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Erica: Are you following me?

Jack: I'd have to be behind you to follow you, but I am glad to see you.

Erica: You followed me.

Jack: I'm here to see a client. What's your excuse?

Erica: Fusion provides cosmetics for the hospital's AIDS society.

Jack: Ha! Really?

Erica: Jackson, you know how giving I am.

Madison: I don't want anything else to do with you.

David: Ok, fine, but before you storm off, answer me one question. How exactly did you get away with murder?

Madison: I don't know what you're talking about.

David: Neither do I. I just overheard Randi talk about this murder. So obviously, you can't blame me for being curious, right?

Madison: You were eavesdropping?

David: You murdered someone?

Madison: It's a common expression, right -- "getting away with murder"?

David: True. But murder is nothing to joke about.

Greenlee: You're obviously busy. I appreciate your offer to help, but I don't need to hear your condition. This clause is iron clad. There's nothing you can do anyway.

Ryan: Maybe there is. Come to Rio with me and find out.

Greenlee: Very funny, or however you say it in Spanish.

Ryan: They speak Portuguese.

Greenlee: I know that.

Ryan: So is that a yes, go pack your bags?

Greenlee: Why are you even suggesting this? You said I was a person you don't even know anymore, that you were done.

Ryan: I also said there was a condition. It's a big one.

Marissa: Hey. I hope I'm not interrupting.

[J.R. grabs and kisses Marissa]

Marissa: Ha! I should interrupt more often.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

[Crashing noise from vase Annie knocks over as she spies on J.R. and Marissa]

Annie: Oh -- oops. My bad.

Janet: Oh! Definitely enough for the lady cop and Jake. Oh, I just hope there's enough room in the freezer for the bodies.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Hurry.

Natalia: Ok.


[Cocks gun] 

Amanda: Ah!

Janet: Amanda.

Amanda: What are you --

Janet: Let go!

Amanda: Do not do this!

Janet: Let go of my arm!

Amanda: Mom.

Natalia: Let go!

Janet: What are you doing?

Natalia: Drop it!

Janet: We have plans.


Jake: Amanda!

Brot: Hey, what's going on?

Janet: Get off me!

Natalia: Give it to me!

Brot: That's Natalia.

Jake: Amanda's in there, too. She hid a key around here someplace.


David: Obviously, you're very dedicated to helping Greenlee, right? Now what better way to do that than deflect Ryan's attention away from her?

Madison: If she's not interested in Ryan, then what's the problem?

David: All right, you know, Madison, I just gotta tell you, as your friend, I am concerned about what I overheard.

Madison: It was a figure of speech.

David: Right. And I guess when Randi was speaking about your dead victim lying on the floor, that could be interpreted as a figure of speech. But the problem with that is that you seemed awfully tense and so did Randi. Now, if it is true -- if you did actually kill somebody --

Madison: This is ridiculous!

David: I'm not accusing you, all right? I'm just letting you know that I'm here to help if that's what you need.

Madison: You have helped enough. This check will be good.

David: Madison, listen to me. Now I can tell you that I've learned the hard way that no matter how deep you bury a secret, eventually it rises to the surface. Now, if you did have a secret -- and I'm speaking hypothetically, of course -- and it involved a dead person, that is something that could detonate your entire life, not just your job.

Madison: Thank you for the warning.

David: What are friends for?

Greenlee: I don't know what hoops you want me to jump through, but you're the one that caused this mess, because you thought it was a really good idea to sign an agreement with a flippin' company in another hemisphere that is prohibiting me from launching the product line I've worked my ass off to develop, all because we have similar packaging.

Ryan: We needed the money, Greenlee. The deal had to be made.

Greenlee: Well, now it has to be unmade. Because if it isn't, I can't compete with Erica. And if I can't compete with Erica, I lose Fusion. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let that happen.

Ryan: Any deal that has been properly negotiated can be unnegotiated. All we have to do is sit down with the people at Bahia Cosmetics and find out what it's gonna take for you to get the packaging rights back, ok, beyond just giving them their money back.

Greenlee: I can handle this alone.

Ryan: But why would you want to? I have a phenomenal relationship with these people.

Greenlee: I'm not going to Rio with you.

Ryan: Why? Do you think it's just some kind of angle so I can get you all to myself? That's in the past, Greenlee.

Greenlee: But there must be some angle, and this big condition. And by helping me, you would hurt Erica, and I know there's no way you would do that.

Ryan: I wouldn't be hurting Erica. No. In fact, I would just be leveling the playing field. That's all. You still gotta beat Erica all by yourself. In fact, the one condition Erica would be all for.

[Greenlee scoffs]

Ryan: You gotta let Kendall off the hook.

Jack: Oh, yes, I know firsthand just exactly how giving you can be.

Erica: When the spirit moves. I'm just glad that we're past any hard feelings about my decision to nip it in the bud.

Jack: My bud won't be sore for long. So what kind of mood are you in right now?

Erica: You're here to see a client.

Jack: He's in traction. He can wait. But me on the other hand -- feel. Palpitations.

Erica: Maybe you should see a doctor.

Jack: Maybe. Or maybe -- this is all I need.

Annie: Sorry about the vase.

J.R.: It was Limoges. But what does it matter, right? You consider it yours now that Adam's gone.

Annie: It's not like I broke it on purpose.

Marissa: Yeah, of course, it was an accident. Can you give us a minute?

J.R.: I love that big heart of yours. I guess you won't listen when I say you're wasting it on Annie.

Marissa: I just feel sorry for her.

[J.R. sighs]

Marissa: Shoot, I gotta go pick up some notes from Vicki before class. See you? Bye. See you later, Annie.

Annie: Looking forward to it.

[Door closes]

Annie: Every time I turn around, you are crawling all over her.

J.R.: What my wife and I do is none of your business, no matter how many vases you break.

Annie: Hmm, yes. Yes. Nothing like a little guilt to spice up a marriage, hmm?

Amanda: God, Mom, no!

Janet: Amanda, honey --

Amanda: Give me the gun!

Janet: I'm just trying to help you, baby. I'm just trying to help you.

Amanda: Give me the gun!

Janet: Sweetie.

Jake: Back up. Go, go.

Janet: You.

Jake: Stop it. Go.

Janet: Let go of me.

Jake: No, Janet. Janet, stop it.

Janet: It wasn't supposed to be -- this is not the way I planned it! No!

Jake: You are gonna sit here and behave yourself. Sit!

[Janet scoffs]

Amanda: Trevor's ok.

Jake: Are you ok?

Amanda: I think so.

Jake: Are you good enough to call an ambulance? And the police, Babe.

Natalia: I'm fine.

Jake: No, you were shot.

Natalia: I was grazed.

Brot: That's a nice little graze right here. That's right.

Jake: And this. Make sure you don't have a concussion.

Natalia: I'll take an aspirin.

Amanda: The address is 400 Lake Drive.

Jake: So, Janet, what are you doing here? Hmm? How did you get out?

Janet: Mandy? Mandy, I was just trying to help, and all these people had to interfere.

Amanda: You were ready to shoot Jake. My son is in the next room, and you almost shot my husband.

Janet: Oh, but I didn't. We could still all go to Milan. You know, tell him. Explain that I am your number-one fan.

Jake: She's the Amandafan.

Janet: You need me, baby. Because Erica will never let you rise to your full potential. But I can make you a star -- a bigger, brighter, more dazzling star than she could ever imagine.

Amanda: Oh, my God.

Janet: You just have to trust me to do what's best for you.

Amanda: Oh, like when you pushed Babe down the stairs because she was mean to me? Or when you stole her son?

Janet: Oh, he looked so cute in that manger.

Amanda: You drugged and kidnapped people.

Janet: Uh, well, it wasn't my fault that they interfered. I hated the way they were treating you.

Amanda: Is that why you blew up the Mardi Gras party?

Janet: I said I was sorry!

Amanda: Oh, my God, when are you gonna stop? When are you gonna realize? You always think that you're being loving and supportive.

Janet: I am.

Amanda: You hurt people.

Janet: It is not my fault that they get in the way.

Amanda: You killed Daddy and you put him in a freezer. [Crying]

Janet: I thought that we could defrost him and bring him back to life later. You know that. All right, I was wrong. I admit that, but I'm all better now.

Amanda: You shot Natalia. You put my son in danger. You almost shot my husband!

Jake: I'm ok, I'm ok, ok? We're all fine. Babe, why don't you go upstairs and just check on Trevor?

Janet: No, Mandy.

Jake: Just check on Trevor.

Janet: Mandy, I have been away from you for so long. I -- I'm so proud of so much that you've done -- well, most of it. And I really just wanted to be a part of it, to show you how much that I love you. You know, even baby chicks when they leave the nest, they still need their moms.

Amanda: I don't need you. I don't want you in my life, and I don't want you anywhere near my family!

Janet: But -- I'm your mother.

Angie: Hey, baby, I was reading that.

Jesse: And you can get right back to it as soon as you promise to let me whisk you away from here.

Angie: Listen, I'm too busy to be whisked.

Jesse: Baby, we have not had a break in months. We've been trying to plan something like this forever.

Angie: I know, sweetie, I know, but I can't. Listen, something is going on around here. I have to find out what it is.

Frankie: Ok. No CPR needed here.

Jack: Frankie. Ha ha. Frankie: You know, I'd tell you two to get a room, but --

Erica: Oh, we were just --

Frankie: I saw.

Erica: Frankie, I'm sure that you'll understand that we would prefer it if --

Frankie: If I saw nothing. I got you. Carry on.

Jack: You don't suppose he really meant that, do you? Ha ha!

Erica: Oh, that was embarrassing.

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: You have a client to see.

Jack: I do.

Erica: And we agreed that this could never happen again.

Jack: We did.

Erica: So it can't -- happen again.

Jack: Absolutely not. Shall we?

Annie: What are these? Real estate brochures? I told you, I'm not going anywhere.

J.R.: I know. I am. Marissa and I are getting our own place. See this one right here? Loft on the waterfront. That's a perfect bachelor pad for Scott.

Annie: But this is your home.

J.R.: No, it's yours. Of course, it's not gonna have that same cache with no Chandlers actually living in the Chandler Mansion. And it is big for one, so I don't know. Get some cats. Fill the place up.

Annie: You're joking, right?

J.R.: No, I'm dead serious. Oh, and I have to warn you. The upkeep doesn't come cheap. There's the pools, the formal gardens, the orchards -- but I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Annie: You would really leave?

J.R.: If it means not being around you, yeah.

David: Let's be honest here. I'm not asking you to break up a marriage. I'm simply asking you to help me protect my own.

Madison: By throwing myself at Ryan.

David: Well, that's one option. But the thing about Ryan is this -- and I'm sure you've noticed this -- is that he loves a good project, someone he can rescue. Now I have a gut feeling that you have exactly what it takes to make that happen.

Madison: I'm not so sure that I am that clever.

David: Oh, I'm sure you're very clever -- when you want to be.

Greenlee: You want me to forgive Kendall? Are you crazy?

Ryan: I didn't say forgive. I said let off the hook. And I'm not talking about anything that happened between the two of us. I'm just talking about the accident.

Greenlee: The accident that almost took my life, that stole a year of my life, that got me in this fight for Fusion in the first place.

Ryan: Look, I'm not trying to control your feelings, Greenlee. I'm really not. I wouldn't even think about trying to do that. I'm just asking, in return for my help, that you have the investigation into the accident dropped and just take back everything you said in court about Kendall being a murderer. Because deep down inside, you know it's not true.

Greenlee: Do I?

Ryan: What's more important to you, Greenlee? Keeping Fusion or making Kendall pay?

Angie: There is a board meeting I wasn't invited to, and Liza was here the same day. Now, you know she's David's attorney.

Jesse: So, you think David's back up to his old black magic.

Angie: There's always a possibility.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Excuse me. Hubbard. Uh, yeah. Keep me posted.

Angie: What's wrong?

Jesse: There was a shooting on the west side. Officer down. Uh!

Brot: Come on.

Natalia: What are you doing here anyway?

Brot: I called you on your cell. You didn't answer. I got worried.

Natalia: You know I can take care of myself.

Brot: Well, you know what, that's fine, but sometimes things happen.

Natalia: My shoulder's fine. My head is fine. I'm fine! I don't want to go to the hospital. Let's take that head case --

Brot: Come on, come on. No, no. Don't get all tough on me now.

Natalia: All tough?

Brot: Yes, that's right. You're a supermodel now, and I keep forgetting that. And I'm not judging you on your career decisions, but we're taking you to the hospital --

Natalia: Damn it, Brot! I'm fine. I'm not going to the hospital.

Brot: Well, that's good to hear. That is fine to hear, but you're still going to the hospital, like it or not.

Natalia: Whatever, dude.

Brot: Hey, Jake.

Jake: Yeah.

Brot: You ok with her till the cops show up?

Jake: Yeah, I'm fine. Just get her to the E.R. Tell fig that she's a patient of Dr. Martin's, ok?

Brot: Ok. Thanks.

Jake: All right. So -- Janet. Are you proud of yourself?

Janet: A mother does what a mother needs to do.

Jake: The baby ok?

Amanda: Trevor slept through the whole thing, thank God.

Jake: Maybe I shouldn't have left you. I should have stayed.

Amanda: It's my fault. As soon as the crazy started, I should have known it was her.

Greenlee: You know, I don't need your help to fix this deal. I started Fusion and built it into a major cosmetics company partly because I rock as a negotiator.

Ryan: And partly because Kendall had your back.

Greenlee: Not always.

Ryan: Look, it's not really that bad a deal, Greenlee. All you gotta do is talk to Jesse and make sure no charges are brought up against Kendall. That's it. Truthfully, they don't really have a case against her anyway. I mean, they can't find any evidence, because she's innocent.

Greenlee: Innocent? Ha! That's a stretch, even for you to say. Forget it, Ryan. I'm not giving in.

Ryan: Will you at least tell me why you don't want my help? I mean, really, why?

Greenlee: I don't want to give Kendall a free pass to run another one of her enemies off the road.

Ryan: I don't think that's it. I don't. I mean, you haven't even talked to the police since your grandstand performance in court to save David. I mean, you made your point against Kendall, right? You made your point for David with this. This decision is about me.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: You and me and Rio. That is what's stopping you.

Greenlee: What's stopping me is you manipulating me, you thinking you have all the answers. I don't have time for this. I gotta go home and pack. You're not saving Kendall again. I'm flying solo.

Ryan: [Sighs] Don't worry. She didn't see you. Your secret's safe with me.

Annie: These houses are nothing. They're -- they're boring. They're ordinary. The Chandler Mansion is a landmark. It's famous. You would actually give that up?

J.R.: I would live in a mud hut if I had to. I won't miss any of this.

Annie: Have you discussed this with Marissa? Do you think she'd like to leave all this for a mud hut, or is that another secret tied onto the other big whopper you're sitting on?

J.R.: Give it up, Annie. You wanted the house, it's yours. You don't have to blackmail anymore. Wow. I thought you'd be popping corks or gloating in that really unattractive way you do.

Annie: This is not what I wanted.

J.R.: Then what do you want? If not the house, then what?

David: Marissa. Hi.

Marissa: Hi. Um, you in a hurry? Do you have a few minutes for your father? [Sighs]

David: You look well. Everything good?

Marissa: Mm-hmm. I heard about your trial. Congratulations, I guess.

David: Yeah. Yeah, Greenlee's really happy to have me home.

Marissa: That's nice.

David: So how's my grandson? And J.R.

Marissa: They're good.

David: You know, Krystal stopped by the jail to see me. She wanted me to know that you were angry with me. She thought that I should reach out to you.

Marissa: Hmm. I must have missed your calls.

David: Yeah, yeah, but with me being in jail and then the trial, I just -- I didn't want to burden you unnecessarily. No, but I want you to know that you can always count on me, Marissa.

Marissa: Really? When J.R. was in the hospital fighting for his life, if you had just like -- come by once to see how you could help -- my God, I would have been so grateful. But you never came.

Amanda: Why did you come here? If you love me so much, why couldn't you stay away and just let me be happy?

Janet: You're my life, Mandy. I love you so much.

Amanda: You love me too much.

Janet: I just want you to have everything that you deserve.

Amanda: But you've turned it into something big and scary and always out of control. That is not love, Mom.

Janet: Yes, it is. I never meant to hurt you. No, I never meant to hurt you.

Amanda: You need help.

Janet: Oh, how can you turn my love for you against me? How can you deny me the joy of being in your life? My grandson --

Amanda: I can't do this. I can't.

Janet: We could have had it all, Mandy. We still can.

Amanda: Mom, just stop!

Jake: All right, all right, all right, everybody, just relax.

Janet: I am talking to my daughter!

Jake: Janet -- I know that you warned Amanda about all men with the letter "J."

Janet: Yeah, for good reason, Jake.

Jake: Right. Um, well, I know you don't like me very much. But I have to tell you. We have a lot more in common than just the letter "J", you and me, Janet. I love your daughter. I love her. And we have a son together. That's your grandson. All I want is what's best for them.

Janet: Then why aren't you taking her to Milan, hmm?

Jake: Well, Janet --

Janet: You let me go, we'll call it even and we go to Milan all of us together.

Jake: I'd love to go to Milan, but we're not, and we can't because Amanda's right. You're sick, and you need help.

Janet: Well, you're gonna lock me up, and you're gonna throw away the key.

Jake: We are family. Family's the most important thing, right? Family. Right? Now, that's the way I was raised, and that's what Amanda says, you know, she was thinking when she was little, which means you did a great job. You are my mother-in-law, and we are family, which means that we will take care of you.

Janet: You mean that?

Jake: Cross my heart.

[Knock on door]

Cop: We got a call?

Jake: It's ok. Hey, guys. Yeah. Come here. Come here. I just -- I want you to be real gentle, ok, because she's family.

Cop: Monroe filled us in. We'll take it from here.

Jake: It's ok.

Cop: Ma'am?

Jake: It's ok.

Janet: Kill me. Please, kill me.

Erica: Oh, my God. Janet.

Janet: My Amanda is a big star, Erica. Bright, shiny star.

Frankie: What happened?

Natalia: Oh, it's nothing.

Jesse: It's you? Are you ok?

Natalia: That's what I've been trying to tell Brot.

Angie: Let me look at the head. That head wound needs attention.

Natalia: It barely broke the skin.

Frankie: Well, look, we got to get it cleaned and sterilized.

Angie: Yeah, we might need an MRI, too.

Frankie: All right, I'll set it up, and you're supposed to be staying out of trouble.

Jesse: You need to listen to the doctor, ok? Now start from the beginning. How did this happen?

Ryan: Yeah, Greenlee told me that she made you choose between Fusion and your work here. And yet, here you are. She thinks you quit, but you're ready for work, Madison.

Madison: I'll understand if you tell her.

Ryan: What you do in your off time is nobody's business but yours.

Madison: I owe you.

Ryan: No, you don't. You don't owe me anything.

Madison: So was Greenlee here to make sure that I had quit?

Ryan: No, no, no, no. She was here for a business thing. I offered my help, but she turned me down.

Madison: That's probably for the best. You working with Greenlee. From what I hear, her husband is the jealous type.

David: Well, obviously, I'd be the first one to admit that I've screwed up royally in the father department, but I really want to change that, Marissa.

Marissa: So, what, all this time you've just been waiting to accidentally run into me to tell me how important our relationship is to you?

David: All right. You doubt my sincerity, and I don't blame you. I've hurt you. I have let you down too many times. But I've learned a lot about love in these last few months. And nothing would make me happier than to be back in your life as a father that you can love.

Marissa: Ok, I need to get back to the house to study.

David: All right. I meant what I said about wanting to heal our relationship, Marissa.

Marissa: If you're serious, then you have my number.

David: Ok.

Erica: Amanda, I know that this isn't ideal, but I'm so sure that this is the only place you can be safe from the press. I'm quite sure that they're already camped outside your building.

Amanda: I just wish we'd brought Trevor.

Erica: I know, but believe me he's in good hands with Opal. And the truth is, right now you really need to focus on yourself, on dealing with the situation.

Jake: They are gonna want some sort of a statement, though, you know.

Erica: Well, they can come here. Look, I'm just so sorry. I mean, I feel responsible for this. I knew that there was a problem with Amandafan, and I just wish that I had done something more.

Amanda: Well, at least it just wasn't some kook, you know. It was just my crazy mom.

Jack: I got here as soon as I could. Are you ok? Erica filled me in.

Erica: I've hired Jackson as your attorney.

Greenlee: What the hell's with all the security? I practically got frisked just to get into my own company.

Randi: It's Amanda. Turns out Amandafan was her mom.

Greenlee: Janet Dillon?

Randi: I guess things got pretty crazy.

Greenlee: Crazy is what Janet does. Is Amanda ok?

Randi: Janet's been arrested. Erica brought Amanda here to protect her from the press.

Jack: Listen, we're gonna be preemptive about this thing. We're gonna hold a press conference. We're gonna get the facts out there, and, Amanda, you don't even have to be involved, ok?

Amanda: You guys care if I have a moment with Jake?

Erica: Of course, of course.

Jack: Excuse me. You don't want to do this. Right? It's all right. You know what, I'll talk to 'em. I'll talk to 'em. I have a better idea. Why don't we just get a hotel room, ok? We'll ride it out till this whole thing goes away.

Amanda: I can't do this, Jake. I want to quit.

Jesse: Janet Dillon has just been admitted upstairs until they reassess what meds she's on or off.

Angie: Thank God. Listen, I'm gonna go look into security.

Jesse: Thank God you're ok. Thank God Amanda's ok, too. You did good, kid.

Natalia: I let the perp get the drop on me and lock me in a closet.

Jesse: Oh!

Natalia: And Brot's the hero.

Jesse: I will tell him how grateful I am, ok?

Natalia: He deserves more.

Jesse: You want me to lift the suspension?

Natalia: Brot got in trouble because of me. Today, he probably saved my life.

Jesse: I'll do what I can.

Natalia: Thanks, Daddy.

Jake: Ah, the definition of hot. Babe, I don't think you mean it when you say you want to quit.

Amanda: I thought you'd love the idea.

Jake: Well, I thought I'd love it, too, but now that I hear it, and I've seen you in action, I'd hate for you to wake up one morning and regret that you gave the whole thing up.

Amanda: I only need you and Trevor.

Jake: Well, you have us. We're right here. We're not going anywhere. Forever. But this quitting thing. I mean, playing it safe, that's not you. Right? You worked your ass off for this. Come on now. Janet doesn't know what she's doing. It's not her fault. You're not gonna let her stop you from going for the platinum, right? Right? Right?

[Amanda sniffles]

Jake: On your honor? Sealed with a kiss?

Jack: What a shame. I mean, imagine Janet Dillon showing up like that. I mean, you -- ha! You must have been shocked to get the call.

Erica: Oh, I saw Janet in the flesh.

Jack: You what?

Greenlee: Erica will make sure her face is plastered everywhere. The brilliant, take-charge mogul who faced down death and emerged even more powerful.

Randi: She isn't the one that's in the life-or-death situation.

Greenlee: Yeah, wait till she spins it.

Randi: All the publicity -- it's gonna help her with the campaign.

Greenlee: I'm already on it. Tell Amanda I'm glad she's all right.

Randi: Where are you going?

Greenlee: Well, I sure as hell am not gonna beat Erica if I just stand around and watch.

Marissa: What are you looking at?

Annie: What do you prefer? Colonial, mid-century modern, or a faux Tudor?

Marissa: You're moving?

Annie: No. You are.

Marissa: What?

Annie: Yeah, apparently J.R. thinks I'm so awful to be around that he can't wait to pack up you and A.J. and get the hell out of here.

Marissa: No, there must be some mistake.

Annie: Nope. No mistake. J.R. said if I want this house so much I can have it. Alone.

Marissa: I'm so sorry for the way that things have played out since Adam left.

Annie: What do you care?

Marissa: J.R.'s alive because of you. I'll never forget that. And I know that it may not seem like it right now, but this could be a fresh start for you.

Annie: Really?

Marissa: Yeah. You could stay in this old place, fighting with J.R. and Colby forever, or you could walk away, be free to do whatever you want, wherever you want.

Annie: I have every right to live here.

Marissa: No, of course, you do. You do, but is it really what you want, to be surrounded by the memories, the anger, the pain? If you stay here, you know how people talk. What happened with Adam was --

Annie: Humiliating?

Marissa: You don't deserve for people to think that you're a fool.

Annie: That's what you think? I'm a fool? This is unbelievable. Oh, no, this is priceless! Oh, my God. You think I'm a fool?

Marissa: No, that's not what I meant.

Annie: Oh, like hell you didn't. How can you be so blind? The only fool in this house is you.

J.R.: Annie!

Marissa: What's going on?

Annie: Just the usual. I've been getting screwed over by this family, and you're too blind to see it.

J.R.: Don't let her get to you. Some people just don't want to be helped.

Natalia: Man, I've been looking all over for you.

Brot: Why?

Natalia: Peanut? They're still warm.

Brot: No, I'm good.

Natalia: Um -- maybe you'd be a little more interested in this shiny thing right here. Take it. Get out of here. Gonna be late for your shift.

Jack: Erica, what if you had gotten there before the police? What if you had walked in on Janet and her with that gun?

Erica: Wait a second, no. Jack, there's no need for you to be upset.

Jack: No need for me to be upset? You almost died once because of Janet Dillon.

Erica: Well, that -- that was a long time ago. And anyway, I thought that we agreed that turning to each other -- this was a bad idea.

Jack: I don't care. I could have lost you today. Now, I'm gonna hold you, and you're gonna let me.

Amanda: I want to get out of here.

Jake: Babe, if we just wait for a little bit longer, the reporters, they'll wrap it up, and they'll get out of here. Ok? What was that?

Amanda: This morning I wouldn't kiss you because I was angry.

Jake: Well, if I hadn't have left, you wouldn't have been attacked by Janet -- you and Natalia.

Amanda: But you came home. And you kept a bad situation from getting worse. Jake, I needed you, and you were there. You always are.

Jake: Oh, Babe.

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

David: Glad I caught you.

Madison: What do you want?

David: I was just wondering if you had the chance to think about our conversation.

Madison: I have, and you're completely off the mark. Ryan doesn't want anything to do with Greenlee.

David: And what makes you so sure?

Madison: I have to go.

Greenlee: Rio. We leave tomorrow.

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