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Episode #10366

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Tad: What the hell do you think you're doing? Can't you be -- Damon, I -- I'm sorry. I -- I -- this isn't the way I wanted you to find out.

Damon: She said you did a DNA test?

Tad: Yeah. It's the truth. I'm your father.

Randi: Don't you dare play the victim -- not when your victims are the ones that end up on the floor dead. Remember?

Greenlee: You don't think Amanda's fan has really backed off.

Erica: If he hasn't, Fusion will handle him.

Greenlee: Hey.

David: Hi.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

David: I thought I'd stop by, take my beautiful wife to lunch.

Greenlee: Oh, I'd love to, but I can't right now. I've got some major damage control to do over this fan that's been stalking Amanda.

Erica: Randi, I need to see Amanda in my office immediately.

Randi: She didn't come to work.

Erica: Why not?

Randi: Jake. He wants her to stay home, where Amandafan can't get to her.

Erica: What?

Randi: Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Jake completely talked her out of this campaign.

Greenlee: If that happens, your entire launch is toast.

Erica: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Erica: I think I just figured out who Amandafan is.

TV Announcer: A 9-year-old metro girl has a new lease on life, thanks to surgery at the hospital for sick children. Tracy Cooper was given the liver of a 9-year-old accident victim in a 4-hour operation. Cooper is in critical but stable condition --

[Natalia moans as she's tied up in the closet]

TV Announcer: Rick Manson's world motion tour is over, and what a success it was. Manson skateboarded --

[Amanda turns off the TV]

Brot: Hit me. I said hit me, not kill me.

Singer: But I can't kill this movie that keeps playing in my head no regrets just like we said --

Ryan: Hey, I haven't seen you here in a while.

Brot: Yeah, well, you won't see me here again.

Ryan: Whoa. What's wrong?

Brot: You know what? I'm sick and tired of losing.

Amanda: "World's best model and daughter"?

Opal: I know it's stress. It's just stress. You know, I have been jittery as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rockers ever since Palmer died.

Jake: I know how much you loved him.

Opal: Yeah, you know, but he didn't. I was just so -- so puffed up with pride, you know, that I couldn't even tell him.

Janet: I made that in arts and crafts just for you, sweetie pie. Surprise! Mama's home! 

Tad: I think you've done enough here. You can go.

Liza: The reason that I told --

Tad: I said get lost. I mean it. I am sorry. I know it's a shock. I mean, the fact is, it was a lot for me to wrap my head around, too. I just want you to know there are reasons --

Damon: You know what? I really don't want to hear it.

Tad: Damon --

Damon: Go to hell!

Tad: Damon, please.

Janet: Aren't you gonna give your mama a hug?

Amanda: How did you get out?

Janet: Well, it turns out that your mama is a whiz at computers. I zipped through every course offered in the nuthouse, and for the first time, I felt like things finally began to make sense. The computer work straightened out my head, cleared up all my hard drive problems. I'm all better now.

Amanda: They released you?

Janet: Let's not go into all that now, honey. I'm just so happy to see my baby girl. I don't want to dwell on details.

Amanda: How did you even know how to find me?

Janet: Best part of the computer is I've been able to follow your new career online. Ha ha! I can't tell you how tickled I was when you finally responded to my e-mails!

Amanda: Oh, my God.

Janet: I am my baby girl's biggest fan.

Amanda: Amandafan?

Jake: Listen, Opal. Don't beat yourself up. There's a lot of people in this world that love each other. I think they're even soulmates, and they shouldn't live together. Simple as that.

Opal: Oh, that's bull tweety. Look at you and Amanda and little Trevor. You're living testimony to the fact that if you fight with all you've got to hold on to your love, then you will get your happy ending.

Jake: Well, it's not like that every night, trust me. We don't ride off into the sunset all the time.

Opal: What, are you telling me there's trouble in Paradise?

Jake: No, it's just Amanda's got some newfound fame, and it's putting us through our paces.

Opal: Oh, you better be careful, Jake. You know, don't let that fame and fortune stuff get in the way of your true love. I mean, look at those poor movie stars Jen or Sandy.

Jake: Exactly.

Opal: I've seen it happen to Erica Kane time and again. It would be a real tragedy if you let that happen to the two of you.

Erica: I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. It makes perfect sense.

Greenlee: Ha ha ha! You are paranoid.

Erica: It wouldn't be the first time you used the computer against this company and me. Randi, call your father-in-law. Ask him to bring down some handcuffs that will fit Greenlee's dainty little wrists.

David: All right, that's enough, Erica.

Randi: Actually, the e-mail logs say that whoever has been stalking Amanda has been sending those e-mails while Greenlee's been right here working.

Erica: Ok, Randi, let me know as soon as you reach Amanda.

Greenlee: Hey. Going up against your boss isn't easy. I won't forget it.

Madison: There's a stack of paperwork that needs your immediate attention.

Greenlee: Uh, in a sec. I just want to say bye to my husband.

Madison: Are you trying to ruin my life?

Randi: Erica isn't paranoid. You are.

Madison: If any one of them had heard you talking about --

Randi: They didn't hear anything. Your little secret is still safe.

Greenlee: I need these brought to the printer ASAP.

Madison: Right away.

[Elevator door opens]

Madison: Thank you.

David: Anytime. You look like someone who could use a friend.

Brot: Get your hands off me, ok?

Ryan: Are we gonna make this an annual event? You and me butting heads like this?

Brot: What are you talking about?

Ryan: Well, I think it was about a year ago, right? When we almost went to blows, you and me, until you told me it was the year anniversary of when your squad was ambushed in Iraq.

Brot: You know what? I apologize. I was out of line. I don't even know why I came here.

Ryan: Probably the same reason everybody does -- because you never know when your luck might change.

Brot: But I thought it had. Ryan, I came to Pine Valley for a fresh start, and it seemed like I had one. I mean, I had a new career. I had new friends. I even found someone I really like. And all of a sudden, I hit this wall, and I'm back to that hot, sweaty day in Iraq on the verge of losing everything I've wanted and worked for. I can't let that happen because I don't know if I can survive another hit.

Janet: I really thought that I had lost everything. I'd lost my little girl. And then I found out that I have a grandchild, a grandson, and still no call from you -- not even a picture of the little tyke. I have been waiting to be a grandma almost since the very day that you were born, and I just thank my lucky microchips that the computer has opened up a whole new world to me, one in which I can reconnect with the people that I love.

Amanda: By being my biggest fan?

Janet: You can't imagine how proud I was watching that web launch, and I got to see my little angel transform into a super-beauty before my very eyes. And that is when I decided to create Amandafan.

Amanda: So you never said how you escaped.

Janet: Oh, right. Well -- once I got a handle on the computer, I hacked into the hospital security system, and I figured out how to work all those electronically controlled locks and everything, and then from then on, it was home free.

Amanda: You know they're gonna come looking for you.

Janet: They haven't yet.

Amanda: Yet?

Janet: This isn't the only time I have ventured out. The first time, I went to Fusion, and that's where I found your wedding ring, and I took it before someone else did.

Amanda: And I really appreciate that and everything else that you've done, but, Mom, you have to go back.

Janet: Not a chance. I've been kept away too long. It's time for me to be the mother and the grandmother that I always should have been. Stay away from the phone, sweetie. If you don't, I might just have to finish off your friend.

Amanda: Friend? What -- Mom --

David: You seemed a bit frazzled earlier, like you couldn't wait to get out of that office.

Madison: I don't know what you heard between Randi and me, but she is always accusing me of things that I didn't do, and most of the time, I don't even know what she's talking about.

David: I didn't hear anything, but it must be exhausting having to work two demanding jobs and having to deal with a neurotic coworker.

Madison: Well, I can handle Randi, and I appreciate you not telling Greenlee about my other job at the casino.

David: What good would that do?

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Excuse me.

David: Sure.

Madison: Hello. This is she. What? No, I just -- ok. Well, good. I'm glad that's all taken care of.

David: Everything ok?

Madison: It was my old landlord thanking me for paying the back rent that I owed.

David: Is that a problem?

Madison: Only because I didn't pay it. I can't imagine who did. Was it you? How did you even know about that?

David: Well, most people don't take on a second job unless they're going through some financial crisis. I did a little digging. If I overstepped my bounds, I'm sorry.

Madison: No, no. I mean, you certainly didn't have to do that, but I do appreciate it, and I'll pay you back, I promise.

Ryan: I get where you're coming from.

Brot: Yeah, I doubt it.

Ryan: No, I don't mean Iraq. Obviously it does not compare to Iraq. I meant the other part -- the part where you feel like you're hitting the wall, because I'm doing a bit of that myself. I am. I thought that my fiancée was dead, and it turns out she wasn't, and when she came back, she wanted nothing to do with me, and I kind of freaked out a little bit. At first, I wanted to put my fist through a wall, you know? And then I just wanted to split. I wanted to run and go.

Brot: I definitely know that feeling.

Ryan: My point is -- is that don't waste your time. Go and fight for what you want before it's too late, man.

Amanda: What did you do to her?

Janet: She was putting a wrench into my plans. I had no choice.

Amanda: Thank God she's still breathing.

Janet: She's gonna continue that way -- [Gasp]

Amanda: What's wrong?

Janet: Oh, look at you. You're all concerned about your mama.

[Music plays on cell phone]

Janet: You really don't want to do that, for her sake.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brot: Come on, Natalia. Pick up.

Janet: You'd think people would learn to put these things on vibrate by now. Oh! Ringtones can just send a person right over the edge.

Amanda: She needs a doctor.

Janet: Why do you care? That girl has been trying to bump you off the map as Fusion's top model from the get-go. You should be glad she's out of commission.

Amanda: You not only escaped, but you injured a cop. When the police find out about this --

Janet: Oh, by the time the boys in blue come after me, we'll be long gone.

Amanda: We?

Janet: You and me. And little Trevor, of course.

Amanda: What are you talking about?

Janet: Pine Valley is too small for a big star like you, and I'm not thrilled about the way Fusion has been managing you. You need new management, new representation, and who better to take care of you than yours truly?

Amanda: Mom, no.

Janet: I know, I know. I have let you down in the past, but I'm gonna make up for all of that. We'll start in Milan. I've always wanted to go to Italy, and now we can go together.

Amanda: You can't leave the country.

Janet: Oh, honey bunch, you should know by now that there isn't anything your mama can't do when she puts her mind to it.

Tad: If you do this, you're making the same mistake you always do, and it's not gonna change anything. You are still my son.

Damon: I already have a father.

Tad: Oh, please. Whatever the hell else he is, Paul Miller is not your father.

Damon: You don't know anything about him.

Tad: I know -- I know enough, and I know your mother. At least, I thought I did, which is why I didn't say anything when I had the chance. I was too confused. I couldn't figure out why, after I discovered the truth, she wouldn't return any of my phone calls.

Damon: Maybe she's not buying this crap, either.

Tad: Yeah, maybe, or maybe she just couldn't face me or you after keeping a secret that big that long. I don't know. The only thing is, I hate hitting you with something like this, this big now. I mean, I wanted to tell you the minute I found out, but I couldn't.

Damon: I don't want to hear any more.

Tad: Damon, as bad as this is, what's done is done. The best I have to hope for right now is just a chance to explain things to you, to explain how it happened or how you happened. But I can't unless you give me the chance, so I am begging you, please just stay.

Janet: I'm thinking that we could rent one of those villas along the Amalfi Coast, and while you are walking the catwalks of Europe, I will be getting to know my precious baby grandson. It'll be like we're the 3 Musketeers.

Amanda: You're never going to get past security. "Natalie Dillon"?

Janet: Hmm. Well, it's not like my sister's using the name anymore. Looks legit, doesn't it?

Amanda: How did you get this?

Janet: It's amazing the connections you make in the, uh, criminally insane ward. I know, it's scary leaving your hometown, but you are gonna love Milan.

Amanda: I love Jake, and I'm not leaving him.

Janet: You don't have a choice. You're cutting him -- cutting him loose is the only choice you have.

Jack: Sweetheart, you got a minute?

Greenlee: Call and see how fast you can turn this around, ok?

Randi: Of course.

Jack: Hey, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Please tell me this is good news.

Jack: Actually not. Um, I'm afraid I've hit a bit of a roadblock.

Greenlee: What?

Jack: It seems that Fusion entered into a non-compete clause at the beginning of the year with a Brazilian company that's about to bring a product to the marketplace with a very similar package design, so I'm afraid you're not gonna be able to legally use your design.

Greenlee: How many other changes do I not know about? My packaging is already in production. It's in all the artwork. I can't change it now. It'll never be done in time.

Jack: I am very sorry.

Greenlee: It's not your fault. I'm just so sick of playing catch-up, and I really wish I hadn't pushed up that gala. I didn't know I was gonna invite all these people to watch me crash and burn in a flaming vat of lip gloss.

Jack: I don't suppose you'd consider going to Erica and saying you need a little more time.

Greenlee: If I ask Erica for anything, she'll get suspicious. No. I'll just have to deal with it. First tell me who I have to thank for this non-compete clause.

Jack: It was Ryan.

Ryan: You know, it helps if you actually dial the number first.

Brot: She's not even picking up, man. The truth is, I don't even blame her. I mean, all we've been doing lately is pushing each other's buttons, and I guess it's bound to happen when you work together, right?

Ryan: Really? She's a cop, huh?

Brot: It's Natalia.

Ryan: Yes. I kind of figured that.

Brot: You know what? She thinks I'm a male chauvinist and that's why I have a problem with this whole modeling thing, but that's not it. I just hate the fact that everyone looks at her just like a piece of meat, and when I try to defend her, what does she do? She gets pissed at me.

Ryan: I'm sorry, man, that sucks.

Brot: Truth is, pissed or not, I can't turn my back on her now.

Jake: You're not having palpitations, too, are you?

Erica: Ha! No. No. I'm here to talk to you about Amanda and the fan business.

Jake: Yeah. I don't think you want to hear what I have to say on that whole subject.

Erica: Jake, I know you're worried, but as I understand it, the fan has backed off.

Jake: Yeah. I think he's playing a game with us, and I don't think the game is over yet.

Amanda: I'm not leaving Jake, and if you try to force me to, he's gonna stop you. He's gonna be here any minute. He's not gonna let you take me or Trevor anywhere.

Janet: Duh! He has done such a number on you, hasn't he? You know, I don't know why I'm surprised that you would marry somebody just like your dad. I get it. I even get how you could love him. I loved Trevor to death, but he held me back just like Jake is holding you back.

Amanda: What are you talking about?

Janet: I heard him earlier, oh, trying to get you to just quit this modeling career.

Amanda: He's worried about my safety.

Janet: Yeah, right. That's what he says. You know the truth? The truth is, he doesn't want you to outshine him, and that is too bad, because I am not gonna let him snuff out your light -- no way, no -- and if he tries, if he were to get in the way, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to take care of him the way I did your father.

Amanda: No!

Damon: All right. Go ahead, then. Explain.

Tad: You already know some of it, ok, that your mother and I were teenage sweethearts, that we loved one another. What you don't know is that we were married.

Damon: Ha ha ha! No way.

Tad: It's the truth, Damon. We were young, too young, and I was a lot like you are back in those days, and I thought it anybody could keep me on the straight and narrow, it was your mother, and I was wrong. And by the time I had proved it, I had already hurt her pretty badly. The marriage never lasted. I don't even think it lasted a year.

Damon: So if it didn't last, then how did I happen?

Tad: Because we got together after that a little time later to discuss things. You know, one thing led to another. Actually, it was right before she married Paul.

Damon: No, no. She wouldn't have cheated on my dad. She loves him too much.

Tad: I don't doubt it, but after everything that had happened, you know, she was scared. She was a little gun-shy about walking down the aisle again, more than a little.

Damon: So she goes back to the guy who got her scared in the first place?

Tad: How many times do I have to say it to you? Life is complicated. Afterwards, I never knew she was pregnant with you. If I had, I'd -- God, I don't know what I would have done, but not a day goes by I don't regret hurting your mother. And I hate like hell the idea that I'm hurting you now, but here we are, and the only thing I have left is to try to help you deal with it.

Damon: I don't want your help.

Tad: Well, then I don't blame you. In case you ever change your mind, I'm not going anywhere.

Damon: Ha ha ha! That what you said to my mom?

Tad: Touché. That was a long time ago. I am not the same guy I was back then, I swear to you. I just want you to know that whatever happens, wherever you end up, I am not sorry that you're my son, and I want to be in your life. I want to be some kind of father to you, even if it's a little too late, if you'll let me.

Greenlee: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: I need to talk to you about Fusion.

Ryan: Ok. What is this?

Greenlee: An agreement that you signed off on when you were helping run the company.

Ryan: So, ok. Is there a problem with this?

Greenlee: Other than the fact that it's about to ruin my entire launch? Why did you do it?

Ryan: What do you mean, why did we do it? We had to do it. Fusion was going under. Greenlee, we received some cash for trademark concessions. There was no indication that Fusion was gonna use packaging like this, so we gave Bahia Cosmetics the rights. That's it. I mean, Erica and I had to make a lot of deals like that to keep the company's head above water.

Greenlee: You and Erica.

Ryan: Yes, Greenlee. If we didn't do it, there wouldn't be any company for you to come back to.

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: Ok?

Greenlee: I get it. I just wish I wasn't still so screwed over.

Ryan: Hey, I'm sorry, you know? I definitely didn't see anything like this coming.

Greenlee: I have to rework my new product's packaging, which, of course, is integral to the entire campaign, and there's almost no chance that I can pull it off in time, and if I can't pull it off in time, I lose the competition, and Erica gets Fusion. Sighs] Well, thanks for -- thanks for filling me in. Sorry to bother you.

Ryan: Hey, Greenlee, maybe I can help on one condition.

Madison: I really do need to get this to the printer.

David: Oh, come on. You need to eat, too, right, so just relax.

Madison: You know, I've heard a lot of stories about the infamous Dr. Hayward. Never heard you described as a nice guy.

David: You know, every once in a while, I like to throw the masses off by proving them wrong.

Madison: Ha ha ha!

David: All right. Come on. You think Ryan Lavery is the only one who has the market cornered on rescuing damsels in distress?

Madison: You're in competition with Ryan?

David: Oh, hardly, no, but come on. You work with the guy, right? I'm sure you've seen his Sir Galahad routine firsthand.

Madison: He has been pretty great to me.

David: Why not? You're a beautiful, young woman, and he could certainly use the distraction.

Madison: From what?

David: Obsessing about my wife.

Madison: You think Ryan still has feelings for Greenlee?

David: She's got over him, but, unfortunately, Ryan hasn't gotten over her, which is why it's a good thing that he now has you.

Madison: I don't know what you mean.

David: I think you do.

Jake: I have a weird feeling about this whole thing. I want somebody to be with her 24 hours a day, and I have Natalia with her right now until I get home. I want a bodyguard there until they find this creep.

Erica: Well, you know, the fact that you have all this coverage, that's even more reason why Amanda shouldn't have to give up this opportunity.

Jake: Are you worried about Amanda, or is it really your business you're worried about?

Erica: Ok, Jake. I'm not gonna lie to you. Of course, it would hurt us if we lose Amanda, but the truth is, I've had my own personal experiences with obsessive fans, so I know how to circle the wagons. We can hire a private investigator to find out exactly who this fan is and then expose him or her, and then after that, we can issue a restraining order if we have to if that's what you want, anything to make Amanda feel safe on the job.

Jake: I don't care if she's famous, you know? I just want her to be alive.

Erica: I know. Of course, I understand that, and please, please, Jake, don't take her away from the very thing that makes her feel that way.

Jake: What does that mean? What are you saying?

Erica: Jake, have you ever really watched Amanda when she gets in front of a camera, how she comes alive for it? I mean, this is what she was born to do. Well, maybe you don't see it and I do, because I remember how I felt when I very first started, how, for the first time in my life, I connected with something in a way that I never had before. I mean, maybe it was an escape from every bad thing that ever happened to me, and I think Amanda and I have that in common. We need to escape some pretty terrible things that were brought on us by a parent and things that still haunt us. Maybe that's why we were drawn to this business in the first place, because it takes us out of those realities and puts us into a world where we can really be who we're meant to be and more. And, Jake, we're so lucky to have that, so please, please don't let some lunatic with a laptop take that away from the woman you love.

[Amanda grunts as she sits tied up in the closet with Natalia]

Janet: I can't tell you how happy I am to meet you. Oh, your mama has been very lax about keeping me in the baby loop. Yes. She has, but don't you worry, because while your mama is pushing designer duds in Europe -- you don't like that -- yes, you and I are gonna have plenty of time to bond. Yes. We are. Yes. We are. Now, of course, it is gonna take some heavy-duty convincing to get your mama to agree that you and me and she, all three together, can take the world by storm. Yes, we can, but you are gonna help me convince her, aren't you? Oh, yes. You are. Oh, you are gonna help me. Yes. You are, you sweetie. Mwah.

Liza: Hey.

Colby: Look, Mom. If you're here to lecture me on staying away from Damon, you can save your breath, ok? You can't tell me who I --

Liza: He was there.

Colby: What? Who was there? I don't -- I don't -- I don't --

Liza: Damon. When I was telling you that Tad is his father, he was there. He heard us.

Colby: Great. Now he knows I was keeping it from him, and I wasn't telling him the truth. I need to go.

Liza: Hey, listen to me.

Colby: No.

Liza: I was just trying to protect you.

Colby: No, Mom. You were trying to ruin my life. You won't be satisfied until I'm as miserable as you are.

Liza: Oh --

Damon: Why are you staring at me?

Tad: Just waiting for you to say something.

Damon: Like what, that I'm a lie?

Tad: Damon, that's not true.

Damon: Isn't it, though? My mom either lied to me or she lied to herself and my dad. Either way, I'm not what I thought I was.

Tad: I just wish you wouldn't look at it like that.

Damon: I want to see those DNA results. I need to see for myself.

Tad: You got the right. I'll get them. You'll be here when I get back?

Madison: Is this why you paid my rent?

David: No. No. I just wanted to help you, but now maybe you can help me by finding a way to get Ryan's mind off my wife.

Madison: What kind of person do you think I am?

David: A desperate one.

Clausen: Hey, I know you're pissed about what I did to those pictures of Natalia. I'm sorry.

Brot: Well, you should be apologizing to her.

Clausen: Oh. Next time I see her, I will.

Brot: You know, the truth is, Clausen, I owe her an apology, as well. I was trying to play hero when I should've been giving her what she really needed and deserved, which is respect from a fellow cop. Anyway, speaking of Natalia, where is she, anyways?

Clausen: Home surveillance on the other Fusion model, the one with the crazy fan.

Brot: Oh, I got to go.

Erica: Have I at least convinced you that Fusion will do everything in its power to protect your wife?

Jake: No. You know, it's not up to me alone, but I love the idea of the P.I. thing, though. That's good.

Erica: Ok. Well, then I'll get right on it, and please, please do me a favor. When you see Amanda, tell her because I want her on board, too.

Jake: Yeah. I'm heading home right after this.

Erica: Ok. Jake, you'll see. Really, everything is gonna be fine.

Janet: So, do we have a deal? You're gonna help me convince your mama that we should all go together, and I, in return, will spoil you rotten as only a grandma can. Aw, don't worry. Don't worry because if we can't convince her to come with us, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm just gonna threaten to take you without her, and she'll never agree to that because she can't live without her baby anymore than I can. Ha! Uh! Oh!

[Amanda grunting]

Natalia: Oh, my God.

Amanda: Oh, help. Come on.

Natalia: Sit still. Oh, ooh --

Amanda: What?

Natalia: Ow!

Janet: Well, you know what? Before we can get going, you know, your old grandma has got to take care of a little something. There you go. There you go. There you go, boy. Yeah. Before we can get going, Grandma has got to take care of a little pest.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: "Coming home. Lost my house key." Ha! Daddy is coming home. Daddy is coming home, but he can't make things right, not anymore. No. That's Grandma's job now.

Tad: Damon? Damon?

Colby: Where is he?

Tad: He's gone.

Greenlee: You're obviously busy, and I appreciate your offer to help, but I don't need to hear your condition. This clause is ironclad. There's nothing you can do, anyway.

Ryan: Maybe there is. Come with me to Rio.

Madison: All I ask is that you wait a month to cash this. It'll cover the back rent you paid for me.

David: I don't need your money.

Madison: I can't stop you from telling Greenlee about my other job, so I guess I'll just have to deal with the consequences when she finds out. I don't want anything else to do with you.

David: Ok. Fine, but before you storm off, answer me one question. How exactly did you get away with murder?

Janet: And don't worry about your mama. Nope. I love her too much. I would never put her in harm's way. Lady cop, that's a different issue.

[Natalia helps Amanda get untied]

Amanda: Hurry.

Natalia: Ok.

Janet: [Inhales deeply as she checks the bullets in the gun] Ah. Definitely enough for the lady cop and Jake. Ah, hope there's enough room in the freezer for the bodies.

[Knocks on door]

Natalia: Ok.

Amanda: Jake.

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