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All My Children Transcript Friday 6/11/10


Episode #10393

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Amanda: Oh! Everyone is having such a good time. This is officially the best wedding ever.

Jake: Well -- "Todos los Niños," the episode where Marcos and Consuelos got married, Paolo busts in at the end. That wasn't anything like this wedding. This is the best ever!

Amanda: Ever!

Tad: Well, they haven't killed each other yet, so I guess that's something.

Colby: Happy occasion. Public place, I -- well, I figured it was a good time to try.

Tad: You mean just like throw 'em together and see if they can work it out.

Colby: Yeah, pretty much, yeah.

Tad: Eh, might not be such a bad idea. There's a whole lot of hope going around. Hard not to get swept up in it.

Liza: So tell me again why exactly we're dancing.

Damon: 'Cause it's like a wedding, you're supposed to have fun.

Liza: Ah, right. I thought it was your opportunity to show me those pictures again. The ones that you're holding over my head.

Damon: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. That's the really fun part.

Liza: Ha ha.

Jesse: Angela, baby, what's wrong?

Angie: I don't know.

Jesse: Well, your feet almost just came out from under you.

Angie: I know. I don't know what happened. I just -- I felt dizzy and a little nauseous, almost as if everything got --

Jesse: Got what?

Angie: Blurry.

Natalia: You are welcome to meet with your lawyer, but you do realize that's pointless.

David: Yeah. We'll see about that.

Natalia: Well, you're stuck here until Chief Hubbard can figure out the problem with the paperwork.

David: Right. You know, it's funny how that paperwork just seemed to get held up in time for Jake and Amanda's do-over wedding.

Natalia: Well, maybe if you hadn't have picked a fight with the groom last night, you wouldn't be locked up.

David: Jake gave as good as he got, yet I don't see him anywhere near here.

Natalia: Huh. Must have been a clerical error.

David: You do realize that it's illegal to lock someone up indefinitely?

Natalia: Yeah. I learned something about that while I was studying for my detective's exam. You can ask your lawyer about it when they get here.

David: As you can see, I didn't call a lawyer. I called my dear friend Mayor Blanco. Hello, Iris. Thank you for coming. Let me introduce you to Officer Natalia Fowler.

Natalia: Your honor.

David: I don't think she voted for you.

Jesse: All right, baby, don't move. I'm gonna go get you some water, ok? On second thought, I don't think I'm gonna go anywhere, all right?

Krystal: If you want to sit this one out --

Jackson: Sorry. I just keep thinking that Erica is not gonna miss the deadline I gave her to come home.

Krystal: She already did.

Jackson: I know that. Tell me something, how does somebody as famous as Erica Kane just disappear? Doesn't make any sense.

Ryan: What do you mean you know what happened to Erica?

Greenlee: I know why she isn't here.

Ryan: How?

Greenlee: It doesn't matter how.

Ryan: So wait a minute. What are you saying? You know where she's hiding out until, what, the Miranda scandal blows over?

Greenlee: Do you think Erica would voluntarily run and hide from a crisis?

Ryan: Voluntarily? Greenlee, look at me. Look at me. What did you do?

Greenlee: This is not about what I did, what anyone did. All that matters is that Erica's out there and --

Ryan: And? And what?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Ryan: No, not nothing. Don't shut down on me, not now.

Greenlee: Stop.

Ryan: No. I'm not gonna stop until I get a straight answer from you. What happened to Erica?

Jake: Hello. You guys all right? Having fun?

Ryan: Yes.

Amanda: Hi. Thank you guys again so much for finding my ring.

Jake: Yes, that was nice work.

Amanda: Oh, it was great work. You really saved me.

Jake: Watch the dress. Watch -- watch --

Greenlee: I can't do this.

Ryan: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Greenlee, please, look at me. You can tell me anything, ok? You can.

Greenlee: Why? So you can jump to horrible conclusions about me like you always do?

Ryan: What -- what are you --

Greenlee: Forget it, Ryan. Leave me alone.

Krystal: I, uh, I hate to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but everyone thinks that Erica took off 'cause she stole money from her daughter's charity. Well, listen, the one person who can benefit the most from that little scenario, I'm sorry, it's Greenlee.

Jackson: So you're asking me if I think Greenlee's behind all this? If I believe my daughter's the one that set Erica up?

Krystal: It's a tough question.

Jackson: Yeah, it is, but it's an even tougher answer.

Iris: The chief of police can't bother to pick up his phone, I'll take answers from you. Exactly how long were you planning to detain Dr. Hayward without access to counsel?

Natalia: Your honor --

Iris: You are familiar with the United States Constitution, are you not, Officer Fowler?

Natalia: Yes, ma'am.

Iris: Then you know the phrase, due process.

Natalia: Of course I --

Iris: I don't think you do because if you did, Dr. Hayward would have been, what, arraigned last night along with the other participant in this altercation, Dr. Jake martin.

Natalia: Yes, ma'am.

Iris: Does Chief Hubbard make it a habit of using this department to settle his personal scores?

Natalia: Absolutely not. There was a mix up in paperwork.

Iris: Well, maybe I should launch my own investigation --

Natalia: No.

Iris: Get down to the bottom of what really happened?

Natalia: That will not be necessary.

Iris: You know, for years Dr. Hayward has been a generous supporter of my campaigns, but that is not why I'm here. I'm here to make it clear that I expect every citizen in Pine Valley to receive fair and equal treatment under the law. So now I've got a city to run. But I'll be waiting for those answers. In the meantime, I suggest that you straighten up this mix-up, brush up on your constitution.

David: Mmm. Gee, I hope I didn't get you in trouble.

Jesse: You still dizzy?

Angie: No.

Jesse: Vision still blurred?

Angie: No.

Jesse: How many fingers I got up?

Angie: 12.

Jesse: Come on, baby, this is serious. One minute, we're out there dancing, the next thing, you're trying to fall out.

Angie: Listen, I just felt a little light-headed, that's all.

Jesse: Any idea what caused it?

Angie: No, not exactly, but whatever this was, it seems to have passed.

Jesse: Ah -- hey, wait. Where you going?

Angie: Uh, Chief Hubbard, they're playing our song.

Jesse: I'm sorry, baby, but that wasn't just a dizzy spell. You said you were nauseous, things were blurry. I want you to see a doctor.

Angie: I am a doctor. Now, don't you think if this was really something to worry about, I would be the first to know?

Liza: You know, those pictures you took were a violation of my privacy.

Damon: You weren't worried about your privacy when you brought me back to your apartment.

Liza: I was drunk. I needed a ride home.

Damon: No. You pretended to be drunk so that I would take you home, and then you just needed a little help taking off your clothes.

Liza: Ok, you keep your voice down.

Damon: Are you afraid that Colby's gonna find out how you tried to set me up? Make her think I was trying to get you into bed? I can just see it. Colby walks in, sees us together, bam! She dumps me.

Liza: You do not belong with my daughter.

Damon: What you pulled was, like, really hardcore. I'm just glad I have a little evidence in case you ever try something like that again.

Liza: You know what? I'd rather take my chances than stand here or dance with you one more second.

Damon: Why not? I'm actually -- I actually really like this song.

Liza: Ah. Do you really think that those pictures in your pocket are gonna guarantee you a future with my daughter? You know, with or without me, you are gonna blow it just like you've blown it with everybody else in your life.

Damon: I'm not gonna screw it up with Colby, and I'm not gonna screw it up with Tad. They have believed in me more than anyone else I've ever known.

Liza: Right. But see, they're wrong.

Damon: You know, I don't really like the idea of you dating my dad.

Liza: Mm.

Damon: You are just a really bad influence.

Colby: So my mom told me you may be back to an official couple, huh?

Tad: Well, we're giving it another shot.

Colby: Well, good.

Tad: I don't know where it's gonna go, and at this point, I don't care. I'm just glad we're trying.

Jackson: When I'd heard what happened at Fusion, I must admit, though I hate to, that the first thing that went through my head was that Greenlee might be involved. I mean, after all, she's at war with Erica.

Krystal: And she's married to David.

Jackson: And she's married to David. Good point. But even if Erica was losing this ridiculous competition, she would never siphon money from the Miranda Center. It's a ludicrous accusation.

Krystal: Has Greenlee admitted to anything?

Jackson: No, no. But she sees what this is doing to me, how it's tearing me up, and she knows that I want to take it to the next level with Erica, so I'm sure she wouldn't let me just twist in the wind. I'm sure she wouldn't.

Frankie: Oh, boo. Get your butt off the wall.

Randi: Seriously, why aren't you out there?

Ryan: You can't drop a bomb on me like that and end the conversation. Look, you can trust me, Greenlee. You can tell me anything.

Greenlee: Not here. This is their day. I don't want to ruin it.

Jackson: Did you see Greenlee just run out of here?

Krystal: Yeah. Saw her and I felt the breeze.

Jackson: And that look on her face, what was that?

Krystal: I don't know.

Jackson: Me either, but I'm gonna find out. Excuse me.

Frankie: You ok?

Madison: Guess Ryan had to go.

Randi: I'm sure he'll be right back.

Madison: Well, if not, more cake for us, right?

Damon: I mean, now that I have a new dad, should have his back, right? Same way he's got mine. Does he even know the kind of person he's getting involved with? The crazy things you're doing behind his back?

Liza: I'm never going to stop protecting my daughter -- or apologize for it.

Damon: Even if it breaks her heart?

Liza: Yes. Yes, even if it breaks her heart because you, you're gonna hurt her worse than I ever could. You're gonna crush her the same way that Tad did to me all those years ago, and I'll tell you something, I still feel that like it was yesterday. If I close my eyes, I feel the pain, I feel the humiliation --

Damon: What did Tad do to you that was so terrible? Did he stand you up? Did he ditch you at the prom.

Liza: Ok. You know what? Forget that because now you've made me into my mother.

Damon: Your mother? What did she do?

Liza: Never mind.

Damon: What, did she -- did she try and get Tad in trouble by fooling around with him? What, did she sleep with him? Wait, wait, wait. Your mom slept with Tad? There's no way.

Liza: I'm done with this. I'm done with this. I'm done with you.

Jake: We just need to take one little minute because it is time --

Amanda: To cut the cake.

Jake: To cut the cake.

[Cheering and applause]

Jake: Oh, yes! That's a beauty. She's a beauty. All right --

Amanda: Oh, wait, wait!

Jake: What is it? What?

Amanda: It's so pretty, I don't want to ruin it.

Jake: We're not ruining it, Babe. We're gonna eat it. We're gonna eat it.

Amanda: Ok, ok. All right. Oh, wait, wait. Make sure we save a piece 'cause we need to put it in the freezer so we can eat it on our first anniversary.

Jake: Ok, but tonight really is our first anniversary.

Amanda: Our first anniversary's anniversary, then.

Jake: Well, anniversary anniversary. You're lucky I know how to read whatever you're saying to people. All right, are we ready to cut this cake?

Amanda: Yes!

Jake: Here we go!

[Crowd oohing and ahing]

Jake: Nice. Hold that one second. Thank you very much. Here you go. For you.

Amanda: Mmm.

Jake: Mm-hmm. You like that?

Amanda: Oh, my God, that's so good.

Jake: Is that right?

Amanda: Ok.

Jake: All right.

Amanda: Mmm!


Jake: Wow.

Amanda: What? Come on.

Jake: Wow.

Amanda: I haven't had cake in forever. Get your own piece.


Jake: Aw, man.

Amanda: All right, all right, I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.

Tad: Get him, honey. Get him. Oh, yeah!

[Applause and cheering]

Jake: It is good!

David: What are you, the gatekeeper?

Krystal: If I have to be.

David: Get out of my way, Krystal.

Krystal: I cannot believe after what happened last night that you have the nerve to show up here.

David: I'm just looking for my wife.

Krystal: Well, you're looking in the wrong place because she left.

David: Why would she leave in the middle of the reception?

Krystal: I don't know. You'd have to ask Ryan. They left together. I think it had something to do with that Erica mess. Now, Jack has too much faith in his daughter to believe that she's behind it, but I learned the hard way. When you're involved, all bets are off.

Amanda: Yum! Aw. Give him some.

Jake: What, there you go. And that, little buddy, is the icing on the cake. Oh, ho ho!

[Applause and laughter]

Jake: He likes it.

Ryan: Ok. We're alone now. You can tell me what happened. Greenlee, where is Erica?

Greenlee: I don't know.

Ryan: Well, you know something. Because Erica's missing, she's gone, and you hinted that it's not by choice.

Greenlee: You know, Erica, she's like -- she's like this force of nature, you know. She's always on the attack. I mean, she acts like she owns the world and you're just living in it. When I came back, you know, she had my company and you --

Ryan: Greenlee, tell me what happened.

Greenlee: When the Fusion scandal broke, Erica was in West Virginia picking up Palmer's will, and she got on a plane to come home, and the plane never made it back.

Ryan: What? What happened? Did it crash? Greenlee, just tell me what the hell's going on here. What is going on? Did the plane cra -- how do you know about this when nobody else knows? Was it you? Did you cause the plane to go down? So Erica got on a plane and never made it home. Can you please explain that to me?

Greenlee: I've told you what I know.

Ryan: No, no. You haven't really told me anything at all, Greenlee. You haven't told me how the plane went down. How do you -- how do you know this information?

Greenlee: It doesn't matter.

Jackson: It matters to me. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me everything you know.

Greenlee: Dad --

Jackson: Tell me Erica's all right.

Jesse: Baby, you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?

Angie: I am sure. Listen, sweetheart, I just can't keep up with you on a dance floor like I used to.

Jesse: No, you keep up just fine. But I think maybe it's time we took a little breather anyway, huh?

Angie: Honey, would you stop? Come on, forget it. Look, we're out, we're having fun, the first time in I don't know how long. And we even both agreed to turn off our cell phones. Now, we deserve this. Let's enjoy it. Ok?

Amanda: All right, all my single ladies, get your single little booties out here, because somebody's not gonna be single for much longer.

Angie: Chief, you better get ready. I've seen this turn ugly.

Damon: Seems like a good time to get out of here, huh?

Colby: Are you kidding? This is the best part.

Damon: What, it's not like you want to catch it, right?

Colby: Watch me.

Frankie: Ahem.

Madison: What are you doing?

Frankie: She said all single ladies.

Madison: I don't think so.

Randi: Oh, no, no, no. You need to get out there and throw some elbows. It'll be fun.

Madison: That's easy for you to say. He already put a ring on it.

Amanda: Ok, you guys, I'm just gonna give a few ground rules before I make the toss, all right? There will be no pushing, no hair pulling, and no wrestling, all right?

Jake: Do it already! Your flowers are wilting.

Amanda: All right, all right. Ok. Here we go. 1, 2, 3!

Liza: Ok. Uh-huh.

[Everyone cheers when Liza catches the bouquet]

Jake: Nice! But hold on a second. We're not done yet. My brother, thank you. Come on over here.

Amanda: Oh --

Jake: Have a seat, huh? I need a little love and support on this one, all right? All right.

[Music plays]

Amanda: Ha ha! Nice, honey.

Tad: Don't hurt him.

Amanda: How could I say no?

[Oohing and ahing]


Woman: Oh, Doctor.

Jake: I know.

Woman: Oh, Doctor.

Jake: You never know. Hold it. Oh! What is going on? Hang on.

Amanda: What?

Jake: Oh! Silliness. Silliness. All right, I don't mind if I do. Where is everything located?

Amanda: That tickles.

Jake: I need some -- I need some help.

Amanda: Aren't you a doctor?

Jake: Holy cow! Sorry! It's -- ah!

[Applause when Jake pulls the garter off Amanda]

Jake: Exhausting! All right, ok, all right, up you go, honey. There you go. Fellas! Yeah? No. Fellas!

Tad: What?

Jake: Got it. You lined up? You ready to rock this?

Tad: Where are you going?

Krystal: Oh, here come the men.

Amanda: Get out of the way.

Jake: Oh!

[Applause when Tad catches the garter]

Damon: Woo-hoo!

Amanda: Yay!

Ruth: I think the fix is in. The fix is in.

Greenlee: Well, don't you understand. I'm telling you this for a reason.

Ryan: Telling -- telling us what exactly?

Greenlee: Stop questioning me. I've said everything I have to say.

Ryan: We need more information.

Greenlee: Find Erica. That's what's important now.

Jackson: You're right. That's what's important. I have one other thing that's kind of important to me. What was your role in all of this Greenlee? Because me, the police, the SEC, and all the reporters on the planet have been looking for Erica, but you -- you knew she wasn't just hiding out somewhere, didn't you? You knew there was something wrong. You knew there was something very wrong and you kept quiet! Why?

Greenlee: I didn't know the whole time.

Jackson: You knew longer than we did. And I have to ask myself, now, how the hell is that possible? Unless, of course, you had something to do with this!

Greenlee: I hate Erica, but I would never, ever hurt her.

Jackson: I don't know if I believe that.

Greenlee: You know me. You both do. I'm not a --

Ryan: Not a what? Greenlee, what?

Greenlee: Erica is out there. She needs help. Go find her.

Jackson: Is she alive? Is Erica alive? Tell me.

Greenlee: You are wasting time. Go!

Ryan: Fine, fine. I will call Jesse, ok? I'm gonna call Jesse.

Jackson: I was standing there, right there, you standing next to me when I told you that I was going to ask Erica to marry me again, and you said nothing!

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Jackson: Sorry? Well, I hope you're sorry enough to accompany me to her funeral.

Greenlee: Don't give up, Dad, please.

Jackson: Then give me a reason to hope. Greenlee, tell me what the hell is going on here, and tell me what that son of a bitch husband of yours has to do with this.

Angie: Baby, what's wrong?

Jesse: Baby, I'm sorry, but I got to go. It's an emergency.

Angie: What happened?

Jesse: I'll explain to you later when I understand it more. Listen, do me a favor and tell Jake and Amanda congratulations and I'm sorry I got to go. And you take it easy, huh?

Angie: Mm. All right, don't worry about me.

Jesse: All right.

Jake: I don't know if it's me, but I think people want to go, and I think they want to bail.

Amanda: I wouldn't mind bailing considering our honeymoon starts right after we leave.

Jake: Really?

Amanda: Been a while since we --

Jake: Yeah, all right, I get it. I got it. Ok, people, uh, if I can, I think it's time to go, all right? It is. It's time to go. I do have one little thing. Hold on a second. If I could just get a minute of your time. You. Come on over here. Stay right here. And you.

Frankie: Yeah.

Tad: Wh-wh-what do you think -- what do you think --

Jake: Hold on a second.

Liza: Jake, no, really. I don't think that --

Jake: You're on.

Tad: You are so gonna regret this.

Jake: Oh, really? Just go ahead.

Amanda: Whoo!

Man: All right. The Tadster.


Tad: You're really gonna make me do this in front of Ma?

Jake: What? In front of Mom? Yeah, it's a tradition. I had two drinks. It's a tradition. Yes, you have to do it.

Ruth: Your brother's right.

Jake: Ha! Ma said it's, you know, I'm right. And also, you have to do it with your teeth.


Tad: Don't push it.

Liza: Ahem.


Colby: The higher it goes, the better luck Jake and Amanda will have in their marriage.


Amanda: Higher. Higher!

Liza: Ok, I think we're good. I think we're really good.

Tad: Yeah.

[Tad and Liza kiss]

Jake: Well, I certainly hope so. What is happening? All right, listen, everybody, if I may, um, first of all we can't thank you enough for coming out and being with us and spending this beautiful, beautiful time and helping us celebrate. You know, for me, I -- a lot of you know I kicked around this planet for a long time, and I was just gonna come into town, and I don't know, live on some people's couches, live out of a suitcase, then go about my way and back on my journey, but instead my life actually began 'cause of this lady right here. This woman became my best friend, my wife, my family, and I owe you everything, so thank you all very much. We want you to eat and drink and have a great time, just, you know, don't come looking for us for, like a week, 'cause we're gonna be busy. We love you all. We love you all.

Amanda: Sorry.

Ruth: Oh --

Amanda: Oh, please, Ruth, take care of our little angel for us.

Ruth: Oh, I will. I wish your father could have been here to see this.

Jake: Oh, you just keep him up to date, tell him everything, and tell him about Tad and the garter. That's important. All right? I love you, Mom. Thank you.

Ruth: It's a promise.

Amanda: Come here. Ruth. Oh --

[Amanda hugs and kisses Ruth]

Amanda: Thank you, Mom.

Ruth: Yes. Yes.

Amanda: All right.

Jake: See you later!



Jake: We love you guys!

Jesse: So Erica's plane is missing?

Ryan: That's all we know, Jesse. That's it. We don't know. The pilot didn't file a flight plan, ok.

Jackson: Missing. What does that mean, Greenlee? I mean, planes don't disappear. They either land safely or they crash, but you don't have any more to say on that, do you?

Jesse: What about Hayward?

Jackson: Another subject she doesn't have anything more to say about.

Jesse: All right, we can do this either here or down at the station. It's your choice. We may not know much yet, but as of now, I have an attempted murder or worse to investigate.

Ryan: You couldn't just go find Erica. You had to call in the cavalry.

Jesse: Well, I guess that means we're going downtown. Shall we?

Greenlee: Dad --

Jackson: Get out of my sight. I can't do this. I can't sit here, make phone calls and wait! I got to do something.

Ryan: Jack, we don't know anything yet, ok? It might not be as bad as we think.

Jackson: Or it could be worse. Boy, life is funny, huh, Ryan? I mean, I grieve for my daughter for a year. She miraculously returns and does this to the woman I love.

Ryan: I know it's difficult, Jack. I know it's difficult, but try not to jump to any conclusions until we know the whole story, ok? Really. Let's go down to the station.

Jackson: No, no, no. I can't. I can't be in the same room with Greenlee. I'm gonna focus on finding Erica's plane. But you, she might talk to you. Would you please go down there and see what you can do? Please?

Ryan: I'll do my best.

Jackson: Thank you.

Krystal: Hi.

Ryan: Hi.

Krystal: I figured I'd take a chance and see if you were here. Can I help?

[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Randi: Don't worry. She'll be ok.

Frankie: I'll be right back. So, uh, I'm not trying to get all up in your business, but since you came to me for advice, Ryan's not the kind of guy that --

Madison: I know exactly what kind of a guy Ryan is. I'm sure whatever he had to go to was important.

Frankie: Yeah, well, you know, it's too early to go home, and weddings always make me hungry afterwards. You?

Madison: Oh, no. No.

Frankie: See, nope. No arguments. You're coming with us. Come on. Come on.

Liza: Ahem. Whew.

Tad: Hey. I hope I didn't embarrass you too much back there.

Liza: It takes a lot to embarrass me.

Tad: You know, if I haven't said it enough, you really are beautiful. Especially that right leg of yours.

Liza: Ha.

Tad: Liza, come on. Knock it off, all right? Relax. They're still here. So I guess they weren't planning on using the reception as an excuse to sneak out.

Liza: Ok, Tad, Tad, please.

Tad: Now just a second. It's a fact, right? I'm just saying maybe you were wrong. Maybe Damon isn't such a bad kid after all. He's certainly not as bad as you thought. Ha! What the hell, I mean, you were dancing with him for so long. I mean, you must have been having some fun.

Liza: Mmm. Loads.

Jesse: Yeah, I'll have more information soon. All right. Well, that was the FAA. They want to know about Erica's plane, too.

Greenlee: I have nothing more to say.

Jesse: How you play this, that's your call. But not for nothing, a little help right now will go a long way not only for Erica but for you, too. This thing is getting real ugly, real quick. You dig yourself in any deeper, you might not be able to dig out.

Ryan: Do the right thing, Greenlee.

Greenlee: He shouldn't be here. He's not a cop.

Ryan: No, I'm not a cop, but I am the person that you confided in. Why? You knew if you told me something this big that I would not let it go. You told me for a reason, Greenlee.

Greenlee: So you'd find Erica.

Ryan: You could have told some stranger in West Virginia or you could have called in anonymously to the police, but you didn't. You told me because I wouldn't let it go. We're right here, exactly where you knew we would be. So please just tell us about the plane. Tell us. Tell us about Erica.

Greenlee: You're wasting your time. You should be searching for her.

Jesse: Think about what I said. Your time is running out.

[Amanda and Jake go to the honeymoon suite, drop on to the bed, and start to tear their clothes off as they kiss. Afterwards, they lie next to each other]

Jake: Terrible day?

Amanda: The worst.

Amanda: Ahh. What an incredible way to end the most incredible day of my life.

Jake: Ahh. And I think it's just beginning, actually.

Amanda: Wait. I want to know. I want to know if you think it worked.

Jake: Oh, I think everything worked. Everything's working just fine.

Amanda: No. I'm talking about the wedding. You know, I was hoping to encourage people to know that there are infinite possibilities out there, infinite love.

Jake: Yeah, infinite.

Amanda: Yeah, it's a big word. You want to look it up?

Jake: No, no. I got it. I got it. Infinite. No. I think -- I think our wedding worked just perfectly. I saw a lot of happy faces, but none really as happy as this one.

Tad: Hey. That was some strike that Amanda threw your way. Come to think of it, Jake's aim was pretty good, too.

Liza: Well, it hardly seems fair I ended up with both prizes and, what, you ended up with nothing.

Tad: Well, I did have to give up the garter, that's true, but I wouldn't say that I ended up with nothing. You know what I mean?

Liza: So, uh, we really gonna do this, give it another go despite the risks?

Tad: Oh, hell, yeah. You know what they say. No risks, no reward. Look at the bright side, I'd say that the wedding tradition gods are certainly on our side, so -- what's standing in our way?

Damon: Everybody is gone.

Colby: I know, but I don't want it to end. I love weddings. I love the dresses and the flowers and the mood. It's just so -- well, it's so hopeful, you know? Something that I haven't felt in my life in a long time. Hey, Damon, can I tell you something?

Damon: Sure.

Colby: So when Amanda was throwing the bouquet, this -- well, this huge force just came over me.

Damon: What force?

Colby: Well, I didn't just reach for the bouquet. I wanted it. Bad. Who knew?

Damon: Heh heh.

Angie: These charts go back to the file room, and this goes back up to the lab, ok, and I need a complete supply check done, all right? And did I mention I need this done by the end of the night?

Nurse: Yes.

Angie: Oh, and listen, one more thing. I need a update on Ramón Gutierrez, the little boy that I assisted the other day.

Nurse: You saved his life.

Angie: Has anyone been able to track him down?

Nurse: Nah. The computers are still a mess. I'll try again.

Angie: All right. Thank you.

Nurse: I don't know how you do it, Dr. Hubbard. The last wedding I went to, I came home and collapsed.

Angie: Well, I could. I should. But I won't. If you got it, you got it.

Nurse: Ha ha!

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Forest, dial 118 please. Dr. Forest, please dial 118.

[Angie anxiously looks at her face in a small mirror]

Jackson: I've called every aviation authority that there is and nobody knows anything.

Krystal: And Greenlee --

Jackson: Greenlee has made her choice. She has picked a side. She will not be helping us find Erica.

Krystal: Where are you going?

Jackson: West Virginia. It's the last place Erica was seen. I'm -- no matter where she is, I'm gonna find her. I'm gonna bring her back no matter how long it takes. Krystal, do me a favor, will you? Go back to the office and cancel all my appointments, please.

Krystal: Listen, Jackson, I'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to get somebody else to make your phone calls. I'm going with you.

Ryan: I saw you at the wedding, Greenlee, trying to help Amanda and Jake, and I saw something --

Greenlee: You saw what you wanted to see.

Ryan: Maybe I did.

David: Why isn't this getting through? I've already been released, for crying out loud.

Jesse: I'll be right back.

David: Haven't we already been through this?

Officer: And we missed you so much, we decided to bring you back.

David: Boy, you are out of control. I do have rights. You know that, right?

Jesse: Yeah, I'd like you to keep the right to remain silent in mind, hotshot.

David: Didn't you daughter tell you about the spanking she got from the mayor? Both of your careers are hanging by a thread. Now where's my damn paperwork?

Jesse: Oh, you got much bigger problems than that right now, buddy.

David: What are you talking about?

Jesse: Bam.

Greenlee: They know. I told them about Erica.

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