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Mugger: Give me your purse.

Annie: Oh, you got to be kidding me. Do you have any fricking idea what kind of day I've already had today?

Mugger: Hey!

Annie: Oh!

Mugger: No games. Now.

Annie: Get off me. No! No! Help! Somebody help me!

Mugger: Oh! You want to play games? Let's play.

J.R.: Oh.

[Doorbell rings]

J.R.: Go away.

[Doorbell rings]

J.R.: Marissa. Hi. Uh, this is great.

Marissa: I'm just here to see A.J. I promised him that I would stop by.

J.R.: Oh. Yeah, sure. Uh, maybe after you're done, you and I --

Marissa: I'm only here because I thought that you wouldn't be.

Tad: So -- what do you think? Madison North staying in our vacant rooms. Something tells me it's not because she's got a thing for little bottles of shampoo.

Ryan: Actually, you might not be that far off. I think she's desperate.

Randi: I've got some more blue if you want.

Madison: No. It looks good. Thank you.

Randi: You can thank me by telling me what the hell is going on. Why does whatever you're doing for David require you to look like you've been through 12 rounds?

Madison: I told you, I'll take care of this.

Randi: Look, I appreciate you wanting to protect me and my family, but you can't shut me out, Madison, not now. What does he want you to do?

Madison: It's horrible.

Randi: Yeah, obviously. I get that. You're an abuse victim asking for a fake bruise. You don't look comfortable with this. I'm not moving until you tell me.

Madison: The eye is my only way to get to Ryan. If Ryan falls for me, David will leave me alone, leave us all alone.

David: I thought you were gonna get some rest?

Greenlee: No, I'll rest when I win this damn Fusion competition, and I'm back on top.

David: Yeah, well, winning is certainly the goal, but I thought you would at least want to --

Greenlee: What? That I'd what, stare at the stick a little more? The pregnancy test was negative. We can forget about it and move on.

Jackson: Vicki, I'm looking for the Fusion/Bahia papers, the ones that Greenlee dropped by earlier? Just before Erica came. Never mind. I think I just figured it out. Erica. Damn it!

Erica: And I think this is an excellent resolution for Bahia as well as Fusion. Business

Man: You drive a hard bargain.

Erica: Ha! Tell me something I don't know. Ha. Well, you have a wonderful trip back to Brazil. Ok, thank you again.

Annie: Let go of me!

Mugger: Give me the purse!

Annie: Piss off! Ow! Oh!

Scott: Go on, get the hell out of here. Go on!

Annie: No, no, no! My purse! My purse!

Scott: No! Hey, hey, hey! You're hurt. Ow!

Annie: You let him get away!

J.R.: If it makes you feel more comfortable, I can leave. I can run some errands. You and A.J. can have the place to yourself.

Marissa: No. I didn't think you'd be here because today's your appointment with Dr. Jones. Your 3-month checkup to see if you're cancer-free.

J.R.: Oh, that. [Scoffs]

Marissa: Yeah, that.

J.R.: Well, you know how busy doctors can be.

Marissa: She changed the appointment?

J.R.: You know, if you hurry, you might be able to catch A.J.'s new Disney video.

Marissa: You're going to blow it off, aren't you?

J.R.: I've got a full schedule.

Marissa: So make the time, J.R. This is your health, your life.

J.R.: My choice.

Marissa: Oh, what, so you're just not gonna go 'cause you just don't feel like it? God, after everything that everyone went though when you were sick, what the hell gives you the right?

Tad: Forgive me for saying it, boss, but it's kind of out of character for a woman as classy as Madison North to do something like this.

Ryan: Well, I know she's got debt. She's got her late husband's debt. That's why she's pulling two jobs right now.

Tad: Two jobs and she's playing Goldilocks?

Ryan: And the weird thing is when I found out she owed rent, I paid the landlord.

Tad: You paid? Well, it's -- I'm sorry, but this is a funny way of showing gratitude.

Ryan: Well, I never actually told her that I paid, so I guess she lost the apartment anyway, and now she's using these rooms 'cause she can't afford a new place.

Tad: Well, which is probably why she took the job in the first place. Ha ha! Well, I got to admit, the chick's got style. I mean, staying in a 4-star hotel beats a flophouse any day of the week. The question is, what do you want me to do about it?

Ryan: Well, I definitely know what it's like to hit a rough patch. You just got to make it through day by day till you get to the other side.

Tad: I've been there and done that. And I'm all for helping somebody out of a tough spot, but forgive me. I mean, under your roof is one thing, but she tries this out there anywhere else and she gets caught, she'll be in trouble.

Ryan: Don't worry. I'll handle it.

David: You know, what you said earlier about not wanting to have kids --

Greenlee: I haven't changed my mind in the last 20 minutes, and I'm not going to. I don't want to hurt you, but that little stick reading negative made this a very good day.

David: And I accept that.

Greenlee: Even though you'd like to have a child with me?

David: Yes, I would, but I promise no hints, no what ifs, no cooing at the babies in public. I would never push you to do something you don't want to do.

Greenlee: Thank you. David?

David: Yeah?

Greenlee: Me not wanting to have kids, does it make you feel like I'm less committed to this marriage?

David: My beautiful wife, I know you're committed to us.

Madison: David thinks that Ryan's going to steal Greenlee, and the only way to make that not happen is -- for someone to distract Ryan.

Randi: Seduce him. Basically prostitute yourself.

Madison: You know the crazy thing is? Ryan's moved on. He's not even really that into Greenlee anymore.

Randi: The crazy thing is that you're even considering doing this.

Madison: What choice do I have?

Randi: So you play victim, Ryan comes to your rescue, you get him into bed?

Madison: Ryan's been so sweet to me. He's such a great guy. Just the thought of doing this to him, it makes me ill.

Randi: So then don't do it.

Madison: If I don't, then David will tell the police that I killed Henry, and we'll go to prison.

Randi: There has to be another way.

Madison: No. David's not gonna win. I promise.

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Hello.

Ryan: Madison?

Madison: Hi, Ryan. How are you?

Ryan: Hey, I know you're on the clock at Fusion right now, but there's something I'd like to talk to you about. Any chance you're free to meet?

Madison: You want to meet now?

Randi: Don't do it.

Ryan: Yacht Club half an hour?

Madison: I'll see you there.

Randi: Huh.

Jackson: What a lovely surprise.

Erica: Ah! Oh, Jack. Hi.

Jackson: Hi. Gorgeous as usual.

Erica: Oh, thank you so much. Thank you.

Jackson: That's such a beautiful dress.

Erica: Thank you. Ah, thank you. I really need to go.

Jackson: You know, just looking at you reminds me why spring's my favorite season.

Erica: Oh. Well, I certainly would love to be able to spend part of this perfect spring day with you, but I'm sorry. I just -- I have to go. I have so much to do.

Jackson: The Fusion gala. That's getting close, isn't it?

Erica: Yes, it is, and I'm so busy.

Jackson: So how are things going at Fusion these days?

Erica: Oh, they're coming along.

Jackson: Hmm. We haven't had a chance to talk about things.

Erica: Well, I mean, you told me that you are not at liberty to discuss your daughter -- your client's business.

Jackson: See, that's what I love about you. Always thinking of others.

Erica: Well, thank you.

Jackson: Mm-hmm.

Erica: And I really do need to go now.

Jackson: You know, you seem very confident about beating Greenlee.

Erica: Look, I have a better product. That's all this is about.

Jackson: So it's about quality.

Erica: Yeah. So I have to go now. I have to go. I've got a lot to do. Why don't I stop by your office later.

Jackson: Well, sure, sure, you know, that'd be great. Maybe you might want to stop by and return this. How about I just save you the trouble?

Erica: All right, you caught me.

Jackson: Erica, you have no business with this.

Erica: Fusion business is my business.

Jackson: You stole it from my office.

Erica: I was going to return it to you.

Jackson: Look, I know you're desperate to beat Greenlee --

Erica: I am not desperate.

Jackson: And I know you would do anything to get the edge.

Erica: Jack, it was on your desk. It was out in the open.

Jackson: Well, I hope you enjoyed the read. It doesn't have a very happy ending for you, though, because once this contract is executed, Greenlee will be able to go ahead with her project launch as planned. Erica, what have you done?

Erica: Look, before I say anything to you, I want you to know -- that I'm sorry if you think that I was taking advantage of you. I really never meant to do -- if there had been --

Jackson: Let me repeat the question -- what have you done?

Erica: It's what Greenlee did. Greenlee flew off to Rio to renegotiate a contract without even consulting with her partner. She had no legal right to do that.

Jackson: Rights? You want to talk about rights? You have no right to steal this from my office.

Erica: That deal was made in bad faith. It was my responsibility to make the people of Bahia aware of that and to inform them that, of course, I would have no option but to sue them if they chose to proceed.

Jackson: You didn't.

Erica: I sure did. I just met with Bahia's counsel, and he's on his way back on a plane right now.

Jackson: So they're backing out of their deal with Greenlee.

Erica: It needed to be done.

Jackson: How could you do this?

Erica: Because it has become very, very clear to me that Greenlee is not fit to run Fusion, and this latest rush to do this under-the-table dirty deal, that just further proves that I'm right about --

Jackson: I mean, how could you do this to us? How could you betray me? What, I can't trust you alone in my office? Maybe I can't trust you at all.

Erica: And maybe you're overreacting. Where are you going?

Jackson: Well, where do you think? Maybe to warn Greenlee.

Erica: Well, maybe this is not a very good time.

Jackson: Oh, sure, of course. You wouldn't want me to tell her about this. You'd prefer she be blindsided.

Erica: Oh, you mean the way she blindsided me? No, Jack. Um, I think that there's something that you would like to know.

Jackson: Oh, no, no, no. I think I've learned everything I want to learn today. Good-bye.

Erica: No, Jack. Greenlee might be pregnant.

Greenlee: Well, it's a relief to at least have the whole baby thing settled.

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: We're going to have an amazing life. You're going to run Pine Valley Hospital. I'm going to be the head at Fusion again very, very soon, and we're going to rock this town just like I said we would. But we're not gonna be rocking anything if I don't get the finishing touches on this Fusion Natural launch and boot Erica out for good.

David: Oh, is there anything I can do to help? We are a team, right?

Greenlee: You're all I need.

David: Yeah, right. Till the next renegotiation comes along.

Greenlee: You know, Ryan just had to undo a deal that never should have been made in the first place. You're all I want.

[Greenlee kisses David's hand]

Greenlee: As long as you don't mind being called Mr. Fusion every once in a while.

David: Hmm. Well, I think I can handle it.

[Cell phone rings]

Greenlee: How is the greatest lawyer ever? Is it a done deal? Sure. Sure, you can come over. I'll see you soon.

Scott: How about here?

Annie: Ouch!

Scott: Ooh. Think you might have sprained it.

Annie: Oh, great. That's just great. That's great. Crippled and poor. You really couldn't have gotten that guy? One flying tackle, I'd have my purse back. Would it really have killed you to get a couple grass stains?

Scott: Crazy me. I saw the guy choking the life out of you, and I thought it was more important to get your purse back.

Annie: Who needs to breathe if I can't afford to eat? Oh --

Scott: Something tells me you're not about to go hungry.

Annie: Every dime I had was in that purse.

Scott: What, in cash?

Annie: Oh, you don't know. Adam had me evicted. Yeah, he had already cancelled my credit cards, but now I don't have a home, and I can't even afford to go to the Pine Cone Motel.

Scott: Adam really had you kicked out?

Annie: Yes. Me and my daughter. Do you think it ever occurred to Adam to think of the trauma that would cause Emma? Luckily Ryan agreed to take her in for a little while. I don't want Emma to have to deal with what I have to deal with, being penniless, on the street, not knowing where my next meal's coming from. What am I gonna do?

Scott: I don't know, sweetie. Collect your Oscar? Best supporting actress in her own drama?

Marissa: Now you're just going to take your health for granted? Not follow up? Not do everything you can to stay healthy?

J.R.: I'll make another appointment.

Marissa: Well, what the hell's wrong with this one? Oh, and please don't tell me that you're just so upset about us that you're just giving up. You know, you are a lot of things, J.R., but I've seen more than I wanted of what you're capable of, but being a quitter, sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself? It's not really your style.

J.R.: Skipping the checkup has nothing to do with self-pity.

Marissa: Then what the hell is it? What possible reason could you have?

J.R.: I've been feeling tired lately -- weak.

Marissa: Do you think the cancer's back?

J.R.: I don't know.

Marissa: So instead of finding out and doing something about it, you're just going to do nothing -- hope it goes away?

J.R.: If I am sick -- I know that you're angry right now, and you hate me -- but if there was ever a chance that we could get back together, I wouldn't want you to do it because you felt sorry for me because I was sick.

Scott: Ok, look, if you want to work up a poor Annie routine for whatever judge divorces you, by all means, but don't practice on me.

Annie: I confided in you.

Scott: Oh, yeah, sparing Emma a penniless life on the streets? You living in a dive motel? No, Annie, we both know you're more resourceful than that.

Annie: Ha! You -- I lost everything. I had an armed marshal physically escort me out of my own home.

Scott: Ha ha! Since when have you ever let a little thing like a man with a loaded gun scare you, huh? You just took on a mugger.

Annie: This isn't funny, Scott. I lost my home, and now you've lost all my money.

Scott: Oh, oh, oh, I lost all your money, huh? Well, I am so glad that you are alive to chew me out!

Annie: What? Hey, what? What? You're gonna leave me?

Scott: No, I am -- I'm taking you to the E.R. You got to get that ankle looked at. Come on.

Annie: No. I'm not going to the E.R. I'm fine. Ah!

Scott: No. Oh, ho ho! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Hey, hey, hey, let me help you!

Annie: Go away. Just leave me here.

Scott: What, alone, here? So that the squirrels can steal the acorns you foraged for dinner?

Annie: You're a jerk.

Scott: And you're a pain in the ass! That ankle, it's -- it needs to be wrapped up, so -- look, there's some bandages at the house, ok?

Annie: I can't go to the house. What if Adam finds out that --

Scott: Adam? Adam? Adam will not find out, all right? Now, we'll wrap your ankle, and then you will leave. And just maybe -- maybe you will stop yelling at me for letting that mugger get away with your purse. Deal?

Annie: Deal. Wh -- whoa! Ha! What are you doing? Ha!

Madison: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: I was kind of surprised you called. I could have just come in a little bit early for my shift.

Ryan: Yeah, well, um, I wanted to meet someplace other than the casino just in case you, um, you wanted to talk.

Madison: About what? Is something wrong?

Ryan: I know -- about the rooms. That you sneak a key card, and you sleep in an empty room, different room every night.

Madison: I'm sorry. If you want to fire me, I will understand.

Ryan: I don't want to fire you. Here. Just until you get back on your feet, a room for you on the house.

Madison: No, I couldn't.

Ryan: No. I want you to.

Madison: I wouldn't know how to pay you back.

Ryan: You just, you know, someday you'll do something nice for me. Ha ha. Or better yet, do something for somebody else, and we'll be even.

Madison: How can you be so kind to someone that you barely know?

Ryan: Madison, what is that?

Madison: What? It's nothing. What? Hey!

Ryan: Who hit you?

Greenlee: Who the hell does Erica think she is? So that's it? That's it? It's done? There's no recourse?

Jackson: Erica met with Bahia's attorney, and they agreed to nullify your contract with them.

Greenlee: Damn it!

Jackson: Look, Greenlee, I am -- I'm responsible for this. If I hadn't left that contract on my desk, Erica could never have done this to you. I am so, so sorry.

Greenlee: Grr!

Jackson: Please, don't you think you should take it a little easy?

Greenlee: God, there's got to be something that we can do. There's got to be some way out of this.

Jackson: I don't know what it would be. Bahia's not gonna move, because they're scared to death that Erica's gonna sue them.

Greenlee: Well, then you tell them that I'm gonna sue them for not honoring the agreement they made with me.

Jackson: That's not an option. Your contract was never finalized.

Greenlee: Because Erica stole the documents! She interfered in my business! I want her arrested!

Jackson: You can't have her arrested.

Greenlee: Well, then I'm gonna sue her on the grounds of torturous interference. I will take everything she has.

Jackson: Greenlee, please, sweetie, will you just calm down, please?

Greenlee: Oh --

Jackson: Have a seat. I don't want you to get excited about this. It's not good --

Greenlee: All this work I have to -- every amazing idea I've had, all of this work, and now it's dead.

Jackson: And again, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: But it's not so bad for you, right? I mean, you'll still get to celebrate with Erica.

Jackson: Now, look, look, let's -- let's be straight about this, ok? I am just as upset about this as you are.

J.R.: I know I don't have any right to talk about us getting back together, not now.

Marissa: Yeah, maybe not ever.

J.R.: I know, but it doesn't mean that I can't hope. Ever since you walked out, all I've done is hope for the day that you walk back in. If it makes a difference at all, my father had Annie evicted. She's gone for good.

Marissa: It doesn't change what happened.

J.R.: I know it doesn't.

Marissa: Just -- go to your appointment, ok?

J.R.: Look, if the day ever comes, and we do get back together, I want it to be because you love me -- because we believe in us and our future, not because you feel sorry for some sick guy.

Marissa: You think if the cancer has returned, I would just drop everything and come back?

J.R.: I don't want to find out.

Marissa: Do you think that you really might be sick again?

J.R.: Not a clue.

Marissa: So you'd just rather not know?

J.R.: Pretty much.

Marissa: Well, as long as we're being honest, you hurt me more than I have ever been hurt in my life, and a part of me can't imagine ever getting back together with you whether you're sick or not. So not keeping this appointment is selfish and unfair. A.J. deserves to have a father who takes care of himself, who makes the effort to stay alive.

J.R.: You're right. You're absolutely right. Ahem.

Marissa: If you are sick -- I don't know what I would do. But -- if I didn't come back, it wouldn't be because I didn't care. God, I didn't come back here to dredge all of this up again. I really just need to see A.J.

J.R.: What the hell are you doing here?

Scott: She's hurt.

J.R.: Like hell she is.

Scott: She was mugged.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, right.

Annie: I told you this was a bad idea.

Scott: Just let me wrap her ankle, ok, then we're out of here.

J.R.: My father had her evicted.

Scott: By one of the judges he plays golf with? Yeah, that will never hold up.

J.R.: It's in effect now.

Scott: Come on, 15 minutes, man. Show some decency, huh?

J.R.: My father might have put you in charge of Chandler Enterprises, but you are not in charge of this house. Hell, you're not even a real Chandler.

Scott: And the real Chandler in this room has done the family so much good.

J.R.: All right, that's it! Get out of my house!

Scott: It's not your house, J.R., and Annie's staying. I'm inviting her to move back in.

Erica: Flowers? How nice. For me?

David: Not quite. They're for Greenlee.

Erica: Oh. Then you two are expecting?

David: That's none of your business.

Erica: All right, I certainly understand that you'd like to keep that happy news to yourselves for a little while.

David: Greenlee's been working so hard lately, I thought I might brighten her day with a few flowers. I mean, after all, it looks like we're not gonna get to spend much time with each other, at least until we celebrate her taking over Fusion.

Erica: Oh.

David: "Oh"? What?

Erica: Well, I guess you just haven't spoken to Greenlee recently.

David: I spoke to her earlier today. Why?

Erica: Well, I'm sure she'll tell you all about it.

David: Did you pull something, Erica?

Erica: Did I pull something? What I did is I did you a favor. You and Greenlee, you are gonna have all that time together that you want. In fact, Greenlee's gonna have nothing but time.

Jackson: Please.

Greenlee: Just let me snap her in half.

Jackson: That won't get Fusion back.

Greenlee: Yeah, but I'll feel so much better. Ah! How can this be happening? I started Fusion! Fusion is my company. Now I could lose it?

Jackson: Babe, I know how important Fusion is to you, but, Greenlee, listen to me, it's not everything, ok? I mean, aren't there other important things in your life that you should be focusing on?

Greenlee: My marriage to a man you hate?

Jackson: Perhaps there's something else?

Greenlee: What?

Jackson: Ok, Erica told me about the pregnancy test.

Greenlee: What? Erica knows about the pregnancy test? How does she know about --

Jackson: And I know it's a sensitive subject --

Greenlee: She sticks her nose in every part of my business, even this!

Jackson: That aside, are you pregnant?

Greenlee: No, I'm not.

Jackson: Thank God. Because if you were pregnant --

Greenlee: With David's child?

Jackson: With any child, Greenlee, given your history --

Greenlee: It was a false alarm. Ok? Crisis is over.

Ryan: Madison, tell me what happened. Who hit you?

Madison: It's just a bruise.

Ryan: I have seen enough shiners in my day to know something like that doesn't just show up unless somebody actually puts it there.

Madison: No. I -- I wasn't paying attention. I walked into a door.

Ryan: Really? With a nasty left hook?

Madison: It was a door. This was great of you -- to want to help. But I don't need it. I'll be fine.

[When she walks away, Ryan picks up Madison's cell phone]

Scott: Ok.

Annie: Ah.

J.R.: Yeah, all in black and white. Stamps and signatures in the right places. You're incredible, you know that? Always working an angle. But I am surprised that Scott fell for your crud again.

Scott: Yeah, this bans Annie from the house, all right.

J.R.: Glad you can read.

Scott: Doesn't mention the gatehouse.

J.R.: You've got to be kidding me.

Scott: No. It was my father's, and now it's mine. So you and Adam can pay off all the judges that you want, but Annie is perfectly free to stay at the gatehouse as my guest.

J.R.: How naive are you? Annie's been playing you ever since she stuck her tongue down your throat.

Scott: She needs a place to stay, I have the room.

J.R.: Yeah, nice big bed, too.

Annie: Maybe Scott is just showing some basic human decency, kindness, things you know nothing about.

J.R.: I know enough about you, and whatever kind, decent thing Scott does, you'll repay the favor by sticking a knife in his back or -- tire iron.

Annie: You're hateful.

Scott: Ok, it's settled, then. I will move back in here, and Annie will stay in the gatehouse. And as long as the two of you stay on your own sides of the property, you never have to see each other. Everybody happy? Ok. Let's look at that ankle, come on. Ready?

Annie: Ah!

Scott: Ooh!

Annie: Ow, ow, ow!

Scott: It's already swelling.

Annie: Yeah.

Scott: Careful, careful, careful.

J.R.: Cynthia, it's J.R. I'm having some court orders sent over. It's regarding my father's wife. Have Legal take a look at it and get back to me just as soon as possible.

Marissa: What's wrong?

J.R.: Uh, just something I have to take care of.

Marissa: Or just another reason to miss your appointment?

J.R.: This can't wait.

Marissa: Yes, it can. You're gonna go to that checkup. I'm driving you there.

Jackson: I know this is none of my business, but as your father, I really hope you take all the steps necessary to make sure this does not happen again.

Greenlee: You're right, it's none of your business.

Jackson: It's not just the medical issues I'm concerned about, Greenlee. Look, whatever Hayward has done for you, you know what he's done to a lot of other people and to have a child with him --

Greenlee: You know, the only reason I get to listen to all this is because David risked a hell of a lot to save me. When are you going to accept that?

Jackson: I do! He did, ok? But that doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your life putting yourself through hell to say thank you!

Greenlee: That's it. This conversation's over.

Jackson: Oh, hey, you know what? You're a lot more like Erica than you think.

Greenlee: Wait. I can't just give up on Fusion. I need your help.

Erica: Since Bahia Cosmetics has backed out of the deal that Greenlee strong-armed them into -- illegally, I might add -- it seems that Greenlee no longer has the rights to her packaging design for Fusion Natural. So kind of hard to launch a product without packaging.

David: Ahh, so she's out, and you think you win?

Erica: I think maybe you should go home and hold her hand and offer her some sympathy and some suggestions as to another option that she should choose for her future, and please, take the flowers with you. That would be a really nice touch.

David: Erica, you crack me up. Do you honestly believe Greenlee's just gonna curl up and cry over this?

Erica: No. I think she's gonna yell and scream and call me a bunch of names, and then she's gonna realize that there is nothing more she can do.

David: There's always something more she can do. Greenlee doesn't give up, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to help her.

Erica: Well, I would expect nothing less. But sometimes, sometimes it's really smart to just plain admit that all the bluster and the swagger and the threats just won't get you what you want.

Ryan: You, uh, you forgot this. Uh -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I really was just trying to help. That's all.

Madison: I know. It's just -- you're so good.

Ryan: I'm really not -- that good. I just -- I just saw a friend in trouble. Can I just sit down, please?

Madison: I'm the last person you should be involved with.

Ryan: Really? Does that have something to do with that eye of yours? Who hit you?

Madison: I let myself get involved with the wrong man.

Ryan: Your new boyfriend? That's who did this to you?

Madison: No.

Ryan: Don't you cover for him 'cause I will drag his ass in jail so quickly. Let's get --

Madison: No, Ryan! I can't do this to you.

[David gets into Fusion's elevator]

Randi: These papers need to be signed.

Erica: Poor David. He just got a little bad news about his wife.

Randi: What kind of bad news?

Erica: Well, let's just say that we are gonna have a lot to celebrate at the gala.

Jackson: Greenlee, I'm not concerned about you --

Greenlee: Don't worry! I won't touch her. I promise. I just have to figure out a way to get back on top. The best way to do that would be the element of surprise, something that Erica wouldn't see coming, because she'd be so distracted.

Jackson: By me?

Greenlee: Erica stole my contract off your desk. Please tell me you're angry enough at what she did to help me.

Jackson: I am damned angry about it, but look, getting back at Erica, I mean, taking a cheap shot, because she took a cheap shot is not the way to resolve this, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're on her side.

Jackson: No, I am not on her side. I -- quite honestly, I do hope that whatever Erica and I have going on works out.

Greenlee: That's great. Be Switzerland. But at some point, you're gonna have to make a choice, because this battle between Erica and me will always get between the two of you, and if she wins, it'll always be a problem for us.

Annie: J.R.'s gonna hate that we're still here.

Scott: Well, J.R. is gone, and it is only until the staff gets the gatehouse ready. You got that?

Annie: Yeah. Ow.

Scott: Sit, sit, sit. Rest that ankle. Ok. Ah. I'll have Lucretia make you something.

Annie: Scott -- thank you. Again. For everything. You really are my knight in shining armor.

Scott: The fact is is that you saved Uncle Adam's life. Now you've saved J.R.'s life. So despite everything that you have done, and you have done a hell of a lot, you deserve a break. I just have one request.

Annie: You name it.

Scott: Yeah, cut the "knight in shining armor" line. I gave you a place to stay. You're grateful. I get that. But don't try to work me, Annie. Don't try to butter me up because you think it's gonna help you with J.R. and Adam.

Annie: Ok. Promise.

Scott: I mean it, Annie. We keep this real -- or you really will be looking for a new place to live.

Marissa: Well, this is the room.

J.R.: Dr. Jones isn't here yet.

Marissa: Yeah, well, we're so late you're lucky she's still keeping the appointment.

J.R.: Thanks for not letting me blow it off.

Dr. Jones: J.R. and Marissa, how are you?

J.R.: That's what we're here to find out.

Dr. Jones: I was afraid you weren't going to show at all.

J.R.: My wife made sure that I didn't miss it.

Dr. Jones: We'll be doing a comprehensive check-up, but first I have some lifestyle questions -- eating, sleeping, exercise habits -- so you're welcome to stay for that. Shall we get started?

[Marissa leaves]

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