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Jake: [Exhales] You never fell asleep. Called the hospital, and your mom is still unconscious. She's the same. She's stable, at least.

Amanda: I thought she was dead, and for a minute there, I wanted her to be dead.

Tad: You know, I still can't believe J.R. cheated on Marissa. What was that boy thinking? They seemed so good together, you know, so happy. Then he turns around and risks everything just so he can show up Annie in front of Adam. Oh, there's got to be more to it than that.

Krystal: Oh, I wish I had an answer.

Tad: Yeah. So do I. Well, at least, you know, he owned up to it. He stepped up to the truth, you know, and that's something.

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: I can't get over the idea that somehow it was my fault, because I didn't step up for J.R.

Krystal: You were busy stepping up for Damon.

Tad: No. That's exactly what I mean, you know, and here we are, which means I blew it.

Krystal: You didn't blow anything, Tad. You did everything you could to protect Damon.

Tad: Yeah, at J.R.'s expense, and look. You know, Damon still got blindsided. Now he's out there again doing God only knows what, so what kind of a father does that make me, you know, and what the hell do I do now?

Krystal: You just have to be patient.

Tad: I don't know. I mean, maybe being patient is my problem. I mean, if Hillary just didn't have what it takes to step up and tell the boy that I'm his father, then he should've heard it from me, not Liza.

Krystal: Well, Liza did, you know, go way out of line there, way out.

Tad: I'll take care of her. Don't you worry about that. Right now, I got other things on my mind. There's nothing I can do for J.R. Damon is something else. I shudder to think what he's gonna come up with next.

[Saw buzzing]

Colby: What are you doing?

Damon: Taking this damn thing off. You want to give me a hand before I lose one of my own?

Randi: Hey, that was the printer. Invitations for the gala are ready to go.

Erica: Ah, and the press release?

Randi: Oh, waiting for your approval as well as the menu from the caterer.

Erica: Oh, and where are we on product presentation?

Randi: Just waiting on a decision, either multimedia introduction or something a little more hands-on where people could actually try on Fusion Glam.

Erica: Well, why not both?

Randi: We'd need samples, lots of samples.

Erica: Well, then get on it. Call Val. Incidentally, where is Greenlee? She hasn't been here in two days.

Randi: Madison said something about flying down to Brazil, last-minute trip with Ryan. You know anything about that?

Erica: It's Greenlee still being deluded enough to think that she can beat me.

Ryan: 10,000 miles in two days. That's got to be some kind of record.

Greenlee: Yeah. After a flight like that, I think I'd be ready to collapse, but I feel great.

Ryan: Really?

Greenlee: Definitely. I have these. Now that I don't have to worry about reworking all of my packaging for Fusion Natural, I'm back in the game with Erica, thanks to you.

Ryan: Well, you can always count on me.

David: Hey!

Greenlee: Hi.

David: I thought I heard a car drive up. Welcome home. Oh, um, thank you for whatever help you gave my wife.

Ryan: Any time.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Oh -- hello?

Erica: Are you still in Rio?

Ryan: Good morning, Erica. How are you today?

Erica: Oh, I'll be a lot better after you answer my question.

Ryan: I just got home from Brazil.

Erica: Well, since you spent the last two days with my competition, maybe you could spare a few minutes for me?

Ryan: Always.

Erica: B.J.'s, half an hour?

Ryan: Breakfast is on me.

David: So I take it your trip was a success.

Greenlee: Ooh, you know it, baby. I'm back in business.

David: Congratulations. So it's all set.

Greenlee: Yeah. I just have to go see my dad, make sure these papers get filed, and then I can kick Erica's scrawny, little butt out of Fusion.

David: Excellent. I've got some good news, too.

Greenlee: What?

David: You and I are now officially in charge of Pine Valley Hospital.

Greenlee: Ha!

David: Ha ha ha!

Greenlee: So that's it. We're big-time. We're like a real power couple.

David: Yeah. You got it, darling, and I couldn't have done it without you.

Greenlee: Oh, please. You did all the heavy lifting. I just wrote a check.

David: Oh, come on. What are you talking about? You did a lot more than that. You gave me unconditional support. That means the world to me. We're one damn good team.

Greenlee: Good? We're unbeatable.

David: Yeah. You're right. So, look. You must be exhausted after traveling from another hemisphere, so why don't you go up to bed, and I'll bring you some food?

Greenlee: Actually, I have to take a shower and get going.

David: What are you talking about? You need to get some rest.

Greenlee: I'm way too pumped to rest. I have to get these papers to my father.

David: All right, Greenlee. Don't push yourself.

Greenlee: Me? Never. Tonight we'll celebrate our victories.

Krystal: Look. Just give Damon time. He'll come around.

Tad: Really? I don't know why he should. I hid the truth from him for months.

Krystal: Yep.

Tad: I admit. You were right. What now? What if he never forgives me?

Krystal: If Marissa can forgive me after everything that we've been through, then I'm sure Damon will get past this.

Tad: Oh, no. Marissa is different. I mean, think about everything that Damon has had to go through -- the arrests, the court case, you know, the diagnosis -- and the entire time, I never said a word to him.

Krystal: Well, you wanted to.

Tad: Yeah, but I didn't. Now he's graduated to vandalizing liquor stores. I'm so proud.

Krystal: He's acting out because he's confused.

Tad: Yeah, confused and angry.

Krystal: All right. Listen. You have done nothing but good for that boy, even before you knew who he was. Come on. You gave him a job, you gave him a place to live. You kept him out of jail.

Tad: And now he's gone.

Krystal: He's just getting some distance, all right? That's what teenagers do when they're freaked out. They run away until they calm down or until they get hungry or run out of clean underwear.

[Tad laughs]

Krystal: I'm serious. Tad, listen. Once the shock wears off, he's gonna come back, and he's gonna realize what a fine man he has for a daddy.

Tad: I got to get to work.

Krystal: All right.

Damon: Oh, thank God. Oh, man, I was supposed to get that off tomorrow, but it itched so damn bad.

Colby: So bad you were willing to sacrifice your limb?

Damon: Hey, if it meant saving a trip to that stupid hospital, it'll be totally worth it.

Colby: I cannot believe you just let me do that. Hey, Damon, one little slip --

Damon: It's all right. I'd still have a spare. Anyway, I don't care. I trust you. Anyway, I'm grateful now because I can do that, huh? Waah!

Colby: Ha ha ha! You are such a pig.

Damon: I can't help it, man. There is food all over this place. Yesterday I turned around, and a plate of cookies just magically appeared in front of me. Cookies.

Colby: Well, Lucretia, she loves to spoil us.

Damon: Life with the Chandlers, man, pretty sweet. You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Colby: Why would you think that?

Damon: I mean, if you want me to crash someplace else, it's no problem.

Colby: No. Are you kidding? This house is, like, drama central right now. Besides, I need you here to keep me sane. Ha ha! So, how's everything with Tad?

Damon: I don't know. I can't stop thinking about what he did to my mom, you know? They hooked up, and then he just disappeared, left her with a kid. What?

Colby: Isn't that what you kind of did to Bailey?

Jake: You know, honey, what you're feeling is normal.

Amanda: Wanting my mother dead is normal?

Jake: Your mother is battling severe mental illness. That is difficult on anybody, especially the child of that person. It's normal to want that person out of your life.

Amanda: She's sick. It's not her fault. I'm supposed to love her. How could I have these thoughts? What's wrong with me?

Jake: There's nothing wrong with you. Honey, there's nothing wrong with you, nothing. Listen. This is a burden that you have had in your life, a burden that you've carried for way too long.

Amanda: Just the things she does, I just wish that --

Jake: You wish that it would stop. Who could blame you for that?

Amanda: I'm a terrible child.

Jake: You know what's terrible? What's terrible is, your mother killed your father. That's terrible -- the person that you loved more than anything in this world. It  -- I'm telling you, it's normal to want that person out of your life.

Amanda: Well, that's why I was there to see her, to end it for good, and I was saying good-bye when --

Jake: Hey, it's ok.

Amanda: When her eyes rolled back in her head, and she started shaking, it was like I made it happen on purpose, like I was out to hurt people and I did, just like her --

Jake: Oh, honey, stop.

Amanda: And you know what? There is this evil, crazy part of me that's just waiting to come out, you know, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Jake: You are a beautiful, sensitive, beautiful person. You would never hurt a soul.

Amanda: I already did. If my mother dies, I'll be the one who killed her.

Damon: That's really harsh.

Colby: No. I wasn't saying that.

Damon: Yeah, you were. You were calling me an irresponsible jerk.

Colby: I was just saying that both you and Tad have had kids come along you weren't planning on. Since you've been through it, too, I thought maybe you would understand where he's coming from.

Damon: No. Tad slept with my mom and then forgot about her. Maybe I didn't step up right away with Stuart, but eventually I did.

Colby: That is what Tad is trying to do, Damon.

Damon: Yeah, how many years later?

Colby: Your mom never told Tad she was pregnant. How was he supposed to be a father to you?

Damon: I don't know. He could've, like, picked up a phone and called her and asked how she was doing. Is that so freaking hard?

Colby: Well, even if he had, she probably wouldn't have told him. Damon, she just had gotten married, and he had his whole life here. It was her choice not to tell him. You can't blame Tad for that.

Damon: Why didn't Tad just tell me?

Colby: Well, maybe he was scared, Damon. This is a big deal for him, too, but Tad, he cares about you so much. I have known Tad my whole life. He's been like a second father to J.R. Whatever his reasons were for not telling you, I guarantee it wasn't meant to hurt you.

Damon: Look. It's not just about the secret. I mean, like, I've always thought I knew who I was, and now I don't know. I don't know anymore.

Colby: None of this changes who you are, but I like you, and I like Tad, and I wish you guys would like each other, too. Ok. Maybe I don't really know what I'm talking about, and I'll just shut up.

Damon: No. You do. You make more sense than anybody I know.

[Door closes]


Liza: Oh, for God's sakes, would you put some clothes on?

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

David: Ryan is back in Pine Valley, so get on it, or should I say him?

Madison: I can't talk right now. I'm at work.

David: Yeah? Well, you work for me now, so listen. Despite appearances, Ryan isn't as stupid as he looks, so you're gonna have to ease into it, or he's gonna catch on.

Greenlee: Mission accomplished!

Jack: How'd you pull that off?

Greenlee: Easy. I did the samba in my underwear.

Jack: Please. Father here.

Greenlee: Kidding. Sheer force of personality. I charmed those Brazilian bigwigs into submission. Ok. I had a little help. Ryan came along.

Erica: Look. If you want to win Greenlee back, that's your business, but please don't interfere in my business at Fusion. You think this is a joke?

Ryan: No. I don't. It's just that you're a little worked up. That's all.

Erica: Yeah. Your damn right, I am. I have been living and breathing this product launch for months. I've got my strategy in place. I'm not gonna just sit still while Greenlee goes running to you, and you come swooping in at the last minute to disrupt that.

Ryan: Believe me, the last place I want to be is in the middle of your battle.

Erica: And yet you went to Rio to undo a perfectly legitimate deal.

Ryan: An old deal, an old deal that I made to keep Fusion from going under, a deal that the company doesn't even need anymore.

Erica: According to you.

Ryan: Now, Erica, you wouldn't be planning a sneak attack, by any chance, would you?

Erica: Me planning a sneak attack? Excuse me? You're the one who stepped in where you don't belong. Ryan, Greenlee is at war with me. I really don't appreciate your helping her and taking away my ammunition.

Ryan: Look. Getting this Brazilian snag out of the way is only gonna help Fusion in the long run. Plus, I got another benefit out of it that I know that you are going to love.

Erica: Padded hacienda where we can lock Greenlee away?

Ryan: No. Actually, I got her to agree to back off Kendall and not press charges against her.

Erica: You did? That is a relief.

Ryan: Enough to get past this whole Rio deal? Ha ha! Look. You know what? I know you. I know that you love the fight almost as much as you love the win.

Erica: And you helped my competition.

Ryan: I leveled the playing field.

Erica: Look. I appreciate what you have done for Kendall -- believe me, I do -- but forgive me if I'm not gonna shower you with gratitude for the rest of your dealings.

Ryan: And, just so I'm clear, I am not trying to win Greenlee back, ok? I'm done. It's done for good.

Erica: Sure, it is.

Colby: Well, what do you want?

Liza: Well, Bailey called.

Damon: Is Stuart ok?

Liza: Mm-hmm. Yep. He's doing fine, but Bailey has decided to go study abroad, so she's gonna be in Europe for about a month.

Colby: With the baby?

Liza: No. No, and her parents don't want to take care of Stuart full time, so you got tor get back to Ohio and go be a dad.

Damon: No. Bailey would never leave Stuart for a whole month.

Liza: Well, don't believe me. Go call her.

Damon: I will.

Colby: Damon, you can't leave town. Your probation.

Liza: Oh, I'm sure we can get some sort of special dispensation.

Colby: Stuart can stay here.

Liza: What?

Colby: It's not like we don't have the room or the help, and we both love Stuart.

Liza: Colby --

Colby: And we'd have no annoying parents to deal with.

Liza: You can't have a baby come live here.

Colby: Why not? J.R., he's got A.J. Annie has got Emma. why can't Damon have his son?

Liza: First of all, Damon doesn't even live here.

Colby: Yes, he does. You may not like it, and Dad may not like it, but dad is not here, and your opinion, it doesn't count. Say hi to Bailey for me.

Damon: You're so cool for doing this.

Liza: Huh. Honey, do you have any idea what you are talking about?

Colby: Yeah. I'm being a friend.

Liza: A friend? Honey, look. As much as I would love to see Stuart, you are just not thinking this thing through. Honey, you're still in college, and now, why would you want to be with a guy who's gonna be responsible for a baby?

Damon: She's in. Bailey said Stuart can stay here. Thank you. I should probably get going, but see you later?

Colby: Yeah, definitely. What? Why are you looking at me like that? I told you, he's just my friend.

Jake: I can promise you that you are not responsible for your mother's stroke. I promise you. That she has been dealing with hypersensitivity all of her life, severe mental illness. The stress this poor woman must have in her brain, as a doctor, I can tell you that what happened to her is completely inevitable.

Amanda: I could've done more.

Jake: What? You are nothing but a loyal, sensitive, fair person, even after all the damage your mother has done.

Amanda: She was locked up all alone in some institution, and I did nothing. I didn't visit. I didn't call. You know, the last couple years, I just pretended that she never even existed. Maybe the world will be a better place or something. I don't know.

Jake: Well, now that is not true at all. You know why? Cause then we wouldn't have you. I wouldn't have you.

Greenlee: Heh. Don't get any ideas. The trip to Rio was strictly business.

Jack: That's too bad.

Greenlee: Actually, it's not. Ryan and I got along better than we have in years. We were professional, mature, and we walked away with exactly what we wanted.

Jack: I just wish you had better waiting for you when you got home.

Greenlee: No one has been better to me than David. He's the reason I'm here instead of at the bottom of some river. But instead of being grateful, you just keep cutting him down, refusing to see all the incredible things that he does for me.

Jack: I know David.

Greenlee: No, you don't. No one does, not the real David, the man who cares about me more than anyone else in this world. I mean, look at all the sacrifices he's made, the risks he has taken. He will go places that no one else will even dare to.

Jack: Yes, exactly, exactly my point, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You know what? With David, I have happiness, success, and security. He supports me, but he also challenges me, which is exactly what a partner should do -- a partner I can rely on who knows me inside and out. Whatever I need, he's on it. Whatever I'm feeling, he gets it. That's why we're a perfect fit. And the best part, the part that makes me know that it's right, is that we have trust. And that's everything.

Jack: That's exactly the way you used to describe Ryan.

[Music playing]

Madison: Hey, boss.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: How was Rio?

Ryan: It was good. It was good. Sit down. I'll fill you in.

Madison: Oh, I don't want to intrude.

Ryan: Boss to employee: Sit down. Heh heh heh!

Madison: So, how was the weather?

Ryan: The weather? The weather. Actually, I don't even know how the weather was. I went from the airport to the hotel to the boardroom. I don't think I was outside for more than five minutes.

Madison: That's too bad. It's beautiful down there.

Ryan: Yeah, well, next time.

Madison: So was it weird at all, traveling with Greenlee?

Ryan: No, it wasn't, actually.

Madison: Really?

Ryan: We had a successful business trip. So how was the casino last night?

Madison: Thank you. Uh, actually, I took last night off. I had a date.

Ryan: Aha! Cool. Well, I hope he turns out to be little bit more cool than that loser Craig.

Madison: Hmm, yeah. Well, so far, so good. We've been out three times already.

Ryan: Good for you.

David: Did you come to sell cookies?

Erica: Is Greenlee here?

David: Excuse me. I don't recall inviting you in.

Erica: And I don't recall that you were stupid. To let your wife run off to Rio with Ryan?

David: They were on a business trip.

Erica: Oh, David, come on. You don't really think that's all that was?

David: Come off it, you're just ticked off because Greenlee found her way around another obstacle. Now you might actually have to start fighting fair.

Erica: Well, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I didn't come here talk about Fusion. You want to stay married to Greenlee, don't you?

David: Yes, I do. Till death do us part.

Erica: Well, not if you let her run off to romantic destinations with a man she was madly in love with.

David: Well, thank you so much for your concern, Erica, but I am not threatened by Ryan Lavery. And I trust my wife.

Erica: Maybe you don't see it, but there's really quite a pull still between those two, and now there's nothing to keep them apart.

[Greenlee's pregnancy test kit falls out of her purse]

Erica: Oh. Then again, maybe there is. Well, if Greenlee were pregnant, that would change everything, wouldn't it? I gather from your reaction that this was kind of unexpected, especially given Greenlee's past difficulties. But, David, you were a miracle doctor. My goodness, if you could bring Greenlee bring back to life, you certainly can help her carry to term.

David: Get out.

Erica: David, I know how much you've been wanting a family. With Greenlee, I -- well, I guess this union between you and Greenlee has gone further than I expected. All right. congratulations, David.

[Door closes]

Greenlee: You know, Ryan is a good man. I am not arguing that. And what we had was incredible. And we'll always have the memories, but that's it.

Jack: So you're giving up?

Greenlee: You know, I don't see it that way. I see it as being honest. Ryan and I were not meant to be, and I accept that now, and I know that, and I'm not gonna sit around pining away for a lost love that never would have worked, anyway.

Jack: Okey-doke. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, just let me know.

Greenlee: That's just what you don't get. I'm not sad. I have no regrets. Ryan and I have changed. We're in different places. We want different things, and we are both ok with that. We're at peace with it, and it feels -- really good. Besides, why would I take relationship advice from you, the man who refuses to dropkick Erica?

Jack: Ok. And thus ends this little conversation.

Greenlee: Ok. But whatever you do, don't forget to file these and send a copy to Brazil. My fight for Fusion depends on it. Ok?

Jack: Very good. Give me a kiss.

Greenlee: I will.

Jack: Good-bye.

Greenlee: Bye.

Jake: You have no reason to feel guilty, none whatsoever. You've done everything that you can for your mom. There's nothing more than you or anybody else can do.

[Trevor crying]

Jake: I'll get it. I'll go.

Janet's voice: You cannot cut me off.

Amanda's voice: Let go.

Janet: You cannot do this, because I am a part of you. I will always be a part of you, just like you are a part of Trevor forever and ever, and you love him just as fiercely as I love you, because, like it or not, baby girl, you are your mother's daughter!

Colby: I know you hate Damon, but are you really gonna go this low?

Liza: Honey, I am the one who's telling him to be a responsible father.

Colby: No, you want to get rid of him, and you're using Stuart to do it.

Liza: So you think that would -- that would be the worst thing in the world? The boy just got arrested, again.

Colby: And why do you think that is, Mom? Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that you ambushed him?

Liza: Honey, I'm looking after Stuart. That little guy just got settled. Why would you want to disrupt his life?

Colby: That's classic coming from you. Hmm. Give it up, Mom. Your plan to boot Damon didn't work. And now you want to scare me off by telling me he's got a kid, as if I didn't know that, as if I wasn't the one looking after him the whole time. I am not an idiot, Mom! Ohh.

Liza: No, honey, you're an incredibly generous person. Listen, honey. As much as I would love to see Stuart, taking him in like this is a huge responsibility. I mean, watching him for a few hours and taking care of him full-time -- it's not the same thing.

Colby: Please, Mom. Just please, back off!

Liza: Ok, fine. Fine. I just want you to think about this. You think about this long and hard. I don't want you to get stuck raising someone else's kid. You should be living your own life.

[Damon sighs]

Tad: You know, the old ones were more fun, you know? Back in the day, you won something. It would spit 4,000 nickels at you. Now they just hand you a ticket.

Damon: So you're my dad. What do we now, like, play catch or something?

Tad: Well, I think we can pretty much do anything we want to.

Damon: Drink beer?

Tad: Anything but that. You want to take a look around? I can give you the insider's tour.

Damon: No, no, that's ok. I don't even know why I'm here, really.

Tad: That's ok. I'm just glad you are. Listen. I messed up. The last thing in the world I wanted was for you to find out the way you did, and I'm sorry. I know that probably doesn't count for much right now, but it is the truth.

Damon: My mom never told you the truth. It's not your fault, I guess.

Tad: From what I understand, your mom was going through a tough time.

Damon: No, she wasn't, man. She just kept this secret so she wouldn't piss off my father -- or whatever he is. And then, even after I met you, she still didn't say anything. What is her problem?

Tad: You're angry. You've got every right. But if you came here looking to bash your mom, you're gonna have to look somewhere else. No matter how bad our history, she means a lot to me, and she always will.

Damon: [Sighs] Bailey's bringing Stuart to Pine Valley.

Tad: For a visit?

Damon: No. He's gonna live with me at the Chandlers'.

Tad: So, Stuart. Wow. A whole month -- that's pretty cool.

Damon: Yeah, I'm pretty pumped. A little nervous.

Tad: Oh?

Damon: I mean, you know, a lot's changed since the last time he was here -- not just you and me, but, like -- all the other stuff.

Tad: Like your arm? The cast is off. That's got to feel good.

Damon: Yeah. I sawed it off, actually. Colby did, really. Yeah, it itched like crazy, you know.

Tad: How are you otherwise?

Damon: Good, good. I'm taking this new medication now. It seems to be working, I guess. I'm less all over the place.

Tad: That's terrific.

Damon: We'll see how it goes at Colby's. That house is not the most chill place on earth, you know, and when Stuart comes, I don't know --

Tad: Don't you worry. Colby will have your back. She loves that kid like crazy. From what I can see, she thinks you're not half bad, either. You'll be fine.

Damon: I should probably get going, you know, see when Bailey's coming and all that.

Tad: Thank you for coming by.

Damon: I'm not gonna, like, start calling you "Dad" or anything.

Tad: Well, as long as it's not a 4-letter word, you can call me anything you want.

Damon: How about Tad?

Tad: Thaddeus works just fine for me.

Damon: Ok, Thaddeus.

Erica: Busy?

Jack: Never too busy for you. Come on in.

Erica: Jack, are you aware that, uh, Greenlee was just in Brazil with Ryan?

Jack: Yeah, I just found out.

Erica: And are you aware of the reason for that trip?

Jack: You know, I can't violate attorney/client privilege, or father/daughter privilege, for that matter.

Erica: Jack, I know about Greenlee's packaging crisis. I'm not digging for dirt.

Jack: Ok.

Erica: I spoke with Ryan. He said they had a very good time. Did Greenlee say that, too?

Jack: Again, I cannot violate --

Erica: Your daughter's precious privilege. I know. I told you, I know where I rank in your life.

Jack: You, my dear, will always have a place of your very own.

[Erica picks up Greenlee's envelope from Jack's desk]

Jake: Oh, I have a family announcement. Tomorrow, as a family, we get to watch "Todos Los Niņos." Do you know there's a couple on there that's all about romance and all about sexiness? Kind of the Jamanda of the show -- I like to think of it as that. So tomorrow, we get to find out who pushed Paolo off that cliff! Isn't that exciting? Great family TV.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jake: Easy, little man. [Grunts] Yep. All right. They want me in the ER, so I should grab my stuff and get over there. Ok? I just wanted to say that everything that matters is right here. All right, go to your mom. Come on! Ooh!

Amanda: There we go. There we go.

Jake: He gained, like, 10 pounds. Take that. He loves that thing.

Liza: Oh, God, no.

Colby: Hi.

Liza: Hey.

Colby: Are you following me around now, Mom?

Liza: No, honey, I'm not. I've got some legal stuff to do for David.

Colby: Right. I forgot, you represent the devil.

Liza: I didn't realize that, um -- you have an appointment. Is everything all right?

Colby: I'm fine. Like, I don't have to tell you every move I make, do I?

Liza: Oh, God, please tell me you're not pregnant.

Colby: Yes, I'm pregnant -- with twins. Oh, no, wait. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'll just stuff a pillow up my shirt, make everyone believe I'm pregnant, then secretly adopt a baby. And then, when everyone falls in love with him -- I'll just give him back.

Jack: Come on, Erica. You know how this works. I have to keep my clients' business confidential, even if at e client happens to be my daughter and the business happens to concern you.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: And speaking of clients, my client in Paris. Allo. Bonjour. Oui, Zsa Zsa. You know, Vicki has that stuff. Excuse me a second. Let me get out here, and I'll have her dig it up.

[Erica stuffs Greenlee's envelope into her purse]

Tad: Boss.

Ryan: Hey.

Tad: How was Rio?

Ryan: Successful. The Brazilians gave it up.

Tad: That's almost interesting. How was Rio?

Ryan: Heh. It was good. It was, um -- it was intense, but it was good. No, Greenlee and I are not getting back together. We just -- I guess we just understand each other a lot better now. But nothing's changed. You know, we escaped to Rio for a couple days, and now it's, um, back to reality.

Greenlee: You know what? I'm thinking a fantastic dinner. Maybe dancing till dawn? And what do you think about this? We should get a limo and go to New York, check into some fabulous hotel and live large for a couple of days. What do you think?

David: What about Fusion?

Greenlee: It'll be here when we get back.

David: What about you?

Greenlee: What about me?

David: When I called you in Brazil, you seemed a bit -- strange -- nervous, even.

Greenlee: My company was on the line. Of course, I was nervous. What's wrong?

David: I'm just worried about you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I've never been better. What's there to worry about? Uh -- that's nothing. If you think that --

David: No. No, that wouldn't make sense. It's too soon for Ryan. I'm not thinking anything. I'm just wondering why my wife is keeping secrets from me.

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