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Colby: Look, I already know what you're gonna say, so why don't we just call it day?

Liza: Yeah, you don't know this.

Colby: What is that? A restraining order against Damon, Mom?

Liza: You ever heard of K.C. Charles?

Colby: Are you kidding me? She designed, like, half the clothes in my closet.

Liza: Yes. Well, her company -- they're looking for interns, and I think that you would be perfect.

Colby: No way. That'd be amazing.

Liza: Right? A job in fashion in New York? Honey, I knew you'd love it.

Colby: New York? As in far away from Damon?

Liza: Honey, you're a smart, beautiful young woman with a brilliant career ahead of you if you don't throw it away on somebody that you barely know.

Colby: I do know Damon. I know exactly who he is and what he wants.

Damon: I guess I should head out.

Tad: Where to?

Damon: Get some food, and then I don't really know. My plans for the next month kind of fell through.

Tad: Yeah. I am sorry about Stuart. Finding out that he's not your son after all this time -- "rough" doesn't exactly begin to cover it, but I tell you what. You take care of yourself and you stay busy, and things will work out.

Damon: Yeah, I have some job interviews set up for next week.

Tad: Why not this week?

Damon: Well, Colby lets me borrow a car, but I'm pretty low on gas money, so I'm not driving too much.

Tad: I can take care of that. Here. You go ahead and knock yourself out. Have it right here. Oh, what the hell. Fill it twice.

Damon: Thanks. Hi, Krystal. Bye, Krystal.

Tad: Don't do that.

Krystal: Bye!

[Door closes]

Krystal: Did you have a nice visit?

Tad: Yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact, we did.

Krystal: Hmm. And it only cost you, what, 80 bucks?

Ryan: Where's Greenlee?

David: Greenlee is busy. Damn it!

Ryan: I'm here about Erica. I hear you went to bat for me with Jesse.

Greenlee: Whatever happened, it was after you left Fusion, so you're in the clear.

Ryan: Oh. Well, I guess I should thank you for clearing my name. It's a little confusing, the timing of it, for me. I just keeping asking myself, who would benefit if Erica was found guilty?

David: Are you suggesting it's Greenlee's fault that Erica is a thief?

Ryan: You're fighting Erica for Fusion, so I'm assuming that you have an opinion on this.

Greenlee: The minute these charges surfaced, Erica disappeared. If she's so damn innocent, where the hell is she?

Erica: We've been walking for hours. How much further is this cabin of yours? [Sighs] I just survived a plane crash. Oh, could we at least rest?

Caleb: Nope.

Erica: Yes.

Caleb: See that next to your foot? That's a bear track.

Erica: I'm not afraid of bears. I faced down a big one in the woods just like this.

Caleb: I bet you weren't wearing that stinking perfume you got on.

Erica: You know something? That just goes to show what you don't know. This happens to be my own, my very own, personal fragrance. Just for your information, I happen to run a very, very major cosmetics company.

Caleb: Well, la-di-da. But that stench is gonna get a grizzly bear having you for lunch. Happy trails, darling. 

[After taking a sip of water, Erica goes after Caleb]

Krystal: Ha ha ha ha!

Tad: You can stop laughing now. It's annoying.

Krystal: I can't help it. I just keep thinking about you at Damon's age, working Dr. Joe for the dough.

Tad: Ok, I get it. I understand. Damon is my karma for everything I did back in the day. Move on.

Krystal: [Chuckles] Well, you know what? If Damon bleeds you dry, you can always get a free meal at B.J.'s.

Tad: How? I don't know the owner.

Krystal: You do now. [Holds up a sign that says, "Krystal's."]

Liza: What are you doing? You tried to make Damon a better person. It's not gonna work.

Colby: Is this what you think you thought you saw? Because I told you, Mom, nothing happened!

Liza: Listen to me. I don't live in the dark ages. I know that 18-year-olds have sex, and I also know that you are smart enough to be safe.

Colby: Ok, so you're cool if I have sex, but not with Damon?

Liza: I would like for you to be with somebody who respects you. Somebody who's not gonna use you and then throw you away --

Colby: No, Mom, that is what happened to you. Tad dumped you, and now you're taking it out on me. God, Mom, when are you gonna get that I am not you?! I'm sorry. Just -- can't we see past this, Mom?

Liza: Ohh, please. I would love to. Can we?

Colby: I hope so. Damon talks about his mom all the time, how close they used to be, how much he misses talking to her, telling her about his life. I miss that, too.

Liza: Colby, so do I.

Colby: All we do is fight.

Liza: It's just every time I feel like you're in danger, I have a reflex, and it just kicks in, and I want to take over, and I just want to make your decisions for you. And I get that you don't need me to do that anymore. You are -- you're gonna have to make your own decisions.

Colby: But you have to get that I'm not making these choices to hurt you. I'm making them because I think they're right for me. And, no, Mom, I -- I don't need you to protect me anymore. But I do need you.

Liza: I don't know what to say.

Colby: How about the one thing I have been dying to hear you say? Say you trust me.

Liza: I'm trying. I am. I'm trying.

Erica: Oh, no, this can't be the destination. This can't be the reason I followed you all across West Virginia, putting up with all of your insults. This can't be it. It's locked? Do you have a key?

[Caleb groans after he tries to push the cabin door open]

Erica: What? What happened?

Caleb: Ohh, I popped my shoulder out.

Erica: Oh, my God.

Caleb: Ooh! I'm gonna need your help, Dorothy.

Erica: My help?

Caleb: Yes.

Erica: How?

Caleb: You're gonna have to just pull my arm as hard as you can. Put that stuff down.

Erica: I never popped a shoulder.

Caleb: It doesn't matter. It's a lot easier than working at a fashion company, trust me.

Erica: A cosmetics company. Stop calling me "Dorothy."

Caleb: Whatever. Just grab my arm, pull it toward you as hard as you can. All right, grab my wrist, pull it toward you when I count to 3. Ready? Not before I say "3."

Erica: Should I pull up here, too?

Caleb: No! On my wrist. 1, 2, 3 -- hard! Agh! [Groans] Heh heh. Right here.

Erica: So that's it? No "thank you"?

Caleb: I got dibs on the ham hocks. If you don't like it, I can scare up some squirrels.

Erica: No, I'll stick with the cans.

Caleb: All right. Yeah. Now, time for your chores.

Erica: Excuse me. You want me to chop wood?

Caleb: Only if you like your food hot.

Ryan: So Erica doesn't check in for a day, and all of a sudden she's on the run?

Greenlee: All I did was ask a question. Maybe Erica will resurface and have a perfectly reasonable explanation for what happened to that money.

David: Yeah. And maybe this time she'll spend a whole year behind bars.

Ryan: Were you behind this, Greenlee?

David: You know something? If you came here to accuse my wife, you can get the hell out of my house.

Ryan: I will happily, as soon as you answer the question, please.

David: She doesn't owe you a damn thing.

Greenlee: No, I don't. But if I don't give Ryan an answer, he's going to jump to his own conclusion. So, as far as Erica's latest predicament goes, I had absolutely nothing to do with it. What does Emma want for her birthday? I'm still coming to the party.

[Ryan smiles and leaves Wildwind]

Tad: This is amazing. I'm impressed. How'd you do it so fast?

Krystal: Well, I mean, working at a law office cuts through all that red tape.

Tad: What red tape?

Krystal: Buying a restaurant, fixing it up, changing the name -- it takes a lot of cash.

Tad: So what kind of money?

Krystal: It's gonna take a lot.

Tad: Really?

Krystal: In fact, I was kind of hoping that you would help me.

Tad: Baby, all you got to do is rub the lamp and tell me how.

Krystal: Well, we both own this house, so I thought maybe you could buy my share.

Tad: You're moving out?

Krystal: No. I'll stay. I'll pay rent. But, I mean, Tad, get real. I mean, one of these days, one of us is gonna meet somebody and it's gonna get serious and -- I mean, come on. We cannot live like this forever.

Tad: Why the hell not? I was hoping I could wear you down, get you to walk around naked.

Krystal: Ha!

Tad: Besides, I like it, and the kids like it. They love it.

Krystal: I love it. I'll stay. I'll stay, and I'll pay rent.

Tad: No, I got a better idea. I got an even better idea. Check this out. How about you stay, and I'll loan you the money? No, you know what? I'll give you the money.

Krystal: Tad, no. No. No!

Tad: Yes.

Krystal: That's very generous, but no, Tad. I mean, I -- I'll stay. I won't go anywhere, but I really need to finance this on my own.

Tad: I guess I can respect that, but you got to make me one promise.

Krystal: [Sighs] What?

Tad: First family reunion, it's gonna be at Krystal's, and we get the best table in the house. [Imitates glass breaking]

[Doorbell rings]

Tad: Hmm. Hang on.

Liza: Hey, listen, I didn't know where else to go.

Damon: What you reading?

Colby: An application for a summer internship with an amazing designer. It's in Manhattan, as in 100 miles away from here. Guess whose idea was that.

Damon: Your mom won't quit.

Colby: Mm-hmm. She can't ship me back to Ohio, so she's trying to ship me to New York instead. I mean, it's an incredible opportunity. I just -- well, I don't want to leave.

Damon: What if I came with you?

Colby: You'd really want to do that?

Damon: Why not?

Colby: Well, that's kind of a big step, don't you think?

Damon: No.

Colby: Well, we'd be living together.

Damon: We already are.

Colby: Well, but it's different, though -- like, without my family.

Damon: Exactly. We could do whatever we want. Wouldn't be so much pressure, wouldn't be so complicated like it always is here. Come on, I'm psyched. When can we leave?

Colby: What about your probation? We can't --

Damon: It's over in a couple of weeks.

Colby: What about money? You know, New York is a very expensive city, Damon.

Damon: All right, I'll get a job. I'll get one fast, but that I can leave right when your internship starts. Come on.

Colby: I think I know a place.

Damon: See?

Colby: Yeah?

Damon: It's gonna work.

Colby: Ha ha!

Ryan: You want to talk about Fusion.

Jack: Yes, I do. What do you know?

Ryan: I don't know much. I know that Erica's innocent. I know that for sure. But beyond that, I don't know anything. And I'm not sure I really want to get involved, Jack, but I hope Erica knows that she's not doing herself any favors by disappearing like this. I mean, have you even heard from her?

Jack: I got one response -- a text, extremely vague, only saying that she was fine, and she had to stay away a little while longer.

Ryan: Well, she's got to know what people think, you know. I mean, there's got to be another reason that she's MIA like this.

Jack: That's exactly what I'm afraid of.

Erica: Yes, my plane destroyed your home and your precious bottle of booze, and your dog ran away, and I am sorry about that. I told you that I feel terrible about all of it. And you will be compensated for that. I will replace everything, but I cannot do it from here. I am a very important person, and I have very important business waiting for me back down in Pine Valley. And I have repeatedly asked you to please help me get back to civilization. All you have done is you have ignored me. You have made rude remarks to me. You have been extremely rude about my perfume. And on top of everything else, you drag me to this hellhole, where there is nothing to eat except canned meat from the last century, which I'm gonna have to eat at room temperature unless I chop down a tree! Let me tell you something. I'd be very careful, if I were you, to put a weapon in my hand right now.

Caleb: Hmm.

David: I'm sorry you had to lie, but there was no other choice.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, since you sent Erica up in a defective plane.

David: It was her call to skip the inspection, not mine.

Greenlee: Sometimes I wish we'd never done this.

David: Erica is fine. I'm sure of it.

Greenlee: Really? And if she's not? Do you have any idea what this would do to my father? He still loves her.

David: I hacked into Erica's PDA about an hour ago.

Greenlee: You what?

David: Yeah, that's right. So I can send Jackson a text from Erica saying that she was fine and that she was planning to stay out of town for a while longer.

Greenlee: Ok. This has officially gone too far.

David: Look, I am gonna find out what happened to Erica's plane, I promise you. But, Greenlee, I need you to trust me. Trust that I would never let you down. But for now, I think we need to play it safe.

Greenlee: What does that mean?

David: It means avoiding any unnecessary risks. And I'm thinking that you should skip Emma's birthday party.

Greenlee: You know, maybe it's time for me to do the thinking around this house for a change.

Krystal: I, uh, I'm gonna get another beer.

Liza: Krystal, you don't have to go. I know you're mad at me.

Tad: What do you want, Liza?

Liza: I just had the most amazing talk, mother-daughter talk, with Colby. It was the first time in forever that we actually connected on something real. She was so mature and so reasonable.

Tad: Sounds tragic. I can see why you're so distraught.

Liza: Tad, I'm sorry that Damon overheard my conversation with Colby.

Tad: "Conversation with Colby"? Are you kidding? You told her you don't think he deserves to be a father? What the hell is that? You hurt him. You humiliated him.

Liza: Right. And you would never do that to anyone, would you?

Tad: Fine. Tell me about your conversation with Colby.

Liza: You know, I've been feeling so isolated from her. Everything I say is wrong, everything I do is bad. But just now she absolutely blew me away. She was the one who made the first step towards making our relationship better. God, I can't even tell you what that feels like to just have her, you know, reaching out to me.

Tad: Must be the beer, because I still don't see the problem.

Liza: The problem is it doesn't matter how smart or mature she is as long as Damon is in this picture. When we were their age, we were a train wreck. You remember. And all I see is the two of them on that train heading down the same track. It's a disaster.

Tad: I'm not gonna have this conversation again, ok? I know I've hurt you. I've apologized over and over. I have tried to make good for it. I've tried to make peace. I don't know what more I can do.

Liza: Deal with Damon.

Tad: What does that mean? God's sake, Liza, you want me to ban my son from seeing your daughter because of your irrational fear? He's my son. We're not the same person. Just because I made mistakes doesn't mean he's destined to make the same mistakes.

Liza: He's bad news, and you don't want to see it because you are riding on all of this guilt. His life is a mess. How many times has he almost ruined his life just since we've known him? Please, Tad, don't let that happen to my daughter.

Tad: It's time for you to go.

Ryan: Wait a second. I thought you were working at Fusion tonight.

Madison: I had to get out of there. I had the phone stuck to my ear for hours answering the same questions over and over again. "Erica Kane is a valued leader of our company, and we don't speculate on rumors." Ugh! After a while, it's just too much.

Reporter: Excuse me, Miss?

Ryan: She's not on duty yet.

Reporter: Any word on the whereabouts of Erica Kane?

Madison: Uh, no comment.

Reporter: Is she running from the law?

Madison: Uh, she is a value -- valued leader of our company.

Ryan: Ms. North isn't answering any more questions tonight, ok?

Reporter: Is she guilty?

Ryan: Back off, please. Just back off.

Reporter: What about the big gala? Still going off as planned?

Ryan: Hey, I said back off. Get out, or I'll have you thrown out. Hey, um -- let me buy you a coffee. Ok? Ok.

Randi: Thank God. This place is a freaking madhouse, ok? The reporters will not stop calling, and we just don't know what to do.

Greenlee: We'll take them all on at once. I'll make a statement, I'll video it, and we'll put it over the web site.

Randi: Are you sure? Because maybe --

Greenlee: Set it up.

David: Greenlee's at the office.

Jack: As she should be. She has a huge crisis on her hands.

David: Yeah, no kidding, thanks to Erica. So have you heard from our favorite fugitive? The whole world seems to be waiting for word.

Jack: I better not find out you had anything to do with this, Hayward.

David: I'm a very busy man. I just took over Pine Valley Hospital. So even if I wanted to frame Erica, I just don't have the time.

Jack: Yeah, well, you know, I'm not so sure that's true. You know, whoever did set this up is irresponsible, reckless, selfish -- you, essentially -- all the characteristics that put Greenlee in that position of being afraid she was pregnant.

David: Uh-huh. Ok, you know, "Dad," even though you are my father-in-law, that subject is off-limits.

Jack: What's with you anyway? I mean, are you so obsessed about having children that you don't care who gets hurt?

David: Let me put this another way. My private life is none of your damn business.

Jack: It is when you hurt the people that I love. You bring any harm to them, you'll answer to me, "Son."

Erica: What time do you plan on taking me back down the mountain tomorrow morning, so I can get home?

Caleb: Yeah, that's not my job. I'm sticking around here a few days.

Erica: A few days? Are you out of your mind?

Caleb: Don't screech at me, Dorothy. I did not invite you. You followed me here.

Erica: Well, I had no choice. It's pitch-black out there. I don't know my way down the mountain. I don't know. Call me crazy, but I just assumed that in the morning when the sun came up, you'd help me. Don't you realize you're my only hope?

Caleb: That's the saddest thing I ever heard.

Erica: [Picks up her make-up bag and leaves the cabin] I can do this. I'm Erica Kane. [Trips and falls] Huh. Agh! Ohh! Oh, God. Ohh. [Rips off a sleeve, wraps it around her shin, then goes back into the cabin and sits down] Be careful where you leave your ax.

[Music plays]

Singer: Come on come on, I'm not --

Krystal: Welcome to Krystal's. Hey. What's the matter? You didn't say anything in the car, either. Want to tell me what happened with Liza?

Tad: No. I want to ask you a question. What do you think of Damon?

Krystal: What do I think of Damon?

Tad: Yep.

Krystal: Well, uh, I think he's your son. I think he has issues, like everybody else, but I think he'll be fine.

Tad: Yeah.

Krystal: This isn't about that 80 bucks, is it?

Tad: Yeah, it is. I'm -- I'm a little concerned, you know? I'm worried he might be a little too much like me.

Krystal: Well, if he's like you, that would be a wonderful thing.

Tad: Is that a shot?

Krystal: No. Tad, what -- everybody loves you. Seriously, everybody -- you know that.

Tad: That's just what the world needs -- one more Tad Martin. Like one's not enough.

Colby: Hey, don't be nervous.

Damon: No, I'm not. I'm in your brother's clothes in your father's club. This is, like, so not my scene right now.

Colby: You can do this. You can get this job.

Damon: Man, in the old days, I would've been out of here already. But I've been working on these techniques since I got diagnosed to keep me focused. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 --

Colby: You're gonna be great, ok? And by the way, you -- you look smoking hot.

Damon: Yeah?

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Renee: Hey, Colby.

Colby: Renee, hi.

Renee: And Colby's friend?

Colby: Yes. Renee, this is Damon. Damon, this is Renee.

Damon: It's very nice to meet you.

Colby: Renee manages the Yacht Club.

Damon: It's awesome.

Colby: Yeah. So I guess I will let you guys talk.

Damon: Renee -- that's French, right? I've always wanted to go there -- France.

Renee: Really?

Damon: Yeah. Look, maybe I shouldn't say this in an interview, but I'll just be straight up with you, ok? I don't see waiting tables as a career, really. But I just want to work hard so that I can spend the summer in New York City with my girlfriend -- that's Colby. She's my girlfriend. I want to see it all, you know? I just -- if I was here in Pine Valley by myself without Colby, I don't know what kind of trouble I'd get myself into. But I would definitely find some.

[Renee chuckles]

Liza: Hi. Liza Colby. Yeah, listen, if you're looking for a recommendation for Damon, look no further. I was his lawyer during his probation, so we're pretty tight.

Renee: Probation?

Liza: Oh, yeah. Well, what, he broke into a few houses, stole a few things, and, what, hot-wired a car? Yeah. I mean, it's not like he killed anyone.

Damon: Yet.

Renee: We're fully staffed. If anything changes, I'll let you know.

Damon: Thanks -- for nothing.

Greenlee: Hi. I'm Greenlee Hayward, co-founder of Fusion Cosmetics. First, I'd like to assure you that Fusion is committed to the truth. Nothing is more important. Kendall Slater and I built this company from the ground up, and we built it on hard work, honesty, and loyalty. Our commitment to these values is as strong now as it was the day that we opened our doors. That's why we will not only survive but thrive, despite any adversity. Though I'm speaking to you today, I'm not really the person you want to be hearing from. That would be Erica Kane. We are doing everything we can to help the police and the S.E.C. find answers so we can bring them to you as quickly as possible. Obviously, the product launch will be put on hold until we can get this resolved. Thank you for your continued support. Good night.

Jack: Well done. That couldn't have been easy, given the circumstances.

Greenlee: Is this where you accuse me again of setting Erica up? Because I really don't --

Jack: No. I just want to know if you've heard from her. Call? E-mail? Anything at all?

Greenlee: You know Erica. Huh. She loves to make an entrance. Just when the drama reaches its peak, she'll be back.

Liza: Flirting with that woman -- do you have no shame?

Damon: I was not flirting. I was trying to get a job.

Liza: Ha. By insinuating that you would cheat on Colby?

Damon: What? That's not what I said!

Liza: Oh. Ok. So you're telling me that that's how you would've acted if Colby was listening? Yeah, I thought so.

Damon: So what? You busted up my interview, because I'm not good enough for Colby?

Liza: Got a better reason?

Damon: I do, actually. You're jealous.

Colby: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, what is going on?

Damon: Ask her.

Colby: You didn't say anything to Renee, did you?

Liza: Colby, listen, anybody who's gonna be an employer of Damon needs to know that he has a criminal record.

Colby: I thought we made real progress today, and then you ruin it by doing something like this. Guess what, Mom. Another one of your brilliant plans is about to blow up in your face, because if Damon doesn't earn enough money to go to New York, well, I'll just give the money to him myself. Oh, and thank you so much for the lead on the internship. We're gonna have a kick-ass summer.

Randi: Everyone on staff that I spoke with is so inspired by what you had to say. They feel like we really have a leader right now just when we needed one. Check it out. Someone sent you flowers.

Greenlee: Keep them. Turn the phones over to the answering service and get out of here.

Jack: Hey, I hope you don't mind me using your phone. My battery's just about out, and I haven't even been to my office yet today. So --

Greenlee: Stay as long as you want.

Jack: Thanks.

Greenlee: Bye, Dad.

Jack: All right. [Kisses Greenlee on  her cheek] [Sighs] Erica, Jack here. Listen, I just hope you're all right. Um, I just want to help any way I can. And listen, I need to talk to you. I have a very important question that I want to ask you. [Holds a gorgeous diamond ring]

Erica: You went to Stanford?

Caleb: I stole that. You never know when your punch is gonna need a little extra edge.

Erica: Get in a lot of fights up here, do you?

Caleb: You never know.

Erica: Well, that's ok. I mean, at least I found out one thing about you, even if it's that you're a thief.

Caleb: Yeah, and I used to be a spy. Starred in a couple of movies, too, but never did anything as interesting as working for a fashion company.

Erica: Running a cosmetics company.

Caleb: Whatever, Dorothy.

Erica: Erica. My name is Erica. Come on, say it with me: "Erica Kane."

Caleb: You say that like you're the Mona Lisa or something. Like all anybody has to do is just look at you, and they know exactly who you are.

Erica: Well, I am like the Mona Lisa, only I'm three-dimensional, and I'm much better-looking.

Caleb: Yeah, and a legend in your own mind. Not to me. You're just the lady who fell out of the sky and landed on my house and never stopped whining about going home. Good night.

Erica: There's only one couch?

Caleb: It seems like. 

Colby: You bought this place, Krystal?

Krystal: Yes!

Colby: That is so cool!

Krystal: I know! I got a ways to go --

Tad: [Stammers] It's very cool.

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Is there a problem?

Damon: This interview today didn't go very well.

Tad: There's good news on the horizon. It just so happens I know somebody who's hiring.

Krystal: Who? Yes! I could.

Tad: It's a natural. And this way, you don't get to bleed me dry for milk money.

Krystal: Consider it done.

Damon: Really?

Krystal: Yeah.

Damon: Krystal, that's awesome.

Colby: Yeah. And you're lucky, because she's the best boss.

Krystal: Ohh.

Colby: You are. So I say that we all toast.

Damon: Oh, I think we need another round, huh?

Tad: Yeah. You buying? Or did you already work your way through that 80? See the look of panic on his face? See what I did there?

Colby: Yeah. Yeah.

Tad: I'm kidding. Another round. Another round. Barkeep, wine for my men. A toast, to the new owner of this fabulous establishment, Ms. Krystal Carey.

[Liza watches the cozy scene from outside the window]

Ryan: Hey, can you turn that up a little bit?

Greenlee's voice: First, I'd like to assure you that Fusion is committed to the truth. Nothing is more important.

David: I saw you online. You were brilliant.

Greenlee: Really?

David: Yeah. And I've been reading the blogs, post after post applauding your strong, courageous stance. People are seeing you as the leader of Fusion. You, alone at the top, just like we planned.

Greenlee: And Erica? Where is she?

David: Erica is a very strong, very shrewd, and very rich woman. If she wants to remain hidden, she will. Now, tomorrow we're gonna get a full report, ok? But for now, there's nothing to panic about. Everything is fine.

Greenlee: You keep saying that.

David: I tell you what. I'm gonna get a bottle of champagne, all right? I'll be right back.

Greenlee: Whew.

Erica: It's too dark out here. I can't find the creek.

Caleb: Keep looking. It's out there. Maybe you'll fall in.

Erica: Just dying of thirst. I need some water. Oh, wait a minute. Oh, what's that? Oh, no, it can't be. No -- oh, it is! It's a bear!

[Caleb chuckles and groans then gets up to investigate while Erica takes the couch]

Erica: Floor looks comfortable.

Caleb: Nice move.

Erica: I thought so. Listen, I never did get your name.

Caleb: Never offered it. It's Caleb.

Erica: Well, not the Mona Lisa, but it's not bad.

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