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Opal: Oh, hey there!

Liza: Hi, Opal. Is Tad here? I have his adoption papers all ready to be signed.

Opal: No, he isn't here. He asked me to watch the girls. He ran out of here, said he had to take care of some kind of a problem concerning Damon.

Liza: Do you happen to know what it's about?

Opal: All I know is that I haven't seen him since he left. Damon isn't here either. He went rushing out of here so fast that he forgot his cell phone.

[Jenny cries]

Opal: Oh, goodness. I'll be right back.

Liza: Uh-huh.

Opal: Check on them.

Tad: Oh! Look at this. I requested an ocean view, got the parking lot.

Brot: Well, I'm sorry that Miller guy pressed charges. And on top of that, the judge wasn't available. You at least deserved a mint on top of your pillow.

Tad: That's ok. Just tell me you didn't call Krystal or Opal, because I really don't want them involved.

Brot: No, I didn't, but I did contact someone.

Damon: I am so disappointed in you.

J.R.: You know, Uncle Palmer left me this cottage for a reason. A family day with you and A.J. couldn't be a better reason.

Marissa: Oh, God, I need to call Ellen about the study group. I'll be right back, ok?

J.R.: Ok.

Annie: Ahem. What's with the bag? Oh, and I don't mean Marissa.

J.R.: Not funny.

Annie: Running away from home?

J.R.: No. I'm going away for a few days to focus on my priorities. You know, a big family trip.

Annie: You're going away to get me out of your head.

[Phone rings]

Caleb: Where's a dog? Hmm?

[Voice mail beeps]

Erica: Caleb? If you're there -- I'm sure you are -- pick up.

Caleb: Hmm!

Erica: Really, Caleb, I don't care how unhappy you are about this. Palmer wanted you to have Cortlandt Electronics. Show some respect for Palmer. Deal with it, which means you have to deal with me. So stop being so childish and answer the damn phone. You can't avoid me forever.

Caleb: Hmm. I know.

[Erica sighs]

[Elevator doors open]

Jackson: That doesn't look so good. What's wrong?

Erica: I can't do this anymore.

Jackson: After surviving that plane crash and being isolated up on that mountain and injuring your leg, you really want me to believe that there's something you can't do?

Erica: Oh --

[Jackson chuckles]

Erica: Yes, I can do anything I set my mind to. But do I want to? Is this what I really want to do? I mean, Jack, I've been having some dreams lately -- they seem so real -- about the plane crash. I keep hearing the engines cutting out and -- and the falling and the impact, and I don't know. I just -- I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

Jackson: Come here. Ohh. Well, well, well. Look at what just blew through the door. [Chuckles]

Erica: Bianca! Oh, hi! Honey, you're back so soon from Paris! How is everybody? How are the girls? How is Reese?

Bianca: Oh, they send their love. She sends her love, too.

Erica: Thank you. And Miranda -- did the tooth fairy ever make that visit?

Bianca: Oh, apparently, the going rate for a first tooth is a Euro.

Jackson: Wow.

Erica: Aha.

Jackson: Wow. I should lose some teeth. Listen, I'm gonna run downstairs and get you some of the green tea, of which you are so fond.

Erica: Oh, that is wonderful.

Jackson: That's because I love you. And you? What would you like?

Bianca: Nothing, sir. I'm fine.

Jackson: You're sure? I love you, too, you know?

Bianca: I know.

Jackson: Give me a kiss.

Bianca: Bye.

Jackson: I'll catch up later.

Bianca: Oh, it's still standing. No more Fusion drama since I left?

Erica: Just waiting for Greenlee's next attack, that's all. But I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, honey, and -- you know, I've been running this company for Kendall. I mean, I wanted to make sure it was still a viable company when she was ready to return. But lately --

Bianca: You're having second thoughts?

Erica: Well, it's all turned so ugly, so negative.

Bianca: Because of Greenlee.

Erica: Oh. In a word, yes. And I could wipe the floor with her, but the point is, is that what I want? Is that really what I want to do with my life? I fought and won and made it all about me? Opal asked me if that's what I want on my gravestone. I think that Palmer sending me to Pigeon Hollow and the plane crash and all of it -- I just think that's what's propelling me to make the right decisions for myself to get me to the place where I can choose my priorities.

Bianca: And being stuck in the trenches wrestling Greenlee is not your priority?

Erica: No.

Bianca: You have put up such an incredible fight for Kendall, Mom. But if you want to move on, you should turn the battle over to someone else.

Erica: But who? Who in the world would have the passion, the drive, the stamina to take on all this?

Bianca: Me.

J.R.: I'm going away for a few days to remind me of what's really important -- Marissa, A.J., my family.

Annie: In other words, detox from me? Great. I hope it all works, whatever you want to call it. Because the sooner I am not your drug of choice the better it is for the both of us.

J.R.: Yeah.

Annie: Hey.

J.R.: Good morning, partner.

Scott: Good morning. Mmm --

J.R.: I've got a few more things I need to get.

Annie: Hmm. Ahem.

Scott: I had a brilliant idea last night.

Annie: You had several.

Scott: I was talking about business.

Annie: Oh. [Chuckles]

Scott: If I buy Cortlandt Electronics, I can make sure that it never gets out that I stole the nanotech project from Palmer. Come with me.

Annie: Where are we going?

Scott: Welcome our new neighbor.

Marissa: Is that your Uncle Palmer's letter?

J.R.: Yeah. You ready to grab A.J. and go?

Marissa: Actually -- oh, God, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I shouldn't go. I just remembered that I have this huge study session. And with the bar exam so close, I really need to just focus.

J.R.: Ok. If we need to cancel --

Marissa: No, no, no, no. You should go as you originally planned. I mean, I'm glad that you wanted us to come. But I understand that you need a break, and A.J. will understand. I mean, he wanted to stay with Emma for the fireworks anyway. We'll miss you, but I get that you need this time.

J.R.: You know, after the cancer, all I was focused on was being a better man, a new person, and all I've done since is let you down. I don't want to lose you. That's why I need to do this. Addicts -- they have their triggers. I've got to get away from mine.

Marissa: Which are?

J.R.: The stress. The competitiveness. The craziness. I've let it all get to me. [Sighs] And since I've been given this second chance, I have not honored what I have, what we have. I've spun out of control. I've been impulsive. I've been reactive and paranoid, and that's exactly the way that I act when I drink.

Marissa: You've dealt with your drinking problem.

J.R.: Yeah, but not the behavior, and I don't want to be that man. After all the promises that I've made to you about being a husband, a good husband, a good father, I've hurt you, the woman that I love, the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. So I'm gonna go to that damn cottage, and I'm gonna sit, and I'm gonna think about my priorities and what I really want.

Marissa: What if you decide that you don't want this?

J.R.: This is exactly what I want -- to be the man that I keep promising that I'm gonna be, to be the man that you can trust again.

Marissa: You know, you have a lot more strength than you give yourself credit for.

Caleb: You getting a kick out of this, Pete? Sticking me in this dump? Sticking me with your company? [Sighs]

[Knock on door]


Annie: Hello?

Caleb: "Hello?" I hate this town.

Scott: Hi. We haven't met.

Caleb: And that would be a good thing.


Scott: Uh, we can call a security company. It's --

[Alarm stops]

Caleb: Hmm. Well, just come in. Who the hell are you? What do you want?

Damon: I remember these cells, man. It sucks in here.

Tad: Nah. In my little bit of time in the hole, there actually was a mouse. We came to sort of an understanding.

Damon: Yeah, I know that mouse. I named him Franklin. Yo, man, you bailed me out of this place so many times. Why didn't you pick up the phone?

Tad: Why? There wasn't a judge available. I wasn't going anywhere quick.

Damon: Did you get in a fight? Whoa! Who'd you knock out?

Tad: Nothing. It's -- never mind.

Damon: You're pretty laid back, too, though. Someone would have to really tick you off bad for you to take a swing -- it was my da -- it was Paul, wasn't it? Man, what an ass. He can't come after you like that and then blame you for the fight and get you arrested!

Tad: Why? I hit him.

Damon: You -- you threw the first punch?

Tad: The only punch.

Damon: Why?

Tad: Because nobody talks to my son that way. All right, J.R.'s on his way down here. He's gonna bail me out. You don't have to stick around.

Damon: I'm not going anywhere.

Tad: Perfect.

Damon: Man, I'm so glad you knocked out Paul with a knuckle salute. Pow, pow! Man, no one's ever knocked someone out for me before.

Tad: Hey, just do me a favor, ok? Don't follow my example, please? Violence is never a very good option.

Damon: Yeah, yeah, I know. Was it a cross or a haymaker?

Tad: More like a first broken knuckle. Not exactly Rocky with Apollo Creed.

Damon: Yeah, the master of disaster. The king of sting.

Tad: [As Rocky Balboa] I got to go out the way I got to go out.

Damon: Ha ha! No pain!

Liza: So you have no idea what happened between Tad and Damon?

Opal: Oh, honey, whatever it is, it'll work itself out.

Liza: Yeah, you don't know Damon.

Opal: You know, Liza, if you love Tad, no matter what your feelings are for Damon, don't get in between father and son.

[Phone rings]

Liza: Liza Colby.

J.R.: Hey, it's J.R. I'm calling on behalf of Tad. He needs you, Liza.

Erica: Bianca, are you sure you're ready to stay and take on Fusion?

Bianca: I've actually been talking to Reese about coming back home.

Jackson: What's this I hear? We might be seeing your beautiful face on a more regular basis around here?

Bianca: I also know two little girls who would be more than thrilled to see yours more often.

Jackson: Nice.

Bianca: But I think my mom's a little concerned about me going against Greenlee one-on-one.

Jackson: Wow. Uh, I knew you said you were having some doubts about Fusion.

Erica: Bianca is taking over for me. Bianca just told me that she will take over Fusion for me. Honey, I want you, though, to know, really be sure about everything you're really getting into.

Bianca: Consider it a wedding a present to you both.

Jackson: Well, that would certainly free up my fiancée to spend more quality time with me.

Erica: Right.

Jackson: But, honey, really, though. What about Paris? What about Cambias Industries? You have a whole life there.

Bianca: Well, I've learned a lot working there, but they don't need me. That company is in great shape. I'll just talk to Ryan, I'll explain why I'm leaving, and Reese completely supports my decision. We'll work it out as we go.

Erica: You are amazing. You are amazing!

Bianca: Oh, I think it's a Kane thing.

Erica: Ohh!

Bianca: I think I'll just get started. I'll go look at the financials.

Erica: Ok.

Bianca: In your office?

Erica: In my office.

Bianca: Yes. Thank you.

Jackson: It might be just a little bit of a Montgomery thing, too. I'm just saying, really, a little bit. So, as happy as I am to hear it, it is a little surprising that you're just gonna walk away.

Erica: Jack, we talked about this. You know that I'm not walking away from anything. I'm walking towards so many things that really mean a lot to me, one of them being walking towards my future with you.

Jackson: I love the sound of that.

[Phone rings]

Jackson: I hate the sound of this.

[Erica laughs]

Jackson: Ok. Montgomery. Yeah, tell him I'll be right there, keep his pants on, all right? Very good. Thanks. Bye. Nervous client at the courthouse, got to go.

Erica: Well, you know what? No reason for me to stay. I'll walk out with you.

Jackson: All right.

Erica: Oh, Jack, I've won. In every way that matters, I've won.

Jackson: Hmm.

Scott: Scott Chandler.

Annie: And I'm Annie Chandler, and we just wanted to welcome you to your new home, Pine Valley.

Caleb: Why the hell do people dig up these nice plants, stick them in stupid pots?

Annie: Oh --

[Pot breaks as Caleb throws it outside]

Caleb: They belong in the ground.

Annie: Oh. Um, well, you must just love it here. Wildwind has so much history. And I'm sure you can kind of make it your own, maybe get some animal prints. I actually have an interior decorator. I'm sure she'd be more than willing to --

Caleb: What do you want?

Annie: Ahem.

Scott: So sorry that we missed meeting you at the reading of Palmer's will the other day.

Caleb: Well, now we've met. So you can take your decorating tips and your animal prints, and you go tell somebody else about them.

Scott: Palmer and I, we got very close before he died.

Caleb: Good for you.

Scott: Thank you. And I understand that --

[Shotgun cocks]

Annie: Oh. Ahem.

Scott: I understand that he left Cortlandt Electronics to you, and you're not at all interested in keeping the company.

Caleb: Oh. Now we're getting down to the meat.

Scott: Uh, Mr. Cooney, Palmer and I, we talked for hours about his plans for Cortlandt, how he wanted it to grow, and I -- I would love the opportunity to -- to help realize that future, to honor your uncle.

Caleb: Pete, you hear that? They want to honor you. You want Cortlandt Electronics?

Scott: I thought we could discuss an offer, yes.

Caleb: Hmm. Tell me something. Where's Adam? Why does he send a pup to do his work?

Scott: You don't know? Adam's left Pine Valley. Do you know him?

Caleb: And what is your relationship to Adam?

Scott: His nephew. Stuart Chandler was my father.

Caleb: Stuart? The good one? Uncle Pete liked him.

Annie: Yeah, he -- he liked Scott, too.

Caleb: So Adam just picked up, left his company? Left his family just like that?

Annie: His shrew of an ex-wife stole him back and dragged him away, actually.

Scott: Annie.

Caleb: And you're Adam's daughter?

Annie: Uh -- uh, no. His wife. I was his wife.

Caleb: Ah. The trophy?

Annie: No. He loved me.

Scott: Since Adam's gone, his son J.R. and I -- we run the company now. Listen, Mr. Cooney, I am willing to make an offer on Cortlandt Electronics. The timeframe is minimal.

Caleb: Hmm. If you'll excuse me, I have somewhere to be.

Scott: Now? What -- I tell you what, you call me when you have a chance, ok? We'll discuss an offer.

[Door opens and closes]

Caleb: Huh. After all these years, I've wondered what I'd say to Adam after what he did.

Liza: So what did Damon do now?

Tad: Damon didn't do anything. It was me. I got angry and I slugged Paul Miller. He wants to press charges.

Damon: Pop, pop, pop!

Tad: Don't help.

Damon: Pop!

Liza: Is that all? I will make a phone call, and I will get this whole thing dropped.

Tad: Oh, he's pretty angry.

Liza: And I'm a really good lawyer and will threaten to countersue with all sorts of stuff. He will get scared and go away.

Damon: I wouldn't count on it. That guy loves his grudges.

Liza: You left this at the house.

Damon: Thanks.

Liza: Yeah. What kind of game are you playing? The pictures are still on this phone?

Damon: Chill out, ok? I didn't save those pictures to show to Tad. I just saved them for myself.

Liza: I don't know if that was a punch line or some sort of confession.

Damon: Think whatever you want.

Liza: I can't figure you out. I mean, you pull stuff like that, and then yesterday you were so great with Colby. You told her to go to New York without you to focus on her career.

Damon: I told her what she needed to hear, to do what's best for her, and I'm trying to do the same.

Tad: Thanks for the help. How are you?

J.R.: I'm taking your advice. I'm headed to the beach cottage for a few days, clear my head. You know, stop thinking about Annie.

Tad: So you admit you're still feeling a craving for Annie?

[Music plays at Krystal's]

Opal: Well, Caleb! Mr. Cooney.

Caleb: Yeah, Ellie Mae.

Opal: You know, here in the flatlands we usually like to start a conversation with, "Nice day. How are you?" Something like that.

Caleb: Thanks for the warning.

Opal: Uh, but one thing -- I am very glad to see that you are still in town.

Caleb: Well, not for long.

Opal: Exactly the answer I was expecting. Can you just tell me what is it that would be so terrible about respecting a man that cared about you, honoring his last wish?

Caleb: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I'm not cut out for this life.

Opal: Well, neither was Palmer when he first left the hills of West Virginia, but he thrived, and so could you. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Palmer gave you Cortlandt Electronics to help you?

Caleb: Hmm. Hmm. You mean like a life lesson?

Opal: Well, something like that.

Caleb: Hmm.

Opal: You seem to care about your uncle, at least. I mean, why don't you give this a shot? He obviously believed in you.

Caleb: I'm not Pete Cooney. Never gonna be.

Opal: Well, this is where the flatlanders among us say, "Have a nice day" and move on.

Caleb: Hmm. Whoo.

Singer: And every little twist of fate or is it just a random thought?

Caleb: Yeah, I'm ready to hear about your offer.

Caleb: What are you doing here?

Erica: What are you doing here?

Caleb: I'm taking a walk.

Erica: I'm taking a walk.

Caleb: Are you following me again?

Erica: Ohh. I had no idea that you would be here.

Caleb: Yeah, right. I might've bought that the first time, maybe the second time.

Erica: Well, I'm not stalking you in a public park, if that's what you're scoffing at. You're completely wrong.

Caleb: Oh.

Erica: Oh, you have another explanation as to what's going on between us? I would love to hear it.

Caleb: Between you and me?

Erica: Fine. Good. We finally agree on something.

Caleb: Mm-hmm.

Erica: But we're not done. I have left you dozens of messages.

Caleb: So?

Erica: So you may have been able to run away and hide on that mountain, but you don't get to hide here. Ohh. What possessed Palmer to think that he could depend on you?

Caleb: You'd crash that company faster than you crashed the plane.

Erica: That plane did not crash because of me. And between the two of us, I'm the one who knows how to run the company, but I won't stay and run it for you.

Caleb: What happened to honoring Palmer's legacy?

Erica: Oh, I can honor Palmer plenty, but I won't teach you how to run the business.

Caleb: You teach me? That's rich.

Annie: That Caleb guy belongs in the woods.

Scott: He's just overwhelmed. Hang on. What? We got him. Cooney wants to hear my offer.

Annie: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! This is great! Half of Chandler, all of Cortlandt -- you're gonna rule!

Scott: No, no, no. We're not out of the woods yet. It's too early to celebrate. I cannot buy Cortlandt on my own. Chandler has to make the acquisition. I need J.R. in on this deal with me. I can't make it without him.

Annie: Damn.

Scott: No, I'm gonna make this work, Annie. I have to. Chandler acquires Cortlandt, I can make Cortlandt Electronics a star again, and I can cover up where I got the nanotech project from. And that way, I won't be the man that stole Palmer's dream. I'll be the man that made it come true.

Annie: You really are the good Chandler.

Scott: Come here.

[Annie giggles]

Marissa: I didn't know you were home.

Scott: No -- hey, you know where J.R. is? I got to see him -- business deal.

Marissa: He already left for the beach cottage.

Scott: Oh. Damn it. I can't do this without him.

Annie: Well, he'll be back.

Scott: No. No, you heard Caleb. You saw the man. He is not exactly stable. He could change his mind at any second. I got to make this deal now, Annie, because if I lose Cortlandt Electronics, I lose everything.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Oh, hang on. [Sighs] Yeah, where are the numbers from Accounting?

Liza: All right, so now that our jailbird is free, you guys ready to execute some adoption papers? Just read them over carefully and sign.

Tad: I don't have to read a thing. I'm ready right now. Hand me that pen.

Damon: Wait. What you did at this morning's meeting? That was pure poetry.

Tad: I thought we agreed on this.

Damon: We did. We do. It's just the last guy who tried to be my dad gave up a long time ago.

Tad: Well, like you said, it's a long time ago. I'm your dad now, and I'm not about to give up on you, ever.

Damon: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tad: I've been warned. Are we ok?

Damon: Where do I sign?

Opal: Oh, that's a relief! For a second there, I thought we weren't gonna go through with this.

Damon: I'm no idiot. I know what I'm getting.

Opal: Yeah, only about the best daddy in the whole wide world.


Tad: [Hums] You ready? There. That wasn't so painful, was it?

Damon: Not so bad. Ahem. Ooh. Sorry, sorry -- your hand.

Tad: It's ok, son.

[Damon coughs]

Tad: That's good.

Erica: Fine. You think you know so damn much about running a company? Be my guest. But obviously Palmer thought you'd need help or he never would've asked me to run the company for you.

Caleb: You'd just be a huge pain.

Erica: Well, at least I'm not an arrogant, judgmental Neanderthal who has no idea how to live in the real world.

Caleb: This is the real world?

Erica: Oh, go back and eat your damn squirrel, then. And leave living in civilization to those of us who have the courage enough to face it head-on.

Caleb: Dorothy, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

Erica: Sure I do. I know you're capable of being very difficult, and chopping wood and throwing people over your shoulder. But functioning as a compassionate, decent human being? No, you should go back to your pile of rocks.

Caleb: Well, I would if it were there.

Erica: I offered to write you a check. You refused.

Caleb: Oh, that's right. Just throw money at it. Just keep throwing money at everything. That fixes everything, doesn't it?

Erica: It sure as hell would fix this. Then I'd never have to see you again.

Jackson: We have a problem here?

Caleb: Yes, Officer. This woman is harassing me.

Jackson: Well, maybe you should calm down a little bit.

Erica: Look, if you want to get rid of me, all you have to do is sit down and figure out how we are going to deal with Cortlandt Electronics.

Caleb: If you'll excuse me, my eardrums are gonna explode if I hear another syllable.

Erica: Oh, the man is impossible.

Jackson: I didn't know you had a meeting scheduled with Caleb.

Erica: We did not have a meeting scheduled. This was coincidence. I was just here minding my own business, trying to take a walk on a gorgeous day, and you know what I really think? I think he followed me. I just want him to get out of my sight by any means possible, as soon as possible.

J.R.: Hmm. Ohh.

[J.R. dreaming]

Marissa: J.R.?

Annie: Hi, J.R.

Marissa: I love you so much.

Annie: You just can't get enough of me.

Marissa: I will love you, take care of you, support you, make you feel happy and safe, secure.

Annie: I'm the woman who makes you feel alive, that you can talk to, connect to, body and soul.

Marissa: Come back to me, J.R.

Annie: Come with me, J.R.

Opal: My goodness, my grandson! Oh, well, all this excitement I'm sure has made me late to the hospital, and you know those book carts -- they do not push themselves. Oh, congratulations.

Tad: Thank you, Ma.

Opal: I'll see you later.

Tad: Ok, what do you guys say we open up some soda to celebrate, huh?

Damon: Extra sugar, extra caffeine for me.

Tad: All right.

Damon: Man, thanks a lot for getting the paperwork together so fast. That means a lot.

Liza: I don't know. I'm just -- I'm not used to this. You know, it looks like you've just switched Jekyll to Hyde overnight.

Damon: Hyde to Jekyll -- Jekyll's a good guy. It came up in my G.E.D. stuff. It's a good book.

Liza: Right.

Damon: I don't know. It's just cool, man. The stuff with Tad -- I never thought it would happen like this, you know? Maybe someday we'll even be friends. Who knows? Huh.

Liza: Where's this coming from?

Damon: What? I don't know. Like, seriously, I just feel really happy right now. You haven't congratulated me officially.

[Damon and Liza hug then kiss]

Tad: Round one is on the house! All right, guys, what do you say? Here you go. One for you, one for you, and a toast. Cheers.

Caleb: We got nothing to talk about.

Erica: Caleb, I came to apologize.

Caleb: You don't apologize.

Erica: Yes, I do, when I'm wrong, and I have been wrong. You saved my life, Caleb, and I haven't been acting very grateful lately, so I'd like to start over, if you're willing. I brought you some Jim, your favorite.

Scott: Call me when you get this, ok? Let me know when you'll be home.

Marissa: Lost track of Annie?

Scott: [Sighs] Probably went shopping.

Annie: Yeah, probably.

Scott: I get it, Marissa. I know what it must be like to live under the same roof as the woman who J.R. cheated on you with.

Marissa: Do you?

Scott: No. But I know it can't be easy. I know it's got to hurt. With Adam gone and my father dead, Palmer, I just want this family to get along again. You remember Palmer's will?

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Scott: Yeah? His wish that our generation be better than our fathers'?

Marissa: So, what, I should just forget what Annie did?

Scott: I'm trying to with J.R.

Marissa: Yeah, because it's good for business now that you have equal shares in the company.

Scott: No, because we're family. You and I have fallen for challenging people, but we see the best part of them, and we think that's what makes it all worth it. So why not work together? We can do this, Marissa. We can bring this family back together.

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