oh, help me see

Liza: Hey, sweetheart.

Colby: Hi. Are you at Tad's?

Liza: Yeah, I am.

Colby: Is Damon there?

Liza: No. Why? Is everything ok?

Colby: Yeah, yeah. I'm sure he'll get here soon. He probably got hung up somewhere -- and this wouldn't be the first time he has done this lately.

Singer: The sun shines through the rain

Liza: Honey, is something wrong?

Colby: No. No, no, no, no. I'm cool.

Amanda: Oh, honey.

Jake: Hello.

Amanda: Wow! This is very Martha Stewart.

Jake: Well, it's -- sure, in a sexy kind of masculine, rugged way.

Amanda: Yes. Obviously.

Jake: Yes, that's right. Here you go.

Amanda: Oh, thank you. Aw.

Jake: Nice. How's our son?

Amanda: He's great. He's having a blast in 3A teaching little Darcy how to walk.

Jake: Nice, nice. Oh, right. Ok, I got to --

Amanda: Honey, I -- I think you're missing the point.

Jake: What?

Amanda: Our son is four floors down and going to be occupied for at least another half-hour.

Jake: Right, but the pasta's gonna be ready in about 6 or 7 minutes, I think.

Amanda: Do you really care about pasta right now?

Jake: No, not really. I'm trying to cut wheat out of my diet.

[Horn honks as Angie sits on a bench outside Krystal's, unable to see]

Scott: You should be talking to J.R.

Marissa: Yeah. And say what?

Scott: I don't know. Anything. Everything. Just be honest. The guy is your husband, Marissa. And if you need support, which clearly you do, it's his job to step up and give it to you.

Annie: Stop it!

J.R.: Get your hands off her, you son of a bitch!

Tucker: Relax, Chandler.

J.R.: You relax! No one messes with my family. No one. Apologize to her. I said apologize!

Tucker: I'm sorry.

J.R.: Now get out of here. Are you ok?

Annie: I am now.

[Doorbell rings]

Tad: Think that's the paperwork?

Liza: I don't know. Go check.

Tad: You don't look like a messenger.

Eileen: Eileen Shanks, Social Services. May I?

Liza: I'm sorry. What is this about?

Eileen: Standard practice. We always make a home visit prior to putting our stamp on an adoption.

Tad: Heh heh heh! I'm sorry. You were serious. I thought --

Eileen: We find the element of surprise works best.

Liza: It works best for what, exactly?

Eileen: Obtaining a true sense of the home.

Tad: Is this normal?

Liza: No. Not by my knowledge. Maybe this is something new. Um, you are aware that --

Eileen: What's down here?

Tad: Basement. Yeah, just sort of a man cave. You know, it's got TV and a video game -- stuff like that. I find it's a nice place to, you know, read books. Nourishing -- you know, Twain? Dostoevsky?

Liza: Oh, must be something new.

Tad: I don't know. Whatever it takes, I guess. I got nothing to hide. I'm squeaky clean.

Eileen: Mr. Martin?

Tad: Present.

Eileen: I've gone over your application multiple times, and I must say, I have quite a few questions for you.

Damon: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Colby: Where did you come from?

Damon: The kitchen. I'm used to coming in that way with Krystal. I know I'm late. I don't even know what I was doing. I was just -- you look amazing.

Colby: Thank you.

Damon: I didn't know you were gonna get all dressed up. You didn't have to get all dressed up.

Colby: Yeah. Actually, I thought I did -- Jennifer's party tonight? We were gonna swing by there after dinner? It's dressy. You forgot, obviously.

Damon: Totally. I'm sorry.

Colby: Damon, this was supposed to be a good night.

Damon: Well, it can still be a good night. Let's just have fun. You remember fun, right? Right?

[Line rings]

Automated voice: Please say the name of the person you'd like to call.

Angie: Jake Martin.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Uh-uh.

Jake: Umm.

Amanda: Come on, you are not answering that right now.

Jake: I'm sorry, baby, but I'm a doctor. I'm on call. When I'm on call, I have to answer the phone. Could you please? Thanks?


Jake: Hello?

Angie: Jake? It's Angie.

Jake: Hey. What's up?

Angie: I was in Krystal's restaurant and David came in. And now I'm all turned around, and -- and I don't know where I am and -- and I can't see anything!

Jake: I'm on my way. One of my patients is having a relapse. Up. Uppity up.

Amanda: So the chief of staff calls you herself to let you know that? I saw the Caller I.D., Jake. I know it was Angie.

Scott: I just want you to be happy.

Marissa: I'm getting there. I am. I know it doesn't sound like it or look like it when I'm hurling my books across the room.

[Scott chuckles]

Marissa: Even though I let stuff get to me, things really are getting better. I just, you know, have to believe in that, in us.

Scott: Yeah. And A.J. -- he seems to be doing well.

Marissa: He does, doesn't he?

Scott: Yeah.

Marissa: And after everything, that's a miracle in itself, you know? I just want to make things right for my husband and my son.

Scott: And you.

Marissa: I will pass the bar, and J.R. and I will be good. We will be better than good.

J.R.: You want me to call hotel security? Just tell me what you need.

Annie: I -- I keep feeling his hands on me.

J.R.: I should've just beat that guy to a pulp.

Annie: I told him that he had the wrong idea, but he just -- he wouldn't stop. He was looking at me and talking to me like he could do whatever he wanted and nobody would give a damn.

J.R.: Well, I'm never gonna let him touch you again. That's a promise.

Annie: Oh, my God. If you wouldn't have come in --

J.R.: It's ok. It's ok. You're all right.

Annie: I'm so sorry.

J.R.: What are you sorry for?

Annie: I was so determined to, like, prove something, to prove that I have what it takes. Now I probably lost this huge contract.

J.R.: No, I don't give a damn about the contract. I care about you. You want me to drive you home?

Scott: Hey. Ooh. What did you do to her?

Annie: No, no, no. He didn't do anything. He didn't do anything, Scott.

Marissa: Oh, my God. What happened to your dress?

Annie: Um, the client that -- that I met with -- he got pretty aggressive.

Scott: What? What do you mean, "aggressive"?

J.R.: How do you think she means "aggressive"?

Annie: I went up to his room.

Scott: Why?

Annie: I thought to sign the deal. He said that he had papers.

Scott: Oh, that son of a bitch!

J.R.: I told you not to send Annie. Annie should have never met with him in the first place. We have much, much stronger negotiators.

Scott: Sweetie, are you ok?

Annie: I'm ok. I'm ok now.

Scott: Did he hurt you?

Annie: No, thank God.

Scott: Were you there with her or something? I --

Annie: No. No. I ran into J.R. as I was leaving.

Marissa: I thought you had a meeting at the office.

J.R.: It changed locations last minute.

Marissa: To the club?

J.R.: Yes.

Scott: Honey, why didn't you call me?

Annie: I know. I know. I'm sorry, but, honestly, I just wanted to get home to you as soon as I possibly could. I was so scared.

Scott: Come here.

Eileen: So you're a single father.

Tad: Technically. I live here with Krystal --

Eileen: Carey, your ex-wife. You're currently living with her?

Tad: Yeah. We're raising our two daughters.

Eileen: Oh. Except the older daughter -- now, she is from a previous marriage.

Tad: That's right.

Eileen: And you have another child, a grown son, from yet another marriage. So in this house, we have you, your two daughters, your ex-wife -- oh, and your mother?

Tad: One of them. Well, yeah, the other one lives in Florida.

Eileen: I see. You have two mothers.

Tad: No, no, no, not like that. I mean, that's just -- not that there's anything wrong with it, but I just -- no. Opal, my birth mother, lives in the house with me, and then Ruth, my adoptive mother, she lives in Florida with my father.

Eileen: Your biological father?

Tad: No. He's dead. It's a good thing, too. Thank God. He's a total psycho.

Liza: Tad.

Tad: Never mind.

Eileen: Now, you are?

Liza: I'm Mr. Martin's attorney. I'm Liza Colby.

Eileen: Right. Weren't you involved in a case recently concerning a black market adoption?

Tad: Ooh. Back up there, ok? That -- that was all about my son. That was his child, actually. And it wasn't his child, in the end. It was --

Liza: Ok, I'm sorry. I just -- I'm really curious as to what all of this really has to do with my client's adoption.

Eileen: You're bringing an impressionable child into this home. Now, I need to be sure that Damon will be raised right.

Liza: I'm sorry. No offense, really, but, you know, he is already raised.

Eileen: Well, I hardly think 9 years old constitutes --

Tad: No. No, Damon's 19.

Eileen: Oh -- oh, no, no. Now, my paperwork says right here that he is --

Tad: 19.

Liza: Yeah.

Tad: Oops.

Eileen: There it is.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Eileen: Uh, well, I'm sure he'll love the "man cave." I'm sorry for wasting your time, but thank you for the family history. It was -- interesting. Ahem.

Liza: Oh, my God!

Tad: What the hell was that?

Liza: Wow. Well, I mean, she is right. You know, your family is whacked.

Tad: Yeah -- like yours is so stable.

Colby: Damon, you are trying to distract me.

Damon: No, I'm trying to kiss you. Give me a break, Colby.

Colby: Don't get mad at me.

Damon: I'm not mad at you.

Colby: You're not the one who was almost stood up.

Damon: I know, and I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry, like, 4 times. I'm sorry -- that's 5. I'm sorry -- that's 6.

Colby: Damon, really. I just want to know that you want to be with me. Only me.

Damon: I asked you to dinner, didn't I? Only you. Damn it. Damn it!

Colby: What?

Damon: I forgot my wallet. I'm sorry. Do you have any money? I'll pay you back.

Colby: No, Damon. You know what? Don't even worry about it.

Damon: No, wait, Colby.

Singer: Someone like me I believe

[Phone rings]

Liza: Tad! Tad, want me to get that? Ok. Ahem. Martin residence.

Damon: Liza?

Liza: Damon. Where are you? Colby is looking for you.

Damon: I know. I know. I was just with her. I think I messed up.

Liza: Hmm. Really? You messed up how?

Damon: It doesn't matter. Will you just -- if she comes by the house, just keep her there, ok?

Liza: Mm-hmm. [Smiles, pleased that her plan to steal Damon's ADHD meds is working]

Amanda: You and Angie have been spending a lot of time together lately -- driving her to work.

Jake: Well, babe, when I drove her to work, you know, her car had broken down. So that's --

Amanda: Whenever you're not at the hospital, you're constantly on the phone together.

Jake: Really, "constantly" is a bit of a stretch. Babe, she's under a lot of pressure, that's all. And with these budget cuts, it doesn't just cut our budget but it cuts our sanity. Maybe she just needs somebody to talk to.

Amanda: And she doesn't want to do that with Jesse?

Jake: Maybe it's just easier to talk to somebody that's in her world. I mean, I know what's happening and everything, you know, in her world. I love you. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Amanda: Right, your patient. Hey, you never explained why Angie called you herself. I mean, doesn't the shift nurse usually do that?

Jake: Like I said, honey, with the budget cut, we don't even have nurses. You know, we're covering for each other. I love you. I'm gonna make this quick, ok? And one more thing -- I love you.

Amanda: I love you, too.

Damon: Colby, it's me again. Call me back, please.

Tad: Hey. Hi. Ha ha ha! Check this out. I just found it in the attic, huh? You know what this is? It's my adoption papers, man. This is the date that Joe and Ruth officially made me their kid. Check it out. Check out the date.

Damon: Oh, it's today. Huh. That's cool.

Tad: "Cool"? "Cool"? That's amazing, man. That's terrific. Well, you know what? It doesn't matter. That is cool, but it is not half as cool as this which just arrived -- 15 minutes.

Damon: It's legit.

Tad: Yeah, it's legit, as legit as it gets. Check out the date.

Damon: Wow. Same day. Huh. What century was this? Is this written on papyrus?

Tad: We don't want to get lost in all the details. Anyway, it's -- it is legit, so welcome to the family.

Damon: Thanks. This is, uh -- huh. Thanks.

Liza: Hi. Hi. I came to see how you are and what happened with Damon. Did he ever show up?

Colby: Well, he acted like making me wait was no big deal. Oh, and then he conveniently forgot his wallet.

Liza: No.

Colby: Mm-hmm. The weirdest part was he had no clue he was being a total jerk. Or if he did, he just didn't care.

Liza: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

Colby: Mom, how do you know when a guy is seeing someone else?

Liza: You're still on that, huh?

Colby: Like, what are the signs? I mean, catching him in the act, obviously, but what are the signs?

Liza: First of all, I think that -- I think that -- don't jump to any conclusions yet, ok? Not that I don't understand why you're worried, because he has been acting, you know, distant and no explanation for his behavior. But remember how I told you that women -- well, girls mature a lot faster than boys do? Maybe Damon just needs a little bit of time to catch up.

Colby: So I'm just supposed to sit and cross my fingers and wait?

Liza: Why don't you just give it a few days, ok, and see if he is continually distracted or secretive. Honey, I'm here for you if you need a shoulder or you need an ear or you just need a hug. Come here.

Jake: Angie.

Angie: Jake?

Jake: Yes.

Angie: Jake! [Cries]

Jake: Ok. Come here, come here. Sit here. Sit down. So it's happening? It's happening? Yeah?

Angie: Yeah, this one is -- has lasted -- has lasted for a while.

Jake: Ok. All right. All right, I'll tell you, what we're gonna do is just take a deep breath. We're gonna stand up, and you'll take my arm, and I'll take you home, ok? Ok?

Angie: Yeah, but can we wait maybe for a few minutes because it may get better. I don't want to be led to your car like an invalid!

Jake: No, it's ok. Listen, we'll -- we'll wait as long as we have to, ok? We'll stay right here. We'll stay right here.

Angie: Jake, please tell me that you see my Bible on the ground somewhere. I know I dropped it.

Jake: Oh, it's right here. Yeah, yeah, it's right here.

Angie: Thank you. Thank you.

Jake: It's ok.

Angie: Thank you.

Jake: How long have you been carrying that thing around? Is that what you do now? Huh?

Angie: Jesse found it. I had put it away. We were having company for dinner, and I was in such a rush to straighten up that I just stuck this in the closet, and that was months ago. I don't even think I missed it. But I could tell you where every folder and every form is in my office. When did my priorities get so out of whack?

Jake: Well, those folders and -- they're very important, ok? Those forms -- they all represent a life, so don't be picking on those. They're important.

Angie: But for Jesse to come across it, especially now. I mean, why didn't God just drop it on my head?

Jake: This is very scary. I'm sure it's very, very scary.

Angie: You know, I was never afraid of the dark when I was a child. And now I keep a light on when I go to sleep, because I'm just so terrified to wake up not knowing if it's still nighttime or if I'm losing my sight. You know, Jesse thinks I'm losing my mind. What am I going to do?

Jake: You can tell him.

Angie: That's not what I mean. I mean, how am I supposed to live in a world where I can't see my husband's face in the morning and where I can't see the sun going down at night, or the smile on my children's faces when they have their own babies, babies I may never see? And there is so much that I haven't seen, and, Jake, I don't want to miss all of that! Oh!

Jake: Shh. Shh. Let's get going. Come on, you take my arm.

Marissa: What happened today?

J.R.: It's like Annie said. I saw her after the fact, I gave her a ride home.

Marissa: That's it?

J.R.: That's it.

Marissa: Then what was that look between the two of you?

J.R.: I was frustrated that she almost screwed up the deal. You need to stop doing this. You need to stop looking for some deep connection that's not there. There's nothing going on between Annie and me.

Scott: You sure you're all right?

Annie: I'm ok, yeah.

Scott: I should have never put you in that position.

Annie: Oh, Scott, you didn't know. It's ok. Who are you calling?

Scott: I'm calling the police, Annie. That guy thinks he can put his hands on you and get away with it -- what?

Annie: No. What, so I can relive it over and over and over again? No. Please, Scott, I just want to forget everything in that room ever happened. Please, please? Can we just do that, please?

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: Ohh.

Scott: It's already forgotten.

Liza: Are those the --

Tad: Yep.

Liza: Oh, look. It's official. It's really official. You and Damon --

Tad: Are a package deal.

Liza: Wow. Oh! Yeah. And what are these? This looks ancient.

Tad: Actually, those are my adoption papers. It's --

Liza: Oh. Sorry about the -- yeah.

Liza: [Gasps] No -- Tad, did you see the date on this?

Tad: Yeah. It's crazy, right?

Liza: That's wild. Oh, thank God for Joe and Ruth.

Tad: Oh, man, you have no idea. I still remember those days. I swear, I'll never forget it. My dad would give me a hug and told me I was special, and then my mom would bake me a pie.

Liza: Ok, why was it funny? Why was it funny? Share with me.

Tad: Because, you know, she said it was my day, so I could have as much as I wanted, and I did. And then I got sick -- all over the house, all over them. Hell, I got sick all over the dog.

Liza: Stop.

Tad: I'm not kidding. They were there, just smile and clean it up, take care of me, and they've been doing it ever since. But now -- now it's my turn to do it for Damon.

Liza: And you will because he is your son.

Tad: Is that how you think about him?

Liza: Hmm?

Tad: I mean, is that how you think about Damon? You think of him as my son, or you still think of him as that thug you don't like dating your daughter?

Liza: Well, it's kind of a little of both.

Tad: Liza, it's important, you know? I mean, things are going pretty well between the two of us.

Liza: Yeah.

Tad: No, I mean things are going pretty well between the two of us.

Liza: Is this -- I mean, are you --

Tad: And I'm just saying. I mean, if things keep going the way they are, it's very possible that someday to Damon you might be a lot more than just the woman that I'm seeing, or you might be just maybe a lot more than Colby's mother. The day may come when you might be Damon's mom.

Damon: Finally, there you are. Back to the scene of the crime? My crime, I mean, not yours.

Colby: Well, we never got to the eating part. I was hungry.

Damon: That really sucked before.

Colby: Yeah. But maybe your other girlfriend will be more understanding.

Damon: What?

Colby: Really, Damon? I'm not stupid. I know the signs.

Damon: Are you for real right now? How many times do I have to tell you this? There's nobody else.

Colby: Then why all of a --

Damon: Actually, yeah, there is someone else. You're right: Tad, my shiny new father. We've been complete strangers for the past 18 years, but what the hell? We're family now, so I'll just blow him off. Colby, you really need to give me a break, all right? I'm going through something pretty huge at the moment. Huh!

Colby: Damon, I'm sorry.

Damon: I want to be with you, ok? If I don't say it enough or show it enough, it's my bad. But this pressure -- I can't make any promises right now.

Colby: Ok. But just so you know, I have pressure, too. Everybody in my life is always coming and going, and nobody ever just stays. And I guess I just wanted you to stay.

Damon: Well, I'm here now, ok?

Colby: Ok. See you tomorrow?

Damon: I'll call you.

Singer: Make this melody come true be my --

J.R.: Ow.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: Door's open. Hey.

Annie: Hi.

J.R.: You ok?

Annie: Not really.

J.R.: Come in.

Annie: I can't get it out of my head.

J.R.: Oh. Don't let that slimeball get to you.

Annie: Not him. You. My God, I was almost raped today, J.R. Raped. And the last person in the world I ever thought would show up did. You defended me and you called me a part of this family. Am I making this all up? You did save me, right?

J.R.: And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Angie: I'm sorry you had to come to my rescue again.

Jake: I'm fine with it. I'm absolutely fine with it. You know that, right?

Angie: When I called you, was Amanda with you? What'd you tell her?

Jake: I told her I was seeing a patient.

Angie: You know, it's bad enough that I'm keeping this from Jesse, and now I have you lying to your wife.

Jake: Oh, it's not a problem.

Angie: No, it -- it is. And once we determine if the meds are working, then all of this secrecy will be over. And either I will get better and all of this will have been a bad nightmare, or it'll be time to tell everyone the truth.

Jake: I just don't want to hear you knock the meds, because they could mean all the difference.

Angie: Oh, Jake, you and I both know the odds against an experimental working.

Jake: Well, that's why they call it faith.

J.R.: Why did you come up here?

Annie: What do you mean? To thank you.

J.R.: You already thanked me, remember?

Annie: Stop acting like what happened didn't mean anything. It threw you. I know it did because it threw me, too. You defended me, and you didn't even think twice about it. You care about me, J.R.

J.R.: I did what I had to do.

Annie: No, no, I don't believe that!

J.R.: I couldn't obviously have you filing for a lawsuit against our company.

Annie: It's my company, too, now, and you and I both know that's not the reason that you showed up at that hotel room.

J.R.: Go back to Scott, Annie. We need to live up to our deal that we made. You live your life, I'll live mine.

Annie: Your life, my life? What if they're not supposed to be separate?

Colby: J.R.?

J.R.: We talked about this at the cottage.

Annie: I know.

J.R.: We agreed that we would stay away from each other.

Annie: Then why do we keep ending up like this?

Liza: Wow. Ahem. Ok, so this just got serious.

Tad: "Just got serious"? Didn't just get serious. It just kind of came out, but it didn't just get serious.

Liza: Ohh. So you -- you've been thinking about this for a long time?

Tad: Yeah. Well, I mean, I wouldn't go on calling it "a long time," but I've been thinking about it a lot. And you?

Liza: Yeah. I, uh, I definitely think that you and I have a future.

Tad: And by "future," we're not just talking about -- we're talking about, you know, a lifetime?

Liza: Are you?

Tad: I asked you first.

Liza: I don't care who asked first.

Tad: Ok. Yeah. Yeah, I do. I definitely think you and I have lifetime potential.

Liza: Lifetime.

Tad: What?

Liza: I think a lifetime with you would be amazing.

Jake: Hey. How's my favorite person in the world?

Amanda: Great. How was the hospital?

Jake: Oh, you know, it was the usual.

Amanda: I didn't know how long you were gonna be gone, so I went and picked up Trevor, and we went to get ice cream from Krystal's.

Jake: You got ice cream at Krystal's?

Amanda: Why'd you lie to me? You weren't with some patient at the hospital. You were with Angie.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Amanda: Jake, what is going on?

Jake: Angie's just been overwhelmed a little bit lately.

Amanda: With David's stuff? I mean, is that so new?

Jake: She, um, she thought she was pregnant. But, you know, it turns out that she's not pregnant. But I think it just -- it sent her, you know, for a loop, and I think she just needed a friend to talk to.

Amanda: Well, why didn't you just tell me that?

Jake: Well, she asked me not to tell anybody. I don't think she wants Jesse to know. So -- but, you know.

Amanda: Well, she's lucky to have you. But I hope you know that you can tell me anything. I would never betray your trust like that.

Jake: I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. Please forgive me.

Amanda: Ohh. Like I could stay mad at you?

Jake: So maybe you'd be willing to share your ice cream with me? Is that a no? Hmm.

Marissa: Tucker, right?

Tucker: And you are?

Marissa: I'm Jessica Wilson. A rep for Chandler Enterprises. I was hoping that you could tell me what happened this evening between you and Annie Chandler.

Tucker: Look, I don't know what you heard, but all I did was some innocent flirting, and then the boyfriend came in and nearly ripped my head off.

Marissa: Scott wasn't there.

Tucker: Not Scott. Adam Chandler's son J.R. Excuse me.

J.R.: You really should leave. I've got work to do.

Annie: Something is happening to us, J.R. Tell me you feel it, too.

J.R.: I feel it.

Annie: It's like we've crossed some imaginary line. On one side, it was just sex. It was easy to label. It was easy to explain. But on this side --

J.R.: It's anything but easy. [Gasps when Colby sees him kissing Annie]

Colby: J.R.?

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