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Ryan: I am so happy we decided to walk. I love spending time with you like this. You know that? Hey, you know what I forgot to tell you?

Emma: What?

Ryan: Is that Jake and Amanda have asked me to be a groomsman in their wedding.

Emma: Aren't they already married?

Ryan: Yes, they are. But I guess they just kind of want to do it all over again.

Emma: Will you ever get married again, Daddy?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know. But if I do, it probably won't be a for a long time.

Emma: But what about Greenlee?

Ryan: Greenlee's married to somebody else now.

Emma: But don't you still love her?

Ryan: Things change. But don't worry, ok, because she's always gonna be a part of our life.

Newscaster: Those are the morning's top stories. We'll take a quick break and be back with sports and weather.

David: [Turns off TV] You really have to stop doing this to yourself.

Greenlee: How does the most famous woman in the state disappear? Her plane goes up, it has to come down somewhere.

David: Clearly I'm not gonna be able to say anything to ease your mind, so maybe I need to do something instead. What do you say we go away for a few days? We'll go to a spa, to the wine country -- anything you want.

Greenlee: Running away won't help. Besides, I promised Jake and Amanda I'd be in their wedding.

David: Yeah, Amanda told me. Do you really think that's a good idea, given what's going on with us?

Greenlee: Jake is my friend. He was my friend before there was an "us." Back before I was part of this whole insanity, when I was --

David: When you were what?

Greenlee: When I was proud of who I was, and when I wasn't scared that we might've caused Erica's death.

Caleb: Dorothy, wake up.

Erica: My name is Erica, Erica Kane.

Caleb: Your cut's infected and you've got a hell of a fever.

Erica: Hmm. So do something. Do something.

Caleb: Do something?

[Erica gasps when Caleb drops a wet washcloth on her face]

Caleb: There. How's that?

[Caleb kicks pail]

Scott: You're not listening to me. No, it doesn't have to be exact -- that's why it's called a "forecast." Yeah. Yeah, ok. Just get me the numbers. Thank you. Remind me to hire a new accountant.

Marissa: Damn it.

Scott: What's with you?

Marissa: I just want a coffee. Is that too much to ask?

Scott: I think you need decaf.

Marissa: Don't tell me what I need. I'm -- I'm sorry. I just --

Scott: [Yawns] Ohh, man.

Marissa: Did you pull another all-nighter?

Scott: Yeah. No choice. Got to keep Chandler moving in the right direction.

Marissa: Must feel good.

Scott: What's that?

Marissa: Just being so good at all of this. Taking something that's unpredictable and complicated and finding a way to control it, possess it, force it to do what you want.

Scott: Not so sure that's a good thing.

Marissa: I am. I'm rooting for you, Scott. I hope that you succeed in every way.

Scott: We're not just talking about business, are we?

Annie: [Gasps] Ohh!

J.R.: You thief! Are you really that desperate -- swiping the crystal?

Annie: Adam took off with his new girlfriend, leaving me with nothing. So until the divorce settlement comes through, I am gonna do whatever I have to do.

J.R.: Put it back.

Annie: No! Why are you being so petty? After what I did for you, you would really fight me over a stupid vase?

J.R.: A very expensive vase that does not belong to you.

Annie: This thing is worth what? Like, 5 grand maybe? Isn't your life worth that much?

J.R.: This has nothing to do with bone marrow, Annie.

Annie: It has everything to do with that because you're alive! You could be a little bit grateful. Instead, you act like it never happened.

J.R.: No, that's not true. I think about it every day, every time I look at my son.

Annie: Then why do you act like you hate me so much?

J.R.: I hate that you have this hold on me. I hate that I owe you. Every time I walk in a room, I --

Annie: What kind of hold are we talking about?

J.R.: Like I said, you saved my life.

Annie: We're not talking about bone marrow anymore, are we?

J.R.: Shouldn't you be making goo-goo eyes at old Scott right now?

Annie: Scott was there for me when I had nothing, so I will be behind him no matter what. Unless --

J.R.: Unless what, Annie?

Marissa: I know that you have feelings for Annie.

Scott: What, do I want her thrown out on the street? No. But that doesn't mean that I --

Marissa: Come on, Scott, it is so obvious. All of you are so damn obvious.

Scott: You have every right to be angry.

Marissa: Oh, just not too angry, though, right? No, because I'm supposed to be the nice one: Goody-goody Marissa, the naive idiot who gets walked all over.

Scott: Nobody thinks of you that way.

Marissa: Don't lie to me, Scott. I'm so damn sick of being lied to, ok?

Scott: Ok, I have feelings for Annie! God. Go ahead, tear my head off.

Marissa: Actually, I think it's a good thing. She needs someone like you, Scott. After all, we all know that Annie can be dangerous if she's not handled properly.

Scott: Wow. I have never seen you like this before.

Marissa: I've never had to fight like this before.

Scott: For your marriage.

Marissa: For my son. What J.R. did makes me sick. If it were just the two of us, I would probably be long gone by now. But I just -- I can't walk out on A.J. That sweet little boy has just been through too much already, and he needs to know that his family is secure and strong. That is never going to happen with Annie around. You take care of her, Scott, because if you don't, I will.

David: Can we talk about you accepting this invitation?

Greenlee: We agreed I need to act normal, not raise any suspicions about Erica.

David: You could've politely declined. That's what people do when it's not convenient to attend a function, when they don't want to go.

Greenlee: Jake's my friend, and Amanda asked me personally. If I turn them down, it would be obvious. Besides, maybe I want to go. It could be fun.

David: Greenlee, please forget about being a bridesmaid and come away with me. I promise you it will be fun.

Greenlee: I already said yes. If I bail now, they'll want a reason. What should I tell them? "I'm sorry. I can't come because David and I have to search for Erica's possibly dead body."

David: Ok. Fine. Do what you want. We have our meeting with the hospital board soon. We should be going.

Greenlee: Where are you, Erica?

Erica: You know, your bedside manner is really bad.

Caleb: I'll work on it.

Erica: Haven't you ever been around people? You've must've had a life at some point.

Caleb: This is my life, and I like it.

Erica: Well, some people would pay good money to have Erica Kane staying with them.

Caleb: You charge money for men to stay with you?

Erica: I didn't say that.

Caleb: Tell me again, what exactly are you famous for?

Erica: Would you just stop it now? Please, just stop it. I can't do this anymore. Just don't talk to me. My leg hurts. Please, I just have to get out of here. I can't take it anymore.

Caleb: Which part can't you take?

Erica: The part where I can't walk. I can't leave this mountain. I can't get back to my life. I miss my life. I miss my kids.

Caleb: Hmm. 10 marriages -- whoo. That must mean that you have, what, 30 kids?

Erica: I have two beautiful daughters. My daughter Bianca is in Paris. She lives there. And Kendall is in Spain.

Caleb: Spain.

Erica: Please, soon as I get out of here, I want to go visit them. I want to go see them in Europe.

Caleb: Well, first, you're gonna have to get off this mountain.

[Erica groans]

Caleb: Where are you going?

Erica: I'm leaving.

Caleb: Last time you didn't make it more than two steps before you hit the dirt. Think you're gonna do better than that now?

Erica: Uh-huh. Just watch me. I'll be fine. I'll be fine. I'll be fine in just a minute. Where are you going? Don't just leave me here.

Caleb: I got things to do.

Erica: Like what?

Jack: I do love watching you sleep.

Ryan: Hey! Look who it is.

Madison: Hey, guys. Beautiful flowers, Emma. Wow.

Emma: They're for my babysitter. She had a pendix.

Ryan: Yes, yes, she did. We're on our way to the hospital right now.

Madison: Well, I'm sure seeing you will make her feel much better.

Emma: Thank you for my makeup set.

Ryan: Yeah, your gift was a big hit.

Madison: Oh, good. But you know what I really wanted to get you? I wanted to get you a chocolate fudge sundae bigger than you are. Huge!

Ryan: We're kind of hoping that Anya's "pendix" gets better real soon, right?

Emma: Maybe Madison can be my babysitter.

Ryan: Madison is juggling a couple of jobs right now. She's a little busy, I think.

Emma: But she doesn't work at night.

Madison: Well, not every night.

Ryan: Yeah, that's true, but I'm sure the nights that she has off she, you know, likes to relax a little bit, see friends.

Madison: I could be up for some babysitting.

Ryan: Madison.

Madison: What? I'd love to. You wouldn't wear me out, would you?

Ryan: Hey -- great. Yeah, hey, Ems, why don't you go see if you can find some flowers to add to the bouquet? All right? Are you sure?

Madison: Yes, yes, of course. She's great. You and I both know I could use the money. Hmm. Hey, good luck at the hospital.

Ryan: Ok. I'll see you later, all right?

Madison: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Ok. Hey. You can't get up, can you?

Madison: Totally twisted my knee.

Ryan: Are you serious? Were you ever gonna say anything to me?

Madison: I hate being the damsel in distress.

Ryan: Really? Well, if you can't even get up, you're coming to the hospital with us. Come on. No, I'm serious. Come on. Take it easy. I know how bad that can be.

Madison: Ok. Ow.

Ryan: Hey, Ems? We got one more coming to the hospital. Come on. Take it easy.

Madison: Thank you.

Ryan: Don't put a lot of weight on it, ok? There you go. Look at you, Ems. That's impressive.

J.R.: So you're saying that Scott wasn't your first choice?

Annie: No, that's not what I said.

J.R.: You said that you would stand behind Scott unless -- unless my father takes you back?

Annie: I don't want Adam back.

J.R.: Then what do you want, Annie?

Annie: I don't know, J.R. What do you want?

J.R.: I want my marriage. I want my wife.

Annie: Are you sure about that? She's not.

J.R.: Put the vase back.

Annie: That's it? That's just your answer to all of this?

J.R.: You don't belong here. That vase isn't yours. Nothing in this house is yours, and it never will be. No, give me --

Annie: Fine. Well, then at least I know where we stand.

J.R.: Put the damn vase back!

Annie: No!

Scott: What the hell's going on?

J.R.: I just caught Annie stealing.

Annie: Oh, please.

J.R.: Then why else would be climbing the walls, swiping the crystal?

Scott: Because I told her to. I told Annie that she could have anything around here to decorate her room.

Annie: Come on, Scott. Let's go find a place for this.

J.R.: I'm doing everything to get rid of Annie.

Marissa: Yeah, I'm sure you are. But are you doing it for the right reasons?

J.R.: What is that supposed to mean?

Marissa: Do you want Annie gone because you know that what you did was wrong, or because you're worried that you'll just do it all again? 

Scott: No, actually, give me that. Give me that.

Annie: What are you doing?

Scott: It's a gorgeous day outside. Let's hold off on decorating and go have a picnic in the park. What do you say?

Annie: Well, don't you have to work?

Scott: Eh, everybody needs a break. I'll take the morning off. How about it?

Annie: I'll go get changed. Well, actually, I don't think I'll need a bathing suit. From what I remember, you prefer skinny-dipping.

J.R.: Tempted by Annie? Hell, no. Every time I see her, I want to --

Marissa: What? You want to what?

J.R.: I want to throw her out the window. You're the one, Marissa. You're the only one. Look, I hurt you, and that kills me. And somehow you found it in your heart to give me another chance, and that means everything. I want Annie gone so we can be a family again.

Marissa: That's what you want? A family? Not what Annie offers?

J.R.: She offers nothing that I care about.

Marissa: But there's still something going on between the two of you. I can feel it, ok?

J.R.: What you feel is hate. I can't stand Annie.

Marissa: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. She still got to you. She lured you in and trapped you, just like she did to your father.

J.R.: I am nothing like my father. With you by my side, how could I be?

Marissa: I have to get to the library.

Frankie: All right, what happened?

Ryan: Busted up knee.

Madison: I'm fine.

Ryan: She's not fine. She can barely walk, seriously.

Frankie: Ok, let's take a look.

Madison: No, I just need to keep on icing it and rest it.

Frankie: Well, let me at least make sure you didn't do anything damaging. All right?

Ryan: Thank you.

Madison: Agh.

Frankie: Oh. All right, I'll order an X-ray.

Ryan: Excellent. You see?

Madison: Ok. Well, you guys should go. You should go see the babysitter.

Ryan: We will. We will. But first, we're gonna hang out here for a little while.

David: And this details the steps we can take to immediately make those changes happen. What's Madison doing here?

Greenlee: I don't know. I should go see how she's doing.

Madison: Greenlee.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. Is everything ok?

Madison: Just a twisted knee and an overprotective Ryan.

Greenlee: I know how he can be.

Madison: This will not keep me from work, though. I promise. Any word on Erica?

Greenlee: Nothing. But we should hear from her soon. Hi, Emma. How's it going?

Emma: Madison's gonna be my new babysitter.

Greenlee: That's great.

Erica: Jack. What are you doing --

Jack: Shh. Shh, shh, shh. It's all right. I found you, Erica. And now I know the truth. You see, Greenlee confessed. She told me that she set you up on that embezzlement charge. But don't you worry about her. She's gonna be punished, permanently exiled. I'm sending her away with the traveling circus. She'll spend the rest of her life cleaning the elephant cages with a toothbrush. But you, you're coming home with me. Shh!

[Greenlee grunts as she's bound and tied to a chair]

Erica: Oh, Jack. Thank God.

Greenlee's voice: "Oh, Jack. Thank God."

Erica: Greenlee!

Greenlee: That's right. Game over. I won. I beat you and your little cosmetics line, too.

Erica: No way. I won't lose. I'm not giving up. I'm coming home. I'm coming home. Ohh.  Oh, Jack. Everything was just so awful without you.

Jack: I know. But we're together now. I'm never going to let you go.

Erica: You mean that?

Jack: Yeah, of course, I do. I've got such a great day planned for us: A couple spa treatments, dinner at a four-star restaurant.

Erica: Oh, Jack. Oh, that sounds incredible.

Jack: All you have to do is open your eyes. Erica? Erica, open your eyes. Erica, open your eyes.

Jack's voice: Erica, open your eyes.

Erica: Aah! Aah!

Scott: This is great.

Annie: This looks good.

Scott: This is it?

Annie: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah. Perfect.

Annie: Ohh, beautiful.

Scott: Give me that.

Annie: Here you go.

Scott: You know, I remember back in college, first nice day of spring, everybody would be out on the grass like this, you know, studying outside. Well, I got a "C" in Film Theory, but my Ultimate Frisbee team took the intramural title.

Annie: What's Ultimate Frisbee, again?

Scott: Ultimate Frisbee is like soccer, basketball, and football all rolled into one. It's -- so there's 2 teams of 7 players, and you --

Annie: Hmm? Sorry. 2 teams of 7 -- you were saying?

Scott: Yeah, 2 teams of 7 players, and they play on a pitch. It's a big rectangular field with 2 end zones.

Annie: Do me. Come on, Scott. I don't want to get burned.

Scott: Yeah. Ahem.

Annie: And really get in there. I don't want to get streaks.

Scott: You got it.

Annie: Don't be shy. I want it everywhere. Ohh. It's so nice out. I'm so glad we left the mansion and left J.R.

Scott: Yeah, you two really got into it before.

Annie: I don't want to talk about him. He makes me crazy.

Scott: I know.

Annie: Look at me, Scott. I made a mistake, a huge mistake, with J.R. A mistake that I have made with many other men that were horrible and cruel and mean and that -- that used me and then just tossed me aside like a piece of garbage. I have learned my lesson. I know what I want now, and it's not J.R.

[J.R. sits at his laptop but his thoughts wander to kissing Annie]

Marissa: Hi.

David: Marissa. Hi.

Marissa: I'm ready to have that talk now about how to deal with Annie.

David: I was beginning to think that you changed your mind.

Marissa: No, I have to fight for A.J. He's already lost one mother. I will not let him lose me.

David: Babe is smiling down on you right now, so proud to have you as a sister. And I couldn't be more proud to have you as a daughter.

Marissa: Ok, look, I didn't come here to bond, David. We all know that you're a pretty lousy father. But when it comes to getting what you want, you're the best.

David: Hmm. Not exactly Father's Day card material, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

Marissa: When you want something, you don't let anything get in your way. Right now, Annie is in my way. She's destroying my family, ok? I want her gone. Tell me how to make it happen.

David: Annie's not the easiest competition. You do know that, right?

Marissa: Yeah. She's a murdering, gold-digging, psychotic slut. Yes, David, I do know that.

David: She's also devious and smart and driven. Now, don't ever forget that, and don't ever let your guard down. Just when you think that she's beat, that's when she roars back for more.

Marissa: So how do I fight someone like that?

David: You fight her dirty, just like her.

Marissa: David, look, I want to bring Annie down, but I will not stoop to her level.

David: Ok, fine. Then you'll lose.

Marissa: What, so if I don't get nasty, then I have no shot?

David: You came to me for a reason, right? Not Krystal, not Tad.

Marissa: Ok, I'm willing to fight.

David: Good. Then all the rules go out the window. Otherwise, there's no point.

Greenlee: I thought Emma already had a babysitter.

Ryan: Oh, she does. She's just out of commission for a little while, so Emma asked Madison if she wanted the gig.

Madison: Anyway, it's just temporary.

Greenlee: Kids can get attached to their babysitters.

Madison: Well, I guess we'll just see how it goes, huh?

Greenlee: You ready for that? Babysitting, I mean. I mean, you have two jobs, and now you have a bum knee.

Madison: Oh. Well, obviously, my job at Fusion comes first. I wouldn't head over to Ryan's until all my work for you is done.

Greenlee: So you'd be there at night?

Madison: Well, yeah. I mean, only when Ryan was out.

Greenlee: But you're gonna be ok?

Madison: For sure -- if I can just convince Ryan of that.

Ryan: Heh.

Greenlee: Well, uh, I should get going.

Madison: See you at the office.

Greenlee: Yeah, whenever you're ready.

Ryan: Are you still coming to Jake and Amanda's wedding?

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah. I'll see you there.

Ryan: Sounds good.

[Erica frets]

Caleb: What the hell happened?

Erica: Oh, this fuzzy wuzzy friend of yours!

Caleb: Who? This? This is Angela. This is my sweetheart Angela.

[Erica whimpers]

Caleb: Oh, she scared you. I thought she was gonna keep you warm.

Erica: Ohh.

Caleb: I'm sorry I didn't have a mink or a sable for you.

Erica: I hardly ever wear real fur anymore.

Caleb: Oh. Well, Angela's very happy to hear that. Aren't you, baby?

Erica: I'm freezing.

Caleb: So who were you talking to? Your lawyer boy?

Erica: Jackson.

Caleb: Hmm.

Erica: I thought he was here.

Caleb: Oh. Well, try to hallucinate more quietly, would you? Angela's gonna look after you there. Ok? Grr!

Marissa: So where do I start?

David: With J.R.'s guilt. It's eating him alive, as it should be, so use it.

Marissa: How?

David: Just tell him everything Annie's doing to hurt you, how she refuses to stop attacking you.

Marissa: No, but that's the thing -- Annie's not even attacking me, not outright. Anyway, she's subtle, so there aren't even any big moves that I can point to.

David: Then lie.

Marissa: What? Just like that?

David: Just like that. And make it a good one, so you don't get caught.

Marissa: I can't just -- I don't -- God, I don't know if I can do that.

David: All right, do you honestly think that Annie, the woman who slept with your husband, would hesitate for a second to lie about you?

Marissa: No. But I'm better than Annie.

David: Let your father tell you his take on love. We're born alone, we die alone, we live most of our lives alone.

Marissa: That's uplifting.

David: Well, it happens to be the truth. The sooner we accept that the better chance we have at finding happiness.

Marissa: The way you put it, happiness doesn't even seem to be part of the equation.

David: Just because we're alone doesn't mean we have to be lonely. That is the trick. And when you find someone who makes you feel like you really matter, someone who makes you feel like you're more than just another speck of sand on that vast desert of humanity, you go after that person with all you have. You fight for that person with all you have. Now, do I want you in the Chandler Mansion? No. Is that where your son is? Is that where he needs to be? Yes. So that's where you belong.

Marissa: Ok, I need, just, time to think about this. Ok?

David: Ok. Don't take too much time.

Marissa: Ok.

David: And, Marissa? No matter what, I'm here for you. Hi. Um, you all right?

Greenlee: Yeah. Just checking on my employee. She asked about Erica.

David: And you didn't say anything because you don't know anything. Greenlee, it's gonna get easier.

Greenlee: Yeah. You keep saying that.

Madison: I'm ready to go.

Ryan: Ok. I'll drive you home.

Madison: Oh, no. That's ok. I'll just call a cab.

Ryan: No, you won't. I will drive you. Absolutely.

Madison: No. I'd really rather take a cab, please.

Ryan: Why? Why don't you want me to take you home?

Madison: Because I don't have one.

[Scott laughs]

Annie: Ooh. Ahh. Well, I owe you a huge thanks.

Scott: What'd I do?

Annie: You got me out of here. You reminded me how easy it is to be happy. I just need some sun in my face and some water on my body and a picnic lunch and you to share it with. Simple things. Real simple things -- that's what I want in my life.

Scott: Yeah, I had a good time with you, too.

Annie: Well, great. Well, then we should do it again sometime.

Scott: Yeah. Uh, I should get this basket back to Polly.

Annie: Ok.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: Damn you, J.R.

J.R.: What's your problem? I said what's your problem?

Annie: You are.

J.R.: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Annie: Get off me!

J.R.: Just answer the damn question.

Annie: Get off me or I will scream.

J.R.: Well, why don't you go right ahead?

Annie: You know, I really have a chance at being happy with Scott, a man who treats me with kindness and respect. And then you walk in here, and it's like you look at me like you know something or see something. You have ruined me, J.R. Now I can't even look at another man without thinking of you.

J.R.: I don't care what you feel when you look at me. I just -- I don't care.

Annie: Yeah? I don't believe that.

J.R.: Well, then I'll have to show you.

Annie: How? What, are you gonna ignore me? You gonna treat me like garbage?

J.R.: No, this thing between us --

Annie: Ah. So you admit there's a thing?

J.R.: It will go away.

Annie: How?

J.R.: I'll make it go away. Because I have more important things to work on, like trying to get my company back and my marriage. You mean nothing to me.

Annie: Really? I mean nothing to you? Prove it.


J.R.: See? Nothing.

Scott: Hi.

Annie: Hi. Ohh.

Scott: I thought you might like these.

Annie: Oh, they're beautiful. Thank you, Scott.

Scott: You're welcome.

J.R.: Hey. How was the library?

Marissa: Fine.

J.R.: Ok. Listen, I'm gonna take a shower. You want to join me?

Marissa: I can't. J.R., I'm sorry. I'm just not ready.

Caleb: Hey, I caught some fish. I'll fry them up.

Erica: Caleb?

Caleb: What?

Erica: In the morning, you'll take me down the mountain?

Caleb: I'll do my best.

Erica: I really want to get home.

Caleb: Well, trust me, I want that as much as you do. [Puts his cell phone in his pocket]

Erica: Jack.

Doc: Jackson Montgomery?

Jack: Ah. Doc Waller, I presume?

Doc: Ha ha! Welcome to Pigeon Hollow.

Jack: Thanks for meeting me. I appreciate it.

Doc: Now, is there any place in particular you want to see first?

Jack: Actually, Doc, what I'd like to see is Erica Kane. I've come here to take her home.

Ryan: So you've been crashing this entire time at the Fusion hospitality suite?

Madison: Just for now.

Ryan: Ok, I'm giving you a room at the casino to stay in.

Madison: No, Ryan, I don't want any charity.

Ryan: Just until you get on your feet, ok? I mean, if it makes you feel better, I'll give you a room with a view of the Dumpster.

David: You really need to take it easy, not adding to your anxiety by committing to ridiculous things like faux weddings.

Greenlee: You're on my case because I saw Ryan.

David: No, this has nothing to do with Ryan or me. It has everything to do with your state of mind, your safety.

Greenlee: Because weddings are so dangerous.

David: No. But clinging to the past certainly can be. You and Jake aren't even close anymore, and you barely know Amanda, and yet you insist on going to this wedding. Why?

Greenlee: I told you. I made a promise.

David: You do realize what happens at weddings, don't you? People get sentimental. They start drinking. They start talking.

Greenlee: Ahem.

David: Now, normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but we're dealing with a potentially disastrous unknown with Erica. We have no idea what's gonna happen next, which is why we both have to be extremely careful.

Greenlee: I'm always careful.

David: The fact that you even accepted this invitation tells me that you don't fully understand how risky this secret is. Like it or not, it separates you from everyone else. Now, you go to this love fest, you surround yourself with reminders of what used to be, heaven knows what could happen. You let something slip, it could be deadly for us both.

Greenlee: Oh, you don't think I'm strong enough to keep my mouth shut?

David: I have no doubts about your strength, Greenlee. I just don't understand why you're taking such a huge chance on something this silly.

Greenlee: Because I'm not gonna be paralyzed by fear, and I won't hide from anything or anyone. And if that's how you want me to live my life, maybe you should've just left me in that river.

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