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Liza: Damon. Ok, great. I will see you there. You and I need to have a little conversation.

Damon: I'm all talked out, ok?

Liza: Ok, great. Then you can just listen.

Damon: Ok, I'm really sick of everybody telling me that.

Liza: Well, maybe people would say less if you paid better attention.

Damon: Oh, that's my whole problem, isn't it? I have "attention deficit."

Liza: Yeah, so I hear, so I'm gonna try to make this really short and sweet. You stay away from my daughter. I saw you kissing her --

Damon: Listen, I'm gonna do what I want, when I want, and you need to back off right now!

Natalia: Brot, come on.

Brot: No, you know what? He deserved that and more.

Natalia: No, you need to calm down.

Brot: No. This is the guy who wrote all that trash on your pictures, then hung them all up.

Natalia: Yeah, no, he's a jerk! But don't let him get you in any trouble, all right?

Jesse: Kind of late for that. Isn't it? I need your gun and your badge right now. Brot, now.

Scott: I'm not still hung up on Annie. You are way off base.

Colby: Well, do you blame me for asking? I mean, every man in this family seems to have a huge weak spot for her.

Scott: I know. I know. And I fell for it, too. But I just did her a huge favor by letting her stay here, and I expect her to be grateful.

Colby: Right, right. Gratitude. That's the first thing I think of when I picture Annie.

Scott: Maybe not, but self-preservation is. She understands that she has to keep her mouth shut about everything that happened with J.R., or she's going down hard.

Colby: You know she'll hurt whoever she can if they get in her way.

Scott: That better not include Marissa. She's the only innocent one in all this.

J.R.: What exactly do you expect to gain from this?

Annie: My life back, for starters.

J.R.: Don't you get it yet? Nobody wants you here.

Annie: Hmm. You know, I've been told that almost my entire life.

J.R.: Yeah, then you should know when to move on.

Annie: Well, I used to make the mistake of thinking there was something wrong with me. But now I can't afford to make that mistake anymore. Not now, when things are starting to get all legal.

J.R.: What is that supposed to mean?

Annie: Oh, it just means your father abandoned me, not vice versa. And we're still married, and possession is 9/10 of the law. So as long as I'm residing here, I think I have a pretty good chance of taking this place. You might want to start being a little nicer to me, J.R. because you know how good I can be -- to my friends.

Jake: "I'm sorry I took your ring. And now that I've worn it, I feel so much closer to you."

Amanda: Jake, what are we gonna do?

Jake: Babe, I think you might have to quit this job.

Amanda: But I just started.

Jake: I know. I know you love it, but this is -- your safety has to come first, and this is ridiculous. This is starting to get very scary.

Amanda: I will not give in. That would be giving up. I may as well stop living my life.

Jake: Well, if you wait long enough, maybe your Amandafan'll do that for you. See, this is the thing about modeling that always worried me.

Amanda: Jake, I just started.

Jake: I know, and I know you love it, but honestly --

Amanda: There has to be another way.

Jake: Yeah, there is another way. It's called going to the police. 

Brot: I'm the one you're calling out on this?

Jesse: You're the one that got caught clocking somebody up in a police station. You know the procedure, Brot. I got no choice.

Brot: There's the bastard who plastered Natalia's picture all over the station with his sick comments!

Jesse: Listen to me. I appreciate your anger, but we gotta deal with the situation the way it's supposed to be dealt with. All right? Now, badge and gun, now! Oh, yeah. You're also suspended.

Jesse: You, follow me.

Angie: Are you all right?

Natalia: I have to go find Brot.

Tad: What the hell is this? You two look like you're gonna come to blows.

Liza: I just saw Damon kissing Colby. I was expressing my disapproval.

Damon: Like I give a damn what you think.

Liza: I'm gonna let you handle this. And let me just tell you that for reasons too obvious to spell out, any relationship between Colby and Damon is a no-starter. And don't push me on it.

Damon: Uhh! Can you believe her? Who does she think she is?

Tad: Forget about Liza, all right? It's not important. Why don't you just tell me how your first therapy session went?

Damon: Psychotherapy sucks. It's a total crock in there. I'm never going back.

Tad: Just spare me the drama. Just tell me what happened.

Damon: Nothing. Nothing happened. That's why it's such a waste. The guy asked me a bunch of stupid, insulting questions I didn't feel like answering.

Tad: So what? So you just sat there in silence for an hour?

Damon: Oh, come on, man. You read up on ADHD. I didn't sit at all. I walked all over the damn office. The shrink was the one who just sat there, staring at me like I was some kind of freak. What -- what a rip-off, man. That guy gets paid 300 bucks an hour to sit in a chair and stare at somebody. I would love to have that job except, oh, yeah, I can't sit that long.

Tad: I don't have to tell you how important this is. The judge made it a condition --

Damon: Just save it, ok? Save it. This is just -- this is just so screwed up.

Scott: I have been working my butt off for months, trying to hold this company together. Between Adam's heart condition and J.R.'s cancer, I've been carrying the whole load -- waiting for the day that J.R. can pull his own weight again.

Colby: Well, Scott, he seems healthy enough now.

Scott: Oh, yeah. Yeah, but with Uncle Adam gone, everything is falling apart. He was the glue. Oh, he was the glue that held us all together, both company and family. And now we're flailing.

Colby: No, no. No. J.R. will step up.

Scott: When? I never asked to be the next Adam Chandler. But now I have no choice, everything is so screwed up. J.R.'s relationship with Adam was always warped. But he still defined himself in terms of his father and his approval rating. And now with Uncle Adam gone -- J.R. has to pull himself together.

Colby: He will, ok? I know he will.

Scott: I hope you're right. I really do. Trouble is, he has to do it soon.

J.R.: You can't actually believe that I'd let you get me back into bed again.

Annie: Oh-ho-ho. I think we both know it was a two-way street.

J.R.: Yeah, and you ran me over in the cross-walk.

Annie: You can't play the victim with me, J.R. I was there. Why don't you just admit it? That it was the best sex you have ever had in your life. It was for me. And I felt it, it was for you, too. You couldn't have faked that.

J.R.: Yeah, well, whatever it was, it's not gonna happen again. It was a mistake.

Annie: Look, I know you're married. And I know you love your wife. But I also know you've never made love like that to her.

J.R.: You don't know anything.

Annie: Here's what else I know: If I wanted to, I could spill our dirty, little secret. Hell, I could blackmail you back into my bed if I wanted to, but I'm not gonna do that. You want to know why?

J.R.: Enlighten me.

Annie: Because you're gonna come back to me willingly. You're gonna remember what it was like -- and you're not gonna be able to stay away. 

Colby: I'm supposed to meet Damon for our tutoring session, but I just -- I just feel like I should stick around here and help out with this mess, too.

Scott: No. No, get out of here. You don't need to be dealing with anymore fallout from the family drama.

Colby: Hey, I'm a part of this family drama, too, you know.

Scott: Yeah, I know you are. But you're gonna be off in college having -- dramas of your own with pushy boys and selfish roommates and rude professors. You don't need any more damage from your older but wiser relatives.

Colby: I'm -- I'm gonna really miss my dad.

Scott: Sweetie, I know. Come here. Come here. We all will. But this has gotta be hardest on you. Just remember, I'm here if you need me, ok?


Colby: You know, I -- I may take you up on that.

Scott: Get out of here.

Colby: See ya.

[Door closes]

Annie: Scott. I'm so glad you're here. I wanted to tell you how grateful I am. If it wasn't for your compassion, Emma and I would be on the street. Hi. Marissa.

Natalia: Brot -- I'm so glad I found you.

Brot: Yeah, well, you better watch out. I don't want to knock down some jogger.

Natalia: I know you were trying to help me out. I feel terrible about what happened. I hate how they called you out at the station. Look, I know if I make a call to my dad --

Brot: You know what? Don't even bother.

Natalia: I want to.

Brot: You know what? Just leave it the hell alone, Natalia.

Natalia: I can't. I feel terrible. You're usually such an upbeat guy, you know? So positive. And I know there's another side to you. You know, I know you have a temper sometimes, but I've never seen you this mad.

Brot: You know what? I've been this angry before, ok? You have no idea how angry I can be.

Natalia: You mentioned -- you mentioned to that guy something about "if I were in Iraq." Is that what this is about?

Amanda: It started out innocent enough. Poems.

Jake: Well, I don't know if you'd call it innocent.

Amanda: I mean, he took my wedding ring.

Jake: He stole the ring, and he admitted that he stole the ring.

Amanda: But he did send it back.

Jake: Well, and yeah, that's not all. He broke into Fusion, and I think he got into the area where she changes her clothes.

Amanda: He couldn't have gotten into the changing room.

Jake: The point is, she has blown up, and we never, you know, really expected her to just take off like this.

Amanda: I don't think even Erica did. I mean, she wanted my photo shoot to take off, of course, but none of us thought it was gonna go viral on the internet.

Jake: Jesse, you have to understand, she's getting hits as far as Djibouti.

Amanda: Which I didn't even know was a country. It sounds like a Beyoncé dance.

Jake: Honey, look, the point is that we're here because we want your professional opinion, Jesse. We don't know how this goes, you know. We're not used to anything like this. So we don't know if he's a threat, if it's something that we don't have to worry about. Does it happen to everybody who's becoming famous?

Jesse: All right. Here's what I think. I'd say there's no guessing who this person is or what he wants. Is he a fan, or is he trouble? So far, he's made no threats, but you can't be too careful.

Jake: Right. See, babe, that's what I'm saying.

Amanda: But I just think it's a mistake to cave in to this harassment, quit my job. I mean, doesn't this happen to most famous people? Don't they deal with stuff like this?

Jesse: True -- and we've got the perfect defense in place.

Jake: What's that? What's the perfect defense?

Jesse: Natalia. She's working over at Fusion right now. We could use her as your bodyguard.

Jake: That's a good idea. That's a really good idea. You know what? I was also thinking about this. She's got a lot of fans, right? Amanda's got a lot of fans and they'd really love to meet her. They've even created this whole thing -- "Amanda Fan Club." But I was thinking maybe we have a meeting for them, the fans, even, you know, do it today. This way, we could draw the Amandafan out.

Jesse: I like it. And we could arrest him on the spot for stealing your ring before he turns into a bigger problem. Good work. Are you sure you're ok with using your fan club as bait?

Amanda: I'm in. 

Tad: Hillary, I don't have to tell you how important this is, all right? You cannot duck out on me forever. Just call me back as soon as you get this message. This is unbelievable. I mean, it's insane. This is the 10th message I've left since Damon's accident, hospitalization, court appearance, and now therapy.

Angie: Well, maybe if you leave 10 more, she'll call back.

Tad: I don't know what more I can do. I mean, she's gotta know what's happening with her son.

Angie: And?

Tad: And nothing, Angela. The kid's a wreck. It's like his parents don't even care.

Angie: Listen, Tad, I know it doesn't sound like Hillary, but maybe they don't care.

Tad: Hang on. Huh. Wonders never cease. Guess who. She's finally coming to Pine Valley. She wants to see Damon.

Angie: There you go.

Tad: I guess the day of reckoning is here.

Colby: Ok, so -- thanks. So this is -- this is pretty basic math. So how are you at multiplying fractions?

Damon: Uh, fractions. Like, if I spend one hour with one half-assed shrink, that I only waste half an hour of my time with that?

Colby: No, I thought we agreed not to talk about your therapy session.

Damon: Sorry, sorry. It just slipped out.

Colby: Come on, if we just -- if we just focus on your studies a little every day, you can get your GED. No problem.

Damon: Ok, ok, I'm all about the focus.

Colby: Ok. All right. Ok. So multiplying fractions. So basically, you multiply the top numbers, and then you multiply the bottom numbers. I'm glad you're starting to pay attention. See? Maybe that medication's starting to work on you.

Damon: I don't need medication to pay attention to you. You're -- you're just -- you're beautiful.

Annie: I was just thanking Scott, who's been so kind to me. And so have you. You can't imagine how much that means to me after everything I've been through.

Marissa: Yeah, I think everyone in this family could use a breather right about now.

Annie: Hmm. Exactly. I mean, I don't even know how I'm gonna support Emma, let alone, you know, where we're gonna go and how we're gonna live. I just -- you are the sweetest person for understanding that.

Marissa: We're just doing the best we can, Annie.

Annie: Well, part of that is helping each other out, so I thought I'd pick A.J. up with Emma at school and bring them to a play date together and give you a break.

Marissa: Oh, Annie, that's really nice of you to offer, but A.J. already has a play date with another friend. And I think he's gonna be out till dinnertime.

Annie: Oh.

Marissa: I'm just gonna say hi to my husband. Hey. Can we talk?

J.R.: Yeah. A.J. really doesn't have a play date, does he?

Marissa: No, but I'm gonna set something up. I feel bad for Annie, now that Adam's left with Brooke, but I just don't think that she's emotionally stable enough to be looking after both A.J. and Emma all by herself.

J.R.: Yeah, no kidding.

Marissa: I didn't want to hurt her feelings, though.

Annie: I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable before by hugging you.

Scott: Oh, you didn't.

Annie: I mean -- we used to have a hard time keeping our hands off each other.

Scott: I remember.

Annie: I just -- I just want you to know, it wasn't about that. Honestly, I was just trying to show you my gratitude.

Scott: Don't.

Natalia: That has to be hard to talk about afterwards.

Brot: You know what? Let's not even go there, ok?

Natalia: I'm concerned about my partner. I'm half the reason why you lost it back there at the station. I want you to know that I appreciate you looking out for me like that, as opposed to that sexist fool. All right? And I know I can be a fool sometimes, too, pushing things too far, always trying to handle everything myself, and half the time, I'm the one who ends up sorry. [Sighs] Just like now. I know. I know you were trying to help me out. But seeing you like this is upsetting for me. I don't know. Was it --

[Cell phone beeping]

Brot: You'd better get that. It might be the station.

Natalia: It's a text from my dad.

Brot: Oh. What? Does he want to know where I am now?

Natalia: I guess he has a new assignment for me.

Brot: Well, then -- you better go.

Jesse: There he is. Amandafan.

Jake: Oh, my God. I can't believe he's coming.

Jesse: And he is coming. We got him.

Angie: Why wasn't I told about this board meeting? I didn't even get sent an agenda. The chief of staff is required to be notified of all board meetings. Oh, I certainly will.

Liza: [Chuckles] Yes, Dennis. Yeah. I'm just sorry that you weren't at the board meeting. Ha. No, we're definitely on the same page. I will, I will. I will catch you up this afternoon. All right. Good-bye.

Angie: I don't know what page you think you're on, but I'm sure as hell not there.

Liza: Ok. Hold on, there. You want to take a little breath? You want a cup of coffee or something or --

Angie: Don't you dare patronize me. And since when are you at a meeting that I wasn't even informed of? You're not on the board. What the hell is going on here, Liza?

Liza: Do I need to remind you that I'm a lawyer? And we have strict confidentiality rules about anything that happens in a closed session.

Angie: Are you on drugs? I'm the chief of staff of this hospital. Whether you tell me or not, I will find out eventually.

Liza: That's true.

Angie: This had better not involve David Hayward.

Colby: Yolanda is moving to a new house. She has 30 boxes weighing 20 pounds each. Her car trunk and backseat can hold about 700 pounds.

Damon: Wow. What kind of car is it?

Colby: Uh, well, you know, it doesn't -- it doesn't say.

Damon: Hey, how did she get each box to weigh exactly 20 pounds?

Colby: Well, you know, she's a very precise woman. She knows what she wants and, well, I -- I can relate.

Damon: Why she is moving anyway, in this economy? I'm kind of kidding, but this is really the stuff that goes on in my head most of the time. It ping-pongs from right field to left field to, like, all over the place.

Colby: I wish I could, like, get into that head for a day just to know what it -- what it's like.

Damon: No. It's not the funnest vacation spot.

Colby: No, but it would be -- it would be cool to feel -- to feel what it -- feels like. That -- I guess that medication's working on you, and you'll learn to deal. You -- you will. Um, let -- why -- why don't we forget about Yolanda?

Damon: Yolanda who?

Colby: Ok, so the probability of inheriting brown eyes from one parent and blue eyes from the other parent --

Damon: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

Colby: Damon, we really -- we really need to get through this.

Damon: No, hold on. I just thought of something. What if ADHD is inherited? What if Stuart has it? I mean, his whole life could be messed up because of me.

Colby: First of all, it wouldn't be your fault. Secondly, you don't even know if it's genetic.

Damon: But what if it is? Damn. My poor kid. Like having a messed-up dad isn't enough.

Colby: No, Damon -- Damon, you are not messed up.

Damon: I just wanted Stuart to have everything that I didn't have, and now --

Colby: Damon, Damon, come on, come on. We'll -- we'll read up. We'll get all the info and you will do whatever you have to do. I mean, your kid, he already has a head start. He has a dad who cares so much.

Damon: Laser beam to the heart. That's what it feels like.

Colby: Hey.

Damon: You know, my dad and I are so different. I never thought that I inherited anything from him. I hope that Stuart will be as lucky and inherit nothing from me.

[Knocking on door]

Tad: I'm sorry. I got the wrong room.

Paul: Tad Martin?

Tad: Yeah.

Paul: I'm Paul Miller. Damon's father.

Tad: Ah. Where's Hillary?

Paul: She's in Ohio. I'm here to tell you to leave her alone.

Tad: Ohio? But she texted me saying she was coming.

Paul: I sent you the text. I felt like it was important to tell you in person: Stop harassing my wife.

Tad: Harassing? Wait a minute. I just -- all I want to do is talk to her about her son.

Paul: So I gather you and she were -- teenage sweethearts?

Tad: Yeah. That's right.

Paul: She doesn't really talk about you that much. And when she does, it's not overly fondly, I might add.

Tad: Ha ha ha. Uh -- listen, if it's all the same to you -- I think I should speak with her directly about this, ok? We have some issues to discuss about Damon.

Paul: What about him?

Tad: Well, for one thing, since he ran out of money, he's been living with me and my family, and I've been paying him to do odd jobs. You -- you do know he's in serious trouble with the law, right? Well, when push came to shove, I had to assume legal responsibility for him while he's on probation.

Paul: I don't know what makes you think you have a right to assume a parental position with my son.

Tad: Well, quite frankly, Paul, seemed to me like he was in desperate need of some parenting. And you weren't cutting it in that department.

Colby: What?

Damon: I kind of have something for you. As a thank-you.

Colby: Damon, you didn't -- you didn't have to get me anything.

Damon: No, I didn't get you anything, exactly. I mean, I haven't been able to work since the accident, so my funds are pretty low. But -- well, the thing is, like, I obviously suck at school, but I've always been pretty good at music, so -- I -- I wrote you a song.

Colby: That -- that is incredible. It really is.

Damon: Don't get too excited, because I can't play guitar with my arm in a sling, and my singing voice has never been that great. But -- but I do just kind of have the words figured out in my head a little bit.

Colby: You know, Damon, no one's ever done anything like that for me before.

Damon: Well, no one has ever been as cool to me as you've been, so -- so you just sit there. [Clears his throat] And -- I'll just -- I'll just tell you the words, ok?

Colby: Ok.

Damon: Ok. It's called "Colby" -- working title.

[Colby chuckles]

Damon: "When city noises split my head and send me in to hide, one thing brings me out again, Colby's smile at my side."

Annie: Why is everyone in this family always so mean to me?

Scott: Are you kidding? After all of your manipulations?

Annie: Oh, like I am the only one here with an instinct for self-preservation? Huh? Like you've never crossed the line and shaded the truth a little to protect yourself?

Scott: Yeah, point taken. But I don't think I've been mean to you at all, Annie. In fact, compassion is the word that I would use. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said that I was the one having the affair with you, and not J.R.

Annie: You're right. And I appreciate that so much. And I just wanted to say thank you.

Scott: You're welcome.

Annie: And I'm not playing on our old attraction. That is done and I -- and I know that. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my rescue and saving my butt, and I just -- I hope we can be friends again.

Scott: Don't get me wrong, Annie. When I said that I did what I did out of compassion, it wasn't compassion for you. I did this to protect Marissa, and to keep my family from imploding.

Marissa: Tell me something. Do you think less of me for telling Annie that little white lie?

J.R.: Well, first of all, I don't think telling a lie in order to save somebody from being hurt is such a bad thing.

Marissa: Yeah.

J.R.: And second of all, you're the kindest, most giving, moral person that I know.

Marissa: Huh. Thanks. But speaking of kind, giving, moral people, what exactly happened to Brooke?

J.R.: I'm not sure what you mean.

Marissa: She has such a strong ethic. It just doesn't add up. Why would she run away with your father -- a married man?

J.R.: She loves him.

Marissa: No, love wouldn't have been reason enough. It just doesn't sound like Brooke. I don't know -- there's just something about this whole situation that just feels a little -- off. Don't you think? 

Liza: As I said, Angela, it's confidentiality --

Angie: I know you were David's attorney at his trial, and I know how angry he was at losing his medical license. Is that what this is about? He's retained you to convince the board to have him back as chief of staff?

Liza: Listen, you're getting yourself all worked up over a non-issue.

Angie: Anything, and I mean anything that has to do with David Hayward goes beyond a simple "issue." Is that how you go to sleep at night -- enable David to ruin more lives and then chalk it off as a "non-issue"?

Liza: No, just a little cup of herbal tea, I go straight out. Sweet dreams. Now, if -- if that's all, I do have some clients to see.

Angie: You know, I got out some old yearbooks the other day.

Liza: Wow. Burned mine years ago. Is that -- is that what you wanted? You wanted me to sign your yearbook after all this time? "Keep in touch" -- with a bunch of little exclamation points?

Angie: I was looking at some pictures of Hillary Wilson, myself, you, Jesse, Greg and Jenny.

Liza: Yeah, that was a long time ago.

Angie: Was it? Some things never change.

Liza: Yes, and some things do.

Angie: You know, I know you may want people to think that you are a better person, and perhaps you are to some extent, but I remember every nasty game you pulled back in the day.

Liza: That's probably why you and I were never in any yearbook pictures together, right? Cheering on the football team.

Angie: You know, you were a vicious girl, Miss Liza. Don't go backwards. Because if you get in too deep with David, you'll sink. Like a stone. You'll be down in the muck with him and the rest of his bottom feeders. Is that what you really want?

Liza: Hmm. You judging me. Hmm.

Angie: Was I excluded from the board meeting because David's trying to have himself reinstated as chief of staff?

Liza: No. That's not what he's doing. Excuse me.

Tad: I hate to think about what would've happened to Damon if I hadn't been there for him, considering you decided to jet off on some extended trip to Europe.

Paul: Which we cut short because of the constant messages, the e-mails, the general harassment.

Tad: It's not harassment. All I was doing was trying to update you on your kid.

Paul: Well, you've upset Hillary, and I don't want her upset.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry, but Damon's kind of upset, too.

Paul: Oh, please. I know all about Damon's anger. It's ruining Hillary's life. She is a fragile woman. She can't take this stress. You have no idea what it's put her through.

Tad: No, but I know what Damon's been through. Having trouble in school, parenting a child out of wedlock. Having trouble hanging on to a job. This sound familiar to you? Did you ever stop to think while you were over there playing around on the continent maybe he was having trouble precisely because his parents weren't there for him when he needed them?

Paul: How dare you lay that on me and Hillary. You have no idea what we've been through. The efforts we've made, the -- the anguish.

Tad: I guess not. Ok, fair enough. I'm sorry. One of the reasons I wanted to talk to your wife is I thought she should know that her son has been evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD.

Paul: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Tad: Yeah. Exactly. So whatever the past was, maybe it's not his fault. You know, if he got medication, if he was in therapy, he could be helped tremendously.

Paul: All right, then what is the problem?

Tad: He's fighting it.

Paul: I want to see my son. Where is he?

Tad: Ok. I'll take you to see him. One condition. I stay with you.

Damon: "And Colby, Colby, you're that girl." That's it. It's kind of rough. It's a work in progress.

Colby: No, that was -- that was really beautiful. You know, just when I -- I thought my life was off the charts lame, to -- well, to -- to hear something like that.

Damon: Just how I feel. I mean, you know, my life's pretty messed up, too, so --

Colby: Right. I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't mean to give you an invitation to my -- my pity party.

Damon: No, no, no, no. It's cool. I feel bad about giving you such an attitude about, you know, being a spoiled little rich girl.

Colby: No, it's ok. I mean, when people see my house and then they see my car, well -- they can't help it.

Damon: Yeah, but you're so much more than that, and you've -- you've helped me out totally, so -- so I just want you to know that, you know, if you ever want to talk about anything, you know, I'm always down to listen. I might not be able to sit still, but, you know, I can listen.

Colby: Ok. Well, um -- my dad's gone. And -- well, he left with the woman he loves, and I kind of feel left behind, you know, and I'm gonna miss him. I mean, I -- I mean, the house, it feels so empty. I don't even like being there anymore.

Damon: Well, hey, if you ever don't want to be there, you should just -- you should just come over here.

[Colby and Damon kiss]

Marissa: Do you think that Scott and Annie had an affair, or do you think it was just like he said, a flirtation that Adam blew out of proportion?

J.R.: Scott's an honest guy.

Marissa: Yeah. I know. And the way that he was pushing Annie away, I mean, it seems like they're not in a relationship now. But he wouldn't have had a casual affair with his uncle's wife. That would've torn him up inside. Which means that letting Annie stay here must have been a huge sacrifice for him, such a generous thing.

J.R.: You're the most generous person around here. My whole family is so twisted. I had all these reasons why I didn't want to move back into this place, but the main one was I couldn't stand the thought of you being warped by my family. Or by me -- what I turn into when I'm around them. We're all such bad news, and you're so good. I just don't want you to be tainted by them. I'm afraid of what could happen to us.

Marissa: I'm not.

[Marissa and J.R. kiss]

Jesse: All right, so if this Amandafanatic, whatever, shows up for his photo op, we will bag him, and we can pull you from bodyguard duty. How's that?

Natalia: Ok.

Jesse: All right.

Natalia: But -- I need to talk to you about Brot's suspension.

Jesse: There's really nothing to say. Come on, it's in I.A.'s hands now, baby.

Natalia: But you know you could mention the extenuating circumstances to Internal Affairs.

Jake: All right. Let the sting begin.

Jesse: What are you -- I thought I asked you to stay out of this. Let the professionals handle it.

Jake: Amanda is safe at home, ok? So if there's even the slightest chance of another Satin Slayer out there, I will not rest until I see him dragged off in handcuffs. So I'm here --

Jesse: Hey, hey, all right, all right, you're here, you're here. Just stay out of the way. These people are gonna be showing up any minute now.

Tad: You know -- if you ever gave Damon the benefit of the doubt, it might improve your relationship with him.

Paul: Look, the last thing I need from you is a lesson in childrearing practices.

Tad: Oh, God.

[Door closes]

Paul: Great. Just great. Seducing more young girls? Kudos on the parenting skills. What the hell are you thinking? You've already got one illegitimate child you can't support. What, are you shooting for two?

Damon: Colby, meet my dad.

Marissa: Don't be afraid. Not for me. Our love is way too strong to let family fights hurt us.

J.R.: I know. It's what helped me survive my cancer.

Marissa: We can make it through anything -- if we stick together.

J.R.: I love you so much.

[As J.R. and Marissa get horizontal, Annie walks into their bedroom]

Jake: Babe, what are you doing here?

Jesse: This is not part of the plan.

Amanda: My fans would be so disappointed if I didn't show up.

Natalia: Amanda, your fans'll be more disappointed if you get hurt by some nutjob.

Amanda: Come on. I have all this police protection here, and I slipped in without anyone even recognizing me.

Jake: All right, you know what? Forget it. We're going home. We're gonna go home --

Amanda: No! I'm not going to let fear run my life.

Jake: This is not about fear. You don't get it?

Woman: I'm here! I'm the first. And the first 10 get their pictures taken with Amanda, right?

Natalia: I'll take care of this. Excuse me, can you just have a seat in the lobby?

Woman: I get my picture autographed, right?

Natalia: Are there more people waiting downstairs?

Woman: A few so far.

Jesse: Yeah, whoever's down there on the door, nobody gets let up unless I say so. Is that clear?

[The elevator door opens and someone enters]

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