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Episode #10410

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Erica: Hello? I asked you, aren't you going to invite me in?

Caleb: Would you take no for an answer?

Caleb: What can I do for you, Dorothy?

Erica: Well, we didn't finish our conversation, so I decided that it would be best to do it right now, right here, face to face.

Caleb: Hmm. I'm all yours.

Ryan: Careful. It's nice, huh? Isn't it beautiful?

Madison: Ahh.

Ryan: So, hey, are you psyched for our trip to New York next weekend?

Madison: Well, I mean, you'll be on business. I'll just be along for the ride.

Ryan: Well, yeah, but, you know, I want you to be there with me. No expectations, of course.

Madison: Yeah. No, I know. I know.

Ryan: So, hey, for our date tonight, do you want me to swing by and pick you up from your new place?

Madison: Well, my painters aren't gonna be finished until tonight. It's just a tiny little studio. I don't know why they're not done yet.

Ryan: Personally, I kind of liked when you were staying at the casino just one floor away.

David: I have never been this happy.

Greenlee: You've done so much for me, possibly going to prison to save my company. No one's ever done anything like that for me before. [Kiss]

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Annie: I know. You needed to get away to stop thinking about me. But I -- I didn't come here to distract you. I came on business.

J.R.: What kind of business?

Annie: It's about, um, I -- it -- I could think a little more clearly if you would button up your shirt. 

J.R.: I don't need this.

Annie: J.R., I came here for one reason -- to tell you about the business opportunity of a lifetime. Do you really want to miss out on that?

J.R.: All right, talk. Talk fast.

Annie: How would you like to own Cortlandt Electronics?

J.R.: I heard Uncle Palmer gave it to some cousin of mine I never met.

Annie: Yeah, Caleb Cooney. Scott made him an offer and he's interested, but he could change his mind at any second, so we have to jump on this.

J.R.: "We"?

Annie: Chandler Enterprises. And you're an equal partner now, so you have to sign off on it. It's a good deal, J.R. Don't spite yourself just to spite Scott.

J.R.: Ok, if this is for real, why isn't Scott here?

Annie: I thought that I would have a better chance at convincing you. Can we be straight with each other for a second?

J.R.: I don't know, Annie. Can we?

Annie: We've gotten real a few times. Listen, we both have made huge, huge mistakes, and we've really hurt the people that we care about and we have paid a huge price. But now we're both fighting for the same thing, J.R. We just want to live a good life with the people that we love. And we are both strong people, so we can learn to coexist. You want your family, I want Scott. We both want the Chandler family and the company to thrive, so we both will not let this whatever happened between us -- we won't let it get in the way of that anymore, ever. Right?

A.J.: Mommy! Mommy! I want to go show Daddy my blue ribbon!

Marissa: Oh, Daddy went away for a few days, remember? He went to the beach cottage to do some work, but he'll be home soon.

A.J.: The beach? Let's go surprise him!

Madison: That was a sweet thing to say. Well, I miss being on top of you, too -- in the hotel. I mean, I'll -- I'll miss spending the night in your --

[Ryan laughs]

Madison: I think I'm just gonna stop talking now.

Ryan: We enjoy spending time with each other. You can say that. Yeah.

Madison: You have been so kind to me. Giving me a place to stay when I had nowhere else to go -- I won't forget that. But I'm back. I'm independent now, ready to take care of myself, support myself, take control of my life for once.

Ryan: Well, I see that, and I think it's great.

Madison: So even though we like spending time with each other, and I do like it a lot, I think we should probably make sure we're doing it for the right reasons, you know? Because we want to be spending time together, not because I need a place to crash.

Ryan: You're absolutely right. Will you just give me a second?

Madison: Sure.

Ryan: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

Ryan: Hey. It's me.

Madison: "Me" who?

Ryan: It's me, the guy from the park -- you know, tall, ok-looking, blue shirt.

Madison: Why are you calling me? I'm right here.

Ryan: Well, because this is kind of a big deal. I -- I'm just gonna say it. I put you in my speed dial, ok, and it's sort of a big deal, like I said. And I just don't want you to feel any pressure, but I was kind of wondering if you wanted to put me in your speed dial, too. Unless you don't think that we're at that place in our relationship, and then you just -- just tell me.

Madison: Can I think about it?

Ryan: Yeah. Yes. Absolutely. You can think about it. Let me know.

Madison: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Madison: It's me.

Ryan: "Me" who?

Madison: The woman who just put you on her speed dial.

Greenlee: Don't look at me that way. We'll never get out of here.

David: Would that be so bad?

Greenlee: Not at all. But I'd rather be in my own bed.

David: Yeah, I'm all for that. But first, we have to get Palmer's nephew out of it.

Greenlee: Or we forget him. We start the plans on our new house. Unless you want to forget about that?

David: Are you kidding? Not a chance. But building a home could take a few years, especially one as incredible as I want to give you.

Greenlee: So we boot the mountain man?

David: You got it.

[Phone rings]

David: David Hayward. I'm on it. I'll get back to you later. Ok.

Greenlee: Who was that?

David: That was the hospital. I've got to sign off on some paperwork.

Greenlee: Now?

David: Yeah. No big deal. I'll just head over there, get it done, and then we'll head over to Wildwind.

Greenlee: You know, David, you've already done so much for me. I really don't mind staying in a hotel.

David: You belong in a mansion, and that's exactly where I'm gonna put you.

Erica: You know there really is more than one room in this house.

Caleb: A man can only occupy one room at a time. You're not here to nag me, are you?

Erica: Oh, no. Not at all. No, I'm really here to genuinely say thank you to you -- I mean, for saving my life, for carrying me to safety, for making sure that I had food and shelter -- and I think it's about time I show my gratitude.

Caleb: Hmm. Well, then. Here's to me. Ahh.

Erica: You're smiling.

Caleb: Well, there's nothing like a little libation to bring a smile to a man's lips.

Erica: Ha ha!

Caleb: I hope you're not one of those reform drinkers who preaches.

Erica: Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. No. I told you I'm here to say thank you. And I want you to know that I've done a lot of thinking.

Caleb: Fasten your seat belts. Here we go.

Erica: No, I mean it. You and I, we really spent a lot of rather intense time up there on that mountain. And I got to see where you live and how you live and who you really are, and you belong in the wild. Rising with the sun and sleeping under the stars makes you happy. So the thought of you in the corporate world, in suits and boardrooms -- I just don't think that would work for you. Well, I was watching you. I was watching you up there in nature, and you were just so at ease, you know, so in your element. So completely at peace with your surroundings, content, and really very strong and very rugged and very resourceful and -- oh, well, very, very impressive.

Caleb: Hmm. Now, Dorothy, are you trying to seduce me?

Frankie: Then Bianca brought in a battered woman last night from the Miranda Center and I had to examine her. So --

Bianca: Hey. Thank you for meeting me. How is she?

Frankie: Well, she's ready to be released. Any luck finding our spot at the center?

Bianca: Every bed is full. Even extra cots are taken. We've had to make a lot of cuts since the Fusion scandal scared off all our major donors. Thanks to David and Greenlee, everyone's questioning whether the Miranda Center even is a charity.

Frankie: Really?

Bianca: It's a nightmare. How can I tell a woman with two black eyes I don't have a place for her?

Frankie: You won't have to. I'll find a reason to keep her at the hospital until she has a safe place to go.

Bianca: Thank you, Frankie. You won't get in any trouble?

Frankie: Hey, if David wants to come down on me for this, let him.

Randi: And if there's anything that I can do -- more volunteer hours, whatever -- just let me know.

Bianca: Oh, I really appreciate that, but I'm gonna need you at Fusion. I'm taking over for my mother, at least until Kendall wants it back.

Randi: Wow. Big news. Great news, but big.

Bianca: We can do this. Other companies have bounced back after scandal. Fusion will, too.

Annie: I'm freezing.

J.R.: It's, like, 80 degrees out. Are you coming down with something?

Annie: Memories. I stayed at a place just like this when I was on the run from my first husband.

J.R.: You don't usually talk about him.

Annie: Well, it's hard to with most people.

J.R.: Well, don't feel pressured.

Annie: I don't. Although, back then I was terrified that that monster was going to find us. So I just kept Emma moving. We started off in shelters in San Francisco, but eventually they kicked us out. I couldn't let my daughter sleep on the streets, so I broke into a cottage on the wharf. I had no money and absolutely no food. I had nothing, but that night I remember I promised Emma that I would always, always protect her.

J.R.: Lucky girl. Not every kid has a mom who's willing to break into a house.

Annie: Please. You would break into Fort Knox to protect A.J. I still remember it so well, too. I remember I stayed up all night, stared out the window. I smelled the salt water. I was so scared and I was so hungry. The next morning I left with Emma and we started walking, and suddenly I remember I just stopped. I said to myself, "Where are you gonna go? What are you gonna do?" I felt so helpless, and I remember. I looked down on the ground and I found a $50 bill. It was so weird. It was like it was a sign telling me to keep going. It was like a sign that everything was gonna be ok, you know? And that I could give Emma a good life and a good home, and give her, you know, the -- the childhood that she deserved, to feel safe and loved and happy. That's what I wanted to do, and I did it. I did it for her, and I -- and I did it for myself.

Erica: No, Caleb. This is called being friendly, not seduction.

Caleb: I don't need friends. Don't need them.

Erica: Well, at least you might let me express my gratitude without interrupting me all the time.

Caleb: It's annoying, isn't it? [Chuckles]

Erica: You lost your home, Caleb. You lost everything. Gone, just like that. But even in the middle of all of that, you helped me. You made sure that I was safe, and for that I am very, very grateful. That was a great gesture on your part. And staying here in Pine Valley when you hate it so much -- that's a great gesture, as well. And I know why you're doing it.

Caleb: Oh. You know me, huh?

Erica: Well, I know that you loved Palmer.

Caleb: Pete.

Erica: And I know that you --

Caleb: Pete!

Erica: I know you definitely want to respect his legacy, and so do I. Believe me, I do. I promise you that I will. Well, I want to do it, which is why I'd very much like you to sign this. Here.

Caleb: What's this?

Erica: Let me help you. Ok, take the pen. Here you go.

Caleb: What is this?

Erica: I'll open it for you. This is just something for you to sign.

Caleb: So I just sign this?

Erica: Right here. See? So you grab the pen. Grab it.

Caleb: It's ok for me to sign this?

Erica: Yes. It says your name right there, "Caleb Cooney."

Caleb: Ok. Like this? Big "X".

Erica: You can't write?

Caleb: Subtlety is not one of your many talents, Dorothy. You think that you can get Captain Marvel to write up one of these fancy-ass agreements for me to sign over so that you can take over the company? It's gonna take a lot more than a bottle of whiskey to get me to do that. Nice try.

David: Now, let me make myself very clear, Agent Bennett. I will not be sending you your final payment until I walk away from this Fusion S.E.C. scandal with my slap on the wrist. Now, why don't we just stick to the original plan, shall we? I already told you, there's no way I would've confessed of framing Erica without your personal guarantee that I would get off easy. And don't call me again.

Ryan: Dave. Hey, how's it going?

David: It's going all right. I was just leaving.

Ryan: Really? Why? What's the rush?

David: Well, apparently, unlike you, I have a life.

Ryan: A life, yes. A home, no.

David: That's all right, Ryan. My wife and I are enjoying the luxurious accommodations at the Yacht Club. They have the most comfortable beds.

Ryan: Enjoy it.

David: Oh, I plan to, but not for long. Greenlee and I will be back in Wildwind before you know it.

A.J.: I'm ready to go!

Marissa: Go where?

A.J.: To the beach! To go see Daddy!

Marissa: Oh, sweetie, I told you. Daddy's working, ok, and I have my big bar exam to study for. I can't take you now.

A.J.: Then I guess I'll go by myself.

Marissa: Oh, A.J.

Annie: I'll never forget what it felt like to feel so helpless. Do you know what I mean?

J.R.: That's how I felt when I had the cancer -- like I was fighting an invisible enemy.

Annie: Yeah. It's like you want to go to sleep, but you're scared that the second you close your eyes --

J.R.: You'll never open them again.

Annie: Yeah. And, I mean, it gets better and it goes away sort of, but it never really goes away. Like, that fear is always there in the back of your mind.

J.R.: I live with that fear every single day, but I was lucky enough to survive because of you. I may not be as lucky next time.

Annie: Oh, stop it. You survived, J.R. You made it. You're gonna be fine. Can I tell you something that I've never actually admitted to anybody before?

J.R.: Sure.

Annie: Besides being Emma's mom, saving you was the best thing I've ever done.

J.R.: Really?

Annie: Really. I've been so selfish.

J.R.: You know, I think people view selfishness different than we do.

Annie: Yeah, but I took it to a whole new level. I mean, when I think -- when I think of the things I put my daughter through. I mean, I put her in danger. I risked losing her for my own personal gain. I mean, it's like -- ohh. I just kept taking and taking and taking. But then with the bone marrow, it was like I was finally able to give back, you know, give a part of myself, and I guess before that I never really thought that I had anything worth giving.

J.R.: And you gave it to me.

Annie: God, I hated you. I really, really did. But now I see you with A.J., and it's like my heart fills up with this, like, secret pride. Because I see you with your son and I think, "I made that possible." I mean, I've done one noble thing in my life, but, I mean, whether you wanted to or not, you gave me that chance.

J.R.: I should've given you more than a chance. [Hug]

Erica: You were playing me?

Caleb: Oh, that's rich. I was playing you?

Erica: I came here to make you a genuine offer.

Caleb: Oh, "genuine" my ass.

Erica: I'm trying to give you what you want.

Caleb: No, you're having a hissy fit because you didn't get what you want. You wanted me to sign that stupid paper over there so that you can steal the company.

Erica: I did not try to steal the company, no! You said you didn't want it!

Caleb: Oh, please.

[Doorbell rings]

Caleb: You are too much. What?

David: Caleb Cooney?

Caleb: Yeah?

Greenlee: Welcome to Pine Valley. I'm Greenlee. This is my husband David.

David: May we come in?

Caleb: Hmm.

Greenlee: Using our candlestick as a hat rack, I see.

Caleb: "Our"?

David: Yes. Wildwind is our home.

Erica: Not anymore, it isn't. I think you're gonna need another drink for this, Caleb. So, Caleb, this is Mr. and Mrs. Hayward.

Greenlee: Dr. Hayward. He went to Stanford Medical School.

Caleb: Hmm. What kind of doctor are you? Only doctors I have use for are veterinarians.

Erica: He's the kind with no medical license.

Caleb: Hmm.

Greenlee: For you.

Caleb: What is it?

Greenlee: Cheesecake from the Serving Spoon. It's the best.

Caleb: Hmm.

Greenlee: Uh, why don't I put that in the fridge for you? I know my way to the kitchen.

Erica: Why don't I keep an eye on her for you?

David: Hmm. So how are you enjoying Pine Valley?

Caleb: I'm not.

David: Heh heh heh. Trust me, I know the feeling. I bet that will reading was just crawling with Chandlers. But my wife and I, we really would like to make you feel welcome. So if there's anything at all you need, just let us know.

Caleb: Well, Doc, why don't you start by telling me everything you know about the Chandler family?

Randi: Great news. Bianca's taking over for Erica over at Fusion.

Bianca: My mom's reprioritizing her life, so I'm stepping in -- at least until Kendall gets back.

Madison: Well, that's great for you guys.

Randi: Well, I guess I better get back to work.

Frankie: And I have the check.

Bianca: Thank you.

Frankie: Absolutely.

Madison: Ohh, it is so nice to finally get to sit down with you.

Bianca: You, too, Madison. Unfortunately, I don't have much time, so I'm gonna get right to it. Greenlee fired you from Fusion because you defended my mother.

Madison: That's right.

Bianca: Well, now that I'm in charge, my first official decision will be to give you your job back.

Madison: Are you serious?

Bianca: If you're still interested.

Madison: Oh, my God, absolutely! Yes. Yes!

Bianca: Great. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Madison: Ok. Ha ha!

Frankie: Well, somebody's happy.

Madison: I'm a Fusionite again. Or Fusionista or -- Bianca just gave me my old job back.

Frankie: Congratulations.

[Phone rings]

Madison: Hello? No, no, no, the painters were supposed to be done today. Well, what am I supposed to do for a few days? Can't you do something? Thanks.

Frankie: New apartment isn't ready? You can stay at the casino, right?

Madison: No.

Frankie: Why? I know Ryan would be cool with it.

Madison: I'm not. I have imposed on him long enough. I was just telling Ryan today how I'm all independent now and on my own. I can't go back now.

Frankie: You know, if you want to crash on our couch, it's all yours.

Madison: No. Thank you, Frankie, but I can't.

Frankie: So, what? Park bench? Come on, it's just for a few days. I'll talk to Randi. It'll be fine.

Madison: I'll make you guys breakfast.

Frankie: Careful. That's my favorite meal.

Madison: You know, it means a lot that you would help me out again. I owe your family so much.

Frankie: I tell you what. Make some good scrambled eggs, we'll call it even?

Erica: Greenlee, I'm trying to tell you something.

Greenlee: And I'm trying to blow you off.

Erica: I'm leaving Fusion. Bianca's taking over for me.

Greenlee: You can't seriously think I'm buying this?

Erica: The great thing is I don't have to think about you at all.

David: What do you know about the Chandlers so far?

Caleb: Well, two of them came sniffing around because they wanted to take over uncle Pete's company. Is that what you want?

David: [Laughs] No. Absolutely not. I have no interest in your uncle's company whatsoever. But I would like to buy my home back. My wife and I, we were very happy here. I'm sure you can understand that it was incredibly disruptive to be suddenly evicted.

Caleb: Oh, yeah.

David: Yeah. So I think we can work this out quite nicely for both of us. You seem to be rather eager to leave Pine Valley.

Caleb: I am rather eager to find somebody trustworthy in this town. Are you trustworthy, Doc? Are you trustworthy?

Annie: I didn't really come here for this.

J.R.: Neither did I. Honestly, I came to get away. But the things you said, I felt --

Annie: Connected? Me, too.

J.R.: But not like before. This time I felt different.

Annie: So -- so now what?

J.R.: I don't know.

Annie: I mean, at least if we'd fallen back in bed together, that I could explain, or even excuse. But this? I'm not supposed to be talking to you and telling you about my experiences and my child. You're not supposed to be understanding or care.

J.R.: Yeah, but I do for some reason.

Annie: This is scary.

J.R.: Scarier than getting caught cheating?

Annie: Yes. Because at least if it's sex, you can control it. You get your fix, and it's over. This is a lot more dangerous. This -- who knows where it'll end?

Madison: That's why David confessed to seeing up Erica? Because he knew he could get off easy?

Ryan: Typical.

Madison: Well, are you going to the S.E.C. or someone higher up?

Ryan: I would if I had any evidence, but all I have is his side of a conversation -- him admitting that he bribed an S.E.C. agent for no jail time.

Madison: There's got to be some kind of evidence.

Ryan: There probably is. You're right. But if I went after it, I would just get sucked back into Greenlee's life, and that's the last thing that I want right now.

Madison: What about the Miranda Center?

Ryan: Why? Are they still taking a hit?

Madison: All the major donors are backing out. After the scandal, they think it's a piggy bank for Fusion instead of a charity. That place saved my life, and now women and children are being turned away. We can't just let that happen.

Ryan: No. No, we can't. No way in hell.

David: Hmm. I am a very trustworthy guy. In fact, I'm gonna tell you something that your Uncle Palmer may have neglected to mention. He hated the Chandlers with a passion, saw them all as a nest of vipers, and they are. All except Marissa, who happens to be my daughter.

Caleb: Junior, cousin Dixie's kid -- what's his story?

David: Well, he's desperately trying to fit into his father's place. Unfortunately for him, he's nothing but a boozed up punk who's never done anything worthwhile his entire miserable life.

Caleb: You don't think much of your son-in-law.

David: No, I don't. But I guess time will tell whether he has the ruthlessness it takes to make it to the top. Marissa says he makes her very happy, but it scares the hell out of me that she's even married to him in the first place. So there's the lowdown on the Chandlers. So what do you think about selling me back my house?

Erica: So what were you two talking about?

Caleb: Well, Doc here was just giving me the lowdown.

Erica: Oh. Well, how low did he go? Did he tell you that these two are the ones responsible for sabotaging my plane?

Caleb: No, he didn't. You sabotaged her plane? I mean, you destroyed my home?

Erica: Caleb built his home by hand. It took him two years to finish.

David: Ok, you know what? Erica must've banged her head during that crash, because she's obviously not thinking clearly.

Caleb: Well, she's thinking a lot more clearly than you are, buddy.

Greenlee: She is the queen of working people.

Caleb: Listen, Bambi here might be buying your story, but not me. You wreck my house, I take yours.

Marissa: We're gonna take a family trip to the beach really soon, ok? Because when Daddy gets back, he's gonna realize how much he missed us and how we are more important to him than anything in the whole world. Ok? There.

J.R.: I know where this ends. It ends here.

Annie: How can you be so sure?

J.R.: It's what I want.

Annie: It's what I want, too, but we don't get to just decide. It's not like sex where as long as we stay away from each other, it won't happen. Distance won't help. Nothing is stopping this.

J.R.: Annie, just take it for what it was -- an isolated moment in the middle of nowhere.

Annie: It was real.

J.R.: Yes, because of who we are.

Annie: Who are we, J.R.? Two hot, impulsive, passionate people?

J.R.: No, we're too much alike. We'd destroy each other.

Annie: This was a mistake, me coming here.

J.R.: No.

Annie: I thought I had an idea that would help everybody, but this was a huge, huge mistake. I never should've come here.

J.R.: Don't say that. Don't look back, always look forward -- that's what I'm doing. I want Cortlandt Electronics.

Annie: You do?

J.R.: Hell, yeah. My father fought his whole life for this. To have his worst enemy's company? No, bringing me this wasn't a mistake. But everything else that happened here was. Never again.

Annie: Never.

Madison: Well, only 16 more bags. Kidding.

Frankie: Oh. Thank God. Oh, and if you hear Randi singing in the shower, please pretend she's singing like Beyoncé.

Madison: What? She doesn't?

Frankie: Not even close.

Madison: You are sure that she's cool with me staying here, right?

Frankie: Well, I actually haven't reached her yet, but it's not gonna be a problem.

Madison: Ok. Well, then I'll unpack.

Frankie: Do so.

Annie: Wow! Looks like everybody's busy, busy, busy, huh?

J.R.: Marissa, A.J., I'm home!

A.J.: Daddy!

J.R.: Hey, buddy! Ha ha ha ha!

A.J.: Did you see the fireworks?

J.R.: I sure did.

Marissa: What are you doing home so soon?

J.R.: I missed you.

Marissa: I missed you, too.

A.J.: I'm gonna go get Daddy a cookie.

J.R.: Mmm-mmm!

Marissa: All right. We have a very persistent son. He wanted to surprise you at the beach house, and he pushed so hard I almost gave in. But I knew that you needed the time to be alone.

[J.R. hugs Marissa but looks at Annie]

Caleb: There were times that I wondered what it would be like to come back to this place. I even thought I might be missing something. And in the course of one day, half of this town has tried to cheat me out of my inheritance.

Erica: Well, you're way too smart to be tricked by anyone. And I would never try to hurt you. I meant what I said, Caleb. I'm grateful to you. You saved my life. And out of respect for Palmer, of course.

Caleb: Of course.

Erica: Well, I really have to get back to my fiancé.

Caleb: Yeah.

Bianca: Nice.

David: It's not nice to sneak up on people.

Bianca: It's not nice to drug them either. So you're building your dream house? Kind of strange, considering you just confessed to a felony. Why make such a huge investment when you're about to go to prison?

David: It's for Greenlee.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Yes?

Ryan: Where's Hayward?

Greenlee: He's not here. Wait. In case you haven't heard, Erica's leaving Fusion. She couldn't take the heat, so she quit. I won.

Ryan: Well, you should feel really proud about yourself. That's great. I mean, you fixed the books to set her up. You crashed her plane. You almost killed her. But, hey, you got Fusion, right, so you win.

Greenlee: Well, my husband's going to jail -- not such a win.

Ryan: Please. Your husband isn't going anywhere, not after you paid off the S.E.C.

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