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All My Children Transcript Friday 4/30/10


Episode #10365

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Tad: Have you seen Damon?

Colby: No. Um, not since yesterday. Why?

Tad: Uh, he didn't come home last night, and I figured you two --

Colby: No.

Tad: Thought maybe he crashed here or something.

Colby: Uh-uh. No.

Tad: All right. Fine. Listen, if you see him, would you please tell him --

Colby: Yeah, I know. Ok, I know about Damon. I know Damon is your son.

Tad: Who told you?

Colby: My mom.

David: I hope I didn't keep you waiting long.

Liza: No, no. I just got here. Carbohydrate?

David: Don't mind if I do.

Liza: Well? What do you want from me, David?

David: I don't think I've officially congratulated you, Liza. All the P.R. you received after my acquittal, nothing short of fantastic. So how's it feel being the hottest defense attorney in the state of Pennsylvania?

Liza: You keep buttering me up like this, I'm gonna have to go to the gym again.

David: All I'm buttering is my croissant.

Liza: Mm-hmm. David, what do you want from me?

David: Information on Madison North.

Madison: There's no way to increase the limit on the card just temporarily? I can get this under control. Ah, no. I understand. I won't use it again until I pay it down. Thank you. Hello? Is anyone here?

Randi: What are you doing?

Jake: Hey, babe. How's it going? Did you get his nails clipped?

Amanda: Well, he still has all 10 fingers.

Jake: Success, huh? That's a success story.

Amanda: Every time I went to grab for his fingers, he kept squirming.

Jake: Hmm. Yeah. Well, that's -- that's a problem. You know what you should do? You should speak Spanish to him 'cause I find that works perfectly.

Amanda: No, I tried that. I guess my accent's not cutting it, huh?

Jake: Yeah, cutting it. That's funny 'cause you were cutting them when you cut it, and that was, to me, I thought was funny. Look, I can't stay here with you and do this all night long, play Edward Scissorhands. I got to go to work. I got a job. I'm gonna lose my job. Natalia should be here any second to relieve me.

Amanda: Actually I told her not to come.

Jake: Really? Now, why -- why would you do that?

Amanda: Because there's no reason to worry anymore. You read the crazy fan's last e-mail. He said he's going to stop bothering me.

Jake: And you're gonna take some stranger at his word?

Amanda: Why not? I mean, he hasn't e-mailed me again. And by now, he would have e-mailed me 30 times already. You know, I bet he's just some obsessive/compulsive that let it get out of hand. How much you want to bet I never hear from this guy?

Jake: Look, I don't know what e-mail you read, but the e-mail that I read, it didn't look like the guy was giving up on you anytime soon.

Amanda: He said, "this is the last you'll hear from me."

Jake: No, babe. He said it made him very angry, very, very angry. This guy is not stupid. This whackjob is smart. He got into your computer. He hacked in there. He got on your camera. He could see what you were doing. I don't think we can take any chances.

Amanda: Neither do I. I just want this to be over.

Jake: All right, so it will be over, babe, it will. I'm just asking you to hang tight, ok? Just chill at the loft, and we'll just wait for this thing to blow over.

Amanda: Ok, define hang tight.

Jake: I don't want you to leave the apartment. I want you to have a guard 24 hours a day, and I don't care if it's Natalia. It's got to be somebody.

Amanda: Aha! That's insane!

Jake: Yeah, but it's necessary.

Amanda: I have to go to work, Jake. I mean, the whole Fusion campaign is about to kick off. Everyone's getting ready for the gala, and I am the face of the entire campaign.

Jake: Ok, what e-mail did you read? I'm wondering, was it the same e-mail? Because the one that I read terrified me. Then a guy walks through the door, and he's waving a gun and we think he's gonna kill you, right?

Amanda: Ciro's gun wasn't real.

Jake: No, it wasn't real, but don't -- please, don't do that to me, ok? You were terrified, and I was terrified.

Amanda: Ok, but can we not just take it for what it was, ok? It was a false alarm, right?

Jake: Yeah, right. But you know what keeps going through my mind? That some maniac is trying to take you away from us.

Amanda: I'm right here.

Jake: Well, I'd like to keep it that way.

Amanda: They'll fire me, Jake. I just got a shot at this new career, and I'm just afraid that I might lose it because I'm scared.

Natalia: I didn't -- think you'd show.

Brot: Well, you said you wanted to meet.

Natalia: I'm so sorry you got suspended.

Brot: It wasn't your fault.

Natalia: For trying to protect me.

Brot: I was teaching Officer Clausen a lesson.

Natalia: Yeah, because he posted all my pictures up all over the wall. Look, the point is you got in trouble 'cause of me, so I wanted to know if I can make it up to you?

Brot: No, and for the last time, you don't owe me --

Natalia: Will you please just let me help you? God.

Brot: Ok. What did you have in mind?

Natalia: I made a list. I did some research, made a list of the steps you can take to appeal. Now, I'll get my dad to throw a recommendation your way. Other than that, his hands are tied.

Brot: Natalia --

Natalia: It's in IA's hands now, but --

Brot: Natalia, stop.

Natalia: What's wrong?

Brot: I don't -- I don't want to appeal.

Natalia: Well, why not?

Brot: Because maybe being a cop just isn't for me.

Liza: Why do you want to know about Madison North?

David: You can't deny her story's intriguing. A former member of high society whose status crashes and burns along with her husband's rental car?

Liza: That's a great image, thank you.

David: Now she's a widow, sad in and of itself --

Liza: Yeah, I see how broken up you are about that.

David: But then her father is put on trial for allegedly smacking her around. While Madison, with no money left to speak of since her father cut her off, is taken under Erica's wing and given a job at Fusion where she now works with my wife.

Liza: So this is about Greenlee?

David: Well, yeah, she did mention that Madison hasn't been the most reliable employee, so I just want to make sure that Greenlee's interests are protected.

Liza: You sure got a lot of time on your hands there, David.

David: Well, as you know, I am currently unemployed, and my wife is very important to me.

Liza: Well, it's very -- very noble of you, but why don't you cut the bull. You're obviously fishing for some sort of dirt on Madison. I just want to know why.

Madison: I am such an idiot. I remembered to bring my cell phone, my lip gloss, the letters I have to mail, and I forgot my wallet.

Randi: Yeah, well, you could go home and get it.

Madison: Well, yeah, I could. It would just -- it would take time, and with everything that has to get done before the gala, I figured it would just be easier to borrow some money for lunch.

Randi: Petty cash is for taxi runs and emergency supplies, not for salad at ConFusion.

Madison: I know.

Randi: And you're supposed to fill out a withdrawal slip.

Madison: I was just about to. Are you accusing me of stealing or something?

Randi: We can skip the accusation. I just saw you do it.

Madison: And I just told you why. What's your problem? Why do you assume the worst?

Randi: I don't know, Madison. Why do you think?

Psychiatrist: Tell me about your family.

Damon: I thought we were supposed to talk about my ADHD.

Psychiatrist: We are, but you've been dealing with this disorder your entire life, even if you didn't have a name for it. I'm sure it affected how you dealt with your parents, siblings.

Damon: No siblings. I'm an only child.

Psychiatrist: What about your mother and father?

Liza: There's a reason why Tad has been so protective over Damon, and it is not because he's a nice guy. Tad is Damon's father.

Psychiatrist: Damon -- how would you describe your relationship with your parents?

Damon: [Sighs] I don't trust them.

Psychiatrist: Why not?

Damon: Because all they've ever done is lie to me.

Colby: My mom, she didn't mean to tell me. It just -- well, it kind of slipped out.

Tad: Does Damon know? Does Damon know?

Colby: I haven't seen him since he took off from the park yesterday, and -- and even if I had, it's not -- it's not my place to say anything.

Tad: I know what you mean. That's exactly how I've been feeling lately.

Colby: Tad, it's your job to tell Damon the truth, that you're -- you're his father.

Tad: No, that's just it. I'm not. That dipstick Paul Miller is his father, the only father he's ever known, and if his parents chose to keep him in the dark about this for so long, then it should be their responsibility to tell him the truth about it.

Colby: And like that's gonna happen. You saw his father. I mean, he's a total -- what -- what is that word you used?

Tad: Dipstick.

Colby: Yes, and his mom, she can't even be bothered to see him, not when he's hurt or he's in trouble or he's been diagnosed with ADHD.

Tad: Their parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. I'm not gonna argue with you about that one. I just was praying that I would get his mother's permission or at least a little more information before I turned his world completely upside down. You know, I'm just afraid that this is really gonna shake him up.

Colby: So you're really gonna tell him?

Tad: You were there at the house yesterday. You saw what happened between him and Miller. I don't see what choice I have.

Colby: Well, Tad, I think -- I think Damon's gonna be psyched. I do.

Tad: Oh, yeah.

Colby: Yes, he's gonna be a little shocked at first, and he's gonna be a little angry we all --

Tad: A little? Angry? Have you ever met the kid?

Colby: Ha. Yeah, but once it sinks in, he's gonna be so glad to know that that -- that tool is not his father.

Tad: Yeah, but -- you know Damon. You care about him. You're his friend. I'm just afraid that he's been so crazy lately, this is gonna send him over the edge.

Colby: You know, but the longer this goes on --

Tad: The worse it's gonna get? Good for you. When did you get so smart, huh?

Colby: Well, you know, it probably happened when you weren't looking. You know, uh, I think Damon has an appointment this morning with his psychiatrist. You could probably find him at the hospital.

Tad: Well, if he bothers to go at all. Hey, wait a minute. Do me a favor, ok? Would you come with me? 'Cause one thing is for sure -- he's gonna need a friend, and I know I'm gonna need the backup.

Colby: Yeah. Let's go.

Tad: Good girl. Ok.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Hey. What are you doing here?

Tad: Um, Colby, do me a favor? Would you go on ahead, ok? I'll catch up with you in a minute.

J.R.: Everything ok?

Tad: No. You and I need to talk.

J.R.: About?

Tad: My son.

Colby: Hey. I was hoping you'd still be here. So how was your session?

Damon: Oh, it was awesome. Think I'll get a root canal now and really finish my day off strong.

Colby: Sorry.

Damon: For what?

Colby: Well, you know, that therapy sucked and, well, you know, just stick with it, and I -- I promise you it will get better.

Damon: Well, considering it's court-ordered, I don't really have much of a choice.

Colby: Tad's looking for you.

Damon: He say what he wanted?

Colby: No. He said you didn't come home after your fight with your dad, and I guess -- I guess he was worried. So -- so where did you go after the park? What did you do?

Damon: No, nothing. I just walked around a little, you know, needed to think.

Colby: I'm sorry, him unloading on you like that.

Damon: No, it's cool.

Colby: No, it's not. And I told her, the alcohol, it wasn't yours.

Damon: Don't worry, seriously. At least she says what's on her mind, you know?

Colby: Well, yeah, that's -- that's one way of putting it.

Damon: Did you guys hang out long after I left or --

Colby: No, not really. Um, you know, she did some more foot stomping and yelling and then, uh, well, then I just -- I went home.

Damon: That's it?

Colby: Yeah, that's it. Why, should there be more?

Damon: No. I don't know. You tracked me down here at the hospital. Is that really all you had to tell me?

Colby: Yeah, that's it.

Damon: I got to go.

J.R.: Damon Miller. Huh. This is unreal.

Tad: Tell me about it.

J.R.: Well, this might sound like a stupid question: How do you feel?

Tad: Like I woke up on the wrong side of the Twilight Zone.

J.R.: Yeah. So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell him?

J.R.: I don't have a choice. I was really praying that Hillary would step up to the plate on this one, but since she's not, you know, here we are.

J.R.: Yeah, but how is he gonna take it? I don't really know the kid very well, but -- you know, he doesn't really seem like the most stable teenager to me.

Tad: What gives you that idea? I'm worried, kiddo, really worried. I don't want to blow this one.

J.R.: You won't. If you need anything, like me to preach to you how you saved my ass a zillion times, just say the word.

Tad: Thank you.

J.R.: Damon Miller.

Tad: Yeah.

J.R.: Wow.

Tad: It's crazy, isn't it?

J.R.: Yeah, some guys have all the luck.

Tad: What?

J.R.: You know how many times I've prayed that you could be my real father? This kid has no idea how big he just scored.

Tad: That's sweet. I'm just afraid he's not gonna see it that way.

J.R.: He will. Just give him some time.

Tad: Just for the record, I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times -- as far as I'm concerned, you're my son every bit as much as you are Adam's. I don't care about the DNA. You are my kid just like Jamie, Kathy, and Jenny. I mean, what the hell, between me and your old man, you turned out pretty good.

J.R.: Ha ha.

Tad: Let's face it, you could always count on your father to keep things interesting. I mean, think about all the drama you would have missed.

J.R.: Oh, I've been known to create some of my own drama.

Tad: Ha ha.

J.R.: Did you hear about him jetting off with Brooke?

Tad: Yeah, I know. And I'm all right with it. I'm really happy that Brooke finally found some of her own happiness. Hey, I mean, if the Grinch walks away with some of it, too, that's ok with me. What about you? I mean, now that your father's gone, it must be some kind of a shock.

J.R.: Not really. My father as far away from Annie as possible? That was always the plan.

Tad: Plan? There was a plan? J.R., what have you done? 

Natalia: You're telling me after acing the entrance exam, fast-tracking it to cop, which I have to admit drove me completely insane, you're just gonna quit just like that?

Brot: Well, you're the one who gave me the idea. Yeah, you went off and started a whole new career, and you're half-assing it by keeping the old one.

Natalia: No. I love being a cop. I thought you did, too.

Brot: You know, maybe it's just time.

Natalia: Yeah? Time? Time? Time for what?

Brot: Time to try something else. Find what I'm really meant to be doing.

Natalia: Who says this isn't it? Who says that? I mean, I've never seen anyone take to the force the way you did, Brot. Don't let one suspension ruin that. You can fight this! I know you can!

Brot: You don't know a damn thing about me, ok? You don't want to.

Natalia: Where is this attitude coming from? Since when are you the guy who runs away with his tail between his legs?

Brot: Oh, we met a year ago, and all of a sudden you think you've got me figured out.

Natalia: It doesn't take a genius to see you're giving up! Huh. You have been given the chance of a lifetime to build a career at something you're good at, something -- at one point in time you enjoyed. Why you want to go and throw all that away?

Brot: I don't have to explain myself to you.

Natalia: Huh. Yeah, I guess you don't.

[Cell phone rings]

Natalia: Hello.

Jake: Hey, Natalia, it's Jake.

Natalia: Hey, what's up?

Jake: Uh, well, I know that Amanda said that she didn't want you to, you know, guard her or anything, but I'm gonna ask you to do it anyway, at least for a couple of days.

Natalia: Did you find something new about the Amanda fan?

Jake: No, nothing since that last crazy e-mail, but I just have a weird feeling.

Natalia: All right, I'll be right there.

Tad: Oh, no, you don't, kiddo. You can't do that. You can't drop some cryptic hint about a plan and then just walk away and expect me to forget about it.

J.R.: I didn't use the word cryptic, and I do think you have bigger things to worry about, like your new son.

Tad: Well, forgive me, but right now I'm worried about my eldest. Are you telling me that your father left Pine Valley because of more than his feelings for Brooke and that you had something to do with it?

J.R.: [Sighs] You have no idea what it's been like around here. Annie admitted that she's not 100% devoted to my dad.

Tad: Well, there's a shock.

J.R.: Right? And he didn't want to believe it. I couldn't let him stay with her. So when I knew how he felt about Brooke --

Tad: So somehow you were able to convince your father that Annie didn't love him?

J.R.: That's exactly what I did. And I'm not saying any more.

Tad: You don't have to. My stomach just turned over. What have you done? What did Marissa have to say about this?

J.R.: Marissa doesn't know, and there's no way in hell she's gonna find out.

Tad: No way in hell? She's your wife. Are you insane? How are you gonna keep a secret like this from her?

J.R.: If I can keep Annie from short-circuiting, everything's gonna be just fine. Besides, I've got Colby --

Tad: Piece of cake.

J.R.: No, I got to admit, you know, things did get a little bit out of control.

Tad: Ok, fine, all right. I get it. You don't want me to dig, I won't dig. Just answer one question, ok? Adam is gone. Was it worth it?

J.R.: When I think about my father -- happy, healthy, away from Annie, with Brooke, yeah.

Tad: Well, J.R., what about when you think about you with Marissa and A.J.?

J.R.: If I hurt Marissa -- I'll never be able to forgive myself.

Tad: Kiddo, you know as well as I do, when we start keeping things like this from the people we love, eventually somebody's gonna get hurt.

Liza: Come on, you think you're just gonna stuff me with enough bread that I'm gonna forget to ask you the questions?

David: Ok, fine, you got me. I am interested in Madison North in a sexual way. In fact, I want to jump her bones every time I see her. That's why I came to you, Liza, because I value your opinion on everything sexual, and you're so good at keeping a secret. So go ahead. What do you think? Do I have a chance?

Liza: All right, all right, I get it. No questions.

David: Great. You finally took the hint.

Liza: Well, you're beating me over the head with it.

David: Ok, come on, spill, Madison North.

Liza: Really, honestly, I don't have much dirt on her. I mean, it's not surprising that her life went south after her husband died. She was gambling, drinking, then she got herself in a lot of debt, but it's her dad. Her dad is a piece of work.

David: Now, you represented him in his abuse trial, right?

Liza: Yeah, and it's a good thing that he pled guilty. It saved me from losing a case.

David: Did he ever tell you why?

Liza: What, that he changed his plea?

David: Yeah.

Liza: No. But I know it had something to do with Madison. I mean, she showed up that day in court with a bag or a briefcase, something, and I know it had something to do with a threat against her father because he took one look at her and changed his plea. That was the last that I had anything to do with either one of them.

David: Hmm. Thank you, Liza. Breakfast is on me. Have a great day.

Liza: Thank you.

Woman: Watch them walls come tumbling down when we --

[Singing continues indistinctly at the Yacht Club]

Liza: Damon.

Damon: I overheard you talking to Colby yesterday. You will do anything to get rid of me, huh?

Amanda: [Sighs] Three stories later, and Trevor is finally asleep.

Jake: Excellent. All right, so listen, I called Natalia.

Amanda: Why?

Jake: Because I'm worried about you, that's --

Amanda: Shh!

Jake: Because I'm worried about you, ok? And I know you're worried about your job, and I get it, but babe, this is about safety, about safety, ok? So I'm not -- I'm not letting you go back to that job until we --

Amanda: You're not letting me?

Jake: No, I'm sorry. That was a bad choice of words.

Amanda: Oh, wow, because I didn't know you had final say on my life.

Jake: No, no. I'm not saying anything like that. I'm not. I'm not saying that. I'm not trying to control your life. I'm not trying to tell you what to do. I just -- I'm trying to keep you safe while you do whatever it is that you want to do in this life, ok? So you're not gonna let Natalia come and protect you? That's fine. I'm gonna take over.

Amanda: What?

Jake: This is me staying by your side.

Amanda: Jake, you have to go to work. Your patients?

Jake: My patients are sick. I'm gonna call in sick. Why can't I be sick once? Why can't I be sick?

Amanda: Fine. Natalia can hang out with me, but just for one day, because I'm not putting my life on hold forever for one stupid jerk.

Jake: Ok. Good.  Oh, thank you, thank you for coming.

Natalia: Yeah.

Jake: I hope I didn't ruin your day or take you away from something.

Natalia: No, no. I wasn't doing anything important.

Jake: Oh, good. Ok.

Natalia: What's up?

Jake: Uh, well, Trevor's having some trouble sleeping, and she's up there now trying to, you know, quiet him down.

Natalia: Right. Ok, right. Well, is she ok with me being here?

Jake: What? Yes, of course. Is that what you --

Natalia: Yeah.

Jake: No, she's actually not liking it at all. She just wants to go back to her life and, you know, business as usual. But look, if she asks you to go back to Fusion, just don't let her. Do whatever -- and don't use the word "let" because she doesn't like that word. She -- she hates it if you --

Natalia: Got it.

Jake: Ok, thanks. Appreciate it. Hi, babe.

Natalia: Hey, Amanda.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: Ok, so I'm gonna get going, and, uh, you know, I'm on the phone if anybody wants to --

Amanda: We're fine, Jake. Just go.

Jake: Right on.

Natalia: She'll be fine.

Jake: Bye, ladies.

Natalia: Bye.

Amanda: [Moans] Can you toss me that blanket?

Natalia: Yeah. Ahem. Here you go.

Amanda: That bad, huh?

Natalia: All right, yeah, I just, um, just got back from the park with Brot.

Amanda: It always involves a guy, doesn't it?

Natalia: Sh --

Amanda: Sit. Tell me what happened.

Natalia: Oh, that's the thing. I don't even know. Brot got suspended. Long story. So I did some research, right? Ways to help him appeal. He goes and just throws it right back in my face.

Amanda: Maybe it's a pride thing. I mean, maybe he wants to deal with it on his own.

Natalia: Ok, yeah, but that still does not even explain his next move. Brot wants to quit.

Amanda: The force?

Natalia: He says it's not what he's meant to do.

Amanda: I thought he loved being a cop.

Natalia: So did I. I don't get it. He's acting so sketchy. Something's up.

Amanda: Men. They say we're confusing.

Natalia: Right.

[Amanda sighs]

Natalia: I do the same thing.

Amanda: Hmm?

Natalia: You know, when I'm cooped up at the house, get caught up on the spring cleaning, you know.

Amanda: Oh, no, I'm just straightening up before the baby-sitter gets here.

Natalia: Baby-sitter?

Amanda: Yeah. Someone's coming to watch Trevor while I'm --

Natalia: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Nobody's -- no. I have orders, strict orders to make sure you stay right here.

Amanda: Ok, I agreed to let you hang out with me today, but I never agreed to be locked up in the apartment all day.

Natalia: "Hang out"? Your husband is concerned about you.

Amanda: I get that, but at some point, he needs to realize that I can take care of myself.

[Trevor crying]

Amanda: So seriously, if you want to do something else like, I don't know, maybe track Brot down, please, go for it.

Natalia: [Sighs] Could this day get any worse? Oh.

Madison: Why are you so threatened by me all of a sudden?

Randi: All of a sudden?

Madison: You know what I mean. For a while, it seemed like we were almost getting along.

Randi: Yeah, there was a moment when you almost had me fooled, but unlike Erica, Greenlee, and Ryan, I'm not buying your changed-woman act anymore.

Madison: Don't you think you're taking this whole competition thing a little bit too seriously?

Randi: This has nothing to do with the launch. You're totally flaking lately.

Madison: Excuse me?

Randi: What, you think no one notices? I do. You're never on time, you're constantly getting an intern to cover for you, and now on top of it all, I catch you stealing money.

Madison: I told you, I'm going to pay it back.

Randi: Something's up, and you know what, it reminds me a lot of the old Madison. What? No bitchy comeback?

Madison: Whatever I say, you're going to accuse me of lying.

Randi: Ok, well, then let's look at the facts. Those don't lie, right?

Madison: What are you talking about?

Randi: We'll do an audit.

Madison: An audit of the petty cash box?

Randi: I'm sure we'll find more than today's lunch money missing. How do you think Erica and Greenlee will feel about that?

Liza: Well, I don't know what you think that you heard --

Damon: Save it. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The whole Tad is my father thing.

Liza: Ok, Damon --

Damon: Guess what. I don't believe you. You just said that to freak Colby out and get her to stay away from me. My mom is not like that. She does not screw up, not like I do. I mean, God, when I got Bailey pregnant, all she could do was get on my case about responsibility, maturity. She would never let that happen to her.

Liza: Well, she was a lot younger then.

Damon: No way. Her whole life is about my dad, making sure he's happy and the hell with everyone else. She would never do that to him.

Liza: I think you better go talk to your parents about this.

Damon: Why? So they can tell me what I already know? That you're a twisted, angry liar who gets off by controlling your daughter's life?

Liza: That's not what I'm doing.

Damon: So you made up this bogus story hoping Colby would run the other way. Well, reality check, Liza, she is not a little kid anymore. If Colby tells me she doesn't like me, I can deal with that, but it's her decision to make, so why don't you just back the hell off and leave us alone.

Liza: Are you done?

Damon: For now.

Liza: Listen, I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Really, I am. But it is true. Damon, Tad is your father.

Damon: I'm not listening to this crap anymore.

Liza: You know what? He is your father, and God help you, you are just like him.

J.R.: You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Tad: I don't know what to think. You won't tell me what you did. I do think it sounds like you took one hell of a gamble to keep your father away from Annie.

J.R.: Yeah. Do you think if my mother were here she'd be ashamed of me?

Tad: Not a chance. She'd never be ashamed of you. She loved you too much. Just like me, I -- I just -- I wish -- you know, you just got over cancer, for God's sake. You got a shot at a wonderful life with Marissa, with A.J. I wish you could enjoy it. I'm just afraid this thing, whatever it is, is gonna come crashing down around your ears.

J.R.: Well, for you information, I happen to be scared, too. That's why I'm doing everything that I can to keep that from happening.

Tad: J.R., sometimes everything isn't enough.

J.R.: [Sighs] I know.

Tad: For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that Adam is gone.

J.R.: I think I lost him for good this time.

Tad: Nah. Go on. You can never lose your father. Just like you can't lose me. I'm on the same page with Dixie. I don't care what bonehead move you make.

J.R.: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Tad: Yeah, well, I'm counting on it.

J.R.: Just like I said, Damon has no idea how lucky he is.

Tad: Ha ha. Yeah, when he slams the door in my face, I'm gonna send him your way so you can tell him all about it.

J.R.: Gladly.

Colby: You guys ok?

J.R.: Yeah, we were just, uh, hugging it out.

Tad: Oh, yeah, in the most manly way possible. Listen, did you find Damon?

Colby: Yeah.

Tad: Well, what happened?

Colby: I don't know. It was -- it was a little weird. He -- he almost seemed mad or something, and then he just -- then he just bolted.

Tad: Well, you know how he feels about therapy. Maybe he was just frustrated, he wanted to take it out on you.

Colby: Yeah. But I think it was something more than that.

Tad: Colby, where's your mother?

Damon: Go to hell.

Liza: Yeah, not before we get a couple of things straight here. First of all, don't you dare get in my face about my relationship with my daughter. You have no idea. You have no idea what I have been through, what I have sacrificed for Colby.

Damon: If you're talking about the time that you kidnapped her, she told me all about it.

Liza: Oh, I'm sure she has. But until she's a mother, until she's put in that situation, she doesn't have the right to judge, and neither do you.

Damon: Hold on. I'm a dad, remember?

Liza: For what, 15 minutes? Come talk to me in about 15 years, ok?

Damon: I am not gonna remember the name of this town in 15 years.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Damon: You think I'll remember yours?

Liza: I love my daughter. Have I made mistakes? Yes, I have. But I am gonna do anything -- anything -- to keep her safe, and that includes keeping her away from losers like you.

Damon: So I'm right. You just made this whole nightmare up.

Liza: No, I did not. Tad is your father.

[Damon scoffs]

Liza: And he's known for a long time, and so have I. You know what? Honestly, you can believe me or not. I don't care. What I do care about is that you stay away from Colby. Your father already broke my heart, and I will not let history repeat itself with my daughter.

Madison: I'm lost.

Randi: Really? What's tripping you up?

Madison: This is so not a big deal, I don't know why you would deliberately try to get me in trouble for it. Have I done something to upset you or --

Randi: That's a trick question, right?

Madison: Can we please let go of the past for two seconds? Today, right now, what is this about? And don't tell me petty cash.

Randi: I think that I've earned every right to watch my back around you.

Madison: And I thought I had earned your trust at least a little bit. What is this about? Is this you being jealous because I'm working with Greenlee?

Randi: This is about me knowing exactly what you're capable of. 

[David hides nearby and listens]

Colby: This really sucks.

J.R.: Damon is gonna be fine.

Colby: How? He -- J.R., he's about to find out that his whole life has been this huge lie.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I'm a little more concerned for you right now. Don't pretend you're not upset that Dad left.

Colby: Well, I wanted him away from Annie, so --

J.R.: But you didn't want him away from you. And you're still a kid.

Colby: Bite me.

J.R.: Well, thank you for proving my point.

Colby: Ho ha ha!

J.R.: You need your father.

Colby: But I still have you, right?

J.R.: Yeah.

Colby: Yes?

J.R.: And I'm not going anywhere.

Colby: Oh! Ok, don't touch my hair. You're --

J.R.: Well, give me a blow dryer and some scissors, and I'll fix it for you.

Colby: In your dreams.

Damon: You just said you would do anything to keep Colby away from me. That's it. You're trying to freak me out of town.

Liza: No, you're wrong. Not that I don't want you to leave, but I didn't make this up.

Damon: I'm gonna tell her, you know. Colby's gonna find out how warped you are --

Liza: He took a DNA test.

Damon: What?

Liza: Yeah, he got a sample of your DNA -- I don't know, from a coffee cup or something -- and he tested it. Tad is your father, Damon. Why don't you go ask him yourself?

Madison: Lot of drama over some cash.

Randi: Some cash that doesn't belong to you.

Madison: This is crazy. I was trying to get some lunch.

Randi: Whatever.

Madison: Hey, why are you being like this?

Randi: Because you committed a murder, and then you tried to pin it on me.

Amanda: Natalia? [Sighs] Alone at last. Ah --

Man on TV: A 9-year-old metro girl has a new lease on life thanks to surgery at the hospital for sick children. Gracie Hoover was given the liver of a 9-year-old accident victim during a 4-hour operation. Hoover is in critical but stable condition, normal after such an operation. Her condition will be monitored for 72 hours to see if there's any sign of rejection. Rick Manson's world motion tour is over and what a success it was.

[TV continues indistinctly as Janet happily stands in Amanda's closet with Natalia knocked out on the floor]

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