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Jake: They come around like flies. Hi, Babe. I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sure you're starving. Can I ask you something, Mrs. Martin? Why is it you never wear your wedding ring? I mean, are you trying to tell me something? What is it?

Amanda: Jake, I went back upstairs after the shoot was cancelled and my ring wasn't where I left it.

Jake: Oh. Well, maybe you dropped it, Babe. Maybe it fell into something. Did you look?

Amanda: I looked everywhere.

Annie: I'm gonna stay here as long as I want. And if you don't let me, I'll tell Marissa everything. I'm sure she'd love to hear how you cheated on her while you were in D.C. with your father's wife, and how you couldn't keep your hands off me once we got home.

J.R.: I was working you.

Annie: No, you wanted me. I wonder if Marissa's gonna find it as funny as you do.

J.R.: You can threaten to tell Marissa everything that happened, but it still won't keep you from getting kicked to the curb.

Annie: This is not a joke, J.R. You could lose everything.

J.R.: And you need to think before you blackmail. This is my father's house. He decides who stays, not me. And since he only sees you as a greedy, cheating liar, what do you think he's gonna say? Face it, Annie. You're fighting a war you can't win.

Ryan: Great. You can just leave the proposal on my desk. I'll check it out in the morning, ok? Thank you. Hey.

Madison: Well, the uniform makes it official. You're looking at your newest cocktail waitress.

Ryan: Fulfillment of a lifelong dream, I'm sure.

Madison: I was left under such a mountain of debt after Henry died. I think the new dream is just coming out from under it.

Ryan: Hmm. When do you start?

Madison: My first shift's in a few hours.

Ryan: Jumping right in?

Madison: I'm just serving drinks, I'm not making them. How hard could it be, right? I should go home, get changed.

Ryan: Hey, Madison? I'm not done with you yet.

David: I never expected this marriage to be anything more than an understanding between friends, two people willing to support, protect each other. Now that it is something more, something real, I want you to know, Greenlee, I'm in love with you. 

Greenlee: You're an amazing man, David. You brought me back to life in so many ways. I can't tell you how much that means, how much you mean to me. I'm sorry we waited so long to make our marriage real.

David: I just wanted it to be right.

Greenlee: It is right. You make me happy, David, really happy. It's been a long time since I felt so good.

David: Hmm. I'm happy, too.

Greenlee: I know it wasn't easy putting yourself out there, and I don't want you to feel like it was a mistake and that I don't care. Because I want to give you my heart, and I will. I just need time.

David: I didn't say "I love you" to get you to say it back. I just wanted you to know how I feel. You're not there. I understand that. That doesn't change anything for me.

Greenlee: You're the one who warned me not to say certain things unless I felt the same.

David: We're together. Our marriage is real. That's what's important.

Ryan: Given your background, I'm assuming you don't have tons of experience in the service industry.

Madison: Well, I do Erica and Greenlee's bidding every day.

Ryan: Ok. And I'm sure Erica and Greenlee are very demanding, but I have a feeling they don't try to grope you on the job all the time. You see, what happens here is guys come in and they have a few drinks and, you know, they tend to get a little friendly with the wait staff. And not only that, there's people that don't know when to leave the tables. You know, they get down thousands of dollars, and you are the one they take it out on.

Madison: Well, being yelled at is nothing new. When my father wasn't hitting me he was putting me down. I survived.

Ryan: Oh, ok. I'd like you to do a little better than just survive, Madison.

Madison: For the longest time I was afraid to stand up to my father. But when I finally did, everything changed. I finally felt like I was in control, and it felt good. Customers can pitch a fit. I'll slap a smile on my face, bring them another drink. And if they're still not satisfied, I'll call the biggest bouncer and have them escorted out to the pool to cool off. How's that for customer service?

Amanda: I cannot believe that I lost my wedding ring. I'm so sorry, Jake. I never should've taken it off for the photo shoot.

Jake: Can you just relax? Just relax, ok?

Amanda: That ring was supposed to be on my hand forever. And when you put it on there, we made promises. That ring was a promise that we would always be a family.

Jake: Ok, ok, but the ring doesn't equal family, right? The ring's just a symbol of our love. Nobody, nothing is ever gonna get in the way of what we feel for each other, ok? The ring? Come on.

Amanda: I know, but I liked having a reminder. And I like looking down at it and thinking of you when I couldn't be with you.

Jake: Well, I'm here right now, and I'm not going anywhere.

Natalia: Well, if I'm interrupting, I can --

Amanda: Oh, hey! No, you better stay because we have to celebrate you doing a kick-ass job at the photo shoot.

Natalia: I don't know about all that kick-ass stuff, but let me see. Yeah, I killed it.

Jake: Yes, you killed it! We need to make a toast. We're gonna need a bottle, a full bottle! Go ahead. Thank you.

Amanda: Hey, did you invite Brot to help you celebrate?

Natalia: Hell to the no. But Ciro may be stopping by after his other shoot if it's not too late.

Jake: [As Ciro] Oh, I can hardly wait for Ciro to come by and say hello. What? He is fantastic. He is the -- actually puts a very bad taste in your mouth, this Ciro. "Yes, yes. No, no, don't do it! Yes! Oh, too close."

Natalia: I know. It's too much, right? But after you get to know him, you know, after he breaks in, like, he's a pretty good guy at the end of the day.

Jake: [Normal voice] Really?

[Phone chirps]

Jake: Really?

Natalia: Really.

Jake: What, Babe?

Amanda: Another poem from Amandafan.

Jake: Stop it. He's so creative. "Roses are red, violets are gray, I think about you more every day. You're on my mind from the moment I wake. Your eyes, your smile -- you're so beautiful, Amanda, it makes my heart ache."

Annie: You better come up with a way to convince Adam to let me stay in this house or you will be meeting with a divorce lawyer right alongside me.

J.R.: Oh, sure. That shouldn't be a problem. My dad only caught us in bed together. I'm sure he'll definitely listen to me when I ask him not to throw you out.

Annie: Fine. Then maybe Marissa. Maybe she can talk to him.

J.R.: That would be a great conversation. Yeah, she can plead your case for you while my dad tells her everything that he walked in on. That should work out swell for us.

Annie: I'm not leaving.

J.R.: Yes, you are, Annie. It's inevitable. The only question is, are you gonna leave here empty-handed or you gonna leave with enough cash in your pocket to start over?

Annie: Keep your money. I want my home.

J.R.: Annie, with what I'm offering you, you could buy a new home. Hell, you could make one from scratch. You make it just the way you always wanted.

Annie: As long as it's far away from here, right? Forget it. I'm not letting you just ship me off.

J.R.: If you pass on this, you'll have nothing. You'll have no home. You'll have no husband. You sure as hell won't have any money. It's your choice. 

Amanda: I never should've responded to that e-mail. All it did was encourage him.

Jake: Well, you thought it was from me, Babe.

Amanda: Well, I should've asked. Instead, I wrote a love note to a weird fan, and now he thinks I'm interested.

Jake: It's a few weird poems.

Amanda: It's more than that. He's been writing on every message board, he's been filling my inbox at work up nonstop, and now this is the first time he's written to my personal e-mail. I mean, how does anyone even get that address?

Natalia: Well, it's closed now. If he tries to send you anything, it'll bounce right back.

Jake: Can you track this guy?

Natalia: Yeah. I'm trying to trace the I.P. address now. That way, we can find a general location.

Jake: Babe, were you not telling me for a reason? You didn't want to tell me this guy was harassing you, that it was ongoing?

Amanda: I didn't want you to try and get me to quit my job.

Jake: I would never do that to you, but you don't deserve this. You don't deserve to be going through this. We have to find a way to make sure this guy can't contact you anymore. It's as simple as that.

Amanda: Ohh. I'm gonna go freshen up before Ciro gets here.

Jake: So what do you think?

Natalia: Well, I got something, but I don't think you're gonna like this.

J.R.: This is your chance for a fresh start, a new life, and you never have to see any of us ever again.

Annie: I don't want a new life. I like the life I already have.

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Sweetie. Hey. What are you doing awake?

Emma: I heard people fighting.

Annie: Uh, no. You must've just been dreaming. It's nothing, nothing to worry about. Why don't you go back upstairs, and I'll be in to tuck you in, ok?

Emma: I want you to come now.

Annie: Honey, J.R. and I are in the middle of a really important conversation.

Emma: Please, Mommy? I'm scared.

Annie: Ok. Ok, let's go. Ok, let's go. Clock is ticking. You better come up with a solution that's gonna be good for all of us. Ok. All right, let's get cozy, huh?

Emma: Yeah.

Annie: All righty, big girl. All right, scooch over. Oh, let's see here. All right. The last time we left Princess Emmaline, the beautiful Princess Emmaline, she was living in the biggest, most beautiful castle in the land. But the queen knew that -- the queen knew that there would be a time for her and Princess Emmaline to say good-bye and move on.

Emma: What about the king? Was he going, too?

Annie: No, sweetie. When Queen Annabelle woke up, her king was gone. An evil sorcerer had -- had cast a nasty spell and he disappeared.

Emma: Oh, no. Will the queen ever see the king again?

Annie: Uh --

Emma: Are you crying, Mommy?

Marissa: J.R.? Oh, please tell me that you didn't take a drink?

J.R.: Well, I thought about it. I wanted one bad. But Brooke cleared out all the alcohol after Dad's last scare.

Marissa: Look, I know that this whole thing with Annie has you conflicted, ok? Part of you wants her gone. You never thought that she was right for Adam in the first place. But the other part of you has to be racked with guilt. Annie saved your life, and your father repays her by falling for Brooke. Not exactly the gratitude that she was expecting or deserves. So now you don't know what to think, so your first instinct is just to grab a drink and feel nothing. But, J.R., I want to help, ok, but you have to talk to me. Please.

J.R.: Marissa, I screwed everything up. 

Annie: It's just been a hard day for Mommy. Um, Adam decided that he doesn't want to be married to Mommy anymore.

Emma: Why not?

Annie: Well, um, Adam hasn't been feeling very well and his heart hurts.

Emma: Once Adam's heart feels better, will he want to marry you again?

Annie: No, baby. Adam's heart can't be fixed this time.

Emma: Does that mean we have to find a new kingdom, like Queen Annabelle and Princess Emmaline?

Annie: Yeah. But it'll be fun, won't it? It'll be an exciting new adventure -- come here -- I promise.

J.R.: Marissa, there's something -- there's something I need to tell you, something I should've told you a long time ago. But I love you, and I don't want to hurt you.

Marissa: You don't have to protect me, J.R. I mean, whatever it is, we'll work through it together.

J.R.: You've been so amazing to me. You stood by my side. You got me through the hardest thing in my life, and I know it wasn't easy. All I've ever wanted to do was spend the rest of my life with you and A.J., and I thought that I had that, especially after I went in remission this last time. But now --

Marissa: Oh, my God. You got your test results back, didn't you? The ones that we've been waiting for to see if all the cancer is gone? It was bad news, wasn't it? Oh, my God.

[Marissa hugs J.R.]

Greenlee: David?

[Greenlee finds a note next to her]

David's voice: "Hey, sleepyhead. Sorry to leave without saying good-bye. You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you. Something came up with one of the shareholders. If I don't deal with it tonight, the whole plan to gain control of the hospital could fall through. Hope you understand. Sleep well. Love, David."

[David sits drinking in the park]

David's voice: I'm in love with you.

Liza: Shouldn't you be celebrating with your wife? Don't tell me: Problems in Paradise already?

Madison: Ok, so we've covered drunks and back-talking bullies. Is there anything else you want to go over before my shift starts? I don't know. Maybe the dos and don'ts of dating the dealers?

Ryan: Laugh now, but you will be on the front line soon enough.

Madison: I can't wait.

Ryan: Hey, will you give me a second? And don't forget you said that.

[Phone rings]

Madison: Hello? I know. I'm sorry. I can explain -- no, no, no. No, no, please. I will be right there.

Ryan: Hey, is something wrong?

Natalia: Whoever this guy is, he doesn't want us to know who he is or where to find him.

Jake: Of course not. He's trying to cover his ass.

Natalia: I know, and he's doing a hell of a good job at it, too. Unfortunately, I don't think changing Amanda's e-mail address is gonna be enough to stop this guy.

Amanda: Hey.

Natalia: Hey.

Amanda: What? Why do you look so serious?

Jake: Nothing, Babe, but it's just Natalia can't find anything on this guy. But the good news is he can't find anything on you anymore. Ok?

Amanda: Well, it creeps me out knowing that he was able to get to my personal e-mail address.

Jake: Well, that's closed now. It's not gonna happen anymore, ok?

J.R.: Marissa, you just need to listen to me. I didn't get my test results back. As far as I know, I'm still in remission.

Marissa: Oh. Oh! Thank God! Thank God. I just thought because the look on your face -- but, I mean, if it's not about the blood work, then why are you so upset?

[Door slams]

J.R.: Colby? What's wrong?

Colby: Dad -- he's gone.

Madison: I'll be back in time to start my shift.

Ryan: Are you sure that that was purchase orders? You sounded pretty upset on the phone.

Madison: I'm sorry. I can't afford to lose my day job. I got to go.

Jake: You're like one of "Charlie's Angels." Yeah, you got the hair rocking, you're a model, you solve crimes.

Natalia: Yeah. Right. Weren't they private detectives?

Jake: Well, they were cops. They were all cops. No. Julie Rogers -- she was actually a model before she joined the agency. See? Just like you.

Amanda: Was that Jaclyn Smith's character?

Jake: No, no, no. Jaclyn Smith played Kelly Garrett. She was Kelly Garrett, and she's the only actual angel that lasted all five years of the series. And Farrah Fawcett was replaced by Cheryl Ladd, and Kate Jackson was replaced by Shelley Hack. You guys don't know? I can't believe you don't -- you never watch? You don't know this --

Amanda: How do you know that?

Jake: Because I wanted to be Charlie Townsend, the secret voice, the mysterious voice on the speakerphone. [As Charlie Townsend] Hello, Angels. It's time to get to work. [Normal voice] That's what -- my whole life.

Ciro: Hello.

Natalia: Oh, Ciro, you made it.

Ciro: For you, my angel, anything.

Amanda: Oh!

Natalia: Ah!

Ciro: What, my accent amuse you?

Natalia: No, no, no. We were just -- Jake was just saying that I reminded him of one --

Jake: It's a long story. It was about angels.

Natalia: "Charlie's Angels."

Ciro: Oh, ok. Well, I don't know about those angels, but I do have the Ciro eye for beauty, and Natalia is like no other I have seen. Actually, I had my assistant put in some of your pictures on my phone. Look. You want to check it out?

Natalia: Yeah.

Ciro: Will you excuse us?

[Music plays]

Jake: What an ass. He's got the "Ciro eye." And he's very rude, I think.

Amanda: Why? Because he doesn't know "Charlie's Angels"?

Jake: No. Because you're standing here, and he doesn't even acknowledge you? I mean, who raised this guy?

Amanda: Please. I have enough people fawning over me. I don't need Ciro to join in.

Jake: You're worried about your e-mails, right?

Amanda: Actually, I'm more worried about my wedding ring. I really wish I knew what happened to it.

Jake: Babe, what do you say I go upstairs and take a look around for you, ok? I'm good like that.

Amanda: Honey, I've looked.

Jake: Babe, five years of "Charlie's Angels." I think I've got a few more, you know, detective skills a little more advanced than yours. I'm just saying. Give me five minutes. I'll take a look, all right? Don't let anybody touch that.

Singer: And let the music set you free

[Amanda sighs with relief as she checks her phone and finds no new messages]

Liza: Wow. I save you from a prison cell, and this is the thanks I get? I get the cold shoulder?

David: You had your own reasons. That, plus a rather sizable paycheck.

Liza: I would've gotten that anyway, but I pulled off the impossible in that courtroom. Of course, I couldn't have done it without Greenlee. She took a really big risk on that stand. She could've ended up in a prison cell right next to you. Which is why I'm surprised she's not sitting here with you.

David: Liza, let it go.

Liza: I mean, Greenlee was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that you went free. Well, I mean, I guess that's to be expected. You did save her life. She owes you.

David: Greenlee doesn't owe me a damn thing.

Liza: Is that the problem? Huh? That she's -- you guys are even, and now she's free to go back to Ryan?

David: Greenlee hates Ryan now. She wouldn't take him back even if he crawled back to her.

Liza: Ok. So what's the problem? You know, during that trial, you were more concerned about protecting Greenlee than you were yourself. You were even willing to go to prison to make sure that she didn't testify. You obviously really love her. But judging by the look in your face, she doesn't love you back? Am I warm? Wow. With Amanda, you were willing to pull out all the stops to control her. You faked a disease. You emotionally blackmailed her. But with Greenlee you're not forcing it? Just sitting here alone drowning your sorrows? Wow. You must really have it bad.

Colby: Dad couldn't stand the thought of losing Brooke again, so he went with her. You have to admit that's really romantic.

Marissa: It would be if he weren't still married to Annie.

Colby: That's what lawyers are for. And, I mean, Barry -- he knows how to draw up Dad's divorce papers by heart.

J.R.: Did Dad say when he was gonna be back?

Colby: Not anytime soon. He made that clear. He was in no rush to come back home.

Marissa: Meanwhile, Annie's devastated. After all that she did for Adam, for J.R., I can't believe that your father would just leave her like that.

Colby: I should probably find Scott and let him know.

Marissa: So that wasn't what you were gonna tell me, because you didn't know that Adam left with Brooke.

J.R.: No. But I'm glad he did. No, what I was gonna confess was I've been trying to get Annie out of this house for weeks. I told you that I would back off, but I lied, and so did Colby. It wasn't her idea to place that camera over there. That was mine. I was only trying to help.

Marissa: We can talk about this later, ok? I think Colby could use some support right now.

J.R.: Marissa, I love you.

Greenlee: Huh. Stealing samples or company secrets?

Jake: No. I was trying to break into Amanda's e-mail.

Greenlee: And you think my marriage is messed up? You and Amanda must have some serious trust issues.

Jake: No, you got it all wrong. She's got this Amandafan person who sends her these weird e-mails and these funky, scary, freaky messages, and that's the ones that I know about. There's probably a lot more, so I'm trying to get in to see what else is happening. And now you've got some sort of company, I don't know, log-in thing that -- can you just --

Greenlee: Scoot over.

Jake: Thank you. Oh.

Greenlee: There's the e-mail, but you still need Amanda's password.

Jake: I need Amanda's password. What? Well, we don't have trust issues in our marriage.

Greenlee: Ahem.

Jake: So what are you doing here so late? Shouldn't you be home celebrating with your husband with his acquittal and everything?

Greenlee: I have work to do.

Jake: You have work to do? Is he gonna throw you a perjury party? Because you were on the stand and, you know, you said things --

Greenlee: You're the last person who should be giving lectures on obeying the law. I mean, you've broken one too many -- like the time that you and Tad tied up David at Erica's penthouse so Ryan could get me alone?

Jake: I was trying to, you know, pray that maybe Ryan would show you that your marriage was a sham. Say it. Say you love David.

Greenlee: Don't tell me how I feel.

Jake: You say the words and say "I love him." I want to hear you say "I actually love him -- "

Greenlee: Get out, Jake, before I call security and report a break-in.

Jake: Ohh. So soon? I got -- whew. I just want to say one thing. You are my friend, ok, and I love you. So when you want to leave your husband, you'll come to me and I'll help you. Although, I do believe he'll make that very difficult.

Liza: Yeah, I know what that feels like when you want someone and they don't want you -- anymore, at least. It's absolutely humiliating. And worse than that, it hurts like hell. So you drink. You drown the pain.

David: When that doesn't work?

Liza: You get angry and you want to hurt them back.

David: I would never do anything to hurt Greenlee.

Liza: That's good because I don't have any more room in my schedule to defend you.

David: You know, it's so ironic. Everybody thinks I'm this monster, this heartless bastard that manipulates women, drives them to do desperate things. What about Ryan, hmm? I mean, look at all the things he's done to the women in his life. I mean, Annie -- she went crazy, right? Kendall -- she leaves the country. Greenlee winds up locked up in some castle tower somewhere because he's convinced he can get her to love him again. And how is that any different from me? It isn't. So why does everyone think that he's the better man?

Liza: I thought you said that Greenlee hates Ryan.

David: She does. But that doesn't mean he's gonna stop keeping her on the hook. He can go around telling everyone he's done with Greenlee, but that's a bunch of garbage. Trust me, he's not through with her until he gets my wife.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Madison: I forgot my phone. I just wanted to grab it before work tonight.

Greenlee: We don't have anything scheduled tonight -- or, at least I don't. Are you working on something for Erica? Because you work for me now, not her. She's not allowed to poach you behind my back.

Madison: No, it has nothing to do with Fusion. I got a night job to make a little extra money.

Greenlee: Doing what?

Madison: It's in no way a conflict of interest.

Greenlee: What's the job, Madison.

Madison: I'm cocktail waitressing at the casino.

Greenlee: Ryan hired you?

Madison: I start my first shift tonight.

Greenlee: No, you don't.

Madison: What?

Greenlee: I need you focused. If you're up all night waiting tables for Ryan, you'll be falling asleep on me. Either you work for him or you work for me. You can't do both.

Madison: Who says?

Greenlee: Me.

Amanda: Charlie would be so disappointed. You came up empty-handed? Now, that is so not like an angel.

Jake: I never said I wanted to be an angel. I wanted to be Charlie. And I'm sorry. I never said that I'd actually find the ring. I just said I'd look for it.

Amanda: Now, what kind of attitude is that?

Jake: Does Natalia look uncomfortable to you at all? Hmm? Look at her. Why don't you go help her out.

Amanda: Ok. Hey. What you got over here?

Ciro: Hey. We're just looking some of the photos.

Natalia: Excuse me.

Ciro: Sure.

Natalia: What's going on?

Jake: Thank you. I go up there, right, and I look into Amanda's e-mail, her Fusion mailbox. There's over 30 e-mails in there from the Amandafan, and 5 more since she closed the personal.

Natalia: I told you he wasn't going away quietly. It sounds like he's borderline obsessed with her.

Jake: I mean, the last time some freak got fixated on the women of Fusion, people died.

Natalia: The Satin Slayer killings. I studied that case in the Academy.

Jake: Right, and I'm not saying this person is Alexander Cambias. I'm just saying, you know, who is this nut job? I'm just begging you, please, do whatever you can to keep this person away from my wife.

[Amanda laughs]

[Amandafan does a search and finds Amanda's new e-mail address]

J.R.: I know that you're worried about Dad, but him going off with Brooke? That's a good thing: Give him time to relax. That was doctor's orders, remember?

Colby: Well, you weren't concerned about Dad's heart when you jumped back into bed with Annie.

J.R.: That was a mistake, but at least Dad knows the truth about Annie, what kind of person she really is.

Colby: And what kind of person does that make you? You know, you didn't have to sleep with her. We would've found another way to get her out of here, a way that didn't destroy this family. That's what we were trying to prevent.

J.R.: I know, I know. I just didn't realize how hurt Dad would be.

Colby: Dad's not the only one that's gonna be hurt. What about Marissa? She obviously has no clue. How'd you manage to keep her from finding out?

J.R.: Dad didn't come home by the time she got here. He never had a chance to tell her, but Annie still could.

Colby: You haven't kicked her out?

J.R.: No. She played the pity card. Marissa agreed to let her stay the night, and now she's trying to blackmail me into letting her stay longer.

Colby: Ok. And what did you say?

J.R.: I told her she was wasting her time. Once Dad gets home, she's gonna get thrown out anyway.

Colby: Dad's not coming home anytime soon. And if she finds out, she'll have all the leverage. You can't let that happen.

Annie: Thank you so much for letting us stay. I mean, it was hard enough having to tell Emma that Adam and I aren't gonna be married anymore. But the idea of having to move her in the middle of the night -- it was just too traumatizing.

Marissa: Yeah. Well, it wouldn't have been very easy on both of you. How are you holding up?

Annie: You seem to be the only person who cares. Everyone else is foaming at the mouth trying to get us out of here. I'm surprised Adam hasn't gotten security to kick us out yet.

Marissa: Adam left town with Brooke. They don't know when he's gonna be coming back. I'm so sorry. Just know that you're not alone in this, ok? I'll be here to help you in any way that I can.

[Annie smiles as J.R. watches Marissa hug her]

Greenlee: David? David, I'm home. Why aren't you?

[Music plays at the casino]

Madison: Back in plenty of time, ready to start my shift as promised.

Ryan: Hey. So you got everything worked out at Fusion?

Madison: Yeah, yeah. Everything's good.

Ryan: And everything with Greenlee is ok? She sounded pretty upset with you on the phone.

Madison: Well, as long as all my work gets done, Greenlee and I should have no problem. So where do I clock in?

Singer: It's just another fragile high in this cruel, cruel world just another in this cruel, cruel world

[David watches Ryan from a doorway]

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