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All My Children Transcript Monday 6/7/10


Episode #10389

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Amanda: I do. Ahem. I do. I do, I totally -- do.

Jake: You know, I was thinking about it. Should I? And I thought, I will, I do.

Amanda: Ha!

Jake: I do.

Amanda: What are you doing here?

Jake: Mm.

Amanda: Mm.

Jake: Mm-mm-mm.

Amanda: Well, hello. Baby, I thought we were gonna wait until the honeymoon.

Jake: We are, we are, but I couldn't find a belt, and I forgot something else.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. What exactly?

Jake: This.

Amanda: Mm.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Opal: Holy moly! When they said love is lovelier the second time around, they weren't kiddin'.

Tad: Yeah, you see, the groom never had a proper bachelor party the first time around, so we kind of figured he was due for the works.

Opal:  Bachelorette shindig.

Tad: Tassels would be awesome.

Opal: Well, I'll be over at the club setting up for tomorrow if you need me.

Tad: No, we don't have a pole, but feel free to use the groom as some kind of dance prop.

Opal: Excuse me. What do you think I'm doing? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Liza: Hey. I didn't think you were gonna call. Thanks.

Colby: I want to call a truce.

Liza: You do?

Colby: Don't you?

Liza: Yeah. Yes. I -- I guess I'm just wondering what brought this on.

Colby: Jake and Amanda's wedding for starters. Mom, this should be a happy time for everybody, but the way you and I have been going at it -- happy is the last thing I feel.

Liza: I know. I know.

Colby: It's not just us, though. It's everybody in this house. Everyone's at each other's throats.

Liza: I had a feeling that that would happen when your father left.

Colby: I hate that he's gone. Sometimes I feel like I've -- lost him for good. And I don't want to lose you, too, Mom.

Liza: That is not gonna happen. Ok? I mean, just the sheer fact that you called and I'm here, that should prove it.

Colby: I'm glad you said that, because -- I have one condition on the truce. If we're gonna start fresh, you have to stop trying to break up me and Damon.

Scott: It's absurd to think that Annie is trying to take down Chandler Enterprises. Well, either you issue a retraction or I will sue you for libel and your blog will be history.

Annie: Thank you.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: You know, J.R. can sling as much mud as he wants to, but it's not going to stick. You are the Chandler to watch from now on. And with your new nanotech invention, I mean, the whole business world is gonna be -- is gonna be abuzz. I mean, there's no stopping you, Scott.

Scott: We both know it's not my invention.

Annie: Everybody thinks that it is. That is all that matters.

Scott: Right.

Annie: When are you going to learn -- the truth is whatever you need it to be.

J.R.: Really? What is she trying to convince you to lie about now?

Annie: Actually, I was referring to the lie you told the reporter about me.

J.R.: Nice try. Something tells me you two have a lot of secrets going on between you.

Annie: You seem paranoid, J.R.

J.R.: If any of these secrets involve Chandler Enterprises, they will be exposed.

Scott: When are you going to accept that you have no power anymore?

J.R.: I'll get it back.

[Cell phone rings]

Scott: Yeah. I gotta take this. Chandler business.

J.R.: Something's going on with your new boy toy. And when I find out what it is, he's history.

Annie: You just can't stand the fact that Scott is capable of doing all of the things that you couldn't.

J.R.: Really? Like what?

Annie: Like not disappointing Adam. Unlike you, Scott actually makes your father proud.

J.R.: You know, it's so obvious that you attack me, because you want to sleep with me.

Annie: Why do I get the feeling you're talking about yourself?

Opal: A stripper?! Are you out of your cotton-pickin' mind?

Tad: She's not a stripper.

Opal: No?

Tad: No, she is an exotic dancer, and that is what bachelor parties are all about.

Opal: No, not if the groom-to-be is already married. No.

Tad: What am I supposed to do with 5 quarts of Jell-O? What do you want us to do -- sit around and play board games? She promised she would keep, you know, a couple items of clothing on.

Opal: Uh-huh. Well, off or on, when Amanda finds out that you are behind this, your brother is gonna be looking for a new best man, ok?

Tad: All right. Guess I can save her for my next wedding.

Opal: Oh! Like that's ever gonna happen.

Tad: What do you mean? Is that a shot? Because, you know, it could happen.

Opal: Yeah, I suppose it could happen if you would stop having that son of yours get in the way of having a relationship.

Tad: Damon's not getting in the way of anything.

Opal: No?

Tad: No. It's a choice. Ok? And even if he were, I'm fine being alone right now.

[Opal chuckles]

Tad: What?

Opal: Thaddeus Martin, you have never been fine being alone. No. [Chuckles]

Liza: If you go to New York with him --

Colby: Well, it was your idea.

Liza: For the summer. I mean, not permanently. What about school?

Colby: If I stay in New York, I'll transfer credits. Nothing's permanent, and I'm gonna keep my options open.

Liza: If you're gonna be with Damon, you're not gonna have any options.

Colby: You're wrong, Mom.

Liza: He wants to steal you away from me like your father did.

Colby: No, he doesn't want to steal me away, Mom. He wants to be with me. When are you gonna step back and let me make my own decisions about New York, about school, about Damon? Please, Mom, I need you to support me.

Liza: Honey, I want to. I'll try. I will. I will try.

Colby: Thank you.

Liza: Huh. That is some dress over there. Who's the designer? Huh?

Colby: Me. Yes. I -- I'm taking a textile class at PVU. We're learning about, you know, fabrics, which fabrics go with different styles. For example, this dress here. You have to make sure you use only silk or else the skirt will completely lose its shape, and the beading right here, you have to make sure it's sewn a certain way or else it will pull. What?

Liza: I think -- I just haven't seen you this excited about anything since you were 6 years old and you wanted to be an astronaut.

Colby: Well, I guess this is a little more realistic.

Liza: I'd say so.

Colby: Hey, Mom, I was thinking about that fashion designer you know in New York.

Liza: Yeah, the one that you never wanted to meet? I would love to set up an interview with you. Only now I have a condition.

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Liza: You have to design a dress like this for me to wear.

Colby: Of course.

Liza: You are good.

Tad: Surprise.

Damon: Oh, hey, whoa, what's up?

Tad: What do you mean what's up? How many times do I have to tell you? You're going to Jake's bachelor party.

Damon: No, man, that's not my scene.

Tad: Come on. Yes, it is. You'll love it. There's gonna be entertainment. Musical entertainment. If I can ever find a band. Not a bit of luck yet.

Damon: You don't need a band, really. You just need a good playlist and a killer sound system. Man, I could make you the greatest mix. Uh, Genghis Tron, Shrine Stalker, Howlin' Roadkill.

Tad: Howling what?

Opal: Ooh, my ears are hurting already.

Tad: What's wrong with Zeppelin? You know? Earth, Wind, and Fire. Styx.

Opal: Hey. Kenny Rogers. You should see him in concert.

Damon: I'm pretty sure my speakers would refuse to play.

Tad: Your speakers. See? I love it. That's my kid. I knew I could count on you for the gig.

Damon: Did you say "gig"?

Tad: Yeah.

Damon: Don't say "gig."

Tad: Not good, huh? It's ok. I'm down with that. Sweet.

Damon: I'll start downloading.

Tad: "Fierce." "Snappin'." "Rad."

Opal: "Rad"?

Tad: Kenny Rogers.


Amanda: Ok. Ok. We have to stop.

Jake: Why do we have to stop?

Amanda: Because we said.

Jake: Ooh, that's a stupid thing we did. Who's gonna know? No one.

Amanda: I'm gonna know. Come on. Mm. I know it sounds crazy, but the first time we got married, we got everything so wrong. I want this to be right.

Jake: We didn't get everything wrong. It wasn't every single --

Amanda: Not us. But come on. I mean, we had David tied to a chair, we had to rush through everything, and we couldn't be with our friends and family when we said "I do."

Jake: Ok. All right. Ok. So one more day. Now, the wedding day. Does that actually begin at the stroke of midnight --

Amanda: Oh, come on. Get out of here. I'm late to my final fitting. Go, go.

Jake: I'll see you at the rehearsal.

Amanda: All right. I won't miss it. Oh. Mm. Mm.

Jake: I can't help myself!

Amanda: Don't forget to get your hair cut.

Jake: Right.

[Door closes]

Amanda: [Sighs] You have to do this.

Colby: Oh, I think I forgot my book downstairs. I'll be right back, ok?

Liza: Of course.

Colby: Ok.

[Door opens and closes]

[Colby's cell phone rings]

Liza: "Girl, you have the guy. Good plan using the house while everyone's at the wedding. Make that a reception party that Damon won't forget. Text me tomorrow if you need help with the hook up. Damon's hot." She's gonna sleep with him. The night of the wedding. [Sighs]

[Heavy metal music playing]

Jake: Ok --

Tad: It's about time you got here.

Jake: I broke an eardrum.

Tad: Damon's just giving us a sampling of tonight's music.

Jake: So you're gonna play DJ? Shrine Stalker.

Damon: Ah!

Jake: I'm so down with that. That's -- that's not cool to say "down"? Wow. Whatever.

[Doorbell rings]

Opal: Oh. I'll get that.

Jasmine: I'm looking for Tad Martin.

Damon: Hi. I'm Tad Martin.

Jake: No, he's not Tad Martin.

Jasmine: Are you Tad Martin? Who are you?

Tad: Tad Martin. Hi.

Jasmine: You hung up on me before we could talk money.

Tad: Jasmine.

Jasmine: I'll need half my fee before I perform tonight.

Jake: When she says the word "perform," what does she mean by the word "perform"?

Tad: Get away from me. Look, I'm sorry, really sorry, but there's been a change in plans for tonight.

Amanda: Oh. Dr. Price. I told the nurse I wanted to see my mom. I didn't expect her to page you.

Dr. Price: I'm sorry, but your mother's not here.

Annie: What happened?

Dr. Price: I was going to call you. She was sent back to the institution this morning. I'm sorry.

[Pager beeping]

Dr. Price: I'm needed in the E.R. Uh --

Amanda: No, it's fine. I'm fine. Thank you for letting me know.

Dr. Price: Of course.

Amanda: [Cries] Oh. I'm sorry, Ruth. Hi. How are you? How long have you been back?

Ruth: I just got in. I came straight from the airport to the hospital. I wanted to surprise Jake. What are you doing here?

Amanda: Oh. I just came to visit my mom before the wedding.

Ruth: Jake told us what happened with Janet. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Amanda: You know, it's -- it's been so upsetting to see her that I've stayed away, but -- but today I finally felt strong enough.

Ruth: How did it go?

Amanda: It didn't. She was transferred before I even got to see her.

Ruth: I'm sorry.

Amanda: It's the day before my wedding. And good or bad, she's my mother, you know. She's my family and now she's gone.

Ruth: You have family, dear. You're part of ours. And you always will be.

Scott: Hi.

Annie: Hi.

Scott: Glad to see J.R. didn't scare you away.

Annie: No, I think I scared him away. Actually, I think you scared him away. I love seeing you two together. It's so clear how much stronger you are. Oh, I love it. And I love that you are not scared to take risks.

Scott: You mean steal?

Annie: Palmer's gone. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Scott: Yeah. Ahem. Yeah. Sometimes I wake up half-expecting him to be standing over me wagging a finger at me.

Annie: You didn't hurt him. You were his friend. I mean, you kept him company before he died.

Scott: The technology belonged to him, Annie.

Annie: If you hadn't taken this idea and completely run with it, somebody else would've, Scott. And I know you -- you'll take the proceeds, you'll take the profits and you'll do something good in the world. Listen to me. Let go of the guilt and embrace your success. You know what you need? You know what I need? A break -- from this, from work, from the family drama. Let's take a break.

Scott: I tried giving you that yesterday by taking you out to lunch.

Annie: I know, and I loved that, but all the gossip-mongrels ruined it. So let me do this for you.

Scott: What --

Annie: Meet me in half an hour.

Scott: A hotel room.

A.J.: "Little puppet made of pine, awake, c-, comman-c -- "

J.R.: "Commanded." The blue fairy commanded. Come on, you know this.

A.J.: Sorry, Daddy.

J.R.: No, I'm sorry. I should never be impatient. That's a hard word. You know how proud I am of you? Yeah. Don't ever forget it.

A.J.: Can I go -- can I go out and play on Emma's new swingset?

J.R.: Of course, you can. I'll never make him feel like a disappointment. You chose Scott to run Chandler to prove a point. That was a mistake. That was a big mistake, and I'll prove it.

[Door closes]

Scott: No, no, no, no, no. Meet me there. I want to finish this today. Yeah. Great. All right. I'll see you there.

J.R.: Room 423.

Ruth: I have considered you my daughter from the moment you first married my son. Oh, I almost forgot. This belonged to Joe's mother.

Amanda: Jake's Grandma Kate?

Ruth: Mm-hmm. Yes. Grandma Kate would've loved you, too. We want you to have it.

Amanda: Oh, no, I can't.

Ruth: She's your Grandma Kate now, too.

Amanda: Thank you -- Mom.

Ruth: Ohh. Come on. Another hug.

Amanda: Thank you.

Damon: So maybe you could give a little, uh, preview for the groom-to-be here?

Opal: Excuse me. Excuse me. The groom-to-be is gonna be taking this over to the club where we will be hanging decorations for the wedding.

Tad: But I was just gonna move the coffee table for her --

Opal: Yeah, eyes front and march.

Damon: You know, I'm in charge of music for this thing. Maybe we could get together before and, like, tell me what you like. I have a pretty -- pretty extensive, uh, collection.

Tad: Why don't you go take a cold shower? Like I was telling you, something came up and we decided to change the venue a little bit, make it a little more PG, but, you know, as a way of apologizing, why don't you come with me? I'll give you something for your trouble.

Damon: No, hey, I can do that. I can --

Tad: Shut up. You like credit cards?

Damon: I'll see you at the wedding.

Liza: What about the reception? Oh, right, you're gonna be too busy having your little sex party with my daughter.

Damon: When are you gonna face it, Liza? Colby doesn't have to answer to you. She can do whatever she wants. And I'm just there to make sure that she has a good time while she does it.

Liza: Who do the hell do you think you are?

Damon: I'm the guy who's gonna save Colby from you. You should just say good-bye to her, Liza, because once she gets a taste of freedom, she is never gonna want to come back.

Liza: Ok, you listen to me. You stay the hell away from my daughter.

Tad: What is wrong with you guys? Calm down. Please calm down. Would you do me a favor? Go over to the Yacht Club and stay there till the rehearsal dinner?

Liza: Ok, you know what? Let go of me. Let go of me. Tad, you don't know what he's planning on doing with my daughter.

Tad: I'm sure it's not half as bad as whatever you think it is.

Liza: All right, well, the text messages from her friends say differently.

Tad: You read Colby's text messages?

Liza: Oh, please don't get all self-righteous on me, Tad. Colby wants to move to New York with him.

Tad: So what?

Liza: So what?

Tad: So who cares? It doesn't mean she's gonna do it. When we were kids, how many times did I make big plans and not follow through? Unless an adult got in my way, that's the only time I pushed back.

Liza: You didn't push back when my mother got between us. You slept with her. Tad, I loved you so much and -- ok. I -- you know what? I'm not gonna do this with you again. Your son is using my daughter, and if anybody should recognize it, it's definitely me. I know you don't want to see that I'm right. Nobody does. But I am.

[Knocking on door]

Annie: Just a sec. Come in. Ooh -- [Scoffs]

J.R.: First of all, we need to talk.

Annie: What are you doing here?

J.R.: We have some things we have to work out.

Annie: Scott is going to be here soon. You need to leave.

J.R.: Scott was delayed.

Annie: What do you want from me?

J.R.: I want you to stop playing games.

Annie: I didn't do anything.

J.R.: You're rubbing Scott in my face.

Annie: You insisted you don't give a damn about me, so what do you care?

J.R.: It tortures Marissa.

Annie: It tortures Marissa?

J.R.: Yeah, the way that you walk around the house, the way that you look at me.

Annie: What about the way that you look at me?

J.R.: And yet it is so clear. You want me to take you on that bed and make love to you.

Annie: Um, I think that's what you want to do, actually.

J.R.: You all but admitted that you would settle for Scott because you want a Chandler.

Annie: I am not "settling." I want Scott. Scott is kind and generous and doesn't treat me like garbage like you do.

J.R.: Stop. We both know you don't want Scott -- because you still want me.

Opal: Scott --

Scott: Yeah.

Opal: Forgive me. I'm so embarrassed. I have been meaning to call you and thank you for those flowers. That was very classy. Every Tuesday since Palmer died. I was just very grateful that you were able to be there with him in his final days.

Scott: How did you know that?

Opal: Jake told me.

Jake: Jake told me. Jake told me. What did Jake tell me?

Opal: You know -- how Scott was always there with Palmer when you would go and check in on him.

Jake: Oh, yeah. Well, you kept him engaged in life and work. That's beautiful. That's what's important. Stuff.

Scott: See ya.

Opal: Scott, before you go, um -- I've just been dying to know, you know, about Palmer and those last days. I haven't been able to bring myself to ask till now, but -- what did you talk about, the two of you in those -- there in the end?

J.R.: Go ahead. Drink up. It still won't change the way you're feeling.

Annie: What happened between us will never happen again.

J.R.: One loving, devoted partner with my father. Didn't work then and it still won't. Because love and devotion aren't your thing.

Annie: But lust is, right? And you know firsthand. I mean, that's why you're here taunting me, isn't it?

J.R.: I've tried to get you to be honest about Scott.

Annie: You be honest. Because as much as you claim to love that perfect wife of yours, I know you don't want her the way that you want me.

J.R.: Oh, don't flatter yourself.

Annie: Actually, knowing you, you probably want both of us. Marissa as the perfect wife and me as the perfect lover. Too bad it's not gonna happen.

J.R.: Ok, then prove it. Kiss me. Kiss me again and tell me that you don't want me.

Scott: Family. He talked a lot about family. He talked about -- Bobby, Nina, Dixie. You.

Opal: Really?

Scott: Yeah. Listen, I would love to stay and talk --

Opal: Oh, yeah, yeah, I know, you got your meeting, but -- oh, thank you. Thank you so much. This really has helped me. All right, go to your meeting. Ha ha.

Jake: Ok. Got bows for the aisles. Aisle bows.

Opal: Been waiting for those.

Jake: Gonna spruce up the joint. Thank you so much. Yeah. I think everything is perfect. I mean, I've been through enough -- Mom?

Opal: Hey!

Jake: Mom? Are you kidding me? Oh, my -- you look beautiful.

Ruth: Yeah?

Jake: Yeah, your hair's gorgeous.

Ruth: Well, 2 for 2. Ha ha ha.

Jake: And where's Dad? Where's --

Ruth: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. He -- he has 2 patients back in Florida and they're critical, and you know your father. But he sends you his love, to you and your beautiful bride.

Jake: Well -- she is beautiful, isn't she?

[Opal laughs]

Ruth: Opal --

Jake: You get embarrassed by these things.

Opal: Oh, you're too busy hugging your son.


Jake: Mm. I missed you.

Amanda: You just saw me.

Jake: No, I didn't. Well, maybe 26, 27 minutes ago, but --

Amanda: That long?

Jake: See? What I'm saying?

Amanda: Come here.

Annie: You think you're so irresistible. What, one kiss? One look from you, and I'll just melt?

J.R.: You're telling me you feel nothing.

Annie: You kissed me the other day. Nothing.

J.R.: Liar.

Annie: I can resist now because I have something better.

J.R.: Kiss me. Prove it was nothing. Prove that Scott's twice the man that I am.

Annie: You are the one who is married.

J.R.: Can't do it, can you? Because you know if you do, you're not gonna be able to stop yourself.

Annie: [Scoffs] Like hell. [Breathing heavily]

J.R.: No. This doesn't go any further.

Annie: You son of a bitch.

J.R.: You wouldn't have stopped.

Annie: Get out.

J.R.: No, not until you admit that you're settling for Scott.

Annie: Go. Leave me alone. Go back to your perfect, little wife. I wonder how Marissa would feel about this little test.

J.R.: You shut up about my wife.

Annie: Go. Go, or I will call the police and swear that you tried to rape me. Please. Please. Go.

[Door closes]

Colby: I was starting to think you abandoned me. Hi.

Damon: Why would you think that?

Colby: Ha. I, uh, thought you were my mom.

Damon: Oh. Really? Do I look like her? I'll try not to be insulted by that.

Colby: Ha. We actually -- we had a civilized moment. She saw some of my design sketches. Acted like she wanted to see more. I went and got them, came back, and -- now she's -- well, she's gone. I am so sick of every person checking out on me.

Damon: She didn't check out. She came over to Tad's.

Colby: Why?

Damon: She saw some texts on your phone -- about tomorrow night.

Colby: Oh, my God.

Damon: Yeah. She freaked out. Said there was no way she'd let us be together tomorrow, and definitely not in New York.

Colby: I knew she'd never back off.

Damon: She practically accused me of trying to steal you away from her.

Colby: Well, she used to always accuse my dad of that, and then she did the exact same thing. We were on the run for years. I used to look out my window when I was a little girl and just wish I could go home.

Damon: I used to do the same thing, except I would wish that someone would take me away from my home. With my dad, I just never felt like I belonged.

Colby: When I'm with you, I don't need to look out my window anymore.

Damon: Me neither.

Jake: Nice.

Ruth: Is there any chance I could sit on the bride's side? I'd like Amanda to know that she isn't alone.

Opal: She is so lucky to have a mama-in-law like you. You know that?

Ruth: I'm -- I'm the one who's lucky.

Tad: I always said that about you.

Ruth: Oh. Oh, honey.

Tad: Mom.

Ruth: Ohh. I needed that.

Tad: Must've been a rough flight.

Ruth: Oh --

Opal: You are terrible! I've gotta go call Krystal.

Ruth: Opal loves it.

Tad: So do I.

Opal: I'm leaving you to him.

Tad: Honestly. Mm-hmm.

Ruth: Oh, ok. All right. Well, how -- how is Krystal?

Tad: Krystal is kinda nuts ever since she bought BJ's.

Ruth: And the girls?

Tad: Growing like weeds. Although I gotta tell you, it's not real if you and Dad aren't around to witness it.

Ruth: Oh, don't -- I don't wanna even think about that. Um, how -- how is -- how are things with Liza? You still going strong? Hmm? The two of you?

Tad: You must be thirsty after your flight. Let me get you something.

Liza: Hi.

Jasmine: Weren't you just at that guy's house?

Liza: Yes, I was.

Jasmine: Did Tad give you my number?

Liza: No, actually, I Googled you. I figured since he had to cancel at the last minute, that you might be free.

Jasmine: Free for what?

Liza: You know the -- the youngest of the three guys that you saw at Tad's?

Jasmine: Dark hair, bedroom eyes?

Liza: Yep, that is the one.

Jasmine: What about him?

Liza: Well, he's gonna be at the bachelor party tonight, and I was hoping that you would take care of him.

Jasmine: "Take care" how?

Liza: What I'd like you to do is actually lure him out very discreetly and get him into bed.

Jasmine: FYI, I'm not a hooker.

Liza: I'm not asking you to seal the deal. I'm just asking you to keep him there long enough for my daughter to show up, and there's $1,000 in it for you.

Jasmine: So "bedroom eyes" is your daughter's boyfriend, and you don't like him.

Liza: Are you interested or not?

Jasmine: Let me think about it.

Liza: Ok, well, it is tonight or never.

Opal: Oh, hello there. How are you, Pastor Stanley?

Pastor Stanley: Are the bride and groom ready to rehearse?

Opal: Oh, they sure are. They're ri -- they're -- oh, where the devil have they gone? Why don't you just take a load off, Padre? I'll go find out. Where the devil are Jake and Amanda? Now, they promised no shenanigans before the wedding.

Amanda: Mm. Mm. We dec -- we decided to wait until the wedding to make this time special.

Jake: You are special.

Jake: Hi. Wanna join us?

Amanda: Jake.

Jake: I mean sit with us? I mean stand with us?

J.R.: Uh, I'm sorry to stare. I was --

Amanda: Are -- are you ok, J.R.?

J.R.: Yeah, I'm fine. Great.

Jake: So -- Adam. How's he doing? Is he missing Pine Valley?

J.R.: Uh, not that he mentioned.

Amanda: So I guess that means he and Brooke are --

J.R.: Better than ever.

Jake: Wow. Those two. Who would've thought? That's -- that's great.

J.R.: Yeah. I guess you can't help who you fall for. I heard you two are tying the knot again. Congrats.

Jake: Thanks. You should try it sometime.

J.R.: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

J.R.: [Sighs] Hey. You finished your last final. That's great. That's great. Ha ha. Me? I'm -- I'm at work. I won't be too much longer. We can celebrate tomorrow. Yeah. I love you, too. Ok.

Scott: Hey. I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner, but I had to -- what's wrong?

Annie: I had planned this whole romantic evening for the two of us, and then J.R. showed up and ruined it.

Scott: What happened, Annie?

Annie: Oh, not that. Not that. I kicked him out.

Scott: Smart move.

Annie: I really wanted this, our -- our first time together to be special.

Scott: Come on. Let's go home. Ok?

Annie: That's not my home, Scott. J.R.'s gonna do whatever it takes to get me kicked out of there.

Scott: That is not gonna happen.

Annie: You wanna bet?

Scott: Yeah, because you're moving in with me.

Annie: What? You mean that?

Scott: Little by little, I am learning the Chandler way of taking what I want when I want. And I want you, Annie.

Ruth: What's the story with Liza?

Opal: You haven't told her? Oh, please. Honestly.

Tad: We broke up.

Ruth: What happened?

Tad: Damon. In so many words. And before we get into it, Mom, who cares? I remember way back in the day, you know, you wanted nothing more than for me to stay away from Liza.

Ruth: That's true, but -- well, you two have been in and out of each other's lives for so long, and I thought, well, maybe there's something there, something that -- well, you shared that was --

Tad: Mom. I would like to introduce -- my son. Damon. Your --

Ruth: Grandson. Oh. Ohh. Joe and I couldn't be happier to have you be a part of our family.

Damon: Thanks. Grandma.


[Cell phone rings]

Liza: Did you make a decision?

Jasmine: I'll take the job.

Liza: I was hoping you were gonna say that. Let me call you back with details. Yeah.

Tad: Thank you for coming. It means a lot to my family -- and to me.

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