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Erica: Since we're gonna be launching just one new line, mine, we are gonna have so many more options for layout and presentation. We're gonna love this.

Greenlee: Hmm. Brava, Erica. Your double-cross with the Brazilians was a particularly impressive move.

Erica: You mean after your botched attempt to double-cross me? Thank you. I thought so.

Greenlee: You won this round, I'll give you that, but I'll never give you Fusion.

Ryan: Your new boyfriend? That's who did this to you?

Madison: No.

Ryan: Don't you cover for him, because I will drag his ass in jail so quickly --

Madison: No, Ryan! I can't do this to you.

Ryan: You can't do what to me? Madison, you're the one being hurt here.

Madison: But I'm not. At least, not the way you think.

Ryan: There's people that can help you.

Madison: No, I don't need help. Psychiatric help maybe, but not for abuse.

Ryan: Madison, what are you talking about? Your face -- what do you call that?

Madison: It's fake. Fake.

Ryan: Ok, I don't understand. What's going on here? Why would you want me to think that your boyfriend is beating you up?

Madison: He's not my boyfriend. And I am not the one who wants you to think that. David Hayward is.

David: It's perfect. I'd like it outside my office by the end of the day.

Marissa: Oh, thank you. Thanks. I don't know why I left it here. My head is just somewhere else. Ohh.

David: Hi. One of those days?

Marissa: Yeah, I guess so. I should go.

David: Wait, Marissa. Are you ok?

Marissa: No, I'm not.

David: I'm sorry. Is it --

Marissa: J.R.? Oh, God, I'm just so angry at him, but I don't want him to die.

Doctor: Mentioned feeling lethargic?

J.R.: Last few days, zero energy.

Doctor: How are things at home? Any stress?

J.R.: Uh, no. Everything's fine.

Amanda: You have to wake up. You have to wake up and take it all back. I am my own person. I am not you. I will never be you. Trevor is going to grow up to be normal and happy with two sane parents that love him and allow him to be whoever he wants to be, do what he wants. How could you do this to me? I want to look at my son and feel love, not fear. Come on, wake up. Open your eyes and tell me that you were wrong.

Jake: How are you girls doing in here?

Amanda: The same. Isn't there something you can give her to wake her up?

Jake: Well, we've done everything we can. It's up to your mom now.

Amanda: I hate waiting.

Jake: I know. I have an idea, though. Why don't we get out of here? We go home, we watch some telenovelas. We can watch them all night long because they rerun them on cable, with the little nugget -- just the three of us. What do you say?

Amanda: I would love to, but you just started your shift.

Jake: It's a quiet night. I'll get someone to cover for me.

Amanda: You're sweet, but I'm fine.

Jake: You sure?

Amanda: Yeah. You know, I'm gonna go pick up Trevor and, I don't know, maybe we'll go to the park or something.

Jake: Yeah, because, you know, you at least have 2, 2 1/2 hours left of light.

Amanda: It'll be fun.

Jake: Yeah. Oh, and if you do the slide thing and he goes down, just make the "woosh" sound for him, because he goes crazy for that.

Amanda: I love you.

Jake: I love you, too. Listen to me. Everything's gonna be fine. Ok? It's gonna be fine.

Amanda: Just watch after her. Ok? She has to wake up. She has to.

Doctor: I know it isn't easy. This is an important checkup.

J.R.: It's a little nerve-racking. I'm not gonna lie.

Doctor: Except for the lethargy you described, which could be caused by any number of things, you look good, J.R.

J.R.: Thanks.

Doctor: As soon as we have your platelet count and other markers, we'll know definitively where we stand.

J.R.: Until then, just try to keep my mind off it?

Doctor: Bingo. Take your wife to dinner and a movie.

J.R.: Hmm.

Marissa: It's his first checkup after the transplant, and he's obviously so worried that the cancer's come back. I mean, so am I. But I'm just so angry at him still. You know, to feel angry and worried and to care all at the same time?

David: Tell me how I can help.

Marissa: You can undo the last three weeks of my life.

David: You have to know I would if I could. Listen, I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't have gone off on J.R. like that. It's just there's so much history there. Remembering what he did to Babe --

Marissa: Ok, David --

David: No, I know. You're not Babe, and I am not trying to control your life, I promise. But, Marissa, come on. I can't just stand by and watch you being hurt. I hate that.

Marissa: Well, it's not like I've never lost people that I love. You know, I handled it then, I can handle it now.

David: Well, you shouldn't have to -- at least, not alone. Look, can I take you out to dinner? I promise I won't even mention J.R.'s name.

Marissa: I'm sorry, I can't. I have a study session to get to.

David: Oh. Ok. Maybe some other time.

Marissa: But thanks.

Erica: Oh, they're from David.

Greenlee: I can read.

Randi: Ok, I've got to go do something.

Greenlee: Sorry to disappoint, Erica, but I'm not about to disappear under some rock.

Erica: No, I didn't think so. So, then, what desperate, last-ditch effort to hold on to Fusion do you plan to spring on me next time?

Greenlee: If I told you, that would ruin the surprise.

Erica: Nothing you could do could surprise me anymore.

Greenlee: I wouldn't count on that.

Erica: You're out of time, Greenlee. That dirty little deal you made down in Rio is worthless. And without it, you don't have a cosmetics line. Huh. What to do? Ah, what to do?

Greenlee: Don't worry. I'll think of something.

Erica: Well, I have a suggestion --

Greenlee: Shocker.

Erica: Time to admit defeat.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. Have you met me? I don't do defeat.

Erica: Oh, really? Even with extenuating circumstances?

Greenlee: Would you just say what you mean? This is exhausting.

Erica: Yeah, I understand. You might be pregnant.

Greenlee: Oh, right. Right. Thank you, by the way, for telling my dad. That was so considerate, and definitely your place.

Erica: I thought you and your dad were so close. You mean, you didn't want him to know?

Greenlee: Well, you can cancel the shower invitations. This oven is bun-free.

Erica: Oh. Well, that must be a relief. Or is it?

Greenlee: The only baby I'm focused on right now is Fusion.

Erica: Well, the last time you focused on this baby, the last time you lost this baby, you foolishly attempted to destroy Fusion. So don't even think about going there.

Greenlee: I would never dream of bringing down Fusion. You, on the other hand? Watch your back.

Madison: I am so sorry.

Ryan: What does Hayward want from me, and why would he use you to get it?

Madison: David wanted me to distract you.

Ryan: Distract me?

Madison: Romantically.

Ryan: He wanted you to get me to fall for you?

Madison: He thought that if you were focused on someone else --

Ryan: That it would keep me away from Greenlee. Are you kidding me? How many times does the guy have to hear it? We're done! It's over!

Madison: I told him that. He wouldn't listen. You have every right to hate me.

Ryan: I don't hate you, Madison. I don't hate you. I know Hayward, and I know what he's capable of, and I know how he gets people, especially women, to do things they wouldn't normally do. You know? But -- wait a minute. He's got to have something on you.

Madison: Well, I wouldn't mess with you just for fun, Ryan, not after everything that you've done for me.

Ryan: What is it? What is he blackmailing you with?

Madison: I can't tell you that.

Ryan: Yes, you can. You can tell me. You can trust me, ok? Madison, I will help you.

Madison: I am not the only one involved. There are other people, good people, and I have already hurt them enough.

Greenlee: How much do you love me?

Jack: Well, that's a dangerous question -- from any woman.

Greenlee: I'm not "any woman," I'm your daughter. So let's have it. How much?

Jack: Heh heh. The love I have for you is limitless. You know that.

Greenlee: But?

Jack: But I'm not gonna help you sabotage Erica.

Greenlee: Even though she sabotaged me first?

Jack: Even though.

Greenlee: I'm about to lose Fusion. You get that, right?

Jack: I get that. And you get that I wish there was something I could do.

Greenlee: There is.

Jack: Something besides that, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Ohh, please, Daddy?

Jack: "Daddy"? Really?

Greenlee: I'm desperate. What can I say?

Jack: I thought we already had this conversation. Do I hate what Erica did to you? Yes, I do.

Greenlee: Ok. Then let's use that hate, we couple it with mine -- sky's the limit.

Jack: I know I'm going to regret this, but let me go ahead and ask just for curiosity's sake. Should I become involved in this insanity -- which I will not -- what, exactly, would you have me do?

Greenlee: Get Erica out of town. Take her to L.A., Paris, the moon -- I really don't care. Just get her out of my way for 24 hours. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Madison: I am so, so sorry.

Ryan: I know you are, and you said that already.

Madison: It doesn't feel like enough. I know you might not believe this, but it killed me to go along with David's plan. God, you've been beyond generous with me.

Ryan: All right, let's not go overboard here, ok?

Madison: I'm not. Hey, you took me to the Miranda Center when I had nowhere to go. You gave me a job and advice and friendship. You offered me a place to live. It was you, wasn't it?

Ryan: I don't know what you're talking about.

Madison: You paid the back rent that I owed, kept my landlord from hauling me to court.

Ryan: You needed a break, Madison. All I did, I just cut you one. That's it.

Madison: And how did I repay you?

Ryan: Hey --

[Madison sighs]

Ryan: You didn't go through with it, ok? You didn't, and that's what counts.

Madison: What counts is that I'm an idiot. I should've known it wasn't David.

Ryan: Wait a minute. He told you he bailed you out?

Madison: I assumed. But he went right along with it.

Ryan: Of course, he did. Typical.

Madison: I have to go.

Ryan: What do you mean, you have to go? Where are you going?

Madison: I don't know. Anywhere but here. I can't stay here. I have to leave town before David --

Ryan: No, don't let the -- don't let the son of a bitch run you out of town, ok, please?

Madison: You don't understand.

Ryan: I do understand. I do. I know. You're scared, but you don't have to be. I can help you.

Madison: Oh, it's so much more than that.

Ryan: Ok. Well, then whoever you're protecting, I will protect them.

Madison: I can't.

Ryan: Look, wherever you hide -- Madison, wherever you hide, there's nowhere that David Hayward can't find you, ok? You've got one option right now, one, and it's to stay here and to fight. And I'm telling you right now that I'm gonna fight with you, ok? But you got to tell me what you did.

Madison: I killed my husband. I saw Randi leaving Henry's hotel room. And when I went in there, for a second it looked like she had killed him. Later I found out the truth, which was that he had attacked her, and she hit him in self-defense. When he saw me, he asked for help. It wasn't really asking, it was more like begging. But when I thought of all the times that I had begged him to stop, begged him not to send me back to my father, begged him to keep his hands off me -- I didn't help him, Ryan. I hit him.

Ryan: And then what happened?

Madison: And then I sat back and waited for Randi to take the fall.

Ryan: But Randi was never accused of killing your husband.

Madison: No. No, it never went that far, thank God. Randi's family got involved. It's a long story. But the Hubbards didn't do anything wrong. And if David keeps nosing around this, he's gonna figure out that they were involved.

Ryan: Yeah, he will. And he's already got it out for Angie and Jesse. I mean, finding dirt on them would be like a dream come true for the guy.

Madison: Which is why I have to get lost. David will forget about me eventually.

Ryan: Ok, that's where you're wrong.

Madison: I know once I go, David's gonna try to find some other way to get at you, but it won't matter because you'll already know what he's up to.

Ryan: Madison, do you trust me?

Madison: Yeah.

Ryan: You don't have to leave town, because David is not gonna use you anymore. I won't let him.

Jake: Ohh, I want to understand, and I need to understand. I mean, we're like that, right? That's ingrained in us since we're children: We got to follow in our parents' footsteps. Hopefully, they're just marginally annoying. Hopefully, they're just marginally overprotective, and we can live with that. But what do you do when one of them is insane? I mean, seriously, clinically insane -- "stick your dead husband in a freezer" insane.

Frankie: Yeah, but, Jake, Amanda's nothing like her mother.

Jake: I know that.

Frankie: You think Amanda doesn't?

Jake: I think she's scared. I think she puts on a brave face for me and Trevor, but I think she's freaking out inside. I want to protect her. With this, I just -- I don't know. I don't know how.

Amanda: You gonna be a good boy for Mommy? That's what I thought. Hmm.

[Trevor cries]

Janet's voice: I am a part of you! I will always be a part of you, just like you are a part of Trevor forever and ever! And you love him just as fiercely as I love you because, like it or not, baby girl, you are your mother's daughter!

Erica: I told Jack I was sorry.

Opal: "Sorry"? That's it? You cut his daughter off at her teeny, weeny kneecaps. I would have a conniption if a friend did that to me.

Erica: Opal, first of all, business is business. And secondly, Greenlee is the one who played dirty in the first place.

Opal: Yeah, but you had to get right down there in the dirt with her?

Erica: No, I could never stoop as low as Greenlee. Look, I just intend to hold on to Fusion no matter what.

Opal: Even if it means letting go of you know who?

Erica: You see, this is exactly what I was talking about in the first place.

Opal: Well, you lost me.

Erica: Why I wanted to end things with Jack. He always chooses his daughter over me. And anyway -- anyway, I don't have any time in my life for romance. I need to focus on my career, and, sadly, that involves making some difficult choices.

Opal: Oh, that's hogwash. You had a million-and-one ways to power past Greenlee. But you chose your trusty old steamroller approach, and you smashed Jackson's heart like a pancake.

Jack: No, Greenlee, I am not going to whisk Erica away somewhere.

Greenlee: Why not?

Jack: Well, for one thing, we're kind of on the outs because of this whole deal. I mean, don't you think it would be a little obvious if all of a sudden I say, "Hey, let's go away for the weekend"?

Greenlee: With your incredible savvy and finesse? No way.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. Flattery is not gonna make me get involved in this insanity.

Greenlee: But you're already involved. Don't you see that? Until Erica's pointy beak is out of Fusion, you'll forever be in the middle.

Jack: Again I say to you, haven't we already had this discussion?

Greenlee: Maybe we should have it again. Erica losing this competition is best for everyone, especially you. I mean, come on, Dad, think about it. How nice would it be: You two out for dinner talking about -- I don't know -- politics, your next vacation, what you watched on TV last night? Not me or Fusion or how Erica and I want to rip each other's highlights out.

Jack: That would be nice.

Greenlee: So you'll do it?

Jack: No.

Greenlee: Hmm. I hope you don't look back and regret this.

[Doorbell rings]

David: What are you doing here? Did anyone see you?

Madison: Don't know. And I really don't care.

David: You don't care? Oh, you'll care when I tell the world your dirty little secret.

Madison: I'm out, David.

David: What do you mean, you're out?

Madison: You know exactly what I mean. Find someone else, because I'm not going through with it.

David: You know, that's pretty funny. You make it sound like you actually have a choice.

Ryan: As a matter of fact, she does.

David: I don't know what she's been telling you, but you got to know the woman is a pathological liar.

Ryan: I've been going over it in my head, and for the life of me I can't figure out what's more pathetic -- that you thought Madison could be blackmailed into seducing me or that you had to come up with this plan to begin with. What's happening? A little trouble in Paradise, Hayward?

David: No, no. Actually, everything is great between me and Greenlee. It's you that's the annoyance.

Ryan: Oh.

David: Boy. Heh heh. You've been pretty busy, huh? Well, I guess that's to be expected. I mean, anything to keep the sordid truth from coming out, right?

Madison: He knows.

Ryan: Yes, he does. So you can table the threats. Madison told me everything.

David: So you know that you're defending a cold-blooded killer?

Ryan: I'm defending another one of your victims, Hayward. I mean, you would do this. You would pimp her out for what? Why, exactly? Just to kind of keep me occupied?

David: Anything to keep you out of my wife's hair for good.

Ryan: Greenlee doesn't need me out of her hair. We're done!

David: What a bunch of garbage! Ok? Every time I turn around, you're there: Her escort, her friend, her sympathetic shoulder. I know, you've been telling everybody you let her go, but your grip has never been tighter. Let me tell you something. You can forget it. You've shattered her world how many times now? Well, I'll be damned if I let you do it again.

Erica: Opal, please don't try to make me feel guilty about this. An opportunity presented itself, and I took it. End of story.

Opal: Yeah, which is what it's gonna be for you and Jackson if you don't look out. Love doesn't come along that often, gal pal. Ok! For you, maybe more, but still. There is a man out there, a very special man who adores the stilettos you walk in. Now, are you gonna just let that go over some silly competition?

Erica: Opal, the competition is anything but silly.

Opal: But winning that competition isn't gonna keep you warm at night. It isn't gonna rub your feet or feed you bonbons or pinch your tushie when it's on his side of the bed.

Erica: Oh, opal. I didn't know Palmer fed you bonbons.

Opal: Well, only once. But I will never forget it. I just don't want you to look back and kick yourself, that's all.

Erica: How are you doing?

Opal: Well, I have my moments. I miss Palmer every single day.

Erica: I miss him, too.

Opal: I just can't believe that he's really gone. You know, I keep thinking I'll turn around and there he'll be, just as ornery and pigheaded as ever. I just wish I would've gotten a chance to tell him I love him just one last time.

Erica: He knew. He knew.

Opal: Maybe. Chances are ruing out, girlfriend, faster than we think. Now, don't you waste yours like I wasted mine. Jackson! Well, what are you doing here tonight?

Jack: I just came by in hopes of a quiet dinner.

Opal: Alone?

Jack: Doesn't get more quiet than that. How are you holding up?

Opal: Well, with good friends like the two of you, I'm ok. You enjoy your quiet, or not.

Erica: Are you leaving?

Opal: Yeah. I got a hot date with a bowl of popcorn and a remote. Tootles.

Erica: Well -- that's Opal: Subtle as ever. How did it go with Greenlee?

Jack: How the hell do you think it went?

Marissa: It's ok. Yeah, we can just meet when you're feeling better. Ok, get some rest. Bye.

[Music plays at B.J.'s while Marissa downs J.R.'s drink]

Marissa: Ohh!

J.R.: Why did you do that?

Marissa: Oh! So you wouldn't. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Frankie: You know, when I first met Randi, she was kind of in the same place Amanda is right now.

Jake: Was her mother stalking her on the internet?

Frankie: No. But, you know, her mother wasn't around. No family at all, unless you want to count her pimp.

Jake: Ah. I can't imagine how rough that must've been for you.

Frankie: Yep. Well, Randi was convinced that life pretty much sucked and that was it. She thought she was destined to live and die on the streets.

Jake: Now look at her. She's happy. She's married to a great guy. She's successful.

Frankie: Well, her fears were a big problem for us, and they almost kept us apart.

Jake: Yeah, but you were there for her, right? You got through to her.

Frankie: No, I didn't, I just hung in there, waited for her to realize that she was the one in charge.

Jake: Hmm. God, I hope that -- I hope that Amanda gets there.

Frankie: She will. Just be patient. And no matter what, let her know that you believe in her.

Amanda: Oh, hey. What are you doing here?

Krystal: Oh, I just came to check in. How are you?

Amanda: I'm doing ok. Really.

Krystal: Good. Good. Listen, I know how tough it's been on you all these years, you know, dealing with your mother.

Amanda: Well, my mom's sick, so there's nothing I can do but accept it, you know?

Krystal: Easier said than done, right?

Amanda: Not for me. So do you want a glass of wine or something?

Krystal: No, no. No, thank you.

[Trevor cries]

Krystal: Aren't you gonna check on Trevor?

Amanda: No.

J.R.: Better?

Marissa: I can't tell yet. What was that stuff?

J.R.: 160 proof scotch.

Marissa: Ohh.

J.R.: How about now?

Marissa: I think I'll be ok.

J.R.: I don't think you will in a minute. That was some pretty potent stuff.

Marissa: Yeah, you think?

J.R.: You know, I wasn't gonna drink it.

Marissa: Then why --

J.R.: Sometimes I just have to do that. I have to grab the bottle, stare it down, make sure I'm still the stronger one.

Marissa: Was it because of your appointment? Did you get bad news?

J.R.: No. I mean, not yet. I still have to wait for the blood work to come in.

Marissa: Oh, God. I just -- I saw you sitting here with that drink in your hand, and I assumed the worst.

J.R.: I'm sorry I scared you.

Marissa: "Sorry"-you've been saying that a lot lately.

J.R.: I know.

Marissa: I hate you.

Erica: And here I thought you'd be in wonderful spirits.

Jack: And why is that?

Erica: Well, didn't Greenlee tell you? She's not pregnant with David's baby.

Jack: That's none of your damn business.

Erica: Listen, did you see my note?

Jack: Yes, I did. Both words.

Erica: I was trying to be succinct.

Jack: "I'm sorry"-- that is succinct.

Erica: Well, I truly am, Jack.

Jack: What are you sorry for, though, Erica? I mean, are you sorry because you sandbagged Greenlee, or because you used me to do it, or are you just sorry you got caught?

Erica: Jack, let's not forget something. Let's just not forget that it was Greenlee who started this whole mess.

Jack: My daughter was just trying to level the playing field. All she wanted was a fair fight. But you don't do fair, do you?

Erica: "Fair"? What Greenlee did, sneaking around behind my back? That was illegal. Look, I know this is a dirty business, Jack, but --

Jack: Oh, "business." Don't hand me "business." This is as personal as it gets.

Erica: You know something? You happen to be right about that. It was personal. I took advantage of you, and for that, I am very sorry, truly sorry. But, Jack, please understand. I mean, the papers were just lying there on the desk, and I couldn't help myself.

Jack: A Pavlovian response.

Erica: Yes, actually. Yes. Thank you for understanding.

Jack: I don't understand, and I don't accept your apology. What you did, Erica, there's no excuse.

David: So go pound on your chest somewhere else, Lavery. I'm done.

Ryan: Really? That's too bad because I'm just getting started. You want to hear the best part about this plan that you concocted?

David: All right, go ahead. Knock yourself out. Enlighten me.

Ryan: It doesn't even make any sense.

David: Well, you've always been a little slow on the uptake, Lavery, so what part are you having trouble with?

Ryan: If I'm so madly in love with Greenlee, then why would I jump in bed with somebody else?

David: Because you're a sucker, Ryan. Always have been, always will be. And if I found somebody more competent, trustworthy perhaps --

Madison: Go to hell.

David: You would've fallen for it 100%.

Ryan: Is that right?

David: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. You know, it's sweet, really, in a sad, lame, predictable kind of way. You see a woman in trouble -- boom -- you're there. You're tripping all over yourself to get to her.

Ryan: Horrible quality to have, isn't it, trying to help people?

David: Yeah.

Ryan: And you think I'm slow on the uptake? Wow. I mean, you don't even realize that you have completely and totally wasted your time.

David: You see, I don't think so.

Ryan: I know you have. Because despite your delusions and your whacked-out conspiracy theories, there is nothing between Greenlee and me anymore. Done. History. She's yours, Hayward. Now, whether or not you deserve her, that's a whole other story.

Erica: I did what I did, Jack, to counteract Greenlee's dirty dealing. But I never meant to hurt you in the process.

Jack: Let me ask you a question. If you could take all this back, would you?

Erica: No, I would not. Let me ask you --

Jack: Then there's nothing left to say, is there?

Erica: No, I guess not.

Opal: Oh, did you see my -- well. Excuse me. Earring.

Jack: I'm guessing this is maybe yours?

Opal: Oh, thank you, Jackson.

Jack: You're welcome.

Opal: Thank you. Well, I guess she didn't apologize to you.

Jack: Oh, sure, sure. She apologized in her usual frustrating Erica-like way. Sit down, will you?

Opal: Well, maybe it is for the best.

Jack: And why is that?

Opal: Well, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, Jackson.

Jack: Ok, Opal, I know you're not calling Erica a sow's ear. Maybe a horse's a --

Opal: I'm saying you can't change the fundamental nature of things no matter how hard you try.

Jack: So what are you saying? I should just walk away?

Opal: Damn straight.

Jack: You know what, Opal? Maybe I would walk away -- if I didn't love that woman so damn much.

J.R.: You have every right to be angry.

Marissa: Oh, don't give me permission to feel. I will feel what I want to, when I want to.

J.R.: That's not what I meant.

[Marissa sighs]

J.R.: I know that you're not gonna have the same kind of trust in me. I was just hoping maybe we could --

Marissa: Stop it! Stop it! I didn't come here to have a heart-to-heart with you. Ok? I came here to meet a friend, and we were supposed to study, but she's sick. Everyone is sick. Why? Oh, God, I have to go.

J.R.: No, I don't think that's such a good idea. Hey -- oh!

Jake: Hey, it's me. I'm just checking on you and Trevor, see how it's going at the park, you know, and if T-man picked up any lady friends at the swing set, because that's where all the action is usually. He likes that. So call me. I love you. It's not like you to turn your phone off, so just call me. Love you.

Amanda: Trevor's been having trouble sleeping through the night.

[Trevor cries]

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. I know how that goes.

Amanda: His naps aren't any better, so, you know, we're trying the whole cry-it-out thing. Hopefully, you give him a few minutes, and he soothes himself back to sleep.

Krystal: Yeah, but, you know, it has been more than just a few minutes.

Amanda: I was just about to go check.

Krystal: Yeah.

[Trevor cries]

Amanda: Oh, my God, he's burning up.

Ryan: I mean, where do you even come up with this? Make Madison fake a black eye, fake that she's been abused, and considering her background? I mean, do you have any idea how hard that would be for her?

David: Look, why don't you cry her a river someplace else, all right? Just get the hell out of my house. And take the trash with you. Get out!

Ryan: I wonder what Greenlee will have to say about all this.

David: Of course. This must be your best day ever, right? I bet you can't wait to go running to Greenlee, tell her all the fine details.

Ryan: Oh, I won't have to.

[Greenlee stands in the doorway]

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