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Bartender: Everything ok?

J.R.: Yeah, she just can't handle the hard stuff.

Marissa: Wait, you think you're the only one who can knock back a few?

Bartender: I'll call her a cab.

J.R.: No, I got it covered. She's my wife.

Marissa: God, yeah. [Whispering] Like he remembered that when he slept with his stepmother.

J.R.: All right. Come on. Let's go.

Marissa: No, I can't.

J.R.: I'm not leaving you.

Marissa: We're over, ok? I have to move on, and I will if you'll just let me.

J.R.: All right. All right, that's enough. Come on.

Marissa: [Moans] Oh.

J.R.: Take it easy.

[Monitor beeping]

Jake: Well, you certainly did a number on your daughter this time, didn't you? [Dials cell phone] Hello, it's me. Fourth time. You're not picking up. Now I'm worried, so call me. Love you.

[Trevor crying]

Amanda: Why is he so hot?

Krystal: Oh. All right. Ah -- Let's go to the hospital. Come on.

Amanda: Ok.

Krystal: Amanda, sweetie, let's go. I'll dial 911.

Amanda: Ok.

Ryan: I wonder what Greenlee will say about all this?

David: Yeah, of course. This must be your best day ever, right? I bet you can't wait to go running to Greenlee, tell her every fine detail.

Ryan: I won't have to.

David: How long have you been there?

Greenlee: Long enough. I'd like to speak to my husband alone.

Ryan: Are you sure you don't want some backup?

Greenlee: I'm ok, thanks.

Ryan: Hey. How are you feeling?

Greenlee: Ok. I'm not pregnant.

Ryan: Thank God.

[David sighs and chuckles]

Greenlee: I just don't get it. Why would you try and force my employee to seduce Ryan?

David: You want the truth?

Greenlee: That would be nice.

David: Because I wanted Lavery out of your life, for good this time.

Madison: He won't hurt her. I know you're worried, but Greenlee is not the kind of woman that's going to let David get away with any kind of manipulation.

Ryan: I hope you're right.

Madison: You know, I don't think I realized how much you still care about her. I saw the relief on your face when you found out she's not pregnant. I get it. Having a child with a man like David Hayward would bond them for life.

Ryan: Yeah, but it's not just Hayward. Greenlee miscarried before. She can't -- I just don't want to see her go through that again, that's all.

Madison: You are an amazing man, Ryan Lavery. And not just to Greenlee. I will not forget the way you stood up for me today. Even if I'm the last person who deserves it.

Ryan: Now, why would you say that?

Madison: I killed my husband.

Ryan: Look, I'm not excusing what you did, Ok? But I do understand why. Like I told you, I was kicked around by my old man when I was a kid.

Madison: Still, you didn't kill anyone.

Ryan: No, but I went to some pretty dark places, I did. However, I turned myself around. It's possible. It's possible to pull out of this.

Greenlee: How many talks have we had about this? How many times have I tried to reassure you that it's over between me and Ryan?

David: Maybe with you.

Greenlee: Maybe? Do you not trust me at all?

David: It's Ryan I don't trust.

Greenlee: Look, can't you just forget about him?

David: Can you?

Greenlee: I am married to you.

David: And you thought that would push him out of your heart. The man is more a part of your life now than ever.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

David: Fusion is in crisis, and you take him to Rio. You think you're pregnant, and instead of your husband, you turn to him.

Greenlee: That wasn't deliberate. Ryan was just there.

David: There! Exactly! That's my point! He's always just there. He can't seem to stay away, and you can't make him.

Greenlee: That's not true.

David: [Chuckles] Oh, Greenlee, come on! Every time the two of you are in the same room, I can see it: this special bond the two of you share. I saw it just now. Ryan's relief on his face and on yours when you told him that you weren't pregnant with my child.

Greenlee: That had nothing to do between me and Ryan. He knew how scared I was.

David: And I didn't  -- your husband. You chose to confide in him.

Greenlee: It's not like I didn't ask you to come with me.

David: Oh, please. Do you honestly believe that my presence would have stopped him? I mean, come on. the man hasn't even had a date since you've been back in town. He's like a freak. He's lying in wait for you.

Greenlee: What can I say to reassure you?

David: I honestly don't think there's anything you can say  -- or that I will ever truly believe that it's over between the two of you. And the thought of you going back to him, it'll break my heart, Greenlee. I just don't want to lose you.

Greenlee: Maybe you already have?

Marissa: Why did you take me here? I left, remember? Never to return.

J.R.: Will you just lie down?

Marissa: Oh, don't get bossy with me.

J.R.: That's not what I was doing.

Marissa: I did what you told me to do before. And what did I get? A broken heart.

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Marissa: Yeah, well, it's not like you didn't warn me. I mean, you told me not to trust you. You told me you were just like your father, but I didn't listen.

J.R.: I swear to you. I never meant to hurt you.

Marissa: Oh, no, you don't.

J.R.: What?

Marissa: Don't give me those dreamy eyes. Not after what you've done.

J.R.: Uh  --

Marissa: Ok, I need to get out of here.

J.R.: Wait, will you just let me take care of you?

Marissa: [Laughs]

J.R.: What? What's so funny?

Marissa: [Laughs] You taking care of me?

J.R.: Well, after everything you've done for me, I at least owe you that.

Marissa: Yeah, I wish you'd thought about that before you slept with Annie. But you didn't think, did you? No, because you're too selfish. You're too self-centered. You're too caught up.

J.R.: Ok, ok. I hear you.

Marissa: Did you see me? Did you see me holding your hand throughout chemo? Making sure you got all the right meds. Taking your son to school and play dates. Adopting him so you wouldn't worry that he would end up with your father if you did die.

J.R.: There's no doubt that you went above and beyond.

Marissa: Oh, is that why you cheated on me with your father's wife.

J.R.: That had nothing to do with you.

Marissa: How can you say that? Oh, right. I'm sorry. I forgot. You can say that it because what you do is never about anyone else but you. That's why you could go to that bar and have a drink. And don't tell me that you knew for sure that you wouldn't drink it. You didn't even think about who you could hurt.

J.R.: But you did. That's why you chucked that drink yourself. You were trying to save me from throwing my life away again. Ever since I met you, every thing you've done for me is way more than I deserve.

Marissa: Yeah, you're right about that.

J.R.: I know that I'm never going to be able to make this right, but I'm gonna try, starting tonight.

Jake: What happened?

Amanda: I don't know.

Krystal: Well, he was crying. We didn't realize his fever was spiking.

Amanda: Is he going to be ok?

Dr. Hogate: Let's get him into Trauma 2.

Jake: Ok. Baby, I'll see you in a minute. Don't worry. Don't worry.

Amanda: Ok.

Jake: What's up, little man?

Amanda: Oh, my God. What have I done to my baby?

Jesse: So this ex-con is scamming your female clientele, offering to help them work the slot machines. You should have  --

Ryan: I'm on it. I'll get you all the surveillance tapes that you need, ok?

Jesse: Thank you.

Ryan: Just when I thought I was done. men trying to prey on women for one day. Hayward.

Jesse: Who is he trying to make trouble for now, outside of my wife?

Ryan: Yeah, I heard he was back at the hospital.

Jesse: With a vengeance. Bought up controlling shares, and now he's promising to do everything in his power to make Angela walk.

Ryan: She's not gonna cave, is she?

Jesse: Not a chance.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, I wish every woman that Hayward messed with was a strong as Angie.

Jesse: Yeah, well Greenlee's not exactly chopped liver. I mean, he's met his match with that one.

Ryan: I'm talking about Madison North actually. The bastard tried to blackmail her into seducing me to keep me away from Greenlee.

Jesse: Blackmail her how?

Ryan: Over something that she did in the past.

Jesse: Any idea what this something was?

Ryan: I know it was something big enough to make Hayward's threat legitimate. I think maybe you might have an idea what it is.

Greenlee: I won't stay with someone who doesn't trust me. I mean, that was the strongest thing that we had. Trust.

David: All right. You know, for some reason you're not getting this. It's Ryan I don't trust.

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan stood right here and said clear as day that it was over between us. I heard him, didn't you?

David: [Chuckles] You're kidding, right? Do you really think Ryan's going to tell me how he really feels about you?

Greenlee: What about how I feel? Does that count for anything?

David: Yes. If I knew what that was.

Greenlee: [Sighs] Yes, it's true. There was a bond between me and Ryan, and it was very powerful, but it was also extremely painful. Love like that, you know, when you feel like you can't live without the other person, that doesn't make you happy. It rips you up inside. It makes you feel like it can kill you. Do you know what I'm talking about?

David: Yeah, yeah, I think I do.

Greenlee: As exciting as that was sometimes, it was also exhausting. It's something I don't want to be a part of anymore. I'm done being tortured. I want peace, contentment. The kind that comes with being with someone who genuinely cares about you. Someone who trusts you, even if they don't trust anyone else. That kind of love lasts. That's the kind of love I want. I thought you wanted that, too.

Marissa: No! I told you. I don't want to be in this house and definitely not this bedroom. God, for all I know, this is where you  --

J.R.: We didn't! I swear to God!

Marissa: Oh, well, that's reassuring.

J.R.: Look, all that matters right now is making you feel better. If anybody knows about taking care of someone after having a few too many, it's me.

Marissa: [Scoffs] What do you know about it? You're always the one being taken care of. I'm the one who's taken care of you. And how do you thank me for it? By lying to me over and over again about  -- about your drinking --

J.R.: Marissa --

Marissa: Cancer, Annie.

J.R.: Calm down.

Marissa: No, no! You need to hear this! Because it's gonna come back to you, every bad thing that you've ever done. And when it does, you need to know why. It's called payback, karmic payback. Everything that you put out there comes back to you in spades, do you understand?

J.R.: Trust me, I fully expect to get everything I deserve.

Krystal: Don't worry. Dr. Hogate has been Jenny and Kathy's pediatrician since the get go, and we just love him.

Amanda: What if something is really wrong? What if they can't get the fever down?

Krystal: You are working yourself into a panic.

Amanda: Maybe I am like her. Maybe that is why this happened.

Krystal: Like who?

Amanda: Oh, hey. It's really bad, isn't it?

Jake: No, no, no. Trevor's fine.

Dr. Hogate: Double ear infection, that's all.

Amanda: Oh, I should have checked on him as soon he started crying.

Jake: Honey, this is not your fault.

Krystal: Honey, this happens all the time.

Amanda: So he's really ok?

Dr. Hogate: Trevor may be a little sleepy, but that's to be expected. We gave him an antibiotic, and we're giving him fluids. We'd like to keep him overnight for observation.

Jake: Yeah, and that's just a precaution, ok?

Dr. Hogate: I don't see any reason why he can't be released tomorrow.

Jake: Ok. Thanks, Russ. Appreciate it.

Krystal: You see? I told you everything is gonna work out just fine.

Amanda: Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there.

Krystal: You would have taken care of business just like you did. Um, I'll let you two have some time, ok?

Jake: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Krystal: Sure.

Jake: You ok?

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, as long as Trevor's good, then I'm great.

Jake: What are you looking for?

Amanda: Trevor's T-Rex. You know he likes to sleep with it. Can you make sure you put that under his arm so he doesn't lose it?

Jake: Well, we'll both put it under his arm. Come on, we'll go and see him.

Amanda: Well, I don't want to wake him, so --

Jake: No, please don't do this, ok? Don't do this to yourself. It's not your fault.

Amanda: Do what?

Jake: You know what I'm saying. You're blaming yourself. It's not your fault.

Amanda: No. I'm fine. I'm just a little shaken up. That's all.

Jake: Well, that's normal for any mom. Come on. We'll go check on him. We'll go see him. Let's go.

Amanda: I actually want to check on my mom first.

Jake: You sure?

Amanda: Yeah. You -- you go.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: I'm -- I'm really fine, ok? You better get there because he's gonna wake up.

Jake: All right.

Amanda: Give it to him before he realizes it's gone.

Jake: Ok, I'll give it to him. Uh oh. I gotta go potty.

J.R.: I'll probably get my payback when Dr. Jones calls with the test results. And if the cancer is back --

Marissa: No, I don't want that. Don't get me wrong. I do want you to suffer, but only in a heart-wrenching, emotionally tortured kind of way. You know, I've actually wished upon you the kind of wicked heartache that stays with you for years at a time, but I don't want you to die.

J.R.: Look, because of you, I got a second chance at life and love, and I threw it away. And just when I should be celebrating taking my life back, everything is going away -- my father, I lost my position at Chandler, and most importantly, you. Marissa, I would undo everything if I could, but I can't -- because I don't want you staying with me out of pity. If the news is bad, I also don't want to go through it without you. Because I need you.

Marissa: You don't need anyone.

J.R.: If you really feel that way, then why did you take that drink? Because you wanted to save me. And more than anything right now, I want to try to save us. I want to show you just what you mean to me, be the man that -- that you deserve. Can you give me a chance to do that? Will you?

[Marissa falls asleep]

[Medical equipment beeping]

Amanda: Hey, Mom. It's me. Had a pretty big scare with Trevor today. I didn't want to believe what you told me before. But if it is true -- what if I am becoming like you? What if I can't care for my child without putting him at risk? If I love him so much that I end up killing him?

Ryan: Sorry about that.

Jesse: Never a dull moment, huh?

Ryan: Yeah. Look who's talking.

Jesse: So listen, you sort of left me hanging there. You didn't tell me what Hayward had on Madison.

Ryan: You should know that Madison really wanted this to be a secret. In fact, she went to great lengths to keep it a secret. And if Hayward stays away from her, she's actually got chance to move past it.

Jesse: If?

Ryan: Well, you know how Hayward is. He just loves to hold things over people.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Yeah.

Ryan: Excuse me for a second. Of course, it's one of my -- one of my dealers.

Jesse: Yeah. Listen, I got to go, too, all right, so --

Ryan: All right. Well, listen, Jesse. I didn't make a mistake, right? Telling you about the Madison/Hayward situation?

Jesse: No. As long as he's backed off, it'll all just go away.

David: What I want more than anything is for you to be happy. Nothing means as much to me as that.

Greenlee: Now that's what I'm talking about. A marriage where we have each other's backs, where we care about each other and we protect each other.

David: You will always have that from me.

Greenlee: And I do the same. But before I do, I want you to make me a promise.

David: Anything.

Greenlee: No more stunts like the one you pulled today with Madison. And I know your history, too, David, with Dixie and Krystal and Amanda, and I don't want any of that repeating itself with me. That means no more drugging, kidnapping, lying, or cheating. I want it to be different with me. I want you to be different.

David: I'm already different --

Greenlee: No -- I want trust and respect and honesty. And I don't want you to say one thing to appease me and then let your paranoia drive you to do another.

David: I won't --

Greenlee: Because if that happens, if you break that promise, I'll leave you. That's my promise to you. So -- what do you say? Will you give me your word to keep this marriage together?

David: Even if I did give you that promise, how can you trust me, knowing everything you know?

Greenlee: Because you put it out there.

David: What?

Greenlee: What you don't want.

David: Losing you.

Greenlee: And you won't, as long as you keep your word.

David: I give you this solemn promise -- I will never hurt you, ever again. [Sighs]

Randi: Hey! Nice surprise. You came to pick up some free perfume samples for my mother-in-law?

Jesse: Actually, I'm looking for Madison.

Randi: Oh, um, well, she's supposed to be here, but as usual, she's MIA, and I'm left to cover for her. Whoa, what's up?

Jesse: David Hayward has been sticking his nose into Henry North's death.

Randi: Who told you?

Jesse: I was talking -- wait a minute. You knew about this, and you didn't tell me?

Randi: I was hoping that Madison took care of it.

Jesse: Randi, Randi, Randi, the last thing this family needs is to have this whole mess dug up again.

Randi: I know, I know.

Jesse: Why didn't you come to me the minute, the second you found out David was digging?

Randi: Because I didn't want you to be mad at me.

Jesse: Oh!

Randi: I'm the reason that David even knows in the first place.

Jesse: Really? Randi, really?

Randi: I was mad at Madison. I started to blurt things out, but, Jesse, there was no way for me to know that David would be eavesdropping. I --

Jesse: You were mad? What did he hear?

Randi: That, I don't know. But look, Madison, she swore that no matter what, that she wouldn't take our family down with her.

Jesse: Sweetheart, the girl killed her husband. How far up on her priority list do you think a pinkie swear is?

Randi: I didn't want to tell someone that I messed up again.

Jesse: Oh, jeez. I, um, put my career on the line, my marriage on the line, my family.

Randi: I know. That's why I didn't want to tell you.

Jesse: I got to -- I got to find Hayward -- find out what he knows.

Krystal: Where is she?

J.R.: How did you know?

Krystal: Hank told me. The bartender at B.J.'s. The one who served you the scotch that my daughter drank.

J.R.: Yeah, well, she's not used to it. It went straight to her head.

Krystal: What the hell were you thinking ordering anything but seltzer in the first place?

J.R.: I wasn't going to drink it.

Krystal: Oh, no, no. My daughter took care of that.

J.R.: She was trying to save me from myself.

Krystal: Yeah, because she loves you, not that you deserve it.

J.R.: I know. I don't.

Krystal: Ok, just tell me where the hell she is, so I can just take her home.

J.R.: She's upstairs sleeping, and when she wakes up, I'll be here to take care of her.

Krystal: Ok, that's what it is. This was all just some kind of a ploy, so you could be the big hero and suck her back into this family!

J.R.: I don't want to lose her, but I'm not taking advantage of her. I truly want to take care of her. I owe her that.

Krystal: Oh, yeah. Ha ha. Damn straight you owe her that, but it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than some kind of hangover cure and an aspirin to take care of that.

J.R.: I know that I hurt her really bad, but I never stopped loving her. And if she'll let me, I'll try to prove that to her for the rest of my life.

Jake: Honey, you're in here for such a long time. What's -- what is it? What's wrong?

Amanda: Nothing.

Jake: You got yourself all twisted up over what happened to Trevor. You didn't do anything wrong.

Amanda: Ok, you all keep saying that, but you don't know.

Jake: Oh, my gosh. She's still able to guilt you, and she's not even awake.

Amanda: You weren't there, Jake. Trevor was burning up. He was crying, and I just froze.

Jake: Well, you were scared. Anybody would be scared. That's what happens.

Amanda: You're right, I was scared. I was scared that if I -- if I went over to him, that I might hurt him.

Jake: Why are you doing this to yourself?

[Hospital equipment beeping]

Jake: All right, what did she say to you? Look at me. Tell me what she said to you.

Amanda: That I was like her.

Jake: Well, she's wrong.

Amanda: But what if I'm changing? What if I become as bad for Trevor as she was for me?

Jake: Please don't do this to yourself. Please.

Amanda: I don't want anything to happen to our child. I love him! But if I become like her, Jake, you have to promise that you will protect him, that you will protect him from me. [Cries]

Jake: All right, all right, shh. Baby, please.

Amanda: Please.

David: Whatever this is, I don't say a word without my lawyer present.

Jesse: You can cool your jets, hotshot. For a change, you're not the one on the hot seat, this time.

David: Well, in that case, I'm busy.

Jesse: Yeah, you look really swamped to me.

David: Do you have a warrant?

Jesse: I heard some noise about a possible police matter involving Madison North.

David: What does that have to do with me?

Jesse: Word on the street is that you've been pressuring her into going after Ryan Lavery.

David: Really? And what street was that on, Jesse?

Jesse: So it's true?

David: Madison works for my wife. I heard some disturbing things about her. I thought I'd check them out.

Jesse: And what did you find?

David: It's really not important. Why does this matter to you?

Jesse: Hmm. You've got a reputation of really screwing up decent women. Just wanted to make sure you hadn't found another victim.

David: You mean like your daughter-in-law? Ha ha. It's all right. You can relax. I stopped digging before I found a connection between Randi and Madison's past. Also, I have a lot more important things to deal with right now, like trying to get the hospital back on track after months of gross mismanagement.

Jesse: Gross mismanagement?

David: Yeah.

Jesse: Yeah, ok.

David: Yeah, word.

Jesse: Yeah. Your word, yeah.

David: But let me give you some advice. Before you come barging in here, digging into my business, you might want to think about your wife. You do realize as primary owner of the hospital, Angie's future rests soundly in my hands.

Jesse: We'll see about that.

David: Right.

Jesse: Good luck with this one. Holding on to your new bride.

[Door closes]

Madison: I have good news.

Randi: Well, at least someone does.

Madison: The threat to the Hubbard family is gone.

Randi: What? Are you sure?

Madison: Positive.

Randi: How?

Madison: Don't worry. I told you I wouldn't bring you down with me.

Randi: Maybe you should.

Madison: What do you mean?

Randi: Look, it's my fault all of this is happening, anyway. If I hadn't been constantly attacking you about Henry's murder, then David would have never have caught on, and if I didn't hit Henry --

Madison: Look, I really don't want to talk about it.

Randi: All I'm saying is, if I had hit Henry a little harder, I could have been the one who killed him.

Madison: None of that matters anymore.

Randi: Right. Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for constantly throwing it in your face every chance I got.

Madison: Forget it.

[Elevator door opens]

Greenlee: Would you excuse us for a second?

Randi: Sure.

Greenlee: I owe you an apology.

Madison: You didn't do anything.

Greenlee: My husband did. The fact that you work for me I'm sure made it harder to say no to him. But he's promised me he's going to let the whole thing drop.

Madison: Well, that's a relief. I need you to approve these seating charts for the gala.

Greenlee: So, how would David even make you consider seducing Ryan?

Madison: Um, I was having some financial problems, and he made me think that he was taking care of it so I'd be indebted to him.

Greenlee: Uh-huh. Again, I'm sorry.

Madison: You might not be when you hear what I'm about to say. Remember how I told you I would quit my job at the casino? I didn't.

Greenlee: I see.

Madison: I had to be near Ryan in order to carry out David's plan, but the other reason that I lied about the job was that I really am having financial problems, and I need both incomes. But if you want to fire me, I understand.

Greenlee: I'll talk to Ryan and see if we can work something out with your hours when I get a minute.

Madison: You mean it?

Greenlee: If I'm gonna be ready for this launch date, I can't do it without your help.

Madison: Oh -- you and Ryan are the best employers anyone could ask for.

Greenlee: This all looks great. Can you get it to the caterer?

Madison: Of course.

A.J.: Daddy, I saw Mommy Marissa sleeping upstairs! Does that mean she's back to stay?

J.R.: No, buddy.

A.J.: Well, then why is she in your room?

J.R.: I wanted her here. She wasn't feeling very well, so I wanted to take care of her.

A.J.: Well, then why don't you make our favorite blueberry waffles? Then she won't ever want to leave.

J.R.: I'll do whatever she wants.

Jake: You know, before your mother showed up, you never had a single doubt in your mind that you would be a great mom.

Amanda: But what if I wake up tomorrow, and I'm different?

Jake: No. You know -- yes, you're a little OCD when it comes to keeping the nursery germ free, but that's where your neurosis ends, right there. Honey, come here. Come here, come here, come here. Listen to me. Look at me. You are not your mother. You are not her.

Amanda: But I could be. She said that I could --

Jake: It doesn't matter what she said. She said whatever she said because she was desperate. She doesn't want to lose you. And whatever she said, I wish you would have said this to me. I wish you would have told me about it.

Amanda: Well, I didn't want to believe it.

Jake: Well, you are believing it. That's the thing. Just -- if you don't want to believe it, then don't, ok? We'll fight this fear. It's an irrational fear based on the rants of a very ill woman.

Amanda: You're probably right.

Jake: I am right, and I have somebody that can help you.

Amanda: No, Jake, I don't want to talk to a shrink.

Jake: It's nobody like that. It's just somebody that's gonna help you shake the doubt. Ok? Trust me? Yes?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

[Telephone rings]

J.R.: Chandler residence. No, no. It's not too late. I was expecting a phone call. I assume you have the results. No way. I was just feeling off lately, and I was sure that the cancer had come back. Yes, yes! I'm very relieved. Thank you, Dr. Jones.

[Door closes]

Amanda: Oh, he's awake.

Jake: Yes. 'Cause he's waiting for his mom. Nothing's better than seeing your mom's face when you're just waking up, right? Look at him. He looks fine. He looks fantastic. Look at that. You want Mommy, don't you? Oh, 'cause Mommy's the best. Who gives better hugs than Mommy? Nobody does. Come on, honey.

Amanda: I can't, Jake.

Jake: Of course, you can. I'm right here, honey. I'm right here. This little guy needs you just as much as you need him.

Amanda: Come here, honey. Come here. Mommy loves you so much.

[In his imagination, Greenlee hugs David]

David: What was that for?

Greenlee: For being the best husband in the world. Oh, when I think about all the time I wasted kicking and screaming that I didn't want to get hurt --

David: I will never hurt you.

Greenlee: I know you won't. You proved without a doubt that you love me with all your heart.

David: And I do.

Greenlee: And I love you.

[David and Greenlee kiss and laugh]

Madison: Ahem. Got a minute?

Ryan: Yeah, I do. You ok? Hayward come after you again?

Madison: No, no. God, no. I just -- I wanted to thank you again for standing up to him the way you did.

Ryan: Oh. Hey, yeah, you don't have to thank me.

Madison: Yeah, I do. Not a lot of people have done that for me. It's nice to know that someone cares.

Ryan: Of course, I care. Well, I better get back to the books here, so --

Madison: Oh, I forgot. I also wanted to tell you that I told Greenlee about us -- I mean, about me working for you.

Ryan: Great. How did she take it?

Madison: Pretty well. She said the two of you would have to work out my hours, but she's cool with me doing both.

Ryan: That is great news.

Madison: Yeah, it's great. It's great. And I owe a lot to you, too.

[Madison hugs Ryan as Greenlee walks in]

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