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Jake: Am I too close? Am I in your personal space? Am I bothering you?

Amanda: You're distracting me, husband.

Jake: What are we doing here?

Amanda: I'm trying to make up our seating chart for the wedding, you know? It's like trying to put together a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Jake: Sure, where all these pieces hate all those pieces. So what's the strategy?

Amanda: Well, I am trying to keep the enemies apart, the couples together, and if we happen to encourage a love connection: bonus.

Jake: Bonus. Bonus! You know what we could do? Play Cupid. Of course, Cupid always rolled naked.

Amanda: All right. Have you seen the RSVP list?

Jake: You know I haven't seen it. I don't even know what it looks like.

Amanda: Oh. All right, I don't remember authorizing you to make changes.

Jake: No, it's ok, because you made a mistake. You had Tad sitting next to Liza at this table here and Krystal all the way over here. And Tad really should be next to her because she's gonna -- or not. You don't have to.

Amanda: I know what I'm doing.

Jake: Right.

Tad: That everything?

Damon: Pretty sad, huh?

Tad: Wow.

Damon: All these years and this is all I have to show for it.

Tad: You know Confucius always said: "What a man carries in his heart is more important than the size of his luggage."

Damon: Ok.

Tad: What about your medication?

Damon: It's in there.

Tad: Yeah? Have I told you how happy I am that you're back home?

Damon: Couple times.

Tad: Ok, ok.

Damon: So, what about the rules in this place?

Tad: Rules? No stinkin' rules. Unless, of course, you're talking about drinking out of the carton or, you know, leaving your dishes in the sink rather than the dishwasher. That's pretty --

Damon: Yeah, what about women?

Tad: Well, personally, I'm all for them. You know, they tend to be soft and warm and smell nice.

Damon: Like if I wanted to bring a girl here, would that be cool, for the night?

Tad: By "girl" are we talking about Colby? Because if we are, you are taking your life in your own hands.

Liza: Colby, honey, internships like this -- they don't exactly come around every day.

Colby: Well, you only set it up for me because you wanted me away from Damon.

Liza: Well, honey, things have changed.

Colby: What things?

Liza: I'm sorry, what?

Colby: Save it, Mom. Damon told me you offered him money to dump me.

Liza: Uh-huh, right. And did he tell you that he took the money?

Colby: Well, we appreciate the donation. Seriously, it should help out big time with our trip to New York. So thank you.

Liza: Colby, you can't possibly be --

Colby: And who knows? Maybe I'll find a cool place to live, some good jobs, and we'll never come back.

Ryan: Can I have another glass, please? And get one for my friend here, too. That would be fantastic. I'm sure with all the arguing with Greenlee lately, I mean, you could use another glass.

David: No, I just would like the check, please. And I'm not buying his drink, by the way. So tell me, Ryan, why the sudden interest in my marriage?

Ryan: Oh, I'm not interested in your marriage, David. In fact, it's been a sham from the beginning. The interesting part for me is the fact that you don't seem to realize that yet, and that you've fallen for Greenlee, which is sweet, really. I mean, it's gonna be a lot more sweet when the whole thing blows up in your face.

David: Married couples have disagreements. What you saw meant nothing.

Ryan: Really? Good. Well, that's good to hear. I mean, I am curious as to what you could have possibly said to her to make her look at you like that.

David: What look?

Ryan: Like she wanted to be anywhere on the planet except standing next to you.

Greenlee: You're going to propose to Erica.

Jack: Yes, I am. Just as soon as she gets back from wherever she is.

Greenlee: I didn't know that --

Jack: Yeah, sure you did, Greenlee. I know how you feel about Erica.

Greenlee: Dad --

Jack: But I love her. I've never loved anybody more. I let her get away from me once. I am not gonna make that same mistake again. I'm gonna go down there. I'm gonna find her. I'm gonna bring her home. And I'm gonna marry her. 

Damon: So I can't bring Colby here because you're afraid of Liza.

Tad: Right down to my socks, mister. And you should be, too. And that's not all there is to it. I mean, let's face it, we do have two small children living in the house.

Damon: Yeah, but what if I didn't let Kathy and Jenny see?

Tad: Oh, come on. They're nuts about you. The minute you walk through that door all they want to do is stick their nose right in the middle of whatever you're doing.

Damon: I could lock the door. You know, it's no big deal.

Tad: And eventually, you would forget. Let's try and protect their innocence just a little while longer, ok?

Damon: Yeah, yeah. Sure. No problem.

Tad: Good. Now, onward and upward. You're going to Jake's wedding, aren't you?

Damon: Yeah, I guess I am.

Tad: Well, that's the spirit. That being the case, I took the liberty of buying you a tux. And you don't have to worry either. It's not like powder blue with, you know, ruffles down the front, although I'm personally convinced those are gonna make a comeback.

Damon: Well, I never even wore a tux before. I definitely never owned one.

Tad: Yeah, well, I never got the chance to send you a prom, so let's just consider it a kind of prom present.

Damon: Yeah, I never went to prom. I'd dropped out by then because I thought that I had gotten Bailey pregnant, so --

Tad: Why don't you try it on, you know? See what you think. You may like it. You know, if it's not quite right, we can have it tailored. I got to run out to take some things to Krystal's. I hope you don't mind. You're gonna be ok?

Damon: Yeah, I'll be here.

Tad: I'll see you later?

Damon: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Thank you for coming.

Amanda: Oh, you don't want to be a bridesmaid?

Liza: Listen, I hope you're not too disappointed. It's just -- listen. My relationship with Colby right now is really a disaster, and, well, then there's the whole Tad-Damon situation, you know. He's actually moved him back into the house and -- well, anyway, you really just don't want us all at the same place at the same time.

Amanda: Yes, we do. And you know what? You never know. Maybe the four of you together would be a good thing.

Liza: Yeah, really. On what planet?

Jake: We're getting married, and we're so happy it's a wedding planet. That's where Amanda lives.

Liza: Uh-huh.

Amanda: Come on. It's going to be incredible day. And maybe all of you coming together will find some common ground. Come on. Please?

Jake: Please with a cherry on the top.

Liza: Why don't you try an olive in my Martini?

Jake: I wasn't finished. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I was gonna say "Martini."

Amanda: Please?

Liza: All right. Ok. All right.

Amanda: Really?

Liza: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Jake: See? She's happy now.

Liza: Uh-huh, yeah.

Amanda: Yay! Thank you.

Liza: Yeah. I really think you both are really nuts, but I will stand up for you.

Amanda: Yay, yay!

Jake: Why are we nuts?

Ryan: Hey, what are you tipping these days? 18%? 20%? I never know.

David: What are you after, Lavery?

Ryan: You know, I don't even really know. I just get this feeling, like something big is about with you and Greenlee, and I don't want to miss it.

David: You know, you're so funny. You sit here all smug, above it all, like no one knows my wife better.

Ryan: They don't.

David: Really? Then where the hell were you, huh, when she was lying there in that frozen river? I'm the one that brought her out. I'm the one that gave her back life. I saved Greenlee's life. And she will always thank me for that.

Ryan: Until she realizes what you did with that life. Cost her her friends and her family, probably even her soul. And then she's gonna hate you for it.

Jack: Greenlee, I don't know how all this happened, but I'm sure there's an explanation for it. I mean, there is no way in the world that Erica would take money from the Miranda Center for her own gain. I mean, I know she's capable of a lot. Believe me, nobody knows that better than I.

Greenlee: I'm so sorry.

Jack: About what, honey? What are you sorry about?

Greenlee: You know, Dad. About Erica. 

Ryan: Krystal's already got you doing deliveries, huh?

Tad: Oh, no, no. This is my love-crazed younger brother.

Ryan: Right, the wedding. The redo wedding, right?

Tad: A lot of big doings going on in the Martin clan.

Ryan: Hey, speaking of that, how are things going with Damon?

Tad: Well, let's see. On a scale between awkward and excruciating, somewhere around ponderous.

Ryan: Huh. Well, I'm sure things will get better, man.

Tad: I hope so. With so many years to catch up on, you know, I'm afraid it's always gonna be like this: rocky.

Ryan: Let's get a drink sometime soon, all right?

Tad: Hello, Madam. The Sherpa Express for you, just like you requested.

Krystal: I am sorry, but don't blame me, ok?

Tad: Yeah. It's all Jake. Can you imagine the gall of that guy, trying to prove to his wife that he still loves her. As if.

Krystal: Uh-oh. Incoming.

Tad: Oh, please tell me it's not Jake.

Krystal: No. Younger, blonder, and it looks like she's on a serious mission. Good luck.

Colby: I need you to talk to my mom.

Tad: I'm fine, Colby. How are you?

Colby: She paid Damon to break up with me.

Tad: How much? I mean, what?

Colby: Yeah, I know. It's like she's convinced he's a serial killer or something. But you see the good in him, right? Because I am telling you, Tad, Damon is an amazing guy. And underneath all of that frustration, he's incredibly smart. I just wish my mama would see that.

Tad: I'm just glad you do. And you're preaching to the choir. I know he's a good kid, but to be fair to your mom, Damon does have a couple of rough edges.

Colby: Well, so did you.

Tad: Gosh, Colby, I don't know why I didn't think of that. There's another really great selling point with your mother.

Colby: Well, maybe we should leave that part out. But, hey, can you talk to her? I mean, she needs to get a grip and realize I'm not a little girl anymore.

Tad: Sweetheart, that's a lot easier said than done.

Madison: Got the score of the Phillies game? Hello? Ryan.

Ryan: Hey. How long you been standing there?

Madison: Not long. But it must be important, huh?

Ryan: Oh, no. It's nothing. It's nothing. Hi. How are you?

Madison: I'm good.

Ryan: Good.

Madison: Are you sure you don't need to go?

Ryan: Definitely not. No, I don't. This is not even my problem, so.

Madison: I am definitely getting a Greenlee vibe here.

Ryan: Are you serious? Is it that obvious?

Madison: Yeah. When you get that look on your face, and you don't want to talk about it. Yeah, obvious.

Ryan: Ok, well, I need to work on that. Look, I know that I need to stay out. That's what I want. I want to stay out.

Madison: What's going on with her?

Ryan: By the looks of things, her and David are about to crack.

Jack: Greenlee, what is it? What are you sorry for? Greenlee, come on.

David: Am I interrupting?

Jack: As a matter of fact, yes.

Greenlee: No. Actually, I was just telling my dad how sorry I am for all of this that's going down with Erica. I know you're worried about her. And no matter how I feel about her, I want you to be happy.

David: Did something happen? Is there any news?

Greenlee: Actually -- can I tell him?

Jack: Sure. Why not?

Greenlee: My dad's going to ask Erica to marry him again.

David: Wow. Well, congratulations, Jack. You know, when Erica comes back to town, the four of us should go to dinner, celebrate, maybe use this time to mend some fences.

Greenlee: I'd like that.

Jack: I don't know. I think Erica is going to be pretty busy dealing with those charges against her.

David: Oh, I'm sure that'll be cleared up in no time. An accounting error of some sort. Erica will persevere. She always does.

Jack: Yeah. You know, you're singing quite a different tune than the other day when I was talking to you, and you were so sure that Erica was gonna end up behind bars.

David: Yeah. You know, you're right. I was quick to jump to Greenlee's defense without thinking. For that I'm sorry.

Greenlee: My dad's going to West Virginia to try and track down Erica.

David: You really think that's a wise move?

Jack: I do.

David: Well, let us not forget who we're talking about here. I mean, if Erica is playing low-key right now, there must be a good reason, right? I mean, the woman hates to be second-guessed.

Greenlee: That's what I told him.

Jack: Well, thank you both for your sage advice. Thank you for this, honey. I'll call you later.

David: I know what you'll say.

Greenlee: I don't know how long I can let this go on. 

Tad: You know, you could do me a favor until things level out a bit. Cut your mother a break.

Colby: Yeah, like she cuts me one.

Tad: Colby, the bad news is it doesn't matter how old you get, you are always gonna be her little girl. And you will understand someday when you get kids of your own.

Colby: Like that ever is gonna happen. What? What? Not if she scares off every guy who looks at me.

Tad: I'm sorry. I need a judge's ruling on this one. Damon is not just any guy, and he's done a whole lot more than look. Correct? So, I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that, you know? He needs a lot of support right now, and I think you do, too.

Colby: Do you think my mom is ever gonna mellow out? What?

Tad: You should have seen her back in the day.

Colby: Are you serious?

Tad: Oh, my God. 20 years ago, you'd be dead right now. Who knows? Another 20 years, she might be normal. Can I offer you a little parental advice?

Colby: Yeah, go for it.

Tad: You and Damon got a really good thing going. But you've also got a lot of time ahead of you. Now, you don't necessarily have to rush anything.

Colby: Is this a sex talk?

Tad: Oh, God, no.

Colby: Ok, good. Thank you.

Tad: What is sex? Can I ask you one question?

Colby: Yeah.

Tad: And it's not about, you know. Has he mentioned anything about, you know, how he's doing and how he's adjusting to suddenly becoming a Martin? Has he said anything?

Colby: Not really. But to be honest, I don't think it's really sunk in yet.

Liza: Colby?

Damon: Oh, Colby isn't here right now. Should she be?

Liza: Would you please put a shirt on?

Damon: What's the matter, Liza? Can't handle the situation?

Liza: Yeah, I'm leaving.

Damon: Hold on. Wait, wait, wait. Can you help me with these things? Cannot find the buttons.

Liza: You're supposed to -- these fold like this. Then you put cuff links there. I'm sure Tad has some that you can borrow. What?

Damon: No, it's just you're, like, doing something civil. When does the ripping-into-me part start?

Liza: And why would I do that?

Damon: Because I cashed your check and didn't dump Colby.

Liza: I don't care about the money, Damon. I care about my daughter.

Damon: Then I don't get it. Don't you want Colby to be happy?

Liza: That's exactly what I want.

Damon: Well, I make her happy.

Liza: You don't even know her.

Damon: What are you talking about?

Liza: Tell me about my daughter, Damon. Aside from the fact that she's beautiful and rich and she has blond hair. Who is she, huh? Winter or summer? Italian food or Chinese? What makes her laugh? What makes her cry? You don't know anything about her. You don't know what she likes.

Damon: Me, all right? She likes me. Maybe I don't know everything about her, but I have time to learn. Isn't that what dating is anyway, getting to know the other person?

Liza: Yeah. Only if you're doing it for the right reasons.

Damon: What the hell do you want from me?

Liza: What do I want? Damon, I want my daughter to be with somebody who is good to her and appreciates her and loves her. I don't think you're that guy.

Colby: See you later.

Tad: Ciao.

Colby: Bye.

Krystal: So how did it go?

Tad: Great. She actually gave me a great idea for Damon.

Krystal: What?

Tad: Monday Martin family night.

Krystal: Monday Martin --

Tad: Yeah, we expand things a little bit, you know? We break out all the classic black-and-white. We eat junk food, chips, popcorn, board games, pizza. Help him to get to know everyone, you know?

Krystal: That's a nice idea.

Tad: "Nice"? That's it? "Nice"?

Krystal: Well, I --

Tad: Could starve to death on "nice."

Krystal: I just don't want you to think that pepperoni and old westerns is gonna just magically change things for him, change everything.

Tad: I don't want him to change everything. I just want him to change some things.

Krystal: I know, I know. But Damon's had a lot thrown at him, Tad.

Tad: Well, I'm just trying to make him feel more comfortable.

Krystal: I'm not saying don't fluff his pillows. Just don't suffocate him with them. You know, he's gonna need some room to breathe.

Madison: So if Greenlee and David are breaking up, that's great.

Ryan: Well, he's twisted her up in so many different directions, I don't even know who she is anymore.

Madison: So, if she were free of him, she would probably go back to being the old Greenlee, the Greenlee you fell in love with.

Ryan: Yes. I mean, that's not how I meant it.

Madison: It's ok, it's ok. I get it.

Ryan: No, I don't think you do.

Madison: You and Greenlee are --

Ryan: We're done. I want her to be back who she was, but not for me. That's not what I'm saying. For her friends, for her family, for Emma, for herself mostly.

Madison: You don't have to say that.

Ryan: No, I mean that. I mean, I look at Jake and Amanda and their wedding and -- I don't know. It makes me think of mine.

Madison: When you were supposed to marry Greenlee.

Ryan: Yes. And it seems like a lifetime ago, especially when I'm with you.

Madison: I should get going.

Ryan: Ok. I'll call you, ok?

Madison: I'd like that.

Greenlee: I can't believe I just stood there and lied right to my father's face.

David: You had no choice.

Greenlee: Of course, I have a choice. "Dad, you know the woman you love, the woman you want to marry? Well, my husband sabotaged her plane and now she's missing. For all we know, she could be -- "

David: No, no. We don't know that.

Greenlee: Do you know what this would do to him?

David: We cannot worry about that.

Greenlee: What if she's hurt and no one is looking?

David: I'm looking.

Greenlee: For a survivor?

David: I'm doing everything in my power to find Erica. I want her to be ok. I believe she's ok. In the meantime, we need to keep up appearances. Freaking out every time you hear Erica's name mentioned is only gonna set off alarms. We have to act as if everything is fine.

Greenlee: But it's not. It's nowhere near fine. When are you going to admit that you might have killed Erica?

David: So that's what you think: that I killed Erica?

Greenlee: David, I --

David: You know, that's all right. Believe me, I know what everyone thinks of me in this town. I hear it every single day. "Dr. Doom." "Dr. Death." "The man is a monster."

Greenlee: I've never said that.

David: And I would hate it if you ever did, Greenlee. Because what you think of me is everything.

Greenlee: People say horrible things about me, too. They say I have no heart, or that I lost it when I drove off the road a year ago.

David: Yeah, well, you see, now I know that's not true because I see it every single day. You put yourself at risk to go to Emma's birthday, and here you are suffering for your father.

Greenlee: What are we doing, David?

David: We're surviving, just like we always have, just like we did after your accident. And just like then, I will never stop fighting for you.

Greenlee: I know you won't.

David: Greenlee, look around you. Look at everything that you built out of nothing. You deserve this.

Greenlee: I know I do. This is mine.

David: That's right, that's right. And that's why we have to stick together right now. Erica will be ok. Your father will be ok.

Greenlee: And you'll never stop looking for her.

David: You have my word.

Greenlee: Then I'm with you.

Jake: Hey, how are you?

Ryan: Hey.

Jake: How's it going?

Ryan: Good.

Jake: You're the man.

Ryan: What's going on?

Jake: You're a good friend.

Ryan: Thank you.

Jake: I just wanted to say that.

Ryan: Ok.

Jake: I've come down here before, and I feel like I'm a friend to you. We're -- you know. So I wanted to ask you something.

Ryan: Ok. I feel a hug coming on.

Jake: No. Well, yes. If you say yes. Assuming that you're in.

Ryan: Ok.

Jake: All right? Ok. I'd like you to be in the wedding party. I want you to be a groomsman. I really would like that, ok? But it has a couple of terms and whatnot. All right, you ready?

Ryan: Yes.

Jake: You have to wear a tux, ok? You have to look good, but not too good, because I don't want you to show me up, because it's my thing and you're very handsome. Everybody knows you're handsome. Want me to take a poll? Ok, so, that's the thing. All right? Oh, and then I want to have the bachelor party here, if that's ok with you.

Ryan: I would be honored.

Jake: You're sure? Because that's a thing -- it's a lot of -- all right. And there is something else I really should have told you before we agreed on all that.

Ryan: Because if it's like a top hat or tails or something --

Jake: No, no, no. It's not. Amanda asked Greenlee to be in the wedding party, too, as a bridesmaid. So if you want to undo this and not -- I will understand.

Ryan: It's totally fine.

Jake: You're sure.

Ryan: Yes, absolutely. This is your wedding. And by the way, I don't even think Greenlee and David are doing very well right now.

Jake: That's ridiculous.

Ryan: But that's not the point. The point is, is that Greenlee and I will be fine. I will be there, and I'll be looking good, but not too good, because, you know, those days are over.

Jake: No, you're handsome. This is it. This seals the deal.

Ryan: All right. I'm in.

Jake: And now I own you. No, I own you now. This is a bonding. Kinetic. So I just want to ask this: You know about wine. I don't know about wine. Can you please go by Krystal's. You know, she bought BJ's. It's not called "Krystal's BJ's." It's just a wine bar now, apparently. And I don't know anything about it. I'm needing you to buy the wine for the wedding.

Ryan: Absolutely. You got it. I got the wine. I'll be there. Absolutely. Because I got to --

Jake: I got to go. Thank you.

Ryan: All right.

Jake: I appreciate it.

Ryan: Ok, buddy.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hey, how'd it go?

Jake: It was good. He's in.

Amanda: Really? You told him about Greenlee?

Jake: Yeah. The arrow is in your quiver, Cupid.

Amanda: I can't believe you just said that.

Jake: Neither can I. I'm sorry. I love you.

Amanda: Me, too. Bye. Oh, hey. Is it a bad time?

Greenlee: Uh -- what's up?

Amanda: Well, I'm just running around like crazy, trying to get everything ready for the wedding.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. I remember how that goes. Three words: Delegate, delegate, delegate. And all those annoying little details, that's what bridesmaids are for.

Amanda: Oh, well, actually, it's funny that you should say that.

Greenlee: Why is that funny?

Amanda: Well, I was hoping that you'd be one of those bridesmaids. You know how much Jake loves you, and it would mean a lot to him. And to me, too.

Greenlee: Really? You want me in the wedding party, even after everything.

Amanda: Well, you know, this wedding is about fresh starts and being around the people that matter most to us. And, you know, we don't agree with all your choices, but we would really love for you to be with us.

Greenlee: Wow. I don't know what to say.

Amanda: "Yes"?

Greenlee: I'd be honored.

Amanda: Oh, great. You won't be disappointed. Thank you. So, remember what you said about delegating?

Greenlee: What do you need me to do?

Amanda: Ok, great. Krystal's letting me use her place for wedding central. Do you mind popping over there, checking out the menu options, let me know what you think? Because I would do it, but I have to research the floral arrangements. Which reminds me. Can I use your computer?

Greenlee: Yes, yes. Take a breath. And "yes" to all of it. What are bridesmaids for?

Amanda: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Greenlee: Oh, ok. I need to do this.

Damon: Look, what's between me and Colby is between us, all right? We don't have to run everything by you.

Liza: I love my daughter more than anything in the world, and I don't think her heart is safe with you.

Damon: So what if it's not? Who cares? We're not getting married tomorrow. We could have years of mistakes in front of us.

Liza: Oh, great. That's really reassuring.

Damon: Just call this for what it is, ok? You hate me because I took away my dear old dad from you.

Liza: Nothing to do with Tad.

Damon: Sure it does. Doesn't matter anyway, though, because you -- you can't win.

Liza: It's not a game, Damon. Listen, I know you find this impossible to believe, but I do remember what it's like being your age, getting carried away, thinking that this one person is the end-all, be-all, when the truth of the matter is they're just a blip in the screen.

Damon: So if you think I'm gonna go away so fast, why are you freaking out? Look, Colby and I have something really good right now. Could it all blow up? Yeah, I could dump her. I could cheat on her. I could leave town, and you and all this crap. I could do a lot of things, Liza. And that's what drives you crazy. Because there is nothing you can do about it.

Tad: Liza.

Liza: I was just looking for Colby.

Tad: Why, was it Damon? Something happen?

Liza: No, no. This one's me. Definitely all me. I'm the worst mother on the planet.

Tad: Come on, Liza. Don't be overdramatic. The only thing you're guilty of is being a parent.

Liza: Wow, you have really lost that Martin touch. You used to lie a lot better than that. No, I know what I am, and I certainly know what I've done.

Tad: What you've done? Have you looked at your daughter lately? You managed to raise a caring, intelligent, sensitive human being. From where I'm standing, the only thing you should be is proud.

David: Hey. Where's Greenlee?

Amanda: She's at Krystal's. She's helping me out with some wedding stuff.

David: Really? And why would she do that?

Amanda: Oh, gee, David, I don't know. Because we're friends, and I needed a favor? I asked her to be a bridesmaid.

David: All right, let me guess. That invite comes without a "plus one."

Amanda: Yeah, so don't get any ideas of crashing my wedding.

David: Amanda, this might come as a shock to you, but I have no desire to hurt you. I do still care about you and Trevor.

Amanda: Look, just promise me that you'll stay away, ok? This is a really important day, not just for me and Jake, but for Trevor, too. And I don't want anything messing it up.

David: I can't promise you that this marriage won't end in disaster, but I give you my word it won't be because of me.

Greenlee: Bridesmaid reporting for duty.

Krystal: Yeah. I got to say I didn't see that coming.

Greenlee: Yeah, me either. Amanda wanted me to narrow down her menu choices.

Krystal: Right, right. The Yacht Club sent this over. Knock yourself out.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hi.

Ryan: Have you by any chance seen Krystal? I'm supposed to look at wine for Jake's wedding.

Greenlee: They put you in charge.

Ryan: Yes. Jake says it's the groomsman's job.

Greenlee: You're in the wedding party, too?

Ryan: Yeah. Well, look, if you want out, I'm --

Greenlee: No, I'm fine. Why would it bother me? I really should be looking through these menus.

Ryan: Well, truthfully, I should probably know what the food is gonna be before I choose the wine anyway.

Greenlee: Well, maybe you should do both. You know, I should probably get going anyway.

Ryan: Yeah, David's probably waiting for you and probably not that crazy about you being part of the wedding anyway.

Greenlee: You know what? I made Amanda a promise. Let's just do this together. 

Tad: So, what changed your mind about going to the wedding?

Liza: I think that Jake and Amanda could possibly be the two most annoying people I've ever met.

Tad: Please. All that love and happiness?

Liza: It's really making me sick. And I'm gonna be in this wedding party. All I keep seeing is Colby's gonna be there with Damon and --

Tad: Liza, Liza, you really got to let this go.

Liza: Tad, he's gonna ruin her life.

Tad: More like he's gonna ruin yours.

Liza: I think I'm gonna go.

Tad: Hey? The wedding? Would you save the last dance for me?

Damon: What's your favorite color?

Colby: Where did that come from?

Damon: I'm just curious. I figured it's like something I should know.

Colby: Well, it is blue. Yeah.

Damon: You look good in blue.

Colby: Thanks.

Damon: I mean, you look good in everything. Probably look good in nothing, too.

Colby: You are so bad.

Damon: Sorry. I really can't wait for the night of the wedding.

Colby: Well, neither can I.

Damon: Remind me to thank Jake and Amanda again for getting married again, so we can finally have the house to ourselves.

Colby: It's gonna be an amazing night. Well, as long as my mother doesn't get in the way.

Damon: I'm not gonna let that happen.

Amanda: I have an idea.

Jake: Really? If it's anything like my idea, we better fasten our seatbelts, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Amanda: I don't think we should have sex.

Jake: That's definitely not my idea.

Amanda: No, just until the wedding night. You know, it'll make it so much more special.

Jake: Really? You think so?

Amanda: Yeah.

Jake: Oh, I don't -- I can't -- I'm not good at that. I can't do that.

Amanda: Yes, you can. Come on, you'll live.

Jake: I won't live. I might die. Is this really important to you?

Amanda: It is, it is. I mean, I feel like this whole wedding is about starting over, and, you know, let's do it.

Jake: You mean not do it. You don't want to do it. You mean not do it.

Amanda: Come on. What do you say? Can you handle it? Good. Good, good.

Jake: Not good. Terrible. Ok, sure. This is what you want. So what do I have to, stay at the end of my bed or stay on the floor, or what are we talking about?

Amanda: No. You're staying at Tad's.

Jake: Oh, I'm staying at Tad's.

David: No word? Nothing? Damn it! How the hell can a plane just disappear? I'm getting tired of hearing this. Yes, yes, of course, I'm upset. No, no, nobody knows I'm involved. That's not what this is about. It's just that Erica Kane is -- I have to find her. She's gonna be alive.

Jack: Mr. Waller, this is Jackson Montgomery. I know that Erica Kane has been in contact with you regarding Palmer Cortlandt, and there's something I'm hoping you can help me out with. I'm not even sure that Miss Kane is still down there, but I very badly need to see her. So I'm coming to Pigeon Hollow tomorrow. If you would, could you give me a call at your earliest convenience? I would certainly appreciate that. Thank you.

Greenlee: You know what? I think that Jake and Amanda should just ditch this food altogether. This wine is incredible.

Ryan: That's probably why you went back for seconds, right?

Greenlee: And thirds. Ryan. Yes. Well, you better stop because I happen to know what happens after you go for four.

Greenlee: Look out.

Ryan: You know what? It is very good to see you smile again. It is. Weddings bring that out in you.

Greenlee: No, it's just the wine.

Ryan: Well, I'm very talented at choosing wine, so that's probably what it is then. In fact, this is the same wine that I chose for our wedding.

Greenlee: You know, I should call a car. I need to go home.

Ryan: David's waiting for you?

Greenlee: I just need to go.

Ryan: Hey, if you ever need to talk about anything about, um -- you, Erica, David.

Greenlee: There's nothing to talk about. I don't know anything.

Ryan: You don't know anything about what?

Greenlee: I have to go.

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