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Colby: Come on, Damon, I know you're upset.

Damon: Hey, the kid I thought was mine isn't. Man, it's a relief. No more pressure.

Colby: Don't pretend Stuart didn't mean something to you. We both know you loved him.

[Music plays at the casino]

Damon: I need a drink.

Butch: Got ID?

Damon: Yeah, man. What do you think?

Singer: I know the shadow that crosses your face I wanna chase it away

Butch: Out.

Damon: Are you blind, dude? That's the real deal. That's the real deal right there.

Butch: And I'm Santa Claus. Let's go.

[The bouncer tries to throw Damon out]

Damon: Get off me, man. [Hits the bouncer]

Jesse: Oh, oh -- whoa, whoa, whoa! Chill, chill! Come on, come on. Dashing Damon.

[Damon sighs]

Jesse: This is really getting old.

Liza: Honey, tell me what I can do.

Tad: You're doing it, and that's saying a lot, considering where we've been lately.

Liza: Tad, I hate the way things ended. I do, and I know that I've been hard on you. And I also know that Damon -- he is your priority.

Tad: Last thing in the world I ever want to do is hurt you.

Liza: I know. I know, but you got to be there for Damon. I just want to make sure that you're there for you, too.

[Ring tone plays]

Tad: It's Jesse. Oh, God, who's in trouble now? Ohh. Yeah, all right.

Liza: What? What is it?

Tad: Damon.

Liza: [Sighs] Who else?

Jake: Yeah, and I need white peonies. Peonies. Yeah, "pee-o-nees." Yeah, that's what I mean, as many as you can possibly get within an hour. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Opal: Wow! Sounds like there's some romance afoot.

Jake: Yeah. Well, Amanda's been in a really bad way lately and I'm trying to, you know --

Opal: With a mama like hers --

Jake: And that's the whole point -- with a mom like hers. I want her to forget about it for a while and get her mind on something really great like a wedding. You know, a beautiful wedding.

Opal: But you two are already hitched.

Jake: Yeah, but, you know, she never had the wedding of her dreams, and I'd like her to experience that. I want that to change, starting tonight with a new proposal, and I want all the people that she loves and respects down here to witness it. And I got all this stuff. I'm gonna need help decorating this place.

Opal: Well, they call me "miss hearts and flowers" for nothing.

Jake: Good. Yeah, because Angie's bringing her down here and it's gonna be any minute. And I got her all these things and I don't know if it's too much. It's things she likes.

Opal: Oh, honey, you can never have too much.

Jake: Like, what are these things? What are these?

Opal: Amanda just doesn't know what a lucky girl she is.

Amanda: Your daddy thinks I don't know what's going on, but I do. I just wish he'd talk to me honestly about it instead of everyone else in town. But no matter what he says to my face, I know he thinks I'm going crazy just like my mom. Soon he'll be sending the doctors just like she said.

[Knock on door]

Angie: Amanda, it's Angie. Look, I saw your car. I know you're in there. I'm not leaving until you open this door.

[Amanda opens the door but won't let Angie in]

Angie: You know, you ran out before we could finish our conversation. I just want to make sure you were all right.

Amanda: I had to get back to my child.

Angie: I understand. Listen, I just thought that we could finish catching up over a drink at the Yacht Club -- tonight.

Amanda: Listen, I really don't have time to sit and shoot the breeze. I'm sorry.

Angie: Listen. You need to make time.

Jack: Hey.

Erica: I am so glad that I came to New York to try on my gala dress.

Jack: And I am so glad I got here in time to take it off you.

Erica: I really do need to get back to Pine Valley.

Jack: Not before I take you to dinner at this new restaurant in midtown Manhattan that is just dying for an Erica Kane sighting.

Erica: Oh. I do have to make some phone calls.

Jack: So make them. I'm gonna jump in the shower. When I get out, you're all mine.

Erica: Hmm.

[Jack's phone rings]

Erica: "Hey, Dad. How long do you and Erica plan to be out of town?"

David: All right, just let me know if anything else comes up. Thanks a lot, man. I owe you one. The word is out. It should break right before the gala.

Greenlee: Ha ha! Well, anonymous leak or not, Erica Kane siphoning off the profits from her nonprofit Miranda line is too hot a story to pass up.

David: I can see the headlines now -- "Kane Mirandized for Miranda scandal." Ha ha ha ha!

Greenlee: Yeah. And while Erica's suing for defamation of character, we'll be celebrating our own headline -- "Kane out, Greenlee back where she belongs."

Jack: All right, shower's all yours. Although, I got to tell you, I'm still feeling a little dirty. So if you'd like me to join you -- what did I miss?

Erica: You lied to me.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Erica: I read your little text from Greenlee!

Jack: Whoa! What text?

Erica: Was this all part of some plan? Meet me in New York, take me to bed so Greenlee could have a chance to just counterattack?!

Jack: Of course not!

Erica: You're lying to me again. And you know what? You and I are done!

Jack: Oh, come on. I'm not plotting with Greenlee against you.

Erica: You were talking with her on the phone last night, not the front desk, right?

Jack: Yes, yes. I told you that lie, because I knew you would assume the same thing that Greenlee did, that I was with you to help her. You're both wrong.

Erica: Actually, Greenlee wasn't. By convincing me to stay with you, by taking me to bed, you gave her all the time in the world she needed to counterattack, didn't you?

Jack: I took you --

Erica: But you're just as devious as she is!

Jack: To bed because I wanted to make love with you.

Erica: And if you can get Fusion back for your precious daddy's little girl, then so much the better, right?

Jack: Yeah, right! You know what? I'll admit it. I want my daughter to get her company back, but fairly.

Erica: Oh, fairly? Please. Greenlee doesn't even know the meaning of the word "fairly"! Greenlee doesn't deserve it!

Jack: She created it. She needs it, you don't.

Erica: Don't you dare presume to know what I need!

Jack: Oh, come on. You want a company? Go out, buy one. Take your pick. Or better yet, start a new one. We both know everything you touch turns to gold, Erica, but come on! Greenlee -- she's already lost so much!

Erica: That's all she talks about, is what she lost! What about what she gained? She gained her life! She's got her life! What's wrong with her?

Jack: How about you try to imagine a year of your life just gone, just gone, Erica? And imagine that you are so desperate for stability in your life that you would marry a man like David Hayward?! He's already got most of her soul! I'm just hoping and praying that if she gets Fusion back, I'll be able to still have some of her!

Erica: You couldn't possibly lose her, not after you've gone out of your way to show what a devoted daddy you are to your precious little girl. I just hope that it was worth everything you lost.

Jack: Erica, will you --

Greenlee: I can't wait to see the great and powerful Erica Kane crash and burn when this scandal goes public.

David: Yeah, when she sinks to the bottom, we'll rise to the top. With the old guard gone, this town's gonna need some new leaders.

Greenlee: Who better than us?

David: No kidding. You do realize this is gonna happen, don't you? Our lives are gonna change completely, all for the better. Say good-bye to your old problems, to all those friends, small-minded as they are. They're not even gonna recognize you. The old you is gonna be gone.

Liza: Colby, what the hell?

Jesse: It's about time.

Tad: I got here as fast as I could. Listen, I'm just gonna talk to Butch, see if I can get him to cut him a --

Jesse: Tad, you can't keep cleaning up this kid's messes. He's never gonna learn.

Tad: Please, have a little compassion, would you? I mean, give him a break. He just found out that the boy he thought was his isn't.

Jesse: Ok, I agree. That's rough. So what? Life sucks, you beat people? You break the law? Well, come on, man!

Tad: What are you telling me? That you wouldn't try to cover for a member of your family if they screwed up?

[Jesse sighs]

Tad: All right, look, I know he's a mess, all right, but he's my mess. And I can't honestly expect him to straighten up and fly right until he knows without a shadow of a doubt that I've got his back. One more? One more break, ok? Hey, Butch?

Colby: Mom, he was upset about losing Stuart! He needed to know he wasn't alone!

Liza: You know what? Let somebody else watch after him, all right? Come on. You're coming with me. We're going home.

Colby: No! No! Like hell I am.

Tad: All right, good news. Butch isn't gonna press charges, but we got to get out of here now.

Damon: First, I got to get Colby away from her psycho mother.

Liza: Colby, Damon is a loser. He doesn't deserve you, and he definitely didn't deserve to be a father.

Opal: "Gone With The Wind"!

Jake: You'll be all right.

Opal: "Gone With The Wind" for a wedding theme! We could transform this terrace into Tara! We could get columns and magnolia trees, and everybody could wear hoop skirts!

Jake: Ok, Tad looks good in a hoop skirt. I'm down. I'm ok. If Amanda likes it, then it's fine. I just want to put a smile back into her soul. Now, why does --

Opal: Don't worry. Leave it.

Jake: I have to show you something. Oh, my gosh! Oh, no!

Opal: What? What?

Jake: It's gone! It's gone! Oh. It's not gone. Here. Let me show you.

Opal: Oh, my Lord!

Jake: Be honest and tell me what you think. Well, what do you --

[Opal cries]

Jake: No? No? What are you saying? What does that mean?

Angie: Jake felt that you deserved a night off, too, so he gave me your sitter's number, and she should be here any minute.

Amanda: You had no right.

Angie: Sweetie, take it easy.

Amanda: Look, whatever you and Jake are plotting, I'm not going.

Angie: What are you talking about?

Amanda: I heard you guys talking before. I know it was about me.

Angie: Well, Jake did mention how shaken up you've been lately.

Amanda: I knew it.

Angie: Listen, Amanda, he's worried about you. Now, between dealing with your mother and Trevor's trip to the ER, you know, we both felt that you've been hit pretty hard lately.

Amanda: I'm fine.

Angie: Amanda, you need to get out. And whatever you think is going on isn't.

Amanda: Look, I am not crazy. Ok?

Angie: I never said you were.

Amanda: And if anyone needs to leave, it's you.

Angie: I can't. Not without you.

[Music plays at the casino]

Colby: How could you, Mom?

Tad: Good question.

Damon: Don't sweat. I've been trying to tell Colby that same thing for a long time now.

Tad: No, you just ignore what Liza says --

Damon: No, man, I won't, and you shouldn't either. You keep stepping up and trying to turn me into this good guy, but you should accept what I am. I am a waste.

Colby: No, no, don't say that. You're not.

Damon: Better yet, just forget those DNA results. Just walk away. Nobody would blame you, really. Right? Right, Liza?

Tad: I'm not going anywhere.

Damon: Well, then you need to get a clue.

Colby: Let me.

Tad: Way to kick him when he's down. Nothing like being told you're a loser.

Liza: Tad, wait --

Tad: You know what? Do me a favor. Stay away from him. Stay away from him and me.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Yeah? Hi. No. No, I'm done here. I'll be right over.

Singer: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh I know

David: Now, that doesn't look like the confident smile of Pine Valley's newest powerbroker.

Greenlee: What did you mean about the old me being gone?

David: It wasn't an insult. It was high praise. You've only gotten better, darling.

Greenlee: Hmm. But I like the old me. I changed out of, I don't know, necessity. But I want to get back to who I was. Deep down, I still am who I am.

David: And I am still who I am: A man who refuses to sit back or go halfway. And even though that's true, and you are still who you are, it's together that makes us something different, Greenlee. We're a couple now, a whole new force to be reckoned with.

Greenlee: Hmm. Well, this half of the force has to get these books back to Fusion before Erica gets in. See you later.

David: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Please answer me. Can you answer me? You're freaking me out.

Opal: Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Are you kidding me? It is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! I love it!

Jake: Thank you. That's the kind of information I need. Camera? Where's the camera? Remember I asked you for a camera for tonight so we could take pictures of the -- where's the balloons?

Jesse: Bad news.

Jake: What do you mean, bad -- now way.

Jesse: The balloons kind of flew out the sunroof on my way over.

Jake: You have a sunroof? Why would you open the sunroof if you're bringing balloons?

Jesse: It just all happened so fast. Listen, I was speaking to the club manager to see if he could replace them --

Jake: I just asked nicely. Just get a camera, find a camera, and get the balloons. I need help. I can't do this by myself. I've already called everybody.

Amanda: One drink, and I'm leaving.

Angie: All right, listen. Why don't you just wait right here, all right, and I'll make sure that they have a table for us. Don't move.

Jake: Huh? Why are you standing there not getting a camera?

Angie: Listen, it was not easy, but I got her here.

Jake: No, no, no, you can't do that. I'm not ready. First of all, the camera's not here, and Jesse let the balloons escape.

Angie: What? He left the sunroof open, didn't he?

Jake: I don't understand that myself, so just do me a favor. Bring her down to the water or something. Just keep her busy. Just keep her busy.

Amanda: I knew it. They're planning some intervention.

Angie: Amanda? Amanda! Oh, my --

Greenlee's voice: No one said this was gonna be easy, Kendall. We want this company to succeed, and we have to work at it. Welcome to Fusion's fabulous coming-out bash. There are times where we didn't think we would make it, but we did, and we are here to stay!


Erica: I'm back. Well, you've been a busy little bee, haven't you?

Greenlee: What do you mean?

Erica: Oh, don't play dumb with me. I saw your text. I know how you tried to use Daddy to distract me. Well, it didn't work. And whatever sneak counterattack you're planning, that's not gonna work either. Why don't you just accept it, Greenlee? You've lost.

Greenlee: Hmm. You're delusional. Get a life.

Erica: Oh, I have a life, a very full one. How about you?

Greenlee: I never even hear you when you talk anymore.

Erica: Because you're afraid to face what I have to say.

Greenlee: Did you say something?

Erica: I said I have a full life. I have a man who adores me, a good man, and I have children, and I have friends. How about you? What do you have?

Greenlee: David loves me.

Erica: Oh, and he's such a catch, Dr. Jekyll.

Greenlee: You and my father have made a go of it how many times? In fact, how many of your husbands have left you?

Erica: At least I have never married anyone to spite the love of my life.

Greenlee: And your devoted children -- how come none of them live close by?

Erica: What we're having, this is not a business competition. This is a game of chicken, and whoever lets go first loses.

Greenlee: I'm not letting go.

Erica: Hmm. Well, then welcome to the rest of your pathetic little life, where you're gonna have to fight tooth and nail to hang on to everything you care about.

Greenlee: Right back at you. It will never work -- my father.

Erica: Fusion will never be yours.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello? Yes, this is Erica Kane. Who's this?

Doc: Name's Doc Waller. I'm calling about Palmer Cortlandt Estates.

Erica: You knew Palmer?

Doc: Oh, yeah. Oh, Pete and I went way back. He put his final wishes on some personal items in a lockbox here in West Virginia, and he said that in the event of his death, he'd like those items picked up by the person that meant the most to him in this world. That'd be you, Ms. Kane.

Colby: Oh, hi. I am so hungry. Ohh.

Damon: I got to get out of Pine Valley, man. It's not working for me here, it never has. I got to go someplace I don't feel like an alien or whatever, where I fit.

Krystal: You fit here just fine. Look, Tad told me about Stuart. I'm really sorry.

Damon: Hey, between my parents ditching me and Stuart not being my kid, I am family-free, and I am ok with that.

Krystal: Well, I don't think Tad would be ok with that, and he still is your family, as well as the rest of the Martin clan.

Damon: Yeah, until they ditch me, too.

Krystal: I don't think it's gonna be that easy to get rid of them. You could try, or you can focus on how lucky you are to be part of that wonderful family. Take it from me. As far as dads go, I think you hit the jackpot with Tad.

Jake: Oh. See, I just thought Amanda would want to come back to the loft. I thought that's the first thing she would've done. She told Angie she didn't even want to leave the baby in the first place.

Tad: Yeah, well, maybe Angie found her, and they're downstairs, ok? I'll go check.

Jake: Hey, Tad? Nothing. Forget it.

Liza: Please, please, can we talk?

Tad: No. I'm busy.

Liza: Oh, come on. Don't let this come between us now.

Tad: It's already between us. What you said to Damon was downright cruel. He'd already lost his son, for God's sake. What do you think you were doing?

Liza: Oh, come on. You know me. I got a big mouth. Sometimes I say things that I don't always mean. I'm protecting my daughter.

Tad: Yeah, well, now I have to protect my son, ok, because of you. I used to think he was paranoid about you. Now I know the truth.

Liza: Oh, come on, please. You know me. You've known me for years as "Crazy Liza," with her schemes and her temper. Come on, we used to laugh about it.

Tad: I can't do this. I can't. I'm not gonna, you know?

Liza: Oh, God, the way you looked at me --

Tad: No, I'm not gonna do it! I'm not! Listen to me! I got a big family day planned, ok? Another family moment is not gonna be ruined, because I got to have one more fight with you about Damon. I'm busy.

Liza: I'm sorry.

Tad: Yeah. Well, so am I.

Jake: You guys serious? Angie called. She said she found Amanda in the park. We're gonna move the thing in here. Come on.

Angie: Amanda? Amanda!

Amanda: Why are you following me?

Angie: You ran off again. Why do you keep doing that?

Amanda: I'm not gonna stick around and let you and Jake figure out how to get me psychological help.

Angie: Is that what you thought we were talking about?

Amanda: What else?

Angie: Well, I can't tell you specifically. But what I will say is that nothing could be further from the truth. And if -- look if I say any more, he will never forgive me for spoiling his big surprise.

Amanda: He's gonna surprise me?

Angie: Oh, sweetheart, Jake has more faith in you than anything in the world, and you need to trust that, embrace it, celebrate it. You don't know how rare it is.

Amanda: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you're right. Jake has been so great. I've got to tell him. No. Actually, I want to show him how much I love him, and I know exactly how to do it.

Opal: What did you and Jack fight about?

Erica: Oh, the same thing we always fight about: Greenlee. I mean, she actually enlisted Jack to try to help her plan to sabotage me.

Opal: Oh, I don't believe that. What did he say?

Erica: Well, he vehemently denied it. But the truth is, I mean, he seduced me to stay with him at exactly the time that Greenlee needed me to be away.

Opal: Yes, which was pure coincidence, I'm sure.

Erica: Look, Opal, I didn't call you to talk about Jack anyhow. I called to tell you that in the middle of all this drama, I got a call from a Doc Waller.

Opal: Palmer's old buddy?

Erica: Oh, you know him? All right. Well, he said that Palmer left something for me to pick up for him in Pigeon Hollow.

Opal: Well, Palmer always said you were his most trusted friend.

Erica: Which makes me feel even doubly worse that I can't go.

Opal: Why not?

Erica: Well, Opal, I have to stay here. I have to fight Greenlee.

Opal: Do you mean to tell me that you are gonna put off Palmer's last wishes to keep up this spitting match with Greenlee? You don't need that lipstick factory any more than I need the pink suede boots I bought last week.

Erica: That's funny -- Jack said the same thing. I mean, not about pink suede boots.

Opal: You know, I have been thinking a lot since Palmer died, just about, you know, what kind of a message would I want on my gravestone when I pass. What do you want written on yours? "I fought, I won, and made it all about me"?

Greenlee: Oh, um, hi.

Jack: Hi.

Greenlee: I figured I might be hearing from you sooner rather than later.

Jack: Did you, now?

Greenlee: Erica stopped by earlier and accused me of roping you into fighting for my side.

Jack: I wasn't able to convince her otherwise.

Greenlee: I'm sorry you got caught in the crossfire.

Jack: You know what I think really rankled her was the fact I told her I wanted you to win the fight.

Greenlee: You mean that?

Jack: I do. I'm not happy about being at odds with Erica again, but I'm somewhat used to that. You being unhappy -- that's something I'm never gonna get used to.

Greenlee: I'm happy, Dad.

Jack: Are you?

Greenlee: Is this gonna be another lecture about David?

Jack: Nope. Done with that. You're a grown woman, Greenlee. If you really believe David Hayward's the right man --

Greenlee: I do.

Jack: Ok. I just wanted to know that there's some joy in your life. Honey, life is too short. You know that better than most. You deserve to be happy. Please don't settle for less.

Jesse: Trust me, Angela's got this under control.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Hey, wait, wait. Oh, damn it. Why don't I have a peephole? Just be quiet. Hi.

Krystal: Hi.

Jake: Come on in. Come in.

Krystal: Ok. We heard about the change of venue. Hey!

Jake: Well, unfortunately, the lady of the hour is not here.

Colby: Well, we did see her pull up in her car when we were coming in.

Jake: Are you sure it was her? Like, positive it was her?

Krystal: No doubt about it.

Jake: Ah. So this proposal might happen after all.

Tad: I didn't expect to see you here.

Damon: Might as well. It's the only family I have now, right?

Jake: Oh, my God. You know what? I'm thinking everybody needs to go in the other room. Let's just do that.

Tad: Ok. You heard the man. Let's go.

Jake: I got a plan.

Opal: Good idea.

Krystal: Wait, wait, wait! How are we gonna know when to jump out and yell "Surprise"?

Jake: I'll slam the door really loud, and that'll be everybody's cue, ok?

[Key turns in lock]

Jake: Hi, Babe. You ok?

Amanda: I am now. I know I've been a real mess lately.

Jake: Well, that's understandable -- I mean, you know, with your mom coming to town, doing what she did, you know.

Amanda: Well, I don't want her to take away from what we have, because I love you, and I love what we have.

Jake: Both things?

Amanda: And I want to celebrate it.

Jake: Really?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Hmm. Well, me, too. Heh heh!

Amanda: I mean like the old days. [Open her coat and flashes everyone]

All: Surprise!

Amanda: Aah! Oh, my -- what are these people doing here?!

Tad: Ha ha ha ha!

Jake: I -- honey, look, I might just want to ask you if you would marry me -- I mean, again.

[Music plays]

Jack: Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: I must say I was surprised to get your phone call.

Erica: I had to see you. I had to apologize. I was wrong to accuse you of working with Greenlee.

Jack: Who are you? What have you done with Erica Kane?

Erica: Once I had time to cool down I realized that you could never do something like that.

Jack: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Erica: I need some time to think, which is why I'm going out of town again.

Jack: Where to?

Erica: Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, if you can believe it.

Jack: Ha ha ha ha!

Erica: No, it seems that Palmer has left something there for me.

Jack: Really?

Erica: And it'll give me time to reassess things, and I'll be back in time for the gala. New York was wonderful, Jack. I won't forget it.

Singer: And I'm far away

Jack: I'll be waiting for you.

Erica: I know.

Singer: Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm-hmm

David: What's wrong?

Greenlee: Erica's back. She found me at Fusion.

David: Well, you survived, so it couldn't have been that bad, right? But I've got some good news. I just got off the phone with my contact from the airport. Erica's leaving town again.

Greenlee: Well, she has to stay out of town until the scandal hits. And I can't ask my dad for any more help.

David: It's ok. I've got it covered.

Greenlee: Because you don't sit back. Because you don't know the meaning of the word "halfway." Because that's who you are -- that's who we are, together. And the Ericas and Ryans of the world are just gonna have to sit back and watch us soar from the sidelines. Because when my dad is dumping Erica for the 10th time and Ryan is off saving yet another pretty, poor young thing, you and I will be rock solid. All the people who said we'd never make it will be eating their words and taking orders from us. Let's make it happen.

David: Yeah. Come here. [Chuckles]

Amanda: Well, is that why everybody's here?

[Krystal laughs as Jake takes out Amanda's ring]

Jake: I just wanted a bunch of witnesses here, so you'll remember this for the rest of your life. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, ok, and I've decided that I want to make it my life's mission to make sure that you never forget that you are loved each and every day for the rest of your life until the day that you die. Ok?

Amanda: Jake.

Jesse: Where the hell you been?

Angie: Well, somebody had to get the champagne.

Jesse: Come here. Let me help you.

Jake: You look fantastic. Don't worry about them. It's just that you've been through so much lately, you know, with your mom and the whole David saga and me and my stupid jokes. I just really thought you deserve a great wedding with the whole thing. Like, ice sculptures and rose petals and a big band -- the big thing. A big wedding, you know? Because that's what I dream of -- a quality life with you and lazy Sundays, you know, on the couch with the blankie with the armholes and us screaming our faces off at Trevor's Little League game. That type of thing. And just as long as it's you standing there at the end of my day, looking like you do, as beautiful and breathtaking as you are -- that smile right there. That smile just lights up my world. So we can have this if you just say yes.

Amanda: Yes!

Jake: I'm back down here.

Amanda: Yes, I will marry you!

Jake: Yes? You promise? You heard her, right? You heard her. A lot of witnesses. There's a lot of witnesses.

[Opal hums "Wedding March"]

Jake: That's in case you back out right there.

[Opal sighs as Jake and Amanda kiss]

Tad: Get a room.

Krystal: You know, that's an amazing pair.

Tad: Oh, yeah. I would wreck that chick.

Krystal: Jake and Amanda are an amazing pair.

Tad: I know.

Krystal: You --

Tad: You're pretty amazing yourself.

Krystal: Me?

Tad: Yeah. It was you who got Damon to come, wasn't it? I knew it. I knew it.

[Krystal chuckles as she hugs Tad while Liza watches from the corner]

Damon: I keep thinking about what Krystal said, how I hit the jackpot with Tad as a dad.

Colby: Yeah. Tad's a really good guy.

Jesse: All right, everybody, settle down. Time to toast.

Tad: Where have you been?

Opal: All right! Bring on the booze!

Jesse: I've been pouring champagne.

Opal: To the --

Angie: Oh, uh, it seems like they've disappeared.

Krystal: Well --

Angie: Well, let's toast to us.

Opal: All righty! To us!

Jake: Why'd you bring me out here?

Amanda: You had me scared. I thought you were gonna send me off in case I turned out like my mom.

Jake: Oh, my God, no. Why would I ever do that? I can't live a single day without you. I'll make you a deal. If they ever do come to take you away, I'll just make sure I get myself locked up, too. Ok?

Amanda: Ooh. I'm gonna hold you to that.

Jake: Oh, and I just wanted to say that the only thing that's crazy out here is how I feel about you.

Amanda: Aw.

Jake: That's not so good.

Amanda: Come here.

[Jake mumbles as he and Amanda kiss]

Amanda: [Shrieks] We're getting married! We're getting married!

Jake: Oh, my God, I thought I stepped on your foot. Are you sure? You're sure.

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