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Episode #10381

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[While J.R. & Marissa kiss, he flashes back to kissing Annie and stops]

Marissa: Ok, that's the second time that you've pulled away. It's too soon, isn't it? We shouldn't be doing this.

J.R.: No, no. We should. We should. I miss you so much. Don't you miss me?

Marissa: Yeah, I do. It's just there's always someone else in the room with us.

Annie: You actually have this invention Palmer was working on in your possession?

Scott: Yeah, and it's a nanotechnology breakthrough, Annie. Palmer bankrolled the development of it so he'd own the whole process. Now, it's complicated, but it basically creates pocket-sized computers and they project their image onto any available flat surface. And that can be a wall. It can be your hands. But it's not just a visual screen. Nah. It's a touch screen. So wherever you're projecting becomes the computer.

Annie: That's amazing.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: And now that Palmer's gone, there's nothing to say these plans ever belonged to anybody but you.

Scott: Huh. Nothing but ethics, morals.

Annie: Ok, well, there's also something to be said for success. And ever since Adam handed over this company to you, J.R. has been trying to trip you up. You come out with something like this. You do realize you could take this invention and actually make it into a real product. I mean, you do know what you could do.

Scott: Yeah, I could change the world a little.

Annie: Ok, yeah. You could do that, too. And you could also show everybody else what I already know  -- that you are somebody who is very, very special, that you are somebody who deserves to be making the big decisions.

Ryan: Hey, I don't know if this Miranda thing has hit your desk yet, but I just want to say up front that I vouch for Erica 100%. Ok?

Jesse: Actually, I'm not here to discuss Erica -- well, not directly, anyway. I'm here to discuss you.

Pilot: Tighten your seatbelt, Miss Kane. Brace for impact.

Erica: Oh, God! Jack!

David: How is it possible that the pilot just took off? He had a mandatory preflight inspection. They were supposed to discover the fuel pump that you messed with. She was in a hurry? That's your excuse? All right, look, just tell me this one thing. Can that plane fly?

Greenlee: David, is something wrong?


[Erica coughs]

[Metal creaking]

Erica: I think I'm ok. Thank God for seatbelts. Thank God you just happened to come by. Everything happened so fast. The pilot told us to brace for landing. This rapid descent -- I don't know what happened. Is he ok? Is he badly hurt? No, wait. Come back.

David: I'm gonna call you back, all right? It's just trouble at the hospital.

Greenlee: What happened?

David: Well, it looks like medical negligence. I'm gonna have to get down there and do some damage control.

Greenlee: I'll go with you. Maybe I can help.

David: No. There's no need for that.

Greenlee: But you've done so much to help me at Fusion, you know?

David: Greenlee, Greenlee, now's not the time for you to be wasting any energy on my little aggravations. Ok, you have to press forward with your advantage, ok? Don't drop the ball.

Greenlee: I guess I'm just still surprised that Erica hasn't surfaced yet. You know? I mean, I just got that one phone call, and then nothing.

Jesse: I know this is pretty uncomfortable, but Ryan, Ryan, if Erica invented this Miranda charity division back in the day to hide cash flow, you were there at the inception.

Ryan: Wait a minute. You think that I -- I would steal money from a shelter for battered women and children. That's what you're saying.

Jesse: The SCC and the IRS, they'd be all over this, don't you think? Be better for me to handle this?

Ryan: Just hold on for a second. Would you mind excusing us? Do you mind?

Madison: Well, maybe I can help.

Ryan: I appreciate that, but I really don't want you to get involved, ok? Thanks. You can't be serious?

Jesse: Ryan, I gotta do my job. I gotta cover all bases. Come on. Think about it. You're a guy with a trail of scams and cons in your past, man. Makes you kind -- look, if I don't question you, my ass is on the line.

Ryan: Ok, well, you do your job, but leave me out of it, ok? And you cannot tell me that people actually think Erica would steal money from a charity that her own daughter created.

Jesse: Where's she at? Doesn't exactly scream "innocent", does it?

J.R.: I know that Annie is like this invisible presence in this room. I know what I did is terrible. I can't be more sorry.

Marissa: Look me in the eye and tell me -- do you ever compare me to her? Do you ever look at me and miss what she did?

J.R.: Never.

Annie: I'm sorry. I swear I am not working you. No. I know in the past there were times when we would get caught up in moments like that, but --

Scott: A lot of things have changed since then.

Annie: Yeah, a lot of things have changed, like the fact that I'm no longer married to your uncle. So, it's not like we have to feel guilty about things.

Scott: But you're still wearing his ring.

Annie: You're right. And I shouldn't be. I should have done this a long time ago. Free and clear.

Scott: It's off for good?

Annie: You don't believe me? Here.

Scott: Annie, I'm not taking your wedding ring.

Annie: Fine. You're right. I should probably keep it anyway in case I want to hock it for some cash someday. But look, permanently off, and I am moving on. I'm not saying I'm moving on with you or that anything is going on between us. All I am saying is that you inspire me. I am genuinely impressed by what you're capable of.

Scott: Like what?

Annie: Like what I know now. You can prove J.R. wrong and take this company straight to the top. And I would just love to be on the sidelines watching you get the power that you deserve.

[J.R. clears throat]

Greenlee: Yes, the company will make a complete statement as soon as Erica returns. You're welcome.

Madison: Hi.

Greenlee: Things are still so crazy.

Madison: Crazy at the casino, too. Jesse stopped by to interrogate Ryan.

Greenlee: Interrogate him? What for?

Madison: Well, Jesse implied that because Ryan was working with Erica at the time that the Miranda line was created that maybe he was involved somehow with the embezzlement.

Greenlee: Ryan? No. He can't be.

Madison: Doesn't make any sense to me either. Frankly, none of it does. And if he were to get a hit because of this, it would just be so unfair.

Greenlee: Yeah, it would. It would. Look, would you help out in the P.R. Department? They're swamped.

Madison: Sure.

Greenlee: I'm gonna try and reach Erica again.

Erica: Uhh. Ohh! Oh, he came back. Is the pilot ok? Is he coming around? I heard something in the distance and --

Caleb: Shh.

Erica: Was it a truck? Was there a car of some kind? What -- what is that? What are you doing?

[Caleb grunts as he cuts Erica out of her seat belt]

Erica: Oh! Oh, thank you! Oh! Oh, no. That's ok. I'm fine. I think I can walk myself. I'm fine.

Caleb: Shh.

Erica: Did you hear me? Would you put me down? I'm fine. I told you, I can walk. I'm fine, really. What's the matter -- ow! Oh! Please! I'm fine. I can walk. I told you, I can do that. I can stand. I can walk.

[Owl hooting]

Erica: Well, thank you for getting me out of there. Sir? Can you hear me? Are you hearing challenged? Maybe just rude. Where's the pilot? Is he all right? Look, please, stop ignoring me. I almost nearly just died, and --

[Metal banging]

Erica: For all I know, the pilot might be dead. And all you seem to be interested in this scavenger hunt, whatever. Please. Please, for the love of God, will you just talk to me?

[Metal banging]

Erica: Do you have a phone? I have no idea what happened to my cell phone now, and I really need to talk to people. I need to let them know that I'm all right. I need to call for help and for the pilot. I really need to talk to somebody, and I really didn't -- I need to know what's so crazy important about this pile of junk!

[Metal banging]

Caleb: This junk is everything I own. This used to be my home. Thanks for dropping in.

J.R.: I hope I was interrupting something.

Annie: Thank you for sharing all that. I am very excited for you.

Marissa: Annie. You know, it just occurred to me that I never officially welcomed you back to the house. Why don't we go somewhere that we can chat?

Annie: Oh, I don't really --

Marissa: Yes, you do. [Drags Annie out of the house by the arm]

J.R.: I'm not on board with the direction that the company is taking.

Scott: Really? Well, I guess I have to remind you that I control 51% of the corporate stock.

J.R.: Yeah. And I guess I have to remind you that I am the real Chandler here. 100%!

Ryan: Erica is not in hiding, Jesse. First thing she would do would be to fly in here and fight an accusation like this.

Jesse: Yes, you're probably right, but we don't have all the facts, do we?

Ryan: You want facts? Ok, I'll get you some facts.

Jesse: I'd be curious to know if you could.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Excuse me. Hubbard.

Greenlee: Hi. It's Greenlee. I'm glad I caught you. Listen, I just wanted to tell you that you can have access to all our books and that I want to provide full cooperation into your investigation.

Jesse: I appreciate that.

Greenlee: Oh, you rather I stonewall you? So, what do you have so far?

Jesse: Um, not much, really. I'm speaking to Ryan right now.

Greenlee: Ryan? Really? Why?

Jesse: Well, he was there at Fusion when Erica started up this whole Miranda charity line.

Greenlee: Well, I've had our accountants going over the books, and I can assure you that any alleged irregularities happened long after Ryan left the company. I can't see how he could possibly be connected.

Jesse: Ok, well, that's good to know. Thanks for the info. I'll be in touch.

Ryan: Erica, it's Ryan. Ok, now I have officially left messages on all of your numbers. Call me back, please. Where are you?

Erica: This was your house?

Caleb: Yes. My house. Sorry I didn't tidy up. You should have called ahead.

Erica: I'm so -- I'm so sorry. I mean, not that you plan to hit your house with a plane. It's just that the plane lost control. If it's any consolation, I bet it was the house that cushioned the crash. It's probably the main reason why I'm alive.

Caleb: Oh, this must be my lucky day.

[Metal clanging]

Caleb: Too bad I can't say the same for old Jim.

Erica: Jim? You mean there was somebody in the house? Oh, I'm so sorry. Where is he?

Caleb: I was saving this bottle for a special occasion. May he rest in peace.

Erica: You know, you didn't have to really make me feel that I was responsible for somebody's death.

Caleb: Well, if it helps at all, my dog ran away when you crashed into my house.

[Metal clanging]

Erica: Your dog? Well, please, let me help you find him then. What is his name?

Caleb: Dog.

Erica: Dog? Dog? Dog!

Caleb: Stop your screeching or he'll never come back.

Erica: Sorry. I really am sorry. Please let me help you. How's the pilot? How is the pilot? Is he -- is he all right?

Caleb: I borrowed an ATV, took him to a hospital. He'll be fine.

Erica: Good. Then they'll be coming for me.

Caleb: Nope.

Erica: What do you mean?

Caleb: I don't want a million people poking around up here.

Erica: Well, what about me?

Caleb: What about you? You're alive.

Erica: Yes, but that doesn't mean that I'm all right to be stuck here. I have important business to take care of. I have people I need to talk to to tell them that I'm not hurt. Those people will be looking for me. Look, maybe you didn't recognize me with all of this, but I'm Erica Kane. I said I'm Erica Kane.

Caleb: I heard you the first time. Just can't figure out why the hell that's supposed to matter to me.

Greenlee: David's at the hospital now. He told me he was headed straight -- over.

Erica: You must recognize me. You must have seen me on TV or on a book cover.

Caleb: Don't have TV.

Erica: Well, I can tell already, you don't read books!

Caleb: Excuse me?

Erica: All right. So you live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. And so real people in the real world, they have no effect on you. But I am telling you down at the bottom of your hill, I am very, very well known. And I have important things to do, and I must get down there. Do you understand me? It is a priority for me to get down back to reality. So can you help me get there? Do you have a phone I can use?

Caleb: Nope.

Erica: Don't you think you are carrying this hermit thing just a little too far?

Caleb: I can't have a phone. I have a medical condition. Hearing somebody talk on and on and on causes a ringing in my ear. It's very painful. It's a very rare condition. And it has even caused a man to throw somebody off the edge of a mountain!

Marissa: We're different, you and I. I'm working at becoming a lawyer. I'm still figuring out who I am after discovering who my biological parents are. I'm in an intense marriage that's in trouble. I guess what I'm saying is I'm a serious person.

Annie: And I'm not?

Marissa: You use different tools to get what you want. Sex. Manipulation. You're impulsive, and you don't always think about the ramifications of your actions. You don't plan ahead the way I do.

Annie: I'm just wondering where this insulting conversation is going.

Marissa: It's simple. Really. A favor. You owe me that much. Next time you want something, I want you to ask yourself if you're really in it for the long haul.

Annie: How dare you.

Marissa: No, seriously. Just ask yourself. Is it worth ruining everyone else's lives if you're just gonna get the itch all over again and start looking for the next new toy in the window to play with?

J.R.: I'm going to be bringing the CFO over here to hear your plans for the future, make sure you don't bring us to the brink of ruin.

Scott: Hmm. Yeah, ok, let's do it. I think you need to see who's meant to be in charge.

David: Any news at all on the flight? Well, how about with ground control? When's the last time radar had sights on it?

[Call waiting tone]

David: Hold on for one minute. I've got a call coming in. Hello?

Greenlee: Hey, I'm just checking in. Did you take care of that problem at the hospital?

David: Yeah, I'm working on it right now. It's a lot more serious than I thought. It looks like I'm gonna be here for a while.

Greenlee: I'll let you go then. Keep me posted.

David: Absolutely. All right. Can you at least tell me if the plane is in the air or not? How the hell could you not know that? I'm gonna have to get back to you again.

Greenlee: Funny. This place doesn't look like the hospital.

David: I can explain.

Greenlee: Stop. I knew something was up. Are you gonna talk or just hit redial on your phone and get the details from whoever it is you were just ordering around?

David: All right. Here it is. You needed Erica out of the picture while the scandal hit the fan over at Fusion, right? So I had a mechanic disable her plane in West Virginia. The plane wasn't supposed to take off.

Greenlee: Wasn't supposed to? Erica took off in a damaged plane?

[Owl hooting]

[Crickets chirping]

Erica: You think I talk too much? Well, I'm only trying to fill the void here, because getting a syllable out of you is like pulling teeth.

Caleb: Then you can imagine what the sound of your voice does to me.

Erica: What are you doing? What's going on? Are we going somewhere?

Caleb: We?

Erica: We're going down the mountain, aren't we?

Caleb: If you want to go down the mountain, you go that way. I'm going that way.

Erica: I don't understand.

Caleb: I have another cabin. I'm gonna bunk there. It's not as cozy as this place used to be, but it does have an inside and an outside.

Erica: But I could never get down the mountain by myself. Are you kidding? It's night. It's dark. I would get lost.

Caleb: Yeah, well, that's the least of your problems. You gotta watch out for mudslides. Hope you got a good tread on those things.

Erica: Boy, you give me no choice. Ok, I'm gonna have to go to the cabin with you. We'll have to spend the night.

Caleb: There's only one problem with that.

Erica: What?

Caleb: You ain't invited.

Erica: Look, I am sorry. I mean it. I swear. I am truly sorry for destroying your home. And I'll replace it and your bottle of booze and everything you owned that was in it. I swear. I'll double the value. I don't care. Money is no object. I told you. I'm Erica Kane.

Caleb: Yeah, you keep saying that.

Erica: Well, you refuse to get it. You saved my life. You can sell your story for thousands of dollars. You'll be famous overnight.

Caleb: Famous enough to crash a plane into somebody's home?

Erica: I didn't mean it like that. Everyone wants to be famous. You're not gonna be able to keep the money people away from your door once they know that you're the man responsible for saving my life.

Caleb: Yeah. Making my argument for me, Dorothy.

Erica: I have told you time and again, my name is Erica.

Caleb: Somebody falls out of the sky and lands on me, I call her what the hell I want. Maybe I should call you Toto. Yeah, that's more fitting. Little yapper dog.

Erica: Look, we both know that you are not gonna walk away and leave me here alone. You already proved it. You already went into that plane, not once but twice, first to save the pilot and then to cut me loose. So I know that deep inside, deep inside that scratchy exterior is a caring soul.

Caleb: Ha ha!

Erica: Yeah. You're not at all the antisocial creep you like to pretend you are. No way you were gonna let me just rot in there.

Caleb: Well, you're right about that. You ever smell a dead body? That would have shot my property values all to hell.

Erica: Ok, listen to me. I have done everything. I have been generous. I have been apologetic. I have been understanding.

Caleb: How about real? You ever tried that?

Erica: Ok, Mister. You want real? From now on, the gloves are off. You are about to meet the real Erica Kane.

Jesse: Well, you been cleared.

Ryan: Really?

Jesse: Really.

Ryan: Who cleared me?

Jesse: Who do you think? Greenlee.

David: I was just trying to ground the plane, stall her so that the scandal would hit the fan at Fusion. How the hell was I supposed to know that she'd be stupid enough to take off before the pilot had a chance to inspect the damn thing?

Greenlee: Oh, so this is Erica's fault.

David: All right, look, don't put words in my mouth, please.

Greenlee: Tell me everything. Where was the plane headed? Did the pilot radio for help? Did they crash? Could they be --

David: No. No. I'm sure she is not dead, all right? What I do know is that no flight plan was filed, so that tells me that Erica just went into hiding. She's planning her next move.

Greenlee: She doesn't have a next move if she's dead.

David: Ok, let's please not try to jump to those conclusions, all right? I believe at worst, they had a hard landing somewhere. Yeah, I mean, he's an expert pilot. Maybe he landed in a field, or maybe they just went --

Greenlee: Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Enough maybes, ok?

David: Wait a minute. What are you doing?

Greenlee: I'm calling someone for help. We have to tell someone.

David: Greenlee! I can't let you do that.

Annie: You are gonna be a fantastic lawyer. Really. I mean, the way you laid everything out like that -- it was impressive, and it took guts. So I'm going to return the favor and be completely honest with you.

Marissa: Oh, well, that's something you don't have too much experience with.

Annie: Ouch. I know I hurt you, and I feel bad about that, but there is something that you always have to remember. If there is a problem in your marriage, I'm not it. Thanks for the drink. I'll find my own way home.

Scott: And I want to put some development money into this new biodiesel idea as well.

J.R.: Will you talk to him about startup costs for biodiesel?

Man: It can get pricey.

J.R.: We're gonna go broke because you know nothing about finances, let alone how to develop an original idea.

Scott: Actually, that's not true, buddy. There is one thing that I've been saving for last, something that'll make us richer than Warren Buffett.

J.R.: What is this miracle product? No, no, no, no, no. Let me guess. A magic bean.

Scott: Actually, it's better than that. I guess you don't have to be born a Chandler to run this company the way it's meant to be run. The nanotechnology creates a computer the size of your thumb, and it projects its own touch screen wherever you want. It could be a wall. It could be the floor. And it's always web connected. No one would ever have to be offline again.

J.R.: It's not possible.

Caleb: This product could carry Chandler into the next century.

J.R.: Where did you get it?

Scott: I worked hard. I did my due diligence. I never let up. Even when you were --

J.R.: What? Dying?

Scott: No, actually, I was going to say cheating on your wife.

Greenlee: You might have crashed it.

David: Erica is fine.

Greenlee: Or she may be bloodied and battered and lying in the wreckage somewhere. I hate the woman, David, but that doesn't mean I want her dead.

David: I understand, but telling people what we know right now, at this point, that won't look good. People will immediately look right in your direction.

Greenlee: My direction? I had nothing to do with this.

David: Yeah, but that doesn't mean they won't blame you. Your own father thought you had something to do with Erica's missing funds. What conclusion could anybody possibly draw once it comes out that somebody tampered with that plane right before Erica was about to take over your company?

Greenlee: This is a nightmare.

David: Look, all I'm asking for is some time to figure out what exactly happened, all right, to gauge our best move. Just -- I need some time to protect you.

Erica: I assure you, I can make things very hard for you if you desert me now.

Caleb: Really? What are you gonna do now? Steer a boat into my bathroom?

Erica: I am done feeling sorry for you. You could have chosen the easy way. You could have chosen the friendly way, but no, you didn't. Ok, that's fine. I can live with that. The point is, wherever you go, I am following.

Caleb: Tell me, Dorothy. This unfriendly way -- does it include speaking?

Erica: I assure you, I am done speaking.

Caleb: Good. I wish you'd thought of that before, Dorothy.

Erica: How far is this cabin?

Caleb: Far.

Erica: How far?

Caleb: Far far.

Erica: Then help me get my luggage from the plane, will you?

Caleb: I'm leaving in five minutes, with you or without you.

Scott: I know what you're thinking, Dad. I know you want me to be honest. You want me to tell people that this belonged to Palmer, but Palmer is gone. And I can do great things with this. And you know what would happen if J.R. got control of the company. He would be another Adam or worse. And this family deserves a good name, and I can do great things with this company. I want you to be proud of me, the same way I was of you.

Annie: Impressed? I take it Scott showed you the plans?

J.R.: You know, it all makes a little more sense. What I walked in on with you and Scott. He obviously showed you this. You saw dollar signs, and your heart went pit-pat.

Annie: Yeah, you would think that.

J.R.: Well, what other explanation is there? It's either that or you're just trying to make me jealous.

Annie: Or maybe there's actually a third possibility. Maybe Scott and I actually share a connection, something deeper than you and I --

J.R.: You are so smug, Annie. Now you tell me, what the hell do you really want?

Annie: I think the better question is, what do you want? But I guess we know the answer to that, don't we?

[Marissa watches J.R. from the terrace]

Caleb: Two minutes and counting, Dorothy.

Erica: Is it wrong to wish he was in the house?

Caleb: I heard that.

[Owl hooting]

Erica: Ok, I'm here! Ok. I'm ready. Here I am. Ok. So. Where is this far cabin of yours? I have two.

Caleb: So do I.

Erica: What I meant is, I have two pieces of luggage. Can you help?

Caleb: You want me to carry your bags?

Erica: They're lighter than they look.

Caleb: Hmm. [Flings the baggage down the mountain]

Erica: Hey! What are you doing? Don't -- don't -- wha -- what are you -- why did you do that?

Caleb: You're right. They're pretty light.

Erica: Are you out of your mind? Do you know what was in there? Those are brand-new couture gowns that I just had custom made for me in New York!

Caleb: Huh.

Erica: All right. Well, just wait.

David: I just need you to trust me, like you always have. Trust me to find a fix that will protect us both.

Greenlee: Meanwhile, Erica could be dead or dying. If we do something now --

David: Ok, my man is working on that as we speak, ok, trying to find out what happened to the plane. It doesn't make sense for us to act until we know what we're dealing with.

Greenlee: Oh --

[Doorbell rings]

David: I'm gonna get rid of whoever it is. Ok?

Ryan: Where's Greenlee?

David: Greenlee is busy. Damn it!

Ryan: I'm here about Erica.

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