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Episode #10364

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Erica: Opal's joining me for dinner, but you should have something. The crab cakes are wonderful.

Jack: Oh, my appetites are satisfied.

Erica: Oh. Did you know that Amanda Dillon has a cyberstalker? I mean, some crazy fan who just won't stop emailing her? As if Fusion doesn't have enough drama.

Jack: So we're not gonna talk about it?

Erica: Last night on the yacht?

Jack: And this morning, if you want to be precise.

Erica: No, I don't. There's no point. This can never happen again, Jack.

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Oh. Please -- don't fire me.

Greenlee: Call me the minute you get this, Madison. I mean it.

David: Hmm. Sounds like someone's in trouble.

Greenlee: Madison North. She's been flaking out lately.

David: Can't keep up with the work?

Greenlee: Not since she got the bright idea to take on a second job. Lucky for her, I made her choose, and she was smart enough not to bail on Fusion.

David: What's her other job?

Greenlee: Night shifts at the casino. I mean, what was she thinking? I expect 110% from my employees, and she's not gonna be able to give me that if she's serving cocktails till dawn.

David: Is that really why you want her to choose? Or is it because she's working with Ryan?

Paul: You smug little punk.

Damon: Really nice to see you, too.

Paul: Get your things. I'm taking you home.

Damon: Like hell you are.

Ciro: This is for you.  [Aims a gun at Amanda]

Jesse: Drop it!

Natalia: Get down!

Ciro: Have you lost your brains?

Jesse: Shut up. You shut up. Have you lost your mind?

Jake: Babe, are you ok?

Amanda: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Natalia: It's fake. Sure does look like the real thing, though. It's all right. Come on, get up. Get out of here.

Jesse: Is this your idea of a joke?

Ciro: It's not a joke, it's a propeller.

Jesse: A what?

Ciro: A propeller for the photo shoot with Natalia.

Natalia: A prop?

Ciro: Yes. This is what I been saying. Ms. Greenlee idea. Polizia by day, bella by night.

Natalia: He's right. He's right. Greenlee wanted me to incorporate my day job into the ad campaign.

Jesse: So, genius, never even occurred to you to put it in maybe, what, a case? Or label it plastic?

Jake: Are you him? Are you the psycho who's been harassing my wife?

Erica: Jack, what happened on the yacht was nice. It was more than nice. But the smart thing to do, the wise thing to do, the right thing to do is to end it here. Please don't be upset.

Jack: I think it's a very wise decision.

Erica: Forgive me for being skeptical, but how can you be fine with this? You came back to Pine Valley for me.

Jack: Well, you were part of the reason, yes. But you know, when I first got here, things were a little crazy. I had a lot on my plate. I had to deal with, among other things, my daughter coming back from the dead.

Erica: Yes, and we've all been dealing with her ever since.

Jack: But I'm in a better place now, you know, a little more settled -- at peace. And I'd like it to stay that way. So I'm behind you 100%. And what happened on that yacht is never going to happen again. Oh, look at the time. I should run. It was fun.

Greenlee: I don't make business decisions -- I don't make any decisions based on Ryan. He's my past. You are my present and my future. Don't you get that?

David: Got that.

Greenlee: Then why are you questioning me? This is about the other night, isn't it? David, look at me. We made love, and it was incredible. And when you told me you loved me, I felt it. I know you wanted to hear it back.

David: It's ok, Greenlee. You don't have to explain.

Greenlee: I made a promise to give you all of myself. I'll get there. I want to get there. I just need time.

Madison: Thank you.

Ryan: And relax. I'm not gonna fire you.

Madison: Really?

Ryan: Really, but can you handle this, for sure? Two jobs?

Madison: Yes, absolutely. This was -- this won't happen again.

Ryan: Look, if you need a raise, I'm sure Greenlee could help you out a little bit.

Madison: No, no. It's not Greenlee's responsibility to dig me out of debt. It's mine, and I will handle it. I have to.

Ryan: Ok, if you're sure.

Madison: I am. And I so appreciate you giving me a second chance.

Ryan: Well, look, you're doing what you have to do to make ends meet. I respect that. It's not easy.

Madison: Yeah, but falling asleep on the job? It's inexcusable, not to mention mortifying. I went straight from being a spoiled kid to a spoiled wife. Financially spoiled. Guess I got to figure out how to live in the real world.

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Oh, my God. Greenlee's been trying to get in touch with me for hours.

Ryan: Really? Is everything ok?

Madison: Yeah, she wants me to pick up a corrected layout and bring it back to Advertising and walk them through the changes.

Ryan: Then go, go, go, go.

Madison: Oh, but my shift --

Ryan: I will reschedule, make sure you get the hours you need. Go.

Madison: Thank you, Ryan, for everything.

Paul: Who's this, the school tramp?

Damon: Her name is Colby, ok? Colby Chandler. Which makes her a lot more important than you.

Paul: Oh. Let's go.

Damon: I can't leave town, Dad. It's part of my probation.

Paul: When we get back to Ohio, I'll write a letter to the judge explaining that this -- this town isn't good for you.

Colby: For your information, Damon is going through a really hard time right now. He just got diagnosed with ADHD.

Paul: Yeah, I heard this nonsense from him.

Tad: It's not nonsense. He has a disorder.

Paul: My son does not have a disorder, unless you count a weakness for loose girls, no matter what their last name is.

Damon: You son of a --

Tad: It's all right. It's all right. Take it easy, all right?

Paul: What, are you gonna baby him now? It's bad enough that he's rolling around on the couch with this little tart.

Tad: You know, I'm trying real hard to keep my cool.

Damon: I got this. I got this. It's cool. Come on, let's talk outside. I can't believe you. You don't even know Colby and you talk to her like that. Do you have any idea how much she's done for me?

Paul: I can guess.

Damon: Just do us all a favor. Get out of here.

Paul: You'd love that, wouldn't you? Huh? And leave you here, no rules, no discipline. Life's just one big party?

Damon: I've been working hard.

Paul: At what? Flushing your future down the toilet? Poor mother. You know, for years, I've been trying to explain to her what a worthless piece of crap you are. Maybe now she'll get it.

Damon: I friggin' hate you.

Paul: Well, I'm not your biggest fan, either.

Damon: But all of a sudden, you care where I am and what I'm doing?

Paul: I'm not here for you.

Damon: Oh, you're here for Mom? I thought you just wanted her to forget me.

Paul: Unfortunately, it's gonna take a little more convincing to get her to cut the cord. For the last time, get your stuff. You're leaving!

Damon: I am not going anywhere with you.

Paul: You don't have a choice.

Damon: You have no say in my life anymore, ok? I'm 18 years old!

Paul: I don't know who you are. But I'll tell you one thing, you are no son of mine.

Tad: Damon, why don't you go inside? What the hell is wrong with you? He needs your support. He needs you, not your insults, not your anger.

Paul: What, are you gonna give me a lecture on being a father?

Tad: I worked really hard to get to know that kid. He's a good boy.

Paul: Damon is a screw-up. He always has been, and he always will --

Tad: He's not a screw-up. There's a reason for his behavior. He's not responsible for his brain chemistry.

Paul: Please! That's just some acronym a shrink made up.

Tad: ADHD is real. It's treatable. You know how much you could do for that boy?

Paul: Look, look. If Damon wants to stay here, knock up a few girls, break a few more laws, that's great. He can rot in jail for all I care.

Tad: So that's it? You refuse to help, right?

Paul: Look, Damon is beyond help.

Tad: Mr. Miller --

Paul: Stop. No more phone calls, no more advice. You leave us alone, you understand?

Opal: Oh, Lord, I am so hungry, I could eat a horse and the jockey for dessert. Yoo-hoo, anybody home?

Erica: Yes, please. Order whatever you like, of course.

Opal: Well, I think I'll order up a great big tall order of what is on your mind.

Erica: Absolutely nothing.

Opal: Oh, come on. That's baloney. I can see something spinning around in that busy brain of yours. I smell a man.

Erica: Jack and I spent the night together last night.

Opal: Oh? Oh! Ohh! Oh, that is wonderful! This is huge! Oh, I'm so happy the two of you are getting back together.

Erica: Oh, no, hardly. No. I told Jack this just cannot happen again.

Opal: I am sick and tired of watching you throw away one good thing after another. You do this again, you are gonna deserve every ounce of misery that you get.

Jake: You send one more email like that to my wife, and you're not gonna take pictures for a very long time, pal.

Ciro: Ok, do you think I have time for your wife? Your wife is not a star. She's wasting film, ok?

Jesse: Oh, Jake, Jake, Jake! Jake, get --

Natalia: Get back.

Amanda: Come here.

Ciro: Stupido animale.

Jake: Really? You keep talking like that --

Jesse: Shut up. Shut up! Shut up, both of you, shut up! Take a break.

Ciro: No, no break. Finito.

Amanda: Wait. You're leaving?

Ciro: Si. Ciro quits.

Jake: No loss.

Amanda: Oh. Jake, what did you do?

Jake: What did I do, what? What? You see he insulted you? Did you hear that? Was that ok?

Natalia: Now we'll never find out if he's the Amandafan.

Jesse: He'll be back.

Amanda: No, he won't! Erica is gonna be so mad at me. My career is over.

Jake: You're overreacting.

Amanda: Me? You are the one who attacked a guy who maybe didn't do anything wrong.

Jake: Really? Or he could be a guy that wants to kill you.

[Computer beeps]

Jake: What is it?

Amanda: It's him.  Maybe you're right. I mean, the email did come in right after Ciro left, but -- I mean, you really think he could be my stalker?

Jake: What now?

Natalia: He realized we were on to him, and he logged off.

Amanda: Can someone please explain?

Natalia: Yeah. The Amandafan has been watching us -- through the videocamera on your laptop, listening, too.

Amanda: Wait a minute. You mean someone has been watching me, listening in on my life?

[Computer beeps]

Jake: Who is it now?

Amanda: It's him. I can't open it.

Jake: "You think you're so clever. How could you think I'd ever hurt Amanda? You make me sad and angry, very angry." You want me to stop here?

Amanda: No. It's ok.

Jake: "But the last thing I want to do is upset the most beautiful woman in the world. After all, I am her biggest fan. From now on, I'll admire my beloved from afar. This is the last you'll hear from me. Amandafan."

Erica: What is with you today? Where is all this anger coming from?

Opal: It isn't anger. It's regret. I would give anything, anything for just one more day with Palmer.

Erica: Oh, Opal --

Opal: Remember when I was gonna run away to Baltimore and become a nun?

Erica: Of course, I do.

Opal: Mm-hmm.

Erica: The visual of you in a nun's habit, that's pretty hard to forget.

Opal: Well, I'd said I was done with men. And I thought I meant it until you convinced me otherwise.

Erica: Because I knew you belonged with Palmer.

Opal: I really did love him.

Erica: Opal, I know that you are hurting.

Opal: When I think how close I came to missing all those years with Palmer, all those great times at the Cortlandt Manor, and our beautiful son -- you know, if I had stuck to my guns, if I hadn't listened to you, I would have missed out on all of that. And now I know that we could have had even more if I hadn't been so damn stubborn.

Erica: But Opal, I'm not missing out on anything with Jack. Look, we had some great times together, but our relationship has run its course.

Opal: Oh, that is just fear talking, and you know it.

Erica: No, I'm being completely honest.

Opal: Ok, then. If you want to miss the boat, just let happiness sail on by, just go right ahead, do it your own damn wrong way. But don't you come crying to me when you realize that you have made the biggest mistake of your life.

Erica: Opal, Palmer was a wonderful man. I miss him, too. But what Jack and I had is just not what you and Palmer had. Trust me, I -- I know what I'm doing.

Tad: Hey. Ma. Ma. Hey, listen, have you seen Damon anywhere?

Opal: No, no. What, something wrong?

Tad: Yes and no. Listen, Ma, I got some news. Congrats, Mama. You have another grandchild. Damon Miller is my son.

Krystal: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Krystal: Almost done here. I got it all alphabetized, color-coded. I'll take you through the whole system once I finish putting those stickies on.

Jack: You had time to do all this?

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna start on the invoices next. Is that a bad idea?

Jack: No, it's a great idea. I just wonder if I'm paying you enough.

Krystal: [Chuckles] Please. I am so happy to be doing this. If I can't be organizing my own life, the least I can do is help organize yours.

Jack: Ha! Oh.

Krystal: Besides, it's taking my mind off everything else.

Jack: Oh, you know what? I'm not much of one to pry, but I am a good listener.

Krystal: Well, you know Adam left town.

Jack: Yeah, with Brooke.

Krystal: Yeah. Well, that leaves Marissa alone in the mansion with Annie, who is -- well, unstable, to say the least.

Jack: Yeah.

Krystal: And now that her husband has left town with another woman and --

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Jack, you got a sec?

Jack: Yeah, come in. Can we -- can we --

Krystal: Yeah. No.

Ryan: Hey, listen, if I'm interrupting, I can come back later.

Krystal: No, no, no. Not at all. Not at all.

Jack: Meet my new paralegal.

Ryan: Hey.

Krystal: But don't mind me. I have a lot of work to do. So, please.

Ryan: Ok, thanks.

Jack: What's up?

Ryan: Uh, this, actually. Madison North. You know who she is, right? She got evicted. I guess she's a couple months behind in her rent. Anyway, the landlord says he's gonna sue if she doesn't pay.

Jack: So, how can I help?

Ryan: Well, I'm gonna take care of the rent, but I just want to make sure that the guy backs off a little bit, that's all.

Jack: So is this by way of a charitable act or something else?

Ryan: Look, she's had a rough go of things lately. I'm just trying to help out. That's it. Nothing more.

Jack: Good enough. I'll give the guy a call first thing tomorrow.

Ryan: That's perfect. Thanks. I appreciate it. Thanks, Jack.

Jack: Ok.

Ryan: Hey, just make sure that Madison doesn't know that I took care of it, ok?

Greenlee: Ok, I guess that's it. If I think of anything else, I'll call you. You'll answer this time?

Madison: Of course. I think the printer's still open, so I'm gonna go and pick up those new layouts.

Greenlee: You still haven't explained where you've been.

Madison: I had some errands to run. Guess I forgot to turn my phone back on.

Greenlee: Fusion is at war. Do you understand that? That means no down time, no cutting out early. I need you available 24/7. That means not shutting off your phone, ever. Clear?

Madison: Yes.

Greenlee: Ok, I gotta go change. I'm meeting a potential buyer.

David: My wife runs a tight ship, doesn't she?

Madison: I am learning a lot from her.

David: So, who taught you how to lie?

Madison: I'm sorry?

David: Must be hard holding two jobs at once. Must be even harder keeping the truth from Greenlee. 

Natalia: I am officially on bodyguard duty.

Amanda: You guys relax. Amandafan said he's backing off.

Jake: Well, that doesn't mean that he is actually backing off.

Natalia: He's right, you know. It could be his way of making us relax so he can get ahead.

Amanda: I want to take Trevor to his checkup.

Jake: You know what, I'll take him 'cause I'm going to the hospital anyway.

Amanda: Jake --

Jake: Honey, please. I'll be back in no time.

[Trevor cries]

Amanda: See?

Jake: I'll go. I'll come back. I'll bring you a lollipop, all right?

Amanda: I'm sorry, little guy. I just want to take a few pictures. Mommy loves you.

Jake: All right, come on. We'll get this over with. That's it. The dudes are hitting the road.

Opal: You know, they say that when one person leaves your life, then another one shows up to be loved. We lost Palmer, but -- now we got Damon.

Tad: Well, that's kind of a unique way of looking at it, Ma. There's only one problem. Damon doesn't know.

Opal: You haven't told him?

Tad: How do I tell that poor kid? How can I -- how can I possibly make him understand?

Opal: You know, families are complicated. Some kids are raised with no mama. Some get two. Well, you don't have to come up with any kind of a big explanation, honey. You really -- you don't have to do anything except just be there for Damon. Just be there and love him.

Damon: Can we just stay here forever?

Colby: I'm down if you are.

Damon: No, I'm serious. Fresh air, quiet, you. What else do I need?

Colby: How about one of these? You think Tad will notice these missing? Hmm?

[Opens bottle]

Colby: Damon, why can't life ever be easy? I mean, why does someone always have to be sick or crazy or -- or saying good-bye? Hmm? To freedom.

Damon: Thanks, but I'm not supposed to drink on this medication.

Colby: Right. I knew it was a really dumb idea the minute I grabbed them. You know, I was just trying to think of a way to help.

Damon: No, thanks for trying.

Colby: Damon. How can you be so calm, I mean, after the way your dad talked to you? My dad, he is harsh, but -- but he's nothing like that.

Damon: I'm used to it.

Colby: No, no. He has no right to treat you like that. And your mother -- I mean, she -- she can't even be bothered to come see you.

Damon: She's probably busy.

Colby: No, no, Damon. They're our parents. They should be there for us.

Damon: You miss your dad?

Colby: I'm happy for him. I mean, I'm just -- well, I'm scared. You know, what if he's not going to his checkups? And what if he's not eating right and exercising? And what if all of a sudden --

Damon: He's going to be ok. He's going to be around a long time.

Colby: Yeah, but he's not here. Damon, my dad -- he was like -- he's like the rock of our family. He kept everyone together in his own crazy way. Now that he's gone, like, maybe everyone else will leave, too, all of a sudden.

Damon: That's not gonna happen.

Colby: You know, all I want is for everyone I love to be happy and healthy and safe in one place. I want that for me and -- I want that for you, too. Damon, your -- your dad, he is so mean. You should not --

Damon: I'm ok. Really, I'm fine. I'm with you.

Colby: You know, I think your idea to stay here is perfect. And, I mean, I sure as hell do not want to go home, if I can even call it that anymore.

Liza: What the hell are you guys doing?

David: It's all right. Don't worry. I'm not gonna rat you out to Greenlee.

Madison: But she's your wife.

David: Well, having a strong work ethic isn't a crime. Times are tough. I understand that. So your secret is safe with me.

Madison: Thank you.

David: And if Greenlee ever does find out, I'll do my best to smooth the waters, so to speak.

Madison: Well, I appreciate that.

David: Just make sure Ryan treats you right.

Krystal: And yellow is for depositions, blue is for discovery, and red is for --

Jack: Rutabagas. No, rhododendrons.

Krystal: No!

Jack: Retainers. Retainers. Yeah, I got it now.

Krystal: Come on, you're smarter than that.

Jack: Hi! Come on in.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: Krystal's just showing me my way around our new filing system.

Erica: Oh, right. I'm sure it's really important to keep a sense of humor in the middle of all that drudgery.

Jack: Ah, yeah.

Krystal: Yeah. On that note, I think I am clocking out.

Jack: Ok. On that note, I say good night, Krystal, and thank you very much.

Krystal: Good night, Erica.

Erica: Good night.

Jack: She's a dynamo, that one.

Erica: Really?

Jack: Yeah. So what brings you here?

Erica: After you left B.J.'s, I had a talk with Opal, and I told her about my decision to end it with you. And she was quite upset.

Jack: That's too bad.

Erica: She's still quite emotional about Palmer.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: And I felt maybe you were, too. Emotional, I mean, about -- about us.

Jack: I'm fine. I told you that.

Erica: Yeah, I know you told me that, but --

Jack: But what? What do you think, I'm secretly plotting to make you fall back in love with me?

Erica: I wouldn't put it past you. But the way you've been acting, all cool, calm, and collected, I'm a little worried about you. I thought maybe this is affecting you more than you're letting on.

Jack: We had a marvelous time on that yacht, and I have no regrets, but likewise, I don't have any expectations, either. I am completely behind your decision to end this.

Erica: Completely?

Jack: Yes, 100%.

Erica: Ok. That's enough. It's cards on the table time.

Amanda: This sucks! I'm a prisoner in my own home.

Natalia: For good reason. You don't know how long this guy's been watching you.

Amanda: Can't we just let it be over and done with?

Natalia: Over? You obviously don't know too much about stalkers, do you?

Amanda: And you do?

Natalia: Well, every year, more than a million women are stalked in the United States alone. The average duration is 1.8 years. Weapons? They're used to harm or threaten victims in at least 1 out of every 5 cases.

Amanda: Don't use your cop stats to try and scare me.

Natalia: The most common concerns by the stalking victims -- not knowing what's gonna happen next or being afraid that the behavior will never stop.

Amanda: All right, well, what do you want me to do, Natalia? You want me to hide here for the rest of my life, quit my job, never go outside with my son again?

Natalia: I want you to take these threats seriously.

Amanda: So that means basically let him have total control?

Natalia: There is a crazy person that's obsessed with you. This could escalate very quickly and change your life forever.

Amanda: Is that what it says in your little police academy textbook?

Natalia: Yeah, but you know my dad? He was on the run for 20 years, all because of some sicko. He never knew when he would see his family again because of this one guy. One guy. Please do not make the mistake and think that this won't happen to you.

Greenlee: Hi. I'm picking up an order. Greenlee Hayward?

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hi.

Ryan: Dinner?

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: Are you here for dinner?

Greenlee: Oh, no. Take out. A potential buyer canceled on me.

Ryan: Ah.

Greenlee: What did you have?

Ryan: I had steak and a glass of red and contemplating another.

Bartender: Hayward?

Greenlee: That's me. Hmm. I hope I didn't leave you shorthanded.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Greenlee: At the casino. I'm the reason Madison quit.

Tad: I appreciate it. Yeah, I'll talk to you soon.

Krystal: Who was that?

Jesse: I asked him to send out an unofficial squad car to look for Damon and Colby.

Krystal: Are they in some kind of trouble?

Tad: I don't know.

Krystal: Ok. Talk to me.

Tad: You know the text that I got from Hillary saying she was coming to town? Well, she didn't send me a text. She didn't send me anything. It was her husband, Paul.

Krystal: Oh. So you're saying she didn't even show up?

Tad: No, no, no. He set the whole thing up. There I am on my way to a hotel to talk to a woman I haven't seen in 20 years to discuss this child we managed to conceive. I open the door and there he is. Not two minutes later, he's jumping down my throat about harassing his wife.

Krystal: You didn't tell him --

Tad: Oh, no, I went there to discuss Damon. You know, talk about his problems, describe everything he was going through, you know, how hard he's struggling. And he didn't want to hear it. He didn't have one ounce of sympathy, let alone any willingness to take responsibility. It's like everything that Paul could do to acknowledge Damon's existence. No wonder the poor kid acts out.

Krystal: Sounds like a real winner.

Tad: He didn't listen to a word I said. He just kept demanding to see Damon, so he could straighten him out.

Krystal: Whew. Something tells me that didn't go so well.

Tad: Oh, you have no idea. He walked in on Damon with Colby.

Krystal: What?

Tad: I mean, they were kissing. Just, you know, kissing, but that was enough for Paul to hit the roof. He started tearing Damon a new one. It was really something to see, you know? Poor kid's standing there with a cast on his arm, his so-called father treating him like that. Took me right back to the day I was dumped in that state park. No kid should be treated like that. I don't blame the kids for taking off the first chance they got.

Krystal: We'll find them.

Tad: Yeah, but when? Last time they did this, three people ended up in the hospital. What's gonna happen now?

Liza: Drinking? In public? Are you insane? You are both underage, and you are on probation.

Damon: Colby and I had a really rough afternoon, ok?

Liza: Oh, so you think you're just gonna come out here and get loaded?

Colby: No, Mom, really. It's not what you think. We were just --

Liza: First you try to kill her, and now you want to get her out here, you want to get her drunk? Why, so you can take advantage of her?

Colby: Mom, we weren't drinking, I swear.

Liza: What were these for, huh? You wanted to just water the flowers? You know there's a history of alcoholism in her family.

Damon: She's telling the truth, ok? We're not drunk.

Liza: Ok, you know what --

Colby: No, Mom. Back off.

Liza: You might have fooled me once, but I know who you are. You are a manipulative little liar, and if you think that I'm gonna let you hurt my daughter, you're out of your mind.

Damon: I'll talk to you later.

Liza: Like hell you will.

Colby: What is your problem?

Liza: My problem is finding you out here alone with that punk-ass loser!

Colby: Well, I'm the one who brought the alcohol, so I guess I am the punk-ass loser!

Liza: All of this is his influence. Come on, he is using you.

Colby: Oh! What is he using me for, Mom? We -- we are just friends.

Liza: Oh, no, you're not just friends, because I saw you kissing him.

Colby: Oh, um, so, so what? So I was kissing him.

Liza: Colby, when are you gonna realize he is not your friend? He doesn't care about you. All he wants is to get you into bed. And once he does, he's gonna drop you so fast, your head is gonna spin.

Colby: You really -- you really have no idea what you are talking about.

Liza: Yes, I do. I know exactly what I'm talking about, because he's gonna break your heart just like his father broke mine.

Krystal: Tad, you have been trying so hard to do right by Damon and Hillary, but I think things are getting out of hand. And I am not saying that as a criticism. I know you're doing everything you can to help that boy. I just -- I don't want you to go through what I went through with Marissa. I mean, when she found out that David and I were her -- hey. Where are you going?

Tad: I'm gonna tell my son the truth.

[Door slams]

Colby: You know Damon's dad?

Liza: Ok, never mind. Let's go home. It's getting dark.

Colby: Wait. What did you -- did you date him? What did you --

Liza: Yes.

Colby: I don't -- I don't understand.

Liza: Tad.

Colby: What about Tad?

Liza: Honey, there is a reason why he's been so protective over Damon, and it's not because he is a nice guy. It's because Tad is Damon's father.

[Damon overhears and takes off]

Greenlee: Thank you.

Ryan: Believe it or not, I am very happy with my staff at the casino.

Greenlee: You couldn't resist, could you? The damsel in distress.

Ryan: I'm sorry?

Greenlee: Madison gave you some sob story about needing extra cash, and it was Ryan to the rescue. Didn't hurt that her day job was at Fusion. Trying to steal her from me? Nice try.

Ryan: Believe it or not, it had absolutely nothing to do with you.

David: That's right. I want you to dig up everything you can on a woman named Madison North.

Erica: Whether or not you want to admit it, the obstacle between us is the same obstacle it's always been: Greenlee. And so you two may have reached some new agreement, but you will always put her first. She's your daughter.

Jack: That she is.

Erica: Now that she's back, I'm sure you're gonna want to spend as much time as possible with her. I understand that. But that's bound to drive us apart. I mean, Greenlee and I are in this huge battle over Fusion. Neither one of us is gonna back down.

Jack: Yes. I know.

Erica: And I can't be put in a position of feeling torn, Jack.

Jack: Torn? No. Torn? That would be -- that would be terrible.

Erica: That's why we can't do this. I'm sorry. It's over.

Natalia: I didn't mean to freak you out.

Amanda: Yes, you did.

Natalia: I just wanted you to know the facts --

Amanda: Look, can we just not talk about it anymore? No offense, but I just really want to be alone right now.

Natalia: I understand you need some downtime, but I can't leave you alone.

[Amanda sighs]

Natalia: Ahem. All right, look, I'll compromise. Why don't I wait outside in the squad car and keep an eye out from a distance?

Amanda: That would be great. Thank you.

Natalia: Lock this door behind me.

Amanda: I will lock it.

Natalia: Lock it.

Amanda: I'm locking it. Thank you. [Sighs loudly and sits on her sofa as someone watches her through the window blinds]

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