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[Music plays]

Tad: You know, last I checked, slow dancing isn't necessarily a crime. Hey. Remember me, your date?

Liza: Yeah. Listen, honey, I'm sorry. I got to go talk to Colby.

Tad: Liza --

Liza: Colby, honey?

Colby: Oh. Can we at least wait till the song is over?

Damon: It's cool. We are not in any hurry.

Colby: So what is this, another lecture about Damon?

Liza: Honey, I just want to know if you've actually thought this whole thing through.

Colby: "This"? Like, meaning tonight?

Liza: I just think that being with Damon like that is -- it's gonna mean something different to him than it does to you.

Colby: Mom, I am really not doing this right now.

Damon: Oh, man, this thing takes a really good picture. And the resolution.

[Liza angrily smacks Damon's phone out of his hands]

Frankie: All right, how about a round of drinks, ladies?

Randi: Check it out. Krystal's got all these specialty drinks named after P.V. Legends.

Frankie: Ooh, the myrtle martini, Dixie daiquiri, palmer pomegranate passion.

Randi: What do you think?

Madison: I'll have water.

Randi: Boo. That's not fun.

Madison: I'm just not really in a fun kind of mood.

Frankie: Look, you can't think that what Ryan did was because of you.

Madison: I know that. It's not like I was surprised that he left with Greenlee.

Randi: Still, sucks that he did.

Madison: You know, I think after tonight, maybe I'll just quit the whole dating game and join a convent.

Randi: You can't do that.

Madison: Why not?

Randi: Because he could walk through that door any minute.

David: You told him about Erica?

Greenlee: It's something I needed to do.

David: I'm sorry. I -- I don't know what's going on here.

Ryan: Really? Is that how you're gonna play this?

David: All I know is that I was dragged down here for a second time today, and now suddenly --

Ryan: Suddenly what? Suddenly you're being accused of murder?

David: That's ridiculous.

Ryan: Erica believed in you, Hayward. She trusted you.

Jesse: Ryan! Do you mind? Let me handle my business. Now, if you ever want to see the light of day again, you need to tell me, right now, exactly what happened to Erica and her plane.

David: You don't know what happened?

Ryan: Yes, we do. We know she got on a plane and that plane never landed. We know that.

David: So that's what Greenlee told you?

Jesse: Planes don't crash for no reason. This has got you smeared all over it. It reeks of you, David!

Greenlee: That's it. I want to talk to David -- alone.

Man: Mr. Montgomery?

Jack: Officer Abrams, listen, thank you for meeting me here. Any -- any new developments since we last spoke?

Ofc. Abrams: We have rescue teams actively searching for Ms. Kane's plane.

Jack: Good. Thank you.

Ofc. Abrams: You should know an unconscious Jane Doe was brought in.

Krystal: Hey, that doesn't mean it was her.

Jack: Where was she found?

Ofc. Abrams: Remote area of the mountains.

Jack: What kind of shape is she in? Erica.

Doctor: She had sustained severe head injuries, making her condition critical.

Jack: I'd like to see her if I could. Please.

Doctor: This way.

Krystal: You want company?

Jack: No. I'll be all right.

[Krystal sighs]

Ryan: Don't, Greenlee, because David will manipulate you into shutting down, and then we will never find out what happened to Erica.

David: Is that what you think, Greenlee?

Greenlee: If I don't talk to David alone, I'll have to call in my lawyers, and you'll get nothing more out of me.

Ryan: Jesse? Are you kidding me? Don't let them do this.

Jesse: If they get a lawyer, we get nothing on the whereabouts of Erica's plane.

Ryan: Greenlee wants to talk. I can see it in her eyes.

Greenlee: Believe what you want to believe.

Jack: It's not her.

Krystal: Ohh. I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: If it had been Erica, at least I'd know where she was and that she was still alive.

Krystal: Don't you give up hope, ok?

Jack: Yeah.

Krystal: We're gonna find her.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Listen, do you have any other unidentified patients that have been brought in?

Doctor: A John Doe was admitted a week or two ago. Someone just left him in the E.R. He was in an accident of some kind.

Jack: Where is he now?

Doctor: Up in ICU. He's been in a coma. He's just beginning to regain consciousness. We have no idea what happened to him.

Jack: When was he brought in?

Doctor: Well, let me see. May 24.

Jack: May 24? You're sure about that?

Krystal: Wait. Why? What is it?

Jack: That was the day that Erica was supposed to fly home.

Randi: To new beginnings.

Frankie: Hmm. Cheers.

Madison: So who is this "he" you're wanting me to wait for?

Randi: The guy. You know, the guy who walks into your life and absolutely changes everything.

Madison: Ok, did you hear me? I'm getting out of the dating scene.

Frankie: Ryan's not the only eligible man in Pine Valley.

Randi: Exactly.

Madison: I haven't seen any others.

Randi: That's because you haven't opened your eyes. But believe me, they've seen you.

Madison: Yeah, well, you don't have to make me feel better.

Randi: I'm not. I've totally seen guys giving you that "I'm into you" look everywhere -- at restaurants, at Fusion, at photo shoots.

Frankie: Yeah. And she would know because she gets that look herself pretty much from every guy in Pine Valley with a pair of eyes, don't you?

Randi: Aw, baby, thank you. Your eyes are the only ones I care about.

Frankie: Oh, good answer.

Madison: Can I leave now?

Randi: No. Get up and throw your bag or something.

Madison: What? Hey!

Frankie: Oop.

Singer: Don't know much about anything they all seem to believe I'm just simply waiting for destiny

Tad: I'm sure Liza didn't mean it.

Damon: No, no, she never means anything she does.

Liza: He shouldn't have snuck up on me like that.

Colby: Well, I thought you were gonna at last try with Damon.

Liza: Colby, he obviously doesn't make it very easy.

Tad: All right, listen, I'm sure it's been a long day for all of us, so, consequently, we're all a little sensitive because of it. Right?

Liza: So is it broken?

Damon: Nope. Still works. Even if it had broken, I still have everything backed up on my computer. So, no real loss.

Tad: Hey, how about you honor me with a dance, huh?

Liza: Honey, the wedding's been over for hours.

Tad: Yeah? There was a wedding?

Colby: I'm sorry about my mom.

Damon: No sweat. Sooner or later, she'll come around.

Tad: It's kind of ironic, don't you think?

Liza: What? What part?

Tad: Well, I broke things off between you and me, because I was determined to focus on Damon. And now that I'm determined to make things work between you and me, you have the same problem.

Liza: It's different because Colby --

Tad: You're worried about her. I know. But you know what? All the worry in the world isn't gonna keep her from doing exactly what she wants to do.

Liza: Great. Makes me feel a lot better.

Tad: I'm just saying. Listen, I'll make you a deal. If you can focus on me, and only me, for five minutes, I'll give you a reward.

Liza: Come on. What? What kind of reward?

Tad: [French accent] Meet my challenge and find out.

Liza: Ok, you're on.

[Tad hums]

Damon: Why are we still here? I thought we were gonna, like, go home and be together.

Colby: I know. I know.

Damon: Have you changed your mind about that, because I definitely have not. Hmm? Hmm?

[Liza laughs]

Tad: First, the dip. That is it. Comme ca?

Liza: Oui. Where did they go? Did you see where they went?

Liza: Did you see where they went?

Tad: No. I was kind of busy kissing you.

Liza: Honey, I got to go find them.

Tad: Liza, look, the kids are old enough to make their own decisions.

Liza: Yes, but they're not old enough to make the right ones. Tad, honey, I saw the text that came from Colby's friend, and I will be damned if I let Damon or anyone else take advantage of her.

Tad: Colby's not gonna do anything she doesn't want to do.

Liza: I'm glad that you're so sure of that.

Damon: Let's go back to your place, huh? We could sneak into your room, take the back way.

Colby: Uh-uh. Are you kidding? That is the last place I want to be. It's like a big stick of dynamite. J.R., Scott, Annie -- it's just like you don't know when it's gonna blow. And Marissa? I can't even believe she moved back in. If it was me, I would never move back, no.

Damon: Tad's. We'll go to Tad's. We can sneak into the man cave. It's easy.

Colby: No, I think someone would -- someone would definitely catch us.

Damon: No, no. There's a lock on the door now for privacy. It's for privacy.

Colby: But, Damon, don't you think it's kind of romantic here under the stars?

Damon: Yeah.

Colby: Yeah.

Damon: It is, yeah.

Colby: Oh -- oh.

Damon: What's the matter? What's wrong? What's going on down there?

Colby: Oh, my flowers -- they got squished.

Damon: That's fine. I'll buy you more tomorrow. I promise.

Colby: That was some wedding, wasn't it?

Damon: Was it?

Colby: Oh, yeah. It totally got to me. Jake and Amanda -- I mean, after all they've been through, they finally find happiness.

Damon: Yeah, I know. It's great for them.

Colby: I wonder if Amanda ever thought she'd be happy with one person, you know, after all she'd been through. I often ask that of myself. Like -- like, am I damaged?

Damon: Hey, you are no more damaged than anybody else.

Colby: It's just my life is just -- it's full of chaos.

Damon: Hey, what's wrong with chaos? Chaos keeps things interesting.

Colby: But ever since my dad left, I just -- I feel lost. And I guess the wedding -- it kind of did something to me.

Damon: Yeah, I see that, but what? I mean, it's not like you're waiting for me to propose, right?

David: Wow. Huh. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen if you went to that wedding.

Greenlee: This has nothing to do with the wedding.

David: Really? And where were you when you had this sudden urge to talk about Erica?

Greenlee: I didn't tell them that you did something to the plane.

David: Where were you?

Greenlee: I was dancing with Ryan.

David: Oh, right. Of course, you were.

Greenlee: This isn't about him. It's about Erica and my father and the fact that I didn't want to live like this anymore: Feeling like a murderer, because we kept them from looking for her.

David: Greenlee, you haven't done anything wrong. But now, thanks to Lavery and all his pals who got you --

Greenlee: Stop it. I am not sorry for what I did tonight.

David: Ok. I wonder if you're gonna still feel that if we go to jail.

Ryan: This was a mistake, Jesse. By the time they get out here, we'll have lost her.

Jesse: I doubt that. She's pretty tough.

Ryan: No, no, no, Hayward has got a hold on her, Jesse. We've both seen it. You've seen it.

Jesse: Ryan, I don't have time to do this with you right now. I've got to coordinate with the FAA and the federal marshals to see if anybody's got anything more on Erica's plane, ok? Don't let him back in there.

David: I had a dream last night. I was locked away in that cold cell, dreaming about Erica.

Greenlee: What kind of dream?

David: I don't know. I barely even remember it. I just remember waking up and feeling like -- like I missed her.

Greenlee: David.

David: So you didn't tell them about -- about me paying the mechanic to sabotage the plane?

Greenlee: No.

David: Why not?

Greenlee: Because you're my husband.

David: They're gonna keep pushing you, Greenlee. You have to know that. All Ryan and Jesse and Jake have ever wanted to do was come between us. It's the reason Amanda invited you to be in the wedding party. It's the reason Lavery was teamed up with you.

Greenlee: Maybe you're right. But for a few minutes when I helped Amanda find her ring and when I watched them exchange vows, I felt normal, like I belonged somewhere.

David: I understand.

Greenlee: Do you?

David: Yeah, I do. I'm used to everyone in this town hating my guts. But it's not fair to you, and I'm not gonna let you get hurt over this, Greenlee. I promise you. And I'm not gonna make you do anything that you don't think is right.

[Door opens]

Jesse: Time's up.

Doctor: John Doe's been taken upstairs for tests. They'll bring him down as soon as he's finished.

Krystal: We'll be right here.

Jack: Thank you.

[Krystal sighs]

Jack: I know what you're thinking. That I'm just grasping at straws and I'm just looking for any speck of hope that Erica's still out there and she's not --

Krystal: That's not what I'm thinking. When I was in Africa with Erica, let me tell you, I was sure she was not gonna make it. Between the heat and the mosquitoes and the lack of a designer shoe store in the area, I -- really, I thought she would go all delicate flower on me and not even show up for those kids. But she was fierce. She was a warrior. She was just so determined and unstoppable. I got back from that trip thinking that woman can survive anything.

Jack: Thank you for that. Oh, my God.

Krystal: You know him?

Jack: That's Erica's pilot.

Randi: He's totally interested. What you need to do is get up and introduce yourself.

Madison: I can't do that.

Randi: Why not? Babe, didn't you say that guys love it when girls make the first move?

Frankie: Absolutely. It takes the pressure off. Now, wait. Why are we doing this again?

Randi: Because Ryan left her hanging, and that's not cool.

Madison: You know what? What the hell. What more could I lose, right?

Randi: That's the spirit.

Frankie: Madison North steps up to the plate, ladies and gentlemen. Here's the swing for the pitch. It's a fast one. Wait a minute. Oh -- she swings, and contact, ladies and gentlemen! The ball is out of the park! We have a wild one, yes! It's a home run! [Imitates crowd cheering]

Randi: And that's the way we do it, folks.

Damon: Here. Here you go. I didn't mean to throw them.

Colby: You seem freaked out.

Damon: What? No, I'm not freaked out. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.

Colby: I don't want to get married now. It's just the wedding made me think about things.

Damon: Like what? What?

Colby: Like my future, like the kind of life I'd like to have. I'd like to have a serious relationship. I'd like to have a family of my own and my own house.

Damon: And that will happen. That will happen for you someday. But what does that have to do with tonight? Nothing, right?

Colby: I don't know, Damon. I just want our first time to mean something. I don't want us to be scared that someone's gonna sneak up on us.

Damon: It doesn't have to feel that way.

Colby: I just feel like it's wrong and that we're doing it just to stick it to my mom.

Damon: That's not what it's about for me. I just want to be with you real badly.

Colby: And I want to be with you, too. I just want to know that we have something stable and solid, and that we're headed somewhere and that you will never leave me.

[Damon sighs]

Colby: I'm sorry.

Damon: It's ok.

Colby: No, no, I'm sorry you're mad at me now.

Damon: No, I'm not. I'm not mad. I'm not. Really.

Colby: Really?

Damon: Really.

Colby: Ok.

Damon: Ok.

[Colby snickers as they hug]

Tad: Liza, wait.

Damon: Ooh.

Colby: Ok, before you wig out, nothing happened.

Damon: No, Colby and I were just talking -- about marriage.

Jesse: Ok, sweetheart, you had your five minutes. Now it's my turn to chat with Honest Abe here.

David: I'll be ok. So will you.

Ryan: Tell me he didn't get to you. Greenlee, I get that you're grateful to him. I understand that. I understand that he saved your life and he brought you back against all of the odds. I really do understand all of that. But it's time now to see past that and see what he's done to you since then. Look what's happened to Erica.

Greenlee: Why did you go to Jake and Amanda's wedding?

Ryan: Because they're my friends.

Greenlee: And what did you think when Jake said that we'd be walking down the aisle together?

Ryan: Well, I mean, initially I didn't really kind of see what was going on, but eventually it became clear that they were trying to do a little matchmaking.

Greenlee: So you weren't in on it, trying to get me to turn on David?

Ryan: Is that what he told you? Look, he can twist you around and make you think that he's the only person that cares about you, Greenlee. But you know that's not true. You know it.

Jack: Look, I don't care how or why that plane crashed. All I want to know is where Erica is, all right?

Doctor: Mr. Montgomery, I --

Krystal: Jack, listen, I don't think he's in any condition --

Jack: Tell me where she is, ok? Tell me what happened to her.

[Pilot groans]

Jack: Come on, please! Tell me how I can find her!

Doctor: He has been unconscious for weeks. He doesn't know who he is, let alone how he got here.

Jack: He was flying this damn plane, and he's the only --

Krystal: Jack, come on, take it easy.

Jack: Krystal, stay out of this, please!

Doctor: Hey, Officer? Get him out of here.

Jack: Oh, are you kidding me? This is the one man that can help me!

Ofc. Abrams: Come with me, please.

Pilot: Erica --

David: I have no idea what happened to Erica or her plane.

Jesse: Really? And how did your wife know about her plane going down?

David: Lavery got Greenlee all worked up, and he put words in her mouth. You know damn well he'd do anything to nail me to the wall.

Jesse: Yeah, well, he's not alone in that.

David: All right, you know, you have no proof that a crime has been committed. Therefore, you can't hold me.

Ryan: Greenlee, look at me. Please, please look at me.

[Greenlee sighs]

Ryan: Now, tell me -- tell me what you're thinking.

Greenlee: I was just remembering last night at the casino -- you and me looking for the wedding ring, walking down the aisle together, even dancing at the reception. It was like everything was normal. What was all that?

Ryan: That was you and me being real with each other for the first time in a very long time. That was about you being the Greenlee that I remembered; the one that I could trust that would do the right thing in the end. Please do the right thing here, Greenlee. If David doesn't tell Jesse what happened to Erica, what he did to Erica, then you have to.

Jesse: All right, Mrs. Hayward, you're up. All right, Greenlee, let's start from the beginning, and, please, let's try not to leave anything out. I need you to tell me exactly what you know about Erica's plane going down. [Slams door shut] Hey, focus!

Greenlee: Well, before she left Pine Valley, the two of us were in a really bad place.

Jesse: You want to describe this bad place?

Greenlee: The competition between our product lines was heating up, and she sabotaged my chances of winning.

Jesse: So when Erica left, did anybody hear from her? Did anybody know where she was headed?

Greenlee: After a few days when there was still no word from her, I started to get worried, and I felt really guilty.

Jesse: About what? About what, Greenlee?!

Greenlee: My father.

Jesse: Jackson?

Greenlee: I knew how devastated he would be if he lost her. He loves her so much.

Jesse: So why the hell would you feel guilty about that?

Greenlee: Well, before she left, I privately wished that she would disappear and never come back. But then she didn't, and so then I told David that I was worried, that something was wrong.

Jesse: And how did he respond to that?

Greenlee: He did some digging to find out what happened, more to give me some peace of mind.

Jesse: Some digging?

Greenlee: Yes. And he found out that Erica got on a plane in Pigeon Hollow. But the pilot never filed a flight plan and the plane never landed anywhere.

Jesse: So he just "found out" that this plane was missing?

Greenlee: Yes. And I felt horrible. I felt like by putting it out in the universe, that I was the reason that Erica was gone. That's why I told Ryan I knew what had had happened, because I felt like my wish had come true.

Pilot: I was -- I don't -- she wanted to go home.

Jack: Ok, take it easy. What -- why didn't you file a flight plan?

Pilot: There was no inspection. In the air, engine trouble. I didn't think we'd survive.

Jack: But you survived. Did she?

[Pilot faints]

Liza: Are you two out of your minds?

Colby: Will you chill out? It wasn't like we were planning to elope or anything.

Liza: What are you even doing talking about marriage?

Colby: Well, you should be happy we weren't have sex like you thought!

Liza: Ok, yes, I am. I'm a little relieved. But now I'm skeptical about why he even changed his mind.

Colby: He didn't change his mind. I changed my mind. If I'm gonna do it, I want it to be something serious.

Liza: Honey, honey, you are too young for anything serious.

Colby: I am?

Liza: Yes.

Colby: I'm too young? I am too young to have someone to hold onto, to have one person that won't take off, to have one person who I can count on?

Damon: You guys following us now?

Tad: No. I was following Liza. Liza was following you.

Damon: I was kind of hoping you would, like, keep her distracted and off our backs for the evening.

Tad: Wait a minute. Let's get one thing straight, ok? I am not with Liza because I'm trying to distract her from you or anybody else. I am with Liza because I want to be with Liza -- like you read about. And what about Colby? You care about her, right?

Damon: Yeah. What do you think?

Tad: What do you mean, what do I think? What do you think? You starting mentioning marriage, what do you think she's gonna think?

Damon: No, that's -- I'm not walking down any aisle anytime soon, all right? Don't worry.

Colby: Will you take me home now?

Damon: Yeah, sure.

Liza: So what did he say?

Tad: The good news? I don't think you're gonna have to buy her a bride's dress anytime soon.

Liza: Oh, Tad, she's been hurt so many times. I just -- so many people have let her down, and I'm right there on the top of that list. You know, I actually drove her right into Damon's arms. Huh.

Tad: Liza, maybe it's time for you to back up a little. Try to let things happen the way they're supposed to happen, honestly, before something happens that we all regret.

Liza's voice: That's much better. Ohh.

Liza: Yeah. I mean, we wouldn't want that happen.

Randi: Well?

Madison: Oh, he's great.

Randi: You see? I knew it! The minute he smiled at you, I knew you guys would click.

Madison: Oh, we clicked, all right -- especially, when it comes to fashion.

Randi: Fashion?

Madison: Yeah. The reason that he smiled at me when he walked through the door? Apparently, he loves my dress.

Frankie: He what?

Madison: He's a fashion designer -- and he's gay.

Frankie: Ouch.

Jesse: You're free to go.

Ryan: What?

Jesse: He's free to go!

Ryan: Wait, what -- hold it! What did you do?

Greenlee: I told Jesse the truth.

[Door slams]

Greenlee: I don't know for a fact that Erica's plane went down.

Ryan: Greenlee, don't do this. Please, don't do this, ok, because there's still a chance.

Greenlee: Think what you want.

Ryan: Think -- I thought you finally came to your senses. Think about Erica. Think about your dad.

Greenlee: Let's go.

Jack: Can you tell me what happened?

Pilot: I'm sorry. I can't remember.

Jack: Do you know where you were when you started to go down?

Pilot: Mountains. Mount -- mountains.

Jack: We're surrounded by mountains. Do you know which one? Can you give me a landmark -- something, anything?

Pilot: 39, 77 --

Jack: Coordinates. He's giving us coordinates --

Krystal: Yes, I got it.

Jack: Latitude and longitude. Get these to the search party. Please hurry.

Doctor: Look, we need to get this gentleman back to his room.

Jack: Thank you. Well, it's a start, I guess.

Krystal: Yeah, it is.

Jack: Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry about biting your head off before.

Krystal: Ohh, I'm good. I'm fine. And as soon as you find Erica, you will be, too.


Tad: Feel better? I think so.

Liza: You sure have a way of lifting my spirits.

Tad: Yeah? Well, you certainly have a way of lifting mine.

[Liza giggles]

Damon: I guess that "no girls" rule doesn't apply to everybody.

Tad: Don't do that. Not that I have to explain myself, but considering I'm paying the mortgage, the girls are at Opal's tonight, and the rest of the wedding party is still at the club. So --

Damon: It's too bad that you forgot to get rid of me.

Tad: No. Actually, that won't be a problem, seeing as how you're so exhausted from the wedding.

Damon: Yeah. Definitely not from anything else.

Liza: So I assume that Colby's home?

Damon: Safe and sound, really tired. Have a good night, you two.

Tad: Ok, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Ok, listen. Don't -- don't give him a second thought. I guarantee you he's gonna go downstairs, he's gonna crash, and we won't see him again till noon tomorrow. Ok? All right?

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Right? Oh, come on.

Liza: Where are we going?

Tad: What do you mean, where are we going? Bowling. What kind of question is that? I mean, it's -- it's -- he can't bother us if we're upstairs.

[Phone rings]

Tad: No, no, no, ignore it.

Liza: Honey, wait. It could be Colby. It could be Colby. Just one second. One second.

Tad: Hey, remember me? Is everything all right?

Liza: Yeah. Listen, um, I got to go.

Tad: Oh. Why? Is it Colby?

Liza: No, no, it's not Colby. I just -- I just can't stay.

Tad: Well, if you're worried about Damon, I'll kill him.

Liza: No, honey, it's not Damon.

Tad: They'll never find the body. I swear.

Liza: It's me. It's me. I just -- ahem. I guess I'm just not ready, you know.

Tad: Well, let me put it this way. How long does it take you to get ready?

Liza: Ohh.

Tad: I mean, don't get me wrong. It takes me a few more minutes these days myself. But on the other hand, I'm thorough.

Liza: Heh! Yeah. Listen, you know, so much has, you know, happened between us that I guess I just need a little bit more time. But tonight was wonderful.

Tad: Ok.

Liza: Good-bye.


Tad: Go, go. You're torturing me.

[At Fusion, Madison stares at pictures of Ryan on the computer]

[Elevator doors close]

[Elevator doors close]

Ryan: I saw your car parked in the parking lot all by itself.

Madison: I just thought I could get a little bit of work done.

Ryan: I'm, um, I'm sorry I left you at the wedding. It's pretty much the worst thing that a date can do.

Madison: I know you still have a lot of stuff to work out with Greenlee.

Ryan: No, I don't. Not anymore.

Madison: Are you ok?

Ryan: No, I'm not.

Madison: I'm sorry. I know how much Greenlee meant to you.

Ryan: It's not Greenlee. It's Erica -- she's missing.

Madison: What?

Ryan: The authorities think that her plane went down someplace near West Virginia.

Madison: Oh, my God.

Ryan: I know. I still can't believe it myself.

[Madison gives Ryan a comforting hug]

David: Is this all right?

Greenlee: Like I said, I'm really not hungry.

David: Yeah, I know, but you need to eat. It's been a long night.

Greenlee: I'm fine.

David: What you are is amazing. You had half this town trying to turn you against me, but they couldn't do it, because you're just too strong for them. And that is why we're gonna get through this together. There's nothing they can do to come between us.

Greenlee: Do you think they'll find Erica?

David: I don't know. But we're gonna be ok.

[Greenlee sighs]

David: When we get home, I just want to shut out the world, hold you in my arms, and I want to be with you.

Greenlee: Like you said, it's been a long day.

David: You're tired?

Greenlee: I just -- I want to be alone tonight.

Jack: All right, I'm going up to the mountains.

Krystal: Wait, Jackson, you heard the officer. You can't go up there. The mountains are just -- they're treacherous. And after the storm and the mudslide -- you're not trained in search and rescue.

Jack: Krystal, I cannot just sit here and do nothing. I will go out of my mind. I'll let you know what I find, all right?

Krystal: No. Like hell you will!

Jack: I'm going, ok?

Krystal: Ok, fine. I'm going with you.

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