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All My Children Transcript Thursday 7/8/10


Episode #10411

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Woman's voice: I missed you -- mi sei mancato.

Amanda: Min say mancato.

Woman's voice: See you later -- a dopo.

Amanda: A dopo. I feel like a dopo. Oh! Oh -- ha ha. How long have you been there?

Jake: Long enough to fall in love with you all over again.

Amanda: All right. Well, ti amo, amore, something, anyway. Even if you are laughing at me, I love you.

Jake: I'm not laughing at you. [Italian accent] I am sorry, signora. I am sorry.

Amanda: Hey, well, anyway, here. You may as well brush up because, you know, we might get separated while we're there.

Jake: [Normal voice] Hmm. The kids treat you ok?

Amanda: Well, they're not as interested in learning a new language as their babysitter, but I did learn how to say "Mickey Mouse" in italiano.

Jake: Oh, no kidding? I know how to say it. [Italian accent] Ah-Mickey Mouse-ah.

Amanda: Close.

Jake: [Normal voice] Isn't that it?

Amanda: Hey, I want to show you this. Where is it? Right here. Look. This is the -- it's called the -- don't tell me -- the Arco della -- Pace.

Jake: It's beautiful.

Amanda: I'm working on the language.

Jake: It's good. It's good.

Amanda: But anyway, I want us to go there for our first day. Isn't it beautiful?

Jake: Yeah, it's gorgeous. Now, honestly, you think you're gonna have enough energy for all this after long days in front of the camera and everything?

Amanda: Of course. The Arch of Peace? I mean, just knowing that the two of you are waiting for me when I get home is gonna give me all the energy I need.

[Jake chuckles]

David: And then I find out Hubbard's flying all the way to West Virginia to try and dig up dirt on me.

Iris: And he probably used taxpayer money to do it.

David: I think that's a safe assumption. So I'm suggesting you find a way to put the brakes on this guy. Iris, I don't mind telling you this, I donated generously to your campaign because you were running on a platform to clean up the Pine Valley Police Department. Well, I think it's obvious -- it's time to get out the broom.

[Phone rings]


Angie: Ow! Ugh!

[Voice mail beeps as Angie stumbles around looking for her phone]

Jesse: Hey, baby, it's me. I called the hospital. They said you left for the day. I guess you haven't made it home yet.

Angie: I'm coming. Just hold on. Hold on, baby. Ohh.

Jesse: You better not be taking that bubble bath without me. Hmm? Hmm-hmm.

Iris: Have a nice trip, Chief?

Jesse: Baby, I got to go. Looks like all hell's about to break loose. Talk to you later.

Madison: You're so great to let me stay here.

Frankie: A pillow and some blankets -- not a big deal.

Madison: Well, it is when you've come as close as I have to winding up on the streets.

Frankie: Oh, come on. You're on a roll. You got your new job back at Fusion. You got a new place to live.

Madison: When they finish the paint.

Frankie: And you got a nice, cozy couch to sleep on, except when the game is on, especially if it's overtime.

Madison: Don't forget my date with Ryan. It gets even better. Look. Ryan and I are on each other's speed dials.

Frankie: Ooh! You rank?

Madison: Yes, I do.

Frankie: Yeah, you do. And I guess I should get back to work. But, hey, look, we've been having a conversation about Ryan without the dreaded G-word coming up.

Madison: Ghosts? Goblins? Gremlins? What?

[Frankie chuckles]

Madison: I think Ryan is done with all the unpleasant G-words.

Ryan: You know, I honestly didn't think there was anything that you could do that would really get to me anymore, but this, Greenlee? I mean, really? The Miranda Center? They're suffering while you're paying off the S.E.C.

Greenlee: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan: Now you're just gonna stand there and you're gonna deny it?

Greenlee: Yes, because it's not true.

Ryan: I heard Hayward with my own ears talking to Agent Bennett, promising to send payment, saying that he would never have confessed if he wasn't guaranteed no jail time.

Greenlee: It can't be true.

Ryan: You had no idea? Oh, my God, he's playing you, too.

[Touch tones sound]

Amanda: Bene.

Woman's voice: So-so -- cosi e cosi.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Cozy a cozy.

Jake: Martin here.

Angie: Jake. Uh, it's me. Is this a bad time?

Jake: No, no, no. I'm just relaxing with Amanda.

Angie: Oh, sweetie, listen, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. I can talk to you some other time, ok?

Jake: Something happen? It's happened again?

Angie: Well, we knew it was a possibility.

Jake: Talk to me.

Angie: I was, uh, reading over some budget reports when suddenly I couldn't see a word on the page, and then my whole field of vision was washed out.

Jake: And then what? It came back?

Angie: Finally, after I banged my leg into a table on the way trying to find the phone.

Jake: Did you ice it?

Angie: Yeah, I will but, listen, first, I want to move some stuff, some furniture around here because -- you know, just in case it happens again.

Jake: Well, moving the furniture around is not the answer.

Angie: Jake, listen, we've been over this. I don't want to tell Jesse until I know if the meds are working or not.

Jake: Look, I get that you want to tell him good news before you give him bad news, but I really think he deserves to know. You know?

Angie: Jake, we are being redundant. I told you if -- once Jesse knows that David is partly responsible for me catching this infection, he will kill him.

Jake: Well, I want to kill him every single day, but, you know -- look, it's him and his stupid budget cuts. You shouldn't have even been tending to that contagious kid.

Angie: I know. I know, but we are just going around in circles. Now, listen, right now my goal is to make sure that I can get through the next incident without injury.

Jake: All right, look, I'm gonna come over, ok?

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Amanda: You -- you ok?

Jake: Yeah. Um, that was Angie.

Amanda: Oh! Did she finally ok your vacation request?

Jake: Huh. Babe, it's not gonna happen. The hospital's having all these cuts and they can't let any -- you know, they're gonna kill me if I -- they can't afford to -- I think you should still go, though. I think you should go, and I don't think you'll be gone very long, so we won't be missing each other. But I think you should go.

Amanda: I'm not gonna go at all. I'm gonna pass on the shoot.

Jake: Why would you pass on the shoot? You shouldn't sacrifice such a beautiful trip because of me.

Amanda: I already told you I don't want to go without you. And besides, the first time I see something that beautiful, I want to be with the man that I love.

Iris: Are you aware that while you were away carrying out your personal vendetta, the mayor's mansion was broken into?

Jesse: Oh. Another disenchanted voter?

Iris: You're making jokes? I called in for assistance from my chief of police, and your phone was off.

Jesse: I left plenty of backup in my absence.

Iris: Well, you shouldn't have left in the first place. Now, your job, Chief, is to protect the residents in this town.

Jesse: That's what I was doing.

David: In West Virginia?

Jesse: If that's how far I got to go to nail your criminal ass, that's how far I'm gonna go.

David: Ok, you know what? You keep this up, and I'm gonna sue your ass for harassment!

Jesse: I could do the same for what you put my wife through!

David: That's it right there.

Iris: The days that you took that you were gone, did you take them as part of your leave?

Jesse: The trip was part of an ongoing investigation.

David: Which the NTSB is handling.

Iris: Ok. I won't let you. Mm-mm. I won't let you use taxpayer money to settle this personal score.

Jesse: You are protecting a criminal!

David: Ok, you know something? You have no proof whatsoever that I've done anything illegal.

Iris: Ok. Clear your desk. You're suspended without pay until further notice.

Jesse: You can't be serious.

Iris: You trying for something more permanent?

Jesse: Well, tell you what, you enjoy your freedom, because you know it ain't gonna last.

Greenlee: Is there anything you won't accuse my husband of?

Ryan: Greenlee, I get that you don't want to believe this, but it makes sense that he wouldn't tell you. Think about it. This way, he gets to play the savior, right? He gets to look like he's gone to hell and back for you, but the whole time he's known that he's in the clear.

Greenlee: You're wrong.

Ryan: He's the one who set up the money-skimming scandal, isn't he? He's the one. I knew it wasn't you. I knew that you would never stoop that low. You would never want to hurt Bianca that badly.

Greenlee: You need to leave now.

Ryan: Greenlee, I know that you think that you're different from all the others, but you're not. He's leading you down the same path that he's dragged all the other women. You got to get out. You got to get away from him, Greenlee, or you're gonna end up worse than they did.

[Frankie walks in on Madison naked]

Madison: Ooh!

Frankie: I --

Madison: Hi. I thought you were at work.

Frankie: Uh, well, with Hayward trying to make the hospital a Hubbard-free zone, my shift got canceled. Sorry.

Madison: No, I'm sorry for taking over your place. If I knew you'd be back so soon, I would've -- I'm gonna go get dressed.

Frankie: Yeah.

Madison: Ahem.

Randi: [Gasps] Your wardrobe for the shoot just came in, and it is fabulous!

Amanda: Wait. I --

Bianca: I think she's more excited about the shoot than anyone. How about you? You all set?

Amanda: Wow.

Randi: Ha ha! You're gonna love it. Have you seen anything more gorgeous than this?

Amanda: Oh, it is beautiful, um, but I'm not gonna be able to wear it.

Bianca: Don't be silly. It was fitted just for you.

Amanda: I know. It's just, um --

Randi: Let me show you the rest. There is not one piece in here that I wouldn't give up food for a week to wear.

Amanda: Listen, I don't know how to say this, but the thing is I'm not gonna be able to go to Italy.

Randi: What?

Bianca: You're joking, right?

Amanda: No joke. Jake can't take the time off to go with me, and I don't want to go without him and Trevor.

Bianca: Huh.

Randi: Do you know what you're giving up if you don't go?

Amanda: Well, I know what I'm giving up if I do, and time with my family is more important.

Angie: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Angie: Listen, I'm sorry for dragging you away from your family.

Jake: No, no, no, no. Amanda had to go to work. Oh, yeah, you did bang up the leg. Did you ice it?

Angie: Yeah. And it could've been worse.

Jake: Well, I mean, it's gonna be worse if we don't make a couple changes around here.

Angie: Uh, yeah. You know what? Actually, I was just dictating to myself how many steps it is from the living room to my bedroom.

Jake: Hmm. I think it might be a good idea to count how many steps it is from sharp object to sharp object. You know, you don't want to go around breaking things like this beautiful vase that -- I was the one that -- actually, I got that for you for your wedding, and I'm glad to see that you're using it. It's like a flea market in here. We got to push some of this stuff back, you know?

Angie: Yeah.

Jake: Like, that table, for example? Maybe we just push that forward. That's just an accident waiting to happen, so can I push it?

Angie: Ok, thanks, but do you think maybe I could help you just push the sofa, do some of this before my eyesight is gone again?

Jake: Why you got to talk that way to me? I know how tough you are.

Angie: Well, good.

Jake: All right. Good. Fine. You push the sofa. I'm gonna watch you.

Angie: Oh, get out.

Jake: No, I'll watch you. I'll enjoy this. Go ahead.

Angie: You will get over here. Come on.

Jake: Oh, see? Now you need my help. Look how you are. You don't want my help, then you do want my help.

Angie: This thing is heavier than I --

Jake: Well, we should get a moving company.

Jesse: What the hell's going on over here?

Jake: What?

Greenlee: You've had an issue with my marriage since day one.

Ryan: Your marriage is your problem.

Greenlee: Please. You can't stand the fact that David and I are happy, so you're bound and determined to ruin it.

Ryan: Greenlee, I gave up trying to talk sense into you a long time ago.

Greenlee: Then why are you still here?

Ryan: It's one thing if your husband's plans affect people that can just get up and walk away. But when they start affecting a charity, a charity like the Miranda Center -- abused women and children -- they don't have the option just to get up and walk away.

Greenlee: So this isn't about getting me to walk away with you?

Ryan: In case you haven't noticed, I have moved on.

Greenlee: With Madison, a girl who's afraid of her own shadow?

Ryan: At least she's concerned about somebody other than herself. And she recognizes her mistakes, and she tries to do the next right thing.

Greenlee: Hmm. If a saint was what you wanted, then you never really could've loved me.

Ryan: Don't you ever question how I felt about you. You were the love of my life, as hard as that is to believe right now.

Jake: So you're gonna love it.

Jesse: Love what?

Jake: The -- you know, everything. We're gonna change things around, make the new look.

Jesse: What's wrong with the old look?

Angie: Nothing.

Jake: Everything.

Jesse: So which is it?

Jake: Well, it's both. It's both. It's first --

Angie: Yes, everything was -- it was too cramped over here.

Jake: Empty in certain spots, and cramped up in other spots.

Angie: Anyway, sweetie, we were just deciding to move some stuff around.

Jesse: Ok, I see.

Angie: Uh, yeah. I was just, um, thought I'd try this new feng shui thing.

Jake: Yeah. And since I'm a metrosexual, I said, "Hey, I'll help. You don't have to pay for a decorator, you got me."

Jesse: What happened to your knee?

Angie: Oh --

Jake: That's my fault. I was moving the table and she snuck up behind me. I slammed her with it.

Angie: Yeah. You know how clumsy he is. I don't know how he ever got to be a doctor.

Jesse: Are you ok? You ok?

Angie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jake: Good. Ok. Now I'm gonna go, because --

Angie: Ok. I'll walk you out.

Jake: My keys. Thank you very much.

Jesse: Don't drive drunk.

Angie: I owe you.

Jesse: Yeah, you know how to pay me.

Angie: Yeah, all right. Get out. Hey. You take all of this with you to West Virginia?

Jesse: Just my duffle. Ahem. The rest is from my desk.

Angie: Oh. Finally. How long have I been telling you that you needed to clear that thing off?

Jesse: Yeah, this wasn't about my workspace.

Angie: David?

Jesse: He didn't like me digging around for dirt on him, so he got his buddy, the mayor, to suspend me.

Angie: You're kidding me!

Jesse: Yeah, I was a little shocked myself, but, hey, look at it this way. If David thinks I'm being punished, maybe he'll back up off of you.

Angie: Don't count on it.

Jesse: You know what? I ain't even gonna talk about that fool, ok? I mean, it's bad enough being suspended, but I'm gonna look at this forced vacation as an opportunity to set my priorities strait, starting with you.

Angie: Why me?

Jesse: Because when I was down there in West Virginia, you were the one thing that kept me from going over the edge. And I realized days would go by without telling you I love you.

Angie: I know you do.

Jesse: Hey. You ok?

Angie: You keep asking me that.

Jesse: You just seem a little off.

Angie: Ohh, baby, I keep telling you it is just the job.

Jesse: You sure it's nothing else?

Angie: Like what?

Jesse: The false pregnancy. I know we keep going over this, but you seem to have been a little off-kilter since we thought you might be pregnant and you weren't.

Angie: Honestly, I was disappointed. But, you know, between our jobs and everything else that is going on, it would not have been a good time.

Jesse: Is there ever a good time? Baby, we work too hard, and I know we're helping people fight the good fight. But every once in a while you got to stop, step back, smell the roses. And nothing like a new baby to give a little perspective.

Randi: What could be better than going to Italy, shooting with a famous celebrity photographer, wearing the most amazing designer clothing?

Amanda: Hanging with the guys at the zoo, or taking Trevor to the park, dancing with Jake on the rooftop. You know, just even hanging at home.

Randi: Seriously?

Amanda: Dead serious.

Bianca: I can't argue with you when you put it that way. I could use a family trip to the park right about now.

Randi: She was scheduled for a shoot in the park, the biggest, greatest park in Milan.

Amanda: Wow. You know my itinerary better than I did.

Randi: Themes, wardrobe -- I mean, all of that for nothing now?

Bianca: Well, we can't lose the whole shoot.

Amanda: What if I found my replacement? Somebody who's been wanting to be a model for the longest time but the timing wasn't right?

Bianca: But does she have the look?

Amanda: She's stunning, and she knows the campaign backwards and forwards.

Bianca: It's brilliant.

Randi: Me?

[Amanda giggles]

[Voice mail rings as Frankie lifts weights]

Ryan's voice: Hey, Madison, it's me. Look, I took your advice and I decided to check out the S.E.C. connection to Hayward, but I have to apologize because it's taken a little bit longer than I thought. So I am gonna have to take a rain check on tonight. I'm sorry about that, but I'll make it up to you. Ok?

Frankie: Wow. Uh, you look very nice.

Madison: Thanks. Too bad you're the only one who's gonna see it. Ryan left a message. He had to cancel.

Frankie: That blows.

Madison: I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up anyway.

Frankie: Hmm. Well, I was just about to order a pizza from Bruno's.

Madison: Oh. Sorry. Go ahead.

Frankie: No, see, I'm telling you this because if I order a whole pepperoni and sausage pizza, it's gonna kill me.

Madison: Oh, you don't have to do this, Frankie.

Frankie: I know, but some things are that important to me -- like pepperoni.

[Frankie and Madison chuckle]

Madison: Ok. Ok. Well, hey, let me go change out of these date clothes and into something I can pig out in. Hmm?

Frankie: All right.

Madison: And breathe in.

Greenlee: Ugh! You're lying, Ryan. You just have to be. You have to be, because if you're not --

David: What's going on? Are you all right?

Greenlee: Tell me the truth. Did you pay off an S.E.C. agent to make sure you didn't go to jail?

David: [Sighs] Wait a minute. Where did you --

Greenlee: Ryan claims he overheard you.

David: Why are you even talking to him?

Greenlee: Just tell me you didn't do it. Look me in the eye and swear you didn't lie to me.

David: Are you always gonna let him come between us, ruin what we have?

Greenlee: Oh, my God. You did do it. Don't.

David: Greenlee, please.

Greenlee: Just tell me why. Why would you lie to me about something like that? You know we're on the same side.

David: I didn't want to.

Greenlee: I told you I would do anything to keep you out of jail. If you already had a way, why didn't you just say so?

David: I was trying to protect you. I --

Greenlee: That's bull, David, and you know it. Tell me the truth.

David: All right. The day I confessed, I was planning on telling you everything. But then I saw the admiration in your eyes. You were looking at me like -- like I was your hero.

Greenlee: So it's my fault?

David: No, no. That's not what I meant.

Greenlee: You lied to me before -- at least, once that I know of -- when you said you were working to get Erica out of Fusion, but really you were working with her to get rid of me.

David: That's not what I was doing, and why are we going back there?

Greenlee: Because after the truth came out, you promised you would never lie to me again.

David: I know, I know, and I explained to you why I did.

Greenlee: No, no, you didn't. What you did is made everyone right. They all told me all the terrible ways you spent last year manipulating women, and I was just stupid enough to think that I was different.

David: Greenlee, come on. You are different. You know that. And my confessing was the only way to save Fusion. If you or anyone else connected were convicted, it would've destroyed the company.

Greenlee: You made me think you risked everything for me, but you risked nothing. The worst part about this is you used this lie to get me into bed.

Jesse: Hey. Wait a minute. Are you crying?

Angie: Ohh, I'm sorry.

Jesse: For what? Oh, no, baby, I'm sorry. I'm such a jerk. Here you are, overwhelmed, trying to run a hospital, dealing with David Hayward on top of that, and I'm trying to sign you up for diaper duty and sleepless nights, huh?

Angie: That's not the reason I'm crying.

Jesse: Then what is it?

Angie: You. After everything we've been through, you still have so much hope for us, for our future.

Jesse: Baby, it's because of what we've been through. And I guess it's just me being a little fearless, you know?

Angie: I see that. I really see that so clearly. But, you know, as much as I would love to focus my full attention on something that you and I created, I cannot take on a baby right now.

Jesse: Baby, I understand. No pressure, really. Ok? You do believe that, right?

Angie: I do.

Jesse: But if it's something you might want to consider somewhere down the road -- I'm just gonna shut up.

Angie: For right now, let's just take things one day at a time. Ok?

Jesse: One day.

Madison: Thank you for this.

Frankie: See, all I did was place an order.

Madison: No, I don't mean the pizza. I mean thank you for being there for me again, making me laugh when I really just wanted to cry.

Frankie: Well, I couldn't let you walk around with pepperoni on your face, could I? No.

Madison: Randi's a lucky woman.

Frankie: Well, Ryan's a lucky guy. He just doesn't know it yet.

[Knock on door]

Frankie: Or maybe he does.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: Hey.

Ryan: You got a sec?

Madison: I thought you were --

Ryan: I was. I just -- I guess I realized the mistake that I was making, and I suppose I'm wondering if you could forgive me long enough to let me cash in on that rain check?

Madison: So now you want to go out?

Ryan: Yes, I do. But if you don't, I understand that --

Madison: No, I do. I do. Let me just help Frankie clean up.

Frankie: I can handle the pizza and pizza box. You should go and have fun.

Madison: Thank you. Oh, wait. No, I cannot go like this.

Ryan: No, you look great.

Frankie: He's right.

Madison: All right. Thanks. Ok. Randi.

Randi: Hi, Ryan.

Ryan: Hi.

Randi: Madison.

Madison: Thank you so much for letting me crash on your couch. You and Frankie are the best.

Ryan: Ahem. See you.

David: If that's why you slept with me, because you were grateful, don't do me any favors.

Greenlee: That's not what I meant.

David: [Sighs] Making love to you meant everything to me, Greenlee, and we've never been closer. Somewhere deep down you have to believe that to be true.

Greenlee: I don't know what to believe anymore.

David: I did what I did out of love for you. I wanted to protect you. And, yes. Ok, fine. I enjoyed being your hero. But you knew what kind of man I was when you married me, Greenlee. And after everything we've been through, are you honestly gonna tell me -- you're gonna turn on me, because I withheld some details on how I planned to save your company? Or is this just another excuse for you to push me away?

Frankie: Did you, uh, get my message?

Randi: Obviously not. If I had, I would've told you not to extend the offer.

Frankie: See, I thought you were past these issues with Madison.

Randi: That doesn't mean that I want her moving in with us.

Frankie: Ok, it's only for a few days. You won't even know she's here.

Randi: You're right, because I won't be here.

Frankie: Where you going?

Randi: Italy. Amanda pulled out of the shoot.

Frankie: Is she ok?

Randi: She just doesn't want to be away from her family. But can you imagine, like, giving up a chance like this just because she's afraid she's gonna be homesick?

Frankie: I think it's kind of sweet.

Randi: Her loss is my gain. Bianca decided I should go instead.

Frankie: As the model?

Randi: Can you believe it?

Frankie: Of course, I can believe it! Oh, you're the finest thing in that place!

Randi: Ohh. Somehow that doesn't make me feel better about leaving you here alone at home with an attractive houseguest.

Frankie: Look, first of all, you're the only woman I want. Secondly, thanks to Hayward, I have to settle for late-night shifts almost the entire week. And I won't even see Madison. Besides, she's supposed to be going to New York with Ryan.

Randi: Well, it's only a few days. And we'll talk as much as we can?

Frankie: Every chance we get. Oh, I'm so proud of you, sweetheart. Mm.

Jake: What are you doing?

Amanda: Well, I'm gonna take them back.

Jake: Babe, you don't have to take them back.

Amanda: Well, it's not like I'm in a hurry to learn the language now.

Jake: You're really not going? Really?

Amanda: No. And besides, I'm fine because they already found someone to take my place.

Jake: Babe, listen, we're gonna go. Ok? We're gonna get there, I promise you.

Amanda: I know.

Jake: Ok. And until we do, we can dream.

Amanda: [Chuckles] What --

Jake: Here.

Amanda: What is this?

Jake: That?

Amanda: Oh, my God!

Jake: Oh, yeah. We loved it. We had the best time.

Amanda: The Arco della Pace!

Jake: You better believe it.

Amanda: Oh-ho-ho!

Jake: Fantastic, right? I promise you we're gonna get there. The pictures are all that matters anyway. For the guests, right?

Amanda: I love it.

Jake: I promise. So, meanwhile, you will work on your language skills. You're not gonna return the books. And me, I'm gonna work on my opera skills.

Amanda: Oh, no.

[Jake pantomimes as a tenor sings Rigoletto's La Donna Mobile by Giuseppe Verdi]

Amanda: No, no! Ha ha! Come on, anything but that! What -- oh, my God. No. What are you doing? Hee hee! Stop!

Jake: We don't need Italy is what I'm saying to you! We got memories to make right here! Italy, schmitaly! Italy schmitaly. I love you.

Amanda: Italy, schmitaly, I love you, too!

Jesse: Wow. When's the last time we did this?

Angie: It's been a while.

Jesse: You know, instead of being pissed at Blanco, I should be grateful. I mean, because of her, I get to spend time with the woman of my dreams.

Angie: You know, actually, I'm grateful to her myself in this moment.

Jesse: You know, that suspension might've stopped me from doing something I'd regret.

Angie: Like what?

Jesse: Killing David. I'm kidding. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to cross that line a few times when it came to dealing with that rat bastard.

Angie: What stopped you?

Jesse: [Sighs] You. I mean, no matter how much I want to hurt that fool, I'd always ask myself, "Would Angela still be proud of me after I did something like that?"

Angie: You know, I think that's why we've always worked, because we always consider each other.

Jesse: I don't ever want to let you down, baby.

[Having a picnic in the park]

Ryan: Look at this. Ohh. This is great. It's beautiful. It's a beautiful day.

Madison: Yeah, it is.

Ryan: That's why it would've been a shame to waste another second on Hayward, another second. I wrote a check to make sure the Miranda Center is ok for a little while. They won't be hurting, and we get to enjoy the day.

Madison: Don't you already donate a ton of money to them?

Ryan: Yeah, I do, but it's no big deal.

Madison: So why did you decide not to pursue David?

Ryan: Well, um, as much as I'd like him to be exposed for who he really is, it's just -- that's not a priority. This here, this is a priority.

Greenlee: You really think I married you, shared my bed, my work, my life with you, and the whole time I've been looking for an out?

David: You're not answering my question.

Greenlee: No, I'm not using this as an excuse to push you away. How could I? I'm in no place to judge. I'm a million miles away from the woman who limped back into this town.

David: You say that like it's a bad thing. You're a force to be reckoned with now. You have Fusion back.

Greenlee: Thanks to your lies and drugs and plane-tampering.

David: Ok, yes, I did some questionable things to make that happen. But you can't tell me that you wouldn't have done the same thing for someone you love. And I do love you, Greenlee. That is no lie. And neither is the fact that I am truly, deeply sorry for having hurt you. You are the love of my life.

Greenlee: Don't say that.

David: Why not? It happens to be true, and I'm gonna keep saying that until you can finally accept it.

[As music plays, Bianca looks at her passport, Randi happily admires the wardrobe for her shoot and Frankie kisses her, Madison and Ryan grow closer in the park, David shows his unexcited wife the blueprints for their new home, Jake and Amanda pose themselves in front of Italian landmarks on their laptop, then get down to more serious action on the couch, Angie watches Jesse sleeping on her lap and weeps]

Man sings: Honey, we are the lucky ones when all is said and all is done, everything will change but we'll stay the same winter, spring, and summer, fall the howling winds pound out a wall together in the sunny days and rain and, ohh, what you really need to know is that nothing else can make me feel this way and, ohh, what I'm really trying to say is don't change, oh don't you change no matter what they say please stay the same stay the same, don't regret a single day, we've come a long long way, and it's the little things that make my world go round singer: Honey, although we disagree, your love could calm the stormy sea, a miracle that happens every day, it's the simple things that feed my soul just sit it down and watch it grow would it happen any other way? And, ohh, oh, what you really need to know is that nothing else can make me go away and ohh, what I'm really trying to say is don't change, no, don't you change no matter what they say please stay the same stay the same don't regret a single day we've come a long, long way and it's the little things that make my world go round ooh, ooh, ooh so don't change oh, don't you change no matter what they say please stay the same please stay the same don't regret a single day so don't change oh, don't you change no matter what they say we've come a long, long way and it's the little things that make my world go round

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