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Episode #10385

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Angie: I cannot believe that I invited Dr. Doom and his bride to dinner.

Jesse: What I can't believe is you dragging me along to suffer with you.

Angie: Well, you're the one who said kill him with kindness. Look, I just need you to watch him, because you know how David sets me off with nothing more than a look.

Jesse: Yeah, I know that look. I've been there.

Angie: Do you have that Taser handy?

[Jesse scoffs]

David: You can back out of this dinner if you like.

Greenlee: I'm fine. Do you like these?

David: Perfect. Just like you. You know, sometimes I catch sight of you walking across a room or coming through a door, and I can't believe that you're my wife. How lucky am I?

Greenlee: I think I'll try the other pair.

David: I'm sorry we have to go out to dinner with the Hubbards.

Greenlee: It's fine.

David: "It's fine." Hmm. You're fine. You've been saying that a lot. I'm not sure I believe you.

Greenlee: Is Erica fine? You keep saying she is. She could be lying in the wreckage of a plane somewhere.

David: There's been no report of a crash.

Greenlee: But that doesn't mean anything. Maybe it was foggy. Maybe the plane went down -- in the ocean.

David: Ok. Erica is like a cat. She has more lives than husbands. At this moment, she's probably holed up somewhere plotting her next move to roar back into Fusion. And when she does, we need to be ready. You're right. Those earrings are definitely better.

Krystal: Still not returning your calls?

Jack: No, not a one.

Krystal: Well, Erica and I may not be bosom buddies, but skimming money off of Miranda Center, her own daughter's charity, not a chance.

Jack: I couldn't agree with you more, but there's so much evidence to the contrary. Erica's nowhere to be found.

Krystal: Yeah. And she's the type that usually comes out fighting.

Jack: Exactly. That's why I'm so worried.

Caleb: [Snoring loudly] Hey!

Erica: Oh!

Caleb: Oh.

Erica: Don't feel my leg. Stop looking at my legs.

Caleb: Oh, please. Don't flatter yourself. That looks infected.

[Caleb clears throat]

Erica: No, it doesn't. It's not.

Caleb: Well, I hope not, 'cause you're enough trouble when you're healthy.

Erica: Well, don't worry about it. I've never felt stronger. I certainly don't need anything from you.

Caleb: Morning.

[Duck quacks]

Caleb: Well, good. 'Cause the door's open, sun's up, good day for you to head on down the mountain.

Erica: You're throwing me out?

Caleb: You said you were good to walk.

Erica: I am. I'm fine. That's right.

Caleb: Good. Then you can head on back to civilization. Take a left at the big tree.

Erica: Oh! Slippery floor. My leg's gonna be all right --

Caleb: Ok.

Erica: Just as soon as I get medical attention, which I intend to do as soon as possible.

Caleb: Good for you.

Erica: That's why I'm leaving right now.

Caleb: Hmm.

Erica: And I remember my way down. I can do this.

Caleb: Watch your step. Mudslide could send you flying.

Erica: Are you telling me that I should stay?

Caleb: Ha! Hell, no. Just telling you what to expect.

Erica: Well, then, why did you --

Caleb: 'Cause I want to be sure you're leaving.

Erica: Of course, I'm leaving. I want to go.

Caleb: Ohh --

Erica: My family, my friends, they must be really worried sick about me, and my company's in crisis. I can't afford to hang around this dump, no matter how charming the company is, so -- if we could eat something, I'll go.

Caleb: I thought you weren't a fan of the cuisine.

Erica: Well, it's growing on me.

Caleb: Well, knock yourself out.

Erica: Are you kidding me? Are you telling me there is nothing left to eat?

Caleb: You can always shoot something.

Erica: Yeah, don't tempt me.

Caleb: Or you can wait till the Rangers come by. They come by every couple of weeks. They'll have something for you to eat.

Erica: No, thank you. I have waited long enough. Thank you very, very much. [Sighs] Some barracuda in lipstick is trying to steal my company. Ah! Yes! Yes! I knew I would find something. See?

Caleb: Hey. If you're so famous, how come nobody's looking for you?

Erica: Well, after they know that my plane crashed, I know everybody's gonna be looking for me. Oh, my God. I just realized I forced the pilot to take off before he could file a flight plan.

Caleb: So nobody knows where you are?

Erica: Wait a second. I think when the pilot got to the hospital, he must have opened his mouth.

Caleb: I don't think so. He was in pretty bad shape.

Erica: You mean, you don't think that he ever came to?

Caleb: Nope.

Erica: Oh, no.

Caleb: So, let's see -- the list of people who know where you are is -- me.

Erica: That's why I really have to get out of here, just as soon as I eat something.

Caleb: As soon as we eat something.

Erica: Well, now, I was hoping that you would be gracious enough to let me eat this. I really need my strength to get down that mountain.

Caleb: Ok. It's all yours. All you have to do is open it.

Erica: [Slams the can down] Aah!

Caleb: Break a nail?

Erica: Smartass.

Caleb: Do a lot of camping?


Caleb: Why don't you try biting it?

Erica: Very funny.

Caleb: Want to share?

Erica: Share.

Caleb: Oh, my. Don't leave home without it. [Uses a knife to break the vacuum seal] Caleb: There we go.

[Metal rattling]

Caleb: Mmm.

[Bag zips closed]

[Elevator door opens]

Madison: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: What are you doing here?

Ryan: Somebody sent a letter for Fusion to Cambias. I guess they didn't get the memo that I don't work here anymore.

Madison: Well, I'm glad you made the trip.

Ryan: Hmm. Here you go.

Madison: Oh, a letter.

Ryan: Yeah, it's the one I was talking about.

Madison: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Ryan: Hey, any word from Erica?

Madison: No, nothing.

Ryan: Really? Ok. I'll see you.

Madison: Well, hey, how was Emma's party? I got her a gift.

Ryan: Oh, you did? Oh, it was great. She had a blast. She'll be thrilled to hear that. I gotta get going. Ok?

Madison: Ok.

Ryan: I'll see you later?

Madison: You will.

Ryan: Ok.

[Elevator door opens, closes, and opens again]

Madison: Oh, it's you.

Frankie: Ouch.

Madison: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

Frankie: Uh-huh. Is Randi back?

Madison: No, you missed her again. She actually just left a little bit ago.

Frankie: Huh. Thanks.

Madison: Hey, Frankie? I need a man's opinion.

Frankie: Oh?

Madison: Huh. Look, so, Ryan is all about how he doesn't want a commitment or a relationship or whatever, and I get that.

Frankie: But? You're interested?

Madison: And he's still kind of hung up on Greenlee, which I get, too.

Frankie: So --

Madison: So -- if Ryan were maybe up for something a little bit more casual, would I be crazy to do it?

Greenlee: This is crazy. You know that, right? Dinner with the chief of police while Erica is missing in the whole Miranda scandal?

David: It's all right.

Greenlee: You know he's gonna have questions for us.

David: I can handle Jesse and Angie and still enjoy my steak. You need to stop rushing to the worst-case scenario.

Greenlee: No, I can't stop. Screwing with the books is one thing. But if you caused Erica's --

David: Ok, don't. Don't! Please don't say that. You have to know that I would never do that to Erica. How the hell could I possibly know that she would force her pilot to take off without the required inspection?

Greenlee: That's why you don't tamper with planes.

David: [Sighs] All right. Greenlee, it's gonna be all right. Erica will be back, and Fusion will be yours.

Greenlee: This isn't how I wanted to win.

David: If this had been a fair competition, there's no doubt you would have won. Erica is the one that turned this dirty. Ok? She's the reason why we had to stoop to her level. Now, I know you're upset, ok? But I promised that I would help you and protect you, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Greenlee: Then find Erica.

David: I will. But right now, I'm looking forward to taking my beautiful wife out to dinner. Pine Valley's newest power couple hitting the town. I'm sure a few heads will turn.

Greenlee: I have to finish getting ready.

Angie: All right, he's breathing better now.

Doctor: I got the page.

Angie: He fell off his bike, and we still don't know what happened before or after the fall. I had to do an R.S.I. We'll send him to the unit as soon as he's ready.

Doctor: We're lucky he's still with us.

Angie: Well, listen. Just make sure that you keep me posted, all right, because I want to know what caused that fall.

Doctor: You bet.

Jesse: Wow. Saving a kid's life, all in a day's work, huh?

Angie: Oh, baby, just doing my job.

Jesse: You're really amazing at your job. You know that, right?

Angie: Just instinct. I mean, you see someone in trouble, and you want to help them, and you can't.

Jesse: What do you mean you can't? You just kept that kid breathing.

Angie: You know what? If this hospital were properly staffed, a specialist would have been here already.

Jesse: Well, you know what? You need to beat David Hayward over the head with that one at dinner.

Angie: Jesse, that's the first thing he did. I mean, he brought the staff down to bare bones. You know, if that child had died -- if he had died, it would have been David's fault.

Jesse: Uh-oh. Dr. Doom better bring his Kevlar vest to dinner, I see, huh?

Angie: No, you don't have to worry. I'm not gonna shoot, stab, or strangle David. I just need him to know that his cost-cutting measures are hurting the people who come to us for help.

Jesse: Baby, you know, it's not too late to cancel this whole thing.

Angie: No, no. Not a chance. Listen, just give me a few minutes so that I can go and try to get beautiful for you.

Jesse: Hey, that's already a done deal, but you got something over here.

Frankie: Ryan's a great guy. He's straight up. He won't lie. And he won't use you.

Madison: So is that manspeak for go for it?

Frankie: Ehh --

Madison: I'm just looking for a little bit of perspective here, you know? You're a guy. You know how guys think. So a little bit of guy insight would be great.

Frankie: You know, why can't you just, I don't know, read a book or something?

Madison: Frankie, should I ask him out?

Frankie: [Sighs] I mean, what's the worst that could happen? If he says no, you'll live, right?

Madison: I'll call him, I'll call him.

Frankie: Good.

Madison: Ok. And you'll stay, Frankie, please? Just in case I mess up?

Frankie: Ooh -- all right.

Madison: Thank you. Thank you.

Frankie: Yeah.


Frankie: Just take it --

Ryan: Hello?

Madison: Hi. Ryan, it's Madison. I was wondering if you might want to grab a drink. I want to give you Emma's present, if you're free.

Ryan: Yeah, that sounds good. What do you say we meet at ConFusion?

Madison: Ok, great. I'll see you there. Bye.

Frankie: Aww --

Madison: Ok.

Frankie: All right! See, now here's my card if you need any more -- ahem -- expert advice.

Madison: Oh, thanks.

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Madison: Ok, this is weird, right?

Frankie: Yeah.

Madison: I mean, it wasn't that long ago that I was the monster going after your family. Now here I am asking you for dating advice.

Frankie: Yeah, well, you had it bad, but you got help. Madison, you're a great person. Trust that.

David: You all set?

Greenlee: I'm gonna call the airport in West Virginia. You know, maybe they've heard something. Maybe the pilot has called them or --

David: Greenlee, you have to know you can't do that.

Greenlee: Yeah, because it would be suspicious. Someone calling out of the blue and asking about Erica's plane?

David: Yes!

Greenlee: A plane that could be in pieces.

David: Or could be parked on a lovely secluded island somewhere with Erica sunning herself and planning her next move. Have I ever let you down? Have I ever given you reason to doubt me?

Greenlee: No.

David: Then please, just trust me on this. Everything is gonna be fine. Fusion will be yours, and we'll be safe. All you have to do is relax and get through this dinner.

Greenlee: With the chief of police and his wife.

David: We won't have dessert.

Krystal: Jackson, I have some good news. Marissa said that Erica had a gift messengered over to Emma for her birthday.

Jack: Huh.

Krystal: Look, I didn't expect you to jump up on the table and cheer, but I thought that would rate more than a "huh." It means Erica's ok if she's shopping for toys.

Jack: Look, Erica has some very serious allegations being leveled at her, and she's nowhere to be found, but yet, she has time to shop for a birthday present for Emma?

Krystal: Huh.

Jack: Exactly my point. It doesn't make any sense. Whether she wants my help or not, she's gonna get it. Jesse, it's Jack. Can you meet me at Fusion? It's urgent. Thanks.

Krystal: I hope she knows how lucky she is to have you.

Erica: Oh, a fire would be great.

Caleb: Yep.

Erica: Any chance?

Caleb: Wood's wet.

Erica: No harm in trying.

Caleb: You must not hear the word "no" very often.

Erica: Just prefer to be proactive.

Caleb: Proactive. There you go, proactive.

Erica: Are you serious?

Caleb: You're the one who wants a fire.

Erica: Ok. I can do this. I do Pilates.

[Caleb groans]

Erica: [Laughs as she splits wood] Oh, hey, I'm good at this! All I have to do is imagine your big, thick head!

Caleb: I heard that.

Erica: Good! Well, listen carefully, 'cause here comes another one.

Ryan: Any hints?

Madison: Ruin the surprise? I don't think so.

Ryan: Ah.

Madison: Ok, it's a Fusion children's makeup set. I'm bad at surprises.

Ryan: Really? She's gonna love that.

Madison: I hope so.

Ryan: She will. She definitely will.

Ryan: [Sighs] I have to say, your call was -- was a surprise.

Madison: It was?

Ryan: Yeah, a good surprise. A good one.

Madison: Yeah?

Ryan: Yeah. Usually after the whole "I'm not looking for a relationship" talk, women delete me pretty quickly after that speech, so --

Madison: Well, I meant what I said about my baggage, too. I have been a disaster with relationships. Look, the last thing I want is to get all serious and complicated with somebody.

Ryan: Hmm. So you're cool with casual?

Madison: Cool? I'm way cool. I'm cooler than cool. I'm the coolest -- except that probably sounded very uncool.

Ryan: [Laughs] No, actually, it didn't at all.

Madison: I just -- I don't know. I like hanging out with you.

Ryan: Yeah, me, too. But unfortunately, right now, I gotta get back to Emma, so --

Madison: Absolutely.

Ryan: You know what? Why don't you come with?

Madison: To your place with you?

Ryan: Yes, with me, and you can give Emma her present in person. She would love that.

Madison: You know, I just gotta check one thing first, ok?

Ryan: Ok. Sure.

Woman: Hi.

Ryan: Thanks.

[Music playing]

Madison: Frankie, why aren't you picking up your phone? Listen, do I go to Ryan's place or don't I? What do you think it means? I mean, I really want to, but -- if I do --

Ryan: Everything ok?

Madison: Yeah, it's great.

Ryan: So, are we going?

Madison: I think I'm gonna have to pass right now, but another time?

Ryan: Sure.

Madison: Ok.

Caleb: Dorothy, what the hell are you doing?

Erica: I am cold, tired, and hungry. I haven't had caffeine for two days. I have slept on that couch. I've chopped wood. I've eaten putrid food, and I've endured you calling me "Dorothy." So I swear to God, if you make one crack, I am throwing you in that fire.

Caleb: How about I just thank you for reminding me of why I live alone?

Erica: Oh, you live alone, all right. Nobody comes to visit. Not one picture is around. Even that dog you claimed you owned, he didn't come back.

Caleb: Oh, he'll be back. I just like solitude.

Erica: It's not natural. I mean, you must get lonely. Don't you ever want to share a laugh or this solitude of yours with somebody?

Caleb: Nope.

Erica: Well, I sure miss my daughters. And Jack.

Caleb: Your husband?

Erica: He was. He's a lawyer.

Caleb: Lawyers. Bear food.

Erica: Jack's not like other lawyers. He's a good man, and he makes me laugh.

Caleb: Hmm.

Erica: In fact, I think of all my husbands, he was probably the best.

Caleb: All your husbands? How many husbands have you had?

Erica: 10.

Caleb: 10? Who the hell gets married 10 times?

Erica: Well, certainly not anybody like you.

Caleb: Oh ho ho! Whoa!

Erica: Boy, I'd give anything to see Jack's face right now, hear his voice, have him just walk right through that door. Boy, would I just love that. I hate you.

Jack: Jesse, Erica did not do this, and I want to clear her name. Believe me, I know how bad this looks.

Jesse: I know you want to protect her, Jackson, but the S.E.C. is all over this. They are gonna find her.

Jack: And I wanna find her first, ok? Look, thank you for coming over here. I hope I'm not interrupting any plans.

Jesse: Oh, please. I'm not looking forward to these particular plans. Dinner with the Haywards? Please.

Jack: The Haywards, as in my daughter and David Hayward?

Jesse: Not a pleasant thought, no offense to your daughter.

Jack: No, none taken, believe me. Look, I think David Hayward is behind this. I think he framed Erica just to get her out of Fusion. I'd bet anything.

Jesse: Hey, we're on the same page here. My antenna's up. The radar is on. I'm gonna dig, see what I can find, ok?

Jack: Appreciate that. And you'll keep me posted? Thanks.

Krystal: David and Greenlee are your dinner guests? Does Jesse know that?

Angie: My husband loves me.

Krystal: A lot! But just don't wreck the place, ok? I just got it.

Angie: Yeah, I'll do my best. Jesse's late.

Krystal: I'll keep the drinks coming.

Krystal: Welcome.

David: Yeah. Well, congratulations on your new venture, Krystal.

Krystal: Just keep the place standing.

David: Well, it's just dinner with friends, right?

Krystal: Friends?

Greenlee: No drama.

David: Yeah. Well -- so isn't Jesse joining us?

Angie: As soon as he can. Police business. Something about Erica.

David: Oh. Well, does anybody object if I order a bottle of wine? Great. Pinot noir. It happens to be Greenlee's favorite.

Krystal: It's a good thing she doesn't like milk. I'll do my best.

Angie: So, do you two get out a lot?

David: Well, not as much as we'd like, but what married couple doesn't say that these days, right?

Angie: Well, it's nice when you have someone to come home to, you know, someone who understands, especially with the stress we all face at work. I mean, not that I get to see Jesse much these days, you know, with the new staff cuts at the hospital.

David: It was a decision that had to be made.

Angie: You know, sometimes decisions have to be unmade.

David: You know, I have every confidence that you can handle it, Angie.

Jesse: Hey, sorry I'm late. Hope I didn't miss all the fun.

Greenlee: Angie said you had a lead on Erica.

David: Oh, I'm sure he can't talk about that.

Angie: We were discussing the hospital.

David: No, that's all right. We're through with that subject.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Excuse me. Hmm. I have to take this. Hubbard.

David: Wow. Krystal's really outdone herself with this menu. I'll tell you what, you wanna split the spicy cornbread?

Greenlee: Yeah, that sounds great. Will you excuse me? I just have to use the ladies' room real quick.

[Music playing]

Greenlee: Was that about Erica?

Jesse: That was the S.E.C. When's the last time you spoke to her?

Greenlee: Before she left town.

Jesse: And what did you talk about? Anything I should know?

Greenlee: Are you grilling me?

Jesse: Yeah. Greenlee, if you know where that woman is, now would be the time to tell me everything you know.

Krystal: Enjoy.

David: Yeah. This was an interesting choice for a dinner. Angie, a truce, perhaps?

Angie: You know, we almost lost a patient today, a child about 12 years old, because our specialists are stretched too thin.

David: Hospitals all over the country are struggling with staff and budgetary issues.

Angie: I only care about my hospital.

David: You know what your problem is? You gotta stop thinking that I'm making these cuts to punish you.

Angie: That's exactly what you did, because you don't give a damn about anything but yourself.

Jesse: Ok, is everything fine here?

Angie: Except that I have to work with a narcissistic control freak who's only interested in power plays and revenge.

Jesse: Ok, why don't we enjoy this fine wine and just chill?

Angie: Because I am not a hypocrite. Because I can't act as if nothing is wrong when this man is trying to destroy a place I love!

Jesse: You know what? Maybe we should do this another night.

Angie: No, I'm not done! You know, you are a wretched --

Jesse: No, no, no, no. Baby, baby, baby, we're done. We're done. Believe me. Come on, let's go.

Angie: This isn't over.

David: Ok. Well, this dinner is over. Take care. Enjoy the night.

Jesse: It's ok. Just calm down. All right.

Angie: What did I just do?

Jesse: Baby, you just spoke from your heart, all right? It's ok. Come on.

Erica: Where were you?

Caleb: When?

Erica: Just now. I was about to tell you something very, very heartfelt, from my point of view, and very important, and you just left.

Caleb: And?

Erica: And it's rude.

Caleb: I had to --

Erica: Oh. All right. Well, here.

Caleb: Keep it.

Erica: I'm leaving.

Caleb: What, this hour?

Erica: Well, I said I was going today, and I am.

Caleb: You can hardly walk.

Erica: I would crawl to get down this mountain. I mean, I'm certainly not gonna hang around here and wait for those Rangers to show up.

Caleb: Suit yourself.

Erica: Well, good-bye again.

Caleb: Hey. Take this. [Hands over a flashlight] You're gonna need it. And if you see a bear, stand perfectly still. Or run like hell. I can never remember which one.

[Erica clutches her make-up bag and begins to walk away but quickly collapses]

David: Greenlee, you really have to try to relax.

Greenlee: I'll relax when I know what happened to Erica. I know, I know, I know. Everything is ok, and she's probably in Bora Bora getting a mani-pedi right now, but that's crap, and you know it.

David: Why can't that be true?

Greenlee: Because she never lets down. She never stops, and no one knows that better than I do. I have to get going.

David: Going?

Greenlee: I'm going to Fusion. The S.E.C.'s gonna be looking at the books, and I wanna be prepared.

David: Ok, don't go like this.

Greenlee: I'll see you later.

Ryan: Jack. Hey. Ryan. Listen, David and Greenlee just totally got into it over here, and she is not very happy and headed to Fusion. Maybe you ought to head over there and find out what's going on.

Jack: Listen, Ryan, I'm already at Fusion. Do me a favor. Stall David for as long as you can.

Ryan: I will, and maybe if we're lucky, we'll get some answers. 

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

Frankie: Hey. I got your message. Were you kidding? Because when I offered you my card for guy advice, I was kidding.

Madison: Yeah, I was 90% sure that you were kidding, but I didn't have anyone else to call. And frankly, I really didn't know what to do. I mean, a guy asks you back to his place -- I don't know. Maybe he was expecting, you know --

Frankie: Madison, really? With his daughter there? Probably not.

Madison: You're right. You're right. I should have gone. Oh, I'm an idiot.

Frankie: You want some guy advice? Relax. Take a chill pill. Have fun, and see what happens.

Madison: I'll try to remember that next time, if there is a next time.

Greenlee: [Staring at Erica's poster] You know, it's not exactly a secret how I feel about you. It's like this constant pounding in my ears. You took my company. You had Ryan. It's like you were put on this planet to make my life hell. I have to remind me that I'm not you, that I'll never be Erica Kane. I hated you. I hated that nothing could ever get you down, that you were always bigger, better, and stronger, so fierce, so sure of yourself. Oh, my God. It's like I'm jealous of you. Huh. Maybe that's why I always wanted to beat you at something, anything, just to prove that I'm just as good, just as smart, just to hear you say it just once. Now I'll probably never get the chance.

[Jack walks in]

Caleb: Oh, no. Oh, this is all I need. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Oh --

[Picks up Erica and carries her back into the cabin]

Krystal: Looks like you scared off your dinner companions.

David: I'll just have a check, thank you.

Ryan: Hey, Krystal, would you do me a favor and just delay giving that check to David, please?

Krystal: Anything I can do to be of service.

Ryan: Thank you. So it looks like the honeymoon's over, huh?

David: Go away.

Ryan: I'm just curious, 'cause there was all this tension over at Chandler's, and then this argument was kind of nasty. I gotta be honest. So, has your bride finally seen the light? 'Cause I got a tip for you. You can't control Greenlee.

David: You know, that's one of the qualities I admire most about her. That's why she cut you loose, isn't it? Because you didn't see her for who she really is, strong and passionate? You just didn't realize what you had.

Ryan: You've really fallen for her, haven't you? Oh, you are in trouble now.

David: You can leave.

Ryan: No, I'm just saying, I know what it feels like to lose Greenlee, and the way things have been going lately, looks like you will, too.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Jack: Taking another look at the books before the S.E.C. has their turn at it. I want to thank you.

Greenlee: For what?

Jack: For your webcast. You could have attacked Erica. You could have blamed this whole scandal on her. You could have dragged it into the mud, but you didn't, and I do appreciate that.

Greenlee: And I do appreciate you coming by, but if you're --

[A small box falls out of Jack's jacket]

[Jack sighs]

Greenlee: Oh, my God. You're going to propose.

Jack: Yes, I am, just as soon as she comes home.

Caleb: Oh, boy.

[Water dripping]

Caleb: Damn, you are burning up. Yeah. There.

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