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Woman, P.A. System: Dr. Forest, dial 118, please. Dr. Forest, please dial 118.

Jesse: Uh-oh. What has Hayward done now?

Angie: He was supposed to be approving a new computer system over an hour ago. The files are an absolute mess.

Jesse: [Groans] Well, it is past sundown, and being the bloodsucker that he is, he's probably out trolling for new victims.

[Angie sighs]

Jesse: Baby, you ok?

Angie: Yeah, I'm just -- tired. Just tired.

Jesse: Baby, no, don't do this. You were also dizzy at the wedding.

Angie: No, it's this job. I'm overworked and underfed.

Jesse: Well, we can fix that. Let's go get something to eat.

Angie: Listen, I'll just take a juice for now. Maybe a power bar. And then you can surprise me later when I get home, ok?

David: Well, that's not very professional, now, is it, Dr. Hubbard? Anything new on Erica?

Jesse: Why? Think I'm here to charge you with her murder?

Bianca: My mother could be dead and you pop open the champagne?

Greenlee: Bianca, it's not what it looks like. I've been completely stressed about Erica disappearing. I needed a drink to calm my nerves. The champagne was the only thing in the office.

Bianca: So now you feel guilty for what you did to her?

Greenlee: I don't know what you're talking about. You really should --

Bianca: Uncle Jack told me you knew Mom got on a plane and it never -- how could you not tell anyone?

Greenlee: There's no proof that it crashed. A flight plan was never filed.

Bianca: But you knew there was a possibility.

Greenlee: I swear, I never wanted anything to happen to Erica.

Bianca: I don't believe you.

Madison: Ryan? Hey, you got to breathe when you run, too, you know.

Ryan: [Panting] Got it, thank you.

Madison: Hey, you'll hurt yourself, pushing so hard.

Ryan: I'm ok. I'll all right. I'm fine.

Madison: Hmm. You're worried about Erica. I know how you feel.

Ryan: Really? Do you? You want to put your fist through a brick wall like I do?

Madison: You're frustrated. I know. I want to help her, too.

Ryan: I am frustrated. You're right, I'm very frustrated. Hey, I thought you were supposed to be working late tonight. What happened? What's going on?

Madison: Well, as it turns out, I'm going to have a lot more free time to baby-sit for Emma.

Ryan: Why? What -- what does that mean?

Madison: It means Greenlee fired me because I thought we should be looking for Erica instead of focusing on Fusion's image.

Ryan: [Sighs] Well, I wish I could say that I'm surprised about that, but -- I am sorry about it. I know how much you loved working at Fusion.

Madison: Not anymore. Honestly, I can't stand it over there these days.

Ryan: Ever since Greenlee's been with Hayward, she's changed. I mean, it's just that simple. She's changed, and I don't mean for the better.

Madison: So the rumors -- are they responsible for Erica's plane going down?

Ryan: The best thing you can do is stay away from Greenlee.

Krystal: Ok, look, we found the plane. We'll find Erica.

Jack: What if I don't find her in time?

Krystal: Listen, somebody has been in this cabin recently, somebody healthy enough to build a fire. It could have been Erica, or it could have been somebody who's helping Erica.

Caleb: Dog, where are you, buddy? Come on, buddy, it's safe. You can come back. She's gone. I can't believe she scared my dog away.

[Animals howling in distance]

Erica: What is this place? Help!

Caleb: I miss my buddy. Come on, buddy! She's gone!

Erica: Is anyone there? Can you hear me? Help! Anyone, help! Caleb, where are you? Why aren't you stalking me now? Help! Ok, ok. I don't need anybody. I can do this. I can do this myself.

[Dirt pours down]

Erica: Oh! Ugh! Help! Please, help me! This thing could cave in on me! Please! Please help me! Help!

Jack: Erica needs me and I can't see my hand in front of my face out there. How can I forget to pack a flashlight?

Krystal: All right, now, just slow down. Slow down.

Jack: I can't slow down. I mean, we finally have a clue. We finally see she might be all right. What am I supposed to do, sit here till dawn? I can't do that, Krystal!

Krystal: Listen to me. Listen to me. You need to take care of yourself. You with your foot caught in a bear trap is not going to help Erica.

Jack: You're right, you're right.

Krystal: And besides, she is -- she's got more grit than anybody I know. She saved me from a poisonous scorpion.

Jack: Yeah, I guess that's progress, huh? There was a time she would have held you down and let it sting you.

Krystal: Yeah, well, we're practically friendly now.

Jack: So is that why you're here? To help a friend out?

Krystal: To help two friends. Besides, I -- I needed to get away for a while. Hmm. [Whistles]

Jack: What the hell is that?

Krystal: Wow.

Jack: Well, easy, easy, easy.

Krystal: Uh-uh. Oh, man!

Jack: Are you ok?

Krystal: [Coughs] That's -- that's pretty good moonshine right there. [Coughs] Oh --

Jack: Whew. Here's looking at you while I still can.

Krystal: [Chuckles] See? I'll tell you what -- between that and the fire, we'll be warm, all right.

Jack: We can put the fire out. Whew. Baby -- oh. So, everything ok at home? I mean, the thing you needed to get away from for a while -- what's that about?

Krystal: Oh -- oh, no, that's just, you know, Tad and Liza -- they're cooking things up again. You know, I'm glad they're happy.

Jack: Well, we can only be so glad for our exes' happy.

Krystal: I think I need another swig. Pass that flask.

Jack: Thank you for being here.

Krystal: Where else would I be?

[Jack chuckles]

Ryan: You know, only a brave few have actually stood up to Greenlee when she's in full attack mode. It took a lot of courage.

Madison: Never been called brave before. You know, when my father or my husband would go up against me, I would just let them tell me what to think, do, feel. It was easier than getting smacked around.

Ryan: To go through what we did growing up -- all the rage and all that anger -- I mean, to get to a place where -- finally in control -- it's -- I'm proud of you. You should be proud of yourself, too.

Madison: I guess I am.

Ryan: Go ahead and say it.

Madison: I'm proud of myself.

Ryan: Yes. Nice. Was that so hard?

Madison: Yes.

[Ryan laughs]

Madison: Looking back, I should have been more assertive, you know? I should have told David to stuff it.

Ryan: Hayward was there?

Madison: Mm-hmm. Greenlee's outside advisor. He was backing up her power play and oozing fake sympathy for Erica.

Ryan: If Erica doesn't make it through this, that guy better watch his back. That's all I'll say.

David: I already told you, Greenlee and I had nothing to do with Erica's plane disappearing.

Jesse: Just making small talk.

David: Hmm. You know, maybe I should engage in some small talk with my good friend the mayor.

Jesse: Tell the mayor I said "Hey." And just so you know, if you had anything at all to do with Erica's disappearance, hiding behind your little power buddies is not going to help you at all.

Angie: Baby, I'll meet you back at home. New digital overhaul for the computer system.

David: Mm-hmm.

Angie: Budgetary requirements for more specialists. New rules on overtime.

David: These are all things you could have left with my secretary.

Angie: They need to be approved now.

David: Don't lecture me about this hospital. You seem to forget this is mine now, and so is everyone in it. You keep pushing me, Angie, and I'm going to fire your ass, even if you are Greenlee's friend. And then I'll fire Frankie. So you keep that in mind next time you want to tell me how to run things.

Greenlee: You're getting the wrong idea. That was part of an old Fusion campaign. We needed to make room for the new fall rollouts.

Bianca: By tossing Mom in the trash? You and I were going to share our wedding day together. Didn't that mean anything to you?

Greenlee: Oh, don't pull that on me now. The only reason we were going to have our wedding together was because of Ryan. If I was marrying anyone else, you would have picked another day.

Bianca: That day was supposed to be special to all of us. And Ryan -- his love changed you. I could finally see the woman hiding behind all that toughness. Maybe you're just reverting to who you used to be.

Greenlee: Maybe I like that person. That person didn't let people push her around.

Bianca: You're not that cruel, Greenlee. I know you don't want my girls to grow up without my mother. Deep down, you know you want to tell me the truth. So just say it. Any info would help. Please, Greenlee. Be honest. All I want is my mom home safe in Pine Valley. What happened to her plane?

Greenlee: Whatever happened was an accident. Just like when Kendall's car forced me off the road.

Bianca: Was that your motive? To pay us all back for what you suffered?

Greenlee: No.

Bianca: Then was it about Fusion? With Mom out of the way, you get it all?

Greenlee: I would never kill anyone for a business.

Bianca: What about David? Would he kill for you? She's not speaking to me right now.

Ryan: I'm going to help you out until you figure out your next move.

Madison: Oh, you've already done so much for me.

Ryan: No, I want to help. That's what I want, ok?

David: You might want to watch out for Ryan's help. The man is still in love with my wife.

Ryan: You need to keep walking.

David: Oh, yeah? And why is that?

Ryan: Because all I see when I look at you is what you did to Erica.

David: You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You have absolutely no proof whatsoever. So why don't you stop using occasions like weddings to manipulate Greenlee?

Ryan: Greenlee came to me, Hayward, because she was feeling guilty about something. And if you hadn't have messed with her head, she would have confessed that something to the cops, and you'd be locked up right about now.

David: Your desperation for my wife continues to show. It's a shame Madison's not enough for you.

Ryan: You don't want to do this with me right now.

David: Just stay the hell away from Greenlee. She's married to me now and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Ryan: And what if I don't? What if I don't? What are you going to do to me? You going to send me down in a plane like you did Erica?

Madison: No, Ryan!

Ryan: You don't get to hurt anybody else, Hayward! No one else!

[David gags as Ryan chokes him]

Greenlee: You know me, Bianca. You know David.

Bianca: You're right. I don't think you're the type of person who could watch someone suffer and do nothing. Look at me, Greenlee. I am suffering. My mother could be out there dying, and I'm standing here helpless. You've loved people in your life. I know that's true. Picture them starving to death, injured, in pain. The images in my head right now -- help me. Tell the truth.

[Elevator door opens]

Bianca: I'm so scared for my mother.

Greenlee: Jesse, what are you doing here?

Jesse: I heard you were ready to tell the truth.

Greenlee: You called him?

Bianca: Just say what you were going to say.

Greenlee: I'm sorry for your suffering, Bianca, but I did not try to hurt Erica.

Bianca: What is wrong with you? Jesse, can you arrest her, please?

Jesse: There's no proof, Bianca.

Bianca: Look in her eyes. She's clearly not telling us everything.

Jesse: I -- I --

Bianca: If my mother -- if she doesn't come back because of you --

[Cell phone rings]

Bianca: Uncle Jack? Did you find Mom?

Jack: No, honey, not -- not yet, but we did find her plane, and we found her scarf outside the wreckage. We think there's a pretty good chance that Erica walked away from that plane in one piece.

Bianca: Then where is she? Why hasn't she called us? She's been alone in the woods with no food, shelter, or water --

Jack: Sweetheart, your mother is very resourceful. She's been in a lot graver situations than this, believe me, so you're just going to have to trust me. Where are you, anyway?

Bianca: In Pine Valley, with Greenlee.

Jack: Well, I'm glad you're home. And we are going to see to it that your mother gets home as soon as possible, ok? Bye, honey.

Bianca: They found Mom's plane. She wasn't inside. Where is she?

[Dirt continues falling]

Erica: Oh! [Sighs] Water -- oh, Palmer, I did what you told me to do. I -- I looked around. I looked at your beautiful -- mountains and I -- breathed the air. When you told me to appreciate where I was, I don't think you meant this. Maybe there's something in Palmer's box that can get me out of here.

[Dirt falls]

Erica: Oh! Aah!

Madison: Ryan, no!

Ryan: If you killed her -- if you killed her --

Madison: Hey, hey!

Ryan: Ungh!

David: Oh!

Ryan: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Are you ok? I --

David: You're a maniac.

Madison: Get out of here!

David: Well, you better get hold of that temper, Ryan. Because when you get out of control like that, anything can happen. And to anyone. Remember that?

Ryan: Madison, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Are you ok?

Madison: I'm fine.

Ryan: You sure? I -- I just -- every time I see David, I just -- it just -- I'm sorry. I -- [Panting]

Madison: You need to go now, too.

Bianca: If you've got nothing to say --

Greenlee: You can't go. You're too upset to drive.

Bianca: And whose fault is that? My mother could be dead. You did that! No, don't touch me!

Greenlee: You're family. I hate to see you in so much pain.

Bianca: Stop.

Greenlee: What do you want from me?

Bianca: Tell me the truth. But you won't. I am standing here staring at a miracle. How can you toy with my mother's life when you almost lost yours?

Jack: You know, I did always think you and Tad were going to get back together.

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. I guess I did, too, for a while.

Jack: Whew.

Krystal: But that's not going to happen.

Jack: Oh, listen. Ahem. One thing my experience with Erica has taught me is, never say never. Let's just leave this over here, huh?

Krystal: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, I am happy for you right now. I am. You deserve it. So, you got anything special planned for when you find her? What?

Jack: Ahem. So what do you think? Is this special enough?

Erica: Help!

[Dirt falls]

Erica: Dear God -- you saved me from the plane crash -- for this? To take my last breath in this filthy pit in the middle of nowhere? Dear God, if this really is it, I have to ask you something first, please. Please, don't let my body just rot down here. Please let somebody find me. Even Caleb. Please give my family some peace of mind. Please take care of them. I've tried to teach them to be strong, but sometimes they need your help. Just like I do. Thank you, God, for the most incredible life. Please -- please, take care of Bianca, Kendall, Spike, and Ian, and Miranda, Gabby, and all the people I love. Please -- please --

[Dirt falls more heavily]

Erica: Please, God. Please -- please --

Caleb: Come on.

Erica: Hmm?

Caleb: Come on, you survived a fall from 35,000 feet. You can handle a little dirt.

Erica: Hmm? Took you long enough.

Ryan: Am I worried about Erica. I am, but that is no excuse for what I just did to David. I understand that. I know that. And you shouldn't have to see that kind of violence anymore. I am -- I am so sorry that I did that to you.

Madison: I know.

Ryan: This rage -- this -- this anger -- it's not who I am anymore. I dealt with it. That's in the past now.

Madison: Look, Erica's lost, and she could be hurt, and it's probably David's fault, so I understand that you're angry. I'm angry, too.

Ryan: I'll give you a little space, ok? I --

Madison: When I told you to go, I didn't mean away from me. Find Erica. You are not the type of person to sit around and wait for things to happen. I mean, that's why you were running through this park. I mean, you can't sit still when someone you care about is in trouble. I'll watch Emma. What are you waiting for?

Ryan: I don't even know what to say.

Madison: Do what you need to do and bring Erica home.

Jack: So? What do you think?

Krystal: Oh, it's gorgeous. You kidding? She'll love it.

Jack: Good, good. You know, you kind of have to be a little creative when you're proposing to a woman who's been married, what -- one -- a lot.

[Krystal and Jack laugh]

Krystal: So, how are you going to dial up the wow factor this time?

Jack: I think I just want to worry about finding my girl first.

Krystal: Yeah, but you got to say something to her when you find her.

Jack: I'm afraid my mind hasn't been wrapped around that.

Krystal: Jack, you and Erica have had so many amazing experiences. Don't tell me you don't want this one to be just as great.

Jack: Well, of course, I do. Well, so what do you think? What should I say?

Krystal: Well, Jack -- no, no, look, I -- no, no, I'm not going to give you any tips on what to say. That's not my department. No, but I'll -- I'll let you rehearse with me. I'll let you run it by me.

Jack: Ok. You're on.

Ryan: Bianca? Hey.

Bianca: Oh, thank God you're here.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey. Good to see you, too. Are the girls here with you?

Bianca: No, no, they're with Reese. I couldn't bring them for this.

Ryan: You know that you can count on me. I'm here for you, right? Now, tell me what's going on.

Bianca: Uncle Jack found Mom's plane. She wasn't in it. He has no idea where she is.

Greenlee: She's jumping to the wrong conclusions. I mean, it's actually great news. That means she walked away from the crash.

Bianca: The only thing we know for sure is you haven't been honest about your part in all this.

Greenlee: You know, stop using me as your punching bag. I'm sick of it. Attacking me won't help you find Erica.

Ryan: You know what, Greenlee? Maybe you should just go check on your husband.

Greenlee: Why? What did you do?

Ryan: I put my hands around his throat, and I squeezed. And you know what? I really wish I didn't let go.

David: I'll have a scotch, neat, please. Ah. This is harassment. Stop following me.

Jesse: I do not follow innocent men, Mr. Hayward.

David: I'll tell you what. The more you squeeze me, the more I'm going to squeeze Pine Valley Hospital. I do own it, in case you forgot.

Jesse: Do not threaten my wife.

David: I'm just saying, Angie's so busy playing chief of staff right now, it would be a shame if her life became more difficult all of a sudden.


Angie: Oh.

Caleb: Come on, Dorothy. Rise and shine. Come on, come on.

Erica: Hmm? Jack?

Caleb: Jack? Do I look like Jack? Come on, let's go.

Erica: You -- this is your fault.

Caleb: It's my fault? I just saved your butt again, and you give me lip? Come on.

Erica: My cell phone --

Caleb: Let's go, come on. Get up. Come on. Come on.

Erica: Oh --

Caleb: You don't make anything easy, do you?

Jesse: Fries? Spicy.

David: Just go away.

Jesse: No. I'm like a dog with a bone with you, Hayward.

[Imitates dog growling]

David: You've already questioned me. You questioned Greenlee. You want anything else, talk to my lawyer.

Jesse: You got a lawyer, did you?

David: Shouldn't you be out there looking for Erica instead of standing here with me, since I have absolutely no idea where she is?

Jesse: We found her plane in West Virginia.

David: And -- and what about Erica? Is she all right?

Jesse: You tell me.

David: Jesse, damn it, just give me a straight answer, please. I'm as worried about Erica as anybody else is.

Jesse: Why do I doubt that? Look, we're going to find Erica. And when we do, you better hope to God she's still alive.

Caleb: Let's go.

Erica: Hmm, hmm. So tired.

Caleb: No, you don't. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don't go back to sleep. Come on. I need your help. We have to go get shelter. I can't do this on my own. I've got a bad ankle. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Erica: Oh, leave me alone.

Caleb: You can do this. You're not a quitter. Come on, come on, come on. That's it. That's it. Up you go, come on. Come --

Greenlee: So you tried to choke my husband? What were you trying to do, kill him? Or did you just lose control?

Ryan: I could ask you and David the same thing about Erica.

Greenlee: Is that your excuse?

Ryan: You got to stop doing this, Greenlee. You got to stop protecting him. How much of your soul are you going to give before you completely lose yourself?

Greenlee: My soul's no longer your problem.

Bianca: Miranda woke up screaming. She had a nightmare about my mom. Every time Miranda reached for her, she disappeared. Reese couldn't calm her down. What am I going to tell her?

Greenlee: My father will bring Erica home safe and sound.

Bianca: And then that'll make up for the hell you've put us all through?

Greenlee: You know what? Why don't you go to West Virginia if you want to be useful? I'm done being your kick-me toy. And if I was the total bitch you made me out to be, I'd kick you both out. This is my company. But since I'm in such a generous mood, stay. Slam me some more behind my back. And when you're done playing how bad Greenlee and David are, why don't you go find Erica and leave me alone?

Jesse: Hey, it's quittin' time. You got to clock out.

Angie: Oh, baby, I can't. Not yet.

Jesse: Baby, what are you talking about? Are you kidding? Look -- look at this. Look what I got set up for us. A nice, sexy bubble bath, a romantic dinner from Krystal's. Come on, how are you going to turn all this down?

Angie: I mean, there is just so much to do.

Jesse: Angela, these dizzy spells are a sign. Your body is trying to tell you to slow down. You need to listen to your body. You need to listen to me. Let me take care of you.

Angie: All right, all right. Maybe one night off might help.

Jesse: No maybe about it. It will help.

Angie: All right, but this is a one-night victory, ok? Because I'm not easing off on my work schedule. David is trying to bring down me and our son. And there's no way in hell that I'm going to let him do that.

David: Hey.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: Ryan did that to you?

David: You saw Ryan?

Greenlee: Yeah, at Fusion. He told me to keep you away from him. Well, I had a little run-in of my own. Bianca.

David: Bianca's back?

Greenlee: Yeah, fresh from Paris. Yeah, she really laid into me about Erica. I mean, the things she said -- I had to look in her eyes and see how scared she was.

David: Oh, that damn plane was never supposed to take off.

Greenlee: Well, you should have anticipated Erica's next move. You know she never would have let a safety inspection keep her from coming back to do battle.

David: Well, it's not like either one of us wanted to hurt her. But who's going to believe us now?

Greenlee: Bianca may have lost her mother. I've never seen her like that. And all I did was lie to her. I mean, what have you turned me into?

David: Greenlee --

[Greenlee sighs]

David: We're not bad people. We weren't trying to hurt anyone, neither one of us. Look, I was just trying to keep that plane from taking off, that's all. It was a terrible accident.

Greenlee: They found the plane.

David: Yeah, I know. And they're going to find Erica, too.

Greenlee: And then what happens?

David: [Sighs] Well, they're all going to line up against us. We're not going to fold. Because we have each other.

Bianca: When I found Greenlee here, there was a publicity photo of Mom in the trash. She was drinking champagne. It looked like she was toasting Mom's death. What happened to her, Ryan?

Ryan: I wish I knew, Bianca.

Bianca: You still love her. I can see it in your eyes.

Ryan: It's done. She's married to David.

Bianca: She's why you attacked David.

Ryan: Ugh. You have no idea what it was like. She comes back and she's just full of this rage, and she's just furious at everybody, you know? And I got it at first. I understood it. It made sense. But since then, she's continued. She's been on the attack with everyone. What she's done to herself, what she's done to us, to what we had --

Bianca: It still hurts.

Ryan: Well, I'm moving on. I mean, I got to move on, right? So I'm moving on.

Bianca: That doesn't mean the pain's gone. Do you know how many times I would have liked to just "move on" from things?

Ryan: Well, it makes it easier knowing that Greenlee's not exactly innocent in all this.

Bianca: Easier?

Ryan: You're right. There's no real easy part about this.

Bianca: Because you still care.

Ryan: No matter what she's done, I'm always going to love her.

Bianca: And now is the really tough question. If we find out she's responsible, will you help me get justice for my mother?

Ryan: I'll do what I have to do.

Jack: You're very brave. Ahem. Ok. Ahem. "Erica"-

Krystal: That's a good start.

Jack: Yeah, thanks. "I have always said that you are my heart. And that's true. Despite all the things that have happened to us, that -- that remains true. Never mind all the fights and the breakups and the divorce. You're still my heart. And that's why we keep coming back to each other -- because at the core of you and me is this -- this deep and abiding love. And I don't know how I could go on with my life without you."

Krystal: You won't have to. She's going to be wearing that ring before you know it. You know I'm right.

Jack: Yeah. I know. Listen, why don't you get some rest? I'm going to sit by the fire for a while.

Krystal: You sure?

Jack: Yeah.

Krystal: Ok.

Jack: Oh, let me give you hand with that.

Krystal: No, no, no, I got it.

Jack: Come on, you sat through that --

Krystal: I got it, I got it --

Jack: I can at least help you get a blanket on you. Come on. Oh, missed a little part here. Got to --

Krystal: Oh, yeah. Got to keep those --

Jack: Those little piggies --

Krystal: Those toes warm.

Jack: There you go. I'm gonna throw another log in the fire.

Erica: Thank you.

Caleb: Did I hear "thank you"?

Erica: Thank you.

Caleb: Did I hear "thank you"? Well, what do you know.

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