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Tad: You got here, and then here, 6 West.

Ryan: And then right there again.

Tad: Yep. Three times in three days. And the thing is it was a different clerk on the desk every single day.

Ryan: And you talked to everyone?

Tad: Yeah. They all swear that none of them was responsible for the cards in question.

Ryan: Well, somebody obviously did.

Tad: No doubt about it. Somebody is making keys to your hotel rooms.

Ryan: Any of the guests report thefts?

Tad: No. That's the thing -- they're all vacant. Whoever it is, is risking jail time for a place to sleep.

Madison: It doesn't matter what he wants from me. What matters is what he's holding over me.

Randi: Over us and Jesse.

Madison: I still have a way out for all of us, though. It's not a perfect solution. I'm not gonna lie, it is damn ugly, but I can handle it.

Randi: At least talk to Jesse about it.

Madison: Jesse doesn't need this on his plate, and he's already done more than enough to help me out of trouble.

Randi: Ok. Well, then let me bring Frankie into it.

Madison: No. I absolutely refuse to involve Jesse or Frankie in this. I can handle this on my own.

Randi: And how exactly are you gonna do that?

Madison: The less you know the better. But trust me, I will make this go away.

Randi: Madison, we are talking about David Hayward. No one just makes him go away.

Greenlee: I started feeling sick on the trip, ok? Since you and I had sex, the idea of being pregnant was a remote possibility, that's all.

David: And that wasn't something that you thought you should discuss with me?

Greenlee: I don't appreciate you accusing me of keeping secrets from you, not to mention, since when did you think it was ok to start rummaging through my luggage?

David: It fell out of your bag, Greenlee. This hasn't been opened. Does that mean there's still a chance that you might be pregnant?

Krystal: Hey. What's up?

Marissa: Well, I was thinking about our talk about my future, and you were right. I mean, I still have my whole career ahead of me. I've been completely neglecting my law studies.

Krystal: Well, after everything you've been through, who can blame you?

Marissa: Well, it's time to move on -- obviously J.R. did.

Krystal: You want to talk about it?

Marissa: No, no. I'm fine. J.R. and I are both grownups. We can manage on our own. He's got his big post-transplant checkup today, and I expect that he'll be fine -- and I will, too.

Krystal: Good. I'm glad. So what is the next step?

Marissa: You know, just focus on schoolwork, get my degree, pass the bar. No more distractions and no more excuses.

Krystal: I am really glad to see you so determined. But just remember while you are moving forward, you got to take time for yourself to heal.

Annie: Stay away from me. I swear to God, I will scream. I will call 911!

J.R.: You can cut the dramatics. I was just leaving. What's this all about?

Liza: I'm here as Adam's attorney. We have a court order.

J.R.: What does he want? Me stuffed and mounted on a wall?

Liza: No. He wants Annie out of his house, immediately.

Annie: I'm not leaving.

Liza: You don't have a choice. It's a court order. You have to vacate the premises in one hour, and anything you don't take with you will be packed and forwarded.

Annie: You have no right to do this.

Liza: And if you refuse or you put up a fight, our marshal here will escort you forcibly off the premises.

Annie: He can't do this. This is half my house.

Liza: But the judge doesn't see it that way.

Annie: "The judge"? You mean Adam's best golf buddy? This is so wrong, and you know it.

Liza: There's really nothing I can do, Annie. Just get yourself a really good lawyer.

Annie: Yeah, I had one, and she switched sides on me. If you think this is over, you are so, so wrong. I will be back, and you will be sorry. You will all be sorry.

[Door closes]

J.R.: So is this for real? Is she gone for good?

Liza: Maybe. She's right. The court order was issued by one of Adam's connections. A good lawyer could get it overturned. But for now --

J.R.: You know, it's funny. This is what I've been trying to do the entire time since Annie moved in. I've demolished my life because of it. Now that it's done -- do you think this is my father's shot to try to keep me away from Annie?

Liza: No, no. He's doing this to punish Annie. And the truth of the matter is, J.R., he hasn't spoken your name.

Marissa: And what exactly is that supposed to mean? "Take time to heal"? What? Like I'm some unhinged wounded bird or something?

Krystal: No, no. No. I just meant it as simply good advice. You know, people always say "take time for yourself."

Marissa: Like I can't handle the stress? Is that the implication?

Krystal: No, that is not the implication. Look, believe me, I know what heartache can do to a person, and you have a tendency to want to bury it deep inside, and that's not the best thing to do. It's the worst thing you can do. When you least expect it, it's gonna just jump out and eat you alive.

Marissa: Ok, thank you, thank you so much for all of the really good motherly advice on how to handle life crises. God, I don't know what I ever did without you all these years.

Krystal: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

Marissa: Look, I have been through tougher times than this, Krystal, ok, and I've made it just fine, thank you, on my own and without getting "eaten alive." So I will somehow muddle through this one, too.

Randi: Look, I don't know what David is trying to get you to do, but we cannot have him running around telling people that you were involved in your husband's murder.

Madison: Listen, you don't have to worry about this, ok? This is all on me.

Randi: You know, there was a time I would've agreed with you 100%. But we're talking about David here. He uses people, especially women, and then he just tosses them away. You don't have to let him treat you like that, not after everything you've been through. Please, just, Madison, talk to Jesse. He has the experience with keeping David in check.

Madison: I will not involve your family again. Yes, David wants something from me, something that I don't like. But I'm willing to do it. And once it's done, he will have no reason to keep after me.

Randi: Except for the fact that he's David Hayward.

Madison: No. He promised me. He said he would let it go, let me go. So please drop it? I'll handle it without pulling your family down again.

Tad: Well, I'll keep digging. Hopefully the security cameras can come up with something.

Ryan: Ok, I got a meeting over at the Yacht Club on some Cambias business, but after that, I'll be right back. Ok?

Tad: Ok. And I should have some news for you by the time you get back.

Ryan: Hey. Is something wrong? What is it? Emma?

Annie: No. Emma's fine. She's at school.

Ryan: What's going on? You look all frazzled.

Annie: Adam had me kicked out of the house. Ryan, I need your help.

Greenlee: Let's just drop this whole thing, all right? I'm not pregnant. It's just some crazy idea I had. Even Ryan agreed it was probably something I --

David: Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. So you've already discussed this with Ryan?

Greenlee: What? Is that jealousy? It happened while we were on a business trip together. I was feeling nauseas, Ryan asked if I was all right. The subject came up, end of story.

David: I think you should take the test.

Greenlee: I think you should take a chill pill for your overactive imagination.

David: All right, look, I realize the idea of being pregnant scares you --

Greenlee: "Scares me"? You have no idea what I went through before. You have no idea what it's like to lose a --

David: No, that is something I do know a bit about.

Greenlee: I can't go through that again, David, ever.

David: Greenlee, you have to know that I would do everything in my power to keep you safe and healthy. Now, I just found out that it won't be easy for me to have another child, so this could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Now, if you are pregnant, that's all the more reason to find out as soon as possible. There are all kinds of new treatments, no procedures, new drugs.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, listen to you. Don't you get it? I don't care about potential treatments. I don't want to have children.

Ryan: I certainly know how Adam can be vindictive if somebody crosses him.

Annie: Tell me about it.

Ryan: Is this some kind of scheme to get sympathy in divorce court, Annie?

Annie: You can call Liza if you want to, Ryan. I'm sure she'd be more than thrilled to give you a copy of the court order evicting me.

Ryan: But what are you gonna do? Where are you gonna stay?

Annie: I don't know right now.

Ryan: Look, you and Emma, you can stay here for a while. I'll get you a room, and you just kind of stay here at the hotel until you get back on your feet. Ok?

Annie: That's very nice, but it won't be necessary.

Ryan: What do you mean, it won't be necessary? Do you have a place to stay or not?

Annie: Well, no. But I think I need to do this by myself, on my own -- no favors, no asking any help.

Ryan: You are looking forward to divorce court, aren't you? Right? Because if you're not as down and out as possible, then a judge might not be as favorably inclined to help you out.

Annie: Ryan, I am going up against Adam Chandler. I can't take any chances.

Ryan: Ok. All right. Well, do you have a good lawyer?

Annie: Well, I did. I did, until Liza switched sides on me. I guess money does matter.

Ryan: I'll make some phone calls, ok? I definitely know some lawyers that can help out, who can work on contingency. Jackson would be great.

Annie: That kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ryan: And how's Emma dealing with all this?

Annie: Emma's fine at school. This just happened. She doesn't know about it. That's why I'm here: I was wondering if Emma could stay with you for a little while just until I get this all figured out.

Ryan: Yeah, of course, Emma can stay with me for a little while. I would love that. But can I just get you a room here for a couple days, at least, please? There's no way the courts would look down upon that at all.

Annie: No. I need as much ammunition as I can get. J.R. has made it very clear where he stands, and now Adam is with him. This is war.

J.R.: So -- obviously my father's moved on with his life. How's his health? Is he doing better?

Liza: Yeah, yeah. There's been no more health scares. Brooke is taking really good care of him.

J.R.: How's he doing otherwise? Is he ok?

Liza: Yeah. He's in a really good place. You know, he and Brooke -- they seem really happy. He wants this whole mess behind him.

J.R.: Who can blame him?

Liza: Now that he's figured out the division of his company, he just wants to move forward with his life.

J.R.: He hasn't said -- I mean, does he want to know about how we're doing, any of us?

Liza: He spoke with Colby. You know, they had a really nice talk. And he asked about A.J. and he wanted some pictures.

J.R.: But I don't exist? Yeah. Well, I know this whole thing ended badly. I did it because I love my father. Do you think he'll ever understand that?

Liza: I don't know. Maybe. Just gonna take some time.

Greenlee: Children is something that we've never discussed, and we need to -- that's painfully obvious. But not now when I'm jet-lagged, and you're feeling left out, and I'm ticked off over your knee-jerk reactions.

David: Hey, I'm not the one keeping secrets, sweetheart.

Greenlee: Ok, yes, you're right. I did, and I'm sorry. But I think you're still getting over the grief over losing Trevor, and I understand that. I can sympathize with that. But I just don't want it affecting my decisions about my life.

David: Our life. I thought that was the idea of us staying married, wasn't it?

Greenlee: You need to understand, here and now, that being married to me means there will be no more children, David. I mean, that's probably something that we should've talked about sooner, but we didn't, so that's the way it is. And if you can't accept that --

David: Ok. All right, you know something? You're right. You're right. This is definitely something we need to discuss, but at another time when we're not both feeling cornered. But for now, we need to know what we're dealing with.

Greenlee: I have a hundred other things to do. I'll see you later.

David: Greenlee, please take the test! We need to know where we stand here!

[Greenlee storms out of Wildwind]

Ryan: You got to be careful, ok? All right, the Chandler army is already coming down on you like this? You might want to just get out what you can while you can. Especially, you don't have the funds to fight back hard. Annie, you got to do that.

Annie: No. I refuse to just slink off into the shadows, Ryan, especially after what J.R. did to me.

[Ryan gets a wad of cash out of his wallet]

Ryan: Ok, I don't even want to know. You take this. Take this and find someplace safe to stay, ok? Annie, take this, please, and just don't worry about Emma. She's gonna be safe.

Annie: I know she will be. Thank you. Thank you, Ryan. And I'm really glad that we're able to put our differences aside for Emma's sake. Looks really found your niche here. You seem happy.

Ryan: Yeah, life is good.

Annie: Well, I'm happy for you, then. And I will pay you back.

David: So you know what you're gonna do now?

Madison: I already laid the groundwork.

David: Good. I'm happy to know where on the same page. Now, I just found out Ryan has a meeting at the Yacht Club. You're gonna meet a friend of mine. His name is Sebastian. He's gonna play along with you very convincingly. Now, I don't want to hear any excuses or whining about why this didn't work. You got that?

Madison: Yes, David. You're clear.

David: Good. You know, for a murderer, you're rather compliant.

[Doorbell rings]

David: Hey. What a nice surprise. Come on in, please. So how are you doing?

Marissa: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I've decided to go ahead and finish law school on time instead of pushing it past summer.

David: That's terrific.

Marissa: Yeah. And with a lot of hard work, I think I'll be able to graduate next month. So I just wanted to tell you that, and I also wanted to finish where we left things the last time I saw you.

David: You mean when your father stormed out like a rampaging bull at the mention of your rat husband's name?

Marissa: Yep, that is exactly what I mean. Look, I know that this is hard for you, but can you please just leave my situation with J.R. alone? I'm dealing with it. It's not pleasant, and it's no help to me if I have to manage your reactions, as well.

David: All right. All right. You come first. I will try to back off. Ok?

Marissa: Thank you.

David: But I am proud that you've decided to push ahead with your studies. Is it all right for me to tell you that I think that was a good move?

Marissa: Yeah. That's ok.

David: Good. So where are you staying?

Marissa: At Tad and Krystal's.

David: Really? Well, you do know that you're welcome to stay here with me and Greenlee. There's plenty of space.

Marissa: No, no, no. That's ok, thank you.

David: No, no, really. Really. It could help with your study habits. I mean, give you a place to concentrate, you know, no distractions. You don't have to worry about running into, you know --

Marissa: What? Krystal? Tad? The Martins? Or maybe J.R. if he happens to drop by? I thought you weren't going there.

David: All right. Look, just let me say this, ok? Just let me get it off my chest, and then I promise I won't say another word. Is that fair?

Marissa: Yes, that's all right.

David: Darling, you've escaped that man, and thank God. It was a close call, but now you're free. So whatever you do, do not look back, and do not give that bastard a second chance.

Marissa: This is hard enough without --

David: Of course, it is. But I know J.R. better than he knows himself, and I'm gonna tell you what he's gonna do. He's gonna come to you, and he's gonna try to suck you back in with apologies and promises, with emotional mea culpas. But I'm telling you right now it's all a bunch of lies. That man is gonna hurt you. That's all he's gonna do. He's gonna break your heart over and over and over again.

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Yes?

J.R.: You willing to talk to me at all?

Krystal: I'm not one to judge anyone. But I have to say you look like hell.

J.R.: Well, it's been a rough couple of days.

Krystal: What do you want?

J.R.: I know I made a mistake on a massive scale.

Krystal: You know what? I am not gonna argue with you on that one. [Scoffs] But I have to say that I really am sorry that you and Marissa ended this way.

J.R.: Yeah. It's killing me.

Krystal: We've been here before, haven't we, J.R.? You and Babe, me and Adam.

J.R.: I know. I made a mistake.

Krystal: No, you made a choice. You made a choice between two families, yours and Adam's!

J.R.: I know. Fair enough. But I need to know from you. So, please, just tell me? Does Marissa still love me?

Tad: Whoa. Don't do that. What the hell is this?

Liza: That is an absolutely wonderful school that I found. It specializes in young adults with learning disorders, and I thought you might want to consider it for Damon.

Tad: Nice campus, in New Hampshire.

Liza: It's the best in the country.

Tad: Nice try.

Liza: But wait a minute. This can help turn his life around.

Tad: Forget it. I'm not sending my son to some boarding school because you can't trust your daughter with him.

Liza: Hmm.

Ryan: Which is why Cambias is perfectly positioned for this move. We have the capital, we have the reserves that we need, and we have everything -- um, would you excuse me for a second? Great. Thanks.

Greenlee: Fancy meeting you here.

Ryan: Actually, I think I might've mentioned that I had a meeting here this morning, so I'm not sure it's a coincidence. What are you doing here? There's got to be a problem if you're here.

Greenlee: I just thought you should know that David found the pregnancy test in my luggage. We kind of got into a fight.

Ryan: You did? About what? About you and me in Rio?

Greenlee: In part. That, and the whole pregnancy thing.

Ryan: Wait. What doest that mean? Are you pregnant?

Greenlee: I don't know, Ryan. I honestly don't know. You know, it's just talking about it with David, even the slightest possibility of pregnancy, it brought back what you and I had put to rest in Rio.

Ryan: I guess "put to rest" is a relative term.

Greenlee: I just -- I had to get out of the house.

Ryan: Why?

Greenlee: You're right. Huh. That was ridiculous, wasn't it? I mean, I shouldn't even be involving you. It's just that you're the only person that knew that I might even be, you know --

Ryan: Hey, you can talk to me about anything, ok?

Greenlee: Yes, I know. I know, but I should be talking to my husband. So I'm sorry to bother you.

Madison: We'll wait until Ryan is finished with his meeting, then just follow my lead.

Marissa: I don't believe you. You cannot help yourself, can you? I come here to try to crack the door open between us, and, once again, two minutes after you swore you wouldn't, you're telling me how to run my life.

David: No, no, that's not at all what I'm trying to do. I know it sounds like that, but it's not. Look, Marissa, I'm not good with words when it comes to things like this. All I'm trying to say is that I know J.R. I've known him too long to ignore the signs. I mean, the man has left a trail of human wreckage everywhere he's been.

Marissa: Oh. Well, you are the last person to be warning me about people who wreck lives.

David: Ok. Point taken. I just think you should at least --

Marissa: What? Do as you say, not as you do?

David: You do realize I'm trying to help you here, right?

Marissa: Help does not mean control.

David: Yes, but, Marissa, when you love somebody, you want to do everything you can to make sure they don't get hurt.

Marissa: "Love"? I don't think that that's an emotion that you could properly understand.

David: Or maybe I understand it better than you think. I mean, honestly, look where it's gotten you.

Marissa: J.R. broke my heart. He destroyed our marriage. But I have a son now who I love. J.R. may be out of my life, but A.J. isn't.

David: Yeah, I'm sure J.R.'s gonna be very generous with letting you see his son. No, I'm sorry. Look, but I can tell you this from hard experience.

Marissa: Oh, my God, I don't know why I even bothered coming here! All you know how to do is attack. I'm gonna run my own life my own way, and you have to learn how to accept that.

Krystal: You broke Marissa's heart.

J.R.: I was trying to protect her. I was trying to protect the entire family. Annie is like this disease. I had to get her out of there before she destroyed everyone.

Krystal: So you kill the patient to save his life? That's real smart, J.R.

J.R.: I did what I felt I had to do.

Krystal: No, you know what you did? You did what your father always does. You obsessed with the whole concept of family. The Chandler kingdom trumps all. Look where it got you. You lost your wife and you lost your father, so how's that for protecting them?

J.R.: It got out of hand. I couldn't control it every step of the way, but my intentions -- they were good. I did open my father's eyes.

Krystal: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, you turned him against you for life. Huh. And you broke my daughter's heart, tore it out in the process.

J.R.: I never meant for that to happen.

Krystal: Well, it did. Of course, your dad's in a good place now. He's long gone. He's got a good woman by his side. But look at the path of destruction you left, J.R.

J.R.: I don't expect you to understand. I just want to know, has Marissa told you anything? Is there any hope at all? Does she love me at least a little bit?

Krystal: I can't answer that. Huh. I will tell you she's doing her best to move on. And she is hurting so badly she can hardly stand it.

J.R.: Well, at least that's not a flat-out no.

Krystal: How's A.J. handling this?

J.R.: Just like everyone else. He doesn't understand what's going on. But I do know that he'd like to see you.

Krystal: Well, that's a question you don't have to ask me twice. [Sighs] Take care of yourself, ok? I know this is -- I know this is tough on you, too. You don't look so good. You really should get some rest.

J.R.: Ok.

Liza: No, this has nothing to do with me trusting Colby or not. This has to do with Damon. That kid has a real problem.

Tad: Yeah, I know. It's called a manageable learning disorder.

Liza: No, I'm not talking about his ADHD. I'm talking about that big, fat chip on his shoulder. That boy needs help, and there's not a lot of options for someone like that.

Tad: No, but there is one: You show him a little understanding.

[Liza scoffs]

Tad: Why shouldn't you? I mean, look at me. I had a much bigger, fatter chip on my shoulder when I was his age, and I turned out pretty good. And you know why? Because of the Martins, because they took me in with all my crap, and they loved me in spite of it. They adopted me, they made me their son. They made me the man I am today. Why shouldn't he get the same chance? I don't have to send my kid away like he's something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, because you can't corral yours. There's a damn good human being there. I know because I've seen it. I felt it. All Damon needs is a little understanding and a little love, and guess what -- I'm gonna give it to him. So you take your little brochure and you do whatever you want with it. My boy's not going anywhere.

Annie: So, sweetie, you're going to have to stay with your daddy for a little while.

Emma: How long?

Annie: Um, just a little while. But I am going to call you every single day, and I am going to see you every possible chance I can get.

Emma: Are you in trouble again?

Annie: No. No, sweetie, I'm not in trouble. It's just that -- it's just that something's come up.

Emma: What about my stuffed animals? Can they stay with me at Daddy's, too?

Annie: Yes. Absolutely. I will make sure that they get delivered tonight, ok? I love you so much.

Emma: I love you, too, Mommy.

Annie: Ohh. Ok. Ok. Bye.

[After Emma leaves with the sitter, Annie sits on the park bench and cries]

Ryan: Thank you very much.

Man: Sure thing.

[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Ryan: Hey. Hello.

Madison: Hi, Ryan. This is Sebastian, the guy I was telling you about. Sebastian, Ryan.

Ryan: Hi. Great to meet you.

Sebastian: Likewise.

Madison: So what are you doing here?

Ryan: Oh, I just did a meeting, and then I bumped into Greenlee and -- yeah. Hey, try to salmon. It's fantastic.

Madison: Ok. Good. Good.

Ryan: Enjoy yourselves.

Madison: Ok, he saw your face -- that was the whole point of this exercise. I'm getting out of here.

Sebastian: What about the next step?

Madison: Are you offering your services?

Sebastian: Not my kind of thing. Hayward wanted me to be here for you, if you need my help.

Madison: I'll take care of the hard part. You've done your job.

David: Hey. Look, before you say anything, I just want to apologize. All right?

Greenlee: It's not necessary.

David: No, it is necessary. So let me just say this, ok? I'm sorry for forcing the whole pregnancy issue on you. It's your choice, your timing. You do it when you're ready. Ok? So I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Apology accepted.

David: Great.

Greenlee: I'll be right back. I'm going to take that test now.

Randi: So, what, this is just another version of the game "I can't tell you"?

Madison: No, no, no, this is actually related to the David problem.

Randi: So more lies?

Madison: If I told you, then you would just think I'm crazy for asking you what I am about to ask you.

Randi: I already think you're crazy, so just ask.

Madison: All you need to know is that this is going to help me put an end to all these complications -- to David's blackmail, to your family's involvement -- but I cannot tell you any more than that.

Randi: Then I can't agree to anything.

Madison: I don't know if you would agree even if I did tell you what --

Randi: Just stop! What do you want me to do?

J.R.: Ohh. Whew.

[Doorbell rings]

J.R.: Go away.


[J.R. sighs then answers the door to Marissa]

Annie: [Sighs] Ohh. Whew.

Mugger: Give me your purse.

Annie: Oh, you got to be kidding me. Do you have any freaking idea what kind of day I've already had today?

Mugger: Hey! No games. Now.

Annie: Get off me. No! No!


Greenlee: I'm not pregnant.

Tad: Hey, Ryan? Give me a sec.

Ryan: I got to get going.

Tad: No, no, no, you got to see this.

Ryan: How long is it gonna take?

Tad: Just watch, ok? Security camera got lucky. It caught your room thief: Whoever's using vacants to crash.

[Tad and Ryan see a blonde woman entering one of the casino's rooms]

David: So how'd it go today?

Madison: Ryan saw us at the Yacht Club. He thinks your man is the new love of my life.

David: Good. That'll make you immediately more desirable to Lavery.

Madison: I completed the next step, as well.

David: Excellent. How's it look? Convincing?

Madison: As real as it gets. [Sporting a black eye]

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