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Angie: So far, the experimental triazole meds have not worked as I hoped they would. Bouts of vision loss are still occurring. There's also been decreased acuity in low light. And I'm tired. I am just so tired. Sorry. Fatigue. It's unclear if it's related to the infection or if it's emotional.

[Door opening]

Angie: Hey.

Jesse: Hey, baby. How you doing? What the hell is that lamp doing out here?

Angie: Uh, doctors with bad penmanship.

Jesse: Ha ha.

Angie: And my favorite suit. Have a hot date somewhere?

Jesse: Uh, yeah. With our mayor.

Angie: Ah --

Jesse: I got to end this suspension thing, get back to work, get back on that Hayward investigation, you know?

Angie: Well, it's been really nice having you around. Finally have my dream closet.

Jesse: Wouldn't you rather have Hayward locked up?

Angie: No contest.

Jesse: No contest.


Angie: And I will thank you properly later.

Jesse: Oh, yes, you will.

Angie: Ha ha. All right, go ahead and get changed.

Jesse: Oh, wow. I almost forgot about this. Bam.

Angie: My family Bible.

Jesse: Yeah. I found it at the back of the closet.

Angie: When did I start losing sight of what's important?

J.R.: Ahem.

Annie: [Scoffs] You don't have to avoid me, you know?

J.R.: Yeah, well, a little distance wouldn't hurt.

Annie: Huh.

J.R.: What is that? Urgent press release?

Annie: Bigger. [Whistles] Hi.

Scott: Hi.

Annie: Hi.

Scott: Annie tell you about the special assignment I gave her?

J.R.: No. No way is this happening.

Marissa: Hey.

David: Hey. Huh. Well, it looks like someone's gearing up for the bar exam.

Marissa: Yeah. God, someone really needs to add some more hours to the day. I just -- I can't get it all done. You know, with studying for the bar and then everything that's going on at the house, I'm just a little scattered.

David: Has J.R. been treating you ok?

Marissa: Yeah, he's fine. But Scott hired Annie to be the new head of PR at Chandler. Now she and J.R. will be working together. Any new advice?

David: Uh, what seems to be the problem?

Marissa: Uh, if you have someplace else that you would rather be -- I won't be insulted, trust me.

David: No, no. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm trying to reach Greenlee, and she's not picking up her phone.

Marissa: Oh.

David: Look, let me just -- let me try her one more time, ok?

Marissa: Ok.

Madison: I can't believe how many people were at that cocktail --

Ryan: I know, but free food brings out the vultures.

Madison: Yes, it does.

Ryan: Hey, do you know what I did with the key card by any chance?

Madison: I don't know.


Ryan: Uh, yeah.

[Conversation continues indistinctly]

David: Went right to voicemail.

Marissa: Oh, well, she probably just turned it off.

David: Yeah. Yeah, well, that's been happening a lot lately.

Ryan: Why are these things so hard to find?

Madison: Because they're flat and they don't jingle. Whatever happened to regular keys anyway?

Ryan: People stopped turning them in. Then, surprise, surprise, you come into your room, and you find out somebody's been looking through your stuff. I got an idea. I say we take in one of those shows you were talking about.

Madison: Really?

Ryan: Yes. Your choice.

Madison: Oh!

Ryan: I take that's a yes.

Madison: That is most definitely a yes. You don't have to, though, you know.

Ryan: Yeah, I kind of do have to. I mean, I got to step up my game a little bit. All those guys checking you out at the cocktail party.

Madison: It was a business event with a bunch of ad men.

Ryan: Yeah. You know what they say about those guys. Truthfully? I kind of like making them all jealous.

Madison: Wish I could say the same. The woman from Younger, Dallas, and Grant?

Ryan: Ha ha.

Madison: She needed a bib after talking to you.

Ryan: That was one woman compared to 35 guys --

Madison: 35, please.

Ryan: Ok, there was 37. I counted. I had to count in case, you know, a fight broke out.

Madison: Would you stop?

Ryan: I'm serious. That dress, it's just a lot to take for an average man.

Madison: You like?

Ryan: Yeah -- very much.

David: Uh, just do me a favor. If you see my wife, just let her know I'm trying to reach her. Thank you.

Marissa: Is everything ok with Greenlee?

David: Yeah, she just had a little too much to drink. She's probably just sleeping it off.

Marissa: Do you think she went somewhere?

David: I just want to talk to her, that's all.

Marissa: Go home, check on her.

David: Huh. Yeah, if I do that, she'll think I don't trust her. So how does this situation, this threat to your marriage -- how does it make you feel?

Marissa: Honestly? Insecure, anxious. My husband cheated on me, and I'm still with him. Some days I just feel so humiliated.

David: If anyone should feel humiliated it's J.R. for putting you in this position. I mean, you nursed him back to health, you fought his battles, you stood by him, and this is how he repays you? Don't ever feel anxious for standing up for what's yours, and don't let anyone outside your marriage tear it down.

Marissa: You almost sound like you're rooting for me and J.R.

David: You're aware that most of the people in this town are whispering in Greenlee's ear about how horrible I am. Well, it's bound to have an effect. That's why I'm fighting for what's mine. And if you want J.R., sweetheart, you fight, too, relentlessly, tirelessly, unapologetically. Don't ever let anyone stand in the way of what's yours.

J.R.: You have no idea what you're doing. Having Annie head up the PR department is one thing, but this, this is out of her league.

Annie: Wow, thank you for the vote of confidence, J.R.

Scott: Yeah. Tucker's used our outsourcing subsidiary before. All Annie has to do is get him to re-sign another year --

J.R.: Scott, our subsidiary oversees an entire department. There has to be someone who's more suitable than Annie.

Scott: No. This is Annie's assignment. I already made the call.

J.R.: I've dealt with Tucker before personally, and you have not. This is the wrong assignment for Annie.

Annie: I can do this, J.R.

J.R.: Tucker requires special handling.

Annie: I can handle any guy you throw at me.

Jesse: How do I look?

Angie: Oh, quite impressive. And the suit looks good, too.

Jesse: Ha ha. Sweet talker. That's why I married you, you know?

Angie: So, let's hear what you're gonna say to Mayor Blanco.

Jesse: Ah. All right. Listen up, you battle ax, you know damn well that I am the best police chief that this town has ever had and it is a waste of this town's resources to sit me on the sidelines while you punish me for some stupid -- whatever -- I, you know, the battle ax, you know, actually that was cleaned up.

Angie: You don't know what you're gonna say, do you?

Jesse: No, I don't know what I'm gonna say. You plan, I do. I don't know. That's why we work so well together.

Angie: Yeah, but I think off the cuff in this situation might not be the way to go. I mean, she's going to try to rattle you.

Jesse: Well, you know as well as I do, I don't rattle.

Angie: Ha.

Jesse: Baby, could you pick out a tie for me?

Angie: Oh, baby, you don't need me to do that.

Jesse: Come on. You would know much better than I would what's going to impress our woman mayor.

Angie: All right.

Jesse: All right. Thank you.

Jesse: Oh, hey, remember, I've got a reputation to protect, so think -- honorable, proud. You know. Ha ha! Yeah. Yeah, that ain't gonna work, baby. Come on. You serious? Let --

Angie: Ahh, well, you know the reason I picked these clown ties is, because I decided that you don't need a tie, because you couldn't be less of a clown. You're just too doggone fabulous.

Jesse: Well, doggone it. All right, let's go, Mrs. Fabulous. I'm gonna need you to ride along with me, so I can practice what I'm going to say to our mayor, all right?

Angie: Well, you know what? You got to be careful now, because that sounds almost like planning.

Jesse: Stop it. Come on. Oh. Sorry, baby. Ha ha. My bad. You drive, all right? I'll meet you down in the car.

[Door opens]

Jesse: Hey, baby, come on, what's the holdup? We got to get a move on. This man does not like to be kept waiting.

Angie: You know what? I was just thinking. You hate riding with me.

Jesse: No, I don't.

Angie: Yes, you do. I mean, every time I'm behind the wheel, you say, "Turtle driving."

Jesse: Ha. All right, every time I'm behind the wheel, you say, "Slow down, Indy 500."

Angie: Yeah, well, you know the detour on 54th? I am directionally challenged.

Jesse: You got a point. On second thought, I'll drive.

Angie: All right. Oh. I think I'll bring along a little faith.

Jesse: Right on.

J.R.: You want Annie to know the business better, that's great. But give her just a few small successes before she deals with a big fish like Tucker.

Scott: Hey, she's ready for this, ok? Now drop it. You don't see me second-guessing every call you make.

J.R.: All right, do me a favor, tell Scott that you can't do this.

Annie: What is your problem? I am not gonna blow this.

J.R.: You have no idea what you're getting into with Tuck.

Annie: Stop it. Stop it. This is not about business. This is about what's been going on between us. And I have been fighting it just as hard as you have, but I really, really thought that you understood how important it is to me to be working for this family company. God, I honestly want to contribute. So what are you doing? Are you looking for a reason to hate me? Are you looking for a way to push me away?

[Door opens]

Marissa: What's going on?

J.R.: Nothing. Well, let me rephrase that. Scott's sending Annie to do some negotiating for the company. Good luck.

Marissa: She seemed pretty upset over nothing.

J.R.: Scott made the decision without consulting me first. But I'm over it.

Marissa: Forget about her. She doesn't matter, right?

J.R.: Right.


Jesse: All right, all right, simmer down. I'm not back yet, ok. Save the love for my real return.

Angie: Oh, let's let 'em clap. You deserve it.

Jesse: I got to tell you, though. I didn't realize how much I missed this place until I walked through those doors.

Angie: All right, well, listen, don't blow it by jumping in before the mayor signs off, ok?

Jesse: Hey, I'm not stupid. That's why I brought you along, make sure I don't blow it.

Angie: Well, you'll be back. This is your home.

Jesse: Just like the hospital is your home, right? The thought of losing it is just -- just --

Angie: Yeah, I -- I don't know. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be a doctor.

Jesse: Well, that place is in your blood just like this place is in my blood, and nothing or nobody could ever take that away from us, you hear me?

Angie: Well, in a few hours, you will be back at this desk, giving orders 'cause I can feel it.

Jesse: Ho! Look what just crawled up from the crypt. Time to spread the misery?

David: Only if I'm lucky.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Ignore it. Ignore it. Please.

Madison: What if it's someone from the meeting?

Ryan: No. Just forget about it.

Madison: It could be important.

Ryan: They're fine. No, they're not important.

Madison: Well, I'm getting it.

Ryan: Please don't. Ok, go. Ok, fine. Ha.

Madison: Hello.

[Ryan sighs]

Madison: Oh, this is she.

Ryan: Oh, boy. Ok. I'll be right back, ok? Mmm. Ah.

Madison: Thank you. That's the front desk. Our other room's ready.

Ryan: Ah.

Madison: I'll go get the key.

Ryan: You don't mind?

Madison: No, not at all.

Ryan: Ok. Hurry back, all right?

Madison: I will.

Ryan: Ok.

[Door closes]

Ryan: Come on out, Greenlee. I know you are in there. Please come out.

Scott: Hey, hey, hey. Don't be nervous. Ok? I have seen you in action, and you'll be great.

Annie: Thank you. You have no idea how much it means to have you on my side.

Scott: Don't let J.R. get to you, ok?

Annie: Who cares if J.R. approves?

Scott: You do. I know it bothers you.

Annie: This is something I've been dealing with my entire life -- always feeling like I don't measure up. Trust me, I'm used to it by now.

Scott: Well, that ends now. And if he does anything to upset you, you tell me, and I'll take care of it.

Annie: You're so wonderful to me. Oh. Ah.

Scott: Come on. You got a meeting to get to, ok? And there's a contract waiting to be signed.

Annie: Yes, it is. I will make you proud.

Scott: I know you will. We'll celebrate your win when you get back, ok?

Annie: Ok. You got it.

Marissa: God, I couldn't get any studying done at Krystal's. Hey, maybe you could help me with some sample bar questions.

J.R.: Oh --

Marissa: I'll go get my book.

J.R.: Perkins. No. I told him I was gonna meet him down at the office, go over the Milford account.

Marissa: Oh. Can't it wait? This is really important to me.

J.R.: I know. I know. I'm so sorry. Look, I'll help you, I promise. I just have to take care of this first, you know. Sorry.

Marissa: Mm.

David: [Whistling] Ah.

Angie: You need serious psychiatric help.

David: My good friend the mayor called. She asked if I'd be willing to attend this meeting since I'm the one your hubby's been unjustly persecuting.

Jesse: There's nothing unjust about it.

David: Mm. Might not want to open with that. You really should be begging for your job back.

Angie: You know what? You are a sad, empty, pathetic shell of a man! Do you know that? You are attacking Jesse and me, why? Because we're happy? Well, maybe if you weren't such a selfish ass, you'd know a little bit about that.

David: Ok, you know something? I do know happiness, all right? In fact, I'd be happy right now if I were in the hospital performing open heart surgery, but someone stole my career.

Angie: You know what --

Jesse: You know what? You know what? Let's just chill, ok? Like this, we're just giving him exactly what he wants.

Angie: You're right. You're right. I mean, just being around him makes me so angry.

Jesse: Listen, you go home, all right? Let me handle this.

[Keys jingle]

Jesse: I'll have somebody drive me home.

Angie: You know what? I am too angry to get behind the wheel, ok? I think I'll just walk. All right, sweetie, you use your charm and win Iris over, ok?

Jesse: Take care.

David: See you tomorrow, Angie. We may need to have a sit-down to implement those new rounds of budget cuts.

Jesse: What are you doing? You need to leave. Nobody wants you here.

David: You know, it's funny you would say that. Apparently no one wants you here either. I guess you didn't get the latest text from Iris. She had to cancel. So it looks like you're still on suspension. I hope Angie and Frankie have been saving up, because they might be joining you.

Jesse: You need to leave my wife and my son alone. You thought it was tough when I was chief? There's no telling what I might do once I don't have a badge holding me back.

Ryan: I'm surprised you didn't bring your sidekick with you. What happened to David? Did he turn into vapor and slide out under the door?

Greenlee: How did you know I was in the bathroom?

Ryan: Ha. I think you call it your signature fragrance.

Greenlee: You still remember my perfume.

Ryan: Why are you here?

Greenlee: Why is any of us here? Metaphysically speaking.

Ryan: You were supposed to be sleeping off your buzz, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I wasn't tired.

Ryan: I had to drive you home because you got plastered at Krystal's.

Greenlee: Look, I needed to talk to you, and you weren't here, and a bellhop was passing by, and he let me in so I could leave you a note.

Ryan: Well, you could have sent me an e-mail.

Greenlee: Well, I came here for the advertising campaign. I thought it would be easier if I just stopped by, but before I could put pen to paper, you and Madison showed up. The -- mauling started. I didn't want to embarrass you.

Ryan: You still haven't told me what you need to talk about.

Greenlee: Right. Oh, I forgot. You know, David paying off the SEC agent so he stays out of prison, are you going to the cops?

Ryan: Are you serious? That's why you're here?

Greenlee: Why are you surprised? I love my husband.

Ryan: I already told you, Greenlee, this is your mess. I'm out of it. I'm done.

Greenlee: I just had to make sure.

Ryan: Ok, now that story time is over, you want to tell me why you're really here? So go ahead and spill it, Greenlee, 'cause I don't have time for 20 questions.

Greenlee: Fine. Uh, let's just say today wasn't one of my better days. I was just gonna have a drink. It went down easy. And the next thing you know, I was falling, and you were catching me. And you could have just left me at the bar or called a cab, but you didn't. You didn't palm me off onto someone else. You took care of me even though I didn't deserve it. So I thought you deserved more than just an e-mail. You deserved a personal thank you, so -- thank you.

Ryan: Look, maybe I should walk you back to your room.

Greenlee: I can find my way.

Ryan: Well, if you need anything --

Greenlee: I know. Just for the record, that sloppy babbling boozer at the bar, that's not me.

Ryan: Really? So should I just forget everything you said, or was there something in particular that you accidentally let slip?

Greenlee: Sometimes in the morning before I open my eyes, I forget what's happened this past year. I expect to open them and see you next to me. The last thing I remember was playing with my seatbelt, and everything kind of goes fuzzy after that. Did I say something? What?

Ryan: Ah, it's nothing. It's just that you haven't said one word of truth since you've been here.

Greenlee: Really? Well, if you know so much, Ryan, then you tell me -- why am I here?

[Door opens]

David: This may come as a big surprise to you, but I'm not spending every waking minute trying to figure out new ways to torture you and your family.

Jesse: You know, it must be tough squeezing us in between crashing planes and committing fraud.

David: Well, people do all sorts of things out of love.

Jesse: So is that a confession to bringing Erica's plane down?

David: No, it's just an admission that I love my wife, same as you with yours.

Jesse: Don't flatter yourself. We are nothing alike.

David: Ha ha. You know something? You are absolutely right, and that's why you are never going to win because to beat me, you're gonna have to play by my rules.

Jesse: I have dealt with much worse than you to protect my family.

David: Well, good, good. Well, then good. Come after me, Jesse. 'Cause when we're done, your family won't even know who you are.

Jesse: You know what, it would be worth it to save my wife and my family from the likes of you.

David: Ah.

Singer: Since the night we met

Angie's voice: God, I have not been the most disciplined of your followers recently. But you have always carried me whenever I've needed you. The strength you've given me even in my darkest moments. I never would have made it to the other side without you next to me. But this -- my vision. Why me? Why was I chosen? I'm a healer. Through my hands, my eyes, I do your work. How can I help anyone if I can't see? Have I somehow taken for granted the gifts you've given me? Is this a test, some message I'm not getting? I want to understand this. Please, please help me hear what you're trying to say.

Singer: But I remember laughing when nobody was looking oh, I did

Marissa: Ah. Great. Just great. Ahh --

Scott: Ok. Ok. More studying for the bar?

Marissa: It's just so much. I don't even know where to begin.

[Cell phone rings]

Marissa: Hello. Are you sure it's my turn to pick them up? No. It's just -- I'm studying for the bar, and the test is next week, and I'm just not even close to being -- ah -- ok. That's fine. I will drive them tomorrow. Thank you. Thank you so much. Ok, bye.

Scott: Maybe J.R. can handle the driving duties tomorrow.

Marissa: Yeah. J.R. is busy. He's always busy.

Scott: I'm worried about you.

Marissa: Don't be. I'm perfect. Ask anyone. I'm the perfect student, the perfect mother, the perfect wife!

Annie: It takes months to start a new project from scratch, so why not take advantage of our wealth of talent and experience.

Tucker: Well, you've been very persuasive, but something is still missing.

Annie: Well, we are fully capable of satisfying all of your -- all of your business needs.

Tucker: Is that a personal guarantee? Annie, I need to know that I can depend on you to do absolutely everything to make me happy.

Annie: Well, Chandler really wants to close this deal, so I am willing to facilitate any way I can. Will you excuse me for one second? Excuse me. Thank you. What the hell are you doing here?

J.R.: Looking at a menu.

Annie: You really have absolutely no faith that I could have closed this deal by myself.

J.R.: This has nothing to do with your business abilities.

Annie: God, I am not some worthless mercy hire Scott just inflicted on Chandler.

J.R.: No, you're not worthless. If I thought that, I wouldn't be here. I am not here to hurt you.

Annie: No, you're here to check up on me.

J.R.: This is not about you negotiating a contract for Chandler.

Annie: That deal was seconds away from being wrapped up!

J.R.: No, it wasn't. Not by a long shot.

Annie: Why, 'cause you think I'm some empty-headed bimbo? Watch me. I will have that deal signed, sealed, and delivered by tonight.

J.R.: Annie. Annie! Just wait. Come here.

Annie: Argh. Hey, so, we ready to get this thing signed and done?

Tucker: Definitely.

Annie: All right.

Tucker: But I seem to have left some of my paperwork back in my room. Would you care to join me?

Annie: Uh, sure. No problem. All right.

Marissa: God, that was stupid. God, even A.J. knows that tantrums don't solve anything. I guess I'm just a little stressed.

Scott: How can I help?

Marissa: I'd be happy if you didn't make things any worse than they already are -- now that Annie is working at Chandler.

Scott: Annie is with me. Not J.R.

Marissa: Don't pretend that you haven't seen what's going on between them.

Scott: It's not real. What you have with J.R. is.

Marissa: I'm trying to believe that. But Annie just won't let go.

Scott: No, you're wrong. Marissa, you're wrong. She's finally happy. There is no reason for her to go anywhere else.

Marissa: You don't get it. We have to be proactive about this. We have to fight for what is ours and do whatever it takes.

Scott: What happened that has you so keyed up about this?

Marissa: David was talking to me about his marriage --

Scott: Oh, my --

Marissa: And it made me see what I need to do to save mine.

Scott: You're not actually taking advice from that man, are you?

Marissa: Ah --

David: Looking for someone to help you with your problems? Well, God only helps those who know how to help themselves.

Angie: You have made life miserable for me, my family. You don't question my faith. Because believing in a reason for all this --

David: The reason for all of what?

Angie: You. You. I am struggling to help people, make this community a better place, and you are fighting me every step of the way. When did saving someone's life come with a price tag?

David: Unfortunately treating patients does cost money. You want to work for free, Angie? Fine. Give up your paycheck. Or better yet, join a commune.

Angie: Every -- every day is another confrontation with you, and I am sick of it! It is a battle just to get out of bed these days. I never know what's gonna be thrown at me next, and I am fighting this pretty much on my own, so if I have to turn to him for support, I will, and if you don't get it, I feel sorry for you.

David: Always an adventure, Angie.

Madison: I didn't know that you were gonna be in New York.

Ryan: No, neither did I.

Greenlee: Well, I thought that I should check out the convention personally. I felt Fusion needed more of a presence than just an assistant. No offense.

Madison: Non taken.

Ryan: I guess you just felt the need to say hi.

Greenlee: Hi.

Madison: Oh, well, we were gonna take in a show. Do you want to come?

Ryan: No, no, no. She can't come because she has another commitment.

Greenlee: You know how it is? There's always something.

Madison: Yes, there is.

Ryan: Yeah. So if there's nothing else then --

Greenlee: I think I'm done.

Annie: You will not regret signing with Chandler, Tucker.

Tucker: I'm sure it will be beneficial to both of us.

Annie: Well, if you'll just get your paperwork, I will be on my way.

Tucker: But we haven't finished our discussion yet. There are still a few details we need to work out.

Annie: Such as?

Tucker: Perks.

Annie: You know what? Perhaps we'd feel more comfortable finishing this conversation downstairs.

Tucker: I can make you feel very relaxed right here.

Annie: Look, I am here for business, that's all.

Tucker: No one thinks you can talk business, Annie. The only reason Chandler sent you here was to close the deal.

Greenlee: Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Ryan: Yes, we will.

Madison: See you.

Greenlee: Can't wait.

[Door closes]

Madison: Awkward.

Ryan: Yeah, that's one word for it.

Madison: You don't really want to go see this show, do you?

Greenlee over voicemail: You're reached Greenlee Hayward. Leave a message.

Jesse: Angela!

Angie: Ah!

Teen: Oh, sorry, lady!

[Car horn honking]

Marissa: You know, what David said made a lot of sense. Why shouldn't I fight for my family?

Scott: I'm not saying that. You should. You should. But not the David Hayward way. Look at me. You don't have to play the same kind of sick mind games that he does.

Marissa: Ok, yes, I know that his methods are a little off, but he knows how to get things done. I'm not just gonna sit back and wait for things to suddenly get better. I want my family back to the way it was, and I'm going to do whatever is necessary to make that happen. Feel free to warn Annie.

Annie: I am not part of the package.

Tucker: Oh, playing hard to get. Yes, I like that.

Annie: Don't touch me. Get your hands off me! Oh! Get your hands off me! Get off me!

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